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By Michael Johnathan McDonald

Name: Michael Johnathan McDonald ( This is not my birth name) .

Born at ST. Joseph’s Hospital, in Silverlake, California, United States of America,  which is about two miles from downtown Los Angeles, California, during the  month of March of the year of  1966.




#) Parental Importance to All of Life: 1-2 February 2013, Poll:

85% Parents are the most important factor in determining a child's happiness and success later in life.

5% Firends

3% Siblings

2% teachers

1% others,

5% undecided

The role of Government does not, thereby, intend happiness or success of a child, according to Poll Results. The reason why U.S.A. is a welfare state because the government placed restrictions on job securement and job retention. This is because the government needs a large peasant population to exist. Therefore, we now understand why government is replaced as the role model that belonged to God.


Wed. 18 September 2013: 6:55 p.m. went to my first interview of acting and of modeling talent agency. One Source Talent. Took shoe and height measurements and photo. They said they would direct me to their commercial department, and to expect a call back within a week.


Bio: Cornerstone



Bio: Cornerstone ( State-to-Federal Government Homeless outreach and sec. 8 pathway for those are lucky or like by the staff, no justice, only patron preference). attendance since I came back from Berkeley.


What Cornerstone Taught Me Today: 10 Dec. 2013.

I have tried to relocate but General Assistance; the phone number for people like me in the State of California will not let me go anywhere else, because I’m homeless. So there are minimum rules, I must go there at least a certain amount of days to keep getting government assistance. It is not like I have a choice. This place is driving me insane. It is full of hatred and racism, by narcissistic pigs. This dude Joe is a fatass, gluttonous pig.

Cornerstone. 10 Dec 2013, at the meeting in the AB room, the group, general before Cornerstone serves lunch, a relatively knew hater, a large burley black man ( claimed to be sober from Christmas for 10 years) gave the group, his first name is Joe. The normal yelling Latino was not present, so he fills in for him. This man brags about his criminal past, beating people up for nothing, robbing them and doing all kindas of non social attitudes. It makes me sick to my stomach. He brags as if it is a badge of honor. It has no pedagogical applications. He links his new attitude to being sober, but being drunk or on Crack does not make you a violent person nor a robber, or a bully and an assailant! It is a street upsmanship thing, a thing of I’m better than you, to which is not good for planet Earth. It is too difficult to sit there with all the negativity; I have been in his groups numerous times, to hear the same ol’ crap. I’m looking for love, honesty and togetherness, he brings dividing and hatred.

So I brought up the topic of F.D.R. ( because the liberals worship this warmongering madman), a said on the History Channel, F.D.R. was doing a jar full of cocaine all day, during the events of Pearl Harbor ( a fact, he kept at least a few ounces in his White House medicine cabinet. To Joe, since it was not illegal, this was OK for F.D.R. to be a coke freak. But Joe’s spiel is that drugs are bad for you, thus he is filling in for the group titled ‘Drug prevention’ or ‘relapse prevention.’ That was what the 1907 The Pure Food and Drug Act was all about. So F.D.R. knew it was bad for him but he chose to use it. He stopped me, because there was no personal involvement.

Political discussion is tacitly forbidden. Like the NAZIs, you cannot openly distain the state or federal government, their laws, albeit draconic and unjust must be followed blindly to get services.

 I found at all the groups the government can do no harm, so the entire welfare state is based upon depressing ‘dictation ‘ of lies and hypocrisy directed at your mental health. Joe, the hater, does not care that F.D.R.’s family or he was running an airplane opium distribution in China, knowing full well its a horrible affect. Nor does he care, Obama admitted to using, and has not did one time in jail or come out against Cocaine!

The Pure Food and Drug Act, effective January 1, 1907  said Cocaine was bad for you. So the i do not know is bullshit from Joe. Only in 1970 it became illegal, thus Joe then says Drugs are bad because they are deemed illegal. But in 1907, Jan 1, the Pure Food and Drug Act, forced companies to label harmful drugs such as cocaine in all of its products, and still the left’s cherished leader was a coke-head. Joe has learned because he is not fit to live on Planet Earth that all his robberies, assaults, on people ( he brags all the time) has nothing to do with Joe, it was all alcohol or drugs. This type of dishonesty makes the word the hell-hole it is with mentally ill bullies like Joe. The person never responsible is Joe; it was something else, drugs, society, not him. He sends a wrong message no matter what color of skin you have.

The assumption, proof as today, remains that most rehabilitation clients have some type of support system, a family or relatives. He asked because of the holidays who does not have a family. He asked twice because he could not get through his little mind that there are people who were ‘hatched,’ according to people that do not have families. This a serous slight and disrespect, so disrespectful that it abuses my civil rights. Rather than assuming everyone has some support and fell off the wagon or fell back into narcotics, there are people that had no family and are dealing with situations more sever than his belittling those that do not have families, “ You must have been hatched.” I say FU*K U! This is person is a real violent intended hater who only role in his life is make others believe he is superior than they are, because they all must have had a family to be in this position, because being ‘hatched’ does not register in his hater-brain.

It is really difficult to attend forced groups there, even though I do the less or the least amount because of safety issues – to which staff do not recognize or care. I had a lunch room chair thrown at me, the metal piece broke my right arm, and people were screaming with laughter, nothing was done. I have been threatened for no reason but being white. I get pushed around, and I have to listen to hatred coming form this staff, which has families and are quite privileged. As far as I’m concerned this place does more to create depression and mental illness than to challenge it and correct it.

I attended U.C. Berkeley, met many from Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Yale, Chicago, and other top universities and they all drink strong alcohol on a regular basis. Most of the faculty and people I knew do narcotics as well. Campuses are a heaven for the drug culture. Celebrities, sport figures, the music industry, academia, the military faux War on Drugs are all role models and then we are told not to act like them, but we are told to worship them and vote them into office. If Obama openly admits to cocaine and marijuana use and we are told to worship him (government facilities do so) and vote for them, then why not be able to act like them.  It is this dishonesty and hatred that is driving me insane. The U.S. government and other governments are very corrupt and we are forced to worship them, very sickening.








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