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America first

front women of bands € bigot policy – Affirmative Action

Becky G Tiger Girl Face Paint. Love Her.

Scottish Donald Trump IQ 156

North–East Niger Kongolese Barack Obama IQ 102

Hillary Clinton IQ = 140
Donald Trump IQ= 156
Barack Obama IQ = 102 ( same level as a community organizer gansta!)

“Do the Math”

GEMS does 25% of USA Vote & the big states


30,000,000 super elite = Media;Institutions;entertainment; academia;Military;Congress;


+ antiChrist in full control = fascism Prediction


North Carolina court goes for #establishment no voters will need proof of Identification, can vote multiple districts and multiple times, over and over again.

“The Richmond, Virginia-based 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on July 29 [2016] invalidated the North Carolina law, ruling that it intentionally discriminated against minority voters.


“[…] the court is now split evenly between liberals and conservatives.” ARCþ Republicans argue no voter ID at the Polls means immigrants which are colored will vote more and reject all white people on the ballot. <reuters news service report > 08172016ad

ARCþ The USA colored verses non colored breaks on party lines, Republicans as the white white party and the Democrats as the party of Blacks and browns. 1960, Bobby Kennedy got Martin Luther out of a dangerous prison, so blacks who historically voted republicans changed parties that year and put John F. Kennedy into power even though he was a white supremacist.

Fox to ABC and all in between are for Hillary Clinton. The entire media is owned by 4 Large media corps = all globalists.Trump is nationalist 

NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt ( dna is WASA Whtie–Angelo–Saxon–Arab often too these are Jews‚ as mixed race) has #semitic #dna his private hacked emails show us he sent emails to his Media slaves that Donald Trump is mentally challenged and to vote #hillaryclinton to save his offshore bank accounts. ( Google plus post 08172016ad ).


Obama has IQ of 102 ( same as mexican dealers on Compton ( now controlled by Mexico)  street corners. )  & Affirmative Action and  PC put him into school and Oval office. the usa is waaaaay over = full of demons and too populated now with Dictator styled immigrants. They do not know Democracy nor do they want it.
 Obama is not a traditional black that served in WWII or was a vital  economic engine of our country, so he should get ZERO respect, Zero Privileged.  Colin Powel would have been much better these last 7.5 years

#clint = Deep and #ton   = Pit so with a little imagination, DEEP PIT . #etymology go #donaldtrump will she make it to November, that is our question?
  #fashionista #entertainment #online #trending #criminal looks are a hit on the Supermodel runways this season. ouch!

David Patraeus 4 star general, most decorated since WWII generals, says we need to give Sunni back the controls of Mosul and Nineveh. I agree. WashPo 08152016ad

#media #edu #politicans all claim 'it' is #christian yet it wrote two books in which one,  the 'it' says #Istandwithislam and other strange things like this happen. So are lies and lies and lies  are what we need?  We need a vote and find out if this  is this a Moslem nation; a #Hebrew nation or a #Christian nation.  Then we the people  can  stick to that system because the three types of lifestyles  do not get along well, in the long run. Two #religions #Hebrew and Islam both support Semitic dominance in all spheres of life and Christians can go to hell as far as they are concerned.  #bookoflife #arcmichael #08152016ad   If Michelle is not wearing a burka she can be murdered according to some interpretations of Strict #Islam . Since the husband is not doing its duty, it too is #marked for a Muslim #assassination . why? Because Obama and Michelle Obama disrespect #allah immensely  

Semitic literally means from the Middle East and Jews are from the Middle east and so are Moslem's, and Donald Trump ’s position is anti Islam immigration so he can be charged with Anti Antisemitism.


Equanimity Harmony

Equanimity Harmony  who is a traitor to whites and blacks and thus anti Noordic and Anti African black.  They want Jews or semitics like Moslems to have #allthjobs as is the case since 1965 secret #tedkennedy preference for #semitics at #USA by quota .
The opened and controlled many #googleplus #donaldtrump websites but are a part of this massive secret #nevertrump campaign.
photo Insert. #Moffitt Library  ( undergrad and restricted access) archives and where in 20006 a few days after the  Capture of Saddam Hussein I wrote #DINO   RINO on a UC Berkeley blog and since then have uttered the '#antiestablishment narrative that both parties are exactly the same. #antiestablishment   #ucbERKELEY #ucb  

I get thrown out of Donald Trump for President 2016 and a former one because I called Bernie Sanders a Jew boy, for such betrayal and  lifting $55,000,000 form his supporters he wasted  away and endorsed Hillary Clinton. So I was charged with antisemitism, and I have a fleet of gay black canadian trolls, some of the best in the world and convinced the owners to kick me out . These trolls are Democratic Party George Soros funded goons, Known them for 16 years and they are some of the best. Yes, Donald Trump is antisemitic by his ban on Latino and Moslems or his temporary immigration plan. So it was totally unfair, and we hope to target the bigots  there, such as Doug


How Ignorant is #nevertrump movement? listen to their guidelines

*NO ANTI-"ZIONIST" CONSPIRACY THEORIES. So pro Zionist means anti Black and anti White, so this Google Plus Never Trump Troll page is ANTI all groups but Semitics. This is the problem of America. Brown people or semitics have all the jobs, all the power and all the benefits and it is squashing Democracy. In the Middle Ages they called it #jew #greed. Jews are terrified, like Bernie Sanders, who is actually anti God and a paganist by his own admissions = Jews are terrified of Democracy. They like homogenous brown globe and will align with Mexicans to kick out the whites. The blacks will aign to Mexicans and Jews because of this historicy of Slavery.


75% Jews in recent History vote Democratic because they cannot stand the face of a white noordic person who is more IQ intelligent. They cannot compete so their dna, subconsciously seeks to destroy goodness. This is why God wipes out Israel periodically and gives them commandments while not imposing them on Noordic cultures because it is ingrained to share and have civil rights. Jews wrote the U.S.A. and world text books and said Hitler was a white supremacist when Hitler bombed and murdered only white people and aligned to Islam, Latino and Mixers Italians. They are halfwits and full blown evil liars.  The global white race was decimated by Meth  injector half Jew Hittler ( double ‘t’s were his birth name in the local newspaper; he changes to try to avoid the first draft, later reigns and joins World War I as a letter carrier, one of the most dangerous jobs of World War I.


Jews have had all the jobs by Congressional Legislation since 1965 and led by Pro Jew and Antichrist Ronald Reagan whose free trade was to end the white race, even though his dumb wife was a whitey. Ever since then Bush groups and Obama groups have issue a non vocal but legislative Anti Noordic policy which has created this current political atmosphere.


responce to Doug


the hijab Olympic winner just said Moslems started the USA.  that gives a hint to get out. Scotland has been taken over by Moslems, the Irish Republicans were fighting White arabs of Britian who have now a muslim mayor.  the messages of the Swedish and Switzerland rapes are  disturbing.  there is about 89% arab brown ( Jews, Latinos and muslims and  more paganist Middle Easterners and south Americans rule the entire SoCal of the U.S.A. What starts here goes national, it always has and people cannot see it from my perspective. there message since 1951, Get out whites. and they have won.

Jews Middle easterners Moslems are all #semitic #DNA so I get banned by groups Nevertrump started or moderated by foreigners and call me anti semitic. Donald Trump's ban on both Latino ( Semitic dna) and Moslems ( middle easterners) is anti semitic.

the #USA is long gone. Filled with ignorant, brain washed zombies.

sad but true.

democracy and equality would be 33% rule of white white, 33% rule of Semitic ( middle type) and 33% black black representation in all  city councils to national Congress.  that is not happening, AT ALL (responce to John F).


#Semitic literally means from the Middle East and Jews are from the Middle east and so are Moslem's, and Donald Trump 's position is anti Islam immigration so he can be charged with Anti Antisemitism . It has come to be understood as middle types or semi types between white and black  root people. .


#Simon #Finn   Donald Trump is anti Semitic: Anti Spanish, Anti Mexicans, Jews, Moslems, Brown Asians and mixer jew whites are all Semitic #DNA . Nice you banned Donald trump, eh fruitcake?  We have 76% total Semitic as a total USA population;  they are the elite 1%er bankster robbers. and that is your crews  - the warmongering jew Harvard professors that argue to send poor white #white and poor black black to die fighting their created ISIS  = A   #Semitic barbarian group. so you need to got directly to a lake of fire., and you are banned from heaven.

#brandon has arab dna, so he is retarded. must hate himself, surely.  :) People are retarded and act evil , thus being retarded.
M. Herbert has also Arab dna , so he too is retarded. He loves Isis and Moslems and Mexicans and hates white white and black black.  Loves the NAZI bush crews because they too, being part SAXON have arab , thus, dna too.

*NO OVERT RACISM (NEO-NAZI) = most of the members of "Donald Trump For President 2016Donald Trump For President 2016" they are Neo NAZIs, and many are secret Hillary Clinton supporters.

Donald Trump For President 2016 and another one before and same owners; these two same owners  I was banned but not the many others,  So, It is run by a secret anti Trump Supporters .I have seen numerous anti semitic posts of Trump supporters and by Hillary supporters and the  RINO are the real party only pushing for  the  Jew 1%er narrative. We did not protect the jews prior to Semitic Arab  Ronald Reagan. Why? It is religious preference in #US Constitution not too.  In science, both have dna of arab in them, so why fight?

When trump says Moslems, he means Arabs form the Middle east and Latinos south of US boarders. They have had all the privileged since 1965 A.D. and it is time to give a black or a white a job for once.


A jew with family home, IDF, soldiers here now in USA told me, a white boy, without knowing ME,  he was beat me up if I did not leave his country. They own about 50% of #SoCal and do not share with black nor white folk. THERE IS NO MORE SPACE IN  San Fernando Valley. People are fighting for the small city spaces now.

Jews= Semitic DNA, like Moslems and Like Spanish Portuguese.

Hillary #rodham  ( Semitic DNA part) Clinton is Semitic White. So Simon Finn is in love by association. How revealing, eh traitor?

Semitics have reigned since Ronald Reagan. He went Anti Christ ( or anti white white and anti black black); he distributed money from poor whites to Semitic 1%ers as a trend.  It is about time to give a job to a white person, you filthy jew ro bber .

and clueless, if you follow the breadth of supporters of Donald Trump many, and I mean Many are Anti Israel, only. But they too are mainly semitic. Very few black black or white white live in #Israel , and by Semitic racist design.

…and for all the idots of the faux Donald Trump for president 2016 hijackers, I started the Anti establishment movement on a Moffitt in 2006 A.D. How is it working out , world-wide too beyotches? You are fakes and imitations of greatness. not the real thing :)

   #bookoflife   #arcmichael   #08232016aD  

Need Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Michigan. Trump needs Florida too. Trump is down with Sun PED over Alpha Cancri. By 9 points in an NBC poll, so a five point error margin. Trump is down in Ohio too. We need west or east coast districts. These are government controlled, MEAMIC.






tina s French 16 year-old classically trained since 6 years old. ADVICE ON MAKING IT HAPPEN.

Tina: The environment is very important. It is necessary to have a solid foundation and the base is represented by family and friends.

on Guns & Mass Shootings

mass shooting skyrocketed under Barack Obama's period, no really. I do not believe it was guns but anger at his  globalist, anti Nationalist policies.



awsome music tina s

Google plus post by me Tornado Of Souls



#tinaS #inspiration Broderick   ( #megadeath ) a lead guitarist does this solo and he is classically trained as well. She begins about 6 years old and accredits her success to a caring and stable family life. I am sure she  has plenty of more covers she would rather highlight but  I chose this song for the solo shows her training and dexterity, rather well. When she plays yngwie malmsteen #arpeggio (s) her face looks like she is not even trying very hard to focus. This song forces, however, one to focus or be in the zone = unconscious realm of expertise 

Politics in Music:
While a album of 2013 was not well received on the song  New World Order the lead singer and co lead guitarist Dave #Mustaine points to #billclinton as part of the new world order, that took guts. Historically heavy metal genres are left wing globalists. Thus the bad reviews. some songs are actually very good on this album but the title track is last and it is more an inflection into Dave's mind.

Broderick is much better than Kirk Hammett , imo, but it was Mustaines' ideas and some leads that  made #ridethelightning   the premier #metallica album, they then threw out Dave for  Kirk but used Dave's already written leads for the parts for ride the lightening. Many recordings of famous songs from Metallica were produced in the #socal and even close to where I stay near #lankershim #noHo #bookoflife #arcmichael #08152016ad I #love her music style on guitar.
 at this time Tina is either late 15 years old or just turned 16 years old. Go  #women guitarists :) she is a #french citizen. 


most Muslims or arabs from strict middle east countries have never seen a naked women's body.  They come in total shock! Their hormones are raging.


Love her for standing up for us suppressed Americans, women and Orphans.

Irish Ranger
12:40 PM (1 hour ago)
We know that every white person in America was born rich, never had to work for anything and had everything handed to them.  We understand that they never had to compete to get or keep a job and that their success and advancement were guaranteed by the color of their skin.  But I do have one question.  Do Affirmative Action and Racial Quotas count as Black Privilege?

Irish Mike

I realize that being a white male and daring to ask this question automatically makes
me a racist, bigoted, misogynistIc, Islamophobe, homophobe fascist.   But, I was just curious.




Top Story

#usama bin Laden's Son follows in fathers’ footsteps.

#democracy is run off of #saudioilmoney but we are lied too by the #establishment . #osama and Hamza came from the people; father was a construction magnet, but not royal. So he fights for the people and Obama blew up the daddy because Obama = #antichrist = too stupid to know much of anything but aggressive enough to kill for  pleasure of #celebrity .  " I got him"= #barackobama 2011 just after murdering an innocent man who was not in charge of #911 but was an Oswaldian patsy. or #antichrist says " I ended Terrorism" a few months before #benghazi = idiot = #Antichrist

Daddy in 1991 got furious that Saudi Royals suxed #Bush boobs and teats . Osama knew Bush Sr. put Saddam Hussein and the #Baathists into power to fight #iran for #israeli #greed   so he ordred a #fatwa which starts the War on Terror proper, used in linguistics. #beast #bible is in charge and he had 3 chances to apprehend or allow another country to hand him over but kept saying we have nothing;  he is our nice friend.  Later in 1998, Osama had enough and called a #fatwa on all #americans all over the Earth. but then he understood Saudi Arabia is just a family, they own America now.

so when Donald Trump says we need to restrict Semitic  Arab Moslems, the Democrats who are directly funded by Saudi Arabian Oil Magnet Saud bi baby rapers, they fight like mad to destroy all goodness and nationalism; anything left to this nation.

Here we go again? One #hydra = cut one down and more pop up!
Hamza bin Laden #fatwa on fake #moslem #saudiarabia #rulers same as Dad in 1994 A.D.  which begin the #waronterrorism = do not hurt our #Saudi Oppressors. we will fake wars and bomb you Bush or Bandar said succinctly before planning with #KSM to do  #911 and kill a lot of #Americans#Ayman #al -Zawahiri #Zawahiri }}} Code CIA is al quaeda to keep the Saudi Oil Money flowing into USA stocks and business; they now are the major funder of Public University #UCBerkeley and own by shareholding majority  The old lady:  #newyorktimes = why they cover up the truth too; Saudi Oil Jews/Muslims =  1000 members by two ruling families, sub out =  they are just whores of Saudi Babylonic bi homo 1917 converted jews who call themseves Middle Eastern Moslem arabs. lolz. such fakes this entire world is, eh ? #yodalite

Dubai has a lot of vacant rooms in all those sky scrapers;  the poor of  #Yemen are dying and are homeless in the desert. This is so unfair. should have kept Saddam Hussein and then joined him and took out this Gay baby raping outfit called the House of Shame? Saud. They co-opted the name and 1/2 are jews, sixos.

Yemen is Khalid Sheik Muhammad's home where  he was raised as a child.  ( #ksm one of the masterminds of #911  who called for the world trade centers as prime targets, he is yemese  schooled IN USA, and contacted by Al CIA da. now writes history or tries to learn it at Gitmo bed and breakfast, Gumo Cubano. #lga1230  

George Soros and DINO RINO globalist go hand n hand.

#bookoflife #politics #arcmichael #08172016ad  

CNN Feedback link, tell them what you want reported upon as news?
#Systemic #Racism or classim of the US #Cops #Police starts in 2000 A.D. Not 2016 and it was spearheaded by a #semitic #DNA person, not white people &  #blacks do not have intelligence to distinguish.     Rafael Antonio Pérez is a former #LosAngeles Police Department
C.R.A.S.H officer and the central figure in the LAPD Rampart Scandal. He was involved in the coverup of a $722,000 bank robbery, shot and framed Javier Ovando, and stole and resold at least $800,000 of cocaine from LAPD evidence lockers.[1] He is accused of being a member of the Bloods, a notorious Los Angeles gang, and murdering rapper Notorious B.I.G. at the behest of Suge Knight of Death Row Records.[2] When Pérez was finally arrested, he implicated 70 other Rampart Division officers in various forms of misconduct, ranging from bad shootings to consuming alcohol while on duty. At least 106 LAPD arrests were overturned based on Pérez's testimony.

Currently #blacklivesmatter is protesting for over a month at City Hall Charlie Beck who kept up this ill treatment of the poor of #LA I support them 100%

the Clinton initiative of put all blacks in Jail was a part of the #establishment plan.

#bookoflife #arcmichael #08152016ad  
USA CIA Georgian Arabs attacked girl and Russians saved her and Fox News cut her off to silence the truth. Ukraine is part al queaeda now and Obama sides with al queada and the media, arab now, covers for the Arabiite Obama #antichrist.


It is OK for Trump to call his comments 'sarcastic' because he cannot do anything, but just say it was Obama's and Hillary's policy that led to the creation and continence of #Islamic State and  the 1.5 Million Christian lives destroyed.  Obama's so called self written books says he hates Christians and Stands with islam. But jews, blacks and foreigners put him into power and so the USA is over, they hate whites because they have white skin.

#emails 2014 came out where #CIA at Libya and North Africa were training syrian rebels ( code word Dirty shoppe Islamis State members) at $500,000 each Muslim Rebel trained, often in groups of 4 of them. They became #islamicstate and the armory is 45 Mins from #Baghdad where they arm #ISIS . Obama does not want to give the standard Intel briefing to #donaldtrump   knowing  this would be exposed and proof that #Obama and #Hillary by bad policies or even  on purpose= funded #islamicstate to give the #Bush boys ( Obama and Hillary's best friends) any reasons to invade and regime change more countries because they love to see masses and masses suffer because they are live #demons on #Earth . #apocalypse #meamic #bookoflife #arcmichael #08152016ad  

#pope went to Congress recently and spoke to them to stop arming #ISIS and its opponents = :"Arming both sides of global conflicts." thank you pope for stating the reality and obvious.


Cops beat up Brain Tumor Girl at Memphis International. For no reason. She did not want to be stripped searched.

details on ISIS origins.

Foxnews Cuts off Georgian Ukrainian girl who says CIA attacked her and she was saved by white white people of Russia's Military. al quaeda forces are on the Ukrainian side and funded by CIA Obama. The USA is out of control with traitors at the most high offices and cannot be deposed. 08122016ad

12 year-old girl and she flees to Moscow to escape and Fox News Cuts her off as she is saying the Russians helped her & not the Georgian government = Moslem US Forces who are a part of #NATO. I did not see Russian troops and not the Chechnya w/ Georgian government who were bombing Ukraine, not the Russian groups.  Fox News is all CIA lies and anti Trump who wants to lessen NATOsn evil grip on Anti white white wars, it is blatant that COLD WAR was a racist war by Jews in US power.

click link

Link to video here.

AntiChrist DIA and CIA spooks says he created ISIS. August 2016.

"I ended the war in Iraq and Ended Terrorism " Barack Hussein Obama ii – 2012 A.D July. Isis starts feb 1 ,2013 and I have the pure  crescent moon photo by me too of it :) see my google plus pages

CIA declassified and leaked wikileaks we trained 4 al queada fighters who worked with ISIS at $500,000 per Islamist Solider trained.  ISIS fights #Assad ; #CIA fights #Assad #Syrianrebels ( al queada + CIA) Fights #assad + Saudi  Royals fund ISIS and USA has Iraq City of weapons they distribute to ISIS and buy them ford mini pickups and all kinds of technologies.

  #USArabia is waaaaaaaay out of control and #jaketapper #CNN blamed today #donaldtrump with creating #ISIS so #CNN blames Donald Trump with no evidence while we have 50,000 emails that say Obama and Hillary created, fund them and have done so to regime change like drunken monkeys  #trump2016

#pope also addressed US Congress and said #US supplies #ISIS with funds and weapons. So he said, " Stop arming both sides of global conflicts." That was good Pope. Loved it.

Most Moslems in Middle East will tell you the USA ≡ #ISIS


Jews as Moratorium on space on Earth

 IDF immigrant wants me dead because I have white skin. this was last month, SFV, Los Angeles, they own 1/2 and spit on the  white and black homeless all the time. There needs to be a moritoriaum on all semitics ( Latinos, Jews, and Moslems and even South Asians ) they have had privileged by US Secret Legislation, Ted Kennedy's semitic nation building quota plan to destroy the white race. 1965 look it up.  All I see on the streets of LA are white white or black black ( blacks  have it more privileged) poor and suppressed and now murderous with weapons;  and 400,000 Filthy Rich jews that try to run us over all day long.  USA Jews in power are paganites, and not Messianic Jews. So they too like the Israeli Jews they put real God fearing Hebrews  on west bank to battle the Palestinians;  the Israelis hate #hebrews & you apparently do not want to know current events. the #knesset   is anti Religious ; they do not care about #GOD or  religious jews that believe in GOD. So someone give us a break. & 75% of the entire #Israeli population, and not counting the Arab Moslems they are either agnostic or are  atheist. & they attack all religionites, no matter if Islam, if Christian or if Hebrew.

Pentagon Created False Reports To Make It Look Like Obama Was Winning Against ISIS

pat dollard

US Congresspeople also say:

House Task Force Confirms: ISIS Threat Was Altered in Intelligence Reports For Political Purposes. the freedom hut

"Last year the Daily Beast published a bombshell report featuring dozens of intelligence community whistleblowers alleging the Obama administration and top tier levels of the military were “cooking the books” on ISIS in order to paint a rosier picture for the American public and to downplay the real threat the terror army posed."


details “persistent problems in 2014 and 2015 with CENTCOM analysis of U.S. efforts to train the Iraqi Security Forces and combat the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.”

It found:

[T]he Joint Task Force has substantiated that structural and management changes made at the CENTCOM Intelligence Directorate starting in mid-2014 resulted in the production and dissemination of intelligence products that were inconsistent with the judgments of many senior, career analysts at CENTCOM. These products were consistently more optimistic regarding the conduct of U.S. military action than that of the senior analysts…[and] was also significantly more optimistic than that of other parts of the Intelligence Community (IC) and typically more optimistic than actual events warranted…

The Joint Task Force is troubled that despite receiving the whistleblower complaint in May 2015 and receiving alarming survey results in December 2015, neither CENTCOM, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, nor the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) took any demonstrable steps to improve the analytic climate within CENTCOM. The survey results alone should have prompted CENTCOM and IC leaders to take corrective action without other inducements.

In March, Lt. Gen. Vincent Stewart, the DIA director, told the House Armed Services Committee the allegations that CENTCOM distorted ISIS intelligence have been overblown in a way that “disturbs me more than I can state.”pollard

WOW: MEAMIC lies and says 37,000 entire USA will be just immigrant new school kids.


Arc All of our text books and records are lies and keep being lies. Democrats have DNA structures to lie for Satan. It is hard wired.

estabby lies, there will be 37,000 this semester alone in the #socal region of the #usa   they come in by the 100,000s = our way. We have nearly all of Mexico Living and taking our land and money, so USA is waaaaay over. You would need a military , at least?

Abu Musaab Al Zarqawi ; #johnMcCain and #ISIS leader form ISIS origin emails ( see McCain as CIA midman connector, so it is wide spread in spook communityemails are 11 Months old, ISIS has already formed so this is part propaganda but not far from the Islamic State outlook  held by Osama bin Laden's mentor | what is the thinking? US needs another boogyman to invade ME  so too regime change which is the establishment's  MO | McCain and  Joe #Lieberman#Jew) were sole responsible for promoting  a young Barack Obama to run #potus  

كما كتبنا رؤوس مجلس البغدادي ثلاثة وراس الثلاثة ضابط سابق من حزب البعث اسمه العقيد ركن حجي بكر والعقيد حجي بكر انضم لدولة العراق في زمن دولة العراق بقيادة ابوعمرالبغدادي وكان حجي عضو عسكري عرض خدماته العسكرية على تنظيم البغدادي وخبرته في جيش البعث اظهر العقيد الركن حجي تمسكه وتوبته من حزب البعث ويعتبر هو اكبر قيادي عسكري مقرب من ابوعمرالبغدادي ولم يكن هناك اي معرفة سابقة به ولكن عبر وسطاء زكوه لدى ابوعمر البغدادي وابوحفص المهاجر تم قبوله بشرط يربطهم بقيادات ومعلومات مفيدة بالجيش تم تقريب العقيد ركن من قيادة دولة العراق كمستشار عسكري لدى ابوعمر البغدادي وابوحفص المهاجر وقام العقيد ركن حجي بكر بتزويد القيادة بمعلومات عسكرية وخطط وربطهم عبر وسائل الاتصال بقيادات عسكرية سابقة تابعة لفلول حزب البعث تم تقريب العقيد حجي بكر اكثر واكثر من قبل قيادة دولة العراق لانه كنز عسكري وقيادي كبير في غضون اسابيع قليله الامرالغريب ان قائد داعش اليوم ابو بكر البغدادي غير موجود في القيادة مع القائد الاسبق ابوعمرالبغدادي حتى وفاة الاخير كان ابوبكر البغدادي عضو في تنظيم دولةالعراق خارج اسوار قيادة التنظيم ومحل اقامته غرب العراق تحديدا في محافظة الانبار وتحديدا في الفلوجه بقي في القيادة مستشار مع البغدادي والمهاجر قريب من ٥٠ يوم وكانت الكارثة على دولة العراق تم استهداف البغدادي وابوحفص بقذيفة ماتوا جميعا العقيد حجي بكر لم يتعرض باذى ومات قياديين هم اكبر وابرز قيادات دولة العراق بلحظة واحدة واصبحت القيادة شاغرة وكلمت حجي تقدير الجميع هناك عقيد آخر صديق لحجي بكر اسمه مازن نهير يكثر زيارات حجي بكر يحضر معه الى ابو عمرالبغدادي مرة واحدة كمتعاون مع التنظيم و عضو غير رسمي هذا العقيد الاخر مازن نهير يزعم حجي بكر انه هو عميل صادق لاختراق النظام معه ولايحب ان يظهر في قيادة التنظيم ولا مجالسة بعد اغتيال القايدين اخبر العقيد حجي بكر المقربين منه ومن القيادة بانه بايع امير جديد لقيادة دولة العراق الا وهو (ابوبكر البغدادي)؟! كان الخبر مفاجي للجميع!
ملحق :
أبوحمزة المهاجر مرافق أبوعمر البغدادي مصري اسمه عبدالمنعم عز الدين بدوي، وله كنيتين آخرتين قبل إنضمامه للبغدادي ١/أبوأيوب٢ / أبوحفص.

#emails 2014 came out where #CIA at Libya and North Africa were training syrian rebels ( code word Dirty shoppe Islamis State members) at $500,000 each Muslim Rebel trained, often in groups of 4 of them. They became #islamicstate and the armory is 45 Mins from #Baghdad where they arm #ISIS . Obama does not want to give the standard Intel briefing to #donaldtrump   knowing  this would be exposed and proof that #Obama and #Hillary by bad policies or even  on purpose= funded #islamicstate to give the #Bush boys ( Obama and Hillary's best friends) any reasons to invade and regime change more countries because they love to see masses and masses suffer because they are live #demons on #Earth . #apocalypse #meamic #bookoflife #arcmichael #08152016ad  

#pope went to Congress recently and spoke to them to stop arming #ISIS and its opponents = :"Arming both sides of global conflicts." thank you pope for stating the reality and obvious.

former Post by me:

Bush/Obama fault for allowing all shi'i to rule Baghdad and not allow Sunni 50% of the control. This created extream chaos and anger. Iraq was sunni for decades under Iraq control, they did allow more Shi'i in gov. But Obama nor Bush could figure out history and how to allow different groups to work together. they are Harvard trained imbeciles


Hillary Clinton Begins Career defending baby rapers and introducing false testimony as factual evidence at The #Watergate trial .


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#plagiarize #plagiarism She was kicked out of the #watergate Committee for introducing false documents against #richardnixon . Nice start to a career, eh? #joebiden also #plagiarized other #politican #speeches too dumb to pay a speech writer. #obama needs someone to flash lights at his eyes, a walking zombie = low #IQ #bully
#leadership +Harvard University & #yale are as smart as 16 years olds of the 1950s



three investigations found Clinton breaking #WMD distribution laws. First week in office, first term, he switched the #municians list ( weapons of mass destruction technologies) and defrayed MIRV tech, high altitude software ( only for #ICBM ), harden  radiation chip technologies only for high alt. sats or  ICBMs;  Loral, Mottorolla ( US dev.) Lockheed Martin and other areio space tech companies then defrayed Duel-use technologies which ware banned at the State Department so  #beast in #bible switch, again, first week in office, the munition list to the #commerce #dept and then later Hillary had #africanamerican and head of the  US Commerce Department #ronbrown to switch planes in Kosovo and the plane went immediately to crash on a side of a mountain. He was to resign the next day , he told his wife on the phone from China before they left those secret trade missions.

Go #donaldtrump #makeamericagreatagain #bookoflife #sealone is only four months old. how is it going?

During President Clinton's watch, America's most vital nuclear secrets -- guarded intensely for five decades -- have been allowed to spill out all over the world. (Houston Chronicle 4/29/99 William Safire)
“[…] trillions of dollars that poured into the US economy was Chinese and foreign business deals for US high military technologies” (Associated Press).
FBI officials have said […] Clinton did sell Nuclear technology to Chinese officials over his stay in the White House.    (Associated Press).

#history #beast was impeached

Media lies but admits another reason:
"President Bill Clinton was impeached on two charges: perjury and obstruction of justice. Mr. Clinton lied under oath about his affair with Monica Lewinsky, but that was not the grounds for impeachment."

facts the #impeachment proceedings began 1.5 years before anyone knew of Monica Lewinsky.

Media spent 17 minuets in 1999 A.D. on this topic, that is about all. Bothside were already ONE TEAM = the #establishment   #dino = #rino  ( link to my google plus post 08102016ad


Hillary Clinton called For Barack Obama's Assassination.

#hypocrite #she laughed when she said who Cares about 4 US Marines dead at #benghazi her soul is not home, gone, just full now of #demons .
 Google plus workers, un knowingly of US History and all these fresh migrants must be having a meltdown. They do not know any of this stuff. and thus their fights and money form the elite to them to stop us.  Google foreigner workers come from dictator countries or oligarchy states, so they say Go Dictating Hillary. She acts like their leaders and they are accustomed to these types of global Criminals. link 08102016ad

Sarah Palin still backs Payl Ryan's challenger.

Go Sarah Palin, she is great making American great again. Trump did not look like he enjoyed endorsing McCain Creator of ISIS and Mentor to Obama or Paul "Democrat Amnesty' Ryan, half arab and confused mentally.

#khisir #khan #MSNBC is a traitor . #obama and #democrats do not follow the #usConstitution at all. This is widely understood and Khan had the sissy beyotch thing working for one week but we shut it down. This is not a nation of #allah fakers like he. He is not even a Moslem, but a #jin . To win, attack white or arab white as light skinned in Democratic Party and force them out and say, well Khan won the argument, get out of your seats of Power white people the brown Muslim won. get out. #chrishayes #rachelmaddow crissy #Mathews and  #Lawrence #ODonnell   we attack these people and force them out - to say you cannot play hypocrite.

Trump poll numbers will go up , this last week the establishment 1%er media tried to get #donaldtrump to quite over this al queada agent, #khan He  is pro #ISIS baby raper and a fake Muslim imo

Agree, I hate these false evangelicals who are giving $10,000 to Syrian refugees while 30,000 Christians are on the streets of Los Angeles and begging for any help. These US evangelicals must hate Christians and like Islam? So go and join them OK?

Congress approval this week, Real Clear Politics is at 12.7% meaning epic hate for these Congressional rich turds who vote in raises every week, by silent hand raises.


Obama just gave Sanctuary cities some $93 Billion dollars . The money to be spent on NO! #UScitizen #treason by #congress and #antichrist #Money to be spent on bringing  the #Jihad home.

DOJ Rewards Law-Breaking Sanctuary Cities, States with $342 Mil in “Grants”
342,000,0000 times 57 ( Obama claims there are fifty seven US states) but it is actually 274 Sanctuary Cities. So Obama gave out some  = $93,708,000,000 US dollars. 








#arcMichael Google Plus Post #history

#lga1230 (inbreeding = nationalism  sub scale) ≠ (outbreeding| multicultural breeding = #globalism sub scale).

by Jonathan F. #Keiler : Inbreeding were Ottoman ruler ship hereditary  18 th Century Concerns as well. The Saxon Arabs and white white which were decimated  at the last 200 Years of the Western Roman Empire put into place hereditary rule   because of the failure of Roman #Political #Correctness and Roman #Affirmative #Action . These policies are soft-imperialism, academically produced and authoriteously   controlled by these Lords.  In the 16 th century to the eighteenth century Arab DNAed Latin = #Spanish and #Portuguese intermixed and breeded filling up the Earth with racial competition. In nationalism, the concept is us verses the  outside world. That too is inbreeding and a necessary step for longevity of civil concerns.

Karl Marx said 100 years later that  northern European #white white were more abused and slaved than #Black #African Americans: outlined and detailed in #dascapitol #karlmarx   Moms had to give their kids #Opium to sedate them while they worked 18 hour, 7 day a week jobs until they produced more workers and died.

Jonathan F. kIELER STRUGGLES to understand #lords have never left our sphere of influence and rule today as large corpo families and banking shareholders. These #neolibcon students are brain washed and this lasted an entire generation and so these professors and academics are living in a surreal world full of illusion.

#Nationalism ( Inbreeding)  does not equal Globalism ( multicultural breeding) and both cannot last forever or horrendous species devolutions occur.

another weak argument is the only multiculturalistic superpower is becoming more ethically diverse? It is not and  neither are the Europeans. They are beig invaded by 200,000,000 arab Semitics both Jews and Moslems and most Middle Easterner offshoots, little groups of coptics and orhodoxians. This shifts #newmoney to the colored people as their populations triumph. That system outlined by #Aristotle as three  stages* are actually sub classed  by me in code to color changes, per the origin #idenitifying code. So if the nation starts white, it will turn brown and then black and then be changed, invaded, overrun and left to rot.

*socrates #mars #jupiter #saturn : flipped. golden age, statis, and decline. New racial speak. White, Brown ( Semitic) Black.

Computer ready.


da #error here is demonizing same race mating #behaviors .

#history   #arcMichael #bookoflife #08172016ad  




Polls show Trump gaining on Hellory Bloomburg Political Poll, 1017 polled has Clinton with only a 4 point lead. New York Post 08102016ad


#Democrats whispered  seen your new rates? It is all Greed Corpo Profits. Obama has IQ of 102, like serial murderers and bank robbers.
Obama should be charged with fraud under the #RICO Act for Obamacare. Ready to go to #jail if you do not pay the Obamaransome?

 For the record, only 4 republicans voted on the first passage of Obama care, out of the entire Congress. That is good. they  were initially all opposed to this fraudulent gangster party of insurance hucksters.

Juti Szasz = Quand vous regardez les étoiles, rappelez-moi parce que chacun d'eux est un baiser pour vous.


United States Protesting

And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned   from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance?   Let   them take arms.  The remedy is to set them right as to the facts, pardon and   pacify them.  What signify a few lives lost in a century or two?  The tree of   liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and   tyrants.  It is its natural manure."--Thomas Jefferson, Nov. 13, 1787.



tpp is fascism ARC 082

 White genocide is world  wide


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.



Carter Baines McDonald.

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