Apparently #Jesus #Christ was #deepstate #Israel back in the day. Not new #news this is told in many versions of the shariah law. #islam period = creation of this #Bible is about pre or #Moslem emergence in World #History.
Much to the dismay of the #Vatican, an approx. 1500-2000 year old bible was found in Turkey, in the Ethnography Museum of Ankara. Discovered and kept secret in the year 2000, the book contains the Gospel of Barnabas – a disciple of #Christ – which shows that Jesus was not crucified, nor was he the son of God, but a Prophet. The book also calls Apostle Paul “The Impostor”. The book also claims that Jesus ascended to heaven alive , and that Judas Iscariot was crucified in his place. Arc- Then the Acts of Thomas, allegedly a brother or twin of Jesus was sold into slavery and sent to India as #Issa.

note: nowhere does it every say in any text that Barnabas was a disciple of #Christ but according to the centuries late Gospel of Barnabas

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Annunaki = Anubus ( 3,100 BC Egypt, contemporary) = supreme God ( similar to GOD/Allah etc. this comes from Sumerian, mysterious people who lived alongside the old babylonian , akkaddian peoples, ANU the supreme god that came down to earth. Anubus = Dog ( God) headed LORD of the last Judgement, in iconography new kingdom. the same as the Jesus Christ or GOD of the Hebrews ascription. The Vedas do not go further back than 3,100 BC, their Krishna origins. They do claim however, that millions of years ago, we existed. that is all good and well, but we have no historical evidence ( Earth corrosion or hidden in parts of our oceans) to our past. Anu ( Nephlehem, old Hebrew) = will evolve to Bethlehem is our collective world DNA. Hindi and Asians go to south Asia and then on up to the yellow regions of north east China. The term linguistics is contested in that all of these sources cannot predate 3,100 civilization or history (e.g. the written word). anubus ruled out of ogudad ( in middle modern day Egypt on the nile) or the city of the four ( later 8) winds. Over 1000 years prior to the building of the Great Pyramid, circa 2626 BC. The Vedas have not been recorded yet. Anu = Vish(nu). the supreme God that comes in human form sometimes to planet earth. in my opinion.

Assembling the Order of the New Christian Bible

Arc Michael
not at the council of #Nicaea 325 but two hundred years later at north Africa, these religion experts will /had followed the 'recs' from Nicaea, for the modern Christian part ( not addressing Hebrew) . Idea, authoritative to the closet date to the resurrection . so the first four gospels are the first written. the 13 Pauline letters come next and revelations about the same time. that is about it. All other texts are post these periods.


Crucifixion Eclipse The Large Gizāh  Pyramid : Nostradamus’ Birthdate at Central Axis of Giza Pyramid :

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By Michael Johnathan McDonald


Genisis: Days of Creation:

The Bible's Explanation of Scientific Evolution of Earth, did you miss it, it is in front of you.

Genesis: The Creation Story, In Scientific Explanatory Relevance to Modern Science. (6 Jan 2010).

reign of Hammurabi (1792–1750 bc) Atheist favors rich abuse of weak in society. Laws that support the rich. Academia clalims triamph of humans to suppress the poor.


This law enslaves the Hebrews because Egyptians are copying these abuse the weak human laws.  


This creates a back lash and a bottom up movement and to run away, to escape, using science to know the future and use it against the Egyptian Dynasty suppressors.


This becomes a part of the Books attributed to Moses. The Hebrews copy the Epic of Gilgamesh or repackage it to say, this was the big change. They also form a different law system in hopes to build rival empires to Akkadian and New Babylonian, and Egyptian.


Laws of Hebrews ( Post Exodus 1440s - B.C.  – B.C. -29 A.D.)  Laws that favor men, but are a little more equitable and fair, more like Common to much later laws of England. But no where perfect.


Yehoshua ( Jesus Greek) laws not followed ( 29 A.D. 0 current).

"Do under others as you would have them do unto you."


Today Government are a form of Neo Babylonian Constitution to support the élite and rich. The world is being destroyed by these racist haters of humans and the Universe.


Score Card:

Running God's Laws ( time zero %) the world has not tried yet.

Running Athiest Laws ( c. 3100 B.C. history - current) Wars are never ending, conflict, hatred, greed, jelously, and chaos.



The Restored New Testament has 30 books, instead of 27.


Christian Bible

Canonical Gospels


Creation Prologue to Yohanan (Creation Prologue to John)


Markos  ( Mark)

Mattityahu ( Matthew)

Loukas ( Luke)

Yohanan ( John)


Gnostic Gospels


Toma  ( Thomas [Coptic ], 114 sayings of Jesus [ 60-140 A.C.E.] )

Miryam of Magdala ( Mary of Magdala

Yehuda ( Judas)


Letters of Shaul/Saul/Paul


Romans ( Romans)

Korinthians alpha (1 Corinthians)

Korinthians beta (2 Corinthians)

Galatians ( Galations)

Thessalonikians alpha ( 1 Thessalonians)

Filemon (Philemon)

Filippians ( Philippians)

Paul in Greek ( Пαΰλσς; Paulos), Hebrew ( שאףל shaul). Paul was born in Tarsos as Shaul.

Letters Attributed to Shaul/Saul/Paul



Efesians ( Ephesians)

Kolossians (Colossians)

Thessalonikians beta ( 2 Thessalonians)

Three late Pastoral Letters Attributed to Shaul/Saul/Paul



Timotheos alpha (1 Timothy)

Timotheos beta (2 Timothy)

Titos (Titus, who led the Roman military against Hebrews)


General Letters


Yaakov (James [ brother of Jesus])



The Shimonian Letters


Shimon Kefa alpha  (1 Simon Peter)

Shimon Kefa beta (2 Simon Peter)



The Johannine Letters


Yohanan alpha (1 John)

Yohanan beta (2 John)

Yohanan gamma (3 John)



An Apocalyptic Letter


Yehudim or Jews ( Hebrews)


Activities of the Messengers ( Acts of the Apostles)




Apocalypse or Revelation

by Yohanan of Patmos or Efesos (Apocalypse or Revelation by John of Patmos or Ephesos)

Jesus is from Greek Іησοΰς (Iesous), from the Hebrew  גשףצ (yeshua), from the Hebrew יחןשצ (yeshoshua).




Gamma: Jesus Crucifixion Eclipse

(16 November 2011: (7:12 a..m. Studio City, CA.).

Israel, Judea: The Bethlehem Star :  24 March 2012, Sun + Uranus.


Hebrew Bible:

Creation, Genisis Chapters, Explain the Solar System Creation.

Book of Malachi; Prophecy of the Popes

The Little Scroll : 2012 May 20, 4:47 p.m.


The Documentary Hypothesis (DH) proposes that the first five books of the Old Testament (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, known collectively as the Torah or Pentateuch), represent a combination of documents from four originally independent sources. According to the influential version of the hypothesis formulated by Julius Wellhausen (1844 - 1918) these sources and the approximate dates of their composition were:

*                      the J, or Jahwist, source; written c. 950 BC in the southern kingdom of Judah. (The name Yahweh begins with a J in Wellhausen's native German.)

*                      the E, or Elohist, source; written c. 850 BC in the northern kingdom of Israel.

*                      the D, or Deuteronomist, source; written c. 621 BC in Jerusalem during a period of religious reform.

*                      the P, or Priestly, source; written c. 450 BC by Aaronid priests.

The editor who combined the sources into the final Pentateuch is known as R, for Redactor, and might have been Ezra.1.


1. The Documentary Hypothesis, in "Wikipedia," accessed 04042008, ; Internet.


Richard Elliot Freidman (UCSD) wrote “ Who Wrote the Bible ( New York, New York: Summit Books, 1987), pp. 299. He proposes that Books of ‘J’ were produced by a single narrative by someone writing either from the eight to tenth centuries BCE. He uses historical persons who wrote secretly on the Bible and when a public option for producing such investigation remained implausible. His search focused on commentary of historical persons well before Julius Wellhausen.


Language Expressions.

Christianity (God), as Monotheistic

Western Paganism (gods), as pluralistic.

(GOD) Aramaic: Alaha (Jesus used)

Islam: Al (The) and Ilah (God), meaning ‘The God’.

Two Arabic expressions together form Allah.

(GODS) Elohim, Hebrew Bible, pl. (Pluralistic)

(GOD) Eloha , Hebrew Bible) (Monotheistic)

The Book of Revelation, New Testament ( his God, her God, their God, differentiated mono/plural theism)







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