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US⊥ Islamic State → begins World War III today bombing Russia 10 04 2016 A.D. . AntiChrist US Military Obama to start World War to kill off all white Russians in a plea to advance islamic rule all over Planet Earth. Yahoo breaking

try to articulate your speech patterns. In 1950s #SCOTUS passed a law calling #jews a race of people. Not the #Bible . but #atheist wackos on a bench. 

Capitol Hill explodes, US Created ISIS and funds it, we have CIA NSA in full Sunni control 09 23 2016 A.D.— Arc

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front women of bands € bigot policy – Affirmative Action

Becky G Tiger Girl.

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White Traitors GOP = Terrorists confirmed FBI

Both Parties have sold out to terrorist billionaires




Jews, Latino and Arabs ( moslems if you like) are all Semitic DNA, same people .

The Washington Post endorsed Clinton on Thursday. They are run by the Taliban, CEO Jeff Ara DNA Bezos.


Jessica Leedsand Rachel Crooks did not report sexual harassment. They came out 23 and 8 years later to explain that killing babies, a part of #DINO #RINO endless global conflicts are correct courses of actions. Why Leeds explains, we love killing children. Donald Kissing me  will mean he should drop out of the race and let us get back to baby raping and murdering of children. Go #DNC !

#5000 refuel in air = #USA already has bombed 4,000 #children, accomplished DINO RINO secret Yemenese war against a tribe of shi'i. . Gulfoftonkin was US faked being attack to launch #vietnamese erradication war under #antichrist #NSA ( employees 40,000, all have elite club memberships to elite resorts).  #waragainstwomen #donaldtrump Jessica #Leeds and Rachel #Crooks have thrown their support to child murderer #hillaryclinton The drone strikes makes Crook, a real crook too, all excited below.

Actually #michelleobama is arab brown as Saud or Middle  East scholars would call her and Obama sand niggers  or #brownarabs  


Nancy O'Dell claims voting for Donald Trump means more sexual talk so vote #Islamist which is run by #DINO #RINO because they adduct orphans and rape them, pass them around. And the Democrats run this and Nancy Loves it apparently.

#Nancy O'Dell has chosen the wrong side .  She is #wasa a white #arab traitor. #debates2016 #2 #hildabeast #crookedhillary was 100% Clear the #DINO RINO  ( GOP + DNC ) Run #islamic #Terrorism  called #Wahhabi = a brown skintype  superiority race narrative .  in 1999 Bill Clinton made war against #Christians all over planet #Earth. why his legal #potus sig. comes to #666 in both Chaldean and #Hebrew

#spook inside info. The US intel agencies are hacking  Hillary , because #ANtiChrist Obama is running Islamic State, because it is too dumb to understand Syrian Rebels are Islamic State.

Russia Ruler during 1980s claims Obama to start world war III by trying to eradicate the white race on planet earth.

GooglePlus ArcMichael Post


#antichrist & World War #3 #wwiii Am e Rica = #Satan translated form #carib culture to #Biblical Greek.
#Gorbachev ruled when #arab #ronaldreagan was #potus & said yesterday, this is the most dangerous time , more dangerous than the Cold War . #obama wants world war III with #Russia .
Gorbachev was born on 2 March 1931 in Privolnoye, Stavropol Krai, #Russian go  #trumppence16  

#mikhail gorbachev #PUTIN   #hillaryclinton admitted Debate #2 on 10 09 2016 A.D. the #unitedstates runs and arms #is #isis #isil #daesh #nursa #alqaueda and taliban and other #sunni and shi'i #terrorist outfits. USA =@syrian rebels = #Islamic state baby raping Obamanite crews.

#SyrianRebels want B.  #Assad out. Islamic State running this since Feb 2013 under the CIA who are now Sunni terrorists.  #antichrist Obamanation of Desolation wants #syrian #regimechange for fun and games.

#hildabeast ( #crookedhillary ) is wedded to the #biblestudy   = #beast and he aligned to Islam/arabites #Semitics and bombed and made #war against the #christians ( #march 24 th 1999 to last week in June #1999ad ). It was killing from the sky the Christians and falsely blaming them.


10 10 2016ad

#everyone this has gone on for years. the Semitic terrorists that run #NSA #CIA #darpa etc. are hacking and not Russia. #crookedhillary or #antiChrist only blame Russians for everything  because they are white weaklings compered to girth of large #Arab Cocks.  The 21st century plan written by Dick Cheney and adopted by #antichrist Obama was to kill off #Russia and #China because they have whtie people who were falsely blamed for everything so to hide the guilt, we kill the innocent = #semitic jew plan. .


+Arc Michael ROFL in fact I've read so many books that Tina Hagar the local librarian who received between 400-550 books a year for her Friends of the Library booksale, from my wife and I who only could give up the books we read and didn't wish to keep. #readingismyjam  

You know what's fucked up? You. I get why you'd be beaten up and trust me I'd be the next if you acted as you do here in front of me. #victimbybirth  

You've a #fuckedupkindaguyand   I don't discuss religion or politics with fucked up people. #mentalhealthawareness  .


Michael Lederman advocates for DINO RINO and Jew Murder sprees on Google Plus for Sunni jihadi.

Put this dude into a lake of Fire and ban its #DNA. source post. googleplus



Jason Chaffetz; Chairman of the Terrorist GOP runs violent jihadi brown supremacy behind the scenes with boy lover Don Lemon ( and Arab and not black) and girlly teen lover Rachel maddow.


Ohio is 95% people who call themselves white = liars.


Map Of 2016 Ohio

Oct 6 th 2016 A.D. Top News: Hillary Clinton destroying FBI docs of her copied Emails.

Anti-Racist is a code word for .

#spook all emails are now scanned and paper stored . So what you write becomes a record of the #beast #antiChrist and #falseprophet #NSA = Notorious Satanic Agency, started 1947 when #pluto #traversed #piledupcorpses so the #USA modern #CIA - #NSA #darpa et al. r Linked to massive, #death and potential #globaldeath for the #futureofmankind #bookoflife #arcmichael go #donaldtrump #10042016ad yahoo sourceyahoo news 10042016ad

1995 Tax Returns

1995ad #DonaldTrump loses $900 Million
2009 Jan. - jan 2017 A..D. #crookedhillary + antichrist #OfreakO lost $9,787,000,000 trillion US dollars.  Congressional Budget Office Official records. Trump is white #white , Hillary Clinton is a white #arabite , mixed and heavily #evilly damaged #DNA   The #Clintons means deep pit of a hell hole, are #historical crooks. no one has lost so much money than #barackobama da AntiChrist = liar and loser type.
 today #antichrist #Obama bombed white white  innocent people at #Syria , calling themselves the rebels, but in reality are the Saudi Royal #sunni Jihad  force and baby rapers, #islamicstate they fight white white  Russians and  the good people on earth. USA is controllled by Islam @nsa @cia #darpa and #navy so the USarabia is an anti Christ form today.  Obama real low IQ score is 102, and has never released his school records. He is a dunce .

#Empirical #science proclaims ( yes it can!) that Obama a brown arab is a filthy robber compared to white white Donald Trump. word to da truth



It is in her tax return. She has made illegally 225,000,000 and paid no taxes like New York Times, Washington Post, Facebook, Apple Computer, Koch Bros, on many ventures, and most other 1%er clubers pay no taxes. Only 50% pay the taxes the, what is left of the middle class and the masses of near dead poverty populations.


Trump's 1995 tax return shows that he took a $916,000,000 loss for the year and filed for bankruptcy. It was all over the news the entire year. Trump was finished they emoted on CNN.


Alicia Mochado Ran from Latin America because of murder plot of a judge. She allegedly had baby with #Mexican Drug Lord. too. She made sex tapes and then allowed #crookedhillary to use her to attack a U.S. Patriot. go #donaldtrump. Hillary does not know how to vet people.

media are the taliban

arab bitch

Gog or Goog

#stafurd spelled correctly for those in the know remains an establishment caliphate of the  west. Berkeley has been purchased by ISIS or CIA/Saudi Arabia and the first shariah school set up for your demise.
 Google originates out of Stanfurd.


Huma Mahmood Abedin (born July 28, 1976) is an American political staffer of CrookedHillary and she supports the Shariatizing of the north America, as her separated recently hubby, Wiener, Athony poihnted out she promotes with Hillary shariah law. What is shariah law ? It is a made up brown supremecy guid book on how Arab < DNA > Male Muslims are the natural rulers of planet Earth, so bow or get the head chopped off. Your choice.

Emails to be redacted so no one gets in trouble with their ISIS funding.

State Dept would process 1,850 more of Hillary Clinton’s work e-mails for publication before the Nov. 8 election, in addition to 1,050 it must already process, under a proposed court order Wednesday from the dept.

all he needed to say was Nordyke twins were born a day later than Barack Obama but he has their diacritical scribblings on the #2 Official White House. Lorreta Fuddy Birth Certificate, she stated it was fake but died soon after that statement.

Donald Trump in Florida 09 28 2016 ad 10:00 am back on the campaign trail Hillary Clinton has been missing for a week, only showed up at the debate to spit false facts and use the race bait card.


Johnny Depp who is anti American, born in Canada, came to USA to steal jobs from Americans forces his American wife into homelessness. OMG yahoo reporting


3,100 Deleted Emails because Hillary was starting ISIS or Taliban USA.

Hillary Clinton deleted 1,000 emails to David Patreaus, 4 Star General of the U.S.A. Military who was punished for mis use of classified documents, the same charge against Hillary Clinton. yahoo via source Pajama


Beast counters with $86,000 was mis used during Cuban Embargo

Newsweek< al queada and talibanos > reports that Mr Trump's company secretly conducted business in Cuba, violating the US trade embargo against the country.

The company allegedly spent at least $68,000 (£52,300) in Cuba in 1998.

Mr Trump's spokesman Kellyanne Conway said the money was not paid, and that he was against deals with Cuba.

Trump Camp Denies Opportunity to secretly do Business in Cuba.

In a 1999 column in The Miami Herald, Mr Trump wrote that he had snubbed chances to do business in Cuba. "It would place me directly at odds with the longstanding US policy of isolating Fidel Castro. I had a choice to make: huge profits or human rights. For me, it was a no-brainer."




#USA Population divided by percent of #Congressbudgetoffice #CBO data of foreign #VISA US workers = 18,342,857 Million top US #jobs go to non #Americans, and this is debt in the #trillions #USArabia has been taken over by #Alqueada  #history #politics #bookoflife #arcmichael #10122016ad  


tina s French 16 year-old classically trained since 6 years old. ADVICE ON MAKING IT HAPPEN.

Tina: The environment is very important. It is necessary to have a solid foundation and the base is represented by family and friends


What is GAZA?

ans. A wasteland where religous both Moslem and Hebrew are forced to live before the athiest inner city godless bombs start dropping for Satanic Jin Parties of blood and majic.


no one in #edu can understand #israeli policy. So I will explain. 75% ( others are permitted Moslems, no Christians) of all inhabitants of big Israeli cities ( minus Jerusalem which is a tourist - four section system) are all atheists ( agnostics whatever) and, they  just hate God or haters of God . and they all say that GOD or Allah  does not exist. But the 10% that are #Hebrew religious = they are kicked out of Israel ; these God followers are ordered by the rapist orgyite goldless fake jews to be pushed to #gaza with the other unwanted #palistinians because they do not fit Jin, Satanic orgyite commune of Israel proper  which the US tax payer funds at 120 billion per year with each quarter given $30 Billion so they act like it is an extension of  the #US welfare state.
forms and behaviors.

#Israeli #Godless inner city fake jews who are really arab dnaers say they are the chosen ones. That is a lie. God chooses you based on your performance.

there the Israelis can shell both people of Hebrew faith and of Muslim faith and  of Christian faith

all for  the AntiGod drunked orgies the fake Jews call ZION. incorrectly too . 09 28 2016ad

U.S.A. Today for the First Time Endorsed a Candidate for Potus and attacked its challenger.

Climate Change Solution

#climatechange culprit = #methane from #semitic Butt farts. So if we eliminate 5,9 Billion #Semitics ( Latino, Brown Africans, Brown humans, Arabs = Semitic middle Easterners, both Jews, #Moslems and fake Christian coptics. Agnostics, #atheists or whatever you call yourself.) we #save #planet   #earth   = methane  = #poison from your #a $$ and it will heat up planet earth by 800 parts per  Million, which is extreme #death . So just put them in #FEMA for collection services. They do nothing for humans anyway but go all over earth to kill and war and rape and plunder, while falsely accusing their own neighbors for #avarice . A Jew  ( not a #race #speilburg you dolt!)  has $250,000 worth of family cars, 10 bedrooms and 8.5 baths and wastes food and water and I have no home and they write #commoncore = #vicious lies to suppress white white #noordics like I. So I have no use for these #Semitic #fools and they are destroying the earth with their assholes full of methane .

WHITE WHITE = 8.9% GLOBALLY SO eliminating them will never solve #methane #climatechange Those overwhelming #humans on planet earth pushing 800 parts per million of bad type of #co2 = Brown people like #antiChrist   #semitic = 79% of the global population. So 79% are the #Arabites and we can save earth by eliminating them ALL.

that is the very true argument of this' fear thing called #globalwarming   the people who have $100,000,000 + US dollars plus in their bank accounts = these people will get the job done.

other #elite plans are to tax the poor, poorly #vaccinate with hidden poisons and or what not. Just eliminate you all. People who do not believe in any God or authority are the ones implementing these systems of #extermination . that's because arabs reject #God

private correspondence #history revealed these last few years, Albert #Einstein claimed to stop #Racism we kill all the white people. But To me, Albert was a true retard. We are only less than 9% on planet earth and butt farts are in the Billions and billions by white arabs to black arabs. Albert was a #WASA a white arab and like supremacy groups he married directly into his family, #incest #latin marry #latin to keep pure blood lines.  Einstein had to steal Special #Relativity from White boy's #2 space body law  & and he was a  mathematician:  Johannes #Kepler & because Jews are plagiarizers.

#apocalypse #bookoflife #lga1230 #arcmichael #10062016ad  



#pentagon says they work only for Chelsea Clinton.

"Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sought to arrange Pentagon and State Department consulting contracts for her daughter’s friend, prompting
concerns of federal ethics rules violations. " Foxnews .

#2009 #antichrist ( #barackobama ) as I call him signed off on The #USA #pentagon to be a personal Slush fund for #chelseaClinton , her father I call  the Biblical #beast . All these Clint|ton =  [ #deep Pit . etym. ] do is #bomb #Christians ; that has been their life pattern (s).
 Foxnews reported today.

+ This is more than DonaldTrump. we been pushing Oligarchy ( end it) for a long time. Now today, leaked  classified has Pentagon in 2009 create a slush fund for Chelsea's buddies.

This is not about DonaldTrump. Rachel Maddow said it in fear last night. If we continue and elect Hillary we will have a bloody revolution. I think that was on video to Mike Pence yesterday. 10122016ad

Obama hacked Emails show he does Voter Fraud.

#mormon harping about free speech locker-room talk, citing this lone reason they will not vote for #donaldtrump . Baby Alter Rape was started  by some offshoot groups of  the founders of Mormonism. These facts arrest us to make a conclusion this movement is based upon a club from the #antiChrist 10122016ad

#media ordered to kill all whites on planet earth. Not a fake story.

#blacklivesmatter #blm are run by #sunni #browner s  and not blacks. In Haiti the Clintons took over all the communications, charged an arm and a leg and the #clintonfoundation stole $100,000,000 after that devastating earthquake. #millenials   who vote for #beast wife #hildabeast will be voting against all #Blacks on planet #earth  

#syrian army are Christians and US Islamic State are sunnis. Get it strait people USA = over taken over by Radical Beast and AntiChrists. 10 08 2016ad.

*white women want jihadi long penis. that is why they want all white removed from Am e RICA = translated as Winged Serpent/ Bible = Dragon or #Satan


10 06 th 2016 A.D. is a day we can now arrest Barack Obama. He tampered with DOJ ∈ F.B.I. ∋ cover up of Hillary Clinton Crimes. Bush Family is in 100% of all things Democratic Party and detest the Tea Party´s Donald Trump.

Byron Tau
Updated Oct. 6, 2016 9:17 p.m. ET Wall Street Journal
WASHINGTON—Newly disclosed emails show top Obama administration officials were in close contact with Hillary Clinton’s nascent presidential campaign in early 2015 about the potential fallout from revelations that the former secretary of state used a private email server."

Congressional Budget Office , Totals before budget this fall is 9,898,799,000 trillion dollars Obama and Crooked Hillary stole. #CBO They printed so far $13.5 trillion and collected $20 Trillion in taxes. they paid back loaners only  $3.5 trillion . Thus the biggest robbery in world history. Please report the facts. Your facts are too low and wrong. #arcmichael  10 06 2016ad

1990 Africa Barack Obama proclaimed to want white genocide globally. 10 05 2016ad

Bush Antichrist involved in stopping wikileaks. 10 05 2016ad. Bush 41,43, have made it public they support and will vote for #crookedhillary. They worship ‡ Obama.


#race = social preference laws for economic #hegemony by AntiChrist(s).  for example Jew privileged called #antisemitism   #scotus made Jew a race in 1950s , not the #holybible  = Jew a liar and must be punished for falsely accusing its neighbor, a commandment of #God that #Jews do not follow at all.  this is a very serious post.  #arcMichael #10062016ad #bookoflife  

Obama = Islamic State weapons funder

Obama DOJ drops charges against alleged broker of Libyan weapons
Arms dealer had threatened to expose Hillary Clinton’s talks about arming anti-Qadhafi rebels < code word dirty shoppe Islamic state fighters > . Politico: posted 10 05 2016 AD : By Kenneth P. Vogel and Josh Gerstein released 10/04/16 04:45 PM EDT; Updated 10/05/16 11:16 AM EDT.

Islamic State Emails 2016 October 5 th

#antichrist in white house working  behind scenes with Bush antiChrist stopped Julian from publishing 60,000 cables and emails that #USA = #IslamicState and #IRS commissioner runs their finances.#bookoflife please help end the #GOP forever. Bush= Clinton= Obama = #DINO #RINO #oligarchy #Communists.  We have no #country with AntiChrists running the world evil programs of #avarice. #politics.


#racist = code word for Blacks to kill whites.

#bush #antichrist behind stopping  #julian by threatening  all to Officials of  #Ecuadorian power. #georgewalkerbushj was born with a #signofantichrist and we all know he lied about all things to make #war  on humans for his own #pride.  The #evil #NAZI bush crews took over after Nixon was deposed at #watergate Most mysterious missing persons associated to #Clinton are the bush teams of arabite flavor. Bush are secret #Sunnis  help end  the #GOP forever, they are pure arabite evil.  #bookoflife #arcmichael secrets revealed are #islamicstate = #Obama dept. Saudi Royal business deals. $64,000,000 was donated by Prince Saudi Royal to elect #crookedhillary   and Bush sits on Saudi Control #Oil Boards.  #Jaketapper dreams about marrying Bush Jr. they are so gay. 10 05 2016ad


Body Race and Government

99% of all white white dna people on planet earth had no role or benefit from #USA african #slavery systems. Therefore, #racist = code word for #Blacks to kill #whites . This genocide proclamation is in over 100,000,000 school textbooks worldwide.  The non God, #jews wrote this liar #antichrist garbage. #arcMichael #10052016ad #bookoflife   the secret may be the "size of the animal"  is #sexually preferred to a Semitic dnaer! see neolib French new wave #foucault  
#whitegenocide by #semitic #dna #damaged #demons  

#Paul-Michel Foucault, 15 October 1926 – 25 June 1984) was a French philosopher, historian of ideas, #social theorist

level high advanced edu. Maybe higher than #Edu. Politics can be explained by the body. The whites, the ones left alive today cannot compete with huge phallic animals of #Semitic dna.   Since women gained power ( Economic and political, and institutional) they choose their sex mates and chose to import large phallice animals and delete the weaker #race. that is why Semitic populations are dominent in #california and to the nation soon. The white traitor whore beyotches choose big black over white. and so white must be erradicated as #Political correctness proclaims.  10 05 2016ad

Doctors are mainly Arabs and so they kill whites in operating rooms because they see them as a threat to survival. LATimes. Oct 3 rd , 2016 A.D.

go #donaldtrump get back on message and attack moderators and networks and Hillary. The choice is real Change or fake Obama 3.0 no change.


$64,000,000,000 Terrorists donate to #Obama Hillary Clinton Foundation confined Tax records. did not pay lux tax on this gift. So Hillary should go to prison.

confirmed $64,000,000 directly to #hillaryclinton from #terrorist #islamicstate to the #clintonfoundations #taxreturns #tax #1995ad #tax go #donaldtrump   #CNN loves baby rape culture.
#sunni #jihadis 1960s flower children  are #white   and #wasa white arab #traitors. They have 8 homes and I have zero. #estabbymeindaback #establishment #RINO = #DINO #2006ad #bayarea  


California Solar power to kill billions by using the agri lands to host their panel feilds. .

so we get all FREE electricity but no FOOD. Nice. idiot leftists.

Los Angeles Police Department the most murderous in America, FBI.

#1 Murderous police dept. real data, world wide.
#2 Killed 4 ( Four) males in the last three days. ( ONLY ADMITS TWO FATALITIES )
#3 Police have been harassing me for over two weeks now.
#4 I do not understand Violent Arabic/Mexican jihad speak, so cannot even speak with them. Must learn Farsi Or Arabic or Spanish = Arab language too;
#5 LAtimes services from social societies are linked to racism [ political views]; so the concept of Democracy, fairness, equality are all fraudulent lies by the 1%er establishment.


Jews are Semitic and so is Taliban and al Queada and Saudi Arabian Royals are ruled by two houses and one is converted Jews because they look and have the same DNA. Jews use Bible to separate their secularism against religious dogma of the religion of the Moslem. So of course Jews hate me because I am not like them. Not semitic dna. 09 28 2016ad. ℜ David Petraeus.“ The FBI noted that "[m]ost of those 1,000 emails were not believed to be included in the 30,000 emails”


jews on the Social Media debate and say I am wrong and jews are special and all else< race types> are crap.

+Astrid Arnold
Dna is not in the bible .,, specifically laid out. If Jews are Brown Semitics, then Jesus has no part in Jews. imo. I already know the Bible. Gospel of Peter ( Denied in multiple church councils ( Catholic) including the council of trent ( 16 th century, over decades) refused Gospel of Peter and apocrypha because Jesus is refereed too as #white   Carlos ! ( Charles V, Christian name) advocated not to have Gospel of Peter because it was racist. If you read my website, which I doubt, all of  this evidence, historical or whatnot is in there and very clear.

Maybe find a brown  Jesus and adopt him, OK. I am sure you do not care that Arabsa ( #Jews ) are the reason most white white Californians are homeless. . So you hurt the real people of God.

There is a real reason the Jews are kicked out of London UK in 1917 and fled to USA to write lie books about Jews as a race of people. Jews were only chosen by God if a jew 'chose' to follow. Jews hate Jesus, Killed him and tortured him and shamed him and they still  celebrate with drink and laughter today about this terrible episode.

Many African blacks, living still in Africa, seek a Black Jesus figure only. so the world is over.  no one can get along. I am homeless with many Americans because 17.5% or like 48 Million workers in the USA are foreigners on work or student visa.  A brown and white arab ( Bush is white arab, not  a white person) did this too us Americans.

white white are the minority on planet earth .

1950s SCOTUS made Jews a race. Not GOD


5:33 p.m. I consider most trump supporters good people. Some were opposed to Colin's flag anthem sitting protest. But no ever listened to what he fully said.

since 1965 A.D. the #USflag   represents sissy Americans who let Bushs', Dullas', Clintons' and obamas' run  AntiChrist and Anti American polices sending the youth, both black and white to die for semitic jew greed. If you support that flag then FU people. The cops are shooting blacks and whites , innocent, they work only for Bushs, formmallly Dullas'[ Clintons and Obamanites. They hate God, they hate the country prior to 1965 and do not recognize it. Lee Harvey #Oswald    is standing OUTSIDE  on the Time Life Magazine photo spread on the steps outside with shower curtains over his shoulder and next to bill lovedale, his boss. Crystal clear and you RINO DINO still say Oswald was up stairs and shooting the President because it was white and associated to white  russia at one time. you freaking racist goons.

John F. Kennedy was correct the CIA took over the controls and this is not a flag nor a country.

go #donaldtrump please bring decency back to our world. .

JFK ( Robert too) were thee only White whites we had in the last 60+ years, minus Carter and perhaps Clinton. who seems warped. Donald Trump would be America's first white noordic president since a long long time.

but Jews, sand niggers, Semitics = Latino, Italians, French, German mixes and most of the brown south Americans and south Asians and islands are all semitic and the real minorty on earth are white   white and pure black black.

Browns or light skinned arabs that look whitish are the largest demographic on planet Earth and Obama today called for those two REMAINING EASTERN white countries CHINA  AND RUSSIA TO BE ERADICATED FOR HIS BROWN ASS CALIPHATE.



Finland , Sweden and Norway have all called for emergencies, arabs by Obama's forced ISIS migrations are tearing up those lands. too.

what is left  on Ertha for white whites?

and u unloving people care about a sitter of protests over a flag that represents SISSY U = you and me too. we are all suppressed because whites bought the AntiChrist lie.

truth most whites have no abuse history, even in their reincarnations. so if you bear false witness, you are no longer forgiven ; that was ended 2013 A.D.

You were told to keep watch. You are really  failing really bad.


Because #Islam has an adjunct clause to lie your butt off and the #media = #talibano or #alquaedians   = you know the #DINO #RINO

Hillary state dept destroyed 65,000,000,000 and stole $2.7 trillion and you cry like a baby.

#crookedhillary runs ISIS with Arab beyotch OFreakO




Arc Michael


#antiChrist   a religion called  "Empathy"   by Semitic braindeaddemons  = you cannot force someone to be empathetic, unless under a religion that has a God who is a more powerful Boss  than the individual.
Here is how this moral system works for non #Believers.

non believers and followers have no moral codes. Rape is good to them but bad if  you do it to their child. It is not hypocrisy, they are demons on earth . #masonry #masonic #bookoflife #arcmichael #alllah #God #Elohim 10 12 2016ad

Apok Arc 10 06 2016 A.D.

we are in a period of major #Apocalypse
 DNA shows Jews and Moslems = same dna. So that is a secret of the revelations ( that semitic = Latino, ,Brown Africans = majority of humans; Middle Easterners who call themselves this or that but have Semitic/ARAB DNA. Jews in usa are mixed race in the white arab media, but brown in medical to institutional professions . English at time of American Revolution was #wasa or white arab. Only a few founders were white whites .


Middle Class starts at $12,000 a year.  ( US 400,000 = top Middle Class range). So most humans are on low $12,000 a year with rent at 2,500 a month, so must adopt Jihadi Funding families for a guest room while they plot bombings because we have no jobs, and Hillary hates me, because my family  helped built America and foreigners are her voting populations. Not Americans.


Clintons were impeached for helping the anti American arabs acquire #WMD for cold hard cash.

#5 was the head of Loral that  sold #WMD to #China , #pakistan   under orders of #crookedhillary in the 1990s, he made millions  so he supports the #Biblical Beast wife, #Hildabeast and continues to do so. the first black African American top #President Cabinet man, #ronbrown was silenced because he was to be a good American and spill the beans. Like Lorretta Fuddy who in reality said she found nO Obama BC, after Hillary Clinton switched planes in Europe coming back from China, he went along, his plane crashed and a  bullet hole was visible through the top of his head. Two weeks after Lorretta Fuddy said no BC here, and media mis reported it, she died too  in a #mysterious plane crash.

#millenials    have no idea of the #Beast machine.

Schwartz = a ' modern ' german jew sir name + white arab and not white white like Donald Trump. He still has Arabite DNA.

Bernard Leon Schwartz (born December 13, 1925) was the Chairman of the Board and #CEO of Loral Space & Communications for 34 years and defrayed duel use nuclear weapon technologies to Islamic states under bill the #Beast Clinton . William J. Clinton is the only world leader to have #666 in both Chaldean and Hebrew official numerology . Whooops I hope that makes you feel better.

#bookoflife #arcmichael #09282016ad I have no time to see the rest. tonight.

got photos with Bill the beast too. They showed many how to build #MIRV and hard radiation nuclear chips for high altitude sats, only used for nuclear weapon space flight and weather algorithms.all  the good stuff too. 

Nice we  make war on fake #wmd and we sell the  real wmd and call our selves Truth, Justice and the American way.

Epic fail.

this evidence and penalties, your tax dollars, were a part of the 1998 - 1999 #Impeachment proceedings.


ANother influencial bigoted and racist Jew, Ruth Bader Ginsburg got these #WMD dudes off the hook by secretly passing NO MORe AMEirCA and allowed foreign cash into our political system. USA is over folks ,the jews ( are arabites)  or mexicans or Arabians have destroyed it & #PC #AA #politicalcorrectness was an adolf Hitler tool. Jews adoted it and used it on traditional Americans. You went sissy.

Ray #Mabus is officially #6 th in line to control the  #trident and when this final white white person is gone, #arabs have full control and we go nuclear world war.  In reality he controls now, the whole  thing. But arabs hate whites and they await his retirement or death. 09 28 2016ad


David Laundry Service Brock #DNC

#DNC #money laundry services goes through this chump. #USA so illegal and out of control. Do foreigners care about tyrants? or do they just adore them? They are these new populations and see #Democrats #party as #untouchables #gansta #killers #haters #robbers the #go #donaldtrump the #gop needs to get out of the way ; they support Islamic state and are liars if they say they do not . #bookoflife #arcmichael source square-david-brock.jpg
  #antichrist acted for 7.75 years so far as saying this was #permissible .

Race made up in 1950s

#race = social preference laws for economic #hegemony by AntiChrist(s).  for example Jew privileged called #antisemitism   #scotus made Jew a race in 1950s , not the #holybible  = Jew a liar and must be punished for falsely accusing its neighbor, a commandment of #God that #Jews do not follow at all.this is a very serious post.  #arcMichael #10062016ad #bookoflife  


World War III 10 12 2016 A.D by ArcMichael


World War III looks like BrownSemitic vs. white white people of Russia and Northern China. #wwiii  

Russia = white white people , #Christians . + Noordics and some black=black + China because white people are detested by Big org brown gay baby raper cultures.

USA = alqueada, Taliban, Al Nursa, Boko Haram, mujaheddin / ISIS dirty shoppe soldiers. = #arabs ( Latin, Browners, south Asians, Middle Easterners, WASAs [ Germany, France, England]; Africa majority are brown arabs who call themselves in USA, incorrectly, black. Obama is a browner, an Arab, and calls himself a #Jew#Israelis are all Semitic Arab DNA these days. #antichrist #obiewanbombyanairobi   calls itself a black for monetary criminal activities. #bookoflife the photo is of me. #arcmichael #10122016ad  

#apocalypse #Bible #revelations   - this is for realz pepls.

So I see the war clearly.

racist brown semitic DNC vs. white whites

ARC 082

#5 was the head of Loral that  sold #WMD to #China , #pakistan   under orders of #crookedhillary in the 1990s, he made millions  so he supports the #Biblical Beast wife, #Hildabeast and continues to do so.


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.



Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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