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Obama signs NAZI law into power Christmas Eve



Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.

#Crusade # 4 was set up by Jew Niggers at Phonecia, ancient, modern Venice rape of cracker and wasa #Christian #Byzantine. Niggers will pay for that, cannanite Baal-Voodooites. Niggers love gansta robbery, even in our local communities. 1245 The French say FU to the Mongals but not the sand nigger LatinJews at Venice; they align and created Dante’s memoirs of a western civilization revolt against the sand nigger Latinjews.

#bookoflife #arcmichael #05152017ad

Run by black and brown #banksters to loot and to perform all sorts of #robbery on #Christianity , #fakejews involved.

Professor: “ All I want for Christmas is White Genocide” Yahoo news inc. 12 27 2016ad

#yahoo Drexler University has condemned one of its professors for tweeting on Christmas Eve, "   all I want for Christmas is #whitegenocide   ." #bookoflife #arcmichael 150 Million  US bigots in this country feel exactly the same as this #drexler #demon #12272017ad  googleplus link

Journal 163 A.D. ArcMichael κ real Election Popular Vote Numbers

Semitic Attacks at me at Burbank 2016 Dec link to stories. & apok white genocide Dec 2016

predict any world leader new Δ dumb &*$# a Stan

us cops 12 12 2016 A.D. Obama legacy J 160 & Assange Missing Oct.& Spy Bills 2012 2016 A.D. & RapeCulture is Celebrate Diversity.


Vocal Anti White Semitic DNAers who run or tacitly run #whitegenocide & $ amounts as of 2016 A.D.

Lawrence Ellison: Oracle $28 billion

Mark Zukerburg < fake name he is semitic > : Fakebook. He ran two ISIS anti white websites by NSA privileged for three years and got $9 Billion in 2012 by Obama, just to run NSA code. His worth is near $60 U.S. Billion Dollars. .

Michael Bloomberg a former mayor of New York City ≡ $18 Billion . Lives on private off—USA lands because he hates living near Americans. He is semitic antiwhite genocider.

Sergey Brin: Google $17.5 billion ⟨ Semitic migrant from Russia⟩. Stanford: Larry Page and he developed Google back in 1998. declared.

Larry Page: Google ( also known as Lawrence Page) ≡ Semitic DNA. $17.5 billion. declared.

Steven Ballmer: Microsoft ≡ Semitic DNA.WASA. $14.5 billion and met William Gates at Harvard.

George Soros: ⌈ Soros György ⌉ Soros Fund Management, Open Society Institute $14 billion ( minus $7 billion given to @whitegenocide projects).

Michael Dell: Dell Computers ≡ Semitic DNA.$13.5 billion.

Mikhail Fridman: Alfa Group ≡ Semitic DNA. originates from Ukrain, many semitics cross breeds. $12.7 billion, considered to be the third riches man in Russia spheres of influence.

John Paulson: Paulson & Co. ≡ Semitic DNA.; stock market gambling racket. legal too by USArabian fakegov laws. $12 billion.

Roman Abramovich: Millhouse LLC, Chelsea Football Club , born in Lithuania ; $11.2 billion; steal manufacturing and toys. Light ≡ Semitic DNA


Ronald Perelman: MacAndrews & Forbes Incorporated ; MacAndrews & Forbes Incorporated makes biotech and war weapons for jew greed. He has so much money they brag that death work gets one $11 billion dollars.

Carl Icahn: Icahn Enterprises, Federal-Mogul; New York City, landowner and locomotive and saftey parts, government $10.5 billion

George Kaiser: Kaiser-Francis ≡ Semitic DNA; Oil Company; parents are former #NAZI who fled to America, Tulsa, Oklahoma — oil wars profits—. $10 billion.

Serge Dassault: Dassault Group , Serge Dassault is the heir of the Dassault Group, which is an aviation company based in France. He is an Semiticophile.. Israel’s go to guy $7.6 billion.

Leonard “Len” Blavatnik is the owner of a conglomerate company called Access industries. ≡ Semitic DNA, He was born in the Ukraine and raised in Russia, but he is an American businessman. He was a metal trader before he started his company. Len Blavatnik is 59 years old and he has a net worth of $15.3 billion as of March 2016.

Sammy Ofer: ≡ Semitic DNA, Various: Israel Chemicals, Royal Caribbean International, ZIM, Oil Refineries Ltd, Israel Corporation, Tower Semiconductor, and Bank Mizrahi-Tfahot. His net worth was $6.5 billion.

Bankster Families

Joseph Safra: Safra Group Bankster family, ≡ Semitic DNA: born in Aleppo, Syria, and grew up in Beirut, Lebanon. He and his family moved to Brazil in 1952. His family has been in the banking industry since the time of the Ottoman Turks’ rule. $17 billion.

James Simons: Renaissance Technologies: Renaissance Technologies LLC, ≡ Semitic DNA an investment management firm hedge fund manager that means to steal the poor's money $16.5 billion

David and Simon Reuben are brothers who fled Israel in 1948 and went to London, where they set up a land grabbing buisness for jew power $13.1 billion ≡ Semitic DNA. one has light eyes.

Philip Green is the CEO of Arcadia Group; UK ≡ Semitic DNA; retail buisnesses $6.2 billion.

Steven A. Cohen is a hedge fund manager, ≡ Semitic DNA & located at Stamford, Connecticut. $13 billion as of Sep 2016. Point72 Asset Management, S.A.C. Capital Advisors.

Viktor Vekselberg: Renova Group, light ≡ Semitic DNA; born in Ukraine after Moongalis Semitic takeover , $13.6 billion according to Forbes, Russian conglamorate, raw materials, aluminum business.

Alexander Abramov: Industrial Magnate , ≡ Semitic DNA; $4.3 billion, according to Forbes. steel and raw materials He amassed the largest steel and iron business back in 1998 .

Ira Leon Rennert: ≡ Semitic DNA; Renco Ira Rennert is an American businessman and financial investor. He controls one of America’s largest privately held industrial empires. $6.5 billion, started by securities brokerage . He is a personal friend of the notorious Ponzi scheme king Bernie Madoff.

The Honourable Sir Michael David Kadoorie, GBS, ≡ Semitic DNA; & he is a business executive. He is the sixth wealthiest person in Hong Kong as of March 2011, and his family’s worth is believed to be $9.5 billion


Entertainment and Music

David Geffen: Geffen Records, DCG Records, DreamWorks SKG, music and entertainment; $5 billion. Steven Spielberg one of the three Dreamwork partners has $3 Billion in his bank.

Vacation Businesses

Sheldon Adelson ≡ Semitic DNA; Las Vegas Sands, Israel Hayom, Las Vegas Review Journal $29.2 billion

Water Management

German Khan: Alfa Group : ≡ Semitic DNA; Advisory Committee of Rosvodokanal a water management facility, Ukrainian Jew who is the co-owner of Alfa Group, $9.5 billion

Alt. Energy Management

Eli Broad: KB Home and SunAmerica, part of the solar power fraud hiests . ≡ Semitic DNA; $7.4 billion. created two giant fleecing companies in a short span, recently.


Dorothea Steinbruch: Vicunha Group , Dorothea Steinbruch is the CEO of a large textile company known as the Vicunha Group. Her company is based in Brazil. $5.5 billion. ≡ Semitic DNA.

Isak Andic: Mango , Turkey to Spain semitic white 25% and above semitic; . ≡ Semitic DNA. $4.8 billion and holds the largest in texttile company Mango.


source of human data here





Pope Innocent IV

Hard Mongolian Great Khan Güyük : Letter to the Church, Pope ⇒

The letter is written in Persian, the preamble in Turkish and the date in Arabic.

Vatican, + Itali

   ASV, A.A., Arm. I‑XVIII, 1802 (2) LETTER BY THE GREAT KHAN GÜYÜK , TO POPE INNOCENT IV s.l. 1246 November 3rd-11th

The Great Khan’s document was delivered to the papal court by the Franciscan Giovanni di Pian del Carmine, who left Lyon on the 16th of April 1215 and returned to Rome at the end of 1247.



ELECTION RESULTS POPULAR VOTE bol2010logo pyrDonald Trump wins Popular Vote by 20 Million. Fakemedia & #fakenews lies and will not stop until it is eradicated.

TRUE IS TRUMP 70,145,232 CLINTON 49,988,455 REAL COUNT: Finale TRUMP 70,145,232 CLINTON 49,988,455 REAL COUNT. No one came to Hillary Clinton rallies, and those that were promoted were photoshpped. to add in 1,000s of people who really were never there.

UKSlamic Empire of LondonStan 2016 A.D.

Odd Arne Westad mis read all of the NSA/22 series of the NSC 34 government secret report(s) of 1948. He is a filthy liar. He is Europe's lead US War Historian , but his focus is mainly 1960s and onward, not during or just after World War II.  He was too stupid to understand these are fraud documents to mis lead historians and then ‘dignitary ‘ that could get their hands on real Classified intelligence, in real time.


F.D.R. had a college student write up an Academic viewpoint of communist verses republican Asian modernity movements. Westad was all for brown Semitic Mao Zedong, and thus a nigger cock sucker.


Brown jihad of hell and hate

#aztecians brace to start wars with all #whites as the browns in all of history are the most violent race=group ( includes all semitics) as #warmongerers . must change #DNA to solve issue. You mexican human sacrificer, we need you all off the planet. You are bigoted race group that has #antiwhite legislation for over 100 years and historically for the entire time you have been reincarnating on earth. Time for  you haters to go away.  Africans support these browns to kill whitey and that is why I say USA is long gone. No solutions, get out or be killed by the #brown jihader punks.  when have you ever had them do anything for you or even say hi? Robots are in fast food for one reason. No one wants to communicate with  bigot brown shtye that is the reason. for the robot replacement. The cheap labor had cheap characteristics and a bad behavior to all other ethnicities.

Brown humanoid Demons vs. White humanoid Angels


CNN is fakenews

US Congress, Again, To Fund Islamic State as anti white white foreign policy.

ISIS or Islamic State to be continued to be funded by Obama the AntiChrist Reuters


Antichrist puts Sanctions on White white People of Russia. we need serious revenge on planet earth. . Still brown semitic media is hot accepting facts. Yo, Townhall, we watched the crowds, Trump = 10,000s at mutiple venues, each day, over the nation.

Hillary got 2 handicap, 3 illegal, and 1 mass murderer escapee.

u could not tell, retards?

only when Obama the Bozo Clown showed up the fanbase showed up, but did not vote for #crookedhillary  

Climate Policies of Obama put out 1000% more harmful pollutants of CO2 than traditional gas.

#noaa been outed as #allah #islamic #front of #disinformation the #semitics created climate change as another desk job, tax plan to squeeze the masses into submission for Jewish Arab DNA brown skin hatred all over planet earth. Obama 's climate policies actually put 1000% more bad carbon into the air because the leaders cannot pass simple #chemestry exams. They are liars and totally evil. The top Scientists today equal a random 10 year old in the 1950s, intellectualized #bookoflife #arcmichael #12282016ad  

#la city council + #pasadena to spend citizens tax #terrorism @#rosebowl $$ #5,000,000 b/c #fakewars . = #usa #avarice #$atan . LA supremecy = #semitic #yellow + #brown , so #armyvets #white die in the #street. From #cityoffallenangels. 

John Kerry, "Israel can be Jewish or Democratic, it cannot be both" 12 28 2016 A.D.

12 27 2016 A.D. that FBI says since 1970s the Latins = You are the shyte hole rapists and shyte hole robbers and shyte hole  murderers and that is science and data FBI fucker.

The Department of the Beast Chip begins during commencement of Seal One. Arc Michael


Geoilpolitics Arc Michael 12 29 2916 A.D.

ExxonMobil & MIT USA Educational Link to Warmongerer Profeteering .

#Geoilpolitics Arc Michael 12 29 2916 A.D. #oilcompanies affiliations #dna   4 major oil companies, one gives weapons to Dictators. #bookoflife  
#ExxonMobil & #MIT #USA Educational Link to #Warmongerer #Profiteering .

ExxonMobil & MIT USA Educational Link to N'Djaména, #Chad where international corporations suppressed the masses and the African Dictator used $1 Billion to buy himself a small army to suppress the masses while Exxon Mobile paid him off for using his lands and not the people. Started circa 1996 A.D. Chadian crude is low grade and not as formidable in the profit zones of all oil manufacturing.
"Iran reports higher oil sales to BP, Shell .

Exxon, is a quasi US international Sauud #Sunni oil outfit, and they have no #UN restrictions. They do business in Chad and other #African nations arming the strong men with weapons to secure Oil Profits to a few and not to the masses, #British Petrol, the #Russian Oil, and #Shell all comply to not giving strong men weapons.

#xxon are #Bush, Obama, #Clinton favorite Oil People. the oil people swing elite establishment = #bothparties #dino #rino and they blame the innocent oil companies while doing all sorts of #evil


Mexico at California calls on war with Americans

Truth Department AntiChrist signed into law Chras Eve

Disinformation Act of 2016 A.D Equals white genocide, passed by Semitics who hate whitey at the U.S. Arabian government.

12 24 2016 A.D. Antichrist Barack Obama Signs $611 Billion dollars for A Truth Ministry. Countering Foreign Propaganda ⟨ what is a foreigner?⟩ & Disinformation Act of 2016 A.D. This legislation seeks to kill all whites who protest the #whitegenocide by #semiticusa #USemiticAmerica . Where no white can ever have dignity or civil rights.

Germans are not white but Jew mixed breed of insainoids

Adam Kinzinger < Semitic> & Ted Lieu < DNA> introduced H.R. 5181 which gives the government 'a whole approach' to truth and all other channels are false or fake news. This way like the semitic antiwhite #coldwar narrative ∋ Semitics sitting behind Harvard and Yale and new york times desk jobs advocated false narratives to force white genocide in the eastern hemisphere →


8th December, 2016 A.D. Antichrist passed anti-white legislation on white Japanese remembrance day. —“ Countering Disinformation Act 2017 A.D,” appropriations to the elite warmongering jews while, again, never modernizing the Military Health System. The Entire U.S.A. has become a semitic robbery machine. — Arc Michael 12 26 th 2016 A.D.

Advocacy Journalism are the mainstream news and they are anti white, globally. They are German Arab Mixers and black African bullies.

Broadcasting board of Governors” to make sure all white protests and complaints are suppressed and squashed for Nigger large phallace hegemony .


Kelly Megan sais, correctly, had a black list on Megan Kelly. Her team did not want to legitimize Fox News. So Hillary Clinton over 100 times denied any Fox interviews with hosts so the Media is all up in arms over Donald Trump now taking the same privileged as #hillaryclinton crews.


Delegitimize White People US History 2016 A.D.

Primary Recap USA History
Donald Trump went after Fox News and no other mainstream joined Donald Trump, and some questioned why? Barack Obama went after Rosen and Fox News at the same time. In history books, Obama is a liar, he ran voter suppression at California 2008, as I and 250,000 Republicans were cancelled from our registrars two weeks prior, and the Chronical did not mention the blow back. I took a photo and put on the web and a Google Plus post. No one cares, so Semitics must die en mass. Start at 17% in part and move to 100% and back to 17% pure black statistic.


I AM going to Kill You because I Can!


Helaina, Constantine's wife had changed Christianity for women's role in furthering the movement more than any others.

Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.


White white dna people are not mainland European; Germans, French, Italian, Austrians and many balkin and Iberians are not white white dna people. These souls by DNA‹s› run white genocide while robbing them of their intellectual achievements and break throughs !

White People go back to your home countries, sayeth the Semitic Peoples: Germans to south Asians can be semitic , in varying parts. Latin are 25% — 100% semitic. Lawyers, courts, judges, community members, laws, and institutions are all pro semitic and antiwhite, at United States of America. aka as United Semitic Association.

the issus is not like Abraham who left Babylonic empire lands to escape bigotry. This is about being lied too and then dishing out the proper revenge.

Apąm Napāt

Harry Reid ( D ) Nevada

“The Democratic National Committee has been worthless,” Reid said. “They do nothing to help state parties. That should be the main goal they have. I’ve developed everything in Nevada on my own. Their help was relatively meaningless.” Foxbuisness . & a Retiring Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.)


Google Plus post before Christmas

#afrobrowns start Color of Change , the next-generation African-American #negrosupremecy   rights. Arts and Entertainment will start programing for global #whitegenocide soon. so get your children prepped for the #fireapokalypses OK people You wanted this, so let us give your doom to you. Niggers did slavery, owned slave plantations 28%  = #1860s census ( Semitics 40%, latin make up the rest and they are semitic and only 1.5% US census were #noords or my races. So FUCK YOU and we need a global permanent solution to your fucking lies .  ) and I nor my people did one iota of it but suffered at the hands of your brown asshole haters and your jew #KKK = 17% - 25% ashkaNAZI jew DNA and why #Hitler aligned with #Sunni #islam and invaded Russia, attacked white northern countries, and  because German are jews mixed and  fight for jew filth and not white whites -  Like Bush demon gurl  #semitic whores. they hate white noordics and voted Rodham, another white jew arabite shyte hole of a hater.

#blacks do not build civilizations, they can only steal them. They do not have the brain power to build them.  ( blacks except for people like Icecube and others, few of them, call themselves #black when their skin color =  #brown like Sunni jihadis   . to me, that is the same behavior DNA system, same #antiwhite and lying hatred and less intellectual and haters and abusers and vicious liars to the core.

USArabia is Satan, we can see it now, all lies and total bullcrap. The Filthy white KKK jew traitors lied and have 8.5 bath houses, with no partners and call cops on homeless for fun, all day long because they have no friends. #bookofjudges banned #jews word to your own illiteracy. Grow up world, you are about to be whacked. We cannot have a universe full of you idiots and dumbasses .  the universe will kill you and spit your back out. #bookoflife #arcmichael #12232016ad   #jewkkk  









The Vatican History

Michelangelo Buonarroti

ASV, Segr. Stato, Principi, 16, f. 484r

Arc recap ™ &   Michelangelo Buonarroti was born on the 6th March 1475 at Caprese in Casentino (Tuscany) and he was the apprentice of the Florentine painter Domenico Ghirlandaio. After a year he began attending the school of the garden of St. Marco, founded by Lorenzo de’ Medici, where Michelangelo most likely trained to become a sculptor; during a fight at school, he broke his nasal septum and this caused him a lot of trouble for the rest of his life. In Autumn 1494, just before the expulsion of the Medici family, Michelangelo ran away from Florence and went to Venice and then to Bologna. In 1495, he returned to Florence for a short while, then he moved to Rome, where he stayed  until the year 1500 (between 1497 and 1498, he went to the Carrara quarries to choose the marble for the Pietà). The artist was back in Florence between 1501 and 1504, where he sculptured the Statue of David, then he went to Rome (1505-1506) and to Bologna (1508). Once back in the Eternal
City, he painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel alone, without any assistants and in only four years (1509-1512). Of his intense artistic activity throughout the following years, we now wish to recall the Last Judgement (1536-1541), which made him famous and the city planning reorganization of Campidoglio Square.

   In 1547, Paul III (1534-1549) asked Michelangelo to supervise the construction of St. Peter’s that is the continuation and the accomplishment of the new basilica. “The task he faced and directed, when he was already old, is somewhat superhuman and only his high idealism, nurtured by the most authentic religious feeling and supported by a no lesser sense of responsibility, allowed him to face this hard commitment” (DUSSLER – GIRARDI, Buonarroti, Michelangelo, DBI 15, page 171). Michelangelo resolved the problem of the dome, on which, after Bramante died (1514), many projects were being discussed. The annual costs of the work reached 30.000 ducats; it was estimated that between the 1st January 1547 and the 8th May 1551, 121,544 ducats had been spent.

Michelangelo’s letter to the Bishop of Cesena in January 1550, refers to the economic problems the artist had to face after the death of Paul III, on 10th November 1549. The addressee of the letter, Cristoforo Spiriti, was the Bishop of Cesena between 1510 and 1556 (in 1550 he obtained the title of Patriarch of Jerusalem); however, in 1554, the diocese was given to his young nephew Giovanni Battista Spiriti (24 years), as suffragan bishop with right of succession and who, at the moment of the appointment, was still studying in Perugia. The elderly Cristoforo belonged to that group of friends and patrons who spiritually and economically helped Michelangelo. The artist had great familiarity with him, because the bishop was homely and generous: Mons(ignio)re, io mi rachomando a Vostra S(ignio)ria e priego quella che mi dia aiuto e consiglio, come Suo Gratia à facto infinite volte, benché io nol meriti. E questo è che, esendo dopo la morte di Paolo restati i soprastanti della fabrica di Santo Pietro in decta fabrica a guardarla e a difender l’ammunitione [= materiali per i lavori di architettura] e l’altre cose da’soldati, con pericolo della vita, circa tre mesi senza provigione nessuna, e per essere bisogniosi e non potere più star così, mi fanno intendere che, se io non proveggo a casi loro, che gli è lor forza abandon[ar] decta fabrica, onde ne potre<bbe> seguir danno di parechi migliara di scudi. Io non ò il modo a dar loro l’usata provvisione, né vorrei che eseguissi anche tale scandolo; però io priego Vostra S(ignio)ria che per amor di Santo Pietro mi consigli quello che ò a fare e perdoni a mia troppa prosuntione. Servidore di Vostra S(ignio)ria Michelagniolo (Monsignor, I’m entrusting myself to your Lordship and I pray you to help me and give me some advice, as His Grace has done many times, even if I was not worthy of it. After Paul died, some soldiers remained there to protect and to watch over the materials for the architecture and the construction of St. Peter’s, risking their lives, without any salary for three months; as they are needy, they made me understand that, if I do not pay them, they shall abandon the construction of St. Peter’s and this would cause damages worth thousands of scudi. I don’t have any money for them and I don’t want this scandal to happen, so I’m begging your Lordship, for St. Peter’s sake, to advice me and to forgive me for my excessive presumptuousness. Your servant Michelangelo).

   Michelangelo, after a short disease, died in Rome on the 18th February 1564; his body was taken to Florence and buried at Santa Croce.

Ad perpetuam rei memoriam. In supreme dignitatis

Avignon, 1365 June 18th

1470 April 19th



Paper, 1012x200 mm., in a good state of preservation; the document is made up of two separate parts, then joined together in one. The double red ink stamp serves as a seal.
   ASV, A.A., Arm. I‑XVIII, 1802 (2)

   With this letter, the Mongolian Great Khan Güyük answers, point by point, to some requests and comments about his behaviour, set forth by Pope Innocent IV in a previous message. Amongst other things, Khan Güyük says that he does not understand the pope’s desire for him to be baptized; he underlines he is not willing to retreat from the Majar territories he conquered and he reaffirms more than once that he does not place faith in the pope’s will concerning peaceful relationships between the two authorities, at least until when the Pope himself, Innocent IV and the Christian princes go to his court to pay the due tribute to him. The letter is written in Persian, the preamble in Turkish and the date in Arabic.

    The Great Khan’s document was delivered to the papal court by the Franciscan Giovanni di Pian del Carmine, who left Lyon on the 16th of April 1215 and returned to Rome at the end of 1247.

Council of Florence

Parchment, 751x590mm. (plica 30mm), in quite a good state. The document has the papal bull hanging from a silk thread (red and yellow) and a thread (pinkish) for the imperial seal (which never seemed to have been affixed to this document).
   ASV, A.A., Arm. I‑XVIII, 397

   Between 1438 and 1445, the different phases of the so-called Council of Florence took place in Ferrara, Florence and Rome. In the Tuscan city in particular, between 1439 and 1443, the synodal works, which achieved the union of the Greeks and the Armenians with the Latin, took place in the presence of Pope Eugene IV and the Eastern Emperor John VIII Palaeologus.

ARC 092





White people did not start African Slavery but the Semitics lie to cover up that they did it.


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.



Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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