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By Michael Johnathan McDonald

Jounral Entries February 2010


20 February 2010


mjm -- Mesopotamian/Babylonian

Recently there has been translations of various other Mesopotamian/Babylonian grand-periods of astronomical texts/ omens which are mainly not repeated in the canonical Enma Ann Enlil. While some analysis has been offered, no interpretation has yet been substantiated. Furthermore, only a fraction of the tablets known have been transliterated into English. Most likely, in a western civilization which used to fund graduates and scholars freely to work on whatever they desired, now approval for specific projects are more the normative. Transliterating Mesopotamian cuneiform omens are not high on the priority list. However, there is a call for a finishing of the transliterations and then a complete analysis can be achieved. I have done some work on late twentieth century astronomical alignment with analysis and came up short. Most of the computer software used in analysis was flawed and not standard NASA ephemerides. Therefore the analysis is subject to incorrect planetary data and this affects the overall analysis. There are some interesting correlations to words used in the sixteenth century Europe ( Im concerned here with southern France at this time) and terms and ideas used in both the Mesopotamian colloquialisms and poetry used in southern France at this time. There were no cuneiform tablets nor glosses nor dictionaries so traditions must have been handed down through the ages. Interesting, but Im putting this into a book rather than giving it away free here. So you will have to wait.

K.11877 : Jupiter Tablets....
6') J) MUL SAG.ME.GAR anal VIGIl? MUL Sal-i at-4-nu DU-iz E [ma KUR GAL-li-ma GALGA7 SUB-ut ERIN GAL il-lal-iaI]3
transliteration: 6 [If Jupiter] stands toward the front of Mars: [there will be] barley [in the land, the counsel7 will fall, a great army will be taken prisoner] --trans., Erica Reiner .





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