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Cracker on the Cross

Atlantis »Prison > kpfk traitors ⇑ whites line up awating black armies

Liberals do two (3) things very well; (1) Lie. (2) Divert attention away from the real issues. (3) Project their dysfunctions, issues, and failures on others.

Olympia, WA, USA. differences: 2008; 2016 Convention Speech Comparisons.
 Michelle Obama “I am not proud to be an American”
Melania Trump" “America is great, a good nation full of good people.”

RNC Convention Reflections

First time in my Life, this is awesome.  . Someone stood up for me.

Donald Trump Pledge : “I Am with You, I will Fight for You and I will Win for You.”

America first


Dems are in a mess, #crookedhillary   is too crooked to be legitimate.

why blacks get killed and Wasa white arabs get off free?

The cops are democrats and so are the blacks, and this is not a GOP problem or right wing problem .It is left wing institutionalized corruptocratism. Clinton put you peeps into the black hell for a joint. You blacks are retarded.

LA Times/Dornsife poll now Trump +2 07232016ad

Arab paginate mafia controls USArabia. The foreigners vote for the Democratic Party because it is THE PARTY of #welfare handouts to these new Democratic Voting blocks. It is called buying their vote for temporal power. Last night on Venture Blvd. An immigrant Asian got free housing, free money and free transportation, just got here too. The entire USAraiba is a freaking globalist anti American welfare state run by fatso retarded Arab and Mixed race goons. I have nothing , no support by institutions or courts or cops and no home and these foreigners laugh and spit in our American faces.  

Syria Attacked

by whom? USA and Turkey attacked Syria, it was Obama Hillary regime change stuff. the estabby lies and are all warmongering profiteers.


#russia bombed two #islamicstate compounds last week so the Bushite Clinton MSNBC FOX ABC NPR CBS  media claimed it was a US base so as to START  World #War III for arab jew profits. 07 22 2016ad g+ post


#Classy on the issue.
affirmation and why I like him : we must abandoned nation building and regime change.

go white people. Watch Russian Jets pulverize two ISIS strong holds. Armageddon is a color to no color ≡ whites war on Earth. ISIS and Liberal Philosophy or do anything to anyone, who cares of virtue are in an alignment.  America was founded upon work hard, play fair and get rewarded. Today, the most crime or the most criminal record one has in media they are adorned the champions of America.  But before ridicule, a new brown culture has moved in since 1965 A.D. and the massive secret quota of 100,000 plus Arab Middle Easterners amnesty plans by the Democratic Party, led by liberal Ted Kennedy, no relation to his brothers awesome political ideology of end the racist Cold War ( US= arab black policies against white white Russians) and other make wars for profits, warmongerings, which instead was achieved by Bush at the Assassination .   Next, put in a dumb Hollywood B movie actor, and next yourself and then another bimbo male, beast more concerned about sex than the POTUS job and then put back your family in charge under Bush,  Jr. and continue the Roger Ailes Warmongering news cycle profits.

07 21 2016ad


There are a large group of white people not even in American during slavery who suffer daily × whitegenocide worldwide .

M a g n a t i s m is not a separate force from gravity ⊄ Electromagnetism are the byproducts of the new math that ∀ divides the gravitational waves and interconnects 'invisible matter' to visible bodies, thus measurable – Arc Michael 08 11:58 p.m. July 2016 A.D.

#true #clintons took over all communications #Haitian centers and then charged an arm and a leg to all blacks. suppressed them as the white arab original USA slaveowners had done.  but black people are dumb and target white white, not knowing the dna difference. Idiots. so the Clintons had a little island of blacks under their financial tethers. And blacks hate on me, this world sux to hell, total lies. #christian  
#facebook bigot and antiwhite #markzuckerberg wants to do the same to all of #africa and this sissy gurl is not white but arab WASA (#Semitic);  #hillaryclinton is #WASA too, part arab dna and not white white.

donaldtrump stop the clintons

#WASA were the majority US slave owners, and controlled KKK #antebellum  

#dnc #convention will be a #trainwreak #ginsburg out others mad b/c not included.
 Some newly  dumped Assange wiki-leaks  declassified Hillary emails show she rigged system against #berniesanders who now supports the #riggers = Epic failure. arabite US Media only report she wanted to attack his religion,  as a  game plan.  So we need to get out and start planning to stop the #demoncrat #voting rigged system that  they will use to try to usurp and keep their power of #american Genocide. .
many voting machines are by foreigners on the Clinton foundation kick back l list. #crookedhillary

Get out and register people.

#watch the grave yards folks. for Demon resistors


my race relations. 07 19 2016

My first job a black stole money from my register, $20 dollars making it short and recorded on record.  This was a black floor McDonald’s manager.   When the nigger bent over to train me to clean the fry vats , the $20 dollars fell out of her brazier and on to the floor, directly blow my face. I was startled and commented’ Heay that is the same amount my drawer was short. She was in charge of the all the cash registers and she only had the keys so I made the direct link. That is a nigger doing evil to  a white that had no role in slavery at any time nor my heritage people.  I hate blacks now. Beat up constantly since I was eight years old , on the school grounds of elementary to sixth grade. The Watts blacks just had monkey beat up the entire school days, twice a week. White kids bled and fled the nigger apocalypse. Most whites there had no role in Sand nIgger Mexican slavery Caribbean system nor its Liverpool or Lisbon or Istanbul connections. This blacks are pure evil for their false aggressive lies.


 As The Bible correctly states, there is first a soupy black cloud mass, all over the void, and then ( stabby science says) then after 100,000 (ys) after the Big Bang, God said "Let there be Light" and there was light, and these super giant, non metallic stars form in a short period of time, burn out and explode 'fussing' the heavier elements and after 100 gens of these star heavily fusion explodes, we get out Solar System.

Yo Atheist scientist, stop plagiarizing my Bible.

Kaku is working on primitive semi-radius tachyons: disassociation of gravitational nonbinding.

#Christians = Kepler,Galileo Newton, Hudgens, etc.. .the athiests did nothing in the 20 th century. most of Einstine stuff is thrown to the trash can.

Jesus was Cracker Boy

#Gospel of Peter banned by  #arabite   #Latino Spanish Portuguese ( + Carlos I, aka Charles V) during the the intermittent and decades long #council of Trent.  for this one passage identifying Jesus Christ as a #white boy/cracker. CHAPTER XXVIII :
His countenance was like lightning, and his raiment white as snow : #islam is forbidden to depict #muhammad the Prophet because he was described as light white skin type . #bookoflife #arcmichael #07222016ad

another from another ch. "clothed in a long white garment" this is coded for 'white'. This is after the resurrection. Why not a brown garment? Why not a albino Garment? Why not a black garment? It is code and Carlos I, Holy Roman Emperor defeated the French cardinals in banning the #gospelofpeter because he said it was #racist  

Historically why the northerner 'white Europeans' adopted #Christianity, so this is #historicy or factual culture=religious ideologies.

today the fastest growing Christianity groups on Earth are northern #White #Chinese.

#bible #History #Church #religious #politics of the 16 th century and onward.


Ukraine and Arab Racist Wars Against White Races On Planet Earth. Cold War ≡ White Genocide

The Symphonic metal arrangement speaks to nationalism of today’s Ukrainians. Kievan Rus ‘ Ukraine “ Leave us all Alone”

A melting pot of the east as France is to the west IGNEA ∀ Video production A plus.

I want reparations from the global black community who falsely accused my people for 400 + years ( in modernity); I want reparations from Semitics ( Jews, Latinos, Middle Easterners, South Asians, brown types) for 400+ years of false accusations which led to murder, robbery, injury, and culture loss for both race — type. If not I want those entire races eradicated for heavily damaged DNA. They have no proof in 6,000 + years of changing their evil hatred and falsely accusatory ways. Like a deadly virus they spread body and hate taking over all the white countries on Earth, leaving no white country except North Korea, northern China, and northern Russia and parts of Switzerland. And even Ireland, Scotland, my places have been over taken by Semitic mixed betrayers and haters, murderers of my people .— Arc 07 19 th 2016 A.D. 2:30 p.m. lmt PDT Sherman Oaks, LA, California.

Arab € Semitic ≡ D.N.A. ·“Why Diversity Programs Fail‚” published in the latest edition of Harvard Business Review. DINO≡RINO≡ Corpo Greed Profits —any more questions?

#republican #convention comments at the #GOP conv.
#semitic #sand #niggers = Latin, Jew Middle eastern  South Asian brown skin types, arabs and other  assortment of brown. They called white white  Donald Trump bad for saying OK to waterboarding. #ARC   says “No You tortured, ATE, ENSLAVED, RAPED, MOLESTED, BEAT, STOMPED AND DROWNED  blacks for 221 years and run away without paying your slavery shipping reparations, you sand niggy f*&ker, and therefore #Mexicans are all about torture, much worse than water boarding. #politics #bookoflife  

BlackLiveMatter vs. KKK

The KKK are not white white dna, most are german hybrid arab whites. they are kookoo
Black lives Matter JUST WANTS 'ALL' WHITES DEAD; At least they are transparent. Glad Loretta Lynch keeps telling them to keep up the good work.  she is a nice AG  Bigot white genocider, eh? Obama is too. Loves those messges of kill whitey and over false charges too.

Sex Slave Clinton Island Harvard Yaleite Rape Abode

Palm Beach billionaire Jeffrey Epstein could face new criminal charges if lawyers for his alleged former teen “sex slaves” succeed in an unusual effort to overturn a 2008 plea deal that gave him house arrest, despite accusations he pimped the girls out to his rich and powerful friends.Attorneys for two of the 30 girls Epstein, 63, allegedly prostituted on his private jet, in his Florida mansion and at his private island hideaway are attempting to open up - and potentially overturn - the government’s secretive agreement with Epstein fox news – Malia Zimmerman, Pub. July 18, 2016.

Ivanka Trump: Republican no-shows 'don't want to be part of the future' why? They are Hillary Clinton supporters. Geb. George Sr. George Jr. John McCain, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul's Son, Marco Rubio, Gov. Kasich.

Ted Cruz with the most primary delegates after Donald Trump joined Trump today to win the White House. It is a smart move because Cruz does have a ground game that will last over a decade. So he has shots at the White House in the future. The no shows are all secret Hillary Establishment goons. Traitors to America.


“No, that´s their choice if they don’t want to be part of the narrative, if they don’t want to be part of the future; But this really is about a forward-looking moment.” – Ivanka Trump at the Convention opening day


Selamat pagi semua ≈ good morning to all of you!

languages used to reach all classes see my langkeys pinned Googleplus, open to non accounts

my life has been an endless racial pysical violent existance. In the Civil War, the blacks used to force northern whites to put white immigrants not involved into slavery to fight and die for rich black and arab US establishment,. They shoot any white white irish scot that refused to die for their jew greed. You will be paid back nigger and arab.

i do not want unity of the anti establishment and the establishment RINOs. I do not want it at all. All or nothing. This violent brown and whtie arab mix global jihad has lasted my entire life and hurt me horribly.

Most 24-year-old blacks can't even tell you the year the Civil War ended or who the first president was or who is our current vice president.

#civilwar #niggers convinced #sandniggers = WASPS to shoot irish scot in the back if they did not fight for Semitic #Sandnigger freedom and hegemonic monetary policies . This is a very sixo country. this is a true fact of this un civil war. Blacks laughed at white #white   persons who had no home, just got here, and  who were never involved in slavery: my people  were injured, maimed and killed for #Nigger glory.

so they lined up the white white immigrants, fresh off the boats from #Ireland and said if you do not fight, we shoot you in the back. The niggers , free in the north,  the black community jumped for joy and did not join until the wasps and #WASAs allowed them. But they still harbor false characters and  hateful ways.

blacks confused arab white to white white dna and this breaks all of God's laws. They lie over and  over and then shoot #crackers on the streets like what is happening today. They are insane

they have never opened a book  to learn  yes,  learn to read their own history.  But the lying sand nigger media eggs you on to stand up to Cracker and #destroy it.

It takes 221 years when Nigger and Sand Nigger take you from the Timbuktoo, Kongo and Niger regions to Spain and Portugal ( #lisbon )= first early modern age Slave distribution center to the  Ottoman sand niggers and to the Spanish empire Caribbean sugar #plantations . It takes 221 years since they took you out to find a first colonial  slave law and slaves in Northern America. You niggers are hateful liars, killed my innocent people and  you will pay.

  #blm never if corrupted.

#arcmichael #bookoflife #07182016ad  


working on primitive semi-radius #tachyons : Arc this means a  disassociation of gravitational force for as  nonbinding antidote to gravity = then applied to math systems. Michio Kaku b. January 24, 1947 when Pluto was smack in #preseape as was #NSA creation and new #CIA and many babybooming world fascists still in control today.

This is way cool' &  kinda like Michel #Foucault s discontinuing social argument. Marx described history as a linear progression to a finish line and that  line was Communism. Well the 20th century proved that claim to be  false.  Instead there are 'strings' that can relate to a 'reality' of the cosmos and dis lock the gravitational bonding and thus destroy the #Universe and in order to renew the thing in a more speedier fashion.

he chose not to go to Livermore, CA. or New Mexico and design nuke missiles.  He teaches at New York U.


LAUSD ( Los angeles) is about 89% Arab formed dna, the older white are retiring or dieing off. This is the second largest school system in America, New York State being the first. The USA is not a democracy, it shares no power with black or white, just brown and the brown are overwhelmingly liberals = globalists and anti American, just here to make the company cash. The #lie berals are today very low level intellects. They cannot see nor understand hypocrisy nor cynicism. The brown foreigner elements now in power all come from dictatorships where corruption is the norm. the #USA is over, well over. I have not met one latino Arab in my whole life that does not have a plan of pure racial LA RAZA hegemony or heterogeneous demographic rule.

there is no 33% white, 33% brown, 33% black government in California that defines equal sharing of power as in any democracy. They have  it at 89% and call  for 100%. This city is out of control. The USA is over for the Northern European white culture.

Latin or mixed race = sub set: Spanish Portuguese do not  run multiculturalism with whites  nor blacks = in all of history.


arcmichael post for   22 jul  2016 01 TTC

 Los Angeles equals the city of angels

Cultural Relevance

Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Using the journal pages‚ add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


Equality & Justice or Die

Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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