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Precession of the Vernal Equinoxes According to Sidereal Time

By © 2010 Michael Johnathan McDonald, 30 December 2010



Jounral Entries  2010



Predictions for 2010 near galactic center eclipse over west coast of U.S.A. ( first for over 1,500 years and will not occur for another millennium.


209 minuets = days, so this affects a progression into the Summer months, where I checked the planets for the heavens and we have some spectacular super grand-trines, and heavy aspects that we have not seen since 11 September 2001. Right before 11 September 2001, we had an eclipse over New York and Washington D.C.; however, no astrologer I read commented upon significance. Most people were interested in the European eclipse of August of 1999. According to ourselves, as ancient astrologers/astronomers, the 209 minuets of all aspects of the eclipse will equal days progressed from the actual date of the eclipse:


Total Lunar Eclipse 7:40’42” Universal Time (UT); 11:40 pm, 20 December 2010 local time. Visible in Southern California and Baja California. House Placidus de Titus. Geocentric ( Soros 125), a left triangle over the west coast with line up to Vancouver, British Columbia, perhaps the line from Equator to Celestial Pole runs through Seattle Washington, U.S.A.


Calculations for Studio City, California, U.S.A. for 11:40 pm local time.


72 Minuets of total eclipse ( not greatest totality!) and 209 minuets of partial eclipse.


Many U.S.A. tragedies in the last 20 years has happened as Algol, beta Peruses, rises as the helical star over the U.S.A.. Columbine High School shootings, the Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster are two examples of pin-point Sun=cosmic = Algol effects. Algol was the culminating star in 2003 as the U.S.A. planned and later invaded and kicked-out Saddam Hussein from controlling Iraq. This of course pertained to a progression from the U.S.A. horoscope. As the preeminent extra biblical scholars of Princeton and Harvard spoke about, the connection to Revelations was the Angel of the Lord poured out his wrath on the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, a connection to the films of U.S. Operation “Shock & Awe.” This does not mean they are religious believers but they however drew these mysterious connections. As Saddam Hussein was kicked out of power, and Algol played a part, Algolian energy was replaced by the individual of Barack Hussein Obama, who has Algol culminating as his Sun sets – a direct placement of a leader of Algolian energy. Adolf Hitler had Algol prominent in his horoscope, so Obama is not alone. Both of these individuals have a desire for controlling others, and both manifest in their different destinies. In addition, as Obama’s Sun rises the Part of Fortune for Obama is the star Algol and it is close to his Midheaven; and of course the Moon being its Arabic-part trigger point in algebra. Both Hitler and Obama see ethnic groups as superior to other groups and thus have passion to promote these groups over others. This also ties into both were Marxist to some extent and Karl Marx has his Sun/Moon/Node aspect in a midpoint to his Venus/Mercury over Algol’s P.E.D. Marx advocated constant violence believing it will bring Utopia one-day, perhaps when all humans are dead? Karl Marx died admitting all his work had to be taken with faith as in a religious conviction. That should silence the atheists and their admiration of Atheist Karl Marx and their opposition to understanding anything to do with Religion. Hitler was Atheist, and as I write this Obama has only attended Church three times (30 December 2010) since being sworn in to the office of the U.S.A. presidency. Obama appears to be our modern Atheist version of a ruler. Harvard would have convinced Obama there is no God, only special interest scheming and elitist clubs – screw the populations – learn how to lie to them as if you care a damn thing about them?


Obama’s Heliacal Rising star is alpha, cancri, called Acubens. Apart from notorious mass murderers ( Jim Jones to name one) and extremist dictator ( masked as communists) this star colors Algolian group passion with lying and criminality – alone with logical scheming which can be successful. When Obama took office the U.S.A. horoscope as leaning on a Regulus ascendant aspect -- thus traditional astrologers would see this as the sign of the Great King. This great king would of course be elected under this aspect. This was Obama’s turn as U.S.A. president, and Regulus gives one power – among other things. Ironically, very difficult aspects acquired a pattern of progression during Obama’s four-year term.  Chiron conjunct Venus ( sign of Money and its coloring of Chironian complexes), and the Progression of the Moon over Saturn and Mars ( Mars takes place in 2012!). So these are fated back aspects for the U.S.A. horoscope and unfortunately Obama will be the leader during these times. Having Acubens as the first star of your character can if activated make the native believe they are superior in intellect and know more than others – thus they need little advice or counseling to how to do their jobs. It also explains Obama’s campaign rhetoric of Hope and Change. Hope was Obama, he knew better than anyone else in the universe how to run a complex state. His voicing of his confidence afforded him a relax feeling of victory going into the November 2008 General Elections. He won decisively, and then had to break over 100 promises in less than 100 days. He promised heaven and delivered hell. He constantly, as recorded on webblogs and archives of newsites, refers to a large group of Americans as terrorist, the enemies of the world, losers, failures, religious wackos, and dangerous. When I read history, only such volatile rhetoric came from other mass murderers such as Mao Tse-tung, Hitler, Stalin and lesser 20th century Marxists. There today seems to be an acceptance of this type of combatant-speak. Obama simply is a divider and not a uniter and has destroyed Hope and Change to anything he seeks to perform. You cannot take back calling a whole group the enemies of the U.S.A., when most of these people are innocent and law abiding citizens.  We just learned that Obama cooked the books for 2010, saying his administration only created $1.7 trillion dollars in federal debt; when the facts came out in the press, the number was double that $2.74 trillion dollars. The U.S.A. is divided and out of control, with no balanced minded leader. Perhaps Algolian energy will emerge sometime in the future to show Obama is mentally incapable of the pressures of the office of the U.S.A. presidency. At some point and time, truth and facts are not all based upon the color of one’s skin? Real character fortitude, deep learning and commitment to understanding must show through at times of great stress. The Democratic Majority on Capital Hill that passed communist legislation which is unconstitutional (but leftist do not like this piece of legislation) forces us to reconsider truth. They communicated that merit is stupid and not worthy of its place in the community – only the color of the skin and ones party affiliation to enact measures and legislation to suppress groups of skin colors and destroy the historical foundations of freedom of the U.S.A. Most conspirators believe 11 September 2001 allows these freedoms to be taken away – however they say this is only an excuse. The U.S.A. won two World Wars, but it cannot win against some defenseless farmers who have shovels and rakes? In other words we are being conditioned into a new world order that no-one knows what it is going to turn out to be like?


Obama, the press has shown models himself after Franklin Delano Roosevelt. I believe this is a mistake, because F.D.R. was a racist, formed the ideology of spreading American culture by military effort ( thus the creation of CIA, NSA, modern F.B.I.) and the military bases around the world and American covert intervention, and was a flaming racist ( Read his Wife’s memoirs she will elucidate the obvious). Obama should be his own person but it appears he is incapable. He funded his relative in Kenya for a local leadership position. This was achieved by a mass murdering of Christians and destruction of Christian church in Kenya (they are of a Muslim faction). Photographs and history exist but the media which is anti-Christian believes this was a success. Janet Napolitano, the General Attorney focuses the F.B.I. mainly on Christian movements as the real threat to America. When Obama first came into office he tried to sneak by a Homeland Security Law that would outlaw Christianity. But this was struck down by a large grassroots outcry and the media down-played this attempted usurpation.  So like F.D.R. whose policies bankrupted the U.S.A. was only vindicated in the historical books for the results of not having much to do with his policy decisions – and that was the World War II generation. Obama to recover any historical place in the history books may start a global war or continue to escalate useless and unnecessary wars as ‘theater’ to prop-up his dwindling and weak approval ratings. The leftwing professors in academia are having a meltdown trying to convince their 93% leftwing constituency in Academia and the same for the controlling leftwing media that Obama is trying his best but poor people on farms who are not Democrats are thwarting his attempts to create utopia. Anyone reading their lies and screeds instantly knows Obama’s policies are abject failures because they are immature, without thought or consideration of complexities and sophistication that comes with successful legacies. Academia still teaches that F.D.R. saved the U.S.A. from a total financial collapse, when the facts point to the other direction. It was not until two years after his death that his policies were overturned and the U.S.A. began to recover in all sectors of the Economy. His economic decisions, if carried out to their logical conclusions would have allowed any country to invade the U.S.A. and take it over for their own country. So it is quite unnerving that Obama’s model is F.D.R.’s!


In 2029 Obama’s Mars will be within a degree from his descendant of his progressed Chart. By this time his Jupiter and Saturn have moved into his ninth house and will reflect  a knowledge into whom he was and what he was about in consideration of law, spiritualism, government, policy, motive and an assessment to how intelligent he really was not. In 2019, His Saturn will culminate in his progression chart.


In May of 2011 we will have six solar system bodies in the tropical sign of Aries. However, in sidereal astrology all these planets will be in the constellation of Pisces.  This will be a nice precursor for the U.S.A. horoscope progression of the Mars and Moon conjunction. The Moon’s mean node will be within a degree of the Galactic Center of our Galaxy, which will be nice attribute to this stellium in Pisces. When Venus does its loop around Orion in June of 2012, Saturn will be over the star Spica – yikes. Mao Tse-tung, the Chinese mass murder had his natal Saturn over the star Spica. Obama has it linked to his progressions for his presidency in his seventh house – a key angle for him. For 2012 and the winter solstice, Jupiter will be in Hyades. Mars in sidereal coordinates will be in the later parts of the constellation of Sagittarius. Mars’ tradition in Sagittarius is a surprise attack or surprise actions. Pluto will still be over Facies, which is a horrific star if under its negative influence. It is connected to vision in a mundane sense, and here Pluto is in tropical Capricorn which is supposed to reflect foundation and government structures but is actually over Sagittarius in reality which rules among other things law, legislation, and ideologies of the underpinnings of ideas which will be resolved later by the progression of changes into the constellation of Capricorn. Therefore, real serious changes in world government will not take place for decades – if we follow historical examples of Pluto through the constellation of Capricorn. In the ancient times Capricorn was not the modern structure of its coordinates today. It had been blended into the constellation of Aquarius – thus the ancient duel ruler ship of Saturn. Today, Uranus the planet of upheaval and change and uniqueness – ironically linked to science – rules the constellation of Aquarius. Uranus is unique in planetary spinning as it rotates on its side, thus is a rebel. And since it is connected to science, this disharmonic spinning helps explain why scientists destroy the worlds in repeatable fashion. At certain points in progression of worlds scientists began believing they are gods and manipulate life for their excitement and then when things go wrong they destroy everything to cover up their tracts as their works turn out to be a Frankenstein. Are we going to see modern Centaurs, half humans half horses or mules? Modern scientist have no morality or ethics and since they are overwhelmingly atheist creating monsters is a fascination and exiting thing for them to create. Since Atheist believe they are gods, and superior to you or I, they will stop at nothing of creating weird species to control their environment for excitement. During the Roman evil times, the people loved watching humans be torn to pieces by animals. It gave them a perverse sexual excitement. The Romans were atheists at this time, and a pantheon of none dualistic gods adorned their temples and performed rites for their culture of perversion. Since reincarnation exists, these individuals reincarnating will want to do this again as they love perverse blood, sacrifice, and murder witnessing of bloody carnage. And since there is nothing else to do in life because there is no God, except themselves, and no future or destiny, they seek to gratify their pleasures in macabre culture. So you have this to look forward too, and it may be unique as the scientist need to kill-off five or more billion humans to appease their small brains that a need to save the planet or in actuality reduce the population so they can begin their sacrifice cults of macabre pleasers will pacify their blood thirst – orchestrates their bodily survival. Meanwhile they need to build rocket ships so they can reproduce more sacrificial bodies on other planets so take vacations to see more blood rituals of perverted lust. They certainly work hard to go nowhere fast.


Zoroastrian cosmology is rationally based upon a theory that 12 millennia correspond to the astrological doctrine of the tropical zodiac. This view was promulgated during the Abbasid Empire period. Therefore, if we arose in farm villages around 5,000 B.C.E. we collectively have about 7,000 years more to go until we need to repopulate another planet and start this stupid process of relearning everything form that planet’s advantages. Of course this is another cyclical viewpoint which western civilization denounces as factual. In one Persian tradition, referring to Anösherwãn’s coronation, The King of Kings is amended to the Age of the Sun, the tenth millennium out of the total of twelve.  In fact, one tradition intends that the years before the seventh millennium in some Zorothastrian cosmology relates to -3295 ( BC) (Mãshã’allah’s chronology, according to calculations from David Pingree’s work, Mãshã’ allah’s Zoroastrian Historical Astrology , pp. 95-99., 1974). Another tradition intends that the first century A.D. was the seventh millennium and therefore the ninth is the twenty-first. Therefore, the King of Kings will be for the twenty-second century millennia, and this to me is where the galactic center lines up in 2226 A.C.E. However, this King of Kings is ethnically Persian and reflected in an Abassid cultural context of the times. The King of Kings is an old and ancient terminology which tended to prescribe superiority over the next kingdom’s king. If you were the King of Kings, you are king over other kings. For example, Christians offer a terminology of Jesus Christ as King of Kings. I’m sure Hitler, Obama, Mao, Mussolini, Caesar, Akbar, Genghis Khan, all believed or promoted themselves as King of Kings. During the 1966 and onward Cultural Revolution ( from Hell) directed by Mao Tse-tung, the cultural war was against Genghis Khan’s political party of Mongolia, a modern movement of nationhood, and Mao Tse-tung believing he was the King of Kings to be venerated as the modern Chinese dynastic leader. Part of the death-mass murder focuses during the Cultural Massacre Revolution by Mao was to kill as many ethnic Mongolians as he could muster his youth troops to perform. So Atheists surely are compatible with religious warmongering and mass murder – despite the lies form atheist academics that Mao was a saint and killed no-one. They are the false prophets and false witnesses in the Book of Revelations. They are the deceivers of mankind.



Their scientific use was the triplicities which are successive ‘Grand’ conjunctions of two planets that are Jupiter and Saturn. There is a mean increase in the longitudes of successive Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions which is about 242°:25’:35”. However, Abassid astrograghers responded to Indian claims of Yugas which they disregarded as too long to fathom, and shifted the Flood to the triplicate or age of Cancer (Pingree, p. 96), only because Cancer is a tropical water sign, and no scientific evidence. Modern astrologers have tried to interpret our modern successive Grand Conjunctions in the Earth signs, and therefore link them to wars. This is spurious because wars have occurred in every century and there appears to be no stopping them. I do not use the Grand Conjunctions because sidereal-to-planet geometry actually reveals times of wars and not triplicities. During Nostradamus’ period in the sixteenth century, triplicities in my opinion were adopted as predictive tools for professional astrologers. Their predictions were mediocre as a result of using this as a tool. The planetary ages is not contemporary to Roussat or others during Nostradamus’ time, and very much not a started tradition during the Abassid period either – but wrote upon and expanded upon a longer tradition in starograghy. What is for certain each person in their own time reconfigures their interpretations of these planetary ages. In fact we can create our own by using the mean node and its conjunction to the winter solstice and the pointing to the Galactic Center which can only occur approximately every 26,000 years or less. The new astrological fad today intends that some significance to the alignment of the Galactic Center and the winter solstice determines humans’ progression into our modern technological age. Most serious archeology can only be determined up till about 10,000 B.C.E. when alluding to groups as tribal communities. Before that it is murky and we only have survey outlines of Age-like creatures in various sub-categories who used bows or projectiles with arrow points and stones are their main tools of technology. Still the Great Pyramid at Giza cannot be made with ancient cutting tools, so this dampens the reality of the scientists that do not discuss this and write it off as a bunch of slaves hauling blocks for 30 to 100 years for a king that was deemed worthy of a massive burial complex. In fact, the Abassids were using the 3600 Mesopotamian ancient tradition for their long-observational counts. The Mesopotamians recorded the successive conjunction alignments of planets never occur in succession but over succeeding conjunctions these planets align to an approximation of their beginning point in 360 degree intervals. To me this was ground breaking in that they knew of the 365 day solar year which does not divide evenly into 360 in proximate time-periods for ‘patterned’  revolutions. Patterns were the first attempts as modern science, as science today’s claim of superiority seeks to reproduce patterns to predict the future in order to change it. The Star catalogue of Neo – Babylon, working from distinct earlier Mesopotamian documents concluded that ‘patterns’ announced similar circumstance in history, and thus these ‘patterns’ in the heavens affected their lives in perpetuity. Mãsha’allãh who followed the Abassid Astrologers and shifted the flood period concluded chronologically that the first of the twelve millenniums began in our modern calculations of -9291 B.C.E. This would make the repeating of this cycle at the year of 2,708 ( or 2,709) A.C.E. Using the numerical figure of 2709, this divides evenly into 360 numerical break down of 3s,6,s,9,s or the fractural of cyclical eternity. Sir Isaac Newton did wonderful irrational number fractals to which these numerical break downs illicit a logical conclusion there are many different universes or dimensions and ours is but just one of them. Since modern scientist of the Age of Reason dismissed irrational numbers this was not considered a part of Maths for teaching, and only became considered in the late 1990s as new physics began to question the single universe and the single concept of the big-bang’s validity. Quantum entanglement postulated by Einstein and others forced modern psychics to consider other ‘realities’ than the standard academic promulgation of the Monkey Universe –where everything revolves around the Monkey Scientist at Tier I institutions across Europe and America. The concept of Quantum Entanglement is tricky for the Monkey scientist because it breaks another Einstein law that nothing go faster than the speed of light. Yet the speed of light was also claimed to be constant, but U.C. Berkeley experiments over the decades (winning some Nobel prizes) collapsed that theory as they slowed photons in very extremely cold and harsh environments, thus slowing down lights constant velocity. It creates more confusion than the findings elucidate about the makeup of the universe. To explain this Super – String Theory was presented as a logical conclusion to bridge the gap between Classical Macro Physics and Quantum Physics or Micro Physics, because particles function differently in these two domains, thus they cannot be classically mathematically resolved. So think of this as the break through in Mesopotamian astrograghy. Successive conjunction of two planets or a single planet over a star do not occur on every pass, but after a few revolutions they do go back near to the exact place in sidereal terms thus offering a numerical eternal calculation of 360 as the perfectness of a cyclical time-frame. We can think of Classical Physics as the 365 day solar year and then the Sidereal 360 degree cyclical as quantum Physics. Therefore, we can only appease a relationship by theoretical strings. Thus progression was known to the ancient astrologers long before modern physics became a known science. When you perform standard one-day for a year progression, this is theoretical because the planets are not actually at the positions in correlations to the calendar date and time. Therefore our early physics were actually theoretical astrologers and this goes back to ancient times. This is why Tropical and Sidereal Astrology are two distinct disciplines for Astrologers, and this correlates to Macro and Micro Physics, because at this moment the two are not wed and are not compatible together. This also explains why decades, millennia do not ascribe to a correct cycle of the precession of the equinox as it is not exactly 26,000 years, but a bit less which makes a decimal count irrelevant to accuracy. So planetary ages are arbitrary constructions by individual astrologers or star –lovers or whatever; This helps explain the theoretical conclusion that eclipse days are calculated affect the earth after the eclipse by a theoretical numerical count which is not disassociated to the scientific calculations of the particulars of the eclipse.  So from 20 December 2010 we can devise a scientific experiment of 72 days or 209 days and see what happens over the trajectory of the 2010 near galactic eclipse field. The numerical count of 209 days puts us in the near summer months for the northern hemisphere and if we look at the sky there are mundane international aspects occurring.


If the eclipse is significant for the constellation – sidereal that is – for Sagittarius and is ruled by Jupiter which is Law and Jupiter if acting benevolent is good for society based upon perspective, this eclipse can indicate a more away from rational benevolence and focuses in on hysteria from an result of a government out of control.


This shift will be beneficial for Europe. Europe after 50 years of abject stagnation of socialism needs to turn more capitalistic and freedom – having their people rise up and make their own destiny; Obama had turned U.S.A. into a sissy-state which will go for decades into the abyss of mediocrity and be concurred by Mexico or a Latin American dictator. This is a part of self proclaimed Messiah Obama’s Hope and Change. The last U.S. eclipse was pre-9/11 and change America to the worse – it is slowly becoming a surveillance state and a socialist dictatorship by the oligarchy – a cyclic fall period that we saw in Classical Greek times. This means the few rich will control the masses of the poor. There is so much motivation to turn America into a sissy state that no Republican can challenge this illusion of utopian visionary by these scientists. Perhaps, as with mundane astrological readings a Mars conjunct the Moon which will take place in 2012 will mark a certain type of death-chart for the U.S.A: Perhaps by this time people who had hope of the American dream will start to plan to move back to Europe and allow the disintegration of U.S.A. Republican form of Democracy to wither away to a militarized thug-nation modeled upon the dictatorships of the Latin countries. Obama is slowly working on dissolving the U.S.A. boarders with Mexico so that the corrupting Mexicancrats can eventually take charge of U.S.A. because Obama hates America and his wife even wrote her Senior Thesis at Princeton on her hatred for America. Perhaps her model will be some third world African State as the model for America, while Obama’s links Kenyan society closer to the Mexican model of corruption and thug-wars. To him, this is the preferred American experience, as it closely mimics his heritage’s experience and offers nostalgia.


In the meantime, The Academic left will work overtime trying to excuse the obvious and many will have mental breakdowns as they constantly need to lie and cover up the fact that his is the plan for America’s future. So there is a lot to look forward too in the coming year as these plans will be debated and enacted. It will be a sad time form Republicans as they cannot compete with Democratic Leaders who continue to promise free money if you vote for them. You cannot run a society upon these premises, but the wave of human creatures is too much to deal with and the only way is a serious street war which no one really wants to face, and the easy way is to escape. Like the Puritans who escape for a new life from European suppression, this next episode of escape will be cyclical too – back to Europe. Mexico claims it owns U.S.A. because the Spanish were the first inhabitants of the South West. However, France discovered the upper East Coast so they should get that piece of land and fight for it too. Mexico’s plan is to take over the U.S.A.’s lands by 2050. By this time there will be a massive exodus of groups that cannot get along with the culture or the racial hatred directed at them by other groups. When Nostradamus claimed his prophecies go until the 3797 A.C.E. and they particularly are formulated for Europe, we can be sure that this will be the case in the coming centuries as the focuses moves back to Europe for the next episodes of human progression.








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