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 FBI Freeh Penn State Child Abuse Findings ( and statement to public

CIA are not only a national security threat but a global security threat . #archangelMichael Ch. 12 #Revelations. Warlocks, witches and  cannibals and baby rapers  - Child Abusers. #satan I fleshed them out. #ArchangelMichael #BIBLE call them the #swamppeople
#DeepState are the Land #Beasts in the Book of #Revelations  ( a Book in the #Christian #Bible) and clearly says they are the top Demons. Kevin Shipp - Former CIA Officer explains all of the agencies, 17 of them as the Shadow Government. His point is to clarify the top Agency with the most power as the #deepstate  = #CIA May and June 1947AD was passed in secret, and not by our US Congress. The Judeans pulled that off and we pay all their taxes to run an enemy against the people of GOD. source Hagman report, speaking on general dynamics, nothing secret. just what is the difference between The Shadow Government and Deep State. I put the Biblical narrative into this forum. — Arc Michael 09062017AD 6:22 p.m. Noho. web, loaded here 6:23 p.m. PDT. lmt #losAngeles , in the  heart of the Beast of Deep State. I saw them, they are all #cabbages . #GHWB is the head and co ruled by the Beast 666 germancia in both Chaldean and Hebrew. meaning Bullseye.

They hit me, in my Nostradamus prophecies ( #Reincarnation is real folks) the world comes undone and soon they will be in the #Lakeoffire and many will  have their souls deleted. Yeah, IAM a fxxking badass. #jesuschrist returned.

Hit me deep state. personal destruction too. ha ha ha ha Daddy's home. Vatican gone soon, you cannot hide, we will find you.



[Entry 02142010] Currently I’m working on three papers which most possibly may be combined for my first book. However, instead of relating what authors and investigators have said about my subject, I’m doing original research which takes considerable amount of time. (02142010, UCB Campus).

A New Understanding of Energy!

Some 75% of outer space is made up of expanding dark energy -- the universe is speeding up and not contracting. This means the deep freeze. As space expands, the increase in dark energy increases, as the galaxies grow further apart. The old model had the universe exploding from the big bang, then slowing down – this is no longer the case. It is expanding and speeding up due the expansion of the galaxies.  Since energy can only be transformed and not eliminated, this explains the expansion of dark energy – as the light energy dissipates into dark energy. – Archangel Michael.

Physics on dragging time and space..

F=ma ( Newton F=m, force equals mass), a fictitious forces always are proportional to the mass m acted upon. Method Nostradamus used to time travel.

Near Earth Objects.

(1)   99942 Apophis NASA/JPL

Update: 30 December 2009 ( Russia to call for international community, US, China and Russia to help send rocket to Apophis and nudge it off its course. Recalculations
put the asteroid at 1- 300,000 to less of 1- 250,000 of a chance for hitting the earth; The Book of Life supports these efforts).

(2) 1998 KU2 1 1/2 miles across, closely watch this one. Only 1.3 % of all asteroids are classified as F-class.

(3) Impact/Sudan, 7 th October 2008, at 27,739 mph, 2008 TC3, first tracking, was about 12 hour warning, it reached about 130 feet, and exploded like an hydrogen bomb before it hit the earth. Scared the locals, they thinking it was the end of the world. It had diamonds, meaning it probably was involved in a space collision with another asteroid; quite possibly it was a piece of fragments from 1998 KU2.

Traditions [ 02021010 ]

How do we understand “tradition?” what does it mean to change a tradition. In USA politics, change usually implies some form of break from tradition. In the discussions on mass-mobilized societies, it has been argued that influencing the minds of groups, or mass-bodies of individuals removed from their traditions, i.e. homes, churches, farms, their familiar surroundings, such as sent off to war  -- increases the chance on influence for a change in tradition – usually in offering an alternative for tradition – a beginning of a new tradition. In USA politics, moving away from the United States of America tradition usually means race relations, such as ending the dominance of white Europeans for more diverse socio-political-economic groups at the high levels of society, and changing the “nationalism” of American protectionism for universal proliferation of ideas and technology. Yet, if the chastisement of humankind does indeed come about, what will move us away from our traditions. Would the judgment of the human race by global catastrophes therefore be a benefit to change? It has been argued that the Current president of the United States of America, based upon the color of his skin represents change. However, his policies are more of the same far-left-wing policies – a remnant of Jimmy Carter’s. On the agenda, according to Barack H. Obama’s campaign promises was a nation dialogue on race-relations. When confronted by this promise after Obama was well into his first year in office, he decided to break that promise. It is confusing as to why not and more telling of a leader who does not change things by his refusal to engage in this promise.

If diversity is the progression of human evolution upon planet Earth, then why have China, have Venezuela, have Spain, have England, and have Russia kept inserting pure-racial political rulers? Why not elect multicultural cabinets, parliaments, senates, representatives, and make the Earth a cross-cultural circus? The Sophists would intend that race and culture are human constructs and that debating them will do little to reveal truth(s).



"Plato compares the lawgiver in Magnesia to a free doctor treating free people. Slave doctors who treat other slaves merely give them orders and then rush off to other patients. Free doctors treating free people must explain to their patients the condition they have and the rationale for treatment before prescribing (Laws 722B-723B). " ( Stanford, 'Plato on utopia,' First published Thu Dec 5, 2002; substantive revision Tue Dec 19, 2006.).

There is an eerie comparison to the role of the state as compared to the role of the free human. The state is there to save money, e.g. they treat people as animals – usher them in-and-out as quickly as they can as they have central government commands to make / save monies. All the people I have known who are from countries with free-healthcare claim that their system is broke, dismal, dangerous, uncaring, but free.




21 April 2010

April 16, 1860 U.C.Berkeley Horoscope?


from web entry clog:

1860, (April 16, 1860 to be exact)

in 1860, (April 16, 1860 to be exact) the college trustees (including CHENEY and DURANT) “…arranged for carriages… and “drove out the Telegraph road, and then through the countryside to the undeveloped site.”

So it wasn’t called Berkeley back then, but Telegraph has been there since the time of Lincoln. Wild stuff.

Then they had a meeting (the first of many on the Berkeley campus) and decided that the site would be a good place for a school. Then they prayed that the college “ever remain a seat of Christian learning, a blessing to the youth of this State, and a center of usefulness in all this part of the world.”

Well, two out of three ain’t bad. Happy sesquicentennial, everyone!



Turkic peoples also used this calendar...I will write the Turkish names:




Rat = SIÇAN = Sıçgan


Cow = SIĞIR = Ud


Tiger = PARS = Bars


Rabbit = TAVŞAN = Tabışgan


Dragon = EJDERHA = Lu


Snake = YILAN = Yılan


Horse = AT = Yond


Goat = KOYUN = Koy


Monkey = MAYMUN = Biçin


Rooster = TAVUK =Taguk


Dog = KÖPEK = İt


Pig = DOMUZ = Tonguz




Chinese and Mongolian names:




Rat = SHU = Khuluguna


Ox/Cow = NIU = Uker


Tiger = HU = Bars


Rabbit = TU = Toolai


Dragon = LONG = Loo


Snake = SHE = Makkoi


Horse = MA = Morin


Sheep/Goat = YANG = Khoin


Monkey = HOU = Meçin


Rooster = JI = Takıya


Dog = GOU = Mokkai


Pig = ZHU = Khokai


PENTOLOGY Ancient Chinese astrology/calendar


Spring begins 5 March or 27 January

Summer begins 17 May or 10 April

Earth Season begins 29 July or 22 June

Autumn begins 10 October or 3 September

Winter begins 22 December or 15 November


terms: A calendar before Yüeh Ling  called Hsia Hsiao Cheng: The first month begins mid-January to Mid-February – this calendar, like the Sumerian Venus tablet, refers to Mercury and not Venus as a ‘morning star.’ Venus is referred to the morning star, because Lucifer was referred in the Bible to Venus as the morning star; in Revelations Jesus is referred too as the morning star, but Venus is not said in the text – so it still could be thoth/Mercury, as tradition of Plato and the Hermeticum. Hsia Hsiao Cheng = Mercury as the morning star. see, Chou Li ( the Rites of Chou) to mean ‘planet,’ and occurs in the Shih Chi ( Historical Records) as the name of the planet Mercury. One must remember that both Venus and Mercury stay close to the sun, and are seen rising in the morning before the Sun, but never at midheaven at night – are these two planets ever at these positions. This makes them quite different from the outer planets – a makeable

 distinction to specialness.


terms: Yüeh Ling: A later calendar called ‘Monthly Instructions’.


Ankaa, alpha Phe (Phoenix) is at RA 00h26m17sec, as of 2010. Its declination is - 42 degrees, 18 minuets and 22 second. Its apperent mag. is 2.39.


I have condensed most of my public notes, public papers, and public writings into a subdirectory called ‘history.’

Life Currently: My Current G.P.A. is 3. 51 with one class left to finish.

Most of this work are parallel notes on the classes I took at Community College ( Los Angeles Valley College fall 2001- spring 2005 and The University of California, Berkeley Fall 2005 – fall 2008. During the spring of 2009, I was writing my thesis and finishing up my undergraduate courses and received eye damage from a dilated eye exam on campus. My vision has not been the same, I suffer from blurred and fish-bowl vision from all angles and distances, and all attempts at corrects have failed. I believe I received light-induced damage from excessive light exposure. I since have left school and I am practicing to read and write with my blurry-fishbowl vision. It has been extremely difficult as the school claimed an allergic reaction to the dilated eye drops which will last forever was a symptom of my bodily chemistry and that they did nothing wrong. Light induced eye damage cannot be affirmed by another standard dilated light exam but from an extensive surgery which to use high-powered microscopes to take photographs of very small surface areas from the back of the eye with die to indicated damaged nerves. this process has been known to further damage eyes as strength and duration of the slit-lamp according to the U.S. government will cause damage for a prolonged period of time. This has created a serious problem for me to have some doctors confirm my eyes as damaged.


The U. C. Berkeley Eye Center at Minor Hall claims that I will not let them help me, which is not the truth but an excuse to cover up malpractice. The graduate and overseeing doctor that gave me the exam on 26 February of 2009 did not know what they were doing. The Director of the Berkeley Eye Center said that since I was unhappy with their service I should receive a few hundred dollars and that was it. I declined. It was apparent that the Berkeley Eye Center’s director does not take a public interest into the persons that the center caters too. They know that my eyes were damaged and they will not help me, regardless of their lies which they intend I would not let them. They refused to engage in a discussion of my symptoms, and I had protested this vocally and they did not reply!


Currently:  I’m working on three papers which most possibly may be combined for my first book. However, instead of relating what authors and investigators have said about my subject, I’m doing original research which takes considerable amount of time. (02142010, UCB Campus).


A startling new political science study concludes that corporate interests and mega wealthy individuals control U.S. policy to such a degree that "the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy." 

Most Do Not Have Democracy 2014 New study


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