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Apokálypsis; "lifting of the veil" or "revelation"

a © Archangel Michael:

15 October  2011,  PDT, 12: 51 a.m., Burbank, CA, Los Angeles  County.

Topic: Calendar Maya & Gizah Pyramid


  1. 12 August 3114 B.C.E., Maya Long Calendar Count PAGEREF _Toc306688571 \h 3

  2. Creation Proposal of the Mayans. PAGEREF _Toc306688572 \h 4

  3. Newton’s He Goat PAGEREF _Toc306688573 \h 5

  4. Ascending Passage Sidereal Equation PAGEREF _Toc306688574 \h 6

  5. Light squared is 3,459,600,000 miles per hour PAGEREF _Toc306688575 \h 7

  6. What is the Universe’s Actual Light Constant for the Precession of the Equinoxes? PAGEREF _Toc306688576 \h 7

  7. Mayan Calendar Precessional Correction PAGEREF _Toc306688577 \h 8

  8. Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity and Corrections to the Mayan Calendar Long Count PAGEREF _Toc306688578 \h 9

  9. The Moon was aligned to the Galactic Center during the Mayan Creation Date long-count calendar PAGEREF _Toc306688579 \h 10

  10. Aldebaran & Mayan Calendar Signature. PAGEREF _Toc306688580 \h 11

  11. The Mayan Astronomical Calendar Astrological Chart PAGEREF _Toc306688581 \h 11

  12. 2012 ↔ 3114 B.C.E Mayan Astrological Calendar PAGEREF _Toc306688582 \h 12

  13. Gizāh Pyramid aligned to the Mayan Calendar PAGEREF _Toc306688583 \h 13

  14. Mayan Seminal Moments PAGEREF _Toc306688584 \h 14

  15. Mayan Classical Periods Conclusion. PAGEREF _Toc306688585 \h 14

  16. Teotihuacán Founding PAGEREF _Toc306688586 \h 15

  17. An Unknown Event destroys Teotihuacán, along with the Empires it supported  PAGEREF _Toc306688587 \h 16

  18. Gizāh Calendar to Mayan Calendar PAGEREF _Toc306688588 \h 16


  • Kin = 1 Day.
  • Uinal = 20 kin = 20 days.
  • Tun = 18 uinal = 360 days.
  • Katun = 20 tun = 360 uinal = 7,200 days.
  • Baktun = 20 katun = 400 tun = 7,200 uinal = 144,000 days.

The conversion is toward the sexigesmial system based on base 60 ⇔ but the Mayan break it down into 3rds.

scaled 20,20,20 = 60.

2012 The Proto-Maya Speak About a Dark Rift

Burbank, CA,  23 November 2012: The Proto Maya Speak About a Dark Rift in the Heavenly Sky. This Dark Rift consists of gravitational locked dust and debris – like Saturn’s rings , these particles uncirculated centers of galaxies which have massive vortexes (black hole), and these vortices  act like liquid drains, the water circles the drain, spinning faster as it space moves toward the center, and the dust and debits, mainly carbon left over from solar system birthing pains, circulate in like manner, but in stellar measures.  Telescopic Photos ( optical to ultraviolet) of galaxies with their galactic planes in a relative alignment to our perspective from Earth, we can see a Dark Rift encircling these galaxies, such as M 104 Virgo., 23 November 2012 ( Miley Cyrus' Birthday, 'happy birthday'): Mars begins passage of Dark Rift ( 16 th November. 2012) as Hamas et al target Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and boarder towns with rockets, for the first time in since the 1960s. The natal modern Israeli chart consists with Mars conjoined to Regulus (alpha leonis), progressed to events with Saturn in a loose conjunction over Regulus (Israel's ruling planet is Saturn) as Mars culminates in a Biblical Astreological system, as discoursed in the Torah. Mars exited the Dark Rift as a cease-fire resumed (21st November 2012); the United States gives $2,000,000,0000 ( two billion dollars in free aid to the Egyptian government to employ their staff) and had threatened to withdrawal the financial support in exchange for a temporary cease fire .

Here is a photo representation of what Dark Rifts look like. On the other hand, these Hamas weapons are smuggled through north-east tunnels from Egypt. All locations have been known for years, but the United Nations prefers the destruction of the Jewish people. This is why they do not destroy these smuggle (rockets) tunnels.  

Maya Could Never Have Seen the Center of the Milky Way

( 20 Nov. 2012, Burbank, C.A., 1:48 p.m.): How did the proto – Maya see the Galactic Center when it was impossible to see without an aid of Inferred technology? The Galactic Center is masked by dark dust and debris which made it impossible for even the most powerful telescopes to peer into the center of the Galaxy. Eric Becklam, Astrophysics, U.C.L.A., and a team of young graduate astronomers headed to Mount Wilson ( Southern Cal, where I reside) 24 inch telescope and hooked up a military inferred detector for the first time to peer toward the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. This date was in August of 1966, the year I was born, and to the astronomer's team astonishment, it worked. For the first time in modern history humans had found the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. From here, atmospheric resolutionist Andrea Ghez, U.C.L.A., also joined the team to clear up Earth-Atmospheric disturbances – in order to track ‘star-speeds’ at the center of the Milky Way. The new technology allowed stars to be tracked for 30 + years, and results shown and accepted by most of the world’s community of space junkies that a massive black hole ( I call it a vortex) lay at the center with 3,000,000 the mass of our own Sun. This massive vortex then had to consist of so much weight/mass that it warped space-time ( Einstein’s universe according to him) and this concluded why the stars stay in orbit even at 50,000 + light years on all sides of the vortex. How, then, would have these proto-Mayan peered into the center of the Milky Way galaxy without the aid of modern technology? It is impossible to see without the aid the inferred technology, thus the 2012 End Date of the Mayan calendar was solely made up out of thin-air. But were the Mayan wrong in naming this section of the night sky, the Dark Rift meaningless? No. Here is why.

Proto- Mayans called something a dark rift.

Now enter advanced judicial modern astrology. Israel has Mars over Regulus ( the modern day state chart), the most prestigious positions for military dominance ( note Napoleon had this progressed during his victorious military campaigns) . Using the Biblical Method, Torah, this position has a near culmination for 2012-‘13. Now fast forward to last week, when Israel first started its response to rockets fired on Tel Aviv, and the subsequent quite-down. Mars entered the Dark Rift as Israel’s first day of military response against Hamas, and its Muslim brotherhood supporters – these rockets comes from Iran, smuggled from a south-eastern Gaza border from tunnels from Egypt, the large ones shipped in pieces and reassembled and shot randomly for five – years to kill innocent Israelis mainly at the boarder towns. The U.S. supportive United Nations views keep these events out of the news.  So when Mars in real time begins its traversement of the Dark Rift and the other astreological signatures appear, war breaks-out. When combining Ptolemy’s equatorial direction system with applications of the Biblical Method, Saturn lay over Regulus in the seventh domain, and in a loose but relative conjunction to the western horizon.  Hebrews are ruled by Saturn, and its equatorial/progression over the progressed M.C. alpha leonis star indicates something significant.



15 October  2011,  PDT, 12: 51 a.m., Burbank, CA, Los Angeles  County.


Izabul, Guatemala 89w08,15n24 , 21 December 2099 A.C.E.

6:22:30 a.m., local time, AC: 0° 56’36”, Sun: 0° 56’47”, AC ↔ Sgr A* =1° 05’, separating. AC δ =23° 25’31.5”, Sun δ =23° 25’30.5”; U.T. 12:22:30, S.T. 12:31:32, Jupiter approaches Chronocrator, signature Spica relative, Virgo Sidereal.

Sgr A* Celestial Equator Long: 28SAG14’36”, Lat: 5° 37’14” Jet Propulsion Laboratory Precessional model PO3.

Galactic Center at 8 minuets and 24 seconds from ascendant arc; Galactic Center at 8 minuets and 13 seconds from Sun, Winter Solstice 2099 A.C.E.  (1 Dec. 2011). so no alignment.


Flores, Guatemala, 2011 Galactic Alignment

Sgr A* Alignment with Sun by Visual Arc, Sidereal occurs for 2011 on 16th of December, Gregorian Cal.

Flores, Guatemala, 16 December 2011, 5:22(3) p.m., Sun  SgrA* difference is 24’05” making this a true alignment. Sun at 5:22 = 24 SAG 38’57”, AC= 23 GEM 56’39”, Sgr A* = 01° 01’ and approaching. Therefore the difference is 24’05” and the mean diameter of the Sun is thusly ’30, so this is a true Sun to Galactic Center alignment. This implies using the horizon as an angle. If the alignment is just to the Sun then when the Sun’s right ascension ( α) is at 27 SAG 41’47” then the Galactic Center is about 19 minuets and approaching. However, for a projected elliptical degree alignment, this needs to happen when the α = 270° or by tropical astrology notation 00 CAP 00’ 00”. ( this data added 09 Dec. 2011).

Advanced Mayan Calendar Astronomical Coordination ( 14 Oct. 2011). 


Mayan Calendar begins in the year of -3114 B.C.E. ( Gregorian Calendar; -3115 B.C.E. astronomical calendar, 'assumed'). Since we use Sidereal Coordinates we will use the Vernal Equinox ( most ancient systems use this in Judicial Astrological methodologies). We will later tie in to these progression and direction systems to the astronomical coordination to the large pyramid of Giza. The Mayan calendar is claimed to have its beginnings on 27 July ( and 12 August), but this seems to me to be a smudge for the Summer Solstice, adjusted from the old-style calendar count. However, I will include an 12th of August chart for everyone.


There are no such things as perfect cycles, but we seek in sidereal methodologies to seek out ‘relative’ patterns associated not only to hard science of particles and material but unknown forces that drive humans to action or non-action. Science is perfectly capable of defining reality solely in a material form, quite well – but has continuously failed at predicting the slightest human actional causes in all time – periods of history. For example, Pluto is over the Sagittarian star Polis at Bethlehem in 29 A.C.E. but it was also over Polis during the 2000s and continues to separate but well within a ten degree aspect by 2011. For all intensive purposes Biblical and Nostradamus astrology never use a single body in the heavens to gauge actions for a future, the majority of astrologers are at these levels – quite elementary but more advanced than the Atheist. For example, Botein, Aries is a star of importance in the Mayan chorology, and for example in 2023 Uranus is conjunct to Botein. As well, the large pyramid at Giza has the star llambda (λ) aquarii, Ekkhysis as an angular star, and in 2023 Saturn conjuncts this star. So we try to figure out what these things all mean.


A Heliocentric perspective for 12 August -3114 B.C.E.  provides Mars in Praesepe, a very powerful aspect, geared to conflicts within oneself to serving others and taking what rightfully belongs to a person. Saturn is over Spica, a powerful staying characteristic, Mao Tse-tung had this natal aspect which allowed him to continue to mass murder at will and remain in power. The Moon, Earth and Pluto and Uranus are all parallel, and to a lesser extent Jupiter. From a visual perspective Jupiter is a relative night culmination point in the sky, which may have led to the meaning behind the calendar’s commencement – as it is the third brightest object in the night sky.


When we use the Vernal equinox for -3114 B.C.E. and or the 12 August 3114 B.C.E. the progression vary little, besides the Moon’s position. The sidereal coordinates are stable. Therefore much of this interpretation uses the vernal equinox, rather than some arbitrary date. For those who believe in precise things associated to the calendar, there remains no web or text discourse on precision interpretation according to the calendar of the Mayan long-count. Only this paper peers into these characteristics. For an example, a difference of very little importance is progressing this calendar to Hernán Cortez’ s exploration of the Yucatán lands with both dates. For 12 August, Denobola is on the ascendant, a key signature for Mayan priests to consider. If using the Vernal equinox chart, beta persi is on the ascendant. ( don't worry the U.S.A. 5:00 p.m. 1776,Philadelphia ( greg. cal.) , astreological chart has al gol on the descendant, so not bid deal).  Saturn has a paran to the Sun in the 12th of August chart, while the lunar node has a paran to the Sun and relative conjunction of Venus in the vernal chart. Both powerful signatures of change as these parans apply to the western horizon.


12 August 3114 B.C.E., Maya Long Calendar Count


The Creation of the World, according to the Mayan Calendar is the 12 of August of the year of 3114 B.C.E., equivalent to the old style Christian Calendar or the new style, but this remains suspect.  This date is not far removed from the 16 th to 17 th century guesses of the Creation of the World, according to the Jewish Bible.  There is little to know evidence that European western ideas influenced the Mayan Creation long count calendar time period. It is another one of those coincidences.


I will still use Flores, Guatemala for this analysis. The Maya had many capital cities and not one of them could be what we would consider to be ground zero. 


The Helical Setting star is Scheat (+0). This is a violent star and shows up in many accomplished musicians, intellects ( for Example Einstein) and thus shows brilliance after some type of struggle.  The Sun rises as Scheat sets with 0° 01’ of arc. Mars rises as beta persi culminates with 0° 02’ of arc. This is an important star, it has a P.E.D. opposition to Mars in Mao Tse-tung’s natal astrological chart. The Moon culminates as Denebola rises, and this star is also on the angles for this years vernal astrological chart. Therefore, this is an important position, presumably. Mercury and Saturn both rise together with 29’ of arc.  This conjunction therefore allows for a certain mastery of the intellect, precision is facilitated by such an aspect. The Moon culminates as the Zosma sets, the signature ascendant star for the foundation astrological chart for the Teotihuacán city. This shares an interpretation of a communal and charity characteristic. Therefore this theme colors the overall theme of the city. Saturn culminates as Pollux sets, thus a literary star associated to a long standing memory with a solid foundation with Mercury included. 


The only naked eye spectacle for this date is that Jupiter is near approaching the local Zenith arc at Guatemala, and Jupiter has a mean-revolution according to J. Kepler of 4332 days and 37 minuets. According to modern conversion (365.2424 days for a tropical solar year) Jupiter revolution is 11.8606164 years. Its mean diurnal motion is 4 minuets, 59 seconds and 8 thirds.


Creation Proposal of the Mayans.


Some -3114 + 2012 = 5126 years and this figure divided into 26,000 year period for an approximate precessional cycle we will have 5.072181038 or five times.

  • The mathematical calculation is thusly, y +10√643  = 5,120y.

  • Or by fractional notation: y + 10.012 √643  = 5,126.144y

  • A Pentagon division for a single precessional cycle therefore implies 5126.144 ∙ 5 = 25,630.72.

Yet, we do not know if the precessional rate is an even 26,000 years. Today’s mean value of 71.4° per 100 (360°) solar years of precessinal shift which indicates that 25,704 solar years can be divided by four to give us a suggested tropical seasonal intersection by this mean value.

Let ‘y’ indicate solar-tropical years; so therefore 25,704y ∕ 4 = 6,426y. If we double this and apply the Summer Solstice Galactic Center alignment, backtracking from 2012 A.C.E. we arrive at 12,852 B.C.E. which aligns to new modern data that a comet storm appeared to wipe-out much life in the Northern hemisphere, more specifically in North America. Yet, this was arrived by a very old 360 day solar-year, which usually meant an addition of some five days at the end of the contemporary calendar year.


In Nostradamus’ open letter to Henri II, King of France, he gives a time-figure up until Jesus’ Christ’s birth as the year of 4173 and 8 months [the 8th month is August in Old Style calendar) . If we take Beijing, China and the signature of Sagittarius A* (Milky Way black-hole) and apply this to our modern calendar for 2226 A.C.E. Gregorian, Christian Cal., we arrive at 6,399 or 27 years less for a 71.4° per 100 solar years of precessinal shift into fourths for our four tropical seasonal points of the year, Vernal, Autumnal equinoxes, Summer and Winter solstices.



25,704y ∕ Jupiter’s mean revolution we get 2167.172357. In many text books we see this figure of 2160 thrown around a lot, most notably because persons believe it is some Aeonic or some type of Greek division of the twelve signs of the zodiac correlated to a precessional cycle of  26,000 years (actually it is some 25,920 years) and divided into twelve parts which describes some type of change. However, in dealing with the two equinoxes and two extremes there are only four Galactic Center points that appear plausible.  


Sir. Isaac Newton and others of this European period used 1260, 1290, 1335 and 2300 years for the "day-for-a-year principle", adopted by the head professors at Padua University for our Modern Progression System. Newton did not set a date for the end of time, and in the twentieth century it was made public some of his private notes which mentioned 2060 A.D., a figure he arrived toward the end of his life, to be a new beginning, and sometime between 2132 – 2374 A.C.E. Erath shall rest from its wicked ways of perpetual competition. This time-line then applies to actually when the Galactic Center alignment will take place at the Winter Solstice for 2226 A.C.E., Beijing, China. Nostradamus date for one of his poems is geared for 2066 A.C.E., and a reference to himself. This figure is found by applying what he wrote, that is to say 500 years after his death date of 1566.


The 3200 years system has a precessional rate of 27,600y which is four hundred years earlier to the Biblical 7,000 four sections of the tropical season signatures of a precessional rate of an equal 28,000 years. Due to polar-shifts, magnetic fluctuations, and stellar bodies we have no way to remember for our historical period we may not have had an even precessional rate over long periods of time.


Were the Maya incorrect about the position of the Galactic Center? The Dark Rift has some degree-discrepancy the alignments can be some 100s of years-off. But if we want to be programmatic, light-space-time bends and it has been suggested by a competitor to Steven Hawking that we live in a hologram of a large black-hole ourselves – so what we see is actually being affected by large and powerful but hardly felt or seen forces twisting our reality to what is time and space.


Newton’s He Goat


To peer into Newton’s thinking, according to Stephen D. Snobelen’s documentary and interview in 2003, Newtown wrote “The 2300 prophetick days did not commence before the rise of the little horn of the He Goat (7.3o, folio 8r., Yahuda MS 7.3 (Jewish National and University Library, Jerusalem)).[1]  What we find is that Newton is working in sidereal astrology, which is a good thing. Because of Ram horns mentioned many times in the Bible(s), Newton gave weight to the Goat (Capricorn constellation and a key star for analysis into his thinking. Much of Newton’s purpose was to identify the prophetic ramblings of Micah 4:3 and other Micah passages. These are messages of hope, peace, and non-world wars, if we believe or have faith in the future of mankind.


Ascending Passage Sidereal Equation


So let us look at a sidereal perspective. The large pyramid at Giza has an ascending passage about 26 degrees. It is said that this passage 26° 18’ 10” aligns to something. However, if we propose an alternative signature, we do the sidereal calculation: 26° ∕ 366° (a sidereal year!) we arrive at 0.071038251. If we multiply this figure by a millennium or 1,000 tropical-solar years we arrive at a near sidereal precession of 71.038° per 100y or 71° 01’ 04” a century of precession. This is rather close to the portion of 71.4 years which is to say our modern ‘estimation’ of precession per century. If we use 365.2424...,  we arrive at 71.185601° or 26° 10’ 48”. This suggests to use for buildings such as pyramids or astronomical buildings were performed by sidereal coordinates. We may assume the Maya were also collaborating by sidereal methodologies. The trick is to figure out what is their signature. For Newton it is the little horn on the He Goat. Many for the large pyramid at Giza, mainly the British pyramidologists, this signature become Alcyone or these Pleiades’. When the Mayan Long-Count Calendar commences at Sun-Rise, if we assume 12 August -3114 B.C.E. Old Style, jul. cal., 5:34:05 a.m. local time, modern Flores, Guatemala, 89w53, 16n56, U.T. 11:33:37, Sidereal Time 1:14:36, Rigel, Orion is the M.C. star and their are no western zodiac stars present in regards to the culmination point as the Sun rises. As the Sun rises, the Galactic Center has already passed the Guatemalan zenith-arc, progressing some +10 degrees, so we remain perplex about aligning the calendar to 2012 A.C.E. with the natal chart of the long-count Mayan calendar. Again, the only bright visible planet in the night sky for this creation of the world, Mayan Calendar long-count is Jupiter which is not paranned to the Sun by a 180° opposition, but about 6 degrees preceding opposition. However, because of our failure to correct J.J. Scaliger’s calendar during 12 th of August, Julian Calendar ( named after him) the tropical location of the Sun is at 23 CAN 58’30” or about 6 degrees toward zero Leo. Further, using the Old Style calendar the constellation of Tauri plays not part on the angles or to the luminaries nor planets if parallel.


Light squared is 3,459,600,000 miles per hour


Light squared in Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity changes from electromagnetism to matter or back again. If we divide this figure by a sidereal year E = MC² ∕ 366° we arrive at 94,524,590.16. Next we divide this by 90 degrees to get 2869°35’56” ( divide again or by 180 degrees we arrive at 31°53°3.96°; or divided by 270 degrees we arrive at 00° 21’15.38”; or divided by four right angles we arrive at 00° 00° 14.17”). Yet, we must divide between matter and spirit (unknown to material scientists, due to inadequate machines to peer into spiritual particles!).


What is the Universe’s Actual Light Constant for the Precession of the Equinoxes?


E = MC² ∕ 366°∕ 180° = 52,513.662. And, therefore, E = MC² ∕ 366°∕ 180°∕ 2 = 26,256.831. This value is of a little different than 71.4° ∙ 366° = 26,132.4.  Yet, 71.66° ∙ 366° = 26,227.56. But the near equivalent precession to the light constant ‘C” rate of 186,000 miles per second (Mps) would be 71.74° ∙ 366° = 26.256.84 years. E = MC² ∕ 366°∕ 180°∕ 2 ∕ 4 tropical points = 6,564.20775 years. This figure then converts to the calendar year of - 4,564.20775 (or -4565 astron. cal) B.C.E. as the last potential Galactic Center autumnal intersection to the Earth’s plane.  This provides the date of -13,128.4155 B.C.E. for the Summer Solstice Galactic Center period (±226 years.).


We next can covert this to our Beijing, China, actual galactic center alignment for the year of 2226 B.C.E. by adjusting for 226 years. Therefore, for Beijing the Winter Solstice Galactic Center intersection took place some 13,354.2076 years ago. Therefore, 4,677.1038 was the last tropical intersection Galactic Center alignment which took place about 4,677.1038 B.C.E., for Beijing, China. Nostradamus gives one creation date as 4173.8 B.C.E. years, presumably Old Style calendar. When converting to Beijing’s next Galactic Center alignment, for the Winter Solstice, this figure runs 6,399 years ( ∙ 4  = 25,596y. This then is about 432 years-off from a sidereal precession perspective or some 108 in four-intersections ( based upon 71.74° 1.4 Prec. per century).


Nostradamus’ creation date correlated to the Galactic Center alignment for the upcoming winter-solstice is 4173 + 2001 + 226[2] = 6,400.666..., astronomical calendar system employed. So 8² = 64, and multiply by 100 and we have 6,400.6666.... This is about 16² (256), or 6,400 ∕ 8 = 800 years. The year 800 AD was an important year in Isaac Newton’s prophetic assumptions, as he was concerned about the apostasy of the Church.  If you are confused about the .666 this is just eight additional months, noted by Nostradamus.


Stephen D. Snobelen  writes, “Newton twice gives 800 A.D. for the beginning of "the Pope's supremacy". The year 800 is a significant one in history, as it is the year Charlemagne was crowned emperor of Rome in the west by Pope Leo III at St. Peter's in Rome. Since Newton believed that the 1260 years corresponded to the duration of the corruption of the Church, he added 1260 to 800 A.D. and arrived at the date 2060 for the "fall of Babylon" or cessation of the apostate Church.” In 1977, around Pasadena, California, Chiron, an unusual pathic asteroid was discovered and given the identification number of asteroid 2060. Normally asteroids do not play a large role in traditional, tropical, astrology but this asteroid broke convention. If we assume Nostradamus, like so many others of his time were guessing at The Biblical Creation of the World period and we rather focus upon precessional rates, we have for his calculations 25,600 years. This is about 421.7 years-off the modern value calculated to 71.4 ∙ 365.2424 tropical years and only off by 104 years by a 360 parts-perspective (25,704y


Mayan Calendar Precessional Correction


If we take 71.74° Ppercentury and apply it to the Mayan Calendar Long-Count for 5126 years we arrive at 367,739.24. We then divide this by a tropical solar year of 365.2424 and we arrive at 1,006.836118. If we double this figure we arrive at 2013.672235. If we assume that the astronomical calendar is in play here we subtract on full integer of 1 and arrive at 2012.672235. This then would be 2012° 40’ 20” 02’’’ etc... or two ages of the long-count calendar. We may then assume these are astronomical cycles. So how many cycles in 360°? This is about 5.59075617 cycles or ages. If we assume a sidereal year of 366° we arrive at 5.499104432 cycles or ages. If we divide 2012° 40’ 20”  by pi (π) 3.141592654 we arrive at 640° 39’12.4” The Paran to the Angles and the Sun for 12 th of August -3114 B.C.E. Old Style, jul. cal. for the Mayan Calendar Long-Couunt has the Galactic Center displaced about 10 degrees. 640° 39’12.4” − 10° = 630° 39’12.4”. We can look at it like this. 640 − 360 = 280 and then we minus − 10° to arrive at 270 or three right angles. The integer of 270 for the astrological chart wheel is the mid-heaven or culmination point. For RA it is tropical Capricorn or which Saturn according to traditional astrology is the ruler.


Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity and Corrections to the Mayan Calendar Long Count



The integer of 270 appears to be myopic for scholars. But let use assume for instance Einstein’s energy to matter or backwards conversion ratio will apply to our calendar’s subject. Light squared (186,000² Mps) is about 3,459,600,000. Now let us convert this to a close approximate estimation of the Galactic Center intersections to planet Erath. 3,459,600,000 ∕90 ∕ 90 ∕ 90.   


[90°] 3,459,600,000 ∕ 90 = 38,440,000.

[180°] 3,459,600,000 ∕ 90 ∕ 90 = 427,111.1111

[270°] 3,459,600,000 ∕ 90 ∕ 90 ∕ 90  = 4,745.6790.


The Mayan Calendar distance is 5126 to which takes into an account 5. ages. of the world.


5.072181038 is based upon the Mayan 5126 distant for ages and the long assumed 26,000 integer for the precession of the equinoxes or precession of the solstices. If we use this long-time assumed number we arrive at 24,070.94286 years for a full precession. But using our Theory of Relativity century precession of 71.74° and multiply this next to our sidereal year of 366 days, we arrive at 26,256.84 years for a precession. Therefore 5126 ∙ 71.74° = 367,739.24. And divided by 1,000 provides us with 367° or one degree over a sidereal year.   Therefore we can assume that the Maya had their precessional calculations as 5 ∙ 5126 = 25,630y. Using Einstein’s Theory of Relativity against the Mayan Calendar Long-Count helps us to explain their belief in the sub-processional cycles which some how correlates to the incline of the large pyramid at Giza.


The Slope of large pyramid at Giza is 51.8555555 or 51 degrees 51 minuets and 19.8 seconds. When we applied one of Nostradamus’ mysteries creation dates and found it to be in accordance to 8² = 64 (discoursed above); so this is just a play on 51 ∙ π to the ten thousandths and a half of the cube of 8 and divided by 10. So 4² = 51 ∙ π to the ten thousandths: 160.2212253 ∕ 10 = 4² or 51 ∙ π ∕ 10. The Mayan distance of a sub-age divided by 100 is 51.26 and converting to degrees we have 51° 15’ 36” – which is not bad symmetry.


J. Kepler, an astrologer and expert mathematician showed the world that the speed accelerates and slows down due to the position of closest approach and furthest approach. This has a debate about precession. Some assume precession is actually 71.121 as a mean –value. When we apply this to the Mayan 5 sub ages, were arrive at 360.3707474°, that is to say 25,630y ∙ 71.121°. Therefore, 71.121° ∙ 5126y = 364,566.246 days of sidereal precession or tropically, some 998.1487527 years or 364,566.246 days in a near millennia.


If dividing by four we have 6,425.9999


The Moon was aligned to the Galactic Center during the Mayan Creation Date long-count calendar


If using the Old Style calendar and assigning 12 August 3115 B.C.E. astron. cal., -3114 B.C.E. Old Style Christian Calendar and using the Flores local time at noon and two minuets and 18 seconds, the Sun and Zaniah are in conjunction and the Moon is approaching Imad, Ophici. So the Moon has passed the Galactic Center but still is in an approximate location to it. There are no parans to Jupiter and the Galactic Center as well.


Aldebaran & Mayan Calendar Signature.


Aldebaran, Tauri, appears in the 1517 – 1519 A.C.E.[3]  (Spanish Explorers, Hernandez de Cordoba, and two years later Hernán Cortez) as the M.C. signature and -100 B.C.E.[4] The -100 B.C.E. chart was progressed by the Vernal Equinox point at the Sun’s culmination and not for 12 August. However, with this chart llambda (λ) aquarii, Ekkhysis, a The Giza large pyramid star is at anti-culmination and Antares is on the eastern horizon.  


Aldebaran is the Descendant signature. However, a discrepancy arises in calendar conversions. For the natal Mayan Long Count Calendar, Aldebaran relative conjunction at culmination at Flores for -3114 B.C.E. was derived using the Gregorian, Christian Calendar.


The Galactic Center is also not aligned to the foundational chart(s) in either calendar method, so there arises another question.



The Mayan Astronomical Calendar Astrological Chart.


When astrologers could not rely on a creation time for something, they often used one of the four tropical intersections, mainly the vernal and summer points.


I will use Flores, GAUT, which is at 89w53, 16n56, 12:05 p.m. at a local time, U.T. 18:04:32, S.T. 0:01:21. The Sun’s tropical position is 00 ARI 21’18” and the M.C. is at 00 ARI 22’ 12” (54 seconds of arc difference), Thursday, 21 March -3114 Gregorian Cal.


The Denobola ( Leo) is the paran star on the eastern horizon, also is the tail star of the constellation of Leo, and this aligns to the tail star of Aquarius which is on the western horizon. Antares ( Neo-Babylonian nick-name, little-mars) is approaching the I.C., and progressing toward 14 October 2011, which is equivalent to the Padua secondary progression system (14 th -15 th cc., Italy) this system has its signature for  -3100, 3 April, B.C.E. the commencement of the civilization that would become known as the Maya. Antares is therefore on the I.C. and plays in significance in later interdimensional astrological charts. Otherwise the natal astrological chart has Scorpio cut in half, the sidereal domicile system Nostradamus would have used, based upon one of his surviving charts in the French National Archives. The constellation of Tarus cuts the M.C. in half, which at Flores, Guatemala means that Scorpio for this period in human constructed time, cuts the Scorpio constellation in half too at the anti-culmination point (I.C.).


Continuing with the I.C.  Yed Prior, Ophiuchi (Ophiuchus),  is close to the I.C. arc. The most important aspect here is the near Sun ( tropical 00 ARI 21’04”) and Mars (tropical 01 ARI 08’57”) conjunction with its location over Hyades ( Hellenistic Hell), tauri, star Ain, and the M.C. arc also has Capella. In Tropical astrological association, the natal heavens at Flores, Guatemala has a stellium in order as the Sun, Mars, Venus 08 ARI 58’24”, Mercury 12 ARI 26’ 08”r, all forming a trine to Saturn at 06 LEO 17’ 55”r, sidereal constellation of Virgo, approx. 50%. In New Astrology, that is to say the incorporation of modern astronomical bodies, such as Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, among some of them.  Jupiter 28 CAP 09’39”, Uranus 23 CAP 30’ 26”, Pluto 23 CAP 10’10” all form a relative conjunction (±10°). Sidereally this relative conjunction intersects Pisces about the 50% and also forms an arc toward the frontal stars of Cetus.  Neptune is at 11 SCO 55’09”r and cuts about 8/10th portion of the constellation of Sagittarius. The mean lunar node is about 05 TAU 27’25”. And for those who follow Lilith, it is at 02 SAG 18’31” in the constellation of Capricorn. The Moon, although insignificant is at 12 GEM 26’08”r.


2012 ↔ 3114 B.C.E Mayan Astrological Calendar



Now, using the Padua system (most popular system today as it was in the 16th century, Europe, nearly replaced primary directions) we progress the natal Mayan Calendar to 21 December 2012 (not the winter solstice but a relative point, the most claimed date in the media)  and this chart has the Galactic Center approaching the I.C. or anti-culmination as the Sun culminates. The date used for this Padua system is 4 April -3100 ( date of the commencement of the civilization that would become known as the Mayan civilization!) , 12:05:25 U.T. Mars is near the ascendant at 17 CAN 11’48” and the AC is at 13 CAN 10’33”, with the Virgo Cluster, and Zavijava; The Sun is at 13 ARI  03’10”, the star Bogardus is close to the M.C. arc; Uranus at 18 PIS 43’39” and is over Alcyone, These Pleiades’. Remember we are working with a 31st century B.C. heaven in this progression system. Venus is at 19 PIS 17’32” ( constellation tauri), Mercury is at 21 PIS 20’15” ( constellation tauri), and Jupiter is at 01 ARI 00’ 12”r ( constellation tauri), Neptune is over Deneb Algedi, Capricornus – tropically at 13 SAG 05’ 00”r. The Sun is approaching al- Hecka, tauri. Markab is the eastern horizon star, paranned by the Sun in culmination. The Moon at 05 AQU 36’38” is in relative conjunction to Pluto at 08 AQU 12’03”. Saturn is at 25 CAP 13’52”.


The key signatures are Sun parnned to Mars, pranned to the Galactic Center for 21 December 2012. Sceptrum also makes a M.C. arc conjunction, and the arc of the Sun goes through the central shaft of the bow of Orion.


Gizāh Pyramid aligned to the Mayan Calendar


We will precess the Padua progression system from the creation year of the Mayan long-count calendar at 3114 B.C.E. ( greg. cal.) to the date of the Vernal Equinox at Giza, Egypt for the year of -2144 ( jul. cal.) 21 March to understand if indeed the Mayan are a part of the human experience if the large pyramid is indeed a prognosticatory complex. The date therefore is 15 November -3112 greg. cal., 16:45:53 U.T. and Sheatan, a head star of Aries is on the eastern horizon as we as Miran with an arc to the ascendant; Heze, Vrigo is on the western horison, and the P.E.D. is Spica, Virgo, and Diadem forms also a decendant arc, and Praesepe is on the I.C. So the Sun has a paran to Praesepe, and a paran to the beginning stars of Aries, indicating a completion of something to a starting of something. The P.E.D. of Venus is in a relative conjunction to the Galactic Center. Mars is over the frontal stars of Scorpio, its tropical position is at 17 VIR 29’35” and in a relative harmonic to Venus’ tropicality at 17 LIB 35’32”. Saturn is at 15 VIR 04’18” and in a trine to Pluto and Uranus and in a sextile to Neptune. This gives an influence to the world of a warrior culture, and is opposed to the mean node at 14 PIS 05’35”. The Sun is in relative conjunction to Bos, Capricornus.


When the Sun rises the Gorgon Tertia lower culminates with 05’ ( five minuets) of arc and is separating. Altair culminates with the Sun with 14’ of arc and approaching. Jupiter is in tauri, already passed Hyades and is trined to the Sun, and is sextile to the Pluto and Uranus relative conjunction.



Mayan Seminal Moments


Now we will take various important dates of the Mayan civilization and use our progressions to seek chronologies of Heaven’s imports.

Mayan Classical Periods Conclusion.

About 899 A.C.E. Tikal is abandoned, and by the 900s A.C.E. this is the period claimed to be the finalizing of the classical ages. Here, in this progression form the commencement of the Mayan Calendar, Venus is in a near conjunction to the alpha Pleiades’ star Alcyone which is preceeding the Sun which is over Hyadum II, Hyades. Jupiter is very close to llambda (λ) aquarii, Ekkhysis, a star of prominence to the natal chart for the large pyramid at Giza.   The date for this chart is 16  March -3101

 greg. 18:16:31. Although the progression was used in Julian Old style calendar time which makes the Sun about 4° from the Vernal Equinox position. The only thing this will effect is the Moon’s position which I have concluded is non-specific with these long calculations, and only the angles are really affected. What is interesting, althouhg, is that the last stars of Leo are a part of the Mayan Calendar commencement of   -3114 B.C.E. and here at 988 A.C.E. the Sun parans close to the last stars of Leo at the horizon. While we see this as not a cycle, we see this as a astreological chronology.


Like Aristotelian Astrology, Mars is in its correct place, in the constellation of Aries toward the front (near Hamal, the alpha star), and this implies an ending to which a new beginning will eventually commence. Its tropical location is at 25 AQU 16’52”.


Teotihuacán Founding


Teotihuacán is said to be founded about 100 B.C.E., so we should see some key signatures to the Mayan Calendar astrological chart. This progression using the Old Style calendar to 21 March -100 B.C.E., has a date of 21 June -3106 greg.; cal., 17:48:44 U.T. The first thing we notice is that Hydes is on the eastern horizon, so there is a connection to the founding calendar, very precise. Next, the M.C. constellation is leo, with the star Zosma associated to the Sun, thus making  Teotihuacán a idea – city for charity to the people, implying an advanced form of social engendering. On the horizon is Antares, and llambda (λ) aquarii, Ekkhysis is close to the I.C. linking it to the large pyramid at Giza – a key signature. So we are slowly linking the MesoAmericans to the Giza temple (large pyramid) by original precess of the Mayan calendar to the suggested scored line to Alcyone and the Vernal Equinox to the Mayan seminal moments in history.


1519 Spanish Imperialism and the Mayan Prophecy


A tradition that the Mayan had a prophecy that they would be conquered by or in the year of 1519 allows us to see if they knew what they were actually doing, doing it correctly. So let’s progress our Mayan Calendar astrological chart to this date and see if the key astrological signatures are there for all to wonder. We progress this to 21 March 1519 ( Old Style) which has a date of 26 November -3102 greg. cal., 18:35:35. The first thing we note is that the lunar node is on the eastern horizon at Flores, Guatemala. Next we see that the Sun 07 SAG 55’ 46” is in a relative conjunction to Venus 06 SAG 30’01”. Next we see that Botein, the final star of Aries is on the eastern horizon, so the Aristotelian astrology is working perfectly. Ras Elase, the frontal stars of Leo are approaching lower culmination, a key constellation at the culmination point for the commencement of Teotihuacán, although at this time, the capital is at Mayapan [?sp].


The Sun’s relative conjunction to Venus is important as the Maya placed weight upon this body, as opposed to a lesser importance to Mars. Yet, the key-signature here are the Gorgons as the arc of the ascendant. Gorgona T, bete persi, Algol, abd Gorgona Q are all in paran to Botein, Aries on the arc of the eastern horizon, all the while the lunar node is on the western horizon. This makes all of these signatures as a paranic compendium of prognosticatory excellence.  When I discourse on the mysterious event that saw about 500,000 Mayan disappear – a large number of people for this period of Earth’s history –  the Sun is progressed into Praesepe, cancri.


An Unknown Event destroys Teotihuacán, along with the Empires it supported


The year of 600 A.C.E. the astrological progression shows that the Sun is conjunct to Praesepe, and Saturn is in a relative conjunction to Neptune at the lower-culmination point. there are about 500,000 people reported as missing in this event. The next Mayan Calendar Sun conjunction to Preasepe takes place about 2068-’70 A.C.E. In tropical locality, The Sun forms a T-Square to Uranus the handle, and to the Neptune and Saturn relative conjunction – and Uranus forms a trine ( actionary) to Mars which is over Zavijava, a key Calendar star. The lunar node is approaching Spiculum, Sagittarius.  The Sun with Praesepe is the key signature here. The cluster of Praesepe is in cancri ( Cancer) and it is on the ascendant with its last connection to it in 1952 when Pacal’s tomb was reportedly found. It is reported that Sacrifice is taking place about 500 A.C.E. at Tikal, and Mars is over Pollux, a literary star at that time. Venus is in Hyades and Praesepe is close to the ascendant. Gorge W. Bush has Praesepe rising and he was a part of the Games of Slaughter with the Democrats who voted for the funding of Iraq War II (late winter 2003 and ongoing). most scholars see human sacrifice as a pagan or barbarian system, but the Mayan were sacrificing their enemies’, and also taking them to Xichuwa, a volcano that they believed was an entrance to hell. If the Mayan were appeasing the gods, it is claimed, the Washington D.C. rulers of the U.S.A. were appeasing their own appetites of carnage – to appease the Democratic Party neo-conservatives (yes, they are neo-conservatives) because they do not vote to drill for Oil on U.S.A. lands or territory, but like to use up others’ first and killing is a necessity to get the job done.



Gizāh Calendar to Mayan Calendar


So lets have a recap, shall we? At the Giza pyramid natal chart, precessed to the Maya Calendar astrological Chart we have the head stars of Aries on the eastern horizon. Then in 1519, when the prophecy claimed that the Maya would have its End-Times, the last of the stars of Aries are on the horizon. Altair a key Mayan Calendar star is on the Ascendant for the 2012 Solar Return Chart, as both the Sun 00 ARI21’04” and Uranus 00 ARI 31’46” ( date 21 March 2011, 1:49:50 a.m.) at just past the Zero Aries point. Hecatebol, Sagittarius is on the eastern horizon arc as well. More importantly, the lunar node is conjunct to the Galactic Center.



Dresden Codex Last Page of Chapter 2

Last page of chapter 2, not of the book!;  the  reconstructed Dresden Codex, original document, with faded color

Winston Churchill’s terrorist campaigns against German civilians (he states in letters to important people, telling him he is using terrorist tactics to rile-up of the German people to oust these NAZIs) destroyed valuable pages of the proto-Maya codex. The top part of the last page has text missing and no one could read it with certainty. ( this document was partially destroyed in the historical terrorist campaign of World War II, called in literature, “the Bombing of Dresden.”).  

( this section was released at the true western horizon Solar/Galactic Alignment of 2012, 4:43.23  PST December 13, at Burbank, CA. U.S.A.)

Dresden Codex, Last Page of chapter 2 Shows Jupiter's Current astronomical position as the Galactic Alginement takes place on the western horizon (13 th December 2012) with the ante-Dark Rift positon correctly represented with its companion star. I watched Jupiter for four months in the night sky and watched its position from late fall posit in the Eye of Thoth, and in the last few weeks turn retrograde to move backwards upward but towards alpha taurii, al debaran -- and this is where the final being on the last page of chapter 2, the Dreseden Codex peers toward with intense concentration. 

Dresden Codex Last Page of Chapter 2

Solar Galactic Plane Alignment, Burbank/North Hollywood, CA. 2012

Oh! NO!

Ancient to traditional heliacal rising star: Antares (9 days earlier).

Ancient to traditional heliacal setting star: Algol (12 days earlier).

 New Moon over 13 th Constellation, most Rare!


Ophiuchus ( Serpent Bearer)

Mundane New Moon: over Imad ophiuchii (a very rare ecliptical intersection) Los Angeles, December 12th , 2012.(12.12.’12.). At Washington D.C. at the point of New Moon conjunction to arc minuets, Saturn approaches the eastern horizon blocking the Serpent Bearer to control the serpent.

North Hollywood: 2012 Galactic Alignment


Sun to El Nath (LCul-Cul, 0°18', curtailed passage)


Dresden Codex, Proto Maya Astronomical Calendar and Observation text, last page analysis.


The final being, painted in black ( has white feet!) peers toward the constellation of Taurus, represented by its basic outline of the major stars in the constellation. The being appears to look strait toward the cluster  stars at the Turian center called by Hellens,, Hyades ( associated to hell or the underworld) . The seashell, represented in white (original document before restoration but after its partial destruction by British areal bombers,  as presented on this website shows the position of Jupiter as it has appeared for the last few months ( in the eye of thoth position, e.g. between the last stars of al hecka and el nath and toward the alpha star, al debaran, which is clearly shown on the Taurian constellation of the Dresden codex.

Jupiter in the last few weeks has turned retrograde and appears above and next to al debaran – which is almost the exact position depicted in the last page of the Dresden codex.

The water symbolism on the left side of the art work represents the Dark Rift. Why do we know this? Because its end, or ante-dark rift section begins at el Nath, correctly positioned next to the Taurus constellation.

During the North Hollywood true Galactic Alignment for 2012, el Nath culminated as the Sun lower culminated, indicating the location of the astronomical even joined a paran to the galactic alignment and is represented on the last page of the Dresden Codex.   

The stick held by the white hand of the dark painted being appears to off-set the Dark Rift ( mayanologist insist this is water as represented in a global flood?) by some 26 or so degrees. This is the correct off-set to the Milky Way galactic plane.



[1] Stephen D. Snobelen (February 2003, the Daily Telegraph (London, England), March 2003; reported interview, updated May 2003 and June 2003  accessed 2009, docum. Snobelen & Malcolm Neaum, the producer of the BBC 2 documentary Newton: the dark heretic (first shown on 1 March 2003).),available form ; Internet. “These calculations are written on a letter-slip addressed to "Sir Isaac Newton", and thus dating from after 1705, when Newton was knighted.”

[2] This is equivalent to the year for 2226 A.C.E. greg. cal., based upon the perspective at Beijing, China, my calculations, although there are some minuets of arc off the actual alignment –using Sagittarius A*, not a star but an invisible black-hole.

[3] Wed. 12 August 3115 Astron. cal., -3114 B.C.E. Old Style cal., 12:02:18, U.T. 18:01:50, S.T. 07:43:52, Flores, Guat., 89w53,16n56, progression for 21 Aug. 1519, jul., Date, 19 April -3101 jul. 20:55:52 U.T.

[4] natal Thurs. 21 March 3115 Astron. cal., -3114 B.C.E., 12:00 p.m., local time, U.T. 17:59:32, S.T. 23:56:20, progression to -100 B.C. jul., date 21 June -3106 greg. 17:48:44 U.T.







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