After burning my rods and cones with an improper slit–lamp and general advanced eye exam, The U.C. Berkeley staff of the Eye Center chose to hire lawyers and tell me I was a liar and to get lost. Smoke came out of my eyes during the exam. The Doctor, the student practitioner said was high on dope. I permanently lose all my clear vision and lost faith in higher academia. Taken to experts, for a follow up by some of my department heads, the experts all claimed that improper slit lamp and laser in eyes do not hurt cones and rods. These people touted themselves as the number one world experts. I assume they were 1%er liars and did damage control.  I lost all faith in our U.S. Arabian academic system. What hurt even worse was being called a liar by Robin Einhorn, a professor in my department.

Rods and cones the nerve center receptors are micro particles and not detected by general cataract types of exams; although these dolts who claimed world expertise tried to convince me otherwise.

Crucifixion Eclipse The Large Gizāh  Pyramid : Nostradamus’ Birthdate at Central Axis of Giza Pyramid :

MJMJ 05   -- Journal 5: Left to Die by U.C. Berkeley Doctors Touting Their Compassion of Leftwing Personal Interests instead of the Community.

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Lowest Level of Healcare and Pernament Damage to Health


By Michael Johnathan McDonald

original text of a letter sent to my department head.

To Mrs. Berry,

I’m writing to you after my dilation from today’s exams has worn down (8:00 pm). It was a long morning and early afternoon. Robin dropped me off at my Co-op about 2:00 pm.

(eye exams on 3d of March, 2009, Michael J. McDonald)
After you left Dr. Sorenson’s office the morning of March 3d 2009, Robin remained with me and after a full eye exam we decided to go to “East Bay Retina Consultants, Inc.” (3300 Telegraph Ave, Oak. (510) 444-1600)) – referred by Dr. Sorenson. They accepted my Medical card there, and after this exam Dr. Scott S. Lee concluded that I had “No objective pathology seen.” There was no retina lesions found! Both performed slit-lamp exams, R. Sorenson’s slit-lamp exam I had estimated at 5:00 minuets but Robin had estimated it was about 2:00 minuets. Dr. Lee’s exam from the slit-lamp was even shorter in time. Nonetheless, both dilated eye exams concluded my eyes were normal. However, the vision test preformed before the dilations (reading the chart) at two different facilities concluded that my vision had changed.

My prescription from the standard chart eye exam from the Berkeley campus eye center prior to the dilated eye exams was recorded as: (a copy: signed by Edward Revelli, O.D.)

-2.75 (right eye)
-2.50 (left eye)

Dr. Sorenson, did a pre standard chart eye exam, and a post standard chart eye exam.
Both results were the same: (the second one after dilation)

-5.00 (right eye)
-4.50 (left eye)

Dr. Lee at the East Bay Retina clinic did not perform a standard chart eye exam. Yet, his assistant performed various visual eye exams with charts and instruments prior to me seeing Dr. Lee. I was not able to get a copy of his results, but these results were probably factored into Dr. Lee’s general evaluation.

Dr. Sorenson asked for me to return next week. I’m not sure, but maybe to see if my symptoms subsided? I’m sure, however, the dilated exams are over; but the standard chart eye exam (I believe called a refractive exam, the ones with different lenses being placed in front of the eye while looking at a chart) will be again done at that time. My appointment is at 1:00 pm on Tuesday, the 10th of March. I will walk there my self. It will be no trouble for me.

I plan on going to Social Services at the Tang center. I do not have S.H.I.P. ( the campus medical insurance), but there is a possibility I can see them about funding for correcting my vision during this evaluation period. I will see if I can get funding for glasses (I need prescription sun glasses too, even as Dr. Lee had placed a note on the evaluation form informing that I was ‘v. sensitive to light.’ Dr. Sorenson gave no initial timeline of when my eyes should return to normal (neither did Carl H. Jacobsen) – that is to say if it really was the dilated eye drops that has caused these symptoms? So I will wait for next weeks return visit to Dr. Sorenson and go from there.

Thank you for taking the initiative to get these different exams done. I already thanked Robin when she drove me home.

Thank you,
Michael J. McDonald
818 720 xxxx




Ophthalmologists claim Laser-Pointers do not harm, it may just make one outraged. However, they cite no retinal damage –because first, they are paid to be ignorant, and second, it is the rods and cones in the eyes, the receptors to send the signals to the brain that are damaged – most at minuet levels, but over time and multiple cases of bright or beam lights will cause vision loss which cannot be corrected with glasses. The retina is just a filter, and the harmful invisible wavelengths by-pass this filter and melt rods and cones – the nerve endings that send signals to one’s brain telling it to see sharply.  

My Personal Healthcare History

18 April 2010; additions 23 Sept. 2010

Los Angeles County – USC Medical Center (a.k.a. LAC+USC and Country General) is one of the largest medical training centers in the United States of America. The LA County Hospital will see any illegal or poor U.S. citizen for any operation. It has been doing this since the after World War II. There is no one illegal or non-illegal that was ever denied free healthcare. It operates at a cost of about $700 billion dollars per year. When in conjunction to welfare for Los Angeles County the cost for Californian tax payers exceeds $1 trillion per year. However, as a compassionate society in opposition to the racist policies of Mexico or Latin America, the Californians do not complain to much of paying state taxes taken out of the payroll checks before they get paid to fund free medical care for illegals and the poor.

1998 – 2001: Awaited diagnosis and operation on a lose body in right knee. Diagnosis and Operation were at the Medical University of Southern California, Medical Center in downtown Los Angeles. For these years I could barely walk. Not having medical insurance I had to go to the federal/ State government healthcare system. I had to go have a diagnosis repeatedly, so that the medical establishment could be certain that they understood I meant I could not walk functionally.

West Berkeley Family Practices

510 - 704-6000

2031 6th Street, Berkeley California.

Insurance: Medical

Loss of hearing in left-ear due to puncture of temperature gauge; apparently some Latin who could not speak English pulled my hair and shoved in a cone-like ear-temperature gauge so hard it just punctured by ear-drum, just enough that I lost some hearing. I complained to the substitute doctor on-call, as the regular doctor was not in at that time, and they told me that ‘absolutely nothing had happened.’ I went there to get a flu- shot and the person that gave me the flu – shot came in with a needle that was used and then told me to shut up and not to tell her how to do her job.   The doctors there did not seem to care about multiple people using the same vile and needles. Of course, this was Medical.

Loosing Some of My Eyesight by U.C. Berkeley Fascist Left-wingers.   

Scientists judge by empiricism. Going to a nearly all socialist faculty/professor/doctor school, I can judge what a socialist is and what do they stand for in reality – not just rhetoric-speak. The results are they are frauds, liars, and work for their own interests instead of the common good.

I had my cones and rods damaged by light from an improper U.C. campus Eye Department. I was accused, and implied to go die. I now understand how the U.S. government infected humans with diseases (now they have publically admitted) to see how diseases affects the human body without the consent of the individual. Government, according to the left is the answer to all forms of civil life, moral, ethical and progressive. My experience contends this proclamation, and intends that it is corrupted to the core. The head of my department told me to go seek a psychiatrist to manage my anger, and another professor in my department implied I was a lair and that I did not know what happened to me, I must be crazy. The two professors I had for classes did not care, nor did other faculty departments. It was a horrific experience, felt like being raped by their entire faculty of this deranged school. The University of California, Berkeley is a public school funded by the American Californian Taxpayer and even federal grants -- as the federal government does not make money – it is always the American citizen, including the natives below the poverty line that fund these so-called scientists and ethical humans. The head of the department knew all, and he gambled that I could not get it proved – so he looked at me like you are out of luck – we are not just, ethical or moral – we rape, kill, and hurt whomever we want and we cannot be fired, replaced, or defunded – plus we make millions of dollars over our lifetime, and have the best pension plans and medical on earth. They did not help me at all, get help from anyone possible. The University also charged me for the full-time course loads that I had to pay –back, and even gave me a fail because I did not show up for classes. My history advisor told me she did not care about me, which made me feel really bad, and my thesis advisor lied to me more than once, and purposely tried to impose my topic onto a professor who had previously declined to advise it because of ignorance on the subject. I was met with anti-Semitism toward for this semester, I was accused of not understanding that leftism triumphs as the end of history, and that only poor and despicable humans that love freedom place road blocks to scientific-world controllers.

On top of it, I have no job, and cannot see, and ended up homeless, again. So that proposes me to understand that academia is not there to serve the public’s interest, but to implement an agenda which has nothing to do with morality or ethics. The campus and tenur professors live in utopia. They have security protecting them twenty-four-seven, they have salaries which are above the top 20% in America, and compared to the world, in the top 01% ( one-percent); they have pension plans, the best medical, total freedom in choice to do what they want, work only part time throughout the year, take expensive vacations paid for by the government, and get their names into print. They eager charges will to throw themselves at them sexually to get ahead, they forums to promote their pet opinions, and they have job security. So they expect that student must kiss-up to them and believe what they believe or politically believe or they will not get a position or a push into the same direction of utopia. It appears nothing changes in history, and these same types of mediocre professors always fill these positions and act their angst that they never could on the school-yard playground. The Spanish History professor claims the Spanish are the best in the world, the white or northern Europeans are the culprits of all the ills of the world, and stupid to boot, and that white northern Europeans actually killed Native Americans not the Spanish – this was a myth begun by white people. Why do Berkeleyans claim this is the top public school in the world when what is promoted, treasured, is of purely bullshit? Why did I get approved for a topic, then into the semester told I could not write on my topic? Why are these professors allowed to teach or even research when they have no ethical or moral values at all?

I no longer can view life at any distance from what I normally had seen the world. Since an Asian student performed the exam on my eyes if I complained, these professors though, I must be a racist. The University of California, Berkeley abused my civil rights, tried to injure me with an intent to kill, and made-up a cacophony of libels and slanders to explain away their criminal negligence.

So with one class to fulfill my undergraduate requirements and a 3.51 G.P.A. Cal organized a murder scheme to destroy someone that does not fit their mold of aristocratic, snobbish, and bore, drone and lover of mass murderers like Mao Tse-tung ( whom they worship as a deity because of his brutality toward the poor and helpless). I never found anyone at Cal ( that is its abbreviation) who was on my level of intellect. That’s sad. What I found were liars and petty criminals, snobs, arrogant-ignorant, and aggressive morons. Memorizing list of facts, which are never facts as perspectives divides up the focus of individual preferences does not make one an expert on anything. So California will lose out on a great teacher, which is what all the parents are decrying the lack of at this time. I find mediocre and aggressive political operatives get placed promoted by these mediocre halls of academia.

For those who cannot understand what happened to my eyes I had these so-called best in the world doctors claim that light cannot damage the cones or rods and so they check for huge lesions about an inch or so with a slit-lamp and claimed my eye had no trauma. They concluded that the eye drops (of course in which they are not responsible, some corporation overseas perhaps) would be the culprit and it could last the rest of my life. This was total bullshit. I found many professors and faculty at the University of California, Berkeley career liars and criminals. When I was on the board for the Dean of Students there was a discussion of a secret accounting for all the suicides, including faculty, that kill themselves each year at this criminal organization – they find out the truth that like the government that secretly infect humans to watch them die and study their demise are the very same evil individuals that make up this institution for the benefit of the human kind. So after U.C. Berkeley experimented on me they left me to die. And I had to pay for it. And lastly, you confront these twerps they are career liars. I’m sure I’m not the only one they tried to kill. I really believe that all the universities in the U.S.A. need to be restructured or better yet ended.

The Only thing U.C. Berkeley ever did of note is to make Plutonium, build the weapons of mass destruction processing plants by design for making quickly nuclear weapons, and then experiment on Japanese. Oh, yeah, they placed the blame on Truman – yeah right. They never get held responsible, that is why they live in utopia.

Meredith W. Morgan University Eye Center

February 26, 2009: Eyes permanently damaged on the campus of University of California, Berkeley.


Meredith W. Morgan University Eye Center

School of Optometry,

University of California, Berkeley.

Berkeley, California, 94720 – 2020

(a.k.a) Minor Hall Eye Clinic

397 Minor Hall, School of Optometry

Tel – 510 642 9537


According to the website,
“The U.C. Berkeley School of Optometry is the #1 ranked [ incestuous?] optometrist institution in the United States. We take great pride in offering comprehensive vision care that shares our academic and research expertise with you.”


On staff is the son, Andrew L. Sorenson, M.D. ( a fellowship-trained refractive surgeon and corneal specialist in Berkeley, CA – he and his father own a long-time optometrist business where they conduct laser surgery for commercial business)


Carl H. Jacobson, OD, FAAO ( associate Clinical Professor, Cheif, Ocular Disease Clinic) he is the one that saw me after the comprehensive eye exam. He explained that my vision loss was due to eye drops and that they will last my lifetime. So he reported to the head of the Eye Center that I did not want help, a way to dismiss me and to cover up malpractice.


Associate Dean For Clinical Affairs, Edward J. Ravelli, OD, FAA) [ : he stated that he would not help me and communicated Jacobson’s lie as the response.


This was of course paid for (they were paid in full, of course) by Medical.

So I lost macular acuity with no compensation or was the Doctor and student disciplined. Rather the medical establishment covered it up knowing that diagnosing cellular damage by light exposure from a prolonged sitting under a slit-lamp cannot be diagnosed. It is a wonder how state funded companies have failed in the history of the world to provide competent healcare. I’m they lied to refuse me help after they destroyed my vision because it would reflect on their resume and historical remembrances. Typical leftwing personal interests and not interests in the community – absolutely no morality at all. You cannot see rods and cones with slit-lamp microscopes unless under an operation with more powerful equipment with the more intense lights. There was no way to get another state funded doctor ( because I’m poor and that is what U.C. Berkeley banked upon that I could not get a private eye doctor to make any findings with no money) to prove I lost vision. I did not receive any help at all. Left to die; typical leftwing take-no-responsibility for ones actions.

My vision

Here are my vision results after exams:


200 9 file 1

200 9 file 2

200 9 file 3

200 9 file 4

200 9 file 5

Here is a p.d.f. of retina exposure to slit-lamp and light - exams, the dangers.



What does the slit-lamp do?

It is part of an eye examination, and using a “slit lamp,” an eye doctor is supposed to check the optic nerve to make sure there is no damage to it.

“The geriatric population is one in which the hazard from bright light or blue is of particular concern because the anti-oxidative mechanisms needed to protect the retina progressively deteriorate with age starting around age forty.” – this was not told to me.

My light part of the exam was well over 45 minutes in length.  The student, the doctor, the student and then the student and doctor were there apparently teaching the student what was in the back of an eye. I was a guinea pig apparently. The doctor seemed mentally not to be alert. The student slapped the doctor on the back and asked if he was OK today – as if he had bouts of delusion or delirium. Prior to the exam I was concerned about the light part of the exam and told the student that my previous doctor that issued a light exam had told me that I had a phobia to light. The student told the doctor, as I could hear them outside of the door in the hallway. What the doctor told the student, I could not hear.  My follow up exams, at two other locations were short. Their duration under these same lights were two minutes and one was even shorter than that. 

The results are not true. The loss of vision accounts for the blurred ratio of what I can see. It does not mean that I lost 1.50 acuity. No glasses can correct this problem. It caused me pain, suffering and I have constant headaches. U.C. Berkeley loves to tout it is the best public university in the world. It is almost a joke, they are opposite of what they claim.


Information Page for Therapists: 
Risks of Eye Damage from Bright and Blue Light Therapy 

There is good reason to be concerned about retinal damage from the use of bright and blue light therapy lamps. Experts have now determined that the development of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is directly related to the retinal stress that results from exposure of the eye to visible blue light. As Dr. Beatty, director of the Macular Pigment Pigment Research Group (MPRG) stated "It is photo-oxidative stress, or the cumulative exposure to free radicals from blue light over a lifetime that causes AMD".1a Recently the European Eye (EUREYE) Study "found that the combination of blue light exposure and low plasma concentrations of antioxidants was also associated with the early stages of AMD, which are common in the population, and that blue light exposure in middle age might be more damaging than at younger ages."1b

1b. Sunlight Exposure, Antioxidants, and Age-Related Macular Degeneration. Arch Ophthalmol. 2008; 126:1396-1403.

For more information, please call Sunnex Biotechnologies at 1-877-778-6639

"Light Therapy and Retinal damage "

Ocular Experts Caution Against the Use of Bright Light and Blue Light Therapy Lamps

Many experts link the development of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) to the cumulative lifetime exposure to blue light wavelengths, and studies indicate that a moderate increase in lifetime exposure to blue light can advance the onset of this blinding disease by several years. This has led a number of experts to caution against the use of bright and blue light therapy lamps. Sunnex Biotechnologies patented GreenLIGHT technology screens out hazardous blue light wavelengths and eliminates the risk of eye damage inherent in the use of bright light lamps and light therapy lamps that primarily emit blue light.

The consequences of AMD for users of light therapy can be severe. As reported in the journal Science on the 25th anniversary of the use of light therapy, the first person to use bright light therapy explained how light therapy became less and less effective for him over the years as his eyesight faded, and concluded "Now I can hardly see, and all hell has broken loose... I have had periods of depression lasting over a year".
Light therapy lamps and Retinal Damage

For interested parties, Sunnex Biotechnologies has prepared a draft overview of the numerous studies published over the past 2 years that link the physiological mechanisns involved in the development of AMD with blue light exposure. It is available on request.

The University of California, Berkeley is almost 99% radical leftwing. When I went there, only John Yoo could be described as a Republican. Other than that, anyone else was deadly secret as irrational emotional ploys and demonstrates were ultimately anti-America. La Rasa (Means the Race of the Superiority of the Brown People) is on all U.S. college campuses and promote the Latin agenda for opportunities for education, job-placement and immigration rights. They are the modern version of the KKK, who in the 1920s promoted the same vision for the white race. The going conversation at U.C.B. is throwing out all the whites from the U.S.A. eventually. It will take about three decades, but whites are told to get out or die. You are told to celebrate diversity and conflict not unity and social integration. The power structures are lying and blaming. There is no persuasive discourse, job false accusations if you do not tote the anti-European programme. So when an Asian female, gradate of the Optometry School had incorrectly given an eye exam and I went back the next day to ask for help, I was accused of racism. Not only accused by the School of Optometry, but even by a Vietnamese bully at the Convent, a Berkeley U.C. student cooperative. It was a horrendous experience. Every action one does at the campus is viewed under a microscope of racist motivation. Being a scientist I could gauge that the U.S.A. will be overthrown by racists who use the race-card against the Europeans under dishonest measures and discourse. The doctors had their interests not be get involved in a dispute between an Asian and a poor European, so they sided not with reality and truth but with evilness and hatred – so they could go home and get large paychecks.

One of the History professors that drove me around to the hidden U.C. supporter eye doctors, it was not impartial – she did not believe me, and spend most of the time complaining how difficult her life was – she had to stay up a few nights in a row until 2:00 am working on class lectures for an up and coming class she was teaching. She seems to believe this was the ultimate suppression; she makes over $100,000 per-year and a super large pension for life. This means she is in the richest 20% bracket of Americans working in the United States of America. Being homeless most of my life and struggling to survive on the streets now after U.C. Berkeley destroyed by my eyes and left me to die makes my hate her the more. To me she is a fraud, complainer and not worthy of a position by being such a complainer. She has a nice home, car, remolded much of her home, and has the best health insurance, pension plan, and salary. She may be intelligent in the form that her book speaks about how evil white people are – so she caters the apologetic view, and skews history to intend that all white people were slaveholders, when in fact a small few of them actually were and for a short amount of time in the wider historical context. But that is what she needs to lie about to keep those huge pay-checks rolling into her bank account. Her answer to the economic problems is to increase the taxes which of course means less money into the consumer economy that American face now without an existent industrial base. But I have learned we do not live in a democracy, and I intend as I’m writing this section on 23 September 2010 that we have not lived in a democracy since the 1930s in U.S. A. history.

Let me persuade you, something that U.C. Berkeley no longer does or cherishes – which means they no longer engage in common logic, only personal interests – passed on as general logic. The state funds U.C. Berkeley, so whomever controls the state has a interest in what it teaches. If the state does not like what teaching programs and ideologies is sees going on in the university, it stops the funding. So each professor understands which side of the bread the butter is on, therefore their decisions reflect the state ideology – which today is controlled mainly by the leftwing – which is Anti- white European – and pro Latino which are not whites even though the trick to ascribe them the Caucasian identity. This is why La Rasa exists on campus, and why the professors must keep bashing whites in all their research programs – or do fluff history, on the history of soup-labels or folk singers – otherwise they are in jeopardy of being defunded. Regardless of one professor of American history who told me that he “would like to be seen as a free thinker” he does not. All his papers are anti-conservatives. The argument by socialist-Democrats of American colleges is that they are not anti-conservative because they place at the end of their research papers which can be hundreds of pages long, that possible their findings do not reflect the reality of conservative thoughts and ideas. This is a trickery escape clause always included so they have something to tell the media incase of a huge media accusation of being Anti-American. Reflecting on his assessment of himself, it finally dawned upon me that he phrased it as “I would like to be seen...” I told him in the affirmative that ‘I am a free thinker.’ That guaranteed me non-promotional status; so many college students will claim that I’m stupid. This is because in order to get a job, you cannot be a free thinker, until you have emeritus status, and that is long after tenure.

He placed me with a professor that did not know my topic, although my topic had been approved by then the head of the department (still the current head as I write this, but past thence for the future). So he was out to destroy me, because I protested many times. When we talked about my thesis topic, it was OK, then I had to sit through him relating of his life and how important to the school he was  -- I think he wanted me to bow down to him, like he was some form of deity. He automatically reacted to my topic claiming that he is a fierce atheist, which I had not even brought up a topic to begin with – he apparently read some disinformation on my topic somewhere and believed what he read and prejudged me because of my topic. Quickly I began to understand he was no where near what Cal claimed to be the number one public school in the world. I’m thinking and just staring at him in puzzlement that this university if he represents them is the bottom of the barrel intellectually. He seemed offended by my topic and forced my on a professor that told be prior that he could not support me because he had no knowledge of the topic. There were plenty of other teachers but he did not give me this option. He does not care for Astrology, perhaps he based part of his conclusions on the fraudulent Shawn Carlson's Astrology Study . Carlson was then a U.C. undergraduate whose thesis topic made a splash in the skeptic world because he deemed astrology’s fierce adherents to be about 30% correct, thus affirming random chance. Finally European heads of departments of major universities did a peer review and found he had fraudulently  told the public he followed standard scientific methodology but in fact did not do what he said. The astrologers he used claimed they would get a 50% success rate, even though his data had large fields of flaws, but under the revision of the peer review data, the astrologers actually achieved a 52% rate of success – after correcting his mistakes. To me the study was inherently flawed. He admitted to using a 3 degrees and 45 minuet variables of confirmed birth times. This would automatically place the margin of error around 50%. This means to me there is no scientific validity to this study. This study made it into the Mask of Nostradamus, by James Randy, who promoted it as the modern definitive scientific study – among the numerous other mistakes he has made in historical analysis –including making judgments upon French extracts of larger Latin letters of Nostradamus taking them all out of context and passing bad information to the public and the same time claiming victory for his scholastic analysis. It is a wonder then what Randi was trying to pull over on the world. Now  Carlson works with Randi as two pees in a pod. Perhaps this professor can be understood in the validity of classical Greek and Roman Astrology. During the Hellenistic Era, Claudius Ptolemy, a  paid Alexandrian professor, composed texts on what astrologers of the ancient Greek and Hellen times were speaking about. His work is still translated and used today. He intends that the star Acubens, cancri, was ascribed by astrologers as too personas that are liars, are dishonest persons. Socrates would rephrase this and say they do not know what they are doing, so they are forgiven. This U.C. Berkeley History professor who is filthy rich compared to most the population of the earth has his Sun, Venus and Mars connected to Acubens. This explains the lies he pushed on me in his office hours.


At Chicago, Ill. the Longitude for Acubems is 12°.49’20” with a latitude of 05°.05’09”. As Acubens rises his Mars sets within nine minuets of separation on his horoscope ‘hour circle.’ In a mundane sense, Acubens squares his sun within five minuets of separating. and it is also the 24 April 1941 (+1) Acronychal rising star for him. His Sun culminates as Acubens rises within four minuets of separation. Also, as his Venus culminates Acubens is also rising too. His Venus has progressed over Tegman, and in 2012 will approach Praesepe. As most of the baby-boomers who were born during the 1940s (for natal particularly the mid-to later 1940s) they have Pluto conjunct Praesepe in their horoscopes. From 2009 – 2010 his Pluto is progressing toward cancri, that’s also to say toward Praesepe. Pluto graced Prasepe as the mundane aspect for the evidence of WW II. Looking back at history, when this aspect periodically happens large – scale warfare across the globe within the varying regions of our Earth fall into conflict. However, he does not ascribe to astrology. So he has to believe that Copernicus, Johannes Kepler, Sr. Isaac Newton, Aristotle, Plato, perhaps Socrates, and millions or perhaps billions more  persons in history are complete idiots or just stupid. No! Einstein did not ascribe to astrology as some misrepresented his views on the science. However, according to memoirs, on his bed stand laid books on the medieval subject of alchemy too which he read before sleeping, and again too which were heavily inundated with medieval astrological lore. Maybe Einstein was a complete wacko too? While attending Berkeley I observed a constant motif. Everyone tells others how great they are and how stupid the previous world’s generations were in comparison. Yet, most that grace the campus in some capacity, including undergraduates have neither made their mark nor proved a damned thing which identifies them as a superstar intellect.


When I told him during the office hour visit that I was homeless for much of my life and a free thinker, I needed to be destroyed – which is exactly what he did do. So basically he was a liar, was not a free thinker, totes the socialist-Anti-American line—the two books he made the class read, one anti-European and the other Joan Didion’s Where I was From, which she throws her mother, family members under the buss and has absolutely no saucers for her outlandish anti conservative claims. Didion is a rich white women whose guilt is passed on to others for her good life. Ironically the only defense to her claim that California was begun by capitalist – ‘avarice’ idiots was churches that perhaps helped the poor. Here is a little hint to him, without churches ( because of religion of God!!!), Democrats would help no-poor person in history. They are now the party of the filthy rich, and were back then too. Didion is also rich in comparison to the world’s poor population. The Soviet Union had its rich cabal of rulers, shopped at different stores than the general population, had all the money. Mao Tse-tung was the only millionaire of his era, and order the mass murderer of intellects on economic prosperity, forcing the young and influential teen children to torture, bury alive, light on fire, and horrific crimes accounted for by reputable Communist historians who even worked with Mao. Didion of course was a Cal student, so her anti-conservative and anti-poor style masked as propaganda fit the reading list of this class.  When I wrote him an email after my eye damage and said I would have to take an ‘f’ in the class, he wrote back that was great. He was happy and wished me the best. So there is scientific evidence that Cal is nowhere near the best of our modernity or even of all of history. Bottom of the barrel, perhaps?


 I asked him about the narrative of the King Leopold’s Ghost book, and he explained and I said so before, that narratives contain a villain and a hero. He said that is why he chose Joan Didion’s ( Where I was from) book to show the contrast—her book has no heroes or villains. Then I said that her book doesn’t have a narrative, But he said it does. It was anti-capitalism. I did not mention then that the hero (Anti-capitalist) or her right-wing mother then were the villains. He was caught in a contradiction. I did not mention then that the hero (Anti-capitalist) or her right-wing mother as one of the villains. He was caught in a contradiction. Joan Didion is a writer that works form what traditionalist call the Dark literalist of the Harvard squad, intersubjecting small repeated themes ( like good classical operas of the late eighteenth and all of the nintheenth century) which inform the subconscious of some wickedly delicious entertainment. However, this is the furthest one can get form actual historical writing in reality.  He claimed that all her claims in her book were correct, albeit her book was absent of citations. I suspect Hitler’s propaganda machines, like the Chinese communists and U.S.S.R. run their media operations.

He explained his view of her book as the “Point of Book was the crossing.” I could have told him of the super stellium of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron which was the real ‘crossing’ for America ( 2009- beginning of 2010, 3x conj.), as it would square the elliptical degrees of Algol and elevate an inexperienced person to the U.S.A. presidency that would ‘hope’ and ‘change’ the structure of the American experience. America is over, there will be a few swings back to conservative ( the traditional ‘pursuit of happiness’ which always and will always imply freedom of the individual from central authority—dictatorship); but America will fall to authoritarianism and eventually become just one of the fledgling states of the other fledgling states. This type of state does not mak advancements to solve the world’s solutions. This stellium played a significant part in Iranian, Chinese, and the American horoscopes. The interpretation of his comment was that Didion exclaimed avarice was directly connected to capitalism, and the crossing is that we have moved toward a more socialized reality in California and generally the U.S.A. The only problem I have with Didion is that she is not an economic, historian, or powerful intellect. Her books are very entertaining for extreme leftists, though.


The U.S.A. has made grate strives in understanding and managing capitalism. However, any type of capitalism is now frowned upon by academias that have an agenda to keep the money flowing in of this drowning American world dream. I failed to take a hold of his attention and explain to him that every state in history, from the east to the west to the south, from thousands of years ago to the modern day, all states begun as America begun – which a rush of opportunists who capitalized on what was peered as free and unlegislated. This was never mentioned by Didion because she did not take the time to read and understand the human condition of all of history.

When he goes home, he is happy. He can buy what he wants to eat, get the best medical services of anyone in the world; never have to be worried about surviving, money to take elaborate vacations, a place to put his head on a comfortable pillow, and the power to destroy real scientist who can solve the world’s problems. This can be explained that evil, which also includes liars and dishonest persons rule the world and this is evident in history also. So he fits in nicely.  His expertise stems for writing books for children of American public schools who will learn that conservatives are the rich elites and evil ones ( thus his Acubens is lying to the children) , and in addition his op-eds to the public confirming what Obama claims that he will fix all the bad elements of the conservatives, including fixing the economy. Bush’s average of 4.7% unemployment was lambasted as a complete ‘failure’ by Obama because he ‘knew’ better than Bush how to run States. Money and power is often not associated to intelligence. And if you are a Tier –one professor you are in the economic bracket of ‘money’ and to compound matters being tenured at a tier one will give on power. Astrology charts illustrate where intelligence is at in the circle, and it is not in the houses and prescribe money and power. So the U.S. population through its facade of ‘Democracy’ promotes leading academics who promote ‘robots’ of the ruling party and not scientists. It is a wonder that the human experimental groups such as the pharmaceutical companies, the military complex, and all the schools – even private that now take international anti-American monies to support their leftwing professors – are teaching the kids revision or falsities. This is not democracy. Mao Tse-tung called his government a democracy, albeit a social democracy. All the so-called democracies of contemporary Latin America use the state media to suppress independent views outside the going government propaganda. That’s not democracy at all. They have co-opted the word and used it for power and control of the propaganda machines of the state.


When I wrote him an email after my eye damage and said I would have to take an ‘f’ in the class, he wrote back that was great. He was happy and wished me the best. So there is some scientific evidence that Cal is nowhere near the best of our modernity or even of all of history. Bottom of the barrel, perhaps?


How can anyone teach in America when it only focuses on itself, and teaches that the U.S.A. is historically the most hateful, racist and unjust society in the world. What happen to China allowing non-Chinese into their local and national government systems – or for that matter Saudi Arabia, Iran, all of Latin and Middle America or even England? There is a large problem with the U.C.B. ideology. It is baseless and false and does the world no good at all. It is like the book, “the Brave New World,” where conditioning racism in the number one priority. To my knowledge it was the whites that scientifically ‘classified race’ into school room curriculum. There is no such thing as the Jewish Race, or Mexicans and French as Caucasians – the same race. Ideas of the modern colleges of America are intertwined with irrational politics – the politics of aggression and violence. There is no such thing as free thinking on American college campuses. This is a lie, promoted by the rich-liars, and is anti-democratic in nature. That’s why most people now know, I knew by the early all along, America will fall to a racist group and be ordered what to do and how to legislate ending the Constitution which intends a persons right to ‘peruse their own happiness.’ The state wants a person to be a part of the economic-state – sponsored economic machine, which has political incorrectness as its program. That is nowhere close to pursuing ones happiness. The poor must work to support the rich leftist professors who live like kings and their lies of supporting the commoners.


The paranoia is so obvious. In his work, ‘Science, Jews, and Culture: Studies mid-Twentieth Century....’(
Princeton U. Press, 1996, the thesis expresses a socio-economic and political exclusion of Jews by WASPS pre mid-US century ) on page 31, he attacks the poor and helpless whose only recourse for hope is God’s compassion and grace. These poor folk already know the manipulation of the state and unfeeling hatred for the poor – only looking upon them as animals to work for the better enjoyment, “The salient mores [or moral check this?] is to diminish the culture of authority [ get it? authority is the elite, the scientists who are of the 20% riches class in the U.S.A.] of science by construing it as one of the many parties to a pluralism [,] the implicit rules of which can then reduce science’s cognitive reach to a size manageable by those who threaten it. The enhancement of religious.....” As an atheist he is paranoid the poor people will destroy his and his scientists access to the rich-life. If U.C. Berkeley was actually trying to correct the society’s social mores, it would address racism as its key measurement of future generational solutions. If every religion was abolished racism would still exist. Science created the races, classified them, and pitted them against each other ( via Marxists) to suppress them via the methodology of pitting the masses so as to control them. It was typical in the emerging Italian Renaissance for entrepreneurs of money management to lend money to competing principalities and kingdoms so their militaries would fight and fight and need more money. They get paid interests; they were the scientists of the monetary system. They rule us today. These scientists of the monetary system are the very people that fund the private and public institutions we are fettered too. Their soldiers are these paranoid filthy rich academics who revise history, propagandize and safeguard their giddy elite. All the problems of the world have been solved, over and over again. It is the greedy elite that form the continuous scare-tactics – i.e. leftist media, and the institutions of funding of conflict, which includes the academic Marxist program of continual conflict of classes. To solve these problems, paranoids like this would lose their avarice hegemony. That is not in their interests, and niether is solving the world’s economic, environmental or social problems. To do so would jeopardize their very existent. When I sat in his office that day, there were daemons wising around him as I wondered. He was not in control, although be believed he was without knowing.


The success of rationality, logic, skepticism and greed – controlling 99% of academia across the globe (notice how  they have not solved a single problem?) has continues refused to admit the facts on how astrology/astronomy has influenced human existence from history to the present.


Thomas is the book promulgated to affirm the wackness of those who have ascribed to some or all of the principles of astrology. He emotes, “It is not difficult therefore to appreciate the psychological appeal of astrological diagnosis, one the premises of the system have been accepted. But the problem still remains: why should anyone have believed in it in the first place? To our eyes the notion that the daily life of human beings should be determined by the motions of the heavenly bodies seems to fantastic that it is difficult to understand how men of intelligence and perspicacity could ever have accepted it.” (Thomas, Keith, “Religion and the Decline of Magic” (New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1971), p. 332). Anyone reading Thomas’ book will find it hard to place his thesis. However, his thesis is confirmed by his supporting arguments, which are mainly unsubstantiated and borrowed by other’s opinions rather than his own investigation. His thesis intends that astrology never affected history at all; it was just a part of the irrational human experience in pre-modernity. In Nostradamus’s prognostications for 1559 (albeit a hijack English copy, which became pirated by the locals for economic purposes) was used to illustrate the irrationality of the southern French author. In a correspondence of Mathew Parker we find the Englishman explaining to his officials that Nostradamus predicted for them some ‘civil sedition and mutination of the lowest against the highest’ and this author should be banned for his failed predictions, based on irrationality as compared to the emerging rational intellect of The Renaissance. In 1559, the largest civil unrest occurred in Scotland of the century. This has been well documented in general historical works; thus Parker’s actions to ban these books had taken place before the matter took on a real historical circumstance – of he fails to mention this empiricism. Of course, Thomas does not mention it either, of the historical unrest. In fact from the 1540s – 1570s, the period of the Greater Britton (including Scotland) had its highest suppression of witchcrafters and mystery purveyors in all of their history. England was in a turning point when the commoners began to take notice of rising up and taking control of their destiny. This would of course play out on the world in their massive world Empire for over two centuries.


As a confirmation to his argument that astrology did not affect history at all; we look to how Roger Borgia was placed into the papal seat by a promulgated horoscope. Also,  we will leave out the plethora of reputable classical Latin historians on how Astrology ruled the Roman Empire often seating, assassinating, and promulgating deity-hood of the various emperors. Thomas is dealing with the early modern era of the middle aged and renaissances of Europe, but his claim is general to inscribe all of history – a typical leftist unproven-view. Monica Azzolini, in “Reading Health in the Stars: Politics and Medical Astrology in Renaissance Milan” (date?) pp. 183-205) in Horoscopes and Public Spaces, Essays on the History of Astrology,” eds., Günther Oestmann, H. Darrel Rutkin, and Kocku von Stuckrad (Berlin: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co. KG, D-10785, 2005), 290 pp. elaborates on prime source the astrological horoscope history of how Rodrigo Borgia was placed into the Papal Seat by a horoscope – thus changing history. However, this is a work which is higher in competence and thorough in prime source analysis than at a Keith Thomas’ diminished level. 










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