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By Michael Johnathan McDonald

Jounral Entries  2010

My Personal Healthcare History

4,406 record cold temperatures in January; 1,073 Snowfall records... Feb 2014 report on 2013.

Journal 0 6

Journal 6 Entry 28 July 2010

The New Obama Bank Regulation bill does not ‘ban derivatives,’ thus it is another Obama farce. It does nothing but give larger banks control of the smaller banks. A Clinton appointee judge put a temporary stop on the illegal immigration bill Arizona is trying to implement to rid their state from rapists, robbers, thieves, job-usurpers, drug-lords and race-conquest. Obama has stated that illegals do not have to provide identification upon suspicion of breaking state or federal laws. This is because he wants their votes after giving them amnesty for the 2012 general elections. This has nothing to do with upholding the U.S. constitution or peoples’ democratic voices. The Arizonans have spoken out against the massive inundation of Mexican and South Americans invading their state boundaries, usurping their state funds and social services and implementing racial supremacy ideologies within the state. If I get pulled over for a suspicion of breaking the laws, either state or federal, I have to produce my Californian ID. This says I’m an American citizen that lives in the state of California. However, illegals do not have to show any ID according to Barak Hussein Obama or his cronies democrats. The name democrats is just a name and they exhibit behavior of a fascist ideology. Now many Op-Eds are appearing and stating the obvious that America is falling because of these fascists who call themselves Democrats and are in power now. Laws apply to Republicans they intend but not themselves. They want and to want too keep power as they live like kings. It is so obvious that evil rules history. Evil people do evil things, and Obama is evil.  

2013 Summer Cold, Winter starts cold, in California, then gets warm but like the 1980s, and eastern U.S. gets record cold and snow.

Snow, Ice Storm to Hit South... Developing...
Chicago Nears Record For Days Below Zero...
CLAIM: 'Global Warming' Slowdown Due to Pacific Winds...
Worst snowfall in decades hits Tokyo...

Global Warming is a catch-tale for every excuse in the book. For example, if your child is playing a violent video game instead of studying for an exam the next day, and the following week you find out your child failed that exam, you blame it on Global Warming, if you are a global warming proponent. People will tell me this has been exaggerated but it has not; there are trillions of dollars that the rich want to tape into to get more rich. I have not met any academic that cares about the Earth or people. They advocate a global tax on the poor so they can get more millions in retirement packages. When I was in a U.C.B.  co-op, at Berkeley, Ca. the house mates I knew were radical left-wingers that did not care about others, they cared about how much money they can steal and how to hurt others and get away with it, citing they are suppressed because their rich families are not more, well, richer.  So there is no hope for America, we have to look to other races and cultures in others states to save the world. The U.S.A. is run by failures and avaridians ( avarice + as a tribal group).

Journal 6 Entry 27 July 2010

Recently because the economy is being destroyed by Obama’s reliance on Marxism (not Karl Marx’s thoughts, but others who have made twisted doctrines out of his work) the Americans are visibly upset. Obama’s new low in poll ratings gives him a 44% approval rating to a leftist skewed (same week) of 49% approval rating. Bush’s approval has risen 10 points and lags behind Obama’s by 7% indicating the honeymoon for Obama’s ‘blame bush and the republicans for all ills of history” is over. The nervous thing about the mid-term elections, if the republicans win big and force Obama to the center, he will likely be re elected. To me, Hussein Obama represents rhetory and discourse that is hateful, dishonest, and elitist. His constant attacks on republicans and capitalism as perpetually harmful to civilization is a bold-face lie and characteristic of a mentally unbalanced human. So out of this uncertainly, the leftist have driven us to realize the illusionary man-made global warming. The media exonerated the lying scientists that a hacker had exposed by releasing ‘secret’ emails and data showing how over decades the scientists seeking government funding made up data to show that humans made-up the global warming. One of the claims is that for over a hundred years the earth has been increasing on average it heat-index. They say this was due to man-made global warming. Thus the governments of the world must tax the human populations so the government has more money to increase these scientists’ salaries and funding. They do not tell the public that the earth has just come out from a mini-ice age. This mini-ice-age is relevant in art depicting frozen rivers of the U.S.A. that now are not frozen, during winter. The history books claim freezing periods in Europe, and good scientists that are not joined by funds to the governments indicate that Europe and the northern hemisphere had gone through a mini-ice age. In the 1970s, the scientists talked about a ‘new ice age,’ if something was not done by the governments of the world to fund the scientists to find resolutions.  From 900 – 1200 there was a mini-global warming which appeared much warmer on record than today’s average temperatures. The Vikings exploited this global warming to round the lands in the northern arctic seas to descend into the western portion of today’s Russia to conquer it. The rivers to which they descended to accomplish this feat are now frozen solid all year around. Still the great lakes have been filled by massive cyclic ice ages, and we know for a fact that 10,000 years ago a massive ice age was in affect and civilizations are seen on maps that appear to be within certain latitudes indicating this was the only possible location to inhabit of earth in the northern hemisphere as this global freezing age had allowed. This massive corporation and government control is afflicted by the scientists who show their greed, which is typically like a survival mechanism. To survive the scientists need to scare the world so the global taxation can be the only solution.

These fear-scientists  -- because of our greed – have won and various global tax schemes are being promulgated and the opposition seems to be many republicans that are poor and are not scientists, the elite wealthy ( such as Hollywood, landowners, corporations – as the elite merchants, bankers and global bankers and upper middle class that live in prosperity. The very poor have not voting power or say, which make up the majority of the world’s population, but these global taxes are heavily placed upon their shoulders. So these academic-richers are bringing back the zero –population movement of the later 1980s. Some dishonest professors ( I call them fraudessors) will tell us that Conservatives are the greedy people and the killers of nature and the world. This, adversity toward going local and green, perhaps riding bicycles and turning off all energy that does not come from the sun, is killing the world; They intend that nature is more precious than human life. They tell us that the Bible is the culprit because it tells the audience that humans must take domain over the animals.  These fraudessors cannot fathom that the majority of the world’s population, and even the top-country energy consumers – now China – do not read or subscribe to what the Bible says. These professors need to feel important by blaming someone, using them as a scapegoat, so religion is an easy culprit, because most of the lower middle –class and poor are subscribers to religion. Religion is a coping mechanism because life is basically hard and painful. Only a small fraction of the world’s population live in conformability. While this statistic indicates that humans on a whole are better off then lets say over a hundred years ago, there are still vast populations without homes, living in mud, straw, carboard or outside living spaces. They often use their bodies for work, and are paid pittance for the commodities they produce which then are purchased by the complaining elite wealthy castle dwellers – these include these fruadessors. These fraudessors therefore claim they need this expensive and elaborate lifestyle because they have a better DNA structure and thus are ‘more valuable’ to the homo sapian population. Now with this attitude, they allow themselves permissible rights to lie, because they feel inferior and discourse to their colleagues thusly so.

In the late 1980s, the zero population movement, modeled on China’s one –child policy withered and died off --- at lest until now. The world’s population will grow to such an extent that there will not be enough resources to assist the populations. Therefore, the fraudessors want the poor to die, meaning the republicans. They in their lying and twisting ways see humans raping the natural animal world. But this is a ploy to get governments to enact these strict green laws which mean to depopulate the world. The first on the agenda are the poor useless people. Remember, the fraudessors believe they have superior DNA and are the chosen. They believe they are needed to see the solution through. But they need the poor working and paying the bulk of the taxes. when taxes are raised at the municipal level it hurts the poor who have less purchasing power. They do not eat well, and die much younger than their elitist wealthy fraudessor population. This is preferable to the fraudessors   because they do not want to die, they dream of seeing their names in the spot-lights, in books and world recognition. It gives them vampire recognition which to them is some secret energy to prolong their dark-existence. For some reason this dark existence is associated to Acubens, of cancri. It has a resurrection motif or a life savior motif associated to its historicy. Now the zero-population movement wants to re emerge. It is associated to Fascism, because Acubens is directly linked to the fascist ( or totalitarian leaders of the 20 th century) movements.

So I have devised a solution that will not be liked by the fraudessors and the elite. That is if you want to save the planet for nature, be proactive and voluntarily give up your life – commit suicide. Stop blaming others, the right-wing, for the world’s problems. People see through these lies and it is criminal. The superiority complex so well associated to facism is but this resurrection or savior theme – the I am better than you, so you must die because I say so.

So as I have outlined in Beasts (5 September 2001 released on my website) the nuclear proliferation is one such crucial solution to depopulate the earth. Most of the fraudessors knew the WMD arming of the world with nuclear weapons was going on in their locations where they worked and did not raise a voice out of fear, reprisal and many in complicity. What they rationed in their minds was that to blame it on republicans, therefore they were not to blame. Criminals, yes! But they receive psychological excitement from being so. Thinking they are going to be complicit in mass murder helps them feel fealty to mass murderers in history in which they admire and apologize for – or many a fraudessor will lie and say these people were the greatest of thinkers of mankind. Many republicans cannot fathom why mass murderers are being worshipped at top universities all around the world. They are the atheist gods, and promoted as such. The weak republicans feel helpless to do anything about it at all.

Journal 6 Entry 27 July 2010.

I have been finding Acubens in many leftwing natives. These include famous state-leaders, such as Hitler, Stalin, many Roman leaders, but I’m also finding them in chart of leftwing and atheist academics. For example, one extreme left-winger from a Tier I  institution, I gathered his bio-birthday, no-hour, but did the ancient astrology system and lined up the angles, stars and planets with the luminaries. This lefty has Acubens connected to his Sun, Venus and another planet. It is interesting to find matches of stars to historical figures of the left that lie, cheat and have anger. This star appears to crop-up prominently in their charts. Obama has Acubens as ‘the’ prominent star of his horoscope. This intends perhaps an association to these other natives who had led their lives in lies, criminality, and anger. Why would such a prominent star of one of the prominent constellations, cancri, be a harbinger of discord and disgrace? It is clear the Babylonians had the zodiac already associated to cancri as its crab-animal-symbol. But what made them imagine this so? This star astrology is of course sidereal and not tropical.





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