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By Michael Johnathan McDonald

Jounral Entries February 2010

update 10 03 2017AD

Get out Whitey , get off the earth. Semites do not want you but to only use You and laugh as they kill and take all your hard work.

In group, #weekedrap up speak about your weekend , Joe picked me to speak too and I said 'Well I run a website where I play God, and took out George Herbert Walker #Bush and George Walker Bush , out of my #lakeoffire .and I did it silently. as xD now. Wow, first time I said something like that. At the end of the group, I learned that no one in California wants white or black homeless, they bring it with them. The Semites must have made that meme. they flooded in for the last 70 years and Mexican Parliament , two officials actually run #California with Pimped white boy #JerryBrown who has me, also under constant surveillance and harassment. #arcmichael #jesusreturned #bookoflife #10022017AD

Governor Brown turned this state from white to brown and that be a fact.

so Brown's message is all white need to get out of this world, Semites own it. I say in Revelations, the middle ( #Semites) are going to be spit out #Governor #Brown since I was `10 years old still reigns does not believe in Me. You are liars and frauds and do not make civilizations, you enter them and kick out the people who make them by racial social communist memes; that is why Paddok killed whites. White killing whites: and at the Doctors, receptionists were saying " This is a great day* as the TV was news about the Las Vegas tragedy. So worship the #WhoreofBablyone, she has white skin and calls everyone else who has white skin #deplorable.


Hillary and Bill Clinton both are white and are trying to Kill me. They are white cracker traitors to the White Brotherhood. That's called a true Cabbage.


3:30 p.m. Gpost

So at #Conerstone, the white boy leader always harasses me , must be tuned into to JewSemite Mexico, I AM a threat to his white puppet position. Doctor gave me a muscle relaxer for my back and leg, and he said you have no problem. I then later tracked him down and gave him the riot act. I have lived in pain most of my life, to imply he is a puppet full of crap. #Judeans from Israel or transplants are surveilling me, in the lobby, on the streets, in total freaking fear . they will not talk to me, so they must be my enemies. #baseball bat dude form #Encino goes after white white poor in park at night and police respond by saying " You are unwanted," and these be white puppet police. That is why I do and have supported Colin #Kaepernick form day one. they sit all day around #Conerstone and then follow me here, spending Millions a day. It must be close to $100,000,000 now they have spent on a homeless white person, who has a very very small online presence. This tells me #semites are pure #EVIL and have no relationship to #Israel or the #Bible. Judeans at Israel rule the academics and King David was a loser and the Bible is a false make up thingy. Since you all have Deep State privilege why not shoot me in the head? Why the constant surveillance? Are you taking pictures to Jack off too, perverts ?

when I have been saying #whitegenocide I mean white killing white by Semite mind control. Semites are commy Red Dragons . They are not Christian Conservatives.

So the Police tell me that same thing. No one is after me and when I say I AM killing people, they say ‘GO AWAY.’ The USA is gone to Semites of red commy bellied bastards and bastardettes. Now  white traitors like Robert Meuller, please celebrate ok? The world is not ending dumbasses. This Niberu comes each 360 years, and we are all still here duffasses.


These semites and Jews cannot read nor write, effectivly. They spend their entire lives plotting stealing others' hard work and then go party, party, party, like Barack Hussein Obama. He is a party animal. He is actually a brown Semite Judean. He is your Deep State hero. Lolz. You deserve to die you white cracker sissy girls.

Tell Bibi Netanyahu or your  Judean   leaders to find your GOD. You take photos and see I limp ( going legal rout to fix my back leg pain, you all laugh at on  the streets) and have no relief, but a prescription  of muscle relaxers. Your Rich God is a baby raper, $250,000 or more in the bank account, has total media control, worldwide and calls itself a civil rights person. You can go to CIA and get all your illegal drugs, and you do not have a pain management need, either. Mexicans are famous for that behavior. You white crackers of USA need to get out off this earth, you are pussies.

Bibi Netanyahu does not like white freedom ites, he  likes yellow and red bellied Commies with white  traitors to their own race. Those are the basic Facts.


300 assassination, snares or attempts, including smashing Jimmy's car into mine. AZ brown commie dude.

NFL: I support these protests, take a knee. I support at 100% Police are hooked up with foreign combatants. #confirmed, they side with Commies. They tell  us Americans living on the streets were are unwanted by All Semites. That have total USA control.



20 February 2010


mjm -- Mesopotamian/Babylonian

Recently there has been translations of various other Mesopotamian/Babylonian grand-periods of astronomical texts/ omens which are mainly not repeated in the canonical Enma Ann Enlil. While some analysis has been offered, no interpretation has yet been substantiated. Furthermore, only a fraction of the tablets known have been transliterated into English. Most likely, in a western civilization which used to fund graduates and scholars freely to work on whatever they desired, now approval for specific projects are more the normative. Transliterating Mesopotamian cuneiform omens are not high on the priority list. However, there is a call for a finishing of the transliterations and then a complete analysis can be achieved. I have done some work on late twentieth century astronomical alignment with analysis and came up short. Most of the computer software used in analysis was flawed and not standard NASA ephemerides. Therefore the analysis is subject to incorrect planetary data and this affects the overall analysis. There are some interesting correlations to words used in the sixteenth century Europe ( Im concerned here with southern France at this time) and terms and ideas used in both the Mesopotamian colloquialisms and poetry used in southern France at this time. There were no cuneiform tablets nor glosses nor dictionaries so traditions must have been handed down through the ages. Interesting, but Im putting this into a book rather than giving it away free here. So you will have to wait.

K.11877 : Jupiter Tablets....
6') J) MUL SAG.ME.GAR anal VIGIl? MUL Sal-i at-4-nu DU-iz E [ma KUR GAL-li-ma GALGA7 SUB-ut ERIN GAL il-lal-iaI]3
transliteration: 6 [If Jupiter] stands toward the front of Mars: [there will be] barley [in the land, the counsel7 will fall, a great army will be taken prisoner] --trans., Erica Reiner .





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