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Jounral Entries  2010

(1) Newman, Sharan, The Real History of The End of The World: Apocalyptic Predictions from Revelation, Nostradamus to Y2K and 2012

(2) Death Wars , Drugs, and Modernity
Bill Clinton and 2015 Proposed Death Chart (08 jAN 2011)

Newman, Sharan, The Real History of The End of The World: Apocalyptic Predictions from Revelation, Nostradamus to Y2K and 2012 (New York: Berkeley Publishing Group, Published by Penguin Group Inc, 2010) , 313 pp.


Sharan Newman surveys typical end-of-the-world writings beginning with the Myth of Atrahasis and does add some eastern traditions, yet mainly focusing on the west, making a bit witty fun at the gullible non-scientists which is the majority of the human struggle. The final prediction, after accepting the ridiculous 3 trillion years of the ancient Indian traditions, concludes the end days according to modern scientists will be around 5,000,000,000 from now, when the Sun will have used up all of its energy and turn into a red giant and engulf our world. Her point as well as many academic mediocre leftists believe pointing out by investigation the plethora of inaccurate end-times predictions she can advance her elite class of academic scientists who today claim they hold the key to morality, ethics, economics, social-class struggles, and politics. They are the modern form of mythic gods – they are there to point out to the common peon their stupidity. These appease her advisors so she can get work and lifetime wealth by permanent job security and brain-wash the incommoding charges. She starts off her book concluding she had no idea too the many cyclical views of belief systems among various folk-myths and cultures. She apparently had no idea about Nostradamus or even figured it out that Nostadamus was not a linear time proponents of sorts. He believed in cyclical historicy, never unique but certainly not random.  The one thing I do like about Sharan Newman compared to some actual near-experts on Nostradamus is that she advocates footnoting and tells her reader to excuse this practice as it looks intimidating. Many popular writers such as John Hogue or Peter Lemesurier, certainly in their earlier works, use little to no footnotes. References are never enough, especially when texts are varied and contentious, and there are problems in misrepresenting what others have stated.

She claims by using a later than 1611 edition, perhaps from Fontburne’s book, X. LXXII and concludes Nostradamus claimed the end of the world. This was after her admittance that experts agree Nostradamus writings go until at least 3797 – to which she agrees “That’s a relief.”[1] On page 294 in her chronological table of end time date of predictions, date of the end of the world Predicted, type and predictor, she claims on 14 March 1557, Nostradamus in one of his few clear prophecies predicts the end of the world in 1999. What evidence she gives is unclear, even to the greatest exegesis whom ever graved terra firma. She does provide a French version of X. LXXII, which appears to be 1611 Sève edition or a later version, and translates the poem’s third line and controversial term as “King of the Angols” [ Angolan Africans], because they were “known through trade.”[2] Yet in a final decision of providing an critical-historical method, she admits, “I have no idea what Nostradamus had in mind[...].”[3] She then uses this quatrain to claim Nostradamus intends this poem to be the end of the world. She surmises that March 14, 1557 is what Nostradamus defined as the start of the seventh millennia, but she probably has no idea he mentions an eight millennia, therefore this one is arbitrary to the world’s chronology. Is she actually ignorant or does she see her pretentiousness? The title of her work, “The Real History of the End of the World,” should begin with an indefinite article (A History.....), because this book is only a survey and obviously as far as knowledge on Nostradamus, she has almost no-understanding. Wilson’s book is decent, but he only spent one year on Nostradamus while others have spent decades, at least in some capacity or another.

She translates VIII. LXXVII but provides no source or edition.[4] This is an indication she has no idea what she is looking at and plays it rather safe. One thing that strikes of a failing educational system is in her chapter 21 conclusion on Nostradamus, referencing her translation of X. LXXII, she intends, “ So, according to Nostradamus, we either have over a thousand years to the end or it already happened and no-one noticed.”[5] Of course this is contradicted in another chapter. The failure of academia lay in the predominance of the left’s ultra conviction they know what they are studying, and can have an affirmative statement that sums up the world’s narrative on mysteries – all at the same time as contradicting their claims – as if no-one will notice.

Nostradamus is not easy and she just uses the views from her source-list while pretentiously translating a few quatrains and then proclaiming expertise on Nostradamus. So the discrepancy here for readers is that she claims she knows, and does not know, all at the same time – but in two separate portions of the book. She can point a finger that Nostradamus’ writings surly have doublespeak, but to her and academia this is not permissible? Then why does she do the same thing? It is the preverbal, I’m better so I do not have to follow what I say or do, but you do you peon scumbag. Again, Myth of Atrahasis speaks of a group who believe they are biological superior to other groups, thus they do not have to perform to the same laws or guild lines as they force on others.

The evidence pretends she is in the affirmative for claiming Nostradamus predicts the end of the world in 1999, in the chronological table- reference; but in the main chapter 21 on Nostradamus’ predictions she contradicts this claim and says she has no idea of what he is saying. Maybe U.C. Santa-Barbara can force candidates to take writing-class on the topic of fluid- consistency; that’s to say, if you claim something as affirmative and conclusive, make sure you do not contradict your claim in the other main portion of your book. If your point is to confuse the reader or have the reader think you are ignorant or worse, an idiot, then proceed as normal. Of course, if your audience is to idiots you want to speak idiotically to them so idiots can commiserate within the group of idiots – a happy symbiotic marriage of convenience. The point is she claim expertise in ‘French Mysteries,’ wins financial awards, gets promotion to a doctor level, but Nostradamus was very much a part of the French Mystery Tradition in which she literally knows nothing about him and too when there are plenty of books to choose; and her footnotes tell us she took a little advantage of these opportunities. She admits that she cannot find Edgar Leroy’s book, and had to use others ( I believe it was Ian Wilson’s use  of Edgar’s work and some spurious stuff comes from Ward’s) to construct a curt bio-narrative. The funning thing is the University of California, the system she is in has copies of Edgar Leroy’s book and is not hard to find. It takes about two minuets on the University of California, inline access search engines to access and possibly a week for ordering to complete the process to get the book to Santa Barbara.

If you are reading this Nostradamus analysis of this work, no –where, ever, mentions the end of the world; some speculate he cryptically speaks about colonizing the stars – but again, that is a cyclical understanding as some believe  this to be the case from interpretative attempts of ancient Mesopotamian texts, where we could have been seeded on Earth from another planet and this is just another of many planet systems we inhabit on our way to trudging through illusionary linear – time to a destination of ‘the same old thing,’ to another star-system – thus the cyclical understanding of end-days, or end-times.  I’m sure if these atheist scientists, if they do not go totally insane and shoot-off nuclear missiles at everyone convinced their are some religious nutter, we can progress as a society. However, the totally insane by framing and by demonizing the common people by these intolerant and cunning scientists re create the same end-time scenario that they are trying to denounce to their audience. Yes, far leftist, multi-billionaire Bill Gates advocates killing off a few billion people. The scary thing is he has the funds to get those plans into actions. He does not care about prophecies or end-times scenarios – he only cares about people seeing him as a power master of the human race – now bow down to his feet.

Ironic, yet. Self-fulfilling, maybe; cyclical yes, tragic yes, normative yes; special persons able to see this into the future, yes; when the human condition is so predictable, one can model large pieces of time  and come up with relevant accuracy.

Nostradamus in his private correspondence mentions ‘reincarnation.’ His consistent ‘bring back’ scenarios of people (or events) from his poems seem to enforce this idea.  One cannot use ‘eschatology’ when studying Nostradamus, because that is a leftist construction from their confusion over the concepts of linear components -- to myth, lore, and groups trying to wish upon the world an end to their suffering – which is the closest reason these things come about in our ages, periods, and history -- and cyclical time of eternity. The big bang is only a novelty, so that start-to-end universe is being revised now as a possible incorrect assessment of our now multiverse and cyclical multi-big-bangs.  

Since the elites reincarnate over and over they keep suppressing the poor that keep reincarnating over and over. So many people are suppressed by the elite (which includes academics throughout history) that the poor or sometimes a person who represents the group of the poor devise ways to make themselves believe in an end-times to stop their own suffering at the hands of others. but since the academics are the suppressors (Yes, Erasmus said this over and over as well as  other) these academics must keep writing books criticizing these groups, and all the while getting loads of money for being a good leftist – academic soldier against the crazies.

No-one does not need to believe or disbelieve in these crazy groups’ claims or individuals such as Nostradamus, but do not misrepresent and lie about what they did not say at all – and claim to be the ‘expert’ and show a public façade of superiority.  When Atheist Al Gore claimed in his Nobel Prize winning film An Inconvenient  Truth ( scientific community) that the world would end in 2010 unless everyone of the common peons of the world empty out their bank accounts and children’s college fund and give it to his many corporations that will solve this end-time scenario, we understand how the academics are full of garbage. The movie’s message was to scare the world to allowing Al Gore to rule over it, take all your money and decide who lives and who dies. It is typical cyclical Myth of Atrahasis construction: the filthy rich elite ( he and his wife are filthy rich) will enslave the poor for their entertainment and monitory needs, while not caring if they suffer, live and die. Every day in the media, if you do not take this pill or get on this health plan, or do this or that you will die, your family will die because atheist scientist have proclaimed this so. These realities have not made it into the work by Sharan Newman, neither did Al Gore’s prediction of the end of the world in 2010. If you are writing “The Real History of the End of The World,” and you want to be taken seriously, then you write about it in the definite article with a definite comprehension to truth. Currently, not religious, but the atheist left are spewing End-Times garbage out of their medium from a minuet – by – minuet pogrom,  to control you, make you die, and make you a slave for their entertainment. This explains a recent poll where only 9% identify in academia to being registered as a Republican. All the crack-pots that are leftist leave out their own proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, their fear mongering to enslave the poor in tax system of bondage all for their laughs and entertainment. It is so predictable one can take today’s circumstances and Myth of Atrahasis and make a viable comparison by replacing the higher gods as academic idiots and lesser gods as the common peons that the higher idiots must suppress. When the building blocks of life are everywhere in the universe, evolution surely exists, and reincarnation is the key yet for these idiots to uncover than there is no end-time ever, just periodic stops in a linear progression to nowhere. It is a circular argument but it is a fact in my opinion. Try not to read the new physic books on topics of the N-Dimensions, your brain may explode and collapse everything you think is a linear-time frame.


[1] Newman, Sharan, The Real History of The End of The World: Apocalyptic Predictions from Revelation, Nostradamus to Y2K and 2012 (New York: Berkeley Publishing Group, Published by Penguin Group Inc, 2010), p. 147.

[2] Ibid.,  Newman, The Real History of The End of The World, p. 147. She has a chapter on Nostradamus (Ch. 21), however uses Jean-Charles de Fontburne, ( Nostradamus ( Paris, Rocher, 1980), Charles A. Ward, “The Oracles of Nostradamus ( London: Leadenhall Press, 1981), and the 2002 book by Ian Wilson, “Nostradamus: The Man Behind the Prophecies (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2002).

[3] Ibid.,  Newman, The Real History of The End of The World, pp. 147- 148. She has a chapter on Nostradamus (Ch. 21), however uses Jean-Charles de Fontburne, ( Nostradamus ( Paris, Rocher, 1980), Charles A. Ward, “The Oracles of Nostradamus ( London: Leadenhall Press, 1981), and the 2002 book by Ian Wilson, “Nostradamus: The Man Behind the Prophecies (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2002).

[4] Ibid.,  Newman, see n. 1, p. 148.

[5] Ibid.,  Newman, The Real History of The End of The World, p. 148. “Sharan Newman is a longtime member of the Medieval Academy, has served on the advisory board of The Medieval Association of the Pacific, and is a Ph. D. candidate at the University of California –Santa Barbara. Newman’s medieval French mysteries have garnered a Macavity Award as well as Agatha and Anthony nominations, and she has won the Herodotus Award for Best History Mystery.” She begins her investigation with “The Flood Tablet, Neo Assyrian, 7th B.C.E., from the Library of King Ashurbanipal (r. 669-631 BCE), Nineveh, Northern Iraq. Inv. K.3375. (discovered writings around and at Nineveh in 1986. This curiously invites the elite verses the poor, or elite gods and lesser gods punishing humans because they stopped being good little slaves and their numbers began to threaten the power of the elite. It is as if to claim this is the first understanding of social class struggles.


Death Wars , Drugs, and Modernity

Bill Clinton and 2015 Proposed Death Chart

 08 Jan. 2011 ©

In 2015, Clinton’s Progressed Saturn which is in a solid conjunction to Praesepe will touch his cusp of his ninth house proceeding into the eight house, in a sidereal coordinate system. His descendant in the next few years will have Alycone on it, so he has something to cry about. Praesepe in the horoscope of the U.S.A. (5:00 p.m./ Declaration Chart) is in the twelfth house ( The C.I.A., N.S.A. were created with in the confines of a prominent Praesepe) when progressing at least to 4 November 2004. Since it is in the U.S.A. 12th house, much of the work is behind the scenes leading to conspiracies, be them real or fantasy, and this places Bill Clinton’s ties to government within the reaches of secret places in American politics.


In 2004’s progressed horoscope of the U.S.A., Algol is in near culmination. This is when Venus is progressing form the ninth house to the eighth house and will continue for some years from 2004. This signifies not so much as financial death as a social revision and social change for America’s demography. Perhaps the Chironian conjunction to Venus is a part of the change in financial as well as the lessons of financial accountability. Siderally, the Sun is in the middle of the Constellation of Aquarius. I was born with a tropical Pisces Sun; however, my Sun is in Aquarius in the perspective from viewing it from the earth to the heavens – sidereal.  Because of the Uranus’ slow movement in progressed chart, its position in Hyades can bring financial windfall or financial failure – but it is key-framing term of unstable and excitement in the view of financial agency. People who suddenly get rich, congruent to their own horoscope’s destiny, describe sudden and unexpected financial dealings when Uranus is in the ruler of Venus’ constellation.


The 4 November 2004 general elections had exhibited a point in theoretical time where the Moon was squaring Mars in the U.S.A. chart, and the U.S.A. was in the meantime forging two wars. Today, in the month of January of 2011, The War in Afghanistan, to which Obama lied and said he would end useless wars now, has become the longest war in U.S.A. history – surpassing Vietnam. In addition, more people have died in these prolonged two wars of Iraq and Afghanistan than in Vietnam. There was an anti-war movement, not as prominent as in the 1960s, however after Democratic Party nominee Barack Hussein Obama became elected, these protests halted and imperialism became a permissible argument for the changing ideology of the left. The C.I.A., Obama has them providing solid for opium farmers of Afghanistan and Pakistan and then the C.I.A. flies the illegal drugs to their world-connection dealers then Obama asks the U.S.A. public for more taxes to fund the War on Drugs to stop the use and spread of Opium.


The National Public Radio (N.P.R. which has an arm on television ) is funded by U.S. taxpayers, regardless of their constant denials ( they have private funding campaigns too) even have documentaries, showing how Obama created opium production jobs for the poor Afghani farmers, and the help from the C.I.A. U.S.A. soldiers walk on pathways where miles of bushels of drying opium plants cure for the processing job later on and this is communicated a stimulus job for Americans and Afghanis. Then to create more jobs, the department to fight drugs employees’ distributers of Opium to the world drug dealers and then arrest the drug users and this creates many jobs in the government sectors. It also helps communicate the public for a need to raise taxes to pay for more jail cells and prison construction to house all the people who are subjected to penalties for using the powerful drug. This is not a secret and the right-wing has to put up with the decisions of Obama’s regime or he will defund the military families, cut medical benefits and downsize the U.S.A. military and give the U.S.A. taxpayer monies to other foreign business to carry-out this bizarre job stimulus. As Obama’s natal Sun rises, Algol culminates in his horoscope. I use Mombasa, Kenya, hospital because his relatives claim he was born there – this info came decades before he was a political figure. When everyone looked at his 50% Senate participation, when Obama came around to attending sessions while not parting and goofing-off he voted against these wars. However, after getting elected to office of the presidency, he is determined to prolong these wars against farmers and poor people and the left which is anti – War says absolutely nothing because a Democratic member is the leader of the U.S.A.


What does this tell us if we analyze this piece of information? It tells us that the Democratic Party is a fraudulent organization that is only interested in power and not conviction.


It has also come to the attention of the public that Obama has printed now not $3.3 trillion dollars, not $7.8 trillion dollars, not $12 trillion dollars but perhaps $20 trillion dollars. The devaluation of the U.S.A. dollar is about $9 trillion, and prices rise not because of a shortage, but because of recouping real-costs – inflation. To cure inflation, the private families called the Federal Reserve due business with the U.S.A.’s government by keeping the interest rates down, which ‘masks’ the problem and then the media does there best to cover up the crime because they are paid-off by the political parties and their lively hoods are dependant upon each other. For example, Mao Tse-tung, who was basically an stupid individual and masked his stupidity by killing anyone who crossed him, his general never reported the real facts to the media to warn the people that Mao Tse-tung to keep in power must kill masses of peasants so he could send the Chinese crop productions to Austria, Russia and south Asia for profit purposes so he could finance his nuclear weapons program. The lesson was Mao controlled the media outlets, and we are seeing the same thing here in America. The problem with the strength of the U.S.A. dollar it remains the world’s currency of trading.


Europeans who for fifty-years turned-up their noses at the U.S.A. for running a better form of Democracy ( which included capitalism) the Obama administration had to print all these U.S. bills to bail out the European and some eastern and middle eastern banks – because they run socialism. China is also coming into the game because the U.S.A. cannot help out these idiot nations that claim unionism of high-wages, many-days off from work, relaxation jobs, and sitting in coffee shops while the government pays you fifty rich monies, does not work. China is full blown capitalist dictatorship, ever since 1989, following the Reagan model of trickle down economy. Mao Tse-tung ran a trickle up economy and needed to kill millions of humans each year to claim a measly 3% economic growth.  Europeans laugh at the U.S.A. that it is a backward thinking and ideological country – not in modernity. However, the U.S.A. had to save Europe in two World Wars, and bail-their banks out because they are bankrupted from so much laughter and arrogance.


Meanwhile on the Bay Area Radio, the progressive talk-shows are having meltdowns claiming that in the 1980s the public/government funded unions comprised around 20 % of the national work force and have dwindled down to 12.9 %. They are too stupid to tell their audience that the population grew exponentially, so the government public funded unions have grown, and we no longer manufacture at the levels of post-World War II levels. These talk-shows are endless excuse, lies, and illusionary rhetoric, where everything is based upon mysterious right – wing forces controlling the world’s economy. Everything is black and white to these small intellectual idiots. All banks, Wall Streets, corporations are all right-wing organizations and all welfare recipients are all Democrats. Their lame excuse is Obama is compromising with these rich right-wingers and paying off all these rich people because of some mysterious conspiracy. They have no solution but to campaign for Democratic members for 2012 and local elections, as well claim Obama has done everything right. The problem is they take callers form the public or have guests who voted for Obama, life-long democrats that tell them facts and they have meltdowns – such as ‘ why don’t you tell us what he has done that is good?’


A commentary by a Obama and Democratic life-long leftist said that U.S.A. politicians on the left should stick to their plan that the number on agenda is not the economy it is to attack the right-wing ( lies, propaganda, slander, libel, demonization, etc.,, thuggary) and number two is to advance the minorities agenda over the majorities. I pondered this because in Los Angeles, the Latins, mainly Mexicans own Los Angeles in all the unions, now including most police departments, and are the majority of the population in Los Angeles. So this person is not talking strait; and the real agenda is LA RAZA or to force out of the U.S.A. all Europeans. However, in history this has been an apparent plan, even in times of Classical Greece where Macedonians wanted and achieved to throw out the Greeks – which happened – and the politics of today are a reflection of the politics back then. In fact, the astreology that Nostradamus used confirms these as similar repeated astrological/astronomical configurations appear to be repeating. Therefore the correct and safe prediction is that the left’s agenda is to overthrow the demographics of the U.S.A. in hopes that the Minorities are not warmongers. This is a joke as all cultures are war mongers, so this is a pathological dilemma because the program of these progressive leftists is anti-progressive – it is just the same thing but different demographic. They do not understand this because they are drunk and stupid.


On the flip-side the Republican Party is loosing its emphasis on its message of small government, individual responsibility, and patriotism. It is focuses on keeping out alternative lifestyles, and minorities in a large part – while denying this plan. In a sense the Republican Party is over or at least in its former form and will deteriorate away as the left gets new blood and votes from the illegal immigrants flooding in with their racist agenda to take-over the U.S.A. because they detest northern Europeans.


Many in the government see this on both sides of the political spectrum. Some curiously see trouble up ahead and want to destroy masses of human populations to stave-off the stress from overpopulations wanting more of the good life. This has led to end-times sentiments, and is not directly correlated to Biblical or extra – Biblical prophecy.


In the coming few years the U.S.A.’s progressed Moon will move over Mars and then over Saturn. Traditionally in Astrology, coming from the ancients, these are the two malefics, and will cause some tense times. One of the advancing predictions for Venus as it begins to form an aspect of opposition to Saturn is a dwindling prosperous agenda and an empirical formulation where economics will be in a tense relationship to the government. Since this is forming now and will continue for decades, the good-times for the U.S.A. are all over and we can close the book on this chapter of the Democratic Experiment.


By 2016’s elections in November, the U.S.A.’s rising star will be Zosma, a star on the back of the lion. Praesepe will nearly be exiting the twelfth house for the eleventh – damaging the social makeup of the U.S.A., and preceding the formulation of anti-northern Europeans ( to which they will go back to Europe where Nostradamus continues most of his prophecies) , this star has good and bad qualities associated to it historically. the negative side is that it causes suffering. It also causes charity or is involved with Charity work. Mother Teresa, who dedicated much of her life helping out the unfortunate had this star prominent in her chart. Of course, the 2012 elections will have a different rising star as it takes place, I believe on the 7th of November as opposed to 2008 when it was on the 4th of November but the Moon will have passed Mars, Saturn and transited the I.C. and will be in opposition to Uranus in the tenth and squaring the Sun in the eleventh from the fourth-house. Since Chiron is in the constellation of Pisces, sidereally, and this tells us of a continual social class warfare, and it is posited in the home of Pluto ( 8 th house) of regeneration and change this position helps affirm what I said about the demographic changes that will be going on – and the Latin Countries will begin to become nuclear powered nations, and armed with nuclear weapons. So it will be a fun time for all, as the world gears up for war and the scientists formulate the plan for mass extinction because they are stupid idiots and have sexual dysfunctions associated to their beings.


When the U.S.A. changed the general elections from March to November, out of greed, they changed the helical star opportunities. But since scientist claim astrology is not tied to destinies, and we must all live by their lies and greed and periodic mass extinctions because they are intellectually superior – the mantra of the leftwing establishment this helps describe the U.S.A.’s short-span of democratic experiment.

Blood Libel & Tuscon Random Shooting

11 Jan. 2010

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz defended Sarah Palin iuse of the term ‘ blood libel’ from multiple detractors, the leftwing media came unglued trying to advocate Sarah Palin’s assassination . blaming her rhetoric made a 22 year-old, non-political and mentally ill go on a shooting rampage that critically ingured  a former Republican Party member, turned recently to The Democratic Party Rel. Gabrielle Giffords, as she was included in the 20 congressional Democrats that Palin campaigned to have replaced by Tea-Party candidates.


NBC, ABC, CBS. CNN, and a host of other mainstream radical leftist news organizations quickly blamed Sarah Palin and the Tea Party then Republicans for inflammatory political language led to this shooting spree. However, 53% as a majority of Americans surveyed ( ; Internet, Susan Page, “Poll: Conservatives not to blame for Ariz. Shooting” ) believed the leftwing and mainstreamed media used the shooting “to make conservatives look bad. About a third, 35%, say it is a legitimate point about how dangerous language can be.” Palin posted a video a few days after the shooting and watching the mainstream media blame every Republican or Tea –Party person in history, while decrying that they are innocent pacifists – while escalating  a violent and murderous  war against the peasants in Afghanistan. Palin stated, according to Page’s column in USA TODAY,  Poll: Conservatives not to Blame for Ariz. Shooting, “Within hours of a tragedy unfolding, journalists and pundits should not manufacture a blood libel that serves only to incite the very hatred and violence they purport to condemn.” Page defines a quick synopsis of blood libel, “The phrase ‘blood libel’ is a false slur against Jews that has been used for centuries to justify their persecution.”


The left claimed that Jared Laughner was listening to right-wing radio, and was influenced by the violence rhetoric to kill anyone that is not for conservative causes. Ann Coulter “Liberals now seek ban on metaphors” ( 12 Jan. 2011, 5:12 pm) writes, “They proved none of this. In fact, it’s nearly the opposite.” Matt Drudge put up and old news press release where Obama tells the Democratic Party to ‘bring a gun’ to town hall and assembly meetings in case they need to use it to suppress their enemies. He had the link up for three days now, so all the leftwing which use his website as a daily platform for national narratives, they can make sure that ‘metaphors,’ such as Ann is speaking upon are held up to our person in the office of the presidency. Trent Humphries a Tuscon tea party leader has been told by the sheriff’s department not to leave his house because of Democratic Party death threats to his life. This is exactly what the mainstreamed media has organized.


 On Good Morning America, ABC’s Ashleigh Banfield sat down with Zack Osler, a high school friend of Jared Loughner, the suspect in the Tuscon massacre. Osler says his friends wasn’t shooting at people, “ he was shooting at the world.” Regardless the high-pitched talk radio and cable news political rhetoric, Osler says his friends didn’t even watch the news. Osler said, “ He did not watch TV. He disliked the news. He didn’t listen to political radio. He didn’t take sides [ politically]. He wasn’t on the left. He wasn’t on the right.”


Dershowitz who defended Palin, because the leftwing media are spreading libel, hatred to attempt to get some crazy motivated to assassinate Sarah Palin, intends, “ The term ‘ blood libel’ has taken on a broad metaphorical meaning in public discourse. Although its historical origins were in theologically based false accusations against the Jews and the Jewish People, its current usage is broader. I myself have used it to describe false accusations against the State of Israel by the Goldstone Report. There is nothing improper and certainly nothing anti-Semitic in Sarah Palin using the term to characterize what she reasonably believes are false accusations that her words or images may have caused a mentally disturbed individual to kill and maim. The fact that two of the victims are Jewish is utterly irrelevant to the propriety of using this widely used term.”


The radical left who controls the media and has controlled it for so long continually seeks an easy scapegoat to pacify their inner aggressions at failed political policy.




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