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Deoxyribonucleic acid is a molecule that carries most of the genetic instructions used in the growth, development, functioning and reproduction of all known living organisms and many viruses. D.N.A. . These Codons are one set of two sets. The other set is remote and downloaded and not connected to cellular functionings. new page on Atlantis »Prison


Dems are in a mess, #crookedhillary   is too crooked to be legitimate.

warning@ warning!

NICE Arab terrorists tore out women vaginas and then licked them ; they deboweled the men and cut off their heads, and the french Media covered this up. After JSOC told Obama in a private news breifing but public comments allowed, Obama said that was 'horrible.' 07 15 2016ad

Charge Hillary Rodham Clinton pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 641, 793, 794, 798, 952, and 1924
Created by Z.T. on July 05, 2016 White House sign petition.

There are a large group of white people not even in American during slavery who suffer daily × whitegenocide worldwide .
M a g n a t i s m is not a separate force from gravity ⊄ Electromagnetism are the byproducts of the new math that ∀ divides the gravitational waves and interconnects 'invisible matter' to visible bodies, thus measurable – Arc Michael 08 11:58 p.m. July 2016 A.D.

Prison system U.S.A.

 The problem is by 1970s both U.S. main political  parties began to see a wider Prison system as a cash cow ∩academic ⇔ political finance organ of the Federal State « and a vibrant prison system remains a quality of human existence, in regards to a civilized region on Earth; and for our Current Politicians, they see the U.S. Prison system as a business and nothing to do with humanity. Capitalism is on thetongue tongues of each American when they awake during any day to go to work; The system semi works, ethically, but always empirically economically. Sad‚ but true. But do the collective will of humanity on earth seek to change these very individual views? The media reminds us twenty-four-seven to change ourselves and decade after century after Millenia, there is absolutely no evidence we personally have changed. What is wrong? In california for example. a homeless man on the streets = zero money. But a homeless man on trumped up charges and in prison for 10 years ≈ $760,000 US dollars ⟨ Public Taxes ≡ $76‚000 per Californian inmate – 2012 A.D.⟩  when you have police going to Watts in the 1980s and putting 100 victims into prisons for smoking a joint, you made $76,000,000 million dollars if X≡10 year sentences. So yes‚ You are correct‚ the entire US system is rigged Bernie Sanders. Now the Vermont U.S. Senator campaigns for the human being that made this law to hurt not only Black African Americans but to put away all poor who often medicate for embarrassing living situations. I do not like Barack Hussein Obama ii, I call him the Antichrist for various reasons. And yet, I know he understands this very disturbing social matter more than most Americans. That is a sad fact.

Here is a better Californian Example: White Arab men most often purchase large quantities of ‘white powder’ cocaine and use it nasally. Judicial Californian system says if caught with once ounce of white powder and you are white, you get six months at the most and a fine, and put on a short probation. The Black southern Californian chemists choose to deliver the drug in a more powerful fashion and thus “ always thinking business” this form was highly addictive, often bankrupting their customers and destroying their lives. But the business side of things, blacks now made fat stacks of cash. The underground was born of Hip Hop, now commercialized heavily.

Regardless —The Californian judiciary put a black human away for 30 years for one ounce of the cocaine in a different form: Crack> Rock! $2 ‚280 ‚000 U.S. Dollars for each black human imprisoned for an ounce or more of Crack.

Californian Police Make Human Lottery Night

$57‚000‚000 U.S. Dollars can and was raised a night, targeting the most violent and drug infested neighborhoods. If a squad of police officers took out 25 poor humans over the ounce drug dealers in one night, they knew they made multi–millions and this evil thing enters their souls and ramps up their testosterone. Just the thought of this much money made Cops insane with methods of apprehension. Cops ( LAPD, BHPD) in Los Angeles– my birthplace were prosecuted over decades, case after case of cops planting over an ounce on innocent victims´, because over time they casually planted on humans that had a family and social history of none–use and could not tie it to another family member. Thus the cops were openly now corrupted and over time no courts would punish these police because they were all the same part of the ‘establishment ’ system of rape the poor all over earth for the big fat stacks of cash! I have been targeted and my body and belongings get damage in these confrontations. Only two female police women ever treated me as a human being over multi dozens of stops by Police.

This capitalistic economic system led, at least to the LAPD becoming the 'hunters' of humans for greed. Some police only took orders from a voice on a police squad car radio, to go here or there and do this or that and they had no control. But the ‘machine ’ was kept alive by politicians that remained in seats of various powers for decades and decades— their politics and cashwars over time eroded the nation into a banana republic.

If one year they convict 250 persons‚ and all get the thirty–year jail sentance —then the Tax Payers pay the “establishment Politicans” or the ‘Machine’ at the cost of $570 ‚ 000 ‚ 000 . The Unions‚ the politicians the institutions & the contracting business all get massive raises as they build massive jails, year after year all over California. The United States of America overwhelmingly has the most humans in jails on Earth. The States of America during this time has not been ruled by any white–whtie person. WASA‚ WAAA‚ WASP all have arab dna in parts and are not white white humans. They have ruled the entire second half of the twentieth century of the United States of America‚ tiny breaks in between.

As a general statement and continuing today, most British are not white white nor The Germans nor The French and these arabites begin at Italy and span across the southern European lands to Spain and Portugal, separated by a massive land obstacle, severely isolating them both off culturally and off historically. The U.S.A. standard provided by former president George Walker Bush < no child left behind> calls Mexicans and some blacks, white–white and all sorts of mixed dna races; and thus has corrupted the minds of the world´s youth. But academia has followed along and very complicit. The Mexican⁄ Latin < thus arab dna > recieve foreign dollars‚ playing the Mexican immigrant argument and then they ⌈ transform > & become white bodies when only white funds are auctioned off for the publics interests. The pushed the whites out of work in California after a vow given out by heads of State after Operation Wetback. The establishment arabites this includes jews, mixed jew cultures which contain aravbite dna called this physical action a failure, some boarded busses and came right back across the boarder. They are incorrect. While some made it back, it send shock waves which quieted down their soft imperialism for 20 years. There were 6‚000 Arab Latino from all corners of the latin nation<s> living in San Fernando Valley, where I grew up and spent most of my life. Today, they own the State entirely. They keep in power by their puppet ruler⟨s⟩; & since 1969 as the four term California mayor whose last name implied the people he imported for 46 years of his political life. In the early 1990s the Latino Arab front begins slowly to push whites out of California, pressuring them by these establishment tethers = thus we have lived a sort of Fascism since 1947 A.D. go Donald Trump

Arab € Semitic ≡ D.N.A. ·“Why Diversity Programs Fail‚” published in the latest edition of Harvard Business Review. DINO≡RINO≡ Corpo Greed Profits —any more questions?

15 th July Burbank Lib. An brown Asian was flashing my eyes, reflection on his cell phone, from ceiling lights, and Asked him to not point it at me, it was blinding me. He was upset and complied and then a few minuets later decided to leave and flash me before he left, this time on purpose. They cannot flash their own eyes, so they tilt their phone to the left or right and beams of reflected glare temporarily blind patrons. This Bigot racist Asian knew the staff because of Political Correctness does not support me or they ( in general) would have not done this micro attack aggression . They have no souls, cannot function in a civilized society and I have no choice, because I spent my life cowering form Political Correctness which is actually #whitewhitegenocide. The Cops, courts or government call me because of my skin color and no because of my humanity, a terrorist. That is out of control and it is a part of Patriot Act #2 ( Jan 2009). I have had no role in American slavery or my people, we were not here, and we suffer at the hands of lying Semitic–arabite-brown DNA zombies of hate. They only harass and attack because the system is rigged for brownish arabites, no matter if Asian, south Asian, or African or South American or Mexican or Middle Eastern or the Island pacifics. they are the privilege class and I have only myself. This country is AM e RICA = translated into Dragon and in the Bible it is translated into Satan. So this is a code to show why Arabs rule over white white and Arabs do all the crimes but blame ( breaking God's rule) white whites. I have never had a white white Asian treat me badly. this is a DNA damage problem worldwide.
White white DNA countries run multiculturalism; no other colored countries do this. The colored populations are taking over all white white countries, except part arab white Japan and northern white white China and white white Russia. The other Scandinavian and Irish scot lands are being over run by arab colored people and this policy does not seem to slow down at any time soon… so white white dnaers we must move to China or be totally destroyed by the walking colored zombie nations. Germans, French, Italian and many other EU nations are not white–white dnaers; so they are excluded from this argument : 7⁄3⁄.

Selamat pagi semua ≈ good morning to all of you!

Principles Science The DNA code is regulated by proteins. White people may have similar DNA to orangutans but on and off switches controlled by proteins separates us extraordinarily. White Genocide. ⇒ codonic < modern nerd form, hardwired!>

Donald Trump: 515 businesses and 4 of which have filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, giving him a roughly 98.64% success rating. *Hilary Clinton has zero business acumen and destroyed the Middle East* and put 50% of the global black populations into prison for smoking a weed joint.

Anti Christ devalue, divide‚ and destroy.

A host of FBI and State Dept. long time government employees feel exactly how this poli cartoon emotes. Exactly . Many in the FBI department lost faith in our system of laws. The Clintons are in open violation of many justice laws.

Internal Revenue Service

John Fleming of Louisiana and Tim Huelskamp of Kansas introduce a bill to fire the IRS commissioner who deleted millions of tax records to cover up massive bigotry corruption at the Internal Revenue Service. IRS Commissioner John Koskinen looks like he could head up an Islamic State terrorist cell. He looks like a member.

Bill Clinton, George W. Bush to appear together in Little Rock b/c they are on the same team.

yes, hypocrisy is an establishment indulgence. Just like the Catholic Church's indulgences. lolz.

Bernie the white arab Semitic Jew traitor → wasted time and people's lives ; filled with broken promises.

romanian child slave gang of eight years finally addressed. thank you.


White people assassinated by NAZI Arabite dnaers in U.S.A. secret seats of power.

Political Assassinations.

Molly Macauley anoother white women killed bcause she is white.

Seth Conrad Rich was the Voter Expansion Data Director at the DNC and had been working on exposing the recent cases of election fraud and voter suppression during the recent primaries around the country. He was murdered by Niggers, and Sand Niggers ( WASAs = Bushites and Clintonites) because he was doing serious work on exposing the Democratic Election Fraud schemes. If you remember, Bush jr. had the Flordia Supreme Court give him the election by dis enfranchising 30,000 blacks in southern Florida in the General Election of 2,000 and his brother Geb Bush was teh govenor of that Florida mess. Antichrist is behind this.

London Arab Muslim mayor is  now the head of British State Dept. 07142016ad

Fresno California Police release Cop video of Cops shooting unarmed white man. Dylan Noble, 19, part arab dna, looks brown and is called white.

White people live in China or Russia now and that is the US milArabite targets. USA has been anti white for a long time now.

+Macedonian Always Greek
 don't worry, you want revenge? they are alive today as the latin race . Most macedons are reincarnated as Latino Americans, from #latinoamérica  

Muslim rape crises out of control at Germany


arcmichael post for  13th jul  2016 01 TTC

 Los Angeles equals the city of angelsLos Angeles equals the city of angelsLos Angeles equals the city of angels

Cultural Relevance

Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Using the journal pages‚ add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


Equality & Justice or Die

Carter Baines McDonald.

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