kalki CHINESE SIGN MA μ #Horse φ Body Type ñ White–White † W H I T E H O R S E

Journal 146 2nd week June 2016

Principles Science The DNA code is regulated by proteins. White people may have similar DNA to orangutans but on and off switches controlled by proteins separates us extraordinarily. White Genocide. ⇒ codonic < modern nerd form, hardwired!>


Anti Christ devalue, divide‚ and destroy.

A host of FBI and State Dept. long time government employees feel exactly how this poli cartoon emotes. Exactly . Many in the FBI department lost faith in our system of laws. The Clintons are in open violation of many justice laws.

Internal Revenue Service

John Fleming of Louisiana and Tim Huelskamp of Kansas introduce a bill to fire the IRS commissioner who deleted millions of tax records to cover up massive bigotry corruption at the Internal Revenue Service. IRS Commissioner John Koskinen looks like he could head up an Islamic State terrorist cell. He looks like a member.

Bill Clinton, George W. Bush to appear together in Little Rock b/c they are on the same team.

yes, hypocrisy is an establishment indulgence. Just like the Catholic Church's indulgences. lolz.

Bernie the white arab Semitic Jew traitor → wasted time and people's lives ; filled with broken promises.

romanian child slave gang of eight years finally addressed. thank you.


White people assassinated by NAZI Arabite dnaers in U.S.A. secret seats of power.

Political Assassinations.

Molly Macauley anoother white women killed bcause she is white.

Seth Conrad Rich was the Voter Expansion Data Director at the DNC and had been working on exposing the recent cases of election fraud and voter suppression during the recent primaries around the country. He was murdered by Niggers, and Sand Niggers ( WASAs = Bushites and Clintonites) because he was doing serious work on exposing the Democratic Election Fraud schemes. If you remember, Bush jr. had the Flordia Supreme Court give him the election by dis enfranchising 30,000 blacks in southern Florida in the General Election of 2,000 and his brother Geb Bush was teh govenor of that Florida mess. Antichrist is behind this.

London Arab Muslim mayor is  now the head of British State Dept. 07142016ad

Fresno California Police release Cop video of Cops shooting unarmed white man. Dylan Noble, 19, part arab dna, looks brown and is called white.

White people live in China or Russia now and that is the US milArabite targets. USA has been anti white for a long time now.

+Macedonian Always Greek
don't worry, you want revenge? they are alive today as the latin race . Most macedons are reincarnated as Latino Americans, from #latinoamérica  

Muslim rape crises out of control at Germany

updated from July two weeks: 15 th July Burbank Lib. An brown Asian was flashing my eyes, reflection on his cell phone, from ceiling lights, and Asked him to not point it at me, it was blinding me. He was upset and complied and then a few minuets later decided to leave and flash me before he left, this time on purpose. They cannot flash their own eyes, so they tilt their phone to the left or right and beams of reflected glare temporarily blind patrons. This Bigot racist Asian knew the staff because of Political Correctness does not support me or they ( in general) would have not done this micro attack aggression . They have no souls, cannot function in a civilized society and I have no choice, because I spent my life cowering form Political Correctness which is actually #whitewhitegenocide. The Cops, courts or government call me because of my skin color and no because of my humanity, a terrorist. That is out of control and it is a part of Patriot Act #2 ( Jan 2009). I have had no role in American slavery or my people, we were not here, and we suffer at the hands of lying Semitic–arabite-brown DNA zombies of hate. They only harass and attack because the system is rigged for brownish arabites, no matter if Asian, south Asian, or African or South American or Mexican or Middle Eastern or the Island pacifics. they are the privilege class and I have only myself. This country is AM e RICA = translated into Dragon and in the Bible it is translated into Satan. So this is a code to show why Arabs rule over white white and Arabs do all the crimes but blame ( breaking God's rule) white whites. I have never had a white white Asian treat me badly. this is a DNA damage problem worldwide.
White white DNA countries run multiculturalism; no other colored countries do this. The colored populations are taking over all white white countries, except part arab white Japan and northern white white China and white white Russia. The other Scandinavian and Irish scot lands are being over run by arab colored people and this policy does not seem to slow down at any time soon… so white white dnaers we must move to China or be totally destroyed by the walking colored zombie nations. Germans, French, Italian and many other EU nations are not white–white dnaers; so they are excluded from this argument : 7⁄3⁄.

Selamat pagi semua ≈ good morning to all of you!

confirmed Mateen Omar called a new local station and 911 and said while in the act to have Antichrist ( nigger fagot) stop killing his people.
he is pakistani‚ and Antichrist killed 5‚000 and ruined hospitals and schools and supermarkets because fagot roll like dat .

Planet Hell

Barack Obama is an #arab not black nor white; he is mixed dna and brown and supports the brown movements =#ISIS islamic middle easterners, la *razan sandnigger mexicans latinos* Obama an Arabite and he allowed blacks and whites to die here in the USA running his global #sandnigger caliphate and targeting white #Russians because they have white skin . Russia´s V. Putin is fighting for whites and Arab Oboso is arming and fighting for both are paganistes = Obama is a pagan and so are ISIS.

Journal 146 Donald Trump is white white Scot and why our Arabite media targets white whites by Political Correctness and racial targeting.

copy of page
1965 A.D. bi partizan Legislation USA

Import Islam‚ Export Christian.

GOP establishment schooled by EDU Satan & does not support white people and Donald Trump is white and why arab fox news hates him.

Trannies and shemales turn to Donald Trump for Protection and a Vote

DINO ≡ RINO do not want this Orlando Night Club Massacre by a practicing Moslem episode discussed at all in the media or social sphere.


he is an American‚ swore alligence to the Taliban and traveled to Saudi Arabia at least five times. He is from America and is a product of establishment retention policies. His friend said he was dancing and celebrating 911. Hillary Clinton or the State Department in 2014 took Omar off the terrorist watch list; said he was reformed. A free–gun zone is why he picked this nightclub in Orlando , Florida; he had targeted Disney World but found out this was not a gun–free–zone. Any more dumb questions? Obama and Hillary Clinton intend and proclaim as does the media and even GOPers on the Trump bandwagon that Omar the Shooter is a white Christian! And to fix the problem, the GOP fakers argue “we must end whites on planet earth because the white white race mostly identifies with Christianity. and we need an escape goat for our sins.” This is the apocalypse and these true demons are beginning to reveal their hydra heads and now well into our open systems of government. And these new populations do not want to be in public with ranch and sex symbols and capitalist violent sport cultures. They want love and respect like anyone else. The Establishment refuses to give respect to religious peoples´‚ beit Islam, beit Christianity or beit real Hebrews. Rather some types of superficial symbolism and some types of fakeness are masked by avarice and this bookoflife readers is the going paganite ideology.

fantasist activist ⇔

Same as Obama or Hillary ; u may want to answer that one first too. Omar Mateen 2013 , 2014 FBI interviewed him, many times and then said OK, you are free and no more was Mateen on any terrorist watch list or gun restriction policies . He was working as a gun toting securty guard when the spring of 2013 , concluded in March. and American suicide bomber was linked to Mateen, so again in 2014 F.B.I. interviewed him and said he loved terrorist movies alaki videos and videos on line from real terrorists but thaat was OK by the FBI ,only white grandmas who cook apple pies are on the terrorist watch list .

Comey Jim FBI cannot keep up and cannot do 24/7 surveillance because the FBI watches white grandmas as potential terrorists. The political correctness needs to end before terrorism halts its ugly head.
Politicians all want Islam to be secular and non religious ; but both parties want massive Arab immigration for career retention purposes √import Islam that Qu´ran calls on to kill gays and all liberals. — that is both left and right wing positions; because they are the political establishment.

Donald trump is the only rational guy and not a politician & out there as a candidate, who calls on a moratorium‚ not a full ban on islam.

The DINO—RINO need Islam to vote them and keep voting  them into power but the usa people keep getting attacked and even more by Mexicans who have the most terrorist data FBI not the moslems but they are catching up.

Nothing in Christianity, “Baptist” or any other flavor‚ incites
Christians to commit crimes. Islam is chock-full of commandments to
murder ”infidels” ⟨ Paganites ⁄ Liberals⁄ Homosexuals ⟩ and others such as homosexuals– and this is textual. But our global leaders who are arab for the most part all want white–white noords off the western and eastern hemispheres on planet earth. They need someone to blame for their desires of hellionism.

Most People on Earth hate Christians ‚ so They accept & tolerate duplicities ; You see some Christians have love and some paganites have sex–orgy–rape–beat–up club nights‚ a different culture all together.


GOP ≡DNC import Muslims by the 10‚000‚000s millions and then demand they accept a culture around them engaged in overt public display of pervert sex and will kill to make that a statement, Any more dumb questions? f*&K this establishment to hell.

Doug Nunya google plus “Let's Roll Trump Troopers” appears to be a so called leader of the trump movement on GooglePlus but called for 06 13 th 2016 A.D. all meme/phtos and reports on the Orlando Muslim shooter not to be posted on his restricted forum because he does not want Islam being discussed citing an establishment lie to suppress Christians and whites. This dude acts like a nevertrump movement plant. Posting hypocritical laugh jokes are not going to change opinions; the “Let's Roll Trump Troopers” appears to be a Commiseration website for the establishment GOPers who fake acting like they support Trump but are like Paul Ryan and believe when Trump moves into the Oval office it will be Bush  polices as normal. I attack these wolves in sheep clothing. The Dude, owner, he wears a mask too so he must be hiding something.

George Walker Bush , Jr. also told the media not to discuss Osama bin Laden, he was not the target. . this is all establishment emotive but real control. These things need discussion in a democracy. Co-workers claimed to have worked next to him and reported but the bosses did nothing. This information needs to be given to the public and Doug Nunya's demand to never speak on this American citizen means to me he is a bush bot band Wagoneer on the Donald Trump train. I Have been there since day one, never waivered one once.

Mom, Iman, and Dad say there was no signs of the son being a mass shooter. However, school kids who witnessed him celebrating 911. His father praises and prays to  the Taliban warriors, we have FBI information on that too — he laughs even this year about this stuff. The “Let's Roll Trump Troopers” seems to reject any information on this terrorist attack. Warning there are many establishment gopers trying to  hijack the Donald Trump campaign. Bush politicians said the same thing, do not talk about these people unless you make them famous ⇔ that is an establishment ploy to cover up the real issues that Muslims have a holy book which calls on murder of pagans. The GOP cannot read and therefore intends that Muslims are all fags.

Why Are white—white noor or irish scot Christians attacked by WASP GOPers?

Number one reason is DNA of white angelo–saxon protestant are mixed with Arab Semitic DNA and they have natural conflicts to white whites to which is Donald Trump heritage and who is trying to walk a thin-tight-rope to balance out the Establishment GOP WASPS and Moslems within both the Republican and Democratic parties; and the Christian white–whites of the northern hemisphere countries . There are not enough Latino Semitic Catholics to off set the paganite Latino LA RAZA in the United States of America and fully in our court systems and educational systems and now our political seats of power!  

Number two reason is Reality and not Democratic or not Republican party fantasies; they do not support the Islamic  living structures such as banning Liberals from seats of all power — that means agnostics too which are therefore paganites and banned by the  Qu’ran.

Qu’ran says the United States of America which is paganite is in violation againsnt Allah

Qu’ran. says the real Muslims protect Christians and the United States of America under Reagan, Bush sr. to Clinton and to Bush, Jr. and now onto Barack Obama repress and target Christians to allow their paganite disco ball room orgy culture to flourish. Islam is attacking Christianity at the same time it is attacking U.S. and U.K. paganites, their own people too.

White–white noords are the easiest targets by WASPS

That is why the Bushites and Hillary Rodham and onto Ronald Reagan but not exempting Obama —all whom have arab DNA and have attack us white– white and the white–white people that clearly see our problems today as Donald Trump.  Since Ronald Reagan Christianity is linked to white white and Reagan swore by NAFTA to end this reign.

NAZI were WASPS who demonized Christianity just like our oligarchical fascist U.S.A. government that only speaks to 20 Million people, the top wage profit scammers and earners. N.A.Z.I. are the Arab mixers such as the Bush clan or Rodham clan, and not the Donald Trump clan. Hitler sided with Islam the same as the GOP and Democratic parties of America. They cannot hide this 60± year fact.

Assault rifles like the AK-47 or the more popular AR-15 were not rebranded when coming to a vote in the U.S. Senate in 2005 because Americans were writing and implying real concern about terrorist attacks and a need for heavy weaponry.

Since the guard Omar was on a terrorist watch list he should automatically have been banned from his job and issued a no purchase of any weaponry at all.

F.B.I. Knew This Moslem ø who should not own or handle any gun 2014 A.D.

Therefore this is rather ideological and a federal directive to appease any Arab DNAer for all sectors of American life. Hillary Clinton U.S. State Department is a WASP with Arabite DNA and Obama is full ARAB DNA being 1/2 white–white and one half black–black DNA mixture, which is a Semitic by ascription; furthermore being thus the middle type of the three major colors of the skin-types. Obama routinely identifies with Jews, because many are arab mixers in DNA and not white white noords or Irish scot. John F. Kennedy and the entire Kennedy clan was rejected in the top seats of power because WASPS controlled the U.S.A. military edu complex.  They have arab DNA and were or  never will be pure white people. 

Until out world continues never to discuss these real issues, endless wars will remain in place and approved by me.
When u GOOGLE Hillary Clinton it comes out ⇐ hitlery clinton

Urban Dictionary‡ Hitlery is a common way of addressing Hillary Clinton.

Anti Christ 6:36 pm 06 09 2016 Los Angeles

Obama runs #blackgenocide and #hillaryclinton is his true #successor to his #invasion #arab Policies of Biblical #antichrist hear me out ok? If you get rid of Christianity at #eruope you have a base for invasion < #Christians were also the true warriors > and so next you destabilize #egypt ‡ Obama funded #muslimbrotherhood elections , brut takeover and christian murders ‡ to Libya and killing that leader; to Iraq ⟨establishment bush already achieved this antichrist thing ⟩ to #Syria ⟨ #johnmccain sits with #ISIS leader at Salt Flats Iraqi detention to give pointers on forming a new unit called #daesh ⟩ and these Obama groups of terrorists then destabilize the middle—north—Africa and send 200,000,000s million muslim—arabs or Arabs who call themselves Muslims flooding into the #USA and into #greatbritain with the #antichrist hordes ≡ #MEAMIC 101 #establishment retention policy. UK's David Cameron Says these hoards keep us establishment Brits in power and prestige — so what is not to like about our new Country´s members? “ Who cares if I send Irish scot brits to the middle east to die for my power grabs?” The Queen of England is a WASP ‚ thus an Arab mixer and not white white — windor is a fake name as London threw out all Semitics and Her family are Arab Semitic white DNAers so in 1917 A.D. they tricked the world and became #windsor to decieve planet Earth. The beyotch is a #blueturban queen running this deception.

It is called flooding into your country‚ new #establishment voter base for decades and decades of continual rule. My #Governor has been in power since I was 10 years old. SOS‚ this crap needs to stop.

#Antichrist does this to our south of the boarder too. Since the alan #dullasantichrists < they chose #Blue #Turban religion with Black Jay E.. Hoover as suggested ideology for the new world order– both implimented in the Kennedy assassinations over white whtie DNA conflicts! .>.Obama runs wars currently in south and middle america; their FBI⁄CIAmodels, in south America ⇒ to flood the latin arabs onto USA shores and byways to orchestrate a complete voter establishment retention plan , which has basically worked because the media is controlled by Arab Mixers and full blown arabs who hate #whites and blacks evenly. Of course while they are destroying millions of family lives to keep and hold power these antichrist enablers make money by #vulturecapitalist crony capitalism policies.

Obama is currently giving each #syrian immigrant approved $20,000 US dollars and I have no home.

And that Syrian will then with no voter ID law vote back into power the establishment #crookedhillary.

AntiChrist cared for no Murdered black

… in his south Chicago districts which Rahm Emanuel eliminated too and pulled to the inner-city most of the Chicago police force to protect the 1%ers while they dined and frescoed in heaven.Yet the media never tells us this because it is not in their self black genocide interest: SEMITICS RUN MEDIA. The Establishment keep getting voted back in by the elite voting populations because both parties run voter suppression. Most of Bernie Sander’s California voters were denied and given only Provisionals which cannot be verified in time for the end of the day. So why care for his successor‚ Hillary Rodham?

AntiChrist Calls Himself A Jew

It is a cross between a white person and a black person so it is brown and thus arab or Semitic =≡ such as WASP + Angelo ( white white DNA) and Saxon ( Arab DNA) which can be Jews or protestants but not necessarily so by ascription. I use strict 100% science and DNA. The land you stand on never defined your race type but it does under Satan's common Core written by arabs at the United Kingdom and formally by arabs in the 1920s in southern France. They have a strict purpose to twist your mind into pretzels with slobbery and junk emotive faux–science . Arabs are producers not intellects.

#Racism NoHo

This #blackhater this dude was throwing babies out of carriages, told him to stop. he was furious.
does not pay attention to what he is doing. He breaks the law and then blames others. In my case, he threaten to kill me and in front of the NoHo police who did nothing. He told all he will be looking for me. He looks like Barack Hussein Obama ii, just a younger version, and is an agry - ignorant- hateful black: 12:00ISH mAY 2ND 2015. NorthHollywood Library, NoHo, L.A.

God´s Commandment echoed in Qu’ran and Christian Bible † Tha’ll bear no false witness against a neighbor

AntiChrist can be anyone

Am e rica

…is carib culture for proto–mayan or olmecian #dragon or winged serpent. The Bible Calls this a dragon because it is linked to war or perpetual war economy. the Grand Ol' Party = GOP = current Republican name or the Democratic Party both run the same program on perpetual war economy. This is linked to the new voter base of immigrants which will flood in as you destroy their homes. #antichrist will learn this at Harvard or even at Yale of my school, UC Berkeley because this is how they roll. It is the jew Semitic Latino ARAB ARMAGEDDON SEQUENCE. I spoke heavily on this in my Les Propheties and almanachs. Why would not the AntiChrist go on live television and explain this?Why? Because it is the antichrist job to deceive you and destroy you which is what this antichrist did do following his antichrist buddies.

Luke 21:16 King James Version

16: And ye shall be betrayed both by parents, and brethren, and kinsfolks, and friends; and some of you shall they cause to be put to death.