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Praesepe The 2010 World Disasters: Prediction

Floods, Fires, Earthquakes, Locust & Signs of Heaven

By © Michael Johnathan McDonald

Monday, 16 th - 17th August 2010.


Jounral Entries  2010


I predicted or tested the fact that the Sun moved over Praesepe, while not in peregrine – meaning perhaps the Chinese observance of ‘piled-up-corpses’ would take place as past astrologers had noticed, even 4,000 years ago. I made this prediction in early July. So what was the outcome? 

Praesepe The 2010 World Disasters.

I predicted or tested the fact that the Sun moved over Praesepe, while not in peregrine – meaning perhaps the Chinese observance of ‘piled-up-corpses’ would take place as past astrologers had noticed, even 4,000 years ago. I made this prediction in early July. So what was the outcome?  Just the usual floods, fires, earthquakes, locust & signs of Heaven.

“One-fifth of Pakistan Under Water as Flooding Disaster Continues” ( Liz Goodwin, Yahoo News, The Upshot, Monday 16 August, 2010, 1:30 pm, accessed 16 August 2010). available online. After three weeks, Pakistan is still under water. About one-fifth of the land has been flooded, and as many as six-million persons have lost their homes, relocated, lost their farm, their agricultural stock-piles, the seeds for the next planting season have been destroyed, and about 1,500 persons have been feared dead. United Nations chief, Ban Ki-Moon said Sunday from Pakistani that the flood disaster is the worst he’s ever seen, characterizing the destruction as more dire than that caused by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and the 2005 Pakistani earthquake.”[1] The Sun passes Praesepe each year but no piled-up-corpses resulted, thus criticism ( today means faith-based-debunkers)by persons who intend that astrology is of a fantasy. However, the actionary signs were in the sky, so this made-up for opportune times for an element of prediction. First I will  give these coordinates. Note the Moon is sidereally connected to a water sign, the Constellation of Pisces, and as a triggerpoint – discussed later – the star Simmah being mutable and wet is a metrological forecast.

Islamabad, Pakistan, 33n42, 73e10, Time Noon, Universal Time 7:00; Sidereal Time 08:23:56. ; Astrodienst computer software online; House system Placidus, and Fixed Stars:  Ascendant 00LIB14’39”; M.C. 03LEO40’12”; Sun at 07ARI01’48” | 0LAT0’S, Conjunction Praesepe in cancri, next to Asellus A, and B; Moon at 23CAN12’43”” | 04LAT57’N,  star, Pisces, Simmah; Mercury at 03VIR07’35” | 00LAT12’N, between Regulus and Shir; Venus at 21VIR44’27” |00LAT16’N, close ( >2° of Shisshimai;  Mars at 00LIB1101” |00LAT29’N, Star(s) between Zavijava and Zaniah, Viginis; Jupiter at 03ARI19’35r” |01LAT26’S, star: paran Polis, trine to Praesepe; Saturn at 00LIB43’42” |02LAT14’N; Uranus 00LIB21’15”r |00LAT46’S; Neptune at 27AQU51’33”rLIB49’22”r |00LAT29’S; Pluto at 03CAP17’26”r |05LAT02’N,; Mean Node 10CAP030’01” | 00LAT00’N; Lilith 03SAG34’33” |04LAT07’N. Note, Pluto, The Moon and Lilith are close to the same latitude. Lilith’s PED are calculated to Fomalhaut (originally a Persian royal star) to Ptolemy’s elliptical coordinates, reformulated in the early 16th century to the celestial equator by three separate persons in current star catalogues. This P.E.D. has multiple meanings, however, here I only use the remark that Fomalhaut is connected to some long lasting memories.  Certainly since Friday 30 July 2010, four days after a southern Pacific lunar eclipse, all over the world natural disasters have been killing many people. For example, there are about 500 fires across drought-stricken Russian lands  which began under this astrological alignment. These fires also led to ‘piled-up-corpses.’ Many poor could not escape the surrounding forests they lived and perished. China had massive land-slides ,  coal-mine explosions, and floods too. Russian fires have claimed about 200 people a day, which is astounding in an age of technological advancement that humans have produced.


Why locusts were created it is still unknown. When a smarm forms and prior to taking-off on a journey of miles and chaos, the locust’s body disfigures itself and forms a different body. It is a metamorphic of a herd mentality. Once it changes, there seems to be a meanness connected to survival at all costs, just go out and consume. In history, locust swarms, much written about in north Africa, devastated 100s of miles of foliage and crops, and appeared suddenly out of no-where. This created fear for ancient civilizations because after working for a year on their civilization-food supply, and perhaps a year or two of bad harvests, a swarm could wipe out a population by consuming the fields and eliminating the harvest(s) in which was the people’s food. It is a wonder that ancient soothsayers or legitimate prophets saw these periodic swarms as scourges from some local deity. In the early twentieth century, the midlands of America (Colorado breeding grounds in the mountains) locust were a problem. However, cultivation by tractor’s spikes and other methods killed the offspring as the laid doormat in the top-soil(s). In less industrialized countries where hand cultivation still persist locusts’ are still problems today.

In Madagascar by late July 2010 disaster struck leaving a region already hard hit. “In June of 2010 the government Early Warning System (SAP) recorded a record 65 communes, affecting some 866,000 Malagasy, fell into the “Food Insecure” category.”[2] Locusts began showing up in south Madagascar region, which had been forming for months. “When there is a locust infestation, Malagasy farmers do not even sow any more as they know that their harvest will be destroyed,” Alexandre Huynh, FAO’s Emergency and Rehabilitation operations Coordinator in Madagascar, old IRIN.”[3]  The type of locusts are of these Locusta migratoria capito, meaning that these locusts can reproduce swarm-generations every few months, but only unto a fourth generation per year. A single locust can consume roughly its own body-weight each day. “According to FAO one tonne [appx 2,000 lbs.] of locusts which is considered a very small part of an average swarm, [sic] eats the same amount of food a day as about 2,500 people.”[4] Normally Madagascar’s locusts are contained by the government’s Locust Control Center (CNA), but the government ran out of money and so the agency cannot act.[5] Also a small amount of donations have come in the Locust agency needs to act in Mid-September or there will be no food for the next year and more ‘piled-up-corpses’ will resume.

Why this year and not last year? The Sun makes a trine to the Moon which the Moon connects to all the other planets involved. This is why this chart is not considered a peregrine chart.  Thus Pluto is the T-Square handle, and its position, and the mean node of the Moon, between Facies –with its connection to natural disasters – it also as with Praesepe has a prominent nebula connected to it position in the heavens.

The focal axis is in the elements of water and of earth. Jupiter and its conjunction to Uranus are in the zodiacal constellation of Pisces, and in opposition to Venus, Mars, and Saturn. Mars and Saturn which are both in zero degrees of the tropical sign of Libra. Uranus is oppositional to Saturn and at zero degrees of Aries. Scheat’s PED is perpendicular with varying orbs from 2009 to 2010 to this alignment. Scheat had been noted in astrology in history ( the original astrology) to be associated to disasters.  The mean node is at a quadrangle ( Square of 90°± 10°) is about ten-degrees, minuets more or less, but Pluto with its conjunction in proximity by ± 7° degrees to the node makes it operational.  

The traditional Egyptian harvest and agricultural constellation is Virginis ( Latin, genitive). The Virgo galaxy clusters, in which projected from the ecliptic will formulate a boundary from ν virginis to η virgini and to above ε virginis. Mars and Saturn are between ν virginis and η virginis. There are M49, M60, M61, M84, M85 (the most northern), M87, M89, M91, M 98 and M100. Metrologically these points are linked to weather.

Uranus opposed to Saturn is always linked to the key-word upheavals. This transit had hung around for over a year and had directly related to the ‘social to political minded-- upheavals of the Persian fraudulent elections and witnessed the creation of an anti-establishment grass root Tea-Party in the United States of America. Mercury in the earth sign of a tropical virginis is besieged because it is said to be sandwiched between the super-opposition and to the Praesepe – Sun. It makes trines to Lilith and to Pluto, and still under some 10° to a trine of the nodal axis for which actionary purposes set off the events; as well  as the T-Square handle in all;  and to be specific, Mercury forms a 150° aspect to the planet Jupiter ( a Quincunx/ created by Kepler) within twelve minuets of arc and also in general it conforms  to a super-opposition axis, and at least to some planets in a ±3° range. Mercury rounds-up aspecting as to an opposition, even though at a wide-one to Neptune, relates world connectibility. This places all the planets into actionary formats, as Neptune sextiles Pluto which it does for many centuries in recent history.  So all the water, mutable, earth, harvest, agriculture and famers are all keywords in this intense ‘aspectum.’ Although all I did was intend that we would see ‘piled-up-corpses.’ The Sun moves Through Praesepe every year, but often it is peregrine. If you think of strings all connecting to eachother in some geometric formations all at a certain point in time, this was the aspectum.

Hsui 23 is the Chinese lunar mansion of cancri γ, δ, υ, θ, Presespe (Guǐ, (Yu) Kuci; ghost or Ghostly Carriage, described in the  Hsing Ching). This is the original observation that applied to ‘piled-up-corpses’ in history.  Claude Ptolemy, using near-east ancient documents, confused the beta Peruses star Algol to the star’s cancri γ, δ, υ, θ, Presespe of causing ‘piled-up-corpses.’ Natural and large fatality natural-disasters often happen in history, the ancient Chinese historians recorded.

Only sometimes does the Sun moving through these cancri stars illicit pilled-up corpses. This perhaps is because accompanied star-to-planet aspectums must be accompanying. This is why skeptics against astrology and prognostication will intend that something at sometime in the future will happen on a large scale; tend to dismiss the attitudes of warnings by astrologers. Most, if not all astrologers, look at one aspect as a ‘sign’ of all future prognostication. This is a terrible mistake. It denotes why so many do not achieve success. Scientific rationality is only a perspective and fully associated with the stable formula that truth propagated from highly paid positions are always equal to these self-interests of the funders.   

Quantum mechanics is not a science in as much as astrology is either. One cannot say about a quantum particle that it is here and it’s going at this speed in this direction. How can quantum mechanics be an accepted science and astrology not? It cannot be measured with any accuracy. This is why large particle colliders are still being built and larger ones proposed for construction. They want to see the particles and see how they move.  The planets never realign themselves to a particular place, exactly, thus scientific stringent methodologies cannot be preformed. Thus astrology remains a metascience. However, so does quantum physics.  

In Astrology and the Upheavals

I wrote about all the planets and aspects passing Praesepe during the spring of 2010, in Astrology and the Upheavals.  It is not only the passage of natural disasters but political decisions made under these aspects will bode unfavorably for America. That is because America’s chart has three really difficult progressed transits in the coming two-and-a-half decades. China on the other hand is taking the lead in the world on science. It has published thousands of scientific papers last year and the economy is still growing. China’s industrial age has come and now they look to lead the world. I outlined this in 1999-2001 with my interpretation of Nostradamus X.LXXVII poem (c. 1558); most Nostradamians claimed I misinterpreted the poem. However, over ten years later China’s rise as a superpower has become more globally accepted. Jupiter conjunct Uranus is a traditional ‘progress in science’ aspect. It happened during the great age of enlightenment when Descartes, Isaac Newton, Galileo and others were making their ground breaking discoveries.

Spica and Arcturus, two benefic stars are on the way to having many of these planets, Mars and Venus first, and then later Saturn graces their positions in the sky. These aspects start to happen by mid- September and continue through the next few months. Then, there will be an eclipse which will be within a few degrees of the galactic center around the winter solstice.

According to ancient astrology, that’s to say, Mesopotamian, the eclipses of solar and lunar have different fruition periods.  The 2009 ( Solar Ecplise of 2009) Saros Series 136 (part of 11 July 1991, 6m 53s), previously, 30 June 1973, were longer lasing 7m 04s, and 20 June 1955 lasted even longer at 7m08s.

A six minuets and thirty-nine second solar eclipse occurred directly at Yanbu (Guangdong), China, 23n0521, 113e0954 ( Solar Eclipse of 22 July 2009), and it was visible over South East Asia ( all of India and China) and north eastern Oceania, it was visible as a total eclipse from a narrow corridor through northern Maldives, northern Pakistan, northern India, eastern Nepal, northern Bangladesh, Bhutan, northern Philippines, the northern tip of Myanmar, central China and the eastern side of the Pacific Ocean. This was the longest Solar Eclipse of the 21st Century. So from July 2009 and advancing ‘six years and five or six months’ this takes us to the year of 2015 and perhaps June of 2015. This will be a major period for the eastern northern hemisphere nations at this time.

The Hyadian grouping with this eclipse indicated a financial earth sign prospective. The eclipse could indicate a number of things. First China’s economic superpower status is finally recognized as the global standard. Obama’s progressed ‘super-debt-spending’ is such a clue that America can never pay-off what he and his regime has spent to his campaign contributors. China no longer deems it safe to purchase American debt-bonds. China is opening markets in South America, and working hard to get trade access with Europe. It is a major trade actor with Iran and looking to influence Africa as well.

The Annual Solar Eclipse of 15 January 2010 – Kenya: This was the longest annular solar eclipse of the millennium. The next takes place on 23 December 3043. This eclipse begun in the Central Africa Republic, transverse Cameroon, DR Congo, and Uganda, and passed through Nairobi, Kenya, and passed over the Kenya Ocean. Its 94 percent totality happened over Thiruvananthapuram, India. One has to note that this annular eclipse coincided with the departure of the 2009 Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune conjunctions and traversed Hussein’s birthplace. Saros Series 141 (23 of 70) lasted eleven minuets and eight seconds. So by the year of 2021 we will see the extraordinary results of this eclipse.

For the United States of America, the stimulus bills and TARP funds, the Obamacare (health bill) and various other bills including Kagen’s appointment to the Supreme Court all were and are happening under malefic aspectums. The majority of Americans who were consistently polled and unfavorable to the Obamacare scheme will undoubtedly a failure. It was promised to cut healthcare costs, but this was always understood as a lie. In fact rations healthcare for the disabled and elderly populations. Its costs are unknown, and any Obama official’s estimates will likely skyrocket and out of control by 2014 when it goes into effect. Obama’s audacity claimed that healthcare would be implemented immediately after the passage by the Democrats. People called their doctors for free services in which the doctors who most likely are also Obama supports had to admit Obama lied and his administration lied –Obamacare is a fiasco. The reason it is not beginning until the year of 2014 is because Obama is ‘hoping’ that it will take this time to gather the federal taxes to pay for its first year of 2014. It gives him a long cushion. He claimed and so did Nancy Pelosi no one was allowed to look at the bill before it was passed. This went against his promise of transparency and also was of the numerous instances that democracy was not observed.

What is astrology?

Astrology posits the notion that everything has already happened in the future and just with the illusion of three-dimensional time will manifest in the physical. Fearful, some will intend this is fatalism, where they cannot change the future. This is a typical emotional response, perhaps out of desperation or futility. However, astrological models persist with the notion that if one can know the future than one can change it. However, when one changes it, astrology has predicted that change in the first place. Most of the populations of reincarnating souls do not have the capacity or mental strength to deal with such paradoxes and fearful complexities. This is why modern professional astrologers intend that astrology is only a guide post or a road map and here are the ‘choices,’ and consultation can enlighten one to those choices – and ultimately the person has control over their own future. In real astrological conceptions there is not a choice and a free will is but only an illusion makes us see our choices in this light. it is like the holographic universe, theoretical physicists explaining the event horizon of a black hole.  

Another way to perceive this concept, do you watch movies? Think of the astrological model as one who sees a movie over and over again and memorizes it. One you know everything about that movie, you are in the position of a deity. You know all! But what about watching only a portion? That’s the perspective.  The story line does not tell you what happens in the end. You must watch the movie all the way through to get the plot-line concluded. However, like a movie the characters move through the timeline of the movie, and the outcome is always the same. If you watch it over and over again, the movie repeats. So the ending, the middle or the beginning are always the same. However, this is the concept. Lets say you decide to watch this movie, and the movie is about three-hours long. However, you will only watch minuets 120 – 124 and you will not watch any other portions of the movie.  This means that you have only a chance to understand the movie from these four minuets. This portion of the movie is how you develop your world view. You quite do not know how the beginning relates to what you are experiencing at this point in the movie, but you suspect that the movie has a past. From what you experience of these four minuets is how you try to put the pieces of the beginning of the movie together. With this tiny window of perception, only four minuets of the movie, you believe in free will because you can use your imagination to make up a beginning and an end to this movie. Therefore, free will of your imagination exists in time and space. However, that’s not the reality. Because you cannot see the beginning or end nor the other minuets of the movie you can only imagine the other things you cannot see or experience first hand. If you cannot understand the beginning nor end nor the other sections; then you are like most people. However, astrology posts the question that accessing all of the movie is attainable, and that by doing so our imaginations were in fact just that – we created free will and choice because we did not know. Martin Luther of the German reformation period intended that God knew all the past, present and future. He used  the word as predestination. Predestination is a religious word, and fatalism is more of the atheist or agnostic terminology (or witches craft by pagan standards).

Physicists want desperately to be the one to unify the macrocosm physics with the microcosm physics. They want one equation for all of life, and usually without telling you, they only covet the Nobel Peace Prize. Otherwise there is no motivation, and that is purely a capitalistic endeavor – even though many left-wing physicists will tell you they are against capitalism – meaning they have no understanding of its concepts at all.  It is better they stick to assembling numbers.

Since Saturn represents ‘father-time’ and time is necessarily the key-unit of measure of fatalism, this notion of the future being already predetermined then frightens people – whose first reaction is to deny it as irrational. Saturn represents the ‘fear,’ all the fears. Fear has been linked psychologically to what is deemed ‘ the unknown.’ And fatalism implies the unknown. Thus fatalism and Saturn are the key concepts here. and Saturn in mundane and horoscopic history are related to the most malefic expression in astrology. In moral relativism, Saturn cannot be a malefic. It has a specific purpose, and perhaps pain is necessary.

In Athens at the time of the trial of Socrates the polis moved away from justice and law and embraced “might is right” government. By the time of Socrates trial a foreign population created a widely disunified class system. The rulers appeased these immigration classes by breaking standard laws and survival of the fittest became natural law. Robert Williams, the Black Panthers, and Malcolm X all chose the path of “might is right.” They argued that Martin Luther King, Jr’s pacifist ways revealed little results. By the forced bussing period of American history, as I had surely felt the effects, blacks and brown people often beat up the local school kids and no crimes were reported by the faculty. Moving forward to the two terms of Bill Clinton, the Constitution was put aside for ‘might is right’ policies. Clinton broke numerous laws which the leftwing media never reported upon. Some that were reported upon that consisted of high-crimes, such as the Democratic National Committee (D.N.C. ) accepting $44,000,000 in campaign donations from the Chinese military or proxy avenues to the Chinese Communist Party for access to American secret duel use technologies, went to the way-side. The D.N.C. only returned $2.4 million of the campaign donations, it had already spent the rest and was not about to solicit back-payments. Also as a trick, and observed, the D. N.C. moved funds to Jakarta and then through Europe and then back to America, and reported these transactions as going one-way back to the CCP. These broken laws are considered ‘high-crimes’ because the ‘high’ means the President or his cabinet committed them. The social justice movement that won out over pacifist efforts now disregarded laws and winning became a survival of the fittest program. By the end of Clinton’s terms, breaking laws were now normal narrative expressions and soon laws would be disregarded as mere obstacles to social engineering. So America’s democracy, which is not a democracy, is going the way of Athens. So prediction is easy by just placing the model of Athens fall to America’s fall – the Macedonians do all the jobs and have all the same attitudes as the Latinos have exhibited.  Macedonians cried racism to get access to jobs in Greek territories and at the same time planned a long century worth of execution to take over the controls of the governing polis – which would happen in history. Racism got so prominent, that all the white people left Greece and migrated to northern Africa or to Italy. One-hundred years after the Socrates’ execution, Greece was merely depleted of white skinned humans.  At the same time it was so corrupted by the attitude of ‘might-is-right,’ that various other states conquered Greece and it fell away to obscurity in history. To deduce what happened, The Macedonians had no intentions of ‘celebrating diversity’ of peoples. They wanted an already built civilization overlaid with their own belief structures, ethnic foods and culture. They got it by the ‘might-is-right’ attitude.

The New Left and movement started basically on American college campuses in the mid-1960s argued against conforming to laws. Laws, they explain, led to suppression of minority groups. But after civil rights granted equal access to government, voting, and all other privileges of American society, they pushing for change did not stop. Current narratives are that California, including these universities are for Mexicans only, and all other whites must leave the state or die. No one in California seems to know what to do because the problem is now becoming overt in street discourse. Political Correctness with its program of celebrate diversity did not work in Athens nor will it work in America. A millennia separates these two democracies but nothing has changed.

The society of self-interests, a Marxist vision, and a program that Obama uses to pay-off his unions and community groups with the general funds from taxpayers to all states – to keep himself in power is nothing of a democratic model at all. Ruling subjects by force comes with this attitude of passing laws that are not supported by the majority of the populous. The Obama first half of his first term is a text book example. Almost all the Republicans voted against his massive spending bills, and rightly so. They went to the special interest groups that back the election of Obama. They had no intension of benefiting the American public as a whole. The promises of jobs form these spending bills never materialized. The rich got incredibly richer and much of these legislative Democratic bills went to the rich bankers and corporations that heavily contributed to the election of Democrats in 2006’ congressional election and the 2008 general election. The bailouts to the car company FORD, when entirely oversees to China, where Ford has assembly plants to escape Democratic Party taxes and uses Chinese native labor in which these funds went to pay for Chinese labor and not American. The Vehicles are sold to China, but companies oversees do not have to pay the federal government what they pay on American land. Although, Obama may try to change this, he has yet to do so, and he understands that to receive additional campaign contributions he has to do what these corporations demand of him. It is hard to argue that we live in a democracy, or that Socrates was put on trial and executed in a democracy. The special interest governments have now taken over and the world is spiraling out of control.

According to Astrological traditions, the justice and moral –ethical positions of an astrology chart are actually in the weakest sectors --- the cadent houses: 3,6,9,12. The strongest houses are the angles: 1,4,7,10. Most leaders of states have prominent planets in the angel houses. I have done about twenty-various presidents from all the periods of America and all have these prominent placements – there is no exception. Clinton had his mars rising on his ascendant, and Obama has his Mars prominent in his seventh house. These are two modern radical socialist presidents. What this implies is that morality and ethics are not standard government prescriptive. Might-is-right is actually the going paradigm in all of history. I have done many of the Roman Empire leaders, and they too have the angels filled with prominent aspects. Knowing this, one can deduce that laws and rules are not the dominant solution to governance. The largest parcel of the national budget each year is called the ‘black-budget.’ In fact, most legislative officials of Washington D.C. do not know where this money goes. The same thing is now applying to Chinese system. Each country understanding of dwindling resources and increasing populating growth are arming for End Day Armageddon scenarios.

Skeptics who now are mainly debunkers intend that every generation believed their period had reached the point of the end times. However, they never had the signs as we do today.

Digital Angel, which I reported on heavily from 1999- 2001 had developed radio tracking implants, and now it is being suggested that by 2017 each human must have an ‘inked’ mark on their body to purchase and conduct their financial matters. Technology has gone pass the implant of a small chip to placing radio-readers into the form of liquid ink which can act as a device which has the same capabilities of controlling one’s finances. This way the government can shut-off your finances by shutting down your access code embedded on your skin.

The other sign is overpopulation. As the world spirals out of control, the academics do not seem to know what to do about this problem. If the weather changes dramatically and food production is inhibited by this, then people will starve to death. At this time, Kenya, and many African states, have alerted the United Nations to the current droughts which have positioned their societies into some ‘starvation’ warning’ signs. The leftwing media is too busy blaming Bush for the asteroid strike millions of years ago, to everything that is wrong in the world from their perspective. Instead of brainstorming solving the world’s poverty problems, Obama takes all his time on how to reelect his Democrats and himself by taking the American public’s money and sneaking it in bills that the Congress never read, and paying off his constituencies. He has no time for real issues. Everything he does is done under the umbrella of racism.

Under Bill Clinton the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in the form of nuclear weapon delivery technology places the earth in a dire scenario of a nuclear global chess match. This was not a problem during 1 A.D. not 1,000 A.D. when various end-time scenarios were propagated. However, today there are many ways in which man-made extinction events can persist.

All the negative astrological aspects have shown up since the year of 1999, and have illustrated an increase of ‘quickening’ of awareness to earth changes and to human dilemmas. When I wrote last year about the Saturn and the Uranus opposition(s) and its connection to a larger than normal series of earthquakes, this had materialized. There had been an unusually high amount of large earthquakes while this opposition is lasting longer than normal because of retrogression. Now with Mars and Jupiter joining the fray toward this axis it appears to place a great strain on individual actions. Oppositions tend to swing from one –end to another. This is a mirroring the world now that seek solutions to global problems.  Some think nuclear proliferation is a main problem, some others thinking that these environmental problems are a number one concern, and even others believing that climate change is the most important challenge for humans today. So by the time that this opposition has broken up, there should be action – one-way-or-another on these various issues.


Journal: December 2010.

In the news a new poll proclaims most Americans see China overtaking the U.S.A.’s economy. Nostradamus X. LXXII ( dated 1999) intends that a resuscitation of a great Asian civilization was the key to the understanding of this prophecy.

Meanwhile, Berkeley City Council passed a resolution to honor Julian Assange the wikileaks contributor recently arrested by the British on trumpet – up charges – to be a state hero. Some of his leaks also have cables that go as far as the 1980s, but the ones in late 1990s confirm my interpretation on Nostradamus X – 72, that the Chinese were selling nuclear weapons technologies to North Korea, Pak. India, and later in the 2000s to Iran – this was to recoup monies it spent on buying U.S. nuclear weapons technologies in the 1990s. One thing about these leaks reveal that contrail spraying has over 200 patents, so the kooks as we were called are correct after all. So the haters and lovers of tyranny will need to find new kook claims.

In the News Obama called Republicans terrorists and bomb throwers – typical rhetoric from Obama who is a racist and a hater in my opinion. At least in his astrology chart it pertains toward the end of his life, the people he considered friends will distance themselves from him – perhaps realizing he was a racist and hater all along.

Economics correctly relate as I have intended for so long that the U.S.A. economy will get better when Obama leaves the office of the U.S.A. president. Under law he has to leave in late 2016 – which is a dismal forecast. But you always can get rid of a president but never the people who put him into office. Obama promised utopia, and the majority believed in his messianic message. However, he turned out to be an antichrist ( anyone who is opposed to Jesus Christ, the bible intends, it is not a lone person as the media has twisted its meaning from John II ( New Testament).

Obama ran as Clinton had done on the perceived locution of anti-establishment.  Now, even the most ardent leftist kooks in the academic world are fighting and having a meltdown trying to explain why everything is so bad for the forecast of the economy and many people are just unhappy with all the surveillance, fear-mongering in the media, and talk about some collapse of everything. But there is hope and change. Obama has repeatedly claimed he is smarter than his enemies (republicans, whites, Europeans, poor people, homeless people, and even for the most part the middle classes) that he knows how to make utopia. So we already have concluded that Obama is more successful than any U.S. President, smarter than Einstein or anyone in history, people that believe in the Bible are stupid, Jesus was an idiot just because Obama is superior – his professors told him so, and you are racist if you complain about any policy a half-black President has supported. Obama is providing soil for the opium poppy production in Afghanistan, having the CIA fly-it-out to various corners of the world, and then forcing the American tax-payers to foot massive tax-dollars for some failed Anti-Drug war campaigns across the world to jail users and sellers of opium, people whom are mostly poor and helpless. If you complain you may find yourself in prison or being attacked and called a racist. That is the new Obamination world agenda. In 2016, we perhaps will have his protégé. Chiron will and has been aspecting Neptune, and continues too during Obama’s reign. Chiron is determined to hurt the spiritual side of our beings and force us to see the left’s adherence to materialism. All we get day-in-and-day-out from our media is to go out and spend, spend, spend or you are not a patriot. The new Obamination world agenda is not only for the U.S.A. but it is for the whole world. Many of you either elected him by vote or applauded and supported him. Not everyone is unhappy. Obama is seeking to make the U.S.A. the corrupted model of Mexican politics. Drug wars, mass-killings, corrupted officials, and class-warfare where in Mexico, the rich and the poor have the largest ratio in the world, where most of the billionaires of the world, per capita are Mexican corrupted persons. Obama is seeking this model for the U.S.A., because he has his Acubens as his Solar star, as in Cosmic. In Greece, the constellation of Cancer, the crap, was associated to tumors or what we call today as the disease known as cancer. Acubens appear in many far-leftist horoscopes, including many scientist academics, who lie and continue the narrative the Republicans are the rich – class and the poor classes are all Democrats. This has been false for many decades. The wealth in the U.S.A. is disproportionally skewed in the hands of the Democratic Party members or the people who vote mainly for Democrats. U.S. Academics are in the top- 20% rate of the financial class – the richest in the world, and in the top 01% of the wage earners if we take into an account of the entire world. Since large corporations which get their bills and legislation passed by the Democratic Party and the Government funding, these persons are 93 % of the academic population that voted for the Democrats every time. The richest people as a group, Hollywood votes 99% Democratic Party-Line. Unions vote nearly 100% party-lines. The pharma industry cannot do business to make massive profits without the Democratic Party giving them tax exemptions. These corporations and connected to the 93 % of the academic population vote Democratic Party-Line. The reason why Obama tried to buy the private car companies and place them into regulation of the Democratic Party was to insure their continual voting support of the left’s way. The reason that often Republicans win is the majority who vote for them are lower to poverty classes, and there are numerous poverty classes who rely on trickle down economics and government staying out of regulation for economic prosperity. However, the word was after Obama had won the U.S. Presidency, Republicans were deemed over for America and from hence forth the Democrats would always win. In order for this to happen they must cater to anti-American an population, which is deemed amnesty to a largely anti-U.S. immigrant movement. Because elections are won by very small margins, promising to end Americanism and replace it with ( name your culture here or heritage) then they will create class-warfare to provide you with legality and suppress the opposition. This discourse is not allowed to be discussed in the media or in academia, but all know or communicate that change is coming to America, so you better run away to another place. If you help the destruction you can live out your life, which explains why these large-pay-offs are happening to the rich and wealthy. Eventually, Fox News will become extremely left-wing. However, as runners in history have had places to go, the world is filling up, so a purge is the solution. But that is not the only choice. Many are going to decide to leave the U.S.A. for another system. It is probably the EU, and therefore the chances of fulfillment of Cyclical Roman Apocalypse can unfold, because people are board anyway and have nothing better to do then to reenact tradition according to a play.  

Many atheists see animals and nature more important than human beings. They seek to justify their truth by mass-elimination of humans. It is not the religious folk. They do not follow religious texts or even care about religious traditions. what they care about can only be described as narcissism.  They are of the leftist persuasion, and Karl Marx claimed that Liberals are the most dangerous narcissists. Liberals ( al Liers) have a tendency to act as ‘ I will step on anyone toes if I can get away with it to get what I want, that’s all that matters, me, me, me, me, me.’

However, in history Liberals always seem to win so there is no point in the world. Selfishness is commonplace and not the exception. The majority of human beings then are not good. The Bible, which has many perspectives on this good human verse bad human, does support the human being as inherently bad, that’s to say the majority of humans are bad people. when you hear someone state that the majority of humans are good people, they are usually wealthy in the world sense, and not the western civilization sense of wealth.


New World Culture

New World Culture of No Religion

So Atheist Academics conclude a New World Culture where ‘us’ of the world do not venerate religious figures any longer. They have concluded they are all evil and there is no God. So who should replace the leaders in history who founded ethical and founded moral values? The Democratic Party has concluded ‘shopping,’ ‘spending,’’ and ‘worship of the elite political classes’ as viable replacements; but more importantly the veneration and prayers to the ‘New Socialist Democratic Party Union’ as the correct replacement. Currently the left-wing media has deemed Barack Hussein Obama as the New Deity of Humankind. Many other countries see this as an Obamination (Abomination of Desolation).


They have possible other candidates such as gangsters, rapists, thugs, criminals, filthy-rich celebrities, the banking elite, federal corporations,  while the academics say the replacement should be them as these new atheist scientists – perhaps building alters with their iconic portraits displayed at all public places.

At public libraries across the U.S.A. peace and Christian topics are hidden, while iconoclasm takes an atheist form as Vampires, Werewolves, Ax – Wielding Maniacs, and mass murderers – all which are visually displayed, so the children can be desensitized and taught to worship dark-cultish culture. It is a step in the right direction these Atheists pronounce; soon cannibalism will be a fad, and C.N.N. will have a half-hour weekly segments on how to cook-up and eat your neighbors, if they are identified as non-atheists.

Religious societies tend to be a part of the infrastructure building phases of states. At least this was a case in point in European and later U.S.A. societies. In the formative years, usually religion is non-uniform and may have it skeptics in places of leadership. Some of the founding members of the United States of America believed in a God, but a God who only created the universe and then allowed its creation to make choices in Free Will and direct its own destiny. This was not a universal belief among all the Founders, but a prevalent one.   Protestant (WASP) began around 1820s and fell off during the mid-twentieth century. By the Mid-Twentieth century, the U.S.A. was embroiled in fighting over the spoils of World War II, and atheism crept in to sort out the mess, with their promulgation of ‘political correctness’ This term actually does not mean anything but the elite that suppress the common is of its nature, empirically defined over the decades of fighting for rare and classified documents, and great story-telling and awesome investigative enquiries.

When a state reaches ‘statis’ such as the case of the U.S.A., the culture flips about like a reversal and insanity creeps in of the form of ‘logical’ and ‘rational’ atheistic victory. The ‘statis’ quo is but the non-religious ‘consumerism’ which is the top-news each night on how the public is spending and what they needed to fill their base desires of atheism. What feels good for the gratification of the senses is what atheism is all about. The left, politically that is, which believes itself as perfect subscribes to Karl Marx, which called liberals the worst group of human filth in all of history. It is ironic that only the leftwing academics ascribe to the writings of Marx as logical, rational, and profound. They are so stupid they do not understand that Marx is calling them ‘evil’ of mankind. When confronted they look confused and run away, or get angry and change the subject as if they are about to go postal. Without spiritualism, what is left? Consumerism is what is left and consumerism is the very nature of Evil to Karl Marx. It is as if the leftwing academics which control all of western academia are completely stupid, insane, and do not know what to do as religion declines, their nemesis.

Well there is a solution to understanding this. The only thing left is ‘real’ excitement and that is mass murder. Mao Tse-tung is a perfect model. When consumerism broke down and there was no God for Mao to turn to, he got his excitement out of mass murder, torture, rape, and horrific crimes that would put medieval torture stories to shame. So in a Godless society we have excitement of mass murder to look forward too. Fell better?

So what do you think? Possible models intend great socialist dictators. Mao Tse-tung used his youth to place dynamite under their parent’s bodies and blew them up; while other methods were to bury people alive, tear their limbs apart, or imaginative torture methods. Mao Tse-tung was communicated as a deity and still holds the iconic position of father of China. So he is the model of ethics and morals. So perhaps the west or middle east can come up with a competitor? In western academia, Mao Tse-tung who was an extreme leftist is worshipped as a deity by Atheist Scientists. Mao Tse-tung hated religion and blamed it on poor people, helpless, and vulnerable. The Soviets decided to kill anyone who were disabled because they could not be a contributor to the ‘worker’s paradise.’ And also, if you did not have the correct color of skin, you were murdered, often left to die of the elements in Siberia. As this time the headline news in the U.S.A. is always a slew of celebrities and what they ate or who they slept with as the top-news topics of each day and really of each hour. These figures replace the religious founders of moral and ethics and each celebrity concludes that creating a bigger scandal gets one higher on the list of ‘breaking top-news.’ So these are our new teachers, and they teach us what to buy, wear, eat, live, aspire too, and of course how to pray to them by constant attention to their every deed and waking moment. They are our new overlords.

America’s founding vision was a ‘middle-class.’ Today, and for the last twenty-years the middle-class has dwindled and what reshaped the American landscape is the rich-classes and the majority of poor classes. The rich are getting richer, thanks in part to the Democratic Party which has the most wealth in the U.S.A., and the poor are getting poorer, which make up most of the voting Republican populations. However, electoral-votes are concentrated in populous cities and states on the coast which are more populated – they vote more Democratic Party Line, therefore even with a majority of the U.S. population which favors republican equality of economy, they cannot win elections any longer. Bush only one because of a coastal state, Florida, went his way in the Electoral College.  Many who voted for Bush came from communist Cuba and understand where and what is real socialism – a life where government employees live a great life but are in the population minority and the general greater population supports financially this minority and lives in abject poverty. However, the Democratic Party has a wonderful plan – called promise, provide and lie. New immigrants vote for the Democratic Party because they use class-warfare and promise them privileges that citizen are denied. At the same time, the Democratic Party pay-off the rich and wealthy by various legislation (called pork) in the districts that matter the most to win the Electoral College. This explains the Democratic Party’s amnesty plans ( DREAM ACT) and other plans to win the votes of the immigrants, because only a small margin of votes can reelect the Democrats into office. In order to keep wining elections the Democratic Party must allow illegal immigration to flourish, and then cater to these new groups in the promise, provide and lie program. Once the system is unionized, the Democratic Party is locked in to win every time. The best thing for Republicans is to leave the country because they will not pick up weapons and attack the government as the founders explained to take back their country form the leftwing diseases. Since this does not happen, the cultural framework will dissolve to the principled immigrant groups, which come from dictatorships and corrupted countries. This is not unique, but it is how most Republican states fall in history.  The reason that British Parliament has not fallen away is that they have an ethnocentric government system, where white European English Heritage is strictly enforced. What keeps it that way is their symbolism of having royalty still able to influence culture. In America, the plan was to exclude royalty form its boarders. However, celebrity or ‘stars’ are the new royalty. Recently Wall Street and rich elitist leftists are also a part of this new pseudo-royalty. Pseudo as in they have titles but not heritage and they win these titles usually based upon privilege (so-called-repressed minorities), cultural recognition – such as good looks (media, film), and patronage (academic) and meritocracy (sports). Teachers in the 1950s (not academics, but teachers of children!) used to be the American heroes, and to some extent the U.S. soldier.


Today these positions are laughed at and frowned upon are ‘trash-can’ careers. Today’s heroes are criminals, thugs, rich-stars who can skirt laws, and never do serious jail crimes that the normal citizen would achieve if convicted, the rich – famous and corporations. They overwhelmingly are Democratic Party Members.


The Soviets and the Chinese Communist Party define the Correct Democracy as the ‘few’ elite and the control of the massive poor: These new classes are developing in the U.S.A. and have been creeping for some time. You do not hear of civil rights violations in China because they jail citizens that complain and the Democrats on Washington D.C. conduct major business transactions with these Chinese Communist Party members – so they will not tell you either. What they say is that some invisible rich republicans control the world and suppress you. It is a lie but it is also the standard and accepted narrative.


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