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Hugh Ross: Creation in Bibile Text Book styli'! REASONS TO BELIEVE.


Michael Johnathan McDonald © 6 January 2011: Jupiter conjuncts Uranus; the last of three conjunctions for some time Jupiter does not make a major conjunction to other outer planets for a long time.


  1. USA Schools do not teach Science: The Politicians played games and only hired Foreigners who are opposed to Christian teachings. So they do not allow anything like real science in schools today.

The Hebrew Bible, making up also the Christian Bible’s first part, tells about space aliens coming down to Earth and mating with Human Women and then some getting attached to these new biological families, thus creating arguments between these alien factions.

The Holy Bible claims God made the Earth is six days. Atheist Scientist say, well that proves the Bible is false. The Bible also explains that God sees time as a 1,000 years equals one day, and in other places one year equals one day, and we can imagine that the age of the Earth is 4.597 billion years-old leading to the Gaseous period of our Solar System to be about 1.403 billion years to complete the Six Days of Creation of our Solar System.  The opening chapters of Genisis explain evolution exactly the way atheist and God-hating animals who call themselves human explain in classes:

The Biblical Sequence: From nothing, explosion of a light = supernova or other large explosion creates the gaseous particles that will make up carbon to create life forms, and they swirl around and coagulate, Gen Day 1:  The two small lights that make up our solar system then gives to a separation of space to a planet, described as a land.  Then water separates the dry land, and fish and fowl begin to appear, long before land animals. Then suddenly, land animals appear along with a proliferation of vegetation, the key ingredient to mass-population sustainability. Then complex life forms begin to arise and finally humans which are then commanded by God to take over the Earth and use its resources for survival. Evolution was timidly proposed by Charles Darwin, but that was during the later Early Modern Times period in Earth’s history. The Bible was collected and copied about 3,000 years ago. So the question remains, how did they know all of this?

Why does The Bible explain evolution, and the creation of the solar system; but scientists cannot figure it out?  Most likely it is not written in the domain language as a comprehensive textbook. Yet, The Creation story revised by the Priest editors, still gives us a glimpse into our modern thinking of how our solar system was formed, albeit in a curt scientific summery. Days of creation in the opening chapters of Genesis should be read as 1,3; then 2,4;  and finally 5,6. These are the order of evolutionary progresses as scientists explain it to us today but written in code as only the language of the Bible is written as -- to confuse the ignoramuses that are more interested in their funding for research to pay for the exclusive rich lifestyles rather than intelligence. Intelligence is something far beyond the modern scientists’ grasp. If you are unsure to why the Bible is far superior to the ignoramuses it is because they choose money over intellect. They must continually be incorrect about everything to communicate their need to the world for continuous funding and suppression of you to work as their money - slaves.  Humans have been hopping planets for a long-time and during these periods they have figured out how creation is created. The only thing that is missing from this explanation is recall from a reincarnational standpoint. Since a part of your ‘being’ is eternal you have eternal recall and can figure everything out according to this character you have at your disposal. There are many in the robotic level of creation and they cannot or will never be able to have recall.

Day one has a primordial material, driven by wind (gravity in our locality in our galaxy) and water is already present in the universe. Sciences, beit very lethargically just figured this out, that water was already existent in the primordial matter – empirically solved by fallen meteorites dated to the creation of our solar system. So The Bible already starts explaining this for days one and three. First there is light, and out of this void comes primordial particles swirling around in a glue of gravitational-forces which clumps together the matter, and the matter gets bigger and bigger and separates into compartments of elliptical distances from the center gravitational vortex which will eventually be exploded and form our light – the Sun. In days two and four, God makes water form and the planets and kick-starts the strong and weak nuclear forces for our Sun. This is the same as all the stars and bodies – as water is apparent all over the universes. It separates the non-water and forms land. This is long before the tectonic plates divide to our modern geophysical terrestrial boundaries.  So already it takes four days and an evolutionary process if fully explained and on its way describing exactly how our existence begins in a curt scientific manner. What are next are microbial life forms to create the small living bodies before the larger living bodies. This progresses exactly as the Bible intends. The fish are created first and then the small land animals and some into the air are all made long before the humanoids. So progressing the amino acids form life in day five and by day six another creator that is unique in the Bible because instead of God saying ‘it was good,’ God says ‘it was very good.’ On the six day God finally creates humanoids, the precursors of Homo sapiens. He happens to populate the earth with these special creations and tells them to take domain over the Earth. This follows Darwinians to modern scientific discoveries and claims to what is real. So the question to why the scientists dispute the Bible is a practical question. Are they in fact retarded? The answer to this question may be in the seventh day and what God does with it. God takes a rest on the seventh day and watches the dumbtillects destroy the earth through their narcissism. If you want to make your own history for our future you may want to take notice of what I say.

The reason that The Bible is not taught as science in our schools today is because the Teacher Associations and Government Social Institutions are full of illiterate personage predicated upon material conquest. Truth to them is the determined upon revisionist histories that divides the color of the skin, the political party ideology, and seeks constant chaos of social class warfare for a marathon to financial control. If these propped up illusions collapsed their tiny single-brain cell would explode. To keep the illusion going strong The Bible must be suppressed at all times in order to feed the beasts’ hunger for stupidity. Ignorance is bliss so the modern scientist skews to this reality.  The proof of my claim triumphs in the reality that if Teacher Associations and Government Social Institutions could read and were literate they would see that The Genesis Creation Story of the Days of Creation are but a simplistic detail of their modern scientific findings so far about the actual creation.

The bigger problem for the single-celled brain retards is how did they know? God can go back and forth through time, embody as a human, and do whatever he likes. In addition, the modern or even ancient attention span is so short that a curt explanatory is of a necessity. For a comprehensive and collective gathering of our creation of our universe to the advent of humanoids and theories of time and space form the theoretical physicists describes that it would take a modern skyscraper (large high-rise building) to house the cannon of textbooks to explain what God explains in a very short space of symbols (the opening chapter(s) of Genesis) about creation.

Day 1

Big Bang(s) not a big bang needed to happen to formulate the atoms that make up our beings. Things such as large supernovas are equivalent to the energy needed to create the vary particles that are needed to make up our composite matter for our selves and our planet, luminary, and heavenly wonders.

Water from a meteorite that fell in 1998, but recently analyzed does confirm that water had to be present in the solar system at least 4.5 (+) billion years ago. Therefore, Genesis is correct as it states in Gen. 1:2 [...], while a mighty wind [ DISK OF GAS: the dusty universe particles swirling around coagulating] swept over the water. Mediocrities brought water to the earth. Landing over the course of billions of years; depositing drops at a time a day written in code in the Bible is but a far reaching numerical solar – day. The water was needed to cool off the hot molten water and other molten metals that will ink toward the core of our planet in its evolution of its shaping to our modern world. Water is the liquid that allows microbial particles to form evolutionary life. So we already see as Genesis explains it that God knows what he is doing. Unfortunately, the Hebrew portion of the Bible was already being composed over twenty-four centuries ago and it has taken until at least last century for scientists to begin to understand what they had already resolved about Creation and recorded as history.

Therefore, Day 1 of God exhibited that during some giant explosion that water particles had developed as part of the intense heat-energy division and that water a natural binding particulates were already created and transformed into matter-formed clumps from smaller particles that contained water and amino acids. ( adapted from science from How The Earth Was Made, the Birth of The Earth). Geologist made a ground breaking discovery; they found amino acids, the base for proteins. The seeds of life; chemical building blocks of life, found in the meteorite; everything unenda meteorite, means all life was found from space that came to the disk of gas and the gravity that coalesced into our Earth.   These amino acids were the starting point of all life. Gen. 1:1 Earth was a formless wasteland ( The formless dust wind); mineral grains from the solar dust cloud formed the earth was made – God wins Genesis 1. 4.5.67 billion years.

In day one, there is a void, a wind with primordial elements whisking around and this is before the luminaries are exploded by a chemical and physical reaction that kick-starts are star which is described in day three which is the correlation to day one. This wind is equivalent to describing the primordial movements left over by a supernova and a gravitational vortex are solar system was caught into before forming the clumps of matter that divide our solar system bodies from each other. The Bible does not explain where this wind and primordial ‘stuff’ came from it is just there and God is forming it, and it is good. How did the ancients know this? Were scientists around then and the Jews just stole it form them or plagiarized it?

Day 2

Gen. 6- 8: 3. 5 billion years ago. So 3.5 there was no oxygen,

Free oxygen in the atmosphere. The vast majority of oxygen on Earth is not free oxygen in our atmosphere; the vast majority are chemically bound, mostly to silicon, magnesium, and iron. Most of the oxygen was bound to carbon, until a microbe became plentiful enough to release it by metabolizing the carbon. With Oxgen released this cleared the skies of the clouds .

Day two has the atmosphere as deadly poisonous: Methane, sulfuric acid, sulfur; but primitive life forms did exist, strange corral-like life forms did exist in water from day one These sulfur living organism are quite brand new and UC Berkeley grows and studies them. They are type casted as extremophiles. This explains the components for low level biological life.

Yet complex life is also being discovered that exist without oxygen.  Such as Perchlorates at the University of California, Berkeley; these weird things are being investigated that detail some life-forms can exist in these harsh conditions. On Mars, perchloric acid was found, a natural and manufactured occurrence, and in one such manufactories occurrence as used as an oxidizer in rocket fuel. Secretly at a U.C. Berkeley lab life forms are being tested for survival in this harsh environment. This is secret stuff. So these living corral life forms filled the world with Oxygen, and Oxygen as it was filling the atmosphere – gripped by ever increasing gravity which is weak -- formed life exponentially. Sromatolites, by water, made more than 3 billion years ago are the culprits. These are very rare, found in Northern Mexican Desert. Quatro Ciengegas, Mexico, it has strange chemistry. However, they may have been plentiful in early times. Cyanobacteria are present as millions of them exist in these stromatolites, Cyanobacteria – one unique feature, they produce Oxygen. Our atmosphere is made up mainly of methane and oxygen and one-percent of carbon.

So the Dome was the Sky in Genesis, and the sky can only be formed by Oxygen. So once it got into the atmosphere, it changed all of our lives, for it preceded us and allowed us to be and make eachother. What was needed for Earth was trillions of tons of Oxygen, and these Sromatolites  and later plants created the atmosphere we breath today – it changed our life. [ 4.2.8 billion years ago, much more earlier than was thought – God wins Genesis 2. Liquid water in medium.

Day 3

Gen. 9 – 13: Land separates from Oceans as one tectonic plate fragments and forms over millions and millions of years, and Oxygen now in the atmosphere forms vegetation  and plant life, as Genesis’ tropical forest then form our fossil fuels, coal, and other natural fuels – which are created by decaying plant-life and other living and decaying bacteria. ( 3.5 billion, Earth had continents, oceans,  life-forms and oxygen, the Earth was complete. The scientists claim that fossil fuels are products left over by the corpses of dead dinosaurs and other animals. It is in our school children’s textbooks, and propped up by authority of the single-cell imbeciles.  Unfortunately the Bible does not intend this as so, so the scientist must be wrong as usual. Can you correct that please? There is plenty of evidence that oil and natural gas are byproducts of decaying organic life, including plankton, plants, and other living organisms that are compressed under certain geological spaces below the earth and form a soupy oil substance of varying grades to which we had processed during the ill mentioned Age of Oil. Methane seems to be prevalent because it escapes rather easily whereas over time and deep pockets under the top-crust of earth other organistic byproducts are compressed under pressure and do not escape as easily and thus form organic oil we process for our modern life. Fossil fuels are but a myth created as a political greed tool from our modern academic institutions. The only other explanations are that we are collectively schooled by single-celled brainless idiots. So when the earth is forming it is also creating oil from organic life which was plentiful. This explains the massive oil fields that are being found constantly as I write this all over the planet. Yes, they like other byproducts from our Earth will run out if we do not advance to free energy, but the social single-cell corporation idiots see the money sign and suppress our advancement.

{ water and Sun on correl)

Day 4

Gen 14 – 19: God makes Sun, and Luminaries. The weak nuclear force worked then the strong nuclear force lit – up the sun, and the Moon came into being by some collision, which also set off the molten core, or the iron sank in the molten stages of the Earth’s formation. The atmosphere is the only place one can see the luminaries. Some type of time by measuring the lights in the skies. Possibly then, when the Earth slowed down to its present rotational spin it began to cool off to a crust, mantle and iron and nickel core. The moon moved out to its place in orbit and moves slightly away from earth each year. Some how this is when the Sun kicks in to form or the earth rotates to divide day and night. Or maybe when the Earth cools down enough that light can be seen, as vapor clouds began to vanish and Sun light began to heat up the surface of the Earth on which the four stages of the Dinosaurs can into being. Michael Zolensky Ph. D, The earth at some point completely melted and when that happened the heavier elements sank to the center of the earth – these are why the rocks formed – the lighter elements floated to the top and separated our earth into many layers. Very hot radioactive elements floating in space, they bombard the earth and heat it up tremendously. One of the keys is that this bombardment must have been fast in order to generate the heat where it seeps to the earth from the impacts of an already hot and liquid surface. Only 30,000,000 years the earth became a boiling, liquid, hot radioactive ball in space.   “It was a totally molten world, [...] just a flowing molten earth.” The temperature was a staggering 2,000 degrees.

The vacuum of space is a constant minus 450 degrees (-450 d.), almost 2,500 degrees colder. The surface rock could not stay molten for long. “So it is cooling from the outside in...” (Zolensky). So first a thin crust, but volcanoes still spew out lava and chocking gases to shape the surface and build the layers. And meteorites rained down in a constant impact.  

Day 5

Gen. 20 -23: The rise of the birds and dinosaurs; humans as primitive and wild animals are evolving from the really primitive state.

Amino acids are in meteorites, which bombarded earth over millions of years. Amino acids are the building blocks of life, found in D.N.A. and proteins and all over our universe(es). Also found in mediocrities are slat crystals, and in these crystals are liquid droplets, meaning they are as old or older than the meteorite. If these meteorites are 4.56 billion years old, then water was already present in the solar dust cloud already mentioned by God in Day one. Now scientists intend that water miraculously papered late in Earth’s development. A parallel to elaborate on their methodology pertains to them going to their A.T.M. and miraculously large amounts of cash appear out of nowhere – all from the poor people’s hard work in which it their charges in the ways of teaching. If God and the Bible do not exist but in myth, then why does God and the Bible know more than you?

Day 6

Gen 24 – 31: In between the Great Ice Ages:

Humans are made in God’s image. They rise up and take control of the Earth and populate it. It is very populated today.  So we have a progression from a void, gravity, primordial matter, and water, to demarcations of water and land, and then continuing amino acids and organisms and water animals to small land animals to large land animals and finally humans are described in Genesis of the Holy Bible. There is a reason it is the number one book of all time, and to the stupid single-cell ignoramus scientist that professes to teach our children the truth while you secretly build weapons of mass destruction and defray them for your pleasure of blood, carnage, and destruction, is God beat you to the future and knows your dumbtelligence and evilness.


Now this is in the Bible and not a modern scientific journal or textbook. I believe that atheist scientists plagiarized the Bible evolution theory to fit their own theory and decided that faith in God was not needed so they just stole the information as any criminal would and claimed they are these chosen superiors to our inferior selves. This explains why they are too stupid to understand anything and must rob others’ ideas to understand what is going on around them. They do not want creationism to be taught in schools as the kids will find out these scientists had to plagiarize the Bible and they are nothing but greedy criminal ignoramuses at best.

So the Church is far out in front of the atheist scientists and more than a millennia before the age of narcissism ( otherwise called the Age of Reason of my superior dumbtillect) commences and plagiarizes the Bible and claims they solved the evolutionary problem and the facts to how the world came into being and humans were formed. I’m here to tell the scientists you are about 2,000 years plus  behind the religious folk. Can you explain that or are you just too stupid as we already found out long ago? Never mind explaining this because you are too stupid to understand it!

Day 7

God takes a rest and watches the dumbtillects destroy the earth through their narcissism. Scientists create divisions of humans and pit them against eachother to kill off large groups of them by pointing out that they have different traditions, cultures, and physical appearances and should celebrate them by constant promulgation of media discord. In the bible, after Joshua conquered a city, the soldiers must stay outside of the general population for a few days to cool down, so-to-speak – before they are allowed to return to the general populous. This had been a mystery for some time. However, it is easily explained. Combat troops returning from tours and even contemporary wars in Afghanistan or Iraq intend they have a ‘thirst’ for killing and it is difficult to get rid of this feeling. There is a collaborating explanation to why large military complexes seek to kill people rationalizing it as experiments for security or the betterment of humankind. That is because of this same thrill of killing or hurting others. After the battle where Joshua had his troops cool off explains this empirical result of ‘addiction formed in killing humans in battle.’ We found out the many different nations in the modern times ( and there is plenty of textual ancient narrative too) where humans experiment in death and disease formation and practice on other humans. In America, Hilary Clinton recently confirmed what conspiracies had argued for some time that Middle Americans ( Guatemalans) were injected with syphilis while being told they were getting a vaccination against it, so see how the human body reacts to this sexually transmitted disease. We are screamed at by the debunkers and critics about conspiracies and that everyone who believes in them are nutters ( crazy and stupid people). Despite all the vicious ridicule and ignoramus mouthing off against people looking for a just and open government, this episode from the Guatemalan standpoint is a drop in the bucket of human atheists dumbintellectual experimentation on innocent humans. It takes decades if not longer for these things to come to the historical fore, and the recent ‘90s and ‘00s crowd of chem-trail experimentation is all but another conspiracy which will turn out true. However, God already foreseen this too and it was written down two millennia ago in Anatolia in code. That is because God wants his people to know what the stupid single-celled idiots controllers are doing in their pathological stupidity for excitement. The causality of filled emergency rooms with non-flu-like symptoms, strange respiratory illnesses, phone numbers that will only talk to you about these symptoms conditioned upon time of day, local, and medical conditions ( find out if you were at the day and local of the chemspraying) and the many bizarre deaths are repeatedly denied by the atheists dumbintellectual media controlled killing machine. When the angle of the Lord pourd out a vial and wiped out a large portion of humans as written over two – thousand years ago, you can blame the dumbintellectual media controlled killing machine and the single-celled idiot scientists – who have not like Joshua’s men ‘cooled off.’ The single-celled idiot scientists intend that a massive depopulation will help their atheist deity Gaia survive and them too but not you.

On the seventh day, God while resting looks at these dumbtillects and says, wow, I created some idiots. The Akkadians, as opposing the ideologies of Neo-Babylonians, set about to diminish or abolish these scientific ascriptions. When they conquered or assimilated ethnic or racial groups to their state protectorate they had them abolish their cultural traditions and prescribe a regiment of oneness –Akkadianism. The Greeks tried this Akkadian thing too, but this was before the Macedonian idiots said we do not play that way, we are superior animals and Greeks are inferior. By 150 B.C.E. the inferiors were hardly mentioned as existing in the traditional Greek domains of the superiors, the historians tell us. They decided mainly to move to Italy, and founded another Republic based upon the same Akkadianism principle. That went fine for a wile until the superiors said we do not like ‘others’ and the Romans concluded if we cannot beat them we better well join them. Thus Republicanism ended and Multiculturalism began after a few centuries of human sacrifice of Christians and Jews

The Tower of Babylon had the opposite plan from the Akkadians. Babylonians wanted so many competing cultures ( multiculturalism) that they became confused and destroyed any chance to solve the racial and ethnical problems we face in our modern world. The falling of the Tower of Babylon was a Babble of Tongues –everyone linking materialism to their own historical cultural heritage. Thus war destroyed them once-and-for-all.

They warred with eachother and fell-off the face of the earth into oblivion. The Akkadians moved north of Anatolia into the regions where the Greek civilizations were forming. The Jews tried to tough it out between the dying Egyptian behemoth and the Babylonian/Persian legacy of cultural influence. Proto-Israeli tribes felt secure until the sea people ( a Viking precursor) invaded ancient Palestine and set up shoppe to which the Biblical narratives of the Davidic kingdom of Israel is shaped. The Philistines, ( offshoot of the Phoenicians) warred in tribal disputes to the uprising tribes unified around the model of Egyptian and Babylonian kingship. When Nebuchadnezzar was trying to conquer Egypt, he went through Palestine and took notice of the Sea People so he started to say lets force these tribes to pay-tribute and homage. The tribes fought back to Nebuchadnezzar’s multiculturalism –imperialism and took many Jews to Babylon as prisoners. For the Jews this made them a more credible entity rather than a half-hazard tribe of people inhabiting other tribes in Babylon. When Cyrus another Babylonian king sent some Jews home they began to rebuild their temple but lived under four major states forcing them into a position of a protectorate or tribute. The Jews never escape this and even after Jesus Christ’s time they were finally exiled, defeated by Roman greed, and existed into a two millennia Diaspora till the mid- twentieth century. The branches ( or offshoot of the made up race of Jews ( cause looks did not define them?) were Christianity and then Islam. However, the scientists- narcissists, they did not like people getting along. By creating constant ethnic distinction they lost out of riches and money –fleecing these groups for all their worth. So began the turn from Islam and Christian identity ( formally ascribed to the Jews) and formulated the ethnic, national, cultural, racial, markers that helps these narcissists create war which creates a lot of money for themselves. So by destroying unity, peace, love, commandership, the scientists can usurp the position of God and take all the money for themselves. So God sits back and says, I created idiots.

Commentary on Creation

God created everything from his mind, by manipulating all the particles that vibrate at various frequencies. Modern theoretical physicists are beginning to catch-on to the divine plan’s working and understanding all things are connected by strings – they still see them in chaos but by imagination they know they have a harmony of sorts that fashions them into coherent realities or existence– which make up our world. The great and humiliating problem is that astrologers – astronomers all ready figured this out by our discovery of ancient texts where they recorded the heavens happenings to the earths happens in correlationary exhibits between terrestrial and extra terrestrial phenomena. They just wanted all the money so they demonized them, because they have idiocy written into their D.N.A. Since particles peer through different dimensions, they have properties of differing qualities. One quality is called free-will. It is illusionary when seen from another dimension where everything is fixed and progresses in a liner time frame unbeknownst to the other dimension ( of frequencies). Like trying to marry quantum physics and classical physics or macro to micro ‘cosm’ physics the same empirical duality is seen through linear and cyclical discrepancy properties. During the Age of Reason ( a.k.a., Age of Narcissism), these scientists chose linear time as the only existence in our existence. However, in another dimension, the prophets are able to tap into the other dimension and realize the cyclical qualities times and thus foretell the future because it has already been written or composed. Therefore, linear time as with free-will, is on a dimension of a low frequency where the primordial animal comes to terns with its materialistic life. Living in ignorance makes it happy and bearable to life’s complexive realities of multi-dimensions. Therefore, reincarnation cannot exist because its doctrine is already predestinational ( religious term) or fated – a forgone conclusion. Reincarnation negates free-will, choice, and, natural affinities to ignorance. There is no-one in another dimension claiming you did this or that so we will promote you in your next life. That was made up by priest (Brahman) who used morality and ethics as a control vehicle against the masses of natives. Therefore they could take fate or predestination out of the realities of Reincarnation. However, there is no such evidence that doing this or that will promote you or demote you in the next incarnation. The atheist dumbtillects have an advantage. They believe in one life, no afterlife, so take advantage of whomever you can in greed and screw the other animal (human). To form their arguments, they create divisions of humans into social groups, call this government system Socialism and take from the poor all their belongings while communicating to the poor they need them or they will die by the hands of the non- dumbtillects. They move toward the machine robot reality, where their ultimate goal is mechanization of the human being. Therefore, in one perspective a great machine controls us and it is our enemy as well as God. Eventually the robots attack the humans and the humans retaliate against the robots and have to create robots to attack the robots to save the humans that created the robots in the first place. Therefore there is no point in life as dumbintllects are ignorant beyond solution of their own undoing. In order to pass-the-time of their undoing, they create narratives to past the time –awaiting their final wars against themselves. In a sense, they are progressing to nowhere, and going full-bore toward that nowhere.

 added: 23 Oct 2014 AD comment to WND owners daily or multi weekly columns. 4.597 billion years-old

A year is measured by a Solar to earth perspective ( the motions of our seasons) and the Sun or stars are not created on the first day, so we know this is in code, as scalar maths provide our solutions. So if u use correctly scalar maths, ( e-mc2) is such a form of scalars when vectors are thus applied, the Bible specifically states that Earth was created Some 4.597 BILLION years ago.

The key to scalar maths are obvious .U need the Bible to come down to these next generations, it cannot be the size of a damned science textbook, it takes patients, diligence, passion and educational authority to copy the Hebrew Bible. and Frankly, no one cares to understand that there is no sun or planets on the first few days, so it was impossible to read it in a modern frame -- which is 100% why tards attack it.

am Comment(s) some await approval but I posted them here:: McGill University + Age of Earth

+Queen's University and many other Canadian geological Us do earth rock dating, not meteorites! Please stay updated on science. Some of the monster glacial periods, scrapped new earth and exposed the very old raw earth 4.69 +- .12 Billion years ago to Earth landscapes -- these scientific documentaries have been issued on cable science shows, so they are not secret conspiracies.

The idea that Earth can be measured by Flying rocks, some hit earth, are form the Oart Cloud, not the Moon, not Mars, not from Burger King, either.

so calm down.

If u have some intelligence , I mean academic training, go here.
McGill University -- they did the work, hard work, to uncover truth about our Earth. When I was in a co-op at UC Berkeley, a graduate living there was transferred to Cal from this school, so it is well 'respected!' WORD!