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Jounral Entries April 2010


5 April 2010.

File History Apocalypse Heavens sec 1

Astrology and the Upheavals

We have Facies /Polis (Pluto), traversing Sagittarius, the Hunter in western Astrology, or the Hero Warrior in Chinese Astrology. 

North True Node around Albaldah, Manubrium, and Nanto ( Sagittarius)

Saturn between Zaniah & Zavjava ( Opposition to Sheat)

Uranus is in alignment to the Seven stars of the loop of Pisces, which opposes the beginning degrees of the virginis constellation.

Mars has been retro and progressing through Praesepe (& cancri γ, δ, υ, θ ) of the Ghost Chariot in Chinese Astrology! – the land of the living dead. The place resembles an ‘aura’ – part visible and part invisible – we see what we want to see and make it our reality or fantasy. Unfortunately Obama and many of the Democrats in U.S. government passed ‘ObamaCare’ under this unfortunate alignment. It is of the Guǐ, [(Yu) Kuci] or 23 Hsui. The political speak about death panels, rationed care, and a large deterioration to all past ‘excellence to healthcare, as immigration reform will soon take place, all emphasizes the death aspects of cancri and Preesepe. Oh, well, Obama has arrogance in that everything he does, even if it is against the population’s voices ( a majority polled were against this bill before and after its passage), he believes is the best and will turn out to be successful because according to his axiom, all Republicans in all of history have been ‘total failures!’ One should not that most nations have universal healthcare, but consider the U.S. health system one or if not the best in the world. After a decade of Obamacare, the U.S. will descend into medical mediocrity. It may have been wise for Obama to focus on jobs first and waited until later summer of 2012 and tried to win the Republicans over to this massive economic plan than to act upon haste and fear. By then the planets would have moved out of these auspicious abodes.

So May 1st 2010 we may get a dozy as this lunar aspect rounds to the repeatable Mexicali aspectum, where basically the slower – outer planets – hold their positions. Only Jupiter now has progressed to the T-Square of Hell.

When the famed Venus loop around the Constellation of Orion happens in June of the year of 2012, Saturn will be traversing the PED of Spica, and Mercury will be in conjunction ( within a degree of Venus) on 1 June 2010. Venus’ motion backwards is due to the rotation of the earth around the Sun which makes an optical illusion, to which it appears the planets stop and then begin to travel backwards – this must have scared the ancients priceless! Jupiter will be transiting some nasty stars in late Tauri, particularly Alcyone’s PED, after passing Algol. Mars will rest around 15 degrees of Virgo and will be opposing Annka’s PED, a  star to denote some lasting fame ( be whatever the interpretation lays).  As Saturn is in a trine (a wide angle) to Neptune, over the PED of Formulhaut’s (Co-rise?), this is another aspect of some sort to consider – however in reality it will be Ancha in Aquarius ( Such is the Spiritu planet in the New Age constellation, lolz). Unfortunately, Pluto will be nesting with Facies which is has been doing for some time. 

2012 what will Heaven Look Like?

The heavens will look on December 2010 the 21st as the True Node is in opposition to the PED of Algol, and Mars trines Algol’s PED from 26TAU43 (Noon, local Berkeley) on that day. Of course, on this day, each year, the Sun is moving past the PED of Betelgeuse ( Orion) which is giant red star which its luminosity has been decreasing in the last decade – it is noted for lasting fame and is a variable star in astrology – it can be beneficial or detrimental.

Jupiter is over Aldebaran ( 21st Dec. 2010).

Saturn is over Khambalia (21st Dec. 2010).

Pluto is still hanging around Facies (Ironic for Obama) (21st Dec. 2010). Facies is mammoth symbolic star for earthquakes and violent death.

Mars is over Terebelli (21st Dec. 2010).

+++ still working on this section – go below for more on this year.

It will be interesting to see Chiron pass through the zodiacal sign of Pisces as it once did during the 1960s – such a different period now than what we are living in currently.  The social revolution which saw the children throw away their parents (China’s Cultural Revolution Against Capitalist Marauders, and the Social Revolutions of the Kids dropping out of patriarchal society in the U.S.A) and adopt a more youthful oriented perspective. The radical movement of a change from industry and factories to the novel age of communication and technology corresponded to the 1960s, at least in American history.

It was during the late 1950s and into the 1960s that massive amounts of people were put to death by Communist regimes and basic wars against them. Academia did not find out about this until the middle 1990s for the opening of the Russian archives, and more recently in the twenty-first century some limited access to the Chinese Communist period archives.  During the 1959 period, we had Saturn/Jupiter and Mars in opposition to the Orion series – a series to which formulated the global conflicts of WWI, WWII, Iraq War I & II and 9/11. Orion is most possibly the original symbol in the heavens for the notion of the swastika, a variant word which has its symbols in almost all cultures and dates back to ancient records and literature. Orion has a potted past, noting some seen the constellation as extremely powerful and benefic while at times horrific and the overseer of massive death. In ancient Chinese astrology, Orion depicts the executioner who decapitates its victims. Betelgeuse, a major star of the constellation played a key role in the astrology of September eleventh, two-thousand and one attacks upon the Twin Towers of New York and the Pentagon by radical Islamists. As well as cancri in western astrology had its Midheaven at the time of the twin tower impacts (both of them), but this time with two geminorum stars  -- the twins as they are legendarily called, Castor and Pollux (Caput Hercules).

Ghost Chariot Box and Mars April-May 2010

The Ghost Chariot Box, in the middle of the Shell or lower part of the shell, there are four traditional Chinese stars. Praesepe is directly in the center of these four stars which form a box that the Chinese deemed as a chariot. Praesepe is a nebula, and it changes colors due to planets eclipsing certain star-light—thus different hues make it appear to the ancients as something is in the Chariot and alive. These were the souls of humans to the Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks and others. 

Delta Cancer is an orange giant star approximately 180 light-years away in the Constellation of Cancer. Its traditional name is Asellus Australis which means in Latin, “Southern donkey colt.” It also has had the longest observation of all known star names appearing in ancient Babylon ( and Chinese astronomy/astrology) as “Arkushanangarushashutu,” which means ‘ the south east star in the crab. Delta Cancri also marks the radiant of the Delta Cancrids meteor shower. What perhaps is more intriguing is that the fluctuation in color, attributed in Chinese observations that Praesepe has ghosts moving in the ‘box’ is that two planets have been found there and they eclipse the star-light which would change luminosity of the nebula. Today, the Projected Elliptical Degrees (PED) of Asellus Austral is 08LEO43 ( the Tropical Zodiac).

Alexandria, Egypt, 31n12, 29e54 (5 April 2010) the planet Mars is conjunct cancri Beta’s PED ( Al Tarf, PED 2,000 ACE of 04LEO15) at 04LEO04 (Sidereal Time 19:22:02, Universal Time 4:25 or local mean time at 6:25 am)

“The following passage from Hind’s Solar System in regards to Delta Cancri will be found interesting:

The most ancient observation of Jupiter which we are acquainted with is that reported by Ptolemy in Book X, Chap. iii, of Almagest, and considered by him free from all doubt. It is dated in the 83 d year after the death of Alexander the Great, on the 18th of the Egyptian month Epiphi, in morning, when the planet eclipsed the star know known as Delta Cancri. This observation was made on September 3, B.C. 240, about 28 hours on the meridian of Alexandria.”[1] “The planet was known to the Greeks as Zεύς [Zeus], and as, Φαέθωυ the Shining One.”[2] Cancri croses the ecliptic, therefore the Moon usually eclipses the constellation and on rare occasions, so do some planets. Eclipses of course are fabled in origins and writings upon Omens in all cultures. Let alone this astounding feature, Halley’s Comet is said to have appeared out from Delta Cancri.

Richard records that “Weigel in the 17 th century, in his set of heraldic signs, as the Manger, a fancied coat of arms for the farmers. In astrology, like all clusters, it threatened mischief and blindness. In China it was known by the unsavory title of Tseih She Ke, Exhalation of Piled up-corpses; [mis-attributed to Algol of course of early 20 th century star/astrology recorders!] and within one-degree of Mercury was observed from that country, on the 9th of June. 118, one of the early records of that planet.”[3]

Cancri stars change colors of yellow, orange and yellowish. So Chinese observers when recording from diaries and oral histories recorded how the box had living ghosts or the souls of humans awaiting birth into the physical plane. This is called the Beehive Cluster (a.k.a. Messier M44/Praesepe). The mysterious glow recorded by the Chinese is also recorded by the Greek mythos makers. “A Greek myth tells us that these asses [ stars here that form this box of cancri] were ridden by Bacchus and Vulcan in the war between the Olympians and the Titans. The braying of these animals, aided and added the to the gods shouts, frightened a group of fierce giants who were coming to avenge their brethren, the Titans, to such a degree, that they fled the scene of the battle. These asses placed in the heavens flanking the mysterious glow called the Manger or Beehive –M44 (Praesepe) to make sure they never lack food. Manilius alludes to these outstretched stars as a Yoke.”

The Moon has been ascribing to the home of Cancer since records began. The Moon representing the womb, the mother goddess does give birth to souls as the primordial vessel of our species. As long ago as 2,000 B.C.E. the Egyptians most revered animal, the Scarab beetle is described as Sacabaeus [Latin transliteration!], sacred, and promoted it as the emblem of immortality.

Vivian Robson writes that when Mars makes an alignment with Asellus Australis that it denotes ‘Energy, courage, misapplied powers, and public disfavor.”[4] Noting the Sun and Mars as positive integers of the said group of planets, the aggressiveness can be acts of violence and dare-devil motives on part of the owner or practitioner; and as far as a global influence pertains, this formation steeped around the time of the passage of the U.S. healthcare legislation reeks of similitude. Praesepe’s PED for 2000 ACE is 07LEO20, Delta cancri is at 08LEO43, gamma canri is at 07LEO32, iota cancri is at 06LEO21 and beta cancri is at 04LEO15. Acubens, one of Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos recorded stars is at 13LEO38 –but is not a part of the box of Hsui 23. Ptolemy states the delta cancri and Gamma (Asellus Borealis) are “called the Asini, and have an influence similar to that of Mars and the Sun.”[5] The name the Beehive for Praesepe is mentioned in Aratos’ Prognostica, so it is unlikely it was associated to the origins of a Egyptian lexical definition. Ptolemy also speaks of two stars in the eyes of the constellation of the crab, however, these do not seem to be apparent today. Certainly he was not referencing the front stars on the head of Core Leonis? However, the alpha star, Acubens, is on one of the front pincers of the crustacean.

So it is through April and then into May that we have Mars traversing the famed Ghost Chariot.  Of course, it will be at times squaring the progressing Sun through the tropical sign of Taurus. So as Jupiter begins to line up to the axis opposition of Saturn / Uranus is late tropical Pisces and Virgo, Mars will traverse the Ghost Chariot and then Acumens. The true node makes a quincunx from tropical Capricorn to Acubens and Mars in early May (See 6th of May 2010). Vivian E. Robson, he interprets the star different from Ptolemy. He cites on page 116 of his short treaties “Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology” (1923) that Acubens is of the nature of Saturn and Mercury. It has been called, “the sheltering of hiding places” [by whom? The Chinese cited this as voluntary or forced prison? in relation to Hsui 23, in which Acubens is not mentioned as part of Hsui 23 (cancri γ, δ, υ, θ, Presespe)], and gives activity, malevolence and poison, making its natives liars and criminals.” So around early May of 2010, we can look to the media or our neighbors and demonstrate if these things work out or not? Will someone be aggressive, be a lair or a criminal? The star is also known as Sartan, the disharmonious one to the people,” writes Elsbeth Ebertin, in 1928 form her work on Fixt Stars called, “Fixt Stars and their Interpretation” by Ebertin-Hoffman, p. 49 ( new Edition, Tempe, AZ, 1971, Federation of Astrologers). Further, she writes if Sartan is in conjunction than this disharmonious one to the people to the people will be more abhorrent or obvious. So we have Tseih She Ke, Exhalation of Piled up-corpses and the Co-culmination point of Algol’s conjunction the Sun during these auspicious alignments.

We have the Sun’s position on the 9 th ( using the same local and time as above) over Algol’s co-culmination point of about 18 degrees of tropical Taurus. (Sun is at 18 TAU27). The Moon will be at 21PIS21, Jupiter at 25PIS23, Uranus at 29PIS19 in square to Pluto at 05CAP10 and three bodies will oppose Saturn at 28VIR13. On this date, the alpha star of Ursa Major, Dubhe, ‘The Bear,’ as the alpha designation of “the plough’ or ‘the Big Dipper,’ is conjunct Mars. Ptolemy states that Ursa Major is like Mars. The Kabalists associate it to the Hebrew letter Zain and the seventh tarot Trump “The Chariot.” It is more commonly known to the ancients as the seven wise men, and it played a major role in the order of the ruling dynasty house in Chinese history. Far from benevolent, it in its mundane attributes in geography sense Ebertin attributes it with the destructiveness of Mars. It was also Conjunct Hitler’s Saturn, Mao Tse-tung’s moon ( Ebertin, p. 49). The star is on the front back of the bear which denotes strength of a spin – or focus. Dubhe’s PED for 2000 is 15LEO12.

In early June of 2010 (Wed. 9 June 2010) Jupiter will be at tropical 00ARI23 and Uranus will be at 00ARI19 and still be in a square to Pluto and an opposition to Saturn at 27VIR54. And still the node is regressing toward Pluto’s passage on this date it is at 12CAQP08 ( true node). Chiron will already have left Aquarius ( tropical) at 00PIS59, thus marking the renewal of those late 1950s and mid- 1960s social upheaval periods. Of course, Mars will still and just passed the star Regulus – a noted conjunction to indicate warlike mentality or extreme aggressiveness.  Pluto’s apparent alignment with Sinistra and Facies is quite an observation. Ophiuchus or Serpentarius, the Serpent-holder, the Serpent Bearer. The snake in which the Serpent Bearer is holding is associated to the Constellation of Serpens. The constellation is located around the celestial equator with the two legs of Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus is identified with Aesculapius (Asklepios, Asclepius), in which Hermes Trismegistus’ alleged book Asclepius is rather extreme esoteric, and is attributed to being able to restore life from the dead. In the esoteric book, reincarnation or rebirth is rather a part of the mystery.

Of course, Sinistra, Nu, Ophiuchus, 2000 long. at 29SAG45 ( is in opposition to the PED of Betelgeuse of Orion) is in the right hand of the Serpent Bearer. Ironically, Sin(istra) refers to the direction of the left side. The Satanic book ‘[Ordo] Sinistra Vevendi is ‘The life of the left side.’ [lit. trans., Ordo Sinistra Vevendi, as ‘Order of the ‘Left Hand Path’ (formally ‘Sinister Way’)’ ]  In Satanism, the life of material and extreme rational (no spiritual essence or confirmation) is expressed as a way of life. The left is about self-satisfaction and disregard for others in lieu of ones satisfactory goals of the body’s pleasures. Like the ancients, the Satanic book associates its philosophy to ancient lore, as Anima/Yin, are of the feminine principles, and thusly are formative for characteristic of ‘intuition, receptive, and dark.’  However, the poor scholarship tells that the feminine is what is longed for or long for to be realized, and the path of the left –hand is to find out how to get to the left of the feminine principle. Most Satanists are extremely male in principle, thus the longing to join such a group. The same problems exist in the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party is extremely aggressive and  exposes itself to advocating the actual feminine aspects of society because the members long to achieve their feminine bodies – in which they have not. Many political contrast studies, even published by U.C. Berkeley press illustrate that study after study the findings are the same – the republicans are solely a feminine group, and thus weak, stupid, with non-logic and ignorant [ dark!]. These are rather self projections by the left that long to make a connection to the left. The mix-up is apparent in the placement of the right hand of the Serpent Bearer. From the earth’s vantage point, the hand appears to be the left. From an intelligence, right-wing side of logic, the Serpent Bearer is facing the Earth from the Heavens, thus his hand holding the Star is his left hand.

Sin, in Babylonian mythos is of the Moon, and the attribute; of course, reflect all the negative stereotypes of the Moon. The Soros Cycle ( in an eclipse cycle with a period of 223 synodic months, approximately 6585.3213 days, or nearly 18 years and 11 one-third days), not the actual name for the Chaldeans who had mapped it as was as the ancient Hindi, had always been associated to the Serpent. It is because during these numerical Sarsos cycles, repeatable mundane events have been observed which requires an investigation into rebirth of a similar thing. It takes approximately between 1,226 to 1,559 years for the members of a series of Saros to traverse the earth’s surface/perspective from north to south (or vice – versa). Most series have 71 to 71 eclipses but their extremes can range from 69 to 87 eclipses, in each series.

[1] Richard, Allen H., Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning, 1889, Chicago University, accessed 5 April 2010), available from http://penelope.uchicago.edu/Thayer/E/Gazetteer/Topics/astronomy/_Texts/secondary/ALLSTA/home.html ; Internet. cf. Richard, pp. 108- 109.

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