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Jounral Entries  2010



Commercial of Lies by LeftNewsMedia

(12 April 2011)

I was on the treadmill at the local exercise establishment, and on the treadmill TV monitor a leftwing news media show had a story about the cause of the Recession. It claimed Clinton left the U.S.A. with a 152 Million dollar surplus and G.W. Bush, Jr. left the U.S.A. with a 1.5 Trillion dollar deficit. There is no point in a democracy when lies are controlled by the mainstream media. It does not matter, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MTV, NPR and a myriad of other dominant information-to-society portals to our collective information systems are lairs and twist the minds of our world population. Under Bill Clinton, it was the Republican Majority on Capital Hill that forced Clinton to balance the budget, and he still left the presidency with a massive U.S.A. deficit. Under G.W. Bush, Jr. The Liberal Democratic Party had the control of Capital Hill and they spent massive amounts of money for their upcoming election to their unions and special interest groups using all of the U.S.A. tax-payer monies. The Recession is Obama’s fault who has our debt in the $15 trillion range and increasing. The leftwing media lies and never reports the truth, and for the most part Republicans and other party affiliates never challenge their lies. A democracy does not mean mind-twisting of the public by academia and the media that gets their liars strait from academia which is 99% leftwing, meaning lying-greed artists. When people ask why there are so many problems in the world, they never look at the source – the leftwing in all strata of life are the great evildoers – never challenged and apparently always win until they destroy the planet.

What is  a part of the term of Socialism? ( entry 10 April 2011).

Professors at my school inaccurately claim in blog-posts that Socialism means taxation of the people, and invariably Republicans are against taxation – a total lie and sham. To communicate the correct grievances of the Republicans, take for instance Planned Parenthood in the Obama election it contributed over $1,000,000 for his campaign. You will say, well what is the problem, political contribution happen from all spectra of the social-political-economic economy? However, Planned Parenthood 100% gets its money from U.S. tax-payers by the funding from Democrats in Congress, not Republicans. So the U.S. taxpayers pay Planned Parenthood who then take a portion of their funding and contribute political money to Democrat election offices. That’s socialism/dictatorship, thuggery.  It is illegal in the private sector and it is called ‘kickbacks.’ Mafias were brought up on charges in the U.S. Court system based upon illegal-political kickbacks, when their political operatives were elected to local municipal office. However, if it happens to be a Congressional Democratic program of social-funding it is deemed not illegal – but it is exactly the same Mafia-style political vote-buying. THIS IS NOT A DEMOCRACY.



for my writing today: 8 December 2010


In the news a new poll proclaims most Americans see China overtaking the U.S.A.’s economy. Nostradamus X. LXXII ( dated 1999) intends that a resuscitation of a great Asian civilization was the key to the understanding of this prophecy.

Meanwhile, Berkeley City Council passed a resolution to honor Julian Assange the wikileaks contributor recently arrested by the British on trumpet – up charges – to be a state hero. Some of his leaks also have cables that go as far as the 1980s, but the ones in late 1990s confirm my interpretation on Nostradamus X – 72, that the Chinese were selling nuclear weapons technologies to North Korea, Pak. India, and later in the 2000s to Iran – this was to recoup monies it spent on buying U.S. nuclear weapons technologies in the 1990s. One thing about these leaks reveal that contrail spraying has over 200 patents, so the kooks as we were called are correct after all. So the haters and lovers of tyranny will need to find new kook claims.

In the News Obama called Republicans terrorists and bomb throwers – typical rhetoric from Obama who is a racist and a hater in my opinion. At least in his astrology chart it pertains toward the end of his life, the people he considered friends will distance themselves from him – perhaps realizing he was a racist and hater all along.

Economics correctly relate as I have intended for so long that the U.S.A. economy will get better when Obama leaves the office of the U.S.A. president. Under law he has to leave in late 2016 – which is a dismal forecast. But you always can get rid of a president but never the people who put him into office. Obama promised utopia, and the majority believed in his messianic message. However, he turned out to be an antichrist ( anyone who is opposed to Jesus Christ, the bible intends, it is not a lone person as the media has twisted its meaning from John II ( New Testament).


Journal 10

Death Wars , Drugs, and Modernity

Bill Clinton and 2015 Proposed Death Chart

 08 Jan. 2011 ©

In 2015, Clinton’s Progressed Saturn which is in a solid conjunction to Praesepe will touch his cusp of his ninth house proceeding into the eight house, in a sidereal coordinate system. His descendant in the next few years will have Alycone on it, so he has something to cry about. Praesepe in the horoscope of the U.S.A. (5:00 p.m./ Declaration Chart) is in the twelfth house ( The C.I.A., N.S.A. were created with in the confines of a prominent Praesepe) when progressing at least to 4 November 2004. Since it is in the U.S.A. 12th house, much of the work is behind the scenes leading to conspiracies, be them real or fantasy, and this places Bill Clinton’s ties to government within the reaches of secret places in American politics.


In 2004’s progressed horoscope of the U.S.A., Algol is in near culmination. This is when Venus is progressing form the ninth house to the eighth house and will continue for some years from 2004. This signifies not so much as financial death as a social revision and social change for America’s demography. Perhaps the Chironian conjunction to Venus is a part of the change in financial as well as the lessons of financial accountability. Siderally, the Sun is in the middle of the Constellation of Aquarius. I was born with a tropical Pisces Sun; however, my Sun is in Aquarius in the perspective from viewing it from the earth to the heavens – sidereal.  Because of the Uranus’ slow movement in progressed chart, its position in Hyades can bring financial windfall or financial failure – but it is key-framing term of unstable and excitement in the view of financial agency. People who suddenly get rich, congruent to their own horoscope’s destiny, describe sudden and unexpected financial dealings when Uranus is in the ruler of Venus’ constellation.


The 4 November 2004 general elections had exhibited a point in theoretical time where the Moon was squaring Mars in the U.S.A. chart, and the U.S.A. was in the meantime forging two wars. Today, in the month of January of 2011, The War in Afghanistan, to which Obama lied and said he would end useless wars now, has become the longest war in U.S.A. history – surpassing Vietnam. In addition, more people have died in these prolonged two wars of Iraq and Afghanistan than in Vietnam. There was an anti-war movement, not as prominent as in the 1960s, however after Democratic Party nominee Barack Hussein Obama became elected, these protests halted and imperialism became a permissible argument for the changing ideology of the left. The C.I.A., Obama has them providing solid for opium farmers of Afghanistan and Pakistan and then the C.I.A. flies the illegal drugs to their world-connection dealers then Obama asks the U.S.A. public for more taxes to fund the War on Drugs to stop the use and spread of Opium.


The National Public Radio (N.P.R. which has an arm on television ) is funded by U.S. taxpayers, regardless of their constant denials ( they have private funding campaigns too) even have documentaries, showing how Obama created opium production jobs for the poor Afghani farmers, and the help from the C.I.A. U.S.A. soldiers walk on pathways where miles of bushels of drying opium plants cure for the processing job later on and this is communicated a stimulus job for Americans and Afghanis. Then to create more jobs, the department to fight drugs employees’ distributers of Opium to the world drug dealers and then arrest the drug users and this creates many jobs in the government sectors. It also helps communicate the public for a need to raise taxes to pay for more jail cells and prison construction to house all the people who are subjected to penalties for using the powerful drug. This is not a secret and the right-wing has to put up with the decisions of Obama’s regime or he will defund the military families, cut medical benefits and downsize the U.S.A. military and give the U.S.A. taxpayer monies to other foreign business to carry-out this bizarre job stimulus. As Obama’s natal Sun rises, Algol culminates in his horoscope. I use Mombasa, Kenya, hospital because his relatives claim he was born there – this info came decades before he was a political figure. When everyone looked at his 50% Senate participation, when Obama came around to attending sessions while not parting and goofing-off he voted against these wars. However, after getting elected to office of the presidency, he is determined to prolong these wars against farmers and poor people and the left which is anti – War says absolutely nothing because a Democratic member is the leader of the U.S.A.


What does this tell us if we analyze this piece of information? It tells us that the Democratic Party is a fraudulent organization that is only interested in power and not conviction.


It has also come to the attention of the public that Obama has printed now not $3.3 trillion dollars, not $7.8 trillion dollars, not $12 trillion dollars but perhaps $20 trillion dollars. The devaluation of the U.S.A. dollar is about $9 trillion, and prices rise not because of a shortage, but because of recouping real-costs – inflation. To cure inflation, the private families called the Federal Reserve due business with the U.S.A.’s government by keeping the interest rates down, which ‘masks’ the problem and then the media does there best to cover up the crime because they are paid-off by the political parties and their lively hoods are dependant upon each other. For example, Mao Tse-tung, who was basically an stupid individual and masked his stupidity by killing anyone who crossed him, his general never reported the real facts to the media to warn the people that Mao Tse-tung to keep in power must kill masses of peasants so he could send the Chinese crop productions to Austria, Russia and south Asia for profit purposes so he could finance his nuclear weapons program. The lesson was Mao controlled the media outlets, and we are seeing the same thing here in America. The problem with the strength of the U.S.A. dollar it remains the world’s currency of trading.


Europeans who for fifty-years turned-up their noses at the U.S.A. for running a better form of Democracy ( which included capitalism) the Obama administration had to print all these U.S. bills to bail out the European and some eastern and middle eastern banks – because they run socialism. China is also coming into the game because the U.S.A. cannot help out these idiot nations that claim unionism of high-wages, many-days off from work, relaxation jobs, and sitting in coffee shops while the government pays you fifty rich monies, does not work. China is full blown capitalist dictatorship, ever since 1989, following the Reagan model of trickle down economy. Mao Tse-tung ran a trickle up economy and needed to kill millions of humans each year to claim a measly 3% economic growth.  Europeans laugh at the U.S.A. that it is a backward thinking and ideological country – not in modernity. However, the U.S.A. had to save Europe in two World Wars, and bail-their banks out because they are bankrupted from so much laughter and arrogance.


Meanwhile on the Bay Area Radio, the progressive talk-shows are having meltdowns claiming that in the 1980s the public/government funded unions comprised around 20 % of the national work force and have dwindled down to 12.9 %. They are too stupid to tell their audience that the population grew exponentially, so the government public funded unions have grown, and we no longer manufacture at the levels of post-World War II levels. These talk-shows are endless excuse, lies, and illusionary rhetoric, where everything is based upon mysterious right – wing forces controlling the world’s economy. Everything is black and white to these small intellectual idiots. All banks, Wall Streets, corporations are all right-wing organizations and all welfare recipients are all Democrats. Their lame excuse is Obama is compromising with these rich right-wingers and paying off all these rich people because of some mysterious conspiracy. They have no solution but to campaign for Democratic members for 2012 and local elections, as well claim Obama has done everything right. The problem is they take callers form the public or have guests who voted for Obama, life-long democrats that tell them facts and they have meltdowns – such as ‘ why don’t you tell us what he has done that is good?’


A commentary by a Obama and Democratic life-long leftist said that U.S.A. politicians on the left should stick to their plan that the number on agenda is not the economy it is to attack the right-wing ( lies, propaganda, slander, libel, demonization, etc.,, thuggary) and number two is to advance the minorities agenda over the majorities. I pondered this because in Los Angeles, the Latins, mainly Mexicans own Los Angeles in all the unions, now including most police departments, and are the majority of the population in Los Angeles. So this person is not talking strait; and the real agenda is LA RAZA or to force out of the U.S.A. all Europeans. However, in history this has been an apparent plan, even in times of Classical Greece where Macedonians wanted and achieved to throw out the Greeks – which happened – and the politics of today are a reflection of the politics back then. In fact, the astreology that Nostradamus used confirms these as similar repeated astrological/astronomical configurations appear to be repeating. Therefore the correct and safe prediction is that the left’s agenda is to overthrow the demographics of the U.S.A. in hopes that the Minorities are not warmongers. This is a joke as all cultures are war mongers, so this is a pathological dilemma because the program of these progressive leftists is anti-progressive – it is just the same thing but different demographic. They do not understand this because they are drunk and stupid.


On the flip-side the Republican Party is loosing its emphasis on its message of small government, individual responsibility, and patriotism. It is focuses on keeping out alternative lifestyles, and minorities in a large part – while denying this plan. In a sense the Republican Party is over or at least in its former form and will deteriorate away as the left gets new blood and votes from the illegal immigrants flooding in with their racist agenda to take-over the U.S.A. because they detest northern Europeans.


Many in the government see this on both sides of the political spectrum. Some curiously see trouble up ahead and want to destroy masses of human populations to stave-off the stress from overpopulations wanting more of the good life. This has led to end-times sentiments, and is not directly correlated to Biblical or extra – Biblical prophecy.


In the coming few years the U.S.A.’s progressed Moon will move over Mars and then over Saturn. Traditionally in Astrology, coming from the ancients, these are the two malefics, and will cause some tense times. One of the advancing predictions for Venus as it begins to form an aspect of opposition to Saturn is a dwindling prosperous agenda and an empirical formulation where economics will be in a tense relationship to the government. Since this is forming now and will continue for decades, the good-times for the U.S.A. are all over and we can close the book on this chapter of the Democratic Experiment.


By 2016’s elections in November, the U.S.A.’s rising star will be Zosma, a star on the back of the lion. Praesepe will nearly be exiting the twelfth house for the eleventh – damaging the social makeup of the U.S.A., and preceding the formulation of anti-northern Europeans ( to which they will go back to Europe where Nostradamus continues most of his prophecies) , this star has good and bad qualities associated to it historically. the negative side is that it causes suffering. It also causes charity or is involved with Charity work. Mother Teresa, who dedicated much of her life helping out the unfortunate had this star prominent in her chart. Of course, the 2012 elections will have a different rising star as it takes place, I believe on the 7th of November as opposed to 2008 when it was on the 4th of November but the Moon will have passed Mars, Saturn and transited the I.C. and will be in opposition to Uranus in the tenth and squaring the Sun in the eleventh from the fourth-house. Since Chiron is in the constellation of Pisces, sidereally, and this tells us of a continual social class warfare, and it is posited in the home of Pluto ( 8 th house) of regeneration and change this position helps affirm what I said about the demographic changes that will be going on – and the Latin Countries will begin to become nuclear powered nations, and armed with nuclear weapons. So it will be a fun time for all, as the world gears up for war and the scientists formulate the plan for mass extinction because they are stupid idiots and have sexual dysfunctions associated to their beings.


When the U.S.A. changed the general elections from March to November, out of greed, they changed the helical star opportunities. But since scientist claim astrology is not tied to destinies, and we must all live by their lies and greed and periodic mass extinctions because they are intellectually superior – the mantra of the leftwing establishment this helps describe the U.S.A.’s short-span of democratic experiment.




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