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Jounral Entries  2011

03  Dec. 2011,  Michael Johnathan McDonald, 4:17 p.m. Studio City, California, U.S.A.

Note: all my astrological and astronomical work are based upon the Swiss Ephemeris, and therefore subjected to errors. When I start correcting them I will note it in each page or entry.


  1. Pyramid Gizāh & J.P.L. 03 Ephemeris, coded by Astrodienst, in Swiss Ephemeris: PAGEREF _Toc310691369 \h 4

  2. Gizāh Pyramid JPL 03 Precessional Model Intersections: PAGEREF _Toc310691370 \h 5



Ephemeris Archangel Michael [1]



Jet Propulsion Laboratory ( division of NASA), ephemeride JPL 406, Full Precision, and also Moshier, ephemeris based upon DE404, analytic, adopted by the Swiss Ephemeris, online and business at Astrodienst,  Touted as the most accurate astrological program to date. However, it uses Ephemeris time adopted in 1952, it was used to align atomic clocks but today it is no longer reliable as TDT, using sidereal time is more accurate. ET was adopted because John Flamsteed (1646-1719) suggested The Earth’s daily rotation was uniform, which remains untrue – even the mediocre ancient astronomer/astrologers knew this was untrue! Ephemeris Time (ET) was adopted for a universal mean-time. This model was overturned by Terrestrial Day Time, because ET was no longer needed or used for accuracy.    However, the Astrodienst Swiss Ephemeris does not include the new model. It is useless to speak to the programmer Dieter or to the promoter or director, Alois, as this is a business venture with many dollars riding upon the promulgation that this is the more accurate astrological program in the world; and suggesting their product is flawed would upset many who purchased, invested time, or uses their product for business.



Absolutely, anyone can go online, type into a search engine “Swiss Ephemeris Test page” read the documentation and do the comparisons oneself.



Greenwich, UK, Swiss Ephemeris: 2,000 A.C.E. ET 00° 00’ 00”


Swiss Ephemeris: Sun Long: 00° 40’ 41.5622”

Chart Astrodienst Sun Long: 00° 40’ 44”



Swiss Ephemeris: Moon Long: 190° 40’ 50.1899”

Chart Astrodienst Moon Long: 10° LIB 41’27”



JPL406 Full Precision Ephemeris (dmy) 21.3.- 2144, ET 00° 00’ 00”, v. 1.77.01, Swill Ephemeris. March 21, -2144 BC Gregorian is equivalent to  JPL406 10th April -2145 astronomical Julian Cal. Epsilon ( i.e. obliquity) 23° 56’32.3365”  from Full JPL 406 precision, and equivalent date 10th April -2145 B.C.E. astron. cal. 23° 56’32.8280”.



Swiss Ephemeris: Sun Long: 00° 19’ 11.5951”

Chart Astrodienst Sun Long: 00° 05’ 38”



Swiss Ephemeris: Moon Long: 18° LEO 41’ 3.8030”

Chart Astrodienst Moon Long: 21° LEO 40’ 54”



Swiss Ephemeris: Jupiter Long: 186° 29’ 50”

Chart Astrodienst Jupiter Long: 12° SCO 26’ 57”



Swiss Ephemeris: Mars Long: 46° 23’ 50”

Chart Astrodienst Mars Long: 01° AQU 35’ 16” (Very inaccurate!).


Swiss Ephemeris: Saturn Long: 101° 56’ 26.8369” (~ 10° of inaccuracy!)

Chart Astrodienst Saturn Long: 24° CAN 27’ 19r”



Swiss Ephemeris: Neptune Long: 191° 51’ 26.8369” (~ 04° of inaccuracy!)

Chart Astrodienst Neptune Long: 14° LIB 06’ 22r”



Greenwich, 00e00, 51n29, -2144 jul. Venus Swiss Ephemeris, Moshier verses the chart of Astrodienst: ET = 00° 00’ 00” Calendar: (d.m.y.) 21.3.-2145 astronomical cal.


Swiss Ephemeris: Venus Long: 306° 56’ 31.0033”

Chart Astrodienst Venus Long: 07° AQU 37’ 35”

Swiss Ephemeris, Moshier analytic based upon DE404: Venus Long: 00° 07’ 52.3433”



Swiss Ephemeris: Sun Long: 341° 51’ 52.6538” ( ~ 18 PIS, very inaccurate!)

Chart Astrodienst Sun Long: 12° PIS 25’ 17”



J2000 JPL (d.m.y.) 1.1.2002 ET: 00° 00’ 00” Swiss Ephemeris Test Page and Chart Equivalent:



Swiss Ephemeris: Sun Long: 280° 22’ 58.6860”

Chart Astrodienst Sun Long: 10° CAP 23’ 01” (~ 03” of inaccuracy!).



Swiss Ephemeris: Moon Long: 121° 06’ 23.8357”

Chart Astrodienst Moon Long: 01° LEO 07’ 31” (~ 01’ of inaccuracy!).


Swiss Ephemeris: Venus Long: 227° 09’ 37”

Chart Astrodienst Venus Long: 07° CAP 09’ 41” (~ 04” of inaccuracy!).


Swiss Ephemeris: Jupiter Long: 100° 40’ 00.4802”

Chart Astrodienst Jupiter Long: 10° CAN 40’ 00” (~ fairly accurate!).


Swiss Ephemeris: Lunar Mean Node Long: 86° 21’ 26.0897” (~ 26° Taurii).

Chart Astrodienst Lunar Mean Node Long: 26° PIS 21’26”



OK, the data does not seem to be accurate by any account. JPL bases their modern precession upon the mean equinox(es) for epoch 2,000 A.C.E. : internet. The Swill Ephemeris has three uncontrolled models that the computer chooses automatically, based upon DE405, DE406, Steve Moshier [semi-] analytic based upon DE404. This is a compressed version, to make older computer run these programs faster to make more sales for compatibility tech requirements for slower computers and slower server and IP speeds. DE405 version of coding, Astrodienst, Swiss Ephemeris is based upon 3,000 BC – 3,000 A.D. and makes a claim that it is 0.001 precision to the J.P.L. data codes of their model. Next, the numerical estimation for 5400 B.C to 5400 A.D., some 10,800 years is up for people to use and the claim is that this is the most advanced and accurate ephemeride ( I guess trumps NASA?) in all of history for astrologers.  Given the comparison form the test page, using Greenwich and ET 00 and the equivalent same dates there seems to be some fairly close matches and some widely inaccurate anomalies – which increase over time in both directions from J2,000 Epoch. A claim I read on the internet that for 5,400 B.C. the inaccuracy of the Swiss Ephemeris was approximate 45 seconds of arc remains a fallacy and a clear definition was not given. This is because NASA and its division J.P.L.  are not concerned about making an ephemeris accurate than for modern uses to fly satellites and space vehicles around our solar-system. So, therefore, this claim must be in-house for the Astrodienst team.


Pyramid Gizāh & J.P.L. 03 Ephemeris, coded by Astrodienst, in Swiss Ephemeris:


Pyramid Gizāh Descending Passage JPL 2,000 mean of 00° 00’ 00.922” Epsilon change (i.e. obliquity) which was defined at Dublin, Ireland for a constant rate , incorporated into models of J.P.L. for -1900, 0 January (Yes! they used 0 January!), and backwards in time, and using the S. Moshier [semi-] analytic Swiss Ephemeris Test Page to the date of 2145 B.C. Astronomical Cal. for the obliquity calculations.


Incline of the large Pyramid at Gizāh 26° 10’18”.

Methodology: Use J.P.L Epsilon rates coded by Astrodienst, Swiss Ephemeris based on two calendar dates listed below. Then project, numerically to the galactic and tropical intersections. All calculations are done by me, and subjected to the J.P.L. (NASA) arc derived from Epoch 1900 (0 January) to epoch J2000. Descending Passage ( Flinders Petrie estimation, Smyth was 26° 27’).


  • J.P.L. 03 Model: Obliquity 2,000 A.C.E: = 23° 26’15.6466”.

  • J.P.L. 03 Model: Obliquity -2145 B.C.E 23° 56’32.0883”.


Galactic Center based upon a Projected Elliptical Degree (P.E.D.), which is not a clear definition but close. It, for these instances, implies when locating the pole-star, currently, and knowing the ecliptic and its relations to the celestial equator, with your eyes draw a strait line from the pole star based or in relations to the ecliptic  to the celestial pole. When the ‘signature’ aligns to this ‘cord’ this is called a P.E.D. This remains different from true arcs that us, the ancients, used to eye sidereal coordinates. That is to say, when a star and planet rise at the same time on any horizon, they are said to be in paran. This means, when currently late 2011 the declination of the Galactic Center (Sgr A* 1.0x1.0 arc seconds) is about δ-29° and when the Sun meets the Winter Solstice, e.g. α 270° only the arc of the Sun to α 270° can have a relative paran alignment to the northern latitudes above 30° north, where as the Autumnal, and Vernal equinoxes and as well as the Summer solstice, the arc(s) remain un-relative to any such clear estimation for an alignment. P.E.Ds. therefore correct this aberration by meaning out the visual perspective from the pole of the Earth to the Northern pole star of its time, then to the ecliptic and onto the celestial equator. Therefore, the P.E.D. for the galactic center arrives about 2226 A.C.E. ± 2-3 years.



Gizah Pyramid Age, J.P.L. precessional model 00° 00’ 00.922” measured numerically from Epoch 2,000 to -2144[5, astron. cal] of 3245 years, JPL03, obliquity change of 30’44”.



Gizāh Pyramid JPL 03 Precessional Model expanded by Me to include estimations upon this model for the Galactic Center P.E.D. alignments. As follows:


Each Age ( 12 divisions) = 2,047.97875 years, approximately 40.1372549 Chironian cycles, based upon a standard mean of 51 years per cycle at 30° shifts.



Note, the large Gizāh pyramid is actually at lat: 29°+ north and the Galactic Center arrived at δ- 29°S in late 2011; so it is time to get this ‘stone’ aligned to our Universe.


Gizāh Pyramid JPL 03 Precessional Model Intersections:



Autumn Equinox SgrA* P.E.D. alignment to Pyramid = 4,370.93625 B.C.E. astron. cal.


Summer Solstice SgrA* P.E.D. alignment to Pyramid = 8,741.8725 B.C.E. astron. cal.


Spring Equinox SgrA* P.E.D. alignment to Pyramid = 13,112.80875 B.C.E. astron. cal.


Gizāh Pyramid JPL 03 Precessional Model ‘Full Precession” = 24,575.745 years.


Each Age (12 divisions) = 2,047.97875 years!


Earth’s Obliquity at 26° 10’ 18.03” at Epoch 18,434.80863 B.C.E. astronomical calendar.



3 rd of December 2011:

Michael Johnathan McDonald


Web Forums & Studying Astrology Personal History

Astrological forum history. composed 1 Nov. 2013.


The only astrological forum I posted on ( up till today, 1 Nov. 2013) had been astrodienst ( . I posted about 1,000 posts over a period of one year and perhaps a few months. About 1/3 had been deleted, none breaking the posting board rules. instead of using my real name, and having my ID stolen and spammed by political hacks, I used zooluu binks ( zoo = animal, and luu = sumerian for human race, and binks is a name of bank transportation company, it is from an anglo-saxon origin.).

Alois Trindle not only banned me from the forums, but he manipulated the wi-fii in Los Angeles' library system, I guess hacking it so no one can get through, not just me but anyone, as I had others test the connection. I guess I'm such a big threat, just banning me form the forums was not enough? But you can see that me, and others that actually do the science have left Astrodienst forum or were kicked-off for supporting the little people and since termination the forum is a skeleton of novice & overly emotional aggressive retards. There are no real astrologers ( they would be ashamed) left on these forums; they left because its owner represents anti-Astrology. There are hardly anyone positing since I left. Only the handful of emotional tard winners with no science background nor astrology background but a few reads on these internets and them linking them difficult conceptual world events. So when I have time, I will go to find another place. Astrodienst supports the establishment of the rich robber barons across the world, despite its liar the owner who is not an accomplished astrologer himself. He built his website on others he paid and had agreements with not because he knows what he is doing. He just plagiarized NASA ephemerides database ( he is not even American) had a coder put in the data and then uploaded his profit website, with a public persona of fair and equal respect for peoples and their beliefs. This is not the case, in reality, and that is why it is a grave-yard. He drives people away with his deleting without explanation of their posts that he deems a threat to the elite rich people, even though he does not see himself as such. The Astrodatabank he took from someone else and now encodes it and puts up the biography information on it, uses false and misleading information, which is a travesty for Astrology. This is a science and must be conducted with care and accuracy. To prove his fealty to the establishment he always uses the rich biographies on the poor that are often lies and falsities. In today’s world there is no excuse for a continual reproduction of elite lies. It is sad that someone that spouts to be at the top running astrology on the web for profit has the two most evil stars on his more important astrological chart angles. When I posted many people posted, and that is a norm with my entity on the webs. Now that I was kicked – off for supporting the human condition against the evil warlords, he dislike this because it was not just against me but anyone that stood up for the little people on Earth, were pushed out. Alois Trindle represents some of the worst humanoids on Earth in all of history. I do not believe it needs to exist here on Earth.

On 25 Oct 2013 at 10:43 am, alpha orionis less than two degrees from a real true alignment to San Fernando Valley ( position at Studio City), county of Los Angeles, I posted what I knew was my final post at astrodienst. al pharatz is on the I.C. by true arc.

The post name: Medusas appearance, and the chart was the birth astrological chart of Alois Trindle ( astrodatabank) his own entry with birth time. Since I used much of my time pointing out the star affects of alpha scorpius (antares) and beta persei ( al ghoul, the demon star) I knew he would get the message. I knew his chart prior, but kept it silent. He was born with al Ghoul, the Demon star exactly on his ascendant, thus the title of the post-thread, Medusa's appearance. The ascendant in traditional and basic astrology is the physical outward appearance as well as first impressions.

When that did not work, the Jew bashing group began to attack me personally. At this point I did not care; I was not using my real name. But then fake posts began to appear and I had no way to respond, all my responses were being deleted by the forum admins. to which Trindle posts showed he was on the forum as the same time as these anonymous admins made edits. Political hacks that link anything, and I mean anything to their hatred began to become ominous. Any planet or time of day was linked negatively to groups of individuals and they were accused of all sorts of falsities, and anyone that tried to correct these falsities were shouted down, warned as with Connie Reynolds to quit telling the truth or as with me, banned and the Los Angeles County Library system F.T.P. hacked to deny any access to  This is how desperate Alois Trindle has become to hide his astrology chart after years of baselessly shoving it into people’s faces to laugh at them, because he has a decent Venus near the M.C. during his successful times running astrodienst. What he did not know was the real meanings and historiography of antares ( before Aries, the ancient name as ante arętes) and al Ghoul, the Demon star – and there is little evidence he knew they existed in his chart as true and PED angled on his horizons = super powerful influence on the native with ramifications for the world!  That is if he promoted his true chart. The evidence is he did, because before I posted there I had an account for over 10 years and never posted once but on occasions read his forums. He promoted himself way too much. His personal actions, his bullying I encountered on posts to me personally, he often showed he knew little to nothing about astrology. Instead, he was a businessman, as his natal venus showed in his chart, and having antares on his descendant by true arc, this showed he worked to promote himself in a dishonest way. He allowed all truly non astrological political hack posts that promoted elites and those in power that are corrupting our children on planet Earth to triumph and mislead the astrological community.

He allowed all nonsensical astrological posts to be used to make his political points. He then called this astrology. If for instance, an issue in the American media falsely accused some political agent of some behavior whatever astrological aspect in the sky must be the reason that these sorts of behaviors exist --without any astrological scientific data to back up all claims. Astrodienst was not an astrological discovery source for communal gatherings, it was a vicious political propaganda machine headed up by Trindle's emotional beliefs. These emotions formed organs of hate that fired the fuel of discord, and only I and two others for an entire year tried to fight about 30 political astrological hacks. I took care of about 20, just pointing out their general astrological mistakes they left me alone or left the forum to take a break or do somewhere else where they could promote their emotions. If I did not know astrology I would have been banned quickly an never achieved those 1,000 ( 1/3 deleted posts) . I focused on antares, as a bully star, which it turned out to be and al ghoul as an overly emotional star that cannot balance the mind to make rational decisions. Over time, I formulated that the Democratic Party has al ghoul as its foundational star, many of the leaders of the Democratic Party, including U.S. Democratic elected presidents, Bill Clinton ( Sun square al ghoul), Barack Hussein Obama, Moon conjunct Al ghoul and a trined Grand trine form his al ghoul to Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, as well as many cases in leftwing history this star emerges as prominent. The mundane New York, NY, Vernal for 2,001 ( place Sun at 00RA00,00) it will give you Saturn counter parallel to al ghoul at the ascendant, thus indicating a forbearance of the events to take place later that September ( standard astrology used for millennia, called state mundane). Mass murderers, Mao Tse-tung had al ghoul opposed his Mars, Adolf Hitler had his al ghoul on the cusp of the 7/8 th Placidus, thus in the house of death, and Lyndon B. Johnson who washed the limo immediately after the assassination of John F. Kennedy because he was involved, had his al ghoul exactly on his midheaven, the top of his chart, in the career section – thus his rise to power to cut off people’s heads.

The U.S.A. has it on its descendant, thus indicating the emotional problems it experiences towards its end period as a state and the pandemic non intellectualizing of the American populace. The al ghoul placement indicates the Democratic Party wins the ideological battle of the hearts and minds of its people, and thus the demon shines as its influence intends America’s fall. Alois Trindle’s own al ghoul demonstrates the dumbing down of astrology represented by long-time posters and admin. on his website.

After I was repeatedly called a terrorist by implications of being religious in a Christian manner and not a Democratic Party member, I have no al ghoul signature, I was targeted by him and minions as was others like I. Since mirfak, also near al ghoul and a part of the same set of persiean stars, it is linked, like acubens ( Sertan) also another star I highlighted, it is alpha cancri in the Bayer catalogue. Mirfak is linked to liars, as well as acubens, which is even stronger. Obama has his natal Sun, with asteroid lucifier, asteroid Lie, and asteroid Kenya linked to an alignment to his Sun. This helps explains Obama’s penchant to never speak the truth.

When someone blamed all the world’s problems on Jews and right wingers or Christens I fought back, and responded often citing their non-astrological claims. When Connie Reynolds fought back against a post topic of Obama’s astrology, she was informed to stop or be permanently banned, she left. Me and her were linking al genib pegasei and baten katos cetii to terrorist attack astrological charts, which was the only science that had gone on for over a year at Astrodienst. Astrology in political flavors there run by the leftwingers was non scientific and a view to the lowest order of humans. The method was to look at the sky and what ever is there at that time, link it so something you oppose such as Jews running the world or Tea Partiers destroying America because they want limited government.  

It got so bad that during the Boston bombings discussion on the forums, the main admin. moniker posted that they deleted a post that threatened Obama and Alois had contacted the F.B.I. and C.I.A. to come get these posters for breaking an American law – you cannot threaten a living U.S.A. president, which was never a law, only a modern order. However, I and other who were there that day saw no such threatening post. The claim of that post was it was taken down ( which means erasing the evidence) and so I knew it was full of lies and hatred and influenced by an al ghoulean chart owner. In fact, that post never existed. Alois Trindle is not an astrology, he is a buisnessman political warrior for the Demon star. For astrodienst to engage in dangerous illegal framing meant that Alois Trindle does not engage in astrology for the good of the earth as the website claims but is a propaganda clearing hose of non-scientific astrology: it serves no purpose but to incite wars, discord, and chaos.  This type of human being is not allowed to exist on planet Earth any longer. There is no excuse for this breach of human trust. 

Medusas appearance:

Wonderd why 1/3 of my posts ( following all the rules) keep getting deleted and disgusting hater posts and evil posts are kept up with glee. Well here is the problem. This chart shows a Demon rising and a Bully setting. It makes no sense to discover astrology on a bias hateful site. I guess the people who were kicked off for not bowing to Dictator Obama were not wrong. THis place is Evil. Here is the owner's chart.  
al ghoul ( DEMON STAR = ASC)
alpha ( bully star and violence for greed star = descendant by true arc.  
No matter if you delete all it does not change what you are or how you will be seen in the future.


This is part one of two parts of the post topic I was banned and Los Angeles was hacked. Alois' al ghoul is 25 28 and his ascendant is 26 32 in tropical notation. His Moon is 25 55 indicating a tight 150° aspect. Therefore, Obama's nata Moon and Obama's Grand-Trine to al ghoul with the Moon is aligned to Alois Trindle's natal horoscope.

The second of this topic thread I posted just after the first post with accompanied chart from astrodatabank of Alois', it was a progressed chart to the day of the thread of Obama's progresse chart and Alois progressed chart, which showed the lunar node  ( ) conjunct the Venus () conjunct asteroid Juno = love.

The part two, the second post on this thread I just put up their progressed composite and said well it makes sense now ( alluding to the chart's love aspects), and I waited to be banned which took only a few hours later. The wifi at the Library could not connect to astro. com, not any personal computer, so I knew there was an F.T.P. block ( a basic connection block) indicating this revelation pissed him off soundly. The fact that the admin, when Alois was on the boards that very same day and time claiming he deleated a threatening post and had alerted the

American authorities, which a post never existed, is quite damaging for the astrological community. This revelation proves Astrodienst is not about the astrological community but a cash-call for Trindle and his mouth piece for political activism. His contention is his website claims neutrality, which is a lie and therefore al ghoul in him, as the owner and participent in its daily workings is linked to lies, a part of al ghoul’s existence.  

Therefore on the political forums it is very uneven, and only one or two remain not banned or threatened and are bashed by groups of political astrological hacks. The human race cannot live and thrive with inhuman algouleans in positions of power.

I had an account for over 10 years but posted a lot for about one year before being banned for speaking out against irresponsible astrology. It is no wonder that the forum boards are filled with before novice posters, no real astrologers frequent there; they must have been banned too or scared away by the Medusanic owner. He posted to me, after I posed a trick question. He claims that his ephemeris is accurate to 5,000 or 6,000 years with only a few seconds of arc in error. Alois Trindle is a liar, and beta persei on his birth angle exposes this, as well as the bully star on his angle too. Einstein, Kepler, Newton, et al. scientist’s no-one knows accurate planet and star positions prior to perhaps 1850 A.D. However, Alois Trindle aggressively intends he knows all. That is a sign of a mentally disturb creature. He may intend he meant his computer problem that has starts and stops for faster loading to which  can develop a discrepancy the further back  one enquires,  but that was not the question posed. Alois Trindle now hosts a few frequent members on his forums, all have the exact political affiliation as he, totally self absorbed, and very inaccurate. Most of his Astrodatabank entries on historical biographies comes from bias, spotted, and out-right propagandic entries. He oversees all entries, at least according to his forum behavior. When the world becomes free from Evil haters like him, then peace and prosperity can be realized.


[1] My very loose translation.




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