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Research explores policy research and impressions of bias


By Kathleen Maclay, Media Relations | 03 February 2009 (link)

BERKELEY — A University of California, Berkeley, study shows that when people learn about research findings that conflict with their own beliefs about politically controversial topics, they not only doubt the conclusions, but also question the researcher's objectivity.


"If we really want to inform citizens and affect public policy, American social scientists need to learn more about how conservatives view our research," MacCoun said, "in order to root out hidden assumptions and communicate our research more effectively."

Apocalypse term in use by athiest media

Why do the media consistently use each potential natural disaster as accompanied by a religious term, Apocalypse? Hurricane Irene was communicated as the end-all of time, and turned out to be a tropical storm, not a hurricane. The rare and recent Eastern shore-board earthquake was also discoursed in the media as a sign of the apocalypse?  The media is atheist, anti-Christian, pro-paganism – so why do they consistently employ this overt religious term?  29 Aug. 2011.

Economics World  Sept 2011

18 September 2011

Obama gave his pep-alk to the Brown colored Racist Organization, permissible in the U.S.A. because it is not like its sister organization Klu Klux Klan ( Promotion of European Whites) and Obama called for distributing poor U.S.A. peoples money to non-citizens making them rich and wealthy – to have a shot at the American Dream ( Owning a home, nice, car, high-salaried job). He spoke at La Raza ( loosely translated as brown colored people are superior in intelligence and morality to all other races of colors and non-colored peoples) where Obama called on supporting the Dream Act, a part of a wide legislative Democratic Movement that seeks to eliminate blacks, Asians, and Europeans from the American Dream.

So lets run the numbers and also we will run the numbers for supporting the American ( or whatever country’s dreams of owning a home, and having a great salary). First there are about 60,000,000 people from Latin and Spain residing in the U.S.A. either immigrant that are undocumented and or first or second illegal immigrant generations in America. All one needs to do is have a baby on American soil and they automatically become a ‘natural born citizen,’ according to the laws on the U.S.A. books. A part of the Dream Act is to throw out Europeans, Asians, Africans from higher educational institutions, pay for immigrants by Federal Funds and lower tuition rates – equivalent to instate tuition. If the family or individual does not have a commutative income of over $80,000 per year or even $120,000 per year the State and Federal Government pays for all of their schooling, tuition, books, and for the most part provides them campus jobs for living expenses. So the act has two motives, to rid the traditional European population from higher education and to have the now unemployed European population empty their American Dream for The Superior Race ( La Raza). This was what Obama had dreamed about in his books he published to which Americans agreed that Europeans must be eliminated as a human population – they voted him into office, apparently in agreement of their own demise. John Adams proposed the idea of the rise and fall of power to the people rule as , “Democracy hangs itself with its own rope,” a very fitting prognostication. The Latin people have no history of running a Democracy, nor care too in the future. 

So this population of lets say 60,000,000 ( sixty-million people who want a $50,000 income from a great American job for a salary of one year will cost the poor people of America $3,000,000,000, 000 (three trillion dollars per year). In two decades this will cost American poor people in taxes $36 trillion dollars ( $3 tril. ∙ 20y). The U.S.A. population is growing because Obama’s immigrant policy is to allow all in for free and no legal penalty, unless an illegal immigrant robs or kills a aristocrat and filthy rich Democrat, like John Kerry who has billions of dollars in his bank account and does not pay taxes on his  million dollar yachts as reported by the A.P. Because he belongs to the Congress and is a Democrat, Obama nor Bill or Hillary will confront him because they too are filthy rich. They do not want to pay for the poor immigrants they want the poor citizens to become poorer and pay for the world’s poor while they live like kings and queens. This is a no-brainer. If evil exists these are the very people who are supported by the filthy rich media.

Obama will tell everyone that he believes in allowing U.S.A. to become the world’s immigrant enclave,  it is a part of the American ideas or how he understand them. So lets calculate how to pay everyone under his ideology. There are about 320 billion persons, legal and non-legal residing permanently in the U.S.A. Now Obama does not intend only Latins can immigrate and skirt U.S.A. citizen laws.  So in theory we have to provide for all in the world. Obama’s myriad of job programs allocates approximately $100,000 salaries per year for one job. So we calculate seven billion times $100,000 per year and we come to an economic base of $700,000,000,000,000 ( seven hundred trillion dollars a year salary for all immigrants –because Obama claims no-one is not disallowed to come to the U.S.A. and pursue the American Dream. Over two decades of salaries at an American Great Dream income this comes to $1,400 trillion dollars of income.

If the world’s income is lowered to all making $10,000 per year than we need a working capital of $7,000,000,000,000 ( seven trillion dollars of world capital per year). The majority of Americans do not make more than $10,000 per year and the working capital of the U.S.A. is about $45 trillion per year. So there is already $38 trillion dollars which is being distributed to others already and not accounted for except in the bank accounts of people like Pelosi ( 43 million in the bank, from stock market, owning hotels, sports teams, etc... insider trading). Bill and Hillary Clinton have over $100,000,000 in their bank accounts and their jobs at an estimated $200,000 per year over twenty years would have made them $4,000,000 ( four million dollars) therefore this discrepancy has a dislocated value of $96,000,000 in human bully and suppression capitalism. Michael More would also be proud of these capitalistic human suppressors because he is also filthy rich, owned Halliburton Stocks when he was documentarian libeling them as the bad and evil corporations. So we know Michael More is evil and a capitalist suppressor – loving the poor’s pain as he fills his stomach with fine foods and drink.

Obama did not report his book earnings his first year in Congress to skirt paying a supplement to his income from Congress meaning he is a capitalist roader as Mao Tse-tung ( Obama’s hero) , so Obama made millions in profits and anyone that complained he did not follow finance laws were identified for elimination and marked as a racist. Obama has already arrived in the two digit million dollar range and seems to become more wealthy by the year.

The American Dream was driven by a Middle Class, an idea that all made and lived in similarly economic climates. However, celebrities, Hollywood, Wall Street, Politicians, and Corporation leaders are now the aristocratic élite, and how they keep themselves in the status of elitism is to destroy the middle class and bi-fabricate the economic classes. This has been evident since the 1960s and the academicians who saw it refused to offer solutions. When they decided to lie and blame private corporations, it apparently was ignored by their Democratic Supporters in politics that support these corporations – because Capital Hill ( all four branches of government, and I include the court-system, as the Supreme Court is also a ‘law of the land.” makes the Rules and they have done nothing.

This has been explained over and over and no one does anything. Corporations have lobbyists, who hand out privileges for votes and therefore this explains why the bi-fabrication and elimination of the middle class has become a reality. This was and how in the current form the U.S.A. government works at both state and federal levels. They get voted into office and are usually poor (for the most part) and then make the laws for the privileged and the privileged make them rich beyond the legal salaries. Like a Mafia, Gang, good-old-boys club, if you turn against the criminals you are ousted and most likely destroyed. Karl Marx had a solution, called make everyone a part of the same gang – and he implied the world and not a state. But the politicians are touted by the in-power gang that this is unfeasible, because there are not enough working poor to support their rich-lifestyles, so bringing world solutions is the number one concern to stop at all times. Anyone trying to solve the plight of the majority of the populations suffering are ousted and destroyed by this elite gang (off all parties).

To bring all people to a Dream of owning homes which will take about $100,000 per year in salaries means we must create 7,000,000,000 or seven billion jobs that can sustain a 40 year generation each at $100,000 per year. This amount of money intends 28,000 trillion dollars per generation at the current U.S. currency rates for September 2011. So 28,000 trillion dollars with out computations for inflation for a single generation are the goal of the economic equality.


Obama's launch of a 2012 Campaign Plan in real terms is called 'Operation Race War.' [ Operation Vote is the official term ] &,  Vice Pres. Joe  Biden  implied while telling a story that on  25 September 2011, “Don’t think of me as the Almighty [ i.e. God], think of me as the Alternative.” ( J. 13 ).

  • Obama’s Poll Numbers for General Presidential Approval are at 40%, Gallop Poll ( August 2011).

  • Fell again: 38% last week of Aug. Obama's comment: It is everyone else's fault, never my fault. Of course, lunatic!

  • Poll Gallup 28 September 2011: Obama approval rating at 39%


Cannot solve a credit-debt - crisis by creating more credit-debt – yet this is the policy of Obama’s vision of hope and change. Like mass murderer Mao Tse-tung, when his policies fail, he blames the individual, the private thinker, the individual spirt, and calls them capitalist roaders and then calls for riots to kill innocents to cover up the fact that Tze-tung was in love with power and to take the attention off his failed intellect chaos was the choice – and Obama’s 39% job approval is being blamed upon by poor white people without jobs who call themselves Tea-Partiers.  Rich unionist thugs in every city are starting to beat up old ladies and poor people, and Obama has another attack SS, Brown Shirt website to alert him where to send his thugs.  Every single economist in history contends Obama’s audacious ideas on economy.

U.S.A. is a joke thanks to the head fish in the pond , So riots should be on their way due to the head fish blaming others for his lack of integrity and intelligence. His highest intelligence is to blame poor people for his own thievery. No-one will challenge him because his skin has color and the color of one’s skin defines what is good and what is evil. 7,000 years and this is the height of human progress – to blame the problems of the world upon the color of one’s skin and not the content of their character.

16 Sept. 2011.


Obama makes $10,000,000  a year and laughs are your starving children if they have no color of their skins. Even poor blacks in Oakland, CA. are turning against this elitist thug in the Oval Office.

Obama’s new American Jobs Act robs $481 Billion Social Security and Medicare But This is OK, Obama will Print Money from nothing. He should make everyone in the world a $Trillionaire -- then no one will ever need to work again -- That's Utopia.

8 September 2011

Obama’s new American Jobs Act (2011) robs Social Security and Medicare to a whopping $3[?] billion dollars to create 3,000 jobs at $100,000 per year for one year. This will need to be paid back after he leaves office – to someone else gets the blame. And if the Republicans do not support the thievery, he will use it as a political tool called ‘Obstruction’ to win reelection. U.S.A. First Socialist President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a privileged rich-kid, never created the Infrastructure for the War Time Effort of World War II. In fact, he did nothing but give pep-talks at Fireside chats. It was 100% Republicans and as private industry that created the U.S.A. superior war machine. However, the U.S.A. 99.99% Leftist ( lying) Academics write books, utter in class, and lie continually that F.D.R.’s public government built the U.S.A. War Machine. They are in fact liars. It has come to my attention that academia goes through ‘relative cycles’ and as of late they have produced in the Social Science sense nary anything of factual history but are tools and political hacks of late. It is all someone else whom is to blame – and being incorrect, academics claim, they can learn from their mistakes (Yeah, right!). In my opinion it is an excuse to keep up the charades and politicking in the classroom – but what else is new?

ObamaNation of Desolation

5 Spet. 2011.


Allah does not love or like Obama .

Mars to Praesepe happens in the northern lats. 30 Sept. 2011., continuing to 2-4 October 2011; a grand cross 20 Sept. 2001, with an actionary Mars to the to Uranus and the Sun. Pluto squares Uranus and this will be in aspect well into October 2013, thus when Obama wins reelection he will have his hatred conditioned by these hard aspect – very fitting. His father was kicked out by Harvard University, thus he lied in his many biographies, and thus he never tells the truth, his natal Sun to his Acubens, only from the vantage point of Mombasa hospital where he was most likely born according to many in his family, despite his constructed biography of hate. His biography of hate details that everything that happens badly is the republicans faults, including his broken promises, and his failed policy decisions.

Hillary D. Rodham's Ideas of Power of Super Salvation and Back-Room politics

Hillary Clinton’s Senor Thesis to which she submitted to get into Yale University decries ( her thesis) that politics should be transparent and not back –door ( back-room decision making where democratic people of the state cannot see the deliberations of arguments.). But she is a fraud and a lair, all of these decisions such as healthcare to wars in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and Libya are all back-room American imperialism deals that the U.S.A. citizens have no idea of what is being decided as the path of democracy. She is filth and a liar of the utmost importance in history to deceive. Innocent Muslims are being slaughtered by her actions, daily and no one of the media leftist ( who control, including Fox News) contests or complains.  She blames Republicans for back-door politics as ‘bad’ for Democracy in the American experiment, where there is no transparency; but this is her number one policy in the Obama’s leftist administration,  and no liberal is opposing her -- from George Clooney, and all of Hollywood to University leftist political hacks.

U.C. Berkeley has a new sub-website on climate fear-propaganda, they claim that if the world does not submit all of their body and life savings ( meaning banks accounts) to them, the temperature will increase by 10 degrees globally in five – years. In over 100,000 years the global temperature has not fluctuated more than one full Celsius including the Ice-Ages, small and large. We are being deceived on a massive scale, dumbed down and the republicans are weak and decisive and stupid – they rely on these idiots for their talking points. Obama ordered Bernanke to electronically make $15 trillion dollars out of thin-air. Obama wants to kill Jesus, he said it on Millionaire row ( San Francisco 2008 summer),  campaigning for his presidency. No-wonder he never goes to Church like the rest of the U.S.A. presidents before him. It is a safe bet to claim Obama is watching sports, playing gold, eating lobster shipped in by expensive private companies why he orders sacrifice of the world to eat peas, or golfing – while his thuggies, Like Rachel Maddows sucks his ass and tells us that he is the smartest person alive. Smart in what sense, that he is an aristocracy, which implies he is 100% anti-Democrat, anti-we the people. If you get upset, it is just another example of Evil and how evil wins in the time of destruction.  We need a miracle against human and global haltered of the like of his imposter and human rights hater. I was in Oakland earlier this year and leftist poor blacks were tuned into Rush Limbaugh, can you believe it? Even they are suffering under ‘O’bomination of Desolation. If you want to become, yourself, a great prophet, think again – the people in power say he is the smartest person in the world, he will create more prosperity than all leaders in history – just reverse the claim and start from there and you will start to understand. Obama claims all politicians lie ( in all of history), and therefore just turn his claim around and figure it out for yourselves. Obama is unique, the liar of liars must go down for the world to heal -- and other liars too.


Watching "BraveHeart" Again, a great movie. 2 sept. 2011.

It is a type of a Martyr story. 








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