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US⊥ Islamic State → begins World War III today bombing Russia 10 04 2016 A.D. . AntiChrist US Military Obama to start World War to kill off all white Russians in a plea to advance islamic rule all over Planet Earth. Yahoo breaking.

USA from Lyndon Johnson to Barack Obama USA became The Terrorist Billionaire Politician Club

try to articulate your speech patterns. In 1950s #SCOTUS passed a law calling #jews a race of people. Not the #Bible . but #atheist wackos on a bench. 

Capitol Hill explodes, US Created ISIS and funds it, we have CIA NSA in full Sunni control 09 23 2016 A.D.— Arc

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front women of bands € bigot policy – Affirmative Action

Becky G Tiger Girl.

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White Traitors GOP = Terrorists confirmed FBI




Millions of fake voters registered by company Podesta hides under.

at Texas Bush Group are “vote harvesting”!

jihad jonny in real life ban to lake of fire 1000 years 10192016ad



#antichrist #mosul plan, Source Russian sats says they leave open so #islamicstate can flee to join war at Syria. So #mosul is a launching pad for #antichrist team to move north  in #middleeast

Drone Assassination Program Still Classified, Leaked hack.


#alert tomorrow  or the next day #antichrist to lie to world again. #antichrist begun a new #us ASSASSINATION PROGRAM.  Everything this sand nigger has said were lies. It campaigned to stop regime change. and put that Bush program ( #doctrine on steroids).

Release #assassination program, stopped by Jerald Ford and most followed but the #antichrist team brought this assassination program back- #antiChirst   classified , unreleased, source Top JSOC( Sub dept #darpa, US mil. droned 5,000+ people at Pakistan, northern region only, from 2009 - 2012, end of Dec. The #classified docs, communicated to me, show a  90% Civilian death rate. Obama said This is a more cleaner way to make war .  Yet, technology is not there. If a lazer marine is not on the ground, the hell fire missile is just a crap shot, unguided hellbomb .

#Berniiesanders signed off on the innocent civilian casualties and signed the Nov 1998 Iraqi Regime change, American in the new century outline produced under #beast #biblestudy   Bernie sanders said no evidence his Master #obama is killing innocents. #janesanders also not guilty. #bookoflife #arcmichael #10192016ad  


1% of all Russians support Barack Obama. link

#antiestablishment movement was picked up by #donaldtrump   Then  #crookedhillary #antichrist #Obama and #traitor #liar #berniesanders   #plagiarized us and #Donaldtrump . want success, go with us originators. 10182016ad

Why Does these #DINO #rino #establishment kills us, rob us, suppress us? They collect our monies and our state taxes and fund their buddies, and take it out of the general fund.

Robbery, they know it is robbery and do not care because no one ever has gone to prison but whistle-blowers.— arc 10192016AD 11:04 AM Burbank, C.A.

Def-com 3 is Brown Antichrist to take corruption issues off the news.

 #hillaryclinton to #barackobama " you committed voter fraud against me in  #2008ad and yes he did. podesta email.

#message to #White white USA citizens in total fear of their brown neighbors physical and  murderous threats not to vote for #semitic latino Superiority. or arab superiority .  Listen to this story. #hillaryclinton is a  #wasa or white arabite. Why she kills babies. too.

Arabs @usa attacking white neighbors. American white whites are living in total fear of these haters and supremicists. Both Latin Spanish and Mixed and Arabs and Jew traitors and white traitors run supremacy scripts. we are then told by Paul Ryan, all are equal and have equal rights. This means BabyRape culture ‹ #mexico federal laws allow for adults to rape children without consent, a tradition they claim›. So they have 22 state laws that allow baby rape. The Latin here all say white #white #Christians are evil and need to leave and leave their baby raping culture alone.
hernán cortés 1519 in one month decimated the indigenous and then told his soldiers they have to pay him, they will never get a pay check. So going absolutely nutz, they killed 260,000,000 humans, La Casas mid century 16 th to Vatican and Spanish archives . 〈 Disputed figures, but a sourcec none the less 〉. New Semitic documentaries blame ' invisible banker interest rates;  Cortés and other explorers / corpo goons always ran bank debts to fund voyages. Instead of saying, OK, Mr. cortés you do not pay, we gone home and not kill . These Mexican Latino, from Spain and Portugal, called #iberians who have 50% arabic script in the Latin/spanish language because they are the unholy Jihadi arabites of #DNA , they went ISIS wild, in modern terms.  They took Native Americans and drowned them, horded 500 into straw buildings, at a time, and of massive ones and burnt them alive. They did this at #california too as UC Berkeley Bancroft fully documented with Spanish reserch teams. These are the same reincarnated group flooding America since 1952, and did slavery after that and death slavery. Once a native American was exhausted, from pearl fishing, he was thrown to drown in the Pacific Ocean or Atlantic ocean or a river, whatever was the closest.

My neighbors, Joe  Italian Arab Latino Mix from Rio Grand? and his lil women jihader told me they are racist when they moved next door to the boehnke home. They attacked me repeatedly since they got there and I cannot call any cops. the Cops tried to shoot me over my skin color two months ago. Read Googleplus entery or on website. 

They cheer terrorist attacks and Obama speeches on antiwhite legislation. It #embarrasses me.

When I started to be attacked few months since they moved in, I had asked without any other motive, if anything I do bothers them. They always said, NO!. So I could only prescribe their constant attacks as unholy #taliban  They are race superioritists.

Satanic Brown style in the above latin modus operandi. They have hatred, no buddies, in four years or more they have had one family there for a few hours . That is about it. They are exclusionists; they do not  like to be around white arabs or white whites.

everyday I have to know where weapons, windows, sides of house and inside, they attack. Each time I am there I am living in total fear.

#bookoflife #arcmichael #10162016ad  

Since the arab daughter and the father's son's son moved in, I have been not around the house but to take a quick shower and get out. So these attacks stopped and then last week, it started and surprised me, because I stay away now.


Arc bio of these events

bhoii antichrist

MEAMIC | media

no one is reporting, it will take #blood. read founding member USA  docs, must kill  corrupt leaders, stopped by law after assassination of Lincoln. Why?So the establishment can pull this crap on us and kill us all for Jew semitic Latin brown greed. arcmichael meamic page

O bama funded Syrian Rebels » al queada or #isil or #daesh or #is or #islamic state who are not religious but use the banner of #islam to run roughshod over innocent people's lives.

The media is making a freaking laughing stock of all of us white white people. The white traitors are in total fear of brown baby rape culture, they are not used to this type of  pressure.

USA → DINO RINO ≡ Pay For Play

Clinton charges Barack Obama 2008 w/ voter fraud. 


#antichrist @ohio said he cannot stand any #sexism. Def. Idiot. Hillary Clinton in 2008 was well known, no one knew #barackobama but he came out of nowhere to steal her job, because he is a #misogynist, right? #CNN ? #women #WOMENABUSE #UN SAID #antichrist and #crookedhillary destroyed 65,000,000 lives with #regimechange of 29 countries.  People voted for Obama because he was to stop these secret proxy and covert wars. he failed miserably. #bookoflife #arcmichael #10142016ad


Google Plus Post ArcMichael 10 14 2016ad

#crookedhillary blamed Obama for #paytoplay & Obama in 2008 said #hillaryclinton was the most #unqualified #candidate so do not vote for her. #bookoflife #arcmichael #10142016ad Obama was just caught rigging elections, he needs real jail time imo. #election #politics both run child murder wars @yeman,qatar,Afghanistan, Pakistan 5,000 children droned 2009- 2012 end of dec.@lybia where she had #christopher #stevens #cal alumni (  never fuck with these people bitch) told an al nursa where to find him befire 11 th  Sept 2012 attack where antichrist Obama, now a full blown vote frauster, and overall bad person aligned to #muslimbrotherhood 2009, Sudan, Egypt, Ukraine, Crimea, Eastern Europe, and Honduras ( Clinton covert war with Bushes 2012 - 2016 current.) these #demons on earth run #islamicstate with their good buddies the #saudiroyal half jew #prostitutes .

#democrats are not supposed to make cushy deals with dictating barbarian whores. But they have decided that was their best course. #satan   then must go away #forever.
TRUMP: Corporate Media Clinton's Most Powerful Weapon!



Podesta Owned 75,000 Shares in Putin-Connected Company...

WikiLeaks Publishes John Podesta Ordering the ASSASSINATION OF #scotus Judge A. Scalia. who was found with a pillow over his face by the F.B.I.

Wikileaks Podesta documents John Podesta actually says it is OK for illegals to vote if they have a driver’s license. updated 10192016ad

Obama antiChrist orderex the hit.

US Military Joins Islamic Radical State to fight Russia. Because they have white white skintones.

#islamicstate joins #USA #military breaking to fight white white people because browners are friggin mass murdering goons. #USA = #satan it must go away. It aligns to baby raping women abusers. #donaldtrump

Sand Niggers vs. White white.

DINO RINO GOP = DNC he is liking his chops at the babies he can rape , going out with #islamic state which GOP funds, trains, and wikileaks email today shows Obama and Hillary funding Islamic State with Bush and John McCain.


SR1263 Poll Video Youtube Black 24% for Donald Trump 10 13 2016 A.D. Poll Released.



Ann Navaroo

" #donaldtrump is not a human being!" - Peice of filth semitic latino barbarian. #FBI says 1970- 2016 ( Current) #Hispanics / Latin US citizens most #rapes and most #murders on record . #donaldtrump2016 remains correct the #communistClintonNetwork #CNN calls him not human. what the F&*K! ? #bookoflife #arcMichael #10152016ad  
#annnavaroo ( #Semitic Italian Latin Arab  #Talibano look) #ISil wives look just like, her, same hair, style, eye color, skin color and demenor. So I understand Donald Trump wants to destroy her brother rapers and #murderers , and she is very upset because Latin or browners are the most violent in all of #history . #politics #economy  

Ann said this on " #Faggot for the Talibanos "  #Anderson cooper 360 after the airplane whore, 344 years ago recalls airplane seats folded up. Which they did not back then. #clinton alledged rape #victims show up for debate number #2 and this #women says those women have no rights, they are all #liars.  Navarro is a castillian NAZI alliance heritage.  NAZI killed white people and aliged to Moslem browners during World War II. NAZI = Latino culture. White white  Noordics had little to no role. Only dna mixers.

#latin own #usa they are #Semitic arabs ; they are reincarnated and do not live under any types of real democracies . OK, they, these Arab Latin @semitic throw out noordics and make war against noordics, called #ColdWar or war with White white Russians, because Obama is a brown #Semitic arab. #history #iberians #macedons group reincarnation. Athens CLassical period was destroyed by same reincarnational group of #semitics #browners = Latins = Macedonians or later in history the iberians and are today South and Middle America, with mixes and pures still breeding like wild rabbits.

WHY MAKE WARAGAINST WHITE WHITE RUSSIA AND WHITE WHITE CHINA ? bECAUSE browners or #Semitics have heavily damaged #dna , and to stop, you simply eradicate. It cannot love and #history shows Browners or Semitics are the most #warmongering loggger heads on planet earth.  Ann Navarro supports a war with Russia if it means to kill white babies ,because they can be eatin' by these fucking demons.

FBI 1970- 2016 current #browners #latin Americans are the most rapists and murderers on record.  Trump did not disrespect, he shoved FACTS in your brown ass face, you murdering child suxker

when #donaldtrump said #latino are rapists and murderers so  does our own #federalbureau of investigations. #fbi who now aligns to Saudi Clinton foundations of endless #avarice wars.


F.B.I. Committed Treason

Corruption: When FBI Director James Comey dismissed the case against Hillary Clinton he said it was because no reasonable attorney would take the case. Now we learn that there were plenty who would have done so. When Comey made his statement about the case in July, he painted a devastating portrait of Hillary Clinton's reckless use of a private email server while Secretary of State. Clinton knew little to nothing about handling classified material. She sent and received top secret information on an unsecured private email system and was otherwise extremely careless with national security secrets. She likely exposed sensitive material to enemies, and hid thousands of work emails that were supposed. Investors Buisness Daily. 10 13 2016ad


#FBI now commits #treason   FBI lied hackedemails show he covered up her #crimes . #bookoflife #arcmichael #10132016ad #USA = #talaban #comey  

Map Of 2016 Ohio 2016

Oct 6 th 2016 A.D. Top News: Hillary Clinton destroying FBI docs of her copied Emails.

Anti-Racist is a code word for .

#spook all emails are now scanned and paper stored . So what you write becomes a record of the #beast #antiChrist and #falseprophet #NSA = Notorious Satanic Agency, started 1947 when #pluto #traversed #piledupcorpses so the #USA modern #CIA - #NSA #darpa et al. r Linked to massive, #death and potential #globaldeath for the #futureofmankind #bookoflife #arcmichael go #donaldtrump #10042016ad yahoo sourceyahoo news 10042016ad

1995 Tax Returns

1995ad #DonaldTrump loses $900 Million
2009 Jan. - jan 2017 A..D. #crookedhillary + antichrist #OfreakO lost $9,787,000,000 trillion US dollars.  Congressional Budget Office Official records. Trump is white #white , Hillary Clinton is a white #arabite , mixed and heavily #evilly damaged #DNA   The #Clintons means deep pit of a hell hole, are #historical crooks. no one has lost so much money than #barackobama da AntiChrist = liar and loser type.
 today #antichrist #Obama bombed white white  innocent people at #Syria , calling themselves the rebels, but in reality are the Saudi Royal #sunni Jihad  force and baby rapers, #islamicstate they fight white white  Russians and  the good people on earth. USA is controllled by Islam @nsa @cia #darpa and #navy so the USarabia is an anti Christ form today.  Obama real low IQ score is 102, and has never released his school records. He is a dunce .




Gog or Goog





#USA Population divided by percent of #Congressbudgetoffice #CBO data of foreign #VISA US workers = 18,342,857 Million top US #jobs go to non #Americans, and this is debt in the #trillions #USArabia has been taken over by #Alqueada  #history #politics #bookoflife #arcmichael #10122016ad  


tina s French 16 year-old classically trained since 6 years old. ADVICE ON MAKING IT HAPPEN.

Tina: The environment is very important. It is necessary to have a solid foundation and the base is represented by family and friends



old archived at 157 Journal below.

Climate Change Solution

#climatechange culprit = #methane from #semitic Butt farts. So if we eliminate 5,9 Billion #Semitics ( Latino, Brown Africans, Brown humans, Arabs = Semitic middle Easterners, both Jews, #Moslems and fake Christian coptics. Agnostics, #atheists or whatever you call yourself.) we #save #planet   #earth   = methane  = #poison from your #a $$ and it will heat up planet earth by 800 parts per  Million, which is extreme #death . So just put them in #FEMA for collection services. They do nothing for humans anyway but go all over earth to kill and war and rape and plunder, while falsely accusing their own neighbors for #avarice . A Jew  ( not a #race #speilburg you dolt!)  has $250,000 worth of family cars, 10 bedrooms and 8.5 baths and wastes food and water and I have no home and they write #commoncore = #vicious lies to suppress white white #noordics like I. So I have no use for these #Semitic #fools and they are destroying the earth with their assholes full of methane .

WHITE WHITE = 8.9% GLOBALLY SO eliminating them will never solve #methane #climatechange Those overwhelming #humans on planet earth pushing 800 parts per million of bad type of #co2 = Brown people like #antiChrist   #semitic = 79% of the global population. So 79% are the #Arabites and we can save earth by eliminating them ALL.

that is the very true argument of this' fear thing called #globalwarming   the people who have $100,000,000 + US dollars plus in their bank accounts = these people will get the job done.

other #elite plans are to tax the poor, poorly #vaccinate with hidden poisons and or what not. Just eliminate you all. People who do not believe in any God or authority are the ones implementing these systems of #extermination . that's because arabs reject #God

private correspondence #history revealed these last few years, Albert #Einstein claimed to stop #Racism we kill all the white people. But To me, Albert was a true retard. We are only less than 9% on planet earth and butt farts are in the Billions and billions by white arabs to black arabs. Albert was a #WASA a white arab and like supremacy groups he married directly into his family, #incest #latin marry #latin to keep pure blood lines.  Einstein had to steal Special #Relativity from White boy's #2 space body law  & and he was a  mathematician:  Johannes #Kepler & because Jews are plagiarizers.

#apocalypse #bookoflife #lga1230 #arcmichael #10062016ad  


Adolf Hi TT ler

#adolfhittler ( birth spelling in newspaper) was pushed into war by USA, England and France. They decided to pilfer their precious minerals and coal resources. , Since this USA.England, French robbery #alliance was totally #illegal the jews rewrote the narrative that white are imperilmently evil.  Then USA allowed #arab #Soviet ruler Stalin to take resources from White white noordic countries and take Chinese lands, called #Manchuria .  why? At this time, post 1920s the Jews have put pressure on whites to go imperialistic. They need to be punished for their breaking of many of #God 's #commandments #biblestudy  

in #ultra * top secret Churchill and Roosevelt have 'bad tones'  concerning jews who are ruling and promoting communism or imperialism. USA went imperialism under the #semitic hell on earth of the 20 th century.

#adolfhitler was half Semitic , his  #mediaCabinet   were made up of 100% Semitic players as was Mussolini ( source, Professor as a grad student who interviewed the  top Italian Fascist leaders while they were in exile after #wwii   )@ucb!

#bookoflife #arcmichael #10192016ad #iranian #scholars are correct the #holocaust was grossly inflated by #eviljin scholars of semitic flavor over at UK, USA, and EU.  now #edu corrupts the minds of our world, now we have endless #war .

* third to highest classified before 1947 #NSA act.   ( ultra- top secret ) .

#himmler got camp job 1.5 years before end of @WWII he died from a  Suicide pill he took himself; he is #white & because he was in fear of  the #arab #nazi because Himmler was secretly freeing concentration camp #jews .Nazi found out and told the brits. to capture him alive, they wanted him tortured.

#sidney blumenthal = #hildabeast he runs #globaljihad for #semitic reign of #hell because it has very damaged #DNA ban this to the lake of fire.

#Semitics ( German NAZI) were killing their own people.

if you read the visa webpage , official Mexican Visa website, you cannot immigrate if you are white white. period, end of story.  they favor racism. they are racism, it is racism everyday of my life. all lies by these crooked politicians Arc Michael 102016ad updaed.

Aaron Black, the deputy rapid response director for the DNC is caught on camera bragging about his involvement with the Chicago Trump protest

NYTimes hires more Semitic Propganists. Old Grey Lady is now a radical jihadi for semitic supremecy. link House of Saud, Jihadi, owns most stocks in New York Times, and tells them how to lie. real true story.

A patterern of tax and  give secret bonus raises goes all the way to secret hand raise votes on Capitol Hill or local legislatures to Top universities.  when Obama bailed out California ( During his too big to fail cash givaway) UC berkeley Law school got $400,000 raises to law grads who had no degrees yet. They just stole it and news reported and no one does nothing. Why? Foreigners here have  no history of running democracy. they have ruled under kings for millennia  USA is well over for whites.

Amy Goodman is a white arab. She hates noordic whites imo, and falsely accuses us, and causes us physical harm by her lies. 10 17 2016ad

I have taliban attacking living next door to boehnke house. These washington DC people or terror clowns are freaking alqueada. #thomasjefferson banned #arabs and in 1952, Jews which are arabs took control of MEAMIC. they forced whitey ( #crackers ) to betray their own race and import Holy Jihad since 1952 A.D. and by quota of 100,000 + terrorist a year. Now we are #alqueada   in every city of the  #USA   USA = Semitics in power all wants child baby rape culture and murder foreign countries poor culture. I think they make profit by these endeavors. 10 16 2016 A.D.


Hitler was an antiChrist and killed white white people, you jew mental ill freako. He aligned to Islam and Mexican ∈ Spanish Portugese and arab Italians. 95% of Germany wanted him dead.

Former Attorney General of the United States of America just said this:

"I know that inside the FBI there is a revolt," Joseph diGenova tells The American Spectator. "There is a revolt against the director. The people inside
the bureau believe the director is a dirty cop. They believe that he threw the [Hillary Clinton email] case. They do not know what he was promised in return.
But the people inside the bureau who were involved in the case and who knew about the case are talking to former FBI people expressing their disgust at
the conduct of the director." link

The loss of faith in the bureau chief stems in part from a dishonest rendering of the decision not to indict Mrs. Clinton as unanimous rather than unilateral and in part from the bureau’s decision to destroy evidence in the case and grant blanket immunity to Clinton underlings for no possible prosecutorial purpose.

“There is a consensus among the employees that the director has lost all credibility and that he cannot lead the bureau,” diGenova explains. “They are comparing him to L. Patrick Gray, the disgraced former FBI director who threw Watergate papers into the Potomac River.

Donald Trump back in June of 2015 A.D. said Latino or Hispanics are “rapists and murderers”. 1970 - 2016 Current #FBI Data: Most #rapist #Race = #Latino ; Most #murderous #race = #Latino #donaldtrump did not lie. #DNA = Semitic= Latin = browners or light skin mixed. but #Semitic and deranged, according to  The #fbi #cnn #politics #UShistory #10142016ad  

vote DonaldTrump, since Lyndon B Johnson the Arab terrorists commandeered weak US politicians. to do their jihadi bidding.


GOP 1%ers running Islamic State Terrorists. USA is fully out of control. Wikileaks and whistleblowers » 1,700 emails show Hillary arming #islamicstate — DNC RINO≡DINO ⇔ terrorists any more questions ? Go #DonaldTrump.

Wikileaks goes nuclear for dump 10 13 2016ad. Islamic-state emails 1,700. USA created, arms and runs Islamic State with Qatar ( MEcentcom ) and #saudiroyal prostitutes.

WIKILEAKS: Clinton Foundation Official Wanted to Cancel Bill Clinton Talk with Saudi Billionaire ‘Unless He Sent Us a $6 Million Check’
WIKILEAKS: John Podesta Complained Sheila Jackson Lee ‘Is Stalking Me’
WIKILEAKS: Clinton Camp Worried Clinton Came Off as ‘Bitch’ in Email Interview
WIKILEAKS: Bill Clinton Annoys Everyone on Hillary’s Campaign
WIKILEAKS: ISIS-Funding Qatar Gave Bill Clinton a $1 Million Check for His Birthday
WIKILEAKS: Clinton Advisers Threw Bernie Sanders Supporters a Bone at Convention to Stop Their ‘Bitching’
WIKILEAKS: Clinton Campaign Criticized for Having Too Many ‘White Dudes’ In Charge
WIKILEAKS: Did John Podesta’s Interest In ‘Larger and Stronger’ Boners Expose His Email to Hackers?
WIKILEAKS: Email Reveals Obscene Favor-Trading Between Clinton Campaign, New York Times
WIKILEAKS: Emails Show Hillary Clinton Selling Access to Human Rights-Abusing Govt of Morocco
WIKILEAKS: Hillary Clinton Speeches Include Cues on When to ‘Smile

10 14 2016 ad

1970 - 2016 Current FBI Data: Most rapist Race = Latino; Most murderous race = Latino

#donaldtrump did not lie.

Get Paul Ryan and Jeff Sessions out and Mitchy Poo and the other long time alquaedian GOP traitors to the #USA or world. They are Islamist state as syrians from Allepo say USA jets are bombing the civilizations not the Russians. –arc



Obama exposed his penis to a news reporter. video




BROADDRICK: Hillary Tried To Silence Me On Bill's Rape of me.

Nancy O'Dell & #crookedhillary ; #Jessica #Leeds and #Rachel #Crooks have thrown their support to child murderer #hillaryclinton

go #donaldtrump #DINO = #RINO = 65,000,000 children lives destroyed #unitednations data to #Obama in #september2016   so women voting for #DNC or Gary GOP Johnson will be celebrating child murdering by the millions  .

#UCberkeley #Harvard #nsaspook #russia = white white and #White traitors and white arabs = #america  .

Breaking News


Breaking News By Amy Moreno October 13, 2016

The old hag, Jessica Leads, who claims Trump “groped” her on an airplane is coming under a great deal of well-earned scrutiny and is being outed as a YUGE liar and a Clinton operative. Firstly, she claims that Trump LIFTED the “arm” on in first class seat and groped her. The problem with that story is that the armrests in 1980’s planes do not “lift.

trumps accusers yahoo

Mindy McGillivray, 36, of Palm Springs, Florida, says Trump grabbed her butt and this is illegal.

Newt TalibanoGingrich

Longtime Donald Trump surrogate Newt Gingrich on Thursday smacked down the Republican nominee, saying “little Trump is frankly pathetic.”



Arc Michael


Debate #3 Trump was calm, did well, and she had Chiron over the transiting Moon.

Big Question of if Trump loses will there be Violence. Establishment was in terror. Hillary on video incites riots and death of Donald Trump supporters. So the Debate was also fixed in her favor but Trump responded well.

Lincoln changed tradition. Founders of USA say kill corruptocrats like #crookedhillary but she says we have change, this is a muslim jihading caliphate now.  we kill over sees for her #clintoncash did not you read between the lines in her debate comments? Or our u just plain stupid. we are dying out here,@usa

so you want us to die? These illegals hate at the DNA level. #science  

added not uploaded : I live in LA, everyday I am attacked by Arab Semitic Latinos; life is in hell here. #SOS go #donaldtrump if they are going to kill you fight back; don't let them just kill your family. they hate and have a pattern of 60 years of hate. Do you see whites and mexicans or arab jihadis working together, today? Nope, only for the 1%ers. not us 99% we are in constant war on culture.


#antiChrist   a religion called  "Empathy"   by Semitic braindeaddemons  = you cannot force someone to be empathetic, unless under a religion that has a God who is a more powerful Boss  than the individual.
Here is how this moral system works for non #Believers.

non believers and followers have no moral codes. Rape is good to them but bad if  you do it to their child. It is not hypocrisy, they are demons on earth . #masonry #masonic #bookoflife #arcmichael #alllah #God #Elohim 10 12 2016ad

Apok Arc 10 06 2016 A.D.

we are in a period of major #Apocalypse
 DNA shows Jews and Moslems = same dna. So that is a secret of the revelations ( that semitic = Latino, ,Brown Africans = majority of humans; Middle Easterners who call themselves this or that but have Semitic/ARAB DNA. Jews in usa are mixed race in the white arab media, but brown in medical to institutional professions . English at time of American Revolution was #wasa or white arab. Only a few founders were white whites .


Middle Class starts at $12,000 a year.  ( US 400,000 = top Middle Class range). So most humans are on low $12,000 a year with rent at 2,500 a month, so must adopt Jihadi Funding families for a guest room while they plot bombings because we have no jobs, and Hillary hates me, because my family  helped built America and foreigners are her voting populations. Not Americans.


Clintons were impeached for helping the anti American arabs acquire #WMD for cold hard cash.

#5 was the head of Loral that  sold #WMD to #China , #pakistan   under orders of #crookedhillary in the 1990s, he made millions  so he supports the #Biblical Beast wife, #Hildabeast and continues to do so. the first black African American top #President Cabinet man, #ronbrown was silenced because he was to be a good American and spill the beans. Like Lorretta Fuddy who in reality said she found nO Obama BC, after Hillary Clinton switched planes in Europe coming back from China, he went along, his plane crashed and a  bullet hole was visible through the top of his head. Two weeks after Lorretta Fuddy said no BC here, and media mis reported it, she died too  in a #mysterious plane crash.

#millenials    have no idea of the #Beast machine.

Schwartz = a ' modern ' german jew sir name + white arab and not white white like Donald Trump. He still has Arabite DNA.

Bernard Leon Schwartz (born December 13, 1925) was the Chairman of the Board and #CEO of Loral Space & Communications for 34 years and defrayed duel use nuclear weapon technologies to Islamic states under bill the #Beast Clinton . William J. Clinton is the only world leader to have #666 in both Chaldean and Hebrew official numerology . Whooops I hope that makes you feel better.

#bookoflife #arcmichael #09282016ad I have no time to see the rest. tonight.

got photos with Bill the beast too. They showed many how to build #MIRV and hard radiation nuclear chips for high altitude sats, only used for nuclear weapon space flight and weather algorithms.all  the good stuff too. 

Nice we  make war on fake #wmd and we sell the  real wmd and call our selves Truth, Justice and the American way.

Epic fail.

this evidence and penalties, your tax dollars, were a part of the 1998 - 1999 #Impeachment proceedings.


Voting in Real Fear

Fake  it take names and give them to me.  and accuse them of racism. this shuts them down. I now when harassed, go nuclear, I had no roile, and 99% pof white had no suppression of blacks  #commoncore ) teaches falsities of the filthy arab #semitics who wrote them in the 1950s≡current US text books that falsely blames whites. " I say you have a problem with my skin color" because that is all it is, and if they threaten you , get a #gun . we  r in #Armageddon , cops nearly killed me two months ago, as I wrote about it. the #taliban people and the US traitors in power look and act the same and those  thuggies, are for their race #superiority .

Tell them if they support Hillary they are genociding Millions and causing all of this massive world refugee crises, tell them the source is the United Nations to Obama in Sept. 2016 a.d. . 

the abuse of women is at 1000% under Obama  and  this is the ultimate abuse against women, so they support that abuse and murder spree.

If they do not speak English or  will cooperate. You have choices to get out, which is what is happening to all whites on planet  earth. Or shoot and fight back like a good #christian

Political Correctness was started by arabs in the 1920s, south of France, and spread into #EDU when Jews , first migrant  generation came from  EU to  control the USA. They control and love thugs. They despise #Christians.

The Clintons did this same thing to Herman Caine when he ran against her in 2012. They brought out false people to charge with studip stuff, because of their hatred in their souls. He is black.

I feel your fear. Stay Strong.

Lil Jon Democrat Reports

black Apprentice Television celebrity raper of bad morals stated Donald Trump did not use bad term once lil Jon explained it to him. But media reported otherwise. Link to Lil John's twit post. These rappers offend and lie against white people consistently. They cannot be good for any civilization. Lil John corrected the record of the media's false reporting. .. Hope Hicks told the Daily Beast its report was "simply untrue." The blacks vote for alquaeda taliban DINO RINO.

Used as political tool by establishment

ARC 082

Latino Bi%ch said " Donald Trump is not a human [ being]!" AC360 , 10 13 2016ad #CNN



Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.



Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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