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Sea Shepherd  Caught Trying to Kill the Flock.

  bookoflife.org A rchangel Michael : 1 st April 2014  ( 4:48 p.m. SC, CAL)


Examples on Racism cut all the way to Whaling, believe it or not. Japan Daily is reporting white people are trying to kill them, and this is true.

The crew and funders of The Sea Shepherd inherently believe that Japanese Asians are not humans, they are little animals that need to be controlled for slave purposes -- as Captain Cook and Washington D.C. began Asian racist policies 100s of years ago.  They work for the ICJ, an international European criminal group that was engaged in Christian eradication from March 1999 to the current. Notice the Sea Shepherd is outfitted with an Anti Asian Design, the eyes of the whale are slit-like to mock Japanese body structures. And these racists throw galas and awards and are worshipped by the white ass corporate media/interests.

FACTS: Australians per head are the greatest producers of CO2 in the world.

FACTS: Australians per head are White Ass PEOPLE!

FACTS: Australians misinformed by huge corporate interests.

FACTS: SEA SHEPERD works for huge white-ass corporate interests.

FACTS: Climate Change (publically admitted) is a system of control for white and elite racism.

When people use guilt on destroying the environment as a cause celeb, and then take it out on foreigners without empathy, compassion or truth, they are a part of Satan's Army. Europeans use more carbon than Japanese, and have been doing so for 500+ years. So the guilt by these self-righteous whaler and eco activists of white European extraction must find someone to blame, and then take their 'guilt' anger out on others. Many advocates of Sea Shepherd hate Asians for not reveling pf their World War II crimes -- many coming form secret U.S. fake documents because of the anti Asianism during WWII at the top

-- meaning Franklin Delano Roosevelt and W. Churchill ( a super-'ultra' top- secret document reveals Churchill and Roosevelt's racist rants and wishing for the eradication of the 'small' Asian people because they kicked out F.D.R.'s Opium Aerial trade during the Chinese civil war engineered by the west, called the Boxer Revolution --2,000,000 for white elite rich-ass capitalism. F.D.R. was a NAZI KING who desired to die in office rather than leave.

 Sea Shepherd is an old racist outfit using Eco activism to hide its over Racism. The U.S.A. still classifies almost 'all' of its World War II crimes -- so stop with the self righteousness, it is not therefore admired; you look as the foolish capitalist goon!

National ( Nation implies a race or group 'distinct' from another) Public Radio advocated for EcoTerrorists and the long-time hosts  of the radio station were giddy at Asian destructionism.  They, N.P.R., Washington D.C. et al MEAMIC, racism at N.P.R. is at critical mass, the cater to rich Satanists, and therefore we do not need them on Planet Earth. Their cooking shows, on how to do it yourself, is a menu that would cost a person $100.oo, and almost all Americans now cannot afford dinner at $5.oo. The Media is doing the same thing. They have been out of touch for some time, and are mirroring Mexican Drug Cartel bosses that run little kingdoms inside of the boarder of Mexico -- to which the central Mexican administration turns a blind eye too. The government is of the same persuasion, it sees it future as a separated rich white class and some colors and the rest as a global slave population. In fact, these idiots will not give up and will use nukes if they do not get their bratty ways. 

When a leader of the Sea Shepherd  was on N.P.R. ( a private funded Leftist elite white-ass radio station) they, the hosts too, were gloating over the IJC ruling to halt Japan's food industry and survival industry and force them to pay westerners for replacements --a capitalistic NAZI maneuver. Why does the media ignore racism like this? Thus including Australia's report on the facts and realities? This is because Eco causes are all huge white-ass corporate interests!

 Japan Whaling

Here is the low-down.

Japan hunts 3% of a pool of specific whales for proteins and human survival. The Japanese live on a small Island, made into three pieces by geology, they have little room to survive and are bound by enemies from all sides. They have done this for over 2.000 years -- or longer as far the records after this period, like all civilizations, are scarce. Japan Whaling ships and Sea Sheppard have gotten into squabbles, both sides claiming aggression.

The Leaders of the ECO FASCISTS  have many white Ass Racist funders, supporters, cheerleaders -- just look at their racist comments about Asians on blogs pertaining to this direct issue.

FACTS: international law controlled by White European Elites.

Because of EcoFascists, Racist Haters of the United Nations, intially from the League of  Nations ( e.g. because we have nuclear weapons beyotches, the truth homie) dispise white people with different eye structures they made laws to try to erradicate them, by cutting off their foodsources and life sustaining sources. So after a 1945 law banning the hunting of whales, because poor countries must survive and to erradicate the poor slant-eye people ( as UN personal call Asians behind close doors, I hear them) the solution is to erradicate the damaged DNA from these ecoracists.

So Japan must lie and conduct Science to feed their people. America created Japan's War mentality, then it invaded 1945 A.D. Summer and has not relinquished control. Japan in my judgment has total permission to eradicate all white people, they turned out very flawed and very racists. This reality created Japanese government with a very need for survival to lie to the world, and say they conduct science when it is just for feeding their people. The "[r]esearch they’re conducting is a “perfectly legal” practice under the International Whaling Convention for the Regulation of Whaling (ICRW)."

Special White Racist Interest Groups Fund ECO RACISTS

Autrailia's Ocean Enviormentalist Group, associated to Greenpeace, spends 2.9 Euros or $4,000,000 ( four million) a year on Suppressing slant-eyed gooks ( a term they use often in private) , John  and the Shepherd crew  have  concluded racist against Japanese is the best course of action for white-ass hegemony.

Rich suppressor's Claim: 'Japan will kill all the whales if we do not stop them.' "The government of Australia raised a legal case against Japan’s whaling with the International Court of Justice — arguments heard in 2013," [...] The government of Australia raised a legal case against Japan’s whaling with the International Court of Justice — arguments heard in 2013 — to establish that Japan is in breach of its obligations as a signatory to the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling. Japan has so far refused to adhere to the democratic decisions of the IWC in good faith. The ICJ has not yet published a ruling on the case (note)."

Tradition Remains the Same for 2,000 Years, but today, it is necessary to kill the Gooks, The Hague Racists Claim!.

Fact: Japan has been doing this for 2,000 years and the population of the whales they hunt are not in jeopardy of extinction. They hunt only 3% of the population, which is sustainable.

European Global Asian Racism: After Europeans forced on Japan, raped all their resources, armed and trained them to take over Chinese banks ( 20 th century) and then blamed them for WWII and dropped two atomic bombs on their citizens, after the U.S.A. had clearly won the war ( China had no Navy, No Planes, No assassins, and no military, and 6 of their major cities were burnt to ashes, and the media kept his deadly secret. There is plenty of evidence that Sea Shephard and Greenpeace are fighting for UN white -ass fascism. They hate Japanese, They have offered no alternative, their claim is that they are breaking 'laws' just like Hitler's laws of kill all the Jews, eh John I bet you would follow that law to a tee too. I suggest eradication, the DNA is too damaged.

Japan Tradition: 2,000 years of whaling, a annual event. The Whale Population is still here, and the Carbon Footprint of Sea Shephard has continued to killing the Earth, and doing nothing but fostering and practicing racism.

Japan's Need : Survival, it lives on a tiny Island, not much to grow food. The U.N. desires all Japanese to die so they can rob their lands -- there is no other reason for these actions. They are not based on history, logic, sound reason, nor carrying about others -- John Key is purely selfish, a narcissist, full of demons.

Obama's Biofuel Programs created a Corn Shortage, skyrocketing the price of corn, the people of Egypt could not buy corn for their starving populations, so many innocent Christians died, and this can be linked back to John Key, Sea Sphephard.

Like if John wanted to get into real battle of corruption. The U.S.A. corn industry was co-opted by the Limousine liberals, who stated we need corn to fuel our cars and automobiles and industry, so they took all the corn away from the starving Egyptians ( U.S. corn subsidies and raising prices over biofuel) that caused an administration to be kicked out of office because of the starving population. But the limousine liberals got their corn-fueled cars and screw the little people, eh John? You need to be eradicated.

The Green Movement is laid out in the Bible as another 'Control mechanism' for white-ass control. This is why the last Horse of the Apocalypses with the description of Death is colored pale Green. Remember al Gore saying there was some 97% on consensus for Global Warming, when the year of 1998 reached a peak, and the global temperture has been cooling off, which causes sever storms as scientifically proven over and over again, and not global warming, when there was never a 97% consensus of scientists. The consensus of scientists told Christopher Columbus the world was flat, you said, and you 'will' fall off the edge. He did not listen and so nor does the smart peasants. Global Warming is another global control by the elites, and in this case, rich people like Key who wants the world as 'vegans' no dairy, no meat, including no fish -- and has no idea that plants are alive and creatures too making him a murder, as he already is with his global kill the Asian plan. So he wants them to starve and die, and so did the early 100s of Europeans.

Why Racist Policies? White People like John Shepherd are damaged DNA and use rich people's money to attempt to kill as many Japanese as possible, because he is a fascist/racist. A Japan company scientist already solved free energy, but people of the EU will do anything to stop it, even on the periphery here where food, whale blubber used for almost everything is life sustaining to an island people. In the 1890s to 1940s, there was a Californian Business movement to take Japan and China as capitalists domains. The Chinese lost over 2,000,000 humans fighting to throw out the white Europeans. The Europeans still have not paid for this disrespect. Actions such as Sea Shepherd continue these racist policies toward Asians. In order to survive, we must get rid of these Evil demons on Erath. 

Opponents: EU ( b/c Racism), Greenpeace ( allegedly a rainbow coalition but funded by Fascist Organizations, with racist intent), Britain, U.S.A. and in general the European world.

Ever since the Spanish under Philip II tried to analysis taking all of China and fleecing their state treasures, the Europeans have had a target on Asian populations -- as inhuman animals that must be abused, controlled, and killed whenever possible. The only problem is in history was when Japanese were doing woodblock printing, their literary culture flourished to a height comparable to western heights of literary traditions. So when Japan was having this renaissance of culture, writing, printing, symbolism, etc... the western Europeans had no clue between a subject and a verb, and did not know how to calculate right-angles ---- it took the Crusades and getting that tech from Moslems, along with Sugar, Salt, other various spices and the very important Stone Cutting Industry, totally adopted form technology derived from the Crusades. So how can John say Japanese or Asians are not good for the world when his own people were abject idiots for 1,000s of years and now in a short breath of 500 + years, the whites claim they know all, and therefore can 'do their global' laws of racism and call it science.

1500s: Portugal arrive on Japan's shores with harquebus's ( a cannon-pistol) and sell them to a certain native Japanese clan that uses them in an important revolution and wins because of the technology. Then later, U.S.A. brings black ships into Edo Port and turned their cannons on the people and buildings, then went about raping the silver, and other minerals from Japan's lands. These are White ASS Europeans, the same that fled France, Spain and England and other places in the 1850s to scurry for Gold, a minor Gold Rush was taking place at Australia then, a total cowboy period in Australia's history.

ICJ ( Hague) is the highest UN court who allowed Bill Clinton to kill Christians, allows racism to go unfettered and is stocked by suppressing rich fascists. It began in 1945, when Pluto was coming out of Piled Up-Corpses signature and headed for alpha cancri, a power/control and liar star.



April 1 2014 ( from news of 28th - 1 st ).

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In another encounter between militant conservationist group Sea Shepherd and the Japanese whaling fleet, Sea Shepherd claims that two harpoon ships attacked their ship in an effort to force them away...

Japan claims Sea Shepherd made unprovoked ‘ambush’ in Southern Ocean

Mar 04, 2014 Features, National 11

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