05 3rd – 5th 2016 A.D.

04 30th 2016 A.D. Taking a Google Plus posting break

04 29th 2016 A.D.

04 28th 2016 A.D.

04 27th 2016 A.D.

04 26th 2016 A.D.

U.S. under Black Hater and Bigot Barack Hussein Obama ii give housing for life to recent immigrants while blacks and whites die on the streets of Los Angeles.

Charles Krautemhimer < spelling? > is a freaking loser and liar. He says three are no Affirmative Action abuses nor Political Correctness abuses at all. The poor are only inner city blacks with no solid family. You are not good if you have no job, Charles intends. This GOP− RINO as¢ liker is a bunch of Saxon arab filth. He was on O´Rielly factor 04 25 2016 and sounds like establishment wheelchair cheerleader of corruptocrats.


Bernie Sanders Town Hall with Christ Hayes on television 04 25 2016 A.D. to end  all deportation, & target those that intend Radical Jihadis must be banned in America.  All foreigners to get voting rites and job preferences over all Americans;  Bernie Sanders intends the Democratic Party under the establishment has been turned right wing, and he is the left wing solution. He intends that his father was an immigrant and thus he feels like a recent immigrant. But in reality, Bernie, we are all colonists and all are immigrants.


04 26 2016 A.D.

Mars Probes: Phobos ii take a picture of 12 Mile cylinder thing  just prior to that probe being knocked  out of service.  Mars Has lost probes from Uk, U.S.A., Russia and China and N.A.S.A. has no idea of what is going on with all of these failed missions. One instant it was claimed a metric and U.S. measurement confusion doomed a U.S. second probe lost. But that does not explain anything else.  The Russians have not returned since that disturbing photo.


Space Cyber Attack

Ben Carson is correct terrorism could be a hacker attack. One time the  ISS was hacked, firing for two minuets. Also a supply rocket spins out of control, the ISS was hacked. N.A.S.A. and Russia decide to cover it up  the hacking. Amonia leak, a false alarm, was a glitch. They believe it was under a cyber attack. The critics say you need to steal N.A.S.A. computer but a computer that controls satellite algorhythms were stolen on a laptop.

estabby me in da back DINOs

#edu Education Epic Civilization Fail.

Only 37% of American 12th-graders were academically prepared for college math and reading in 2015, a slight dip from two years earlier, according to test scores released Wednesday. – wall street journal reported 04 27 2016 A.D.

Stuart Stevens , Mitt Romney’s head campaign manager,  called all Americans supporting Trump cowards, in a reference to world  war I.  on the Chris Hayes MSNBC 04272016ad . In a positive news, Marco Rubio via a radio interview will, he claims, keep his promise to support hte GOP frontrunner. This allows him a future position in the top of the Republican Party. I have been hard on him.

 Important message from Dr. Drew Pinsky: Mixing opioids, prescription and narcotic downers or sleep medication is a potential death toxin.  Prince was up with no sleep for 153 hours strait. That  will  weaken the heart and if at the same time, mixing benzos ( Sleep medication) and opioids, that could have, not for certain, caused conditions that are fatal.



Bernie Sanders promises to support corruptocrats and Hillary Clinton if she gets the nod  for the General Election.

Bernie belives Hillary will stop being the establishment to win his voter base.

0 28 2016 A.D. John Boehner’s comment that Ted Cruz is “Lucifer” was a bit unfair. First‚ he is not the famed angel of light and second, Rumors are that John Beohner’s own bar tender tried to kill John because he was giving the barbarians our country and claims he has democratic liberals as his base of friends.


Six people qurenteened over Trump New York tower had found in the mail room‚ white powder. Location‚5 th avenue,NY, New York‚ 04 28 2016 A.D.

Dirty Politics by the Estabby me in da back

Melania Trump was attacked and lied too by GQ Magazine. Why did the magazine do this? Because she sounds like an immigrant and GQ loves to smear and lie about foreigners. The New York Times implied she is a bimbo and stupid and just a sex vehicle for Donald Trump.

Gravity equations by Arc. M.

5/6th ths the force gradient.  So if physical force is at level 6th ( 6x=?) then the gravitational contribution to that force is 2.5/3.


for a mile the gravitational vector force will contain 0.008861 / ft. of force. ~1/9000



Sergeant First Class Charles Martland should be and thank you for some support in our Military. He is another of our heroes.

05 2nd 2016 ad

he Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, told senators in February that "there are now more Sunni violent extremist groups, members and safe havens than at any time in history." < Arc‚ that tends to happen when you take Sunni control away from Iraq and then hand it and support it with a city troop‚ Baghdad, Iraq. > CNN Politics

Hiltery Clintoon has dark soul

05 2nd 2016 A.D. Hillary Clinton yahoo buisness goes off the deep end and says Donald Trump is a native American Indian and he has gone off the reservation and She knows how to keep the natives suppressed and on the reservation. This is in context folks, and way out of line for Hillary. Donald's new poll , national, puts him for the first time beating Hillary in a general election. She must be flabbergasted. Yahoo buisness Insider, offical link to real quote by Hit Lery Rodham nutter Clinton here.

The former secretary of state and Democratic frontrunner told CNN's Jake Tapper that she's had experience dealing with men who've gone "off the reservation."
"I have a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation in the way they behave and how they speak," Clinton told Tapper. "I'm not going to deal with their temper tantrums or their bullying or their efforts to try and provoke me."
Trump "can say whatever he wants about me," she added. "I could really care less."


post repost [ redacted bad language to a long term troll]

TOPIC of "EVIL" DOES IT EXIST? poster thinks it is a religious fantasy: my response ARC…were ignoramic lefturds, u know the morons that believe they are right wing Christians but in reality are left wing , standard American Liberals by heart and deed.

they have this single ideology: Party first, blame an innocent party using free speech, let the people who come after pick up the bill.

both sides are 100% guilty = at 100% DINO = RINO and we all go to hell.

vote #Trump or even Cruz if you need be, he still is [a] Harvard estabby me in day back: John Kerry‚ Bush jr ‚ Obummer – u know  the usual list.

die fox news‚ no more careerists establishment; Jerry life long California governor brown to a lake of fire.

f<…>K Ronald satan reagan an arab b<…>
freakO,, u cannot believe in evil because you have not realized what it is, and some of it was just mentioned above. PC and affirmative Action give a belief that white nordics are EVIL.

<Now that means the people ascribing these are at that time demonized † full of demons. >
were u born yesterday?

”A liberal’s paradise would be a place where everybody has guaranteed employment, free comprehensive healthcare, free education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free utilities, and only law enforcement has guns. And believe it or not, such a place does, indeed, already exist, it's called PRISON !” Sheriff Joe Arpaio
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