Am e rica

#semitic #policy #london now includes all forms of @whitegenocide #genocide #white #white #dna Corbyn claimed correctly Israel and ISIS are the same thing, he is correct both are #arabites and controlled and operated by #arabites no #blackandwhite are involved in any form of the power structures. We know that Jews/Islam/Moslem/Arabites dNAers are all the same dna and worship the same God and both reject #Jesus as #Supremebeing so they hate on white whties and that is the only reason this londonite #rabbi is attacking the white #laborparty leader . #DNA makes it scientific racism observational and now conflictual resolution by real #science. and not fake Harvard, Yale, Stupidfurd, CookyCal low barr standards.

the only real issue is that arab immigration, what labor opposes, just wants a moratorium because brown and arab white dnaers have gobbled up all the former white whtie resources on the island across the Pond (link Googleplus #arcMichael ).

go #donaldtrump goodnews. #Obama will force  #crookedhillary into a courner on the #TTP deal the congress between lame duck sessions will address. She was for it until Donald  took the lead and now she is against it. But here  is the twist. Obama supports it and Obama said he will support #hillaryclinton and #freetrade is a system that led   to 67 people on earth all have more money than 6 .2 billion other people. The Free trade is a system where one family corners the agri business, one family corners the energy business and they outsource their work to foreign countries and force the host nation to give them tax and incentive breaks; #freetrade   = a rigged system of government by the elite and for the elite only. #ronaldtreagan started this process and Bill Clinton signed the legislation. #bookoflife . Since then and progressing there are about 50 Million third generation Americans jobless and suppressed by #elite #1%er Free trade = #DINO = #RINO   . Obama has an excuse, he is retarded. the wicked witch of the #deeppit etymology of Clint/ton is not so retarded; she is plane #evil and incompetent. – 07082016ad

#makeamericagreatagain #bookoflife & go #bencarson too


added 07072016ad: New Trillionaires

… the first trillionaires will be moon mining. they had minerals there that go for multi millions a pound. True Google inc. is splitting, alphabet for internet and Google driverless cars, and Moon Mineral shuttles are being developed. so the new minerals remains the same corpo greed factoid: The age of oil = mineral control for global war and profits. So today, we have a new mineral deposit in our local solar system; so the corpo souls will reincarnate to take over the same old programs of control.

 Google in 2000 bought, a small company that based its usenet interface with netsccape file platforms = our modern Smartphone and blog style Internet system is based on that archetype.  so money bought a lucky smart platform; IBM, cisco and others just adapted to the system while remaining big players behind the scenes.

+Gloria Picker
it is already implemented in the #donaldtrump platform. His initial  claim was to ban Latinos ( took black dry wall jobs, all of them here in #Losangeles ; when he stops the Arabs flooding  in from the other parts of the world, mechanics and shoppe jobs will open up for native American blacks. so his first core principle of his message was 'immigration' and that  actually affects real life jobs and why he is  ultimately winning on all sides. the establishment politicians create wars, send old souls to die and bring in the disaffected masses from foreign war countries and they these politicians are voted back into power because  they cater the welfare state toward the foreigners and not the natives.
 The natives have seen this go on now for over half a century and are fighting back = which is why the Democrat Party had #berniesanders   and many will not vote or some percentage will turn and vote #trump in the general. 06302016ad

Gun Laws Made no Difference at the Istanbul Airport Terrorist attack: automatic firearms and semi-automatic firearms are banned in Turkey.

BLOODBATH #ISTANBUL AIRPORT: 41 DEAD, 239 INJURED...#turkey has no semi or auto matic firearms LAW and they are not allowed to have them EITHER. but this did not stop these Suicide warriors. #NRA #gundebate #gunsafety #obama shoots guns and has 30 guns semi and auto matics around him at all times

arcmichael post here public

#islamicgaylove ? #islam does #gays   says #Donaldtrump #racist because he wants to ban these muslism in this photo.  the world is over, taken by #demonic #zombies #lgbt   & WHY ARE MEN SECOND AND WOMEN FIRST? do women own the gay #historical #narrative    #Historically #bisexual is the most prominent  between white brown and black cultures. actually this has been an isolated incident. ISIS has sex book for  members to rape young orphan boys if an orphan girl has not been found in time. they have contractual agreement for sex when they arrive. so #ISIS is brown arab dna and are very gay and pedastrites

so #ISIS = #crookedhillary and that homo promoted lifestyle and rape culture. Hillary defended a guilty rapist and got him off from raping a pretty lil' blond girl. at yale during her lawyer training. now that is some really #pediophile stuff and perhaps #beast   who claimed in 2015 to have bagged 2,000 bimbos, a slew in the media have accused him of rape also. so ISIS rape laws and Clinton activities go historically hand in hand.

go #donaldtrump  

therefore B should go first and the T as then the lesser global population of homos. #BTH no gender needed

#homosexuality #studies I love how #dnc #crookedhillary supporters and #berniesanders supporters prefer these Islamic gay activities and say Islam has always been pro Homosexual. they just have a nasty habit of flinging them off the roofs of tall buildings and filming them to make propaganda films.

#liberalism is a #genome #damage malfect

#bookoflife #arcmichael   I beieve C.A.I.R. argues prophet #Muhammad happen to like gay orgies? Therefore all Muslims in the USA vote for the democratic party because their platform is pro homo arab = Jews are homo and gay too and so middle easterners who identify with islam and have arab dna will love the jews if they get beyond their deity differences. why? both are gay societies.

I do not think anyone high up in US gov, even local, ever went to jail in my entire lifetime? Don't expect to see Hillary either.

Mexico has 22 child OK rape laws, no consent,. this USA loves the abortionists and we as US citizens pay all types of incremental taxations for 12 year old girls who must get abortions like periodically because of this arabite culture.

I nor my people had any part, you filthy liar.  we do not come until 1840s, blank,. I hate liars.
 first the Arab Ottomans slaved blacks for 200+ years and then Spanish and Portuguese for another 221 years before the first wasp has a slave. And a wasp is not white but an arab white mixer dna.  white white were not slave owners

Neo-Liberalsim on the Rise in America and Europe - thanks to Obama/erdogon/alquada/ISIS/ 'Weaponizing Refugees'

US officials for 60+ years: Russians have white white dna,kill them. b/c dis is #USarabia jews are not white white dna they are arabite with white skin and can have light features of eyes or hair but are not noord white white or scando or irish scot or white white northern Chinese; they are arabs.

#Coldwar was arabite vs. white whtie dna‚ that was the science reason.

#abortion #scotus overturned Texas' ban on many wasteful spending. like  500 clinics wasting $550,000 each month to replace medicine because it has only a one month shelf life 'rule'. ($6,600,000 wasted dollars a year just for each medicine Cabinet and just at #Texas . only). We need law where people pay if they are 1.5% above each state's poverty line if they get an abortion. No more12-13 year old #semitic Arab Latino migrants aways knocked up b/c this is their culture of #rape .

these are not white white girls getting abortions but rape #victims of Latino arabite #dnaers all over the world.

there is heavy damage in that dna system there .  they do not see it as immoral to rape their own child or the neighbors. so they get states to pay for abortion clinics. when whites had  the country, they had little to no need for funding abortion clinics.

#political #correctness it is indoctrinated into all souls @USarabia from infancy so you now have an #army of Obamanite #Zombies. 06272016ad.



kalki CHINESE SIGN MA μ #Horse φ Body Type ñ White–White † W H I T E H O R S E

secrets: Adamic: Bible Archangel Michael 06212016ad


woke up this morning to a sand nigger filming me sleeping in my car ( windows down, it is like 103 degs today) and I awoke to a Iphone being shoved in my face, woke up and said 'wtf' and then flipped this sand nigger off as he retreated and was staring; the creepo was walking his doggie ( or sex partner?) and so must be the locals who are now sand nigger creepo rapists. So I started car and moved on and then at another spot, a pick up fat mexishyte was parked and began to stare at me too. then later he moved his car in front of mine and started staring and perhaps jacking off. I am the only white person #LA suburbs SFV east end , so I figure I look like a cage white white animal amongst the rapist brown sand niggers who do not speak and when they do , no one can understand their baby raping permissible culture? arc 26 th June 2016 a.d.

Beast Wife tries to start world war III with more Arab DNA lies. Racism 101

#Arab #DNA = #Rodham vs. #whtiewhite #dna = #christian #russia   NO NSA/CIA/FBI?Darpafruitballs knows one or any #Russian hacker, they are liars and make this up to start #world wars for #Jew greed. #bookoflife #arcmichael #06262016ad  

Secret Societies

educational tier one Universities are all secret societies. the secret is black black and whtie white must die for global arab jew greed, no other secrets exist. the details are in how to get these things accomplished. —Arc Michael 26 June 2016 A.D.

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17 ‚ 000 ‚ 000 people voted to leave the European Union. ¬52%




fantasist activist ⇔

Neo Liberalism = au


GOP ≡DNC import Muslims and Latinos and Arabs mixers

Why Are white—white noor or irish scot Christians attacked by WASP GOPers?


White–white noords are the easiest targets by WASPS

That is why the Bushites and Hillary Rodham and onto Ronald Reagan but not exempting Obama —all whom have arab DNA and have attack us white– white and the white–white people that clearly see our problems today as Donald Trump.  Since Ronald Reagan Christianity is linked to white white and Reagan swore by NAFTA to end this reign.

NAZI were WASPS who demonized Christianity just like our oligarchical fascist U.S.A. government that only speaks to 20 Million people, the top wage profit scammers and earners. N.A.Z.I. are the Arab mixers such as the Bush clan or Rodham clan, and not the Donald Trump clan. Hitler sided with Islam the same as the GOP and Democratic parties of America. They cannot hide this 60± year fact.

The abortion theme will not change many voters for our 2016 election; this is about jobs and security, this election. abortion are 1%er issues. people are dying in the streets of our major cities being pushed out by foreign V ISA abusers. just like the dude that tried to kill trump was here illegally on a over stayed visa. Abortion is nothing compared to real issues at this time and all know it. Life starts at conception as a light is detected by modern science which gives the embryo the spark of life. any abortion pas t the sex making is murder. this is a nation of 150 mil bases for global murder. this nation is a sex whore money machine, and all know it.

 the left is my target and they say abort all white  GOPers  or white Christians all day long. I have never seen anyone  stop this abuse  and it is on tv pundit shows too. I figure this democracy is a fraud now and the only real issues in politics are colors of the skin. so vote only color and not ideology: this was a political discourse mistake.  Most whites were Christians, ,so no more "they are classifed by HLS as terrorist;; we have agnostic Latino AND arabs as our *dominant populations* and they have a poor family record in our world ( Most ISIS boys had broken families)  and love sex and abortion, so they should take over and rule. but then whites have the brains. so their civilization will devolve toward the Mexican criminal government system  = replaces the  USA system. so you can argue abortion all you want it means nothing to politics. the left right divide is all cultural  color indecies, and not ideological .

u refuse to debate the new science evidence of conceptional electromagnetic charge to the soul of a human . that starts at the sex act.

linked …actually Mesopotamia leaves us with its history: ( British archives, library from archeology and theft) 2,100 bc and by oral tradition and clay tablets = the constellation of Cancer, or the gate to earth from Heaven. It is 500 BC traditionally the sky marked for the Moon and thus its western astronomical ascription of the home of the Moon which was therefore related to Cancer of the arms or belly as the name of the constellation presumes its traditional identity. Greeks knew Cancer the disease by a lump on the arm or elbo which they called a #crab . . the secret here is Muhammad had one purpose to rid Islam of idolatry of the pagan symbols. The planet astreologically and Biblical ( do not use astrology please) is associated to Venus,, because the judicial chart for Arabia at the commencement of Muhammad the chart had Venus AS PROMINENT. thus Friday or the day of worship fits the planet-weekly tradition of western civilization. Saturrn are the hebrews and they have their holy day on Saturday = Saturn; Sunday is our Christian day of the week and we are associated to the #SUN. this stuff is higher than any secret society and are linked to gravity, no- really!

#Sumerians, different form the arab populations or mixed races of Mesopotamia were called themselves the people of the SUN or SUN people: Sumerians

Anti Christ 6:36 pm 06 09 2016 Los Angeles

Obama runs #blackgenocide and #hillaryclinton is his true #successor to his #invasion #arab Policies of Biblical #antichrist hear me out ok? If you get rid of Christianity at #eruope you have a base for invasion < #Christians were also the true warriors > and so next you destabilize #egypt ‡ Obama funded #muslimbrotherhood elections , brut takeover and christian murders ‡ to Libya and killing that leader; to Iraq ⟨establishment bush already achieved this antichrist thing ⟩ to #Syria ⟨ #johnmccain sits with #ISIS leader at Salt Flats Iraqi detention to give pointers on forming a new unit called #daesh ⟩ and these Obama groups of terrorists then destabilize the middle—north—Africa and send 200,000,000s million muslim—arabs or Arabs who call themselves Muslims flooding into the #USA and into #greatbritain with the #antichrist hordes ≡ #MEAMIC 101 #establishment retention policy. UK's David Cameron Says these hoards keep us establishment Brits in power and prestige — so what is not to like about our new Country´s members? “ Who cares if I send Irish scot brits to the middle east to die for my power grabs?” The Queen of England is a WASP ‚ thus an Arab mixer and not white white — windor is a fake name as London threw out all Semitics and Her family are Arab Semitic white DNAers so in 1917 A.D. they tricked the world and became #windsor to decieve planet Earth. The beyotch is a #blueturban queen running this deception.

It is called flooding into your country‚ new #establishment voter base for decades and decades of continual rule. My #Governor has been in power since I was 10 years old. SOS‚ this crap needs to stop.

#Antichrist does this to our south of the boarder too. Since the alan #dullasantichrists < they chose #Blue #Turban religion with Black Jay E.. Hoover as suggested ideology for the new world order– both implimented in the Kennedy assassinations over white whtie DNA conflicts! .>.Obama runs wars currently in south and middle america; their FBI⁄CIAmodels, in south America ⇒ to flood the latin arabs onto USA shores and byways to orchestrate a complete voter establishment retention plan , which has basically worked because the media is controlled by Arab Mixers and full blown arabs who hate #whites and blacks evenly. Of course while they are destroying millions of family lives to keep and hold power these antichrist enablers make money by #vulturecapitalist crony capitalism policies.

God´s Commandment echoed in Qu’ran and Christian Bible † Tha’ll bear no false witness against a neighbor

AntiChrist can be anyone

Am e rica

…is carib culture for proto–mayan or olmecian #dragon or winged serpent. The Bible Calls this a dragon because it is linked to war or perpetual war economy. the Grand Ol' Party = GOP = current Republican name or the Democratic Party both run the same program on perpetual war economy. This is linked to the new voter base of immigrants which will flood in as you destroy their homes. #antichrist will learn this at Harvard or even at Yale of my school, UC Berkeley because this is how they roll. It is the jew Semitic Latino ARAB ARMAGEDDON SEQUENCE. I spoke heavily on this in my Les Propheties and almanachs. Why would not the AntiChrist go on live television and explain this?Why? Because it is the antichrist job to deceive you and destroy you which is what this antichrist did do following his antichrist buddies.

732226eb?id=62097a60cc2e" √ N. S. A. ArcMichael tracker code ref. number

Luke 21:16 King James Version

16: And ye shall be betrayed both by parents, and brethren, and kinsfolks, and friends; and some of you shall they cause to be put to death.

white⁄ black genocide and religious Christian genocide

No Christians at tier one universities
Small amount of Christians in all sectors of USA government form national to local.
No Christians on any mainstream media, but a plethora of Islamic advocates and worshipers.
No Christians working at department stores or fast food chains, limited if any.
No Christians represented in global corporations, rather run by anti-theist low intellectual hawks.
No Christians at most major hospitals; however they are filled with Moslemites.
No Christian founding fathers taught in schools for fear that Arab students will be exposed to love and sharing.
No Christian preferences in the social sphere but suppressed by the Media tech giants who even admit it by manipulatihng trends or stop gaps to shut down non-conforming paganites.
No Christian: Ronald Reagan was not a Christian he attacked Christians and wrote policy to exterminate them.
No Christian: Latino Immigrants are not Christians. Most of the Catholic Latinos do not migrate and have no need to migrate as they see it as a bad policy. So we have anti-theist racist bigot LA RAZA and by the 60 Millions of them; and that is a huge problem . they support Gay Islamics that want to suppress all blacks and whites who do not support a perverted lifestyle.
No Christian: Courts: increasingly make judgements against all Christians, no colorline.