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Jounral Entries  2011


16 April 2011

First Head Historian of Harvard College


Jarad Sparks ( née 10 may 1789, Willington Conn., grad Harvard 1815), Unitarian minister 1819-1829, First Head Historian of Harvard College ( Today’s University) 1839, second president of Harvard 1849, resigned 1843)) is credited for much of what we know about our first U.S.A. president and leading General of the U.S. Revolutionary War against Britain. Sparks is credited with collecting, as well as destroying, George Washington’s public and private letter, speeches and writings. Sparks did this while the first head of the Department of History at Harvard College (Today’s Harvard University). He bragged about tearing up prime source material from Washington’s own hand and giving them as souvenirs to his friends or acquaintances. Sparks was also among the new field called ‘biographers.’ Biographies have been around since ancient history, but the term was not in use, and this was a novelty, something that has been a part of Harvard’s spearheading achievements ever since. But what people do not understand was the divisive new Psychological diatribe of Sparks on one of the most revered of the Founding Fathers; he was he was an illiterate kook, his mother the psychological cause who was every characteristic unimaginable under the Sun, and Sparks represented the revisionist by editing George Washington’s letters and introducing words, punctuations, and phraseology, that Washington never wrote. Sparks was heavily criticized for this, admitted it in his preface, but cared not for reality. What was the motive? He was just a facet of the never ending liberal haters who revise the historical record based upon superior  - belief of the elite intellectual. Someplace deep in Sparks’ mind was a hatred for Republicanism and  heroism. Sparks destroyed much of Washington’s writings that he deemed not ‘useful’ for his framing and subjectivity into an hatred and revision of the historical record. This sad event in history is not too rare but rather the norm. The Leftwing, for the most part,  throughout history has always given us our history – based upon self reflections put into other’s lives and painted to fit a prefabricated narrative that anyone not a self absorbed liberal are crazy, insane and not worthy of the epitaph of human.


Throughout history, the leftwing has created hero and villain narratives that have little resemblance to reality or history. The often cited expression is that the winners write the history books. And this seems to be the case for the majority of our past. Take for example, the leftwing establishment takes leftwing historical narratives and claims that all of Rome fell because of Republicans or conservatives. This is another one of their persistent lies, but a sign at Top Dog, a local Berkeley food establishment has a sign with their logo which says, “Believe what you are told, too many, too many thinkers cause chaos.” That’s how the city of Berkeley operates. It forms the narrative, you believe and act accordingly to the prophets of information dissemination. The city of Berkeley is largely white and Asian now, and a 20% drop in Blacks moving away from the city since the 1970s tells us too much of the persistent lie that Liberals are multiculturalists.


Sparks as the first Harvard History Professor and eventual leader of the School was a bad Omen. He manufactured a narrative of anti-Americanism, claiming because of Washington’s father dying when he was young, raised by a wacko mother, he turned out to be the illiterate crazy person that Americans had mythalized into some-kind of hero to American freedom. Sparks, like the Top-Dog ‘s maxim, he believed that he was special and a part of elite humans who knew better than anyone else, so he could take the liberties to cut – up George Washington’s writings and hand them out to whomever because he did not want them contradicting his manufacture wacko-scenario -- rather than a reality of our founding history of a self sacrificing and courageous person.


What is  a part of the term of Socialism?

Professors at my school inaccurately claim in blog-posts that Socialism means taxation of the people, and invariably Republicans are against taxation – a total lie and sham. To communicate the correct grievances of the Republicans, take for instance Planned Parenthood in the Obama election it contributed over $1,000,000 for his campaign. You will say, well what is the problem, political contribution happen from all spectra of the social-political-economic economy? However, Planned Parenthood 100% gets its money from U.S. tax-payers by the funding from Democrats in Congress, not Republicans. So the U.S. taxpayers pay Planned Parenthood who then take a portion of their funding and contribute political money to Democrat election offices. That’s socialism/dictatorship, thuggery.  It is illegal in the private sector and it is called ‘kickbacks.’ Mafias were brought up on charges in the U.S. Court system based upon illegal-political kickbacks, when their political operatives were elected to local municipal office. However, if it happens to be a Congressional Democratic program of social-funding it is deemed not illegal – but it is exactly the same Mafia-style political vote-buying.

Quantitative Easing: #1 & #2: Democrat Party Did Devalue The US Currency by 40%.

This was a part of Obama’s Hope and Change Policies. One of these new Hope and Change Policies will allow anyone in the world to come to the U.S. illegally and receive legally all social and educational funding for free – as long as you vote for the Democratic Party. Obama and the Democratic Party need to raise the debt ceiling because there is no money for this pay-for-your-vote government system, and after doing the Job Destruction Act figures, with the stimulus Obama rammed through the Congress a figure of 4.3 million jobs were to be created at a decent living wage. However, no jobs were created but lost and no media asks what happened to over a trillion dollars? Bush, Jr. had two wars, Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama increased the U.S. meddling to a record five current wars, Yemen, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan and Iraq – with an assassination of an unarmed man in Pakistan and the bodies disposed of in the sea to erase any evidence, a mafia like scenario. Obama may increase these numerical wars to invade Egypt as well, as he is totally insane. Obama sold Pakistan over 150 drones to which Pakistan will sell these to other countries for cash – and the other countries will begin to patrol the heavens and wars in the heavens will commence in the future high-tech wars. However, when you watch the media, the nightly news, all you hear is about your neighbor’s cat and the missing dog, which means you have no idea of what is really happening for our collective future.



2 Aug. 2011


Democratic Party Starts New Tradition, calling little old Ladies in poverty a threat equal to all world Terrorists. Out of control and insane U.S. Leftist Politicans. 

August 2011: Vice President Calls U.S. Grass Roots Party Terrorists, allegedly!

U.S.A. Vide President Joe Biden allegedly calls all
Tea Party affiliations 'terrorists' in a closed door meeting on raising the U.S. debt ceiling for the 57 th time in U.S. history, to a record 800 billion. Chris Matthews then copied Biden and called the Tea Party, baby-killing terrorists, and then Al Sharpton, not wanting to be left out called the Tea Party a 'monster.'  Then (D-Pa) Mike Doyle  said, "We have negotiated with terrorists, this small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money." 'This is the first time that a U.S. grass roots party have been categorized as enemies of the world and akin to Al Qu’aeda.. After that Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo) called the comprimize to the debt ceiling deal "Satan Sandwich,' meaning the moral and ethical Democratic Party had to made a deal with Satuan's army, called the Tea Party. Biden denied the claime to C.B.S. later in the day on 8/1/11, but did say that Republicans were holding "guns to their [ Democrats] heads."  (Johnathan Allen, John Breshahan, "Sources: Joe Biden likened tea partiers to terrorists", 8/1/11, updated 8/2/11, 2.22, PM EDT, accessed 8/2/11, ).

Nancy Pelosi told Diane Sawyer of ABC that the deal was ‘Satan sandwich with Satan fries on the side,’ Vicki Needham, reporting from Washington (, Pelosi to vote yes, but won’t urge other Dems to follow her on debt ceiling, 09/01/11, 5:05 PM. a.k.a. ).

Democratic Party Starts New Tradition, calling little old Ladies in poverty a threat equal to all world Terrorists. Out of control and insane U.S. Leftist Politicians cannot be controlled by the equally insane Obama -- an epic fail, and apparently this means little old grannies who are dying and I are more dangerous than Usama bin Laden. When we speak about the mentally insane, Political philosophers have no solution when they are elected to office and implement their insanity upon all their fantasies. When a U.S. citizen calls a U.S. politician a terrorists, the Secret Service investigates, but when the Vice President targets poor U.S. citizens, many who fought in U.S. Wars and are disabled, the enemy of the World – Terrorists, This is permissible. Because Obama refused to directly address the U.S. people on his this hate-rhetoric, we assume he agrees. He has talked about the tone of Washington, but that was directed at his political advisories. Obama is an epic fail because he does not denounce his own party members from orally spewing vicious hate-speech. So according to Joe Biden, I’m a terrorist because I want my government out of five wars, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, I want them to stop killing innocent people in drone attacks, and to tax these rich U.S. international corporations, like G.M. which made record profits, in the billions and paid not one penny of federal income tax. As a Tea Party member, I want my government to stop printing $14,000,000,000 (14. trillion dollars) and creating a global economic crisis so they can vote themselves secretly raises. Because I want my government to stop killing innocent women and children in the middle east, I’m am type-casted as a Terrorist.  All the Tea Party Congressional persons elected voted against this latest economic debt ceiling legislation -- but the media lies and says they are to blame -- when in fact, S&P said to Obama pass the Tea Party's Cap, trade, spend bill and we will not down - grade your triple A rating. But Obama refused, and still had his minions blame the tea partiers. What losers. 

Vietnam Drunken soldier, now Mass. (D) congressman, John Kerry who threw away the F.B.I.’s airport-screening security recommendation memos in the trash-can three months before terrorist walked through Logan International Airport on their 9/11 terrorist mission, and who killed small children, shooting them in the back and finding out they were unarmed – to deter attention away from his drunken murders blamed the entire U.S. military of conducting Genghis Khan warfare tactics, has also called out the Tea Party as the reason the of the economic recession. Obama advisor, David Axelrod, called this S&P devaluating the U.S. credit-rating a “Tea Party Downgrade.” Iowa, Democratic Senator Tom Harkin claimed the Democrats were forced by this debt limit legislation to “appease the hostage takers” (i.e Tea Partiers).

Question, does this mean that Homeland Security grunt Janet Napolitano will order the Hussein Obama Gestapo to round-up all U.S. citizens affiliated with Tea-Party and cart-them-off to Guantanamo, Cuba and water board each of them?


Obama’s Economic Plan For 10-Year-Olds

15 Aug. 2011


Obama’s Economic Plan (Gen. Democratic Party Platform): Spend all Money Possible on constituency industry, do not raise taxes, raise debt ceiling constantly, print electronic money in the $14 trillion dollar range, when money runs out do not offer a solution but identify any opposition as ‘Terrorists.’ Republicans continuously acknowledge the Political Party that identifies them as Terrorists. As long as the Republicans continue to take the abuse the country and the world suffers. Inspiration on ideas and on solving complex problems in history has always come about through individual and private ideas of solutions. Every bureaucracy, including historical Chinese dynastic histories, have shown that once government intervenes in private affairs the economy crumbles and a revolution to change the government system ensues.


Obama’s Poll Numbers for General Presidential Approval are at 40%, Gallop Poll ( August 2011).


Did America, Britain, France Kill More Civilians than the NAZIs?

23 July 2011 The Book of Life

World War II: there are 26,000,000 German Citizens, and less than 1:100 are Jewish (as German citizens), which means there are 260,000 Jews living, working, and owning property in Germany. We are then told that the NAZIs murdered 8,000,000 Jews as part of the ‘final solution’ (initial reports were at 12,000,000). In the most resent research by a world community of academics and interested parties to which collected all the home video and military video available at this time, the most filmed corps our of an alleged twenty concentration (death) camps, are less than a 1,000 bodies, unidentified.


This phrase, ‘final solution’,  came from a filmed political speech to which Hitler’s message to the German people was to boycott all Jewish business, and if the German people did not comply, he had another solution, in which called the final solution – with no elaboration to what that meant.


In World War II, the estimates are given as 40,000,000 people had died during this period. And about half, 20,000,000 were non-military personal, citizens. We know that Brittan and United States of America bombed Germany with the intent to wipe –it-off the geographical world map, to which they nearly achieved by incendiary bombing. With no places to live, eat, grow food, or receive international help, 2-3 million (2-3,000,000) German civilizations died of exposure, hunger, and self infliction due to the harsh circumstances placed upon them by radical communist Franklin Delano Roosevelt, to which Chinese diaries and American military diaries from the Burma and Chinese theaters of WW II, now academically examined proved that F.D.R. was arming the Red Army of China to take over the east for F.D.R.’s ideological reasons.  When we speak of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao Tse-tung, we speak of madmen who killed masses of humans for their ideological views. However, we never factor in Winston Churchill’s or F.D.R.’s genocide of European plans. Nor the Russians, U.S.A., nor Britain helped the Germans survive death after turning their lands into a pile of rubble with no running water, no lodgings, no electricity nor the ability to survive. Suicide was preferable to dying in pain from starvations, exploitation ( the Red Army rapped many Berliners females). It took Germany until the 1980s  to rebuild from the devastation that Winston Churchill ordered – to which documents now exist in the British National Archives of Churchill declaring terroristic tactics upon the German civilians and whispering their genocide.


The winners write the history books.  So in western academia, the heroes are these mass murdering U.S. and British leaders – held up to a light of honor, courage, and dignity.  There is growing proof that the U.S.A. and Britain killed more civilians than Hitler had killed in total, and then multiplied by ten.  

It was true that most of the persecuted and murdered Jews lived outside of Germany, in Poland. Yet, it was the Soviets that struck first massacring Polish Jews, long before the Blitzkrieg.


Most of the evidence shows that the Germans moved their Jewish population on trains out of the country, calling and asking permission of other states to take them as refugees, to which only Italy complied and some fractional leaders of the disconnected south-eastern Europe.


The 1919 meetings of many European nations, mainly France and Britain at the helm, formed codes and laws to punish the German citizens so they would never become a modernized civilization.  By far the plan was to keep them nearly starving. This lead to German citizens looking for some savior like personalities, all in some hopes for the survival of the German culture;  this, then, explain the rise of individuals sparking nationalism discourse and creating the NAZI flag-symbol which means in modern times, according to a German interpretation, as the flag of martyrdom.The 1919 meeting, called the Versailles Treaty, decided to make laws and codes governing the entire world, to which 80 percent of the codes and laws that were produced focused upon ending the German civilization for good.


Most academics I know intend this was never the case; however they have no countenance or knowledge at all of what happened during the intermediate years between WW I and WWII.  France took all the German proceeds from coal mining, and Britain took all precious metal mining proceeds and had Germans working until they died, as slaves in which they called reparations to World War I.


However, Germany is northern in latitude and does not have an agricultural base for a vibrant economic climate – thus for centuries and even a millennia, the Prussian, the Holy Roman Empire lands, later these German lands were mainly technological and educational geographical districts, to which thinking and producing technology played a significant role in their economic survival.


Now after 1919, Britain and France took that economic survival apparatus away from Germany which led to the extreme left (The National Socialists, NAZIs, i.e. bigger government the better, like the modern Democratic Party today) taking power and justifying this by various survival ideologies. Hitler was given the title of Man of the Year by Time Magazine, based upon a propaganda film illustrating a quick modernization of German industry. But none-the-less Hitler sparked a movement to force the Imperialists Britain and Imperialists France to relinquish their economic control from their coal and rare-metals mining operations and used their own resources to build their Third Reich.


When the NAZI (National Socialist Party, e.g. not a Republican-Federalist Party) threw out indignant communists, these were not intellectuals or a middle – class but rabble rousers to the likes we see as anarchists who protest the various world economic forums today, such as the World Trade Organization. Most of these communists were Soviet infiltrators, many were illegal aliens by law and advocating for Germany to pay them, supply work and give them free property to live, such as in the case of a welfare state. Germany had no economic or industrial apparatus to support such a communist population.


In the Leftist Academic books, used to educate the teachers of the future, and all over the world, we are told by these pieces of filth that the Germans arose to their monstrous behavior because of Christianity, which is an irrational and a crazy religious movement of people. This is why Karl Marx called liberals the worst animals in the existence of humankind. They blame all problems on other people and never want to say sorry or take responsibility.


Hitler sent the German Jews on ships to America and F.D.R. refused to have them dock and get off and migrate to America, instead forcing them to Cuba. There is absolutely no evidence that America is this innocent entity to the horrors of the Holocaust. F.D.R. was a great admirer of Adolf Hitler and for confirmation he never led a program for the European theater operations during World War II. In fact, he spent three-fourths of the war concentrating on supplying the Mao Communist forces with diversional lend-lease as he played the Chinese black-markets to make horrendous amounts of capital gains.


American and British academics either are forced or will comply and not report this fact, as the winner needs a scapegoat to justify the means to an end. This is because the ideology of the atheist left intends they are perfect and it is always someone who is to blame.


In Judicial Astrology one needs to engage reality and to make accurate predictions based upon past events and into the future for repeatable, but relative cycles; and by relying upon false history written by the winner-murderers one will fall into the pit of mirrors and confusion and your predictive measures will falter as you will fail to become a world rewound prophet, if that is one’s motive.


This is not an apology for Hitler or the Germans, and it is certainly not a glorification of the Allied forces of World War II. There is ample evidence that Britain and the U.S.A. murdered more civilians in World War II than Hitler’s entire regime, and this is never even whispered in any western classroom. At Germany, these citizens are intellectually restrained  as there are many laws making it illegal to discuss World War II, with threats of imprisonment and social banishment.


After the NAZIs surrendered on 7 May 1945, the Allies forced these Germans to accept collective guilt. It was as if one Dictator was defeated, Hitler, and the new bosses, the Allied Forces just stepped into the dictating shoes of the despot position. The radical left of Germany took controls of the government, centralized it, and forced their citizens upon threats and examples of execution to comply with German nationalism. There was little choice when governments achieve total control of society under Socialistic (i.e. dictatorship or bureaucratic) government systems.  


Euthanasia based upon superiority of genes and of psychical traits was practiced in America and was by no-means a German phenomenon. Americans wanted to serialize all handicap persons and persons with mental challenges. The idea of an Aryan Race was from a writing on origins of human movements in a geographical context, from a rural Italian native who ascribed the Hindu lands as the origins of the Aryan Race;  and by no means was he referring to blue –eyed, and blond-hair persons – which would have doomed Hitler who had none of the above physical traits. This myth comes by the way of one German home video of a healthy blond and blue-eyed boy which became sort of the standard model draped across the entire civilization.


Myths are created by the winners who are barbarians to which in this case frames first France and Britain’s atrocious and inhuman legal codes to end the German culture in 1919 and later the U.S.A. that helped implement this plan into a feasible reality by trying to incinerate every imaginable space of the German homelands. We have hand-written documents archived in the British National Library to which Winston Churchill orders terrorist tactics and genocide on the German people to which even today most Britains will deny that Winston Churchill ever existed in light of these recent historical developments.


World War II was by no means an easy solution, but Christianity nor esoteria had created the Third Reich – it only helped then to cope with the atheistic military might of France and Britain after World War I. The German people were trying to figure out why they made cannon and military supplies to which France and Britain conquered the world, then turned those military machines against them, killed their people, destroyed their lands (WWI) and then created legal codes to eradicate the Germans from the face of the Earth, all under a propaganda of Freedom and Democracy. Germans turned to mysticism to explain the smoke and mirrors being thrown at them by the world. Germans suffering tremendously, when Wall Street started to falter in 1929, western investors could no longer support the starving Germans to create jobs, and things turned to the worse as the economic crisis helped France’s and Britain’s ultimate plans of a final solution to their German scapegoat. 


The easy prophetic signature is this: Most of Europe, mainly France and Britain, carved up and imperialized the world prior to the twentieth century, then they needed an escape goat to cover up their tracts as monsters – to which killing Germans and then blaming Christianity as a world threat was a viable solution to cover up their sins.


Every atheist academic I have encountered intends the Age of Reason (rationalism), implying the collapse of religion has benefited the world. In Nostradamus, and even before J. Trithemvis ( followed by Roussat (via d’Ailley), to whom Nostradamus even may have agreed but in different time-lines) focused upon a period of the persecution of the spiritualistic ways of life, and especially identifying Christians as the culprits of all non-community and peaceful, prosperous, and respectful to others, lifestyle. That’s why the Atheists created nuclear weapons and dropped them upon innocent civilians to prove their point that they are more ethical and moral then these vilified Christians. In the Hebrew Bible, God destroys almost all of the humans because they had turned their hearts away from him – and by the doctrine of relative cycles,  these ancient great astrologers ( followed and investigated by Trithemivs, Agrippa, Roussat, and Nostradamus) pointed out the persecution of the religious will result in the same thing for the future.  The triumph of materialistic rationalism over spiritual things led to the falling away of Christianity and the creation of weapons of mass destruction to entertain the reborn barbarians.


Did the NAZIs kill 8,000,000 Jews during World War II? Probably not. French, American and British policies probably led to 2,000,000 deaths of Jews during and after the war. If there were in fact, as evident now shows that 260,000 Jews living, working, and owning property in Germany at the commencement of World War II, then  policies of the Allies led to a mass genocide of Jews, as well as Germans and others because of their atheism. World War II was not a religious war; it was a war by the political left. Their message is loud and clear, there is no God: kill or be killed; there is no other truth in life.


The successive leadership of the American civil rights movement threw out  Martin Luther King, Jr.’s ideas of passive resistance and formed a leftist ideology of violence justifies the means to an end – otherwise the leftist doctrine of kill or be killed. They are no different than the ideology of Adolf Hitler. To the Germans battling for their very existence as a historical culture it was at this time, that is to say between World War I and II, that the necessity of the ideology of kill or be killed took on a paramount importance to survivability. One will not get this discourse in any western classroom, because to the winner goes the spoils  and spoils are won by controlling your thoughts to what is real and what is illusionary history. 


USA Government Insane or Mentally Ill?

Can China Save America and The West? (29 Aug. 2011)


Recently, Academic Papers published and supported by NASA claim Aliens are for real, but a twist details that they are all dedicated leftist ideologues, hate republicans, hate Jews, are pro-Hamas terrorist organization, intend Albert Gore’s prophecy of Global Warming Destruction will come about soon if the world does not submit to an enslavement both economically and politically. The threat posed by the leftist media is that if the Republicans are not wiped – out and killed across the earth, they will attack and do the job Obama and his thugs refuse too – create solutions to better all of humankind, not just the aristocrats! People believe this is a joke, but a United Kingdom’s Newspaper called The Guardian provides names, papers, and links –We know that Great Britain has a long history of managing the world, and therefore had and possible still have some of the best propaganda intelligencia in their secret service folds, but Obama stole now $15 trillion dollars and Obama shut down NASA – so NASA’s survival is to react toward the thief Obama and his thugs by causing mischief.


We all heard of rumors and New Agers warning that a ‘Great Deception’ will take place by the governments of the world tricking the Humans that a space-alien attack in the guise of Jesus Returning in the sky ( holograms and lasers)  will force the people of the world to submit as global slaves—thus working for the aristocracy, people like Obama who tells the world to eat pees, but he ships in very expensive ($15,000 per week) rare lobster to the White House kitchen for his meals – meaning he is another fraud and phony aristocrat.   If Aliens, which apparently have wormhole technology, wanted to destroy the human race they would have done so by now and not at a moment when the aristocracy is worried the human population hates being enslaved by these leftist corporations of aristocrats and struggling to survive. 


No-one hates Obama because he has a mix-ethnicity, nor the visual color of his skin. Many want him to fail because his extremist hatred ---speech, blaming everyone else for all the world’s problems (just like mass murderer Mao Tse-tung!); including his own party for his own failed policy decisions. He even blames nature for his low approval ratings (currently 38%, Gallup Poll findings 25 Aug. 2011). Obama is the furthest from “We the People.” He is a selfish brat, thief, hater and liar – which is nothing but a cacophony of traits applied to the definition of an aristocrat.


Currently Homeland Security Head of State Janet Napolitano has composed legislation ‘marking’ all republicans, Christians, conservative Jews, as the world’s foremost terrorist threat. This perhaps explains why these Alien leeks to the Media are constructing a world narrative that Aliens are all Dictator/Communists ( i.e. U.S.A. The Democratic Party extremists) and will attack and end Earth’s civilization because “We The People” refused to submit our bodies, economy and lives to the objective of serving the new Masters – Aristocrats – in Global Feudalism.  Obama is a feudalistic leader, a hater of the common person who had the guts to say that all politicians lie. This means all he said about hope and change (bettering of our collective worlds) was just a blatant lie to ‘deceive’ his real purpose of making himself a co-globalist-aristocrat.  The biggest problem is that the aristocrats have control of the U.S.A. Military and can force at anytime people all over the world to submit to serfdom.  Maybe These Chinese will be the saviors of the human race and get rid of these hater-aristocrats once and for all in the west.



Official Statement: NASA, Aliens Will Attack Earth, Are Commies, and Are Green!
Archangel Michael 19 Aug 2011
Sample, Ian, Science Reporter, “Aliens may destroy humanity to protect other civilizations, say scientists” 18 August 2011, 19:04 BST, ( accessed 17 (UT 18 th) August 2011, 9:30 PST), available from

NASA Scientists now claim Aliens do exist,
after lying for 40 + years and they have joined the Democratic Party, to align themselves to a communist ideology, are colored ‘Green,’ and intend if the people of the world do not give all their money to the Democratic Party, these supporting rich scientists and leftist political leaders, the Aliens will destroy the world! The leftist scientists backed by the U.S. Democrats say this is because the Alien fear a global warming will destroy other planetary systems they inhabit. These  attacks appear directed at the religious and at the political party of Republicans (fiscally conservative).


Apparently Project Blue Beam, intends a leftist coalition with Green Space Aliens to empty out your savings, control you, and make you a global slave farm – by threatening you with outer space SS thug-Alien people suppressors.


This article does not intend a joke, but scientists associated to American universities and NASA scientists have published papers intending an Alien attack is eminent if the good Samaritan and Church lady are not fully suppressed. The dire news comes as the Space Shuttle Program was ended, and NASA’s new job program details an outreach to Muslims (i.e. religious but enemies of Christians, get it?) to suppress Christians and Jews,  all in the name to combat global climate change, whatever that means?


This comes as news of Janet Napolitano’s world amnesty program to prop-up the Democratic Political base and has identified white people of the U.S.A. associated to the Republican Party as the ‘real global terrorism threat.’ Obama told her to allow illegal immigrants to stay as proxy-U.S. citizens,  and no threat of deportation unless one had registered as a Republican (i.e. terrorist). If you are cought praying to Jesus and not Muhammad you are placed on the U.S. and Interpol global Terrorist watch-list.


All foreigners who do not have white skin and or registered to a right-wing party will be immediately eligible to receive free welfare, SSI, Obamacare and to mandate a high percentage of the job openings in the U.S. Workforce – all on American tax payer’s backs. Blacks make up 10-11% of the total U.S. population but Obama has implemented racial quotas so that blacks can replace other ethnicities at all jobs to a 60% black and 40% other racial demographic – although statistically this is impossible, but Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Chrissy Mathews, and company  intend no-one can compete with Obama who is the only one in history to have an IQ close to Albert Einstein?


Meanwhile the leftist states like California see 12% unemployment in the big cities and 20% unemployment in the suburbs and rural areas --- while Republican states like Texas see 3.5% unemployment thanks in part to the patriot-boarder-volunteer force – Janet Napolitano tries to prosecute them for apprehending or shooting cocaine drug smugglers – because leftist Washington D.C. has a nasty cocaine habit. Napolitano must make sure that Washington D.C. Liberals have their stash, and party-favors. Do not forget cocaine heaven, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, 99% leftist, 99% doped-up on coke!   


It will be extremely difficult with the SS NAZI ‘Green Aliens’ warned by NASA who seek to destroy Christians, homeless shelter volunteers ( the left will never volunteer, they must have the state pay-them or they do not help the less fortunate!), and old ladies. Obama is reading a Brave New World by an atheist author (coined the word Psychedelic, he was a hippie!) who preached class-warfare, no love, only lust and ghoulish horrors of genetic manipulation to create monster babies who are robots or automatons. In the book children are sexually trained to please adults at a prepubescent age. Maybe this describes former Obama Administration Sex Czar, Jenkins, and his kinky child sex-kits that are for the same Brave New World purpose.


The Great Islamic civilizations, the Great Persian civilizations, the Great European civilizations and the Great Southern and Main Asian civilizations fell for various reasons but each had a common theme – the degradation of the traditional family and traditional ethics and morals. The Brave New World offers an ending civilization life ideology, and the left believes it is progress – as Huxley believed his book was a new model for the new man – but it describes drugs, sex, entertainment, class-warfare, constant racist conditioning, and genetic manipulation and management to keep the rulers in wealth and power – Huxley was not saying this is a prediction of the new world, he was showing a road map on  how to get there and Obama is absorbing all the delicious details and maybe after all the lies for 848 days without one tabled Democratic Budget ( calculated since August 2011) we can get Obama to create one job and not lose 40 - 100 million jobs and then scare us with threats of Green leftist Aliens who will obliterate the world if we do not bow to junk science central!


China Says U.S. Nuclear 'Secrets' Are On Internet




Yes, Chinese leaders speak the truth. Indeed, I attended U.C. Berkeley, and all the nuclear-weapons designs are on their servers internet. The only classified information remained the implosion calculations for detonation – but otherwise all things were there for the bomb making maniacs of all countries. U.C. Berkeley is Anti-American and they believe proliferation of nuclear weapons can help other countries get the bomb and destroy the lands of the United States of America.  From what I have seen on campus, everyone, including staff and professors are drunkards. Drunkards have a difficult time experiencing reality or experiencing love of their fellow humans.


BEIJING (Reuters) - China sneered Monday at allegations it stole U.S. nuclear weapons secrets, saying warhead technology is readily available in libraries and on the Internet. ``Performance data on the seven types of nuclear warheads ... have long been openly published in the United States,'' cabinet spokesman Zhao Qizheng told reporters. ``They are no longer secrets, so there is nothing to steal,'' Zhao said in a statement he read to reporters before logging on to the Internet to demonstrate the availability of nuclear technology. [...]``This is a great slander against the Chinese nation and is typical racial prejudice,'' he [Zhao] said.

( Reuters)- May 31 , 1999.






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