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05 11 2016 A.D.

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60 Years the Estabbys lied
120 languages spoken in Nashville schools…
þ May 2016 DNA Needs correcting on blacks and browns .

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‘lokasamgraha’ or world solidarity

In the common parlance Bhagavad Gita‚ which is a part of Mahabarata in which Lord Krishna urges Arjuna to fight‚
is considered to stand in favor of war and violence as too establish peace and justice.

⌊ …purpose of human life‚ according to Gita is personal perfection and social efficiency together. Human perfection is a sort of [a] marriage between high thought and just action. This is yoga‚ according to Gita‚ and this must be for ever the aim of man.Gita source


Third Term

 Satanic Demon

CIVILIZATION Demands Love not Greed

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 Wood “ origins citation only for ref. the map from Berkeley class book, my annotations

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