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Jounral Entries  2011


2 September 2011

Michael J. McDonald



6.8 mag.  Earthquake 2 September 2011 

1930s – Economic Wall Street and 2009-2013 Astrological similarities.


Fox Island Region, Alaska, 6.8 mag., location 52n18.5, 171e68.4, during Alaska Daily light Time, 2 September 2011 ( 2:55 a.m., L.M.T.) appx. 1,000 milies from Anchorage, Alaska or 127 km (107 milies) east of Atkgak, Alaska. Data used is Kodiak, AK (US), 2:55 a.m., U.T. 10:55, Sid. Time. 23:30:24, 152w24, 57n47, Mintaka, on AC ( belt star), Venus Culmination as Scheat lower-culminates, ’01 minuet of arc; Lilith ( tropical 18 Aries) culminates as Saturn culminates, and Saturn rises as Mars culminates, Neptune sets as Regulus rises. The Sun paraned with Deneb Algedi, 08’a., np. The Sun cosmically and helically set with Pollux ( Gemini twin) at 02’.a.Tropically, Uranus had a biquintile to Moon with 18 minuets and separating.  The Sun 09TAU38’, Moon 09SCO46’, Jupiter 10TAU20’23”; Pluto still aspecting appx. parallel to Polis ( Sagittarius); Mercury appx. parallel to Subra; The Sun over Shir ( cor leonis). Placidus domicile system, Galactic Center close to sixth house cusp. Lilith paraned to Galactic Center or lilith rose as the Galactic Center culminated with three minuets of arc.


Since the location is off, pay no-attention to the angles of the astrological chart circle. There are many signatures found in the Earthquake study I have done, but this was also an unpopulated area.


One of the dangers is a massive G-Trine with Venus, Sun trining Pluto ( Polis, Sagittarius), and Jupiter about 46% into the constellation of Aries – trined to Pluto and The Venus/Sun parallel aspect.


There has been much speak of Earthquakes by astrologers lately. All I see is at the end of September, Mars moves over Praesepe and is accompanied by the Moon to the Libra stars ( major signatures found in my study), but other planets such as The Sun and Venus are between Zaniah and Porrima ( two Virginian stars in my study), and the relative conjunction of Venus and Saturn are approaching Spica on the 30 September 2011.


On 2 October 2011, The Noon = Moon Trine Mars sextiled Venus/Sun opposition Uranus’s axis. Mars is still traversing Praesepe, and from the 3-4 th the Moon conjuncts Pluto in the Sagittarian star system, as Pluto is over Polis and then will approach Facies ( Yikes) during the next few years – subsequently continued in a massive cross or square which involves Uranus – and 3-4 th of October 2011, Mars traverses Praesepe from the perspective of the 30s-40s northern latitudes ( medieval and classical times, climata or clime).


In October of 1931, There were these crosses and squares, and Pluto and Uranus had a relative square, and Uranus was in Aries, and the low –point in the U.S. Wall Street Stock Exchange happened in 1932.  Therefore 15 October 1932, the Sun opposed to Uranus which was squared to Pluto at one end and Saturn to the other formed what is called a Grand Cross. These similar aspects in astrology have happened again, and astrologer – prognosticators have noticed and made similar striking conclusions. However, from my point-of-view, it remains not Astrology, but human actions.


No-one speaks of the $15 trillion dollars Obama has stolen yet in the media or on Capital Hill. Obama’s poor friends are now billionaires $$$$$, chhachiiiing! In the Biblical Tradition, it is called connect the dots.   The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars under former President Bush, Jr ( 43 rd U.S. Pres.) cost less than one trillion dollars. The economy is bad, not because of the planetary aspects but because someone in the U.S.A. administration stole $14 - $15 trillion dollars. This thievery just happened during period when similar aspects that accompanied the Stock Market Crashes of the early 1930s – to which we know little of the facts thanks to Academic revision.


9 September 2011

Where did Ethics and Morals Come From? These ideas came from Religion, and no-where else. So how do we know that a great Armageddon and undoing of humans and animals will come about? Nostradamus explains that people turn away from God, and therefore there is no punishment for any deed, and therefore ‘Games of Slaughter’ as he says will be about people having no morals or ethics and therefore, as he says, Heaven Seems Unjust. World War I & II were atheistic wars, so wait until WW III. But violence seems to be a winner in our World Culture, so perhaps many people are desiring to see a massive human bloodshed and misery.




Where did Ethics and Morals Come From? These ideas came from Religion, and no-where else. So how do we know that a great Armageddon and undoing of humans and animals will come about? Nostradamus explains that people turn away from God, and therefore there is no punishment for any deed.  And therefore  some ‘Games of Slaughter’ as he warns will be about people of Earth rejecting religion of all faiths, thereby people no longer will be governed by  morals or ethics  but just self - interests --and therefore, as Nostradamus' says, Heaven Seems Unjust. World War I & II were atheistic wars.  So we await  WW III. But violence seems to be a winner in our World Culture -- not owned as an ideology by the elite corporations.  So perhaps many people desire to see a massive human bloodshed and misery -- because life is all about entertainment. Ideas that morals and  that ethics come from atheism remain a fallacy, and that laws govern humans which forces atheistic forms of morality and ethics in our collective societies-- however, determine that laws in most cases support the rulers and are often ignored in times of troubles. The most relevant example are all of Obama’s Wall Street Friends who make $100 billion a day in the stock – market selling short, buying and selling again on Obama’s instructions – all the while the world’s populations are struggling to survive. Since Obama has the U.S. military behind him and he and Congress provide the money to them, they protect the rich and not the commoner who suffers – all supported by laws, regulations, and lawyers connected to the elite.

  -- 9 September 2011

Obama's launch of a 2012 Campaign Plan in real terms is called 'Operation Race War.' [ Operation Vote is the official term ]. Like Mao Tse-tung he calls on his constituencies to ‘bring the violence,’ to his political enemies, which is only a solution to take the attention off of his failed policies. This is not a democracy, but a thugocracy. No liberal media would ever allow and/or to be silent as they are to Obama’s hatred policies if another party had called on a race to fight, march, and bring the violence because Obama blames all his failed policy decisions on the Republicans or Tea Partiers -  a total lie and a failure of the spirit of Democracy. Obama’s national unemployment is 9.2%, Jimmy Carter  7 %, Bill Clinton 4.6% and George W. Bush 4.7% and we are led to believe Obama is the best and brightest U.S. president of all time. Republicans doom themselves by anti-homosexual policies, anti-abortion, and an extremist religious right. They cannot win with the left defining them as intolerant, hateful, and evil. The price for their failure is that the Democratic Party, which is a lying moniker, as it is a dictator party to suppresses freedom of speech, freedom of business, freedom of existence and suppresses the freedom of the pursuit of happiness wins in the end and the dissolving of a democracy takes place. Obama has made it clear he wants blacks to have 40% of all the jobs in the U.S.A., and the blacks have only a 12% population – which means Obama is  retarded stupid individual, who is aggressive and takes out his stupidity upon innocent people.


Obama said 25 September 2011, “Don’t think of me as the Almighty [ i.e. God], think of me as the Alternative.”


26 Sept. 2011

7,000,000,000 Billion People are now on Earth, so the Great Number 7 has come into play about a year-and-a-half from 2012. Nostradamus mentions that people will start to come out of their Graves – perhaps the question is what a change this will be, a type of a wake-up call.


Socrates: For no one knows whether death happens to be the greatest of all goods for humanity, but people fear it because they’re completely convinced that it’s the greatest of evils. And isn’t this ignorance, after all, the most shameful kind: thinking you know what people don’t?” (Plato, ‘Apology,’ 29a-b,  trans. Brickhouse and Smith (2002).


Archangel Michael

2 sept. 2011.  ( 10:27 p.m., Burbank, CA)

In the period of the Mongolian expansion ( 1206 – 1300s +) but on the other side of the known world, since 1200s the English had became powerful carving up France, and in the case of the line of these kings of Scotland (Bruces’) a part of a system of paid-off clans, as to suppress the Scottish peasants and swear allegiance to the king of England, this described the final periods of barbaric feudalism in Midlevel Europe.

English became barbaric, as in the Movie depicts in horrific tableau; a virgin Scottish wife was given to a English soldier to deflower, defile, and often killing innocent or starving innocent peasants made life a hell on earth for the Scottish – indeed a time experienced in Asia and the Near East, and parts of Eastern Europe for all – including Chinese as Hell on Earth was unleashed during these turbulent times for much of the world. The Great Islamic Abassīd Empire was in decline, and would eventually fall to the Mongolians. It was a time for a change.

The Scottish who after a century of English barbarianism decided to fight back, won their freedom in 1314 to become a state; Joan of Arc was the French equivalent, where a martyr helped rally a nation back to its dignity and give legitimacy once more to the office of the king. William Wallace, the central character in the Movie, was a real person, although history books are written by the winners and Robert the Bruce was given substantial credit. But the Movie makes it clear that the ruling Scottish nobles had nothing to gain by fighting the dominating military, the English.

The power of the martyr was the inspiration for the change of heart, and it took only a small but significant Noble to exchange lying, rape, exploitation, and suppression of the common, to allow Freedom for all to seep into society. It is a commoner Scott, William Wallace, who refuses to be bought – off, given titles and aristocratic privileges, to draw down his campaign to make Scotland a Free nation. How would life be if the nobles and power players were the only winners, over and over again? Forcing your life-partner to submit to the sexual whims, abducting your children, killing your family, and economically and politically enslaving your clan or extended family?

This is the future of the Human Race if things do not change and change quickly. Scare tactics are scare tactics, and each day, or in fact each minuet upon each minuet some media is scaring the common people into more bondage and compliance. The tattoo bio-ink, radio and genetically hand-marks are almost ready to mark the people of the Earth so that the nobles and leaders have all their human slaves located on the earth at all times. Humans may need millions or even billions of William Wallace if the objective is to defeat these ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ in the hands of the ones who control media that scare us each minuet upon each minuet. While one may not have the Mark of the Beast, it was in Southern California in 1999 that Bill Clinton visited personally the offices of “Digital Angel’ a pioneering microchip human embedded technology company to inspire this type of control system for human production and enslavement. That was 12 years ago, and the technology has advanced to become an ink with nano-technology which can be cosmetically attractive.

2012 will be a major change period, but that is nothing compared to the period of freedom fighting that will take place after that date. Major changes must take precedence to the period of repeatable circumstances, and this time at a much more empirically populated world and instant communication.

We all will be warriors one-day and no better way to become a warrior than the greatest of wars of all the destruction of the evil suppressors.


The term appeasement is commonly used in politics, but prior to Clinton’s administration, it was used sparsely in the U.S.A.   For more, see translation page of Nostradamus’ X.LXXII.
September in the Old Style Calendar Nostradamus lived under would be the seventh month, the date referred to in his 1999 Prophecy.  

In 1999, then Republican C. Cox, ( California; now a Democrat ) published a 850+ page report on the Chinese stealing U.S. nuclear weapons from the U.S. A. Ignored by the Leftist mainstreamed press   the word Appeasement came to the forefront of U.S.A. politics because Bill Clinton had many luncheon meetings with the  Chinese Military and proxies that were kept secret but photographed from the public. These were assumed as appeasement deals for high-U.S. Dual-Use technologies to be defrayed to the Chinese military. Appeasement to China by the U.S.A. White House Administration became the catch-word for the Chinese acquiring decades of advance technologies in nuclear weapons within years and not decades that it took the U.S.A.

The Chinese leader and the U.S.A. Leader met during an Asian Pacific ‘Summit’ (ciel) during the time-frame of the Nostradamus’ prophecy X. LXXII as used in the Old Style Calendar System, which was still in use during Nostradamus’ lifetime. Nostradamus’ prophecy X. LXXII mentions two leaders, and the first line mentions the date – both correlated, it was obvious to anyone with a brain-cell. Terror from the sky are nuclear and advance technologies, what else is there for the tools of Armageddon?

Forbes, Bauer Take Aim at Clinton, Friday, September 10, 1999; 4:08 p.m. EDT, WASHINGTON (AP), Copyright 1999 The Associated Press.

The War On Terrorism Now Includes numerous European U.S. Citizens,  Media Reports as Factual. The Spring 2009 phenomena called the Tea Party are now identified by the Federal Government as Terrorists – Obama’s Entire Administration has Declared.

Democratic Party Starts New Tradition, calling little old Ladies in poverty a threat equal to all world Terrorists. Out of control and insane U.S. Leftist Politicans. 

August 2011: Vice President Calls U.S. Grass Roots Party Terrorists, allegedly

All the Tea Party Congressional persons elected voted against this latest economic debt ceiling legislation -- but the media lies and says they are to blame -- when in fact, S&P said to Obama pass the Tea Party's Cap, trade, spend bill and we will not down - grade your triple A rating. But Obama refused, and still had his minions blame the tea partiers. What losers! 


Vietnam Drunken soldier, now Mass. (D) congressman, John Kerry who threw away the F.B.I.’s airport-screening security recommendation memos in the trash-can three months before terrorist walked through Logan International Airport on their 9/11 terrorist mission, and who killed small children, shooting them in the back and finding out they were unarmed – to deter attention away from his drunken murders blamed the entire U.S. military of conducting Genghis Khan warfare tactics, has also called out the Tea Party as the reason the of the economic recession.


Question, does this mean that Homeland Security grunt Janet Napolitano will order the Hussein Obama Gestapo to round-up all U.S. citizens affiliated with Tea-Party and cart-them-off to Guantanamo, Cuba and water board each of them?

U.S.A. Vide President Joe Biden allegedly calls all
Tea Party affiliations 'terrorists' in a closed door meeting on raising the U.S. debt ceiling for the 57 th time in U.S. history, to a record 800 billion. Chris Matthews then copied Biden and called the Tea Party, baby-killing terrorists, and then Al Sharpton, not wanting to be left out called the Tea Party a 'monster.'  Then (D-Pa) Mike Doyle  said, "We have negotiated with terrorists, this small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money." 'This is the first time that a U.S. grass roots party have been categorized as enemies of the world and akin to Al Qu’aeda.. After that Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo) called the comprimize to the debt ceiling deal "Satan Sandwich,' meaning the moral and ethical Democratic Party had to made a deal with Satuan's army, called the Tea Party. Biden denied the claime to C.B.S. later in the day on 8/1/11, but did say that Republicans were holding "guns to their [ Democrats] heads."  (Johnathan Allen, John Breshahan, "Sources: Joe Biden likened tea partiers to terrorists", 8/1/11, updated 8/2/11, 2.22, PM EDT, accessed 8/2/11, )Nancy Pelosi told Diane Sawyer of ABC that the deal was ‘Satan sandwich with Satan fries on the side,’ Vicki Needham, reporting from Washington (, Pelosi to vote yes, but won’t urge other Dems to follow her on debt ceiling, 09/01/11, 5:05 PM. a.k.a. ).

  • Fell again: 38% last week of Aug. Obama's comment: It is everyone else's fault, never my fault. Of course, lunatic!

  • Poll Gallup 28 September 2011: Obama approval rating at 39%

Democratic Party Educating the World

Key Points of New Democratic Education Platform:

Founding Fathers were terrorists.

Adolf Hitler, Tse-tung, Stalin, Pol Pot, Superherostars!

Ronald Reagan was a terrorist

Old Church Lady, the AntiChrist.

War Veterans are Terrorists

All Member of the Tea Party are of Satan, and are Terrorists

Usama bin Laden was a Hero, fought against the Tea Party Terrorists.


Text Books are beginning to Reflect these Insane Leftist Teacher Union Ideas -- Now Confirmed by all Top  Democrats, reported by the Media


Democratic Party Starts New Tradition, calling little old Ladies in poverty a threat equal to all world Terrorists. Out of control and insane U.S. Leftist Politicians cannot be controlled by the equally insane Obama -- an epic fail, and apparently this means little old grannies who are dying and I are more dangerous than Usama bin Laden. When we speak about the mentally insane, Political philosophers have no solution when they are elected to office and implement their insanity upon all their fantasies. When a U.S. citizen calls a U.S. politician a terrorists, the Secret Service investigates, but when the Vice President targets poor U.S. citizens, many who fought in U.S. Wars and are disabled, the enemy of the World – Terrorists, This is permissible. Because Obama refused to directly address the U.S. people on his this hate-rhetoric, we assume he agrees. He has talked about the tone of Washington, but that was directed at his political advisories. Obama is an epic fail because he does not denounce his own party members from orally spewing vicious hate-speech. So according to Joe Biden, I’m a terrorist because I want my government out of five wars, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, I want them to stop killing innocent people in drone attacks, and to tax these rich U.S. international corporations, like G.M. which made record profits, in the billions and paid not one penny of federal income tax. As a Tea Party member, I want my government to stop printing $14,000,000,000 (14. trillion dollars) and creating a global economic crisis so they can vote themselves secretly raises. Because I want my government to stop killing innocent women and children in the middle east, I’m am type-casted as a Terrorist.


Mars will be conjunct Praesepe ( in the Constellation of Cancer) 1 Oct – 3 Oct, and on 1 October 2011, the heavens go actionary. We just had a major solar flare, a precursor to a Solar maximum which will take place around 2012, and a traditional signature of Uranus is aspecting both luminaries and Pluto is over Polis, Sag. So we may see some type of disaster. One thing to consider is that Pluto conjunct Praesepe during World War II, so these were manufactured disasters as a hypothesis of Astrology. Persons born with Mars in Praesepe often are involved in accidents accompanied by varying weights of bodily injury. Henri II, King of France, had his progressed natal Mars in Praesepe in the eighth house of death when he died an agonizing and prolonged death after a jousting accident. Since all nebula indicate that issues with the eyes, and Mars as a piercing or traditional arrow there also can be injuries to vision and to insights on ideas. Mars is in its fall, as Praesepe in the Neo-Babylonian Star catalogues and companion Omen books intend that the ruler of Praesepe is the Moon and Jupiter is dignified. -- 30 Sept. 2011. (Discourse on Earthquakes).


Update: 11:07 p.m. Oct. 1, 2011.

Earthquake study Oct 2011 Praesepe +  Mars


October 1 2011 ( Mars approaches true arc to Praesepe); 5.6 Earthquake, 169e, 49n, 0:23 a.m., Near Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska, Praesepe with approaching Mars by a true angle was below the horizon on its way to rising from the East. Uranus was in a relative culmination, The Moon over Dschubba( Scorpi), Zaniah on I.C., Bos was approaching descendant. Mercury was parallel to Porrima – and later as Preasepe and Mars form a Projected Elliptical Degree aspect, Venus and somewhat Saturn approaches Spica.


Other towns , Navy Town, Alaska,  5.8 mag. at 09:23:49 UTC;


Oct. 1 2011 Minahao, Philippines 5,2 mag. local 123.751e, 7.364n at 04:21:51 UTC.


Oct. 1, 2011, California and Navada boarder, 4.6 mag. at 12:07 a.m., local 120w, 39n.


Oct. 1, 2011, Shwenyanghin, Myanmar, 5.4 mag., 04:22:19.


Oct. 1, 2011, Half Moon Bay (Oban), New Zealand, 5.9 mag. at 10:54:28 UTC. 


Oct. 1, 2011, off the west coast island, New Zealand, 5.6 mag 162e,51s, at 3:54 equivalent to PDT. and Pluto is over Polis and is near the descendant. And Shir ( cor leonis) is next to the I.C.


This was the first day and only to 4:00 p.m. PDT, and I have not checked the global data since.


What is Capitalism?  ( 7 Oct. 2011)

In Science, everything comes from a small infantile space, and a big bang explodes shooting out energy that makes our Universe. Life, which comes from the same source, then competes for that energy. All forms of life are therefore capitalistic. However, after 4.75 billion years of creation of our solar-system, about 5, 000 years intends a shift toward non-capitalism. This is where religion changed humankind. However, scientists claim no miracles or ethics or morality exists. Life is all capitalism, that is to say, all life competes against all other life forms for survival. Therefore nothing in the universe is opposite to capitalism. If true, then socialism, communism, ethics and morality do not exist but for wishful thinking. Under this perspective laws made by states are created in the interest of the capitalistic entities of life. They are hardly fair or balanced. Therefore, only the Founding Fathers who introduced Masonic ideas of Free Speech, the checks and balances of ‘people rule’ as a new world order of the ages has been discredited by Democrats and Republicans of our modern 21st century. What you have then is life expressing itself in its natural causes – capitalism. The rich become richer and the poor become poorer. Karl Marx, a nineteenth century German philosopher turned economist challenged convention and called for constant war of the poor against the rich – we call this class warfare – as the only solution to distribute the resources equality. But if life is all capitalism as it refers to our physical properties that make up our universe, there appears  no solution nor purpose at all and life seems to be defunct or void of solutions to sustainability of our planet. 

Leftist Government pensions $500,000 per-year for Union Bosses are not enough money, the Democratic Party Claims -- They Feel Repressed. Blame the Poor People.

Good News, Leftist Government pensions $500,000 for Union Bosses are the bulk of complaints from the President that Union bosses are economically suppressed and need to get more than 1 million in pensions every two years. Over ten years $5,000,000 dollars non-taxed Union pensions are considered by Democrats, like  Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barak Hussein Obama II to be absolutely repressive  - these people are being taken advantage of and $500,000 of tax free pensions per year is not enough to live on the Democratic Union Organizations are claiming. 12 October 2011. Wow, the world is so corrupt, the NBC, ABC, NPR, CBS, Cable CNN, and cable pundits agree that Democratic Government and Private Democratic Supporting Union bosses who get $500,000 in pension per year are repressive and they should make more money because they feel suppressed. This is not a joke, and the Wall Street Protestors are paid by a Canadian Union to march in the streets complaining about invisible rich people who are type-casted as all wealthy – most are of Democratic Party members but this is never discussed – it is discussed that poor American farmers who are starving are the reason that the Union Bosses cannot make more than $500,000 of pensions per-year. This is more proof that the Human experiment is an ultimate failure and the only solution is to eradicate the universe, not just humans.  ( 12 Oct. 2011.).


7,000,000,000 Billion People are now on Earth, so the Great Number 7 has come into play about a year-and-a-half from 2012. Nostradamus mentions that people will start to come out of their Graves – perhaps the question is what a change will this  be?








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