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Arabs say they want U.S. nukes and White House to use them as super intercontinental suicide bombs!


DNA solves in part Race Relations. So We need an overhaul of our Universe.

Buurbank Cops, Arab white DNA large bodied, nearly pulled a gun to shoot me while I was more than half naked with no weapons on 07 302016ad.

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#cops #burbank are Arab white DNA, the ones driving the cars and in charge He  nearly shot me for cleaning insects from my car , claiming some Jew neighbor was upset at a vision of a homeless white person. I still have zero police record and registered to a Burbank Home. The deputy or the cop under the Arab Driver cop was screaming at him not to shoot me. I was nearly naked and  nothing in my short pockets and  the deputy was trying to point that out to this arab big bully bigot. It has to be dna, hatred is at the DNA level and we cannot solve it unless we manipulate the DNA code. #bookoflife I feel ashamed, very angry and trying to stop thoughts of serious revenge. I did nothing wrong, they did not give me any ticket. a ticket for cleaning insect out of the car, so  I had my bedding in an empty school parking lot on a Saturday at 700 pm. These police are nasty pieces of dna work I support #blm on their cop issues. see my posts even months ago.  we can solve this hatred by Arab cops by deleting arab dna o change  to community policing with same colored skin people. #arcmichael #07312016ad   the other option is to wipe the world out of its creatures of #hate . I did nothing wrong but upset a vision from some jackoff jew snorting coke and looking through its hatred home window of millions of dollars of jew greed.    These things have consequences. Thanks to the cop who forced this arab bitch to not pull his gun shoot after he found out I was homeless. these are evil arabs, Latins, south Asians, mixed blacks and ISIS and Muslims identify the most with them.

I was in Burbank, CA. in an empty Jew school lot, no one around, after 7:00 pm, and cleaning my bedding out for insects; I had my bedding out by my car. Police showed up just prior to me finishing and nearly pulled out a Gun and shot me. There was a huge lack of communication.

His white deputy or fellow officer saved my ass. I was nearly nude, and the large dumn bigot arab white cop was shaking and saying he has a weapon. These arab cops have iqs of ziltch and I support Black Lives matter because these are arab cops protecting the Jew arab communities and jews hate all others = so arab cops hate all other races by DNA. That is a global and historical problem we need to fix.


Cops roll is to placate the elite to keep the limited money resources flowing to the elite, because there is not enough money to go around to all the people. This is a historical problem in all countries, across all times.


It is OK,, by Me if Black LIves Matters does whatever to stand up to Arab, Arab white, White, and Arab Arab dna cops, in any form possible. I do understand the plight of the lower classes being corralled and controlled by Jew elites (Jew - arab dna too) and this creates inhuman contacts by the inhuman cops. Obama pressure on cop departments nation wide I approve. There is a racial component in the districts represented by Police. Almost always black cops by themselves do not abuse black communities.
 Since white arabs, which US defines as white white people ( incorrectly) have dna racial issues with both black and white, the only solution for policing is to color brand each district to their own people.

Cops roll is to placate the elite to keep the limited money resources flowing to the elite, because there is not enough money to go around to all the people. This is a historical problem in all countries, across all times. Julius Caesar was not stabbed in the Curia Senate because he was acting like dictator . Julius Caesar was stabbed because he forgave a huge swath of poor people’s debt and this angered the ruling corpo Roman elite at that time.


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#Romanhistory #history #rome #juliuscaesar please #BLACKS #WHITES LEARN THIS HISTORY HERE:

#julius #caesar  =  #Caesar was not stabbed in the Curia Senate because he was acting like dictator . Julius Caesar was stabbed because he forgave a huge swath of poor people’s debt and this angered the ruling corpo Roman #elite at that time. #BOOKOFLIF   #arcmichael  


Hillary Clinton's accomplishment Award Search

there is a possible #award for anyone on planet earth who can name one successful policy created and implemented by Hilary Clinton. There has been a search over 25 years and none has come up with a single accomplishment#bookoflife #arcmichael please email if you find one. OK? go #donaldtrump go Trump supporters of all cultures. Let us get our country back on track.

Chelsea Manning Let us Free This Christian.

if #trump gets into office, can we free her immediately. Her only crime was to leak classified foreign intel that claims world leaders laugh in the face of former state dept #hillaryclinton So #antichrist #ofraudO put her away for 35+ years. Let us put #ofraudO into a lake of Fire and ban him from life itself for over a 1000 years. It is brain damaged and unfix-able at the moment. #bookoflife #arcmichael #07292016ad this person acted more #Christian than most.  She stood up for what is right and good in this world.

MAD magazine famed Cartoonist dies RIP.

John Burton "Jack" Davis, Jr. was an American cartoonist and illustrator, known for his advertising art, magazine covers, film posters, record album art, and numerous comic book stories. He was one of the founding cartoonists for Mad in 1952.


My racist story for 07282016ad

today I stood up to the brown or light skinned arab bullies. At the 99cent store, the usual glare by immigrant brown thugs disturbs me. So I started to glance or stare back. Then after it got all evil eye, I then said' do you have a problem with  my skin color.' foreigners star down all whites in a show of #latinoMacho baby raper posture.  This time I did not back down. I told him he was a liar and he was starring at me. When his brown thugs began to unifiy, how they beat up the whites here at #california I raised my voice and stated the obvious, and used a loud voice to stop all customers and get their attention. I called  him a bigot and a %^&^& liar and to stop staring at me. Is this the first time you have seen a white person; he started to act as  if he did not know English but I forced out his amerimexi tongue.  and I got ready for fighting.  the brown bitches are not used to whites standing up to  their baby raping cartel plans for earth. I got the last word and the  whole  store went quiet. He did not approach me.

then arabs having a party and eating inside of  a main library and in front of white staff pussies. They started to banter and laugh and  no one could concentrate.  the problem for too long has been arabs or brown or light skinned arabite dnaers get away with hell and crime and no white will stand up for them. So I turned  on my computer music to Van Halen and turned it up and awaited trouble. the white staff, a dude that knows me, asked me to turn it down, I told him no I will not, they are having a party next to my seat, are super loud and will not hush. He hesitated because they get away with murder here. I he made an agreement I turn it off and they must disband. If a white brings in chicken chowmain dishes and eats and drops food  on expensive equipment they are ousted and reported and disciplined. If the same people who  are arabites = Jews, latinos, mixed blacks, mixed south Asians, they are rewarded and nothing is done. This hell hole of racism has taken all the good people and destroyed them. these are super rich oil Muslim or Jew atheist freakos who made #socal they operations of robberies. if they did this infront of a black person that would not have happened.  tell your racist stories because that is how the foreigners understand; they cannot understand  #science.


#michelleobama view on life can sum up the entire USA black experience in a short meme. It is called the #welfarequeen I am dying, my friends are, being suppressed by PC Niggers and Arabites and white traitors and I hate to see stupid people acting stupid. She should be happy to be where she is and her Senior #Princeton Thesis is nearly unreadable.  Since she was stupid she needed a motivated orphanite 'get go getter' =  to get ahead in life. That was her ambitious husband. She is no model to any lady on earth, just a talk down  to the little people and laugh in their faces. This niggger was born in to High Life Privileged #aristocrat black family. Her view is why this world is racist and  lives in hell and conflict. It is just a bragger and hater against innocent people. FOAD go directly to the lake of Fire. She never had to suffer one single day in her pampered privileged life.


DNA solves race relations. DNA likes DNA similarities and conflicts from local to international to global are all conflicts with the 'like' part of the equation. Michelle did not like America when she was poor or the underclass. And after 7. 5  years she has taken $350,000,000 of free American tax payer funded vacations and now her attitude is she loves America. But that is because whites were not ruling during her Husband’s racist reign.

  #obama stole $trillions of dollars of white Chinese and white russians; printed  and borrowed. So Obama made no money themselves but stole it from white people and they are #Black and #Obama is Arab #Black.  This is why blacks beat up whites in homeless services around the nation, no cops interviewned or court and blacks went jihadis on whties and they are nearly eradicated on  the southern west coast of #america

 piece of black filth

This world is very six people. #christianity #biblestudy #whoreorbabylon in real time.

DNC is NAZI b/c Hitler sided with Islam and do they. They are the antiChrist movement.

Michelle Obama said to the DNC Convention to take the high road, this time. This is good advice her Husband took always the road to hell to win. She is a lair too and says she hates America while she road a $350,000,000 vacation fund extravaganza. Blacks are bad people. Obama called white people not human, he called Christians as stupid. He was the worse shyte talking POTUS we have ever had and why there is no unity or will there ever be unity.

Sarah Silverman Calls Bernie Supports at the DNC speech, night one, you are stupid idiots. Only very rich Hollywood know what is good for you, stupid Bernie or Bust people. .


Democratic National Adds against Tea Party Donald Trump are all lies and the media does not correct it.


#lga1230 what this war is all about . #brown #arab #yalite #malcome stalks white whtie dna #johnfkennedy at a rally;  he will have the perch opposite of  the Oswald Perch and   leave the only fingerprint found at the 6 th floor of the #Dallas school book depository . this is pure #bigotry and arab take over. Bush group are not whites they are NAZI #wasa = white and  arab mixed dna. they are not white white like the #kennedys #Bookoflife #arcmichael   #07282016ad #racism  
He is #latin with a white fake name. of @wallace 


Bernie Sanders got absolutely nothing. 07252016 ad. The DNC rejected to abolish the Super Delegates.  Sanders is a  Arab white dna fraud.

Then his Congressional Democrats voted to keep in the Superdelegates.

#America #Ferrera she can be Honduran and born in USA but Obama cannot be Kenyan and born likewise. what a racist she is,eh?  This fool low wit dumbo and stupid bigot is just a  garbage liar. Yes! You are latino Like a #mexican , and are Italian with black dna too, mixed up freako = you are all #Semitic like the filthy lying modern jews. Your latins rule California with rape, molestation, robbery, physical violence and hatred for all Americans.

#UglyBetty = ugly Honduran. I bet this Hollywood goon spits on white homeless all day long in her California State that has 98% Semitic Sand Niggers like her rulling and in total political control. No brown person every ran a real democracy on multiculturalism because they hate Democracy and run from their faux democracies and take over other peoples lands and falsely accuse entire races. This biggot Uggly Betty is why the world is in dire straits and  will collapse. She is just an Antichrist filthy liar, Put her into a lake of fire, please.

America Georgine Ferrera (born April 18, 1984) is sand nigger bigot and hater of the human race. imo

white bikini cop arrest arab phone robber at Sweden, awsome. Mikaela Kellner.


Donald Trump is correct about DNC speech by Barak Obama: He painted a rosey picture of his economy, when reality says otherwise.

ECONOMY Obama 1.2% GDP this quarter, worst in world history for any superpower? you people are zombies.

Bush, McCain I believe will be voting Hillary Clinton along with Ted Cruz

Klintanistanization of America. Stop the hellory Suicide bomber patrols.  

Florida Hispanics says all white people must be deported to arctic circle, immediately because Hillary Clinton has deemed white people as evil.

#Mayor to lead Los Angeles #Eric #Garcetti is not new, he is the #establishment #Bigot that calls at #LA #RAZA meetings that no #blacks  and #whites are allowed in #losangeles we love you Donald Trump. I heard him for decades on the radio, he is a bigot against African Americans and White white DNA Americans. To the lake of fire for him#bookoflife #arcmichael #demons are all over his body. #07302016ad he is also destroying the #infrastructure as I speak. #SOS help us.  #DNC 2016ad speech disrespected #allah   #neobigot it spews falseness and lies from its mouth.  No white males hired at all since 2006 A.D. and only in 2015 were the first few white girls hired in any city jobs. This plan was orchestrated by #Garcetti who calls himself African American and Hispanic roots.  It has no love and lies and  is full of hate.

#arab DNA = Eric Garcetti controls 89% Arab controlled Los Angeles and his LA RAZA crews say all whites and all blacks must be eliminated  form America, not just Los Angleles. You have my permission to nuke it, even with me here, It is pure evil here and these Brown bigots beat me and my people since 1970s, kicked me out of 10 + jobs and the cops and courts all back these bigots at 100% . So please just destroy it, it is pure evil here at 24 /7 365 #sos  


Google Diversity Hiring Practices based on land and mud and not on human beings.

have you hired an equal share of irish scot or noordic white white dna. not  the arab dna born in these countries but the white white. Hitler is not white, it was mixed arab white.  Google does not like Donald Trump over bigotry it has white white dna.  google does not practive this, I see Irish employed but are asian dark skinned or latino. that is not diversity. Diversity = DNA. period . not your rose colored glasses. This is an Opinion of #archMichael

Rachel Maddow campaigns for foreigners to replace American jobs. I say get this white arab whore out of her MSNBC job. She has whitish skin. therefore it disqualifies as a spokesperson for the colored party.

DNC Email leaks show Hillary Clinton manipulated the Media: One way came out last week. General Motors finally admitted after 5 years that they inflated sales to make Obama's economy look good. That is real news. The media blacked it out and during Hillary's speech she  lauded this  auto bail out as a success. It was not.

#sandnigger #arabite #DNA hates whites by own autobios and says "  I stand with #Islam " Robbed #whitepeople because #niggers do not work, they are welfare robbers. will not pay back the $7.5 trillion he robbed from white white dna #Chinese .   white people funded his lavish vacation = 2009 Jan - 2017 Jan. had accomplished Zero even this week, the General Motors company admitted it lied for years about profits and sales, and that was the only policy #crookedhillary could say was a success. this sand nigger did not create one single #job , just robbed whitey.  now that is a true Antichrist sand nigger. Ran 1.5% GDP ( Commy Russia ran 3.7% and commy China ran 3.0% GDP over the mean time of all Communist leaders. that makes #barackobama by far the worst president or world leader in modern history .  how he survived was to race bait and to falsely accuse the innocent which made #allah determine him to a lake of Fire. Congrats #bigot .

#bookoflife #arcmichael #07282016ad even his own family hates  this #criminal #robber of the good people on earth.

#Welfare queen = #antichrist Obama

DNC Convention Opening: God was booed again‚ just like 2012.

played by DNC.

DNC erects huge wall around Convention, says Philadelphia must pay for it.

#DNC irony of the #Democrats they built two walls and forced Philadelphia to pay for it , not the DNC. #bookoflife #arcmichael #07282016ad Let us make America great again go #donaldtrump

#wall #irony #DemocratsRbraindamaged


Morgan Freeman narratives Clinton's dnc entrance. he says God sux and does not exist. He needs to go directly to a lake of fire.


Remember Hillary Lies all the time. She lied tonight, on many occasions.

Hillary DNC speech,: For all americand together, Liar liar liar liar liar liar. She threw out all the Bernie Sander supporters so she lied , again. Like she lied at Ben Ghazhi. Hillary on Economics. Obama is the best economic dude ever and I will make his economy 3.0. There are only 21,000,000 americans she talks about. She said economy is not working but Obama is the best economic policy like ever in U.S.A. history. That is brain damaged. .


our economy is not working the way it should but Obama economy is the best ever in USA history = brain damage.

29 #Obama, 28 declassified pages says this Bush family member imported the terrorists and funded them . Clinton had Sandy Burger try to destroy documents code name operation megiddo vs. 2.0, revised from original plan. #bookoflife #arcmichael #07242016ad   He is employed by Saudi Arabia and Funds al nursa, Al queada, ISIS, DAESH, and perhaps offshots like Bokoharam. The enemy  was always inside of our white house, it knew all along. we call them the establishment they have 3,000 New york, WashDC, blood on their hands and 250,000 more with the wars to cover up this horrible reality. #christian 11th September 2001 attacks.

Osama bin Laden denied the 911 attacks from 11 th Sept. 2001 to December 31 st 2001, at least 139 times to major news print, radio and television. Only later did he go along with the theme he was the top bad dude on the Earth.

George H. W. Bush New WASA World Order run by Arabite Race and not the white race.

Selamat pagi semua ≈ good morning to all of you!

Donald Trump Gets Big Black Hollywood Producers and Film Makers backing.

1.2% G.D.P. Obama calls this a remarkable successful economy. Donald Trump reports back that Barack Is living in a day dream ⟨ paraphrased, not a real quote but not out of context.⟩.

DNC Convention final day:

discrimination is a result of fear - karrem Abdul Muslim, former Basketball guru. You mean when black beat and rob it is discrimination on my part if I call 911?

Obama had zero successful policies. Even his auto bailouts became a fraud; last week GM admitted to fibbing and lying to meet expectations of the Obama regime.

Special media Convention meeting with Hillary Clinton; the rumors claim there were no Russian Hacks. MNSBC Live 1046 pm LA, local mean time. update, Intel chief, also a Clinton foundation Member says we cannot release who did it yet.


#DNC this week came out and exposed the obvious #ISIS is Hillary and Obama's creation and Erdogon, Saudi arabia and USA traitors fund them and arm them. #bookoflife #arcmichael the democrats love the baby rape and murderous machine that is the Brown barbarian crews, because they look like them and  have same DNA. also why #google admits it deletes Donald Trump posts and memes and suppresses white people because they  do not baby rape and look brown.

#baghdad has USA 14 square mile armory for ISIS re supplies.  this is 45 Minuets form the Green Zone, #Iraq . Out country has been taken over by Brown Barbarian #Satanists . #07282016ad    that why the crowd boes.

#USA #military soldiers, the younger new recruits want #donaldtrump because the older soldiers told them the establishment are #isis  
#johnMcCain had meetings with photos of the ISIS leader before the Islamic state was formed. nice abu bkr was DINO RINO

8 point  bump after convention is the highest since Gore Bush 2000. 01 TTC

 a Texas self starter and ambitious and I love her blog. been there  since the beginning before she got her website


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.



Carter Baines McDonald.

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