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Apokálypsis; "lifting of the veil" or "revelation"

a © Archangel Michael: 09  December   2011,  4:54 p.m.,  Studio City  CA, Los Angeles  County.

Topic: Calendar Maya

Maya Could Never Have Seen the Center of the Milky Way!

 (update 20 Nov. 2012): A little History on what is called the Dark Rift.


The "dark rift" in the Milky Way is, which was known to
the ancient Maya as xibalba be (the Road to the Underworld). The split at Cygnus' constellation and the end stars of modern Taurus is the anti-Dark rift, from the perspective of the winter solstice and from the Summer Solstice, xiabalba splits Orion because it lay at the anti or one sectional end of the Dark Rift. The science is that massive clouds of carbon and other space shoot block out the intense light form the center of the galactic plan, where most Milky Way stars reside, due to the original force of the vortex. Each galaxy has its own dark rift. When galaxies are formed a vortex spews out matter that becomes stars, eventually pushing away all matter so it cannot swallow any longer, and then it its attraction power ends, and it becomes a spinning powerless vortex that then hosts a galaxy.

click to enlarge photo galaxy forming

This was formally known as a quasar, but now we know it as a galaxy in formation. A quasar then is just the early part of the formation of a galaxy.

This was just a theory put forth some 25 years ago.

Galaxy Forming: Rolling cauldrons of gases some 36,000 degrees of Fahrenheit.

NGC 6302: ( photo Hubble above) This is a galaxy forming from a massive vortex at the center, and the two butterfly wings protruding from the center are jets spinning the excess matter being sucked into the center of the vortex. After this long process has ended, the disk flatten outs, just like our main bodies of our solar system, forming a plane of such, and these planes are scalar formed, just as in maths, and the larger one is the galaxy plan, and this is where the Mayan Dark Rift resides, because of the massive carbon buildup of matter ejecting and star formations.

The Carina Nebula is also a massive forming galaxy.

as the vortex pushes out the matter seen as gets, to the formally known cosmos phenomena called a quasar, this pushes the hot cauldron of gasses into a semi elliptical ( very faint) orbit around the slowing vortex that will go to sleep, leaving some of those carbon gases amassing around the galactic plan. This is then described by the proto Mayan as the Dark Rift.

Dark Rift defines the Great Ages or Worlds.

The dark rift was more visible in less light pollution, and it formed a very stable calendar position of the Sun. Periodically, some 5,000 + some hundreds of years,  The Sun ()  aligns ( )  to one of the four cross sections of the galactic plane (), either parallel or counter parallel or at right angles. These are then placed on a time schedule called Great Ages, known as ‘Worlds’ according to the different world religions – which is a misnomer because most humans have been reincarnating in different ethnicities and religions so much of these conceptual formations of knowledge were conducted by the same souls in multiple reincarnations.

Some ideas contend that a Great Age is when the Sun passes all for quadrants, and this would be deemed a complete circuit of the precessional system.

for more see IRIS NASA.


Flores, Guatemala, 2011 Galactic Alignment

Sgr A* Alignment with Sun by Visual Arc, Sidereal occurs for 2011 on 16th of December, Gregorian Cal. 09  December   2011,  4:54 p.m.,  Studio City  CA, Los Angeles  County.

Flores, Guatemala, 16 December 2011, 5:22(3) p.m., Sun  SgrA* difference is 24’05” making this a true alignment. Sun at 5:22 = 24 SAG 38’57”, AC= 23 GEM 56’39”, Sgr A* = 01° 01’ and approaching. Therefore the difference is 24’05” and the mean diameter of the Sun is thusly ’30, so this is a true Sun to Galactic Center alignment. This implies using the horizon as an angle. If the alignment is just to the Sun then when the Sun’s right ascension ( α) is at 27 SAG 41’47” then the Galactic Center is about 19 minuets and approaching. However, for a projected elliptical degree alignment, this needs to happen when the α = 270° or by tropical astrology notation 00 CAP 00’ 00”. ( this data added 09 Dec. 2011).

Tortuguero The Source of the 2012 Date:

update: Dec. 2011, a claim that a second reference has been found.


Geoff Stary ( author of Beyond 2012) who studied the meaning of the year of 2012 since 1982 provides valuable information onto a topic I do not hear discussed on late night radio programs. He wrote an article which appears at Graham Hancock’s website wining the March 2010 Author of the Month, related the rare symbols to which the world based the date of 2012 upon. He writes, “Before 2006, many anthropologists, archaeologists and other Maya scholars stated that there was nothing in the Maya inscriptions about the end of the current 5,125-year era of the Long Count calendar.”[1]


It should be noted that when Spanish Imperialist Hernán Cortés de Monroy y Pizarro ( Medellín, Spain, 1485 –d. 2 December 1547) invaded the Mayan lands killing native Americans he burnt much of their codices ( their archival histories). Think of it as the accidental fire that burnt down the massive Library at Alexandria’s repository ( not the actual library building itself, but often great libraries have off-site storage facilities as a repository, and apparently about 40,000 scrolls were lost at a repository near the shipping docks at the port of Alexandria, Egypt;  when some of Caesar’s soldiers set a fire to ward off Ptolemy XIII’s forces) , which lost many of our collective ancient books. What Cortez’s writers described, it later was concluded that the Maya living during the Spanish Imperialism and murder/slave campaigns on Americas these natives were using the Short Calendar, and had been in use by them for sometime.


So these persons asked to which archeological site or of the four remaining copies of ancient Maya codices remain what tells us that the long count ( which would pertain to the processional phases as the short count is focuses on dividing up what westerners perceive as centuries) cannot be found anywhere?


A site later named “Tortuguero was discovered in 1915,” but it was no earlier than 1978 and then later in 1980 that the first published papers described the inscriptions there. These papers were in German, published by Dr. Berthold Riese, and remained nearly anonymous until Sven Gronemeyer’s 2004 Thesis which was also in German. Then in 2006 an updated version and translated into English appeared in Sven Gronemeyer, The Maya Site of Tortuguero, Tabasco, Mexico: Its history and Inscriptions, in “Acta Mesoamericana” vol. 17, Verlag Anto Saurwein, Markt Schwabe, Germany, 2006).[2] A cemetery factory was built upon many sites Tortuguero in 1981.[3] However some of the artifacts remained visible. The pertinent artifact is the Tortuguero Box – a well preserved carved wooden box inscribed with glyphs that describe, amongst other things, the burial of the Tortugueor ruler, Bahlam Ajaw ( Lord Jaguar). Monument 6 is broken into seven parts, four of which are in the Villahermosa museum, not far from the Tortuguero site. Another part is in the Metropolitan Museum of New York, and two other fragments are thought to be in the hands of a private collector. The monument was originally a T-shaped stela, and one of the wings –the left one that starts the narrative –is missing. It is the other wing – the final part of the narrative –that refers to the end of the thirteenth baktun.”[4] Gronemeyer takes a guess that this monument was set up in “669 AD to commemorate a building known as a pibnaah that was built around 160 years earlier in 510 AD. A pibnaah,” Stray writes, “ is often translated as a steam bath or sweathouse and this is how Gronemeyer has translated it.” [5] The T-shaped stela alerted its patrons of the steam bath to whom the architect artist was, Ahkal K’uk, and that this monument was completed “ [...] 2 days, 9 Uinals, 3 Tuns, 8 Katuns and 3 Baktuns before the 13th Baktun is completed on 4 Ahau  3 Kankin. Then it will happen –darkness, and Bolon - Yokete will descend to the (destroyed section)...[6] So out of all the Maya architecture and artifacts all over the world and in middle Ameirca(s) this is the only reference to 2012. It is amazing how a cultural wide phenomena was produced by a single rare steamhouse stela. “Bolon Yokte is the God of Nine Strides ( or the God of Numerous Strides, since Bolon, which means ‘nine’ is often used as ‘many’).”[7]


What is more interesting than the only world reference to 2012 is that the number ‘nine’ is a part of the sexigesmal system of Mesopotamia ( used until late period Babylonian times, and in fact the most common dividing system of the many realms of all religions. What all these religions seem to concur with the symbol of ‘nine,’ heavens, domains, compartments, realms, places, stages, initiations, etc.... dividing into that all the figures for representing the processional ages and times in all accounts of varied religions of the world pertain to ‘nine.’ Stray does a decent job to name the major religious and provide a short synopsis of their reasons and meanings behind the nine –levels. Most mystics or shamans intend that only under certain rituals can these ‘levels’ be perceived.


added  11 th December 2012:  Dark Rifts are dust and debrit which block out star-light and are common around the universe. However, a mysterious thing has occured. One Dark Rift (TYC 8241 2652 ) just disappeared:

take a look!

A WISE link. news brief.

Dark Rifts in Mayan cosmology, the experts intend, relate to bad things, times of change, and times of change bring challenges. But what happens when a Dark Rift disappears? Then how do astrologers read these things?


Below are post to front page for end of Nov. and Dec. 2012

Galactic Center to Galactic Plane To Solar Disk: ± 26 years to the mean around 1998 A.D. or early 1999 A.D.

Western Horizon: Galactic Center alignment for North Hollywood (twelve hours after Universal Time 00.43 ( 13th December, the edge of the Solar Disk begins Transit)

Sidereal & Visual (true)  Galactic Center alignment for Mayan (Guatemala, 16 December 2012, 5:22(±3 minuets) p.m.) monuments.

Ecliptical Verticle Winter Solstice Galactic Center alignment for Mayan (Guatemala, Winter Solstice 2226 A.D. (±10 years) monuments. Ancient to Modern Astrology, projection from the ecliptic.

Winter Solstice & Precessional Positions to Galactic Center

Winter Solstice Sun

J2000: 18h00m00s

α = λ

α 270.000000

δ = ε

λ 270.000000

β 0.00000

PA: East of North  = 0.00000

Epsilon -23° 26′

WS 2012: 18h00m00s

λ 270.000000

α 270.000000


1.1.  2012: Epsilon -23° 26′ 09.4586″

2012 Winter Solstice (WS)

Sun λ 270.000000

Sun α 270.000000

Galactic Center λ 266.83....

No Winter Solstice Galactic Center Alignment for the year of our Lord 2012 A.D.


Dark Rift

2012 The Proto-Maya Speak About a Dark Rift

Burbank, CA,  23 November 2012: The Proto Maya Speak About a Dark Rift in the Heavenly Sky. This Dark Rift consists of gravitational locked dust and debris –  [...] M 104 Virgo.

Maya Could Never Have Seen the Center of the Milky Way

( 20 Nov. 2012, Burbank, C.A., 1:48 p.m.): How did the proto – Maya see the Galactic Center when it was impossible to see without an aid of Inferred technology? (Bookoflife: The Maya Calendar )

You should not be worried about the World Ending, yet everyone should be worried about Worlds’ without End.  – Archangel Michael 12.12.12. (The twelfth of December 2012).

Galactic Plane & Winter Solstice(s) AMUC - 1 ( updated 12.13.2012:440 PST. Sun/Galactic Center/Western Horizon in alignment ( 33% of solar disk at this moment and  forward transits to the Galactic Center center during the next twelve hours).

Solar/Galactic Alignments to north, east, west, south, Are Happening daily all across the Earth

IC Vertical Alignment to local anti-culmination:

Mo., 17 December 2012

in North Hollywood, California, United States of America

Galactic Alignment PED anti-culmination at 11:49:24 p.m. 118w23, 34n10

Time 11:49:24 p.m. this is Pacific Standard Time.

Univ.Time 7:49:24 (18 Dec.)

Sid. Time 5:45:12

Jul.Day 2456279.826747 TDT, ΔT 67.0 sec


Geocentric: 118w23, 34n10

IC 26° SAG 36'15"; IC δ 23°23'33" S (anti Zenith)

Solar Disk  λ 26°SAG 48' 9"; δ  23°23'50" S

Gal. Center, SgrA* 27° SAG  1'51"; β 5°36'34"

( difference to anti culmination at North Hollywood, CA? It is 19 minuets of arc and approaching – the solar disk diameter is about 30 minuets of arc or about 1 /3 in into its transit with a remaining 2 /3 to finalize this chapter of Earth’s history of some type of galactic alignment.  


Solar/Galactic Alignments to north, east, west, south, Are Happening daily all across the Earth. They begin about the 13 th of December at the 40°-30° climes ( latitudes north of the equator) and continue onto the 19 th of December). There are no alignments for the 21 st of December – none visually, or ecliptically. Even NASA on their ‘2012 No End of the World’ media relations page, over two years these NASA teams could not figure out how to calculate the Galactic Center, the Winter Solstice, and a seemly easy conjunction. They do not seem to know how to do this, which remains bizarre. Or maybe, many of these NASA persons have published books claiming that indeed the Galactic Alignment will take place on 21 st of December 2012 and they feel ashamed because they cannot perform basic functions on astronomical calculations. But you may ask, how then do they send rovers to Mars, send up satellites, and telescopes and be successful if they are so terrible at Math. This is because they use two astrologers, J. Kepler and Sir Isaac Newton, both whom made it easy for them to understand gravity and plug in the numbers to fly around our solar system. Astrology is banned at NASA and at U.S. academia and government institutions but they all plagiarize two of the world’s most important Early Modern Astronomer/Astrologers to construct their own modernity.

Illegal U.S. President, B. Hussein Obama has stopped NASA funding for research and forced them to outreach to the Muslim communities across the world. So NASA teams have little time for astronomy and math – so this is why they cannot warn you because they have been dumbed down and forced to worship Muhammad the Prophet of Islam and rebuke Jesus Christ, as the agent of the Devil.

Vertical, anti culmination, Galactic Center Alignment to Sun happens for Los Angeles 11:00 PST - 12:00 (00:00 a.m. 17 December 2012 -- Universal Time, 18 December 2012.

[1] Stray, Geoff, The Tortuguero Prophecy Unravelled [English spelling?] (( Graham Hancock, Forum, Essay contributions, p.1; accessed 19 October 2010), available from http:/ Internet

[2] Sven Gronemeyer’s Tortuguero thesis part 1 & 2: ; &

[3] Ibid., Stray,  The Tortuguero Prophecy Unravelled.

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[5] Ibid., Stray, The Tortuguero Prophecy Unravelled, p. 4.

[6] Translation by Stray of Gronemeyer’s text in reference to the inscriptions of monument 6 of Tortuguero.

[7] Ibid., Stray, The Tortuguero Prophecy Unravelled, p. 4.







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