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06 02 2016 A.D. &Armageddon γ Prieuré de Sion

Christian Rosenkreuz Journal 141 Armageddon & Bible Archangel Michael

Съ нами Богъ! June 2 2016 A.D. Seal One Year

1993–1999 A.D. Doing Nuclear Weapons Buisness are the CLinton´s forteé

pastlives are real

In group, #weekedrap up; topic: speak about your weekend , Joe picked me to speak too and I said 'Well I run a website where I play God, and took out George Herbert Walker #Bush and George Walker Bush , out of my #lakeoffire .and I did it silently. as xD now. Wow, first time I said something like that. At the end of the group, I learned that no one in California wants white or black homeless, they bring it with them. The Semites must have made that meme. they flooded in for the last 70 years and Mexican Parliament , two officials actually run #California with Pimped white boy #JerryBrown who has me, also under constant surveillance and harassment. #arcmichael #jesusreturned #bookoflife #10022017AD

Governor Brown turned this state from white to brown and that be a fact.

so Brown's message is all white need to get out of this world, Semites own it. I say in Revelations, the middle ( #Semites) are going to be spit out #Governor #Brown since I was `10 years old still reigns does not believe in Me. You are liars and frauds and do not make civilizations, you enter them and kick out the people who make them by racial social communist memes; that is why Paddok killed whites. White killing whites and at the Doctors ( Semite Latin brown commies), receptionists were saying " This is a great day* as the TV was news about the Las Vegas tragedy. So worship the #WhoreofBablyone, she has white skin and calls everyone else who has white skin #deplorable.

ABC‚ NBC‚ MSNBC‚ CBS‚ NPR‚ CNN‚ FOXNews lied and said this was a major Foreign Policy Speech: “Donald Trump Does not Know ISIS < Barbarian Baby Raping Arabs crews who are pedastrists and orphan abductors> “I know ISIS‚ I fund them and me and Obama started them. I do know ISIS‚ vote for me!””
MSNBC 06022016 The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell begins to masturbate on television when he sees Americans being beaten and pummeled by Latin Arabs or Hillary Clinton's voter base


    Hillary Clinton Gave A Political Speech rather than a Foreign Policy —a Donald Trump Hit Job

Donald Trump suprised all of us and Paul Ryan came out to throw his hat into the ring with Donald Trump. The Bush family still have remained antitrump — Paul Ryan tweeted out and at the time Hillary < #beast wife revelations> took the stage Paul Ryan ran an Op—Ed in his home state’s newspaper.

“Donald Trump is Dangerously Unqualified” — The Beast's wife puked out on stage at san diego during her foreign policy speech —

After the extreme bigoted Speech the Beast's wife gave Donald Trump recognized this tone right away and said it is time for Hillary Clinton to go to jail. No politician in my life has ever gone to jail.

“ Hillary Clinton voted for the Iraq War and Destabilized the Entire Middle East — that is what she did.”

Donald Trump. The Presidential Candidate vocally in 2003 decried the Iraqi Invasion.

The nuclear proliferationist Hillary Diane Rodham‚ an Arab DNA claimed in her foreign policy speech on 06022016ad.

Some 51% claim < Liberal polls> support Obama overall job approval. This means we have a nation of zombies!!! — > because Obama’s 1.5% economic record is all his failed economic policies and including running 100% beyong the GDP limit < WWII = 128%, EUzone =3% limit> and no longer Bush’s bail outs of the rich can be blamed ‚ either‚ because Obama continued and put that bail out of the rich on steroids. So the nation is over taken over by demons form hell. I have not got my primary ballot, all others have. I have been voter suppressed three times in my 30+ years of voting . So if evil people keep winning these are the same old problems for 60+ years — what would be the sense to keep being a nice person? #whitegenocide is real and no one can see it but those of high intelligence.

Donald Trump is a fraud‚ and “unqualified.” — Hillary Clinton threw up her curds. Clinton State Department foreign policy under Barack Obama Overwhelmingly turned — blew up the middle east into a war zone by her policies. Her record has made us unsafe and put our state secrets at risk. the Beast's wife‚ Hillary Rodham DNA ARAB White ‚an Arab DNAer’s email server was a national security risk. Madam Albright nor Colin Powel or anyone else in our USA administrations had a private unauthorized spy unsecured Classified server at their homes and in bathrooms in many states.

beast wife belted out more burps! “The “Republicans cannot do the Job” & “dangerously incoherent and bizarre rants and outright lies”


Bernie Sanders says the Republicans can win if they run against Hillary Clinton because she has two FBI investigations and she made $240,000,000 doing foreign deals with terrorists. So Bernie Sanders wins poll after poll when he goes head to head with Donald Trump but not if Hillary goes head to head with Donald Trump.


Giving South Korea Nuclear weapons to deny North Korea’s nuclear weapons program or maybe democratize all nuclear weapons and be ‚ well … be #democratic about it! Spread those weapons because why allow #antichrist Obomination of Desolation only to have them?

Black History Month

Ronald Harmon “Ron” Brown <August 1, 1941 — April 3, 1996> was the United States Secretary of Commerce‚ serving during the first term of President Bill Clinton. He was the first African American to hold this position. He was killed, along with 34 others‚ in a 1996 plane crash in Croatia after Hillary Clinton got off the plane to board another airplane. — He witnessed a dragon lady bent on world domination! He phoned his family, said when I land on U.S. soil, I am resigning from office: he never got there!

 Crash Plane
Madelin Albright did not answer the email question about Hillary she said Condelleza Rice never used email which makes Hillary Clinton's camp liars. She said this on ' Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell — MSNBC 06022016 A.D.
 Asian WMD proliferation

Gotta love the strangeness of this challenging Saturn-Neptune square.

Clinton and Snowden broke federal rules regarding the handling of classified information‚ but only Snowden lives in Russia under asylum‚ likely to face a long prison sentence if he is extradited or attempts to return to the United States. ∩ ♠

"Break classification rules for the public's benefit, and you could be exiled.

Do it for personal benefit‚ and you could be President."

June 1, 2016 – Eric Snowdon

I hear Hillary's all set to try to jump-start her flailing campaign today by delivering a "major" foreign policy speech to tell us how she's going keep us all safe and secure from foreign terrorism... this, as the mutable grand cross is landing on the following shared midpoints in her chart:

Mars-Neptune, Neptune-Pluto and Jupiter-Uranus all between 12Vir41 to 13Vir13.

She's already stressed enough by her challenging progressions involving Saturn and Neptune

… and her Saturn-Neptune midpoint awaits us @16Vir20.

Problem is, the focus and hope of many happens to be whether they'll have the opportunity to earn a living wage so they no longer have to resort to parasitic payday lenders who charge a minimum of 300 percent (and often more), which entraps them in a hopeless, viscious cycle... the same payday lenders who help fund the political career of Debbie Wasserman Schultz - chair of the DNC and dear friend of Hillary's. DWS who is on record for saying that, when in need, the working poor should not be shut out completely by lending institutions... the same DWS who works hard on behalf of payday lenders to ensure legislation doesn't impose too much of a regulatory burden, and who Sanders is trying to oust by supporting her opponent in her upcoming congressional re-election bid.

We‘ll see.


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