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X.LXXII. Michel Nostredame

(France National Archives, pub. Benoist Riguad, c. 1568.)

L’an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,

Du ciel viendra un grand Roy deffraieur

Resusciter le grand Roy d’Angolmois.

Avant apres Mars regner par bon heur.




In order to completely interpret this poem, one must meet some certain criteria. (1) There are two individuals identified in the poem by rank and by local. And (2), there is a time-stamp which demonstrates to the reader what date to look for these two individuals. That would be the 11th of September for the modern calendar date for the year of 1999, in my opinion. (3) There is the context to which these individuals developed a relationship as well as to a context of the overall poem. One individual plays a role to which affects the other is well understood. And lastly (4), the overall complexity of the poem must be elucidated by historical circumstances and adherent to historicy (repetition), fulfill a lucid concept of predestination, demonstrate uniqueness – as nothing can repeat exactly, and demonstrate competency for understanding Nostradamus and his time. Simplistic explanations do not work.


An edition of Theophilvs de Garencières' 1672 English translation of Les Propheties, located in The P.I. Nixon Medical History Library of The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, intends the meaning of this quatrain is “eaſie.”[1] Garencières says, “He that is called here king of Angouleſme was Francis the I, as gallant a Prince as ever France had, who before he was king went by the title of Duke of Angouleſme, the reſt is eaſie.” [2] He does not elaborate and uses a 1611 edition which had spelt the term issued in 1568 as Angolmois to a more adopted version of Roy d’Angoulmois, replacing the contemporary spelling as Angouleſme. In addition, if he copied the type setting correctly, Angoulmois was italicized, meaning some type of correction from whatever master sheet the printers were working from because it is not italicized in the 1605 editions or to the previous editions.


In fact, some early editions vary considerably. For example, Roy Dangolmois (catalogue, R084 Gregario) appears in a 1568 edition.


François I was not often called the Duke of Angouleſme, and this spelling is repeated by Nostradamus meaning he knew how to spell Angouleſme as Angouleſme (X. XVII). Only a fourteenth century map has the county-term as Angolmois, and was later displaced during the sixteenth century on the contemporary maps back to it correct spelling of Angoulême.[3] Angouleſme replaced the English revision spelling (c. 1340 A.C.E.)  which had seen its English overlords anglicize the new conquered domain, during the English- French war period(s). This is because various English conquests took over territories of France during this period. When France won it back they changed it back, but English still believe they own the world, and keeping their namesakes across the world satisfies their delusions of importance.  François I was never called Roy d’Angolmois, ever! So if Nostradamus was using the correct spelling of Angouleſme, as he did in other sections of his work, why change it? With a time-stamp of 1999, the contemporary kings of France would never take notice of this as a threat to their current leadership, so Nostradamus was in not in harms way from reproducing the exact spelling used contemporarily. Never the less in Nostradamus historiography, various Francophiles, or Europhiles, took pride in such a famous quatrain pointing to traditional lands of heritage. For example, British Nostradamian Peter Lemesurier adopted Theophilvs de Garencières’ views, and proclaimed some later interpretations, different form his previous, to the King of France as the agent of line three.


However, in the twentieth century, kingship had dwindled in western civilization so a re-adoption to a wider-meaning took precedence with some English American interpreters that had widen Nostradamus influence of his poems to inhabit the entire world, instead of mainly France as Nostradamus had claimed his field of focus lay.  Because of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s allowance of European prophets for propaganda purposes, this led to many Americans intending that Nostradamus repeatedly mentions their modernity as well as the worlds! In a footnote or side-note to Henry C. Roberts, the first American English translation since Garencières attempt, did not agree and hinted that Asia may be a hidden meaning in the vague term in line three. Many interpretations began to skew toward this wider and larger world-context and claim the ‘bringing back of an Asian dominance to the world stage.’ When Roberts was writing his side-note in the 1950s, China was a back-ward country; living like people lived in the dark-ages, with squatting toilets, and wheel barrels as commodity transports. By the 1990s, various Nostradamian authors saw China making leaps and bounds with a surprising 10%- 12% economic growth and decided this was indeed a possible candidate for a major theme of the poem.


This traditional Europhile camp and the new American camp split and as the year of 1999 approached the Angouleſme subject dropped and line two became weighted in importance.


By the summer of 1998, I had identified two world leaders, Bill Clinton and Jiang Zemin  as the two Rois (Roys, i.e. leaders of a state) of the poem; the complete context had already worked itself out. There were three Federal Investigations, not reported by the leftwing media (as they are solely communist in America and will cover for every mistake of a Democratic party-member), volumes of circumstantial evidence, and an empirical conclusion to what Robert’s has suggested in the 1950s as a side note.


From 1525 – 1535 France paid Spain a monumental ransom to free first François I and later his two sons, bankrupting the country – so much so there were no more French silver coins left in the country and France had to ask the people to send in their foreign coinage as part of new tax-levies. Carlos I (Charles V) was known to spend elaborately on his military projects and this was communicated as fulfilling the prophecy of the contemporary word ‘defray’.  The term defray in contemporary utterances issued a complex duality of competing agents. Therefore,  as players, someone as an agent issues money for some type of returned privilege from another agent. Francis Bacon used the term of issuing his complaint toward the Church officials currying a financial favor with lay government in turn for access to lay (secular) laws or lay policy making.


In the poem there is no concept of ransom, no concept of capture, no concept of resuscitation between the two acting agents as Garencières defined it – ‘to raise again.’  It is a myth that Carlos I issued the orders for a resuscitation of an ill François I. This French King had a history of stress related illnesses, where he nearly died seven times and recovered on his own accord. The medical diagnosis by French interested parties finally confirmed cure of a needed rest and a needed relaxation. While in Jail in Portugal, François I was not cured by a physician from Carlos, because he had already understood how to cure himself, which history tells that he did just that.


Another way the word ‘resuscitation’ was promulgated was a ‘restoring to the French thrown, their captive king.’ If illness did not fit the description with Carlos I unable to do anything via the proper diagnosis, then ‘restoring’ the king to his throne could fit the interpretation instead. Roberts had redefined it as ‘to bring back to life.’ Therefore the concept of ‘resurrection’ in the Biblical sense became a novelty and tying the two things together, such as an illness and the agreed huge ransom corresponded to a single idea, breaking its meaning into two parts. Lemesurier, except for this case, does not allow Nostradamians to make such lurid and complex double entendres out of Nostradamus work. It becomes, then, convoluted. However, Lemesurier used the two parts as one meaning, the recovery from an illness, while Carlos’s captive and the agreement of the ransom and some change of hands of lands for freedom.


The rest of the poem only has some issues pertaining to dates and to an observation of the king of line two reigning happily, luckily, fortunately or prosperously. Carlos seemed always to be lucky, so that fits the description. He was immensely prosperous, until later in his life as his army’s demands for higher wages soured his happiness.  However, he was bogged down and unhappy later in his life because he had the mantle of the Counter Reformation solely in his own hands, quite a responsibility! He also had gout and was in constant pain and had to be carried wherever he went which really did not make the family or commissioned portraits – this comes to us from modern scholars who specialize in Spain’s early modern era.  And, finally,  his Empire was growing to such an extent it cause him mental stress – Spain was encircling the world at this time to dominate all places of the globe, later including China as sources now confirm, which would take a hold of Philip’s reign by forcing him to become a workaholic, managing the largest land-empire in history. Carlos saw the early results of managing an Empire, as Miguel Saavedera de Cervantes had alluded too under the reign of Philip II, in many sections of his masterpiece, Don Quixote of La Mancha.


Carlos’ reign may be seen as prosperous or lucky (he died why Nostradamus was alive), but it was neither fortunate nor happy. He was at times so unhappy he sent envoys to François I asking to meet-up for a duel, secretly hoping he could die a gentlemen and not have to suffer the constant Empire management. Carlos headed up the Counter Reformation with the never-ending Council of Trent which is a drama in-and-of-itself. Not being able to control his own military, it sacked Rome and became something very unfortunate for Carlos who wanted to be accepted as a part of the European family. As for Carlos being perhaps a ‘king of terror,’ this too can be concluded as true. Carlos owned the managed the world première military of the world during this time. Spain was hell-bent to conquer the world, at least until the money started to run out by massive military spending and soldiers demanding more wages.


The term defray does not mean ‘spendthrift,’ an oxymoron promulgated by Lemesurier. Whatever colloquial use it has in the United Kingdom, does not apply to scholarship, as it is a regional jingoism. Nor does the term mean simply, ‘to spend.’ Nor does it mean to be thrifty, a word popularized by the Scottish --- which means try not to spend too much, get the best bargain as we are poor and our jobs do not pay fancily. It also does not mean ‘to spend on a military.’ So ‘a great defraying leader’ or ‘a grand king defrayer,’ would attempt to sell the term as a simple militarist – a common word used all over Europe at that time and fashioned considerably by Niccolò Machiavelli.  While the book was frowned upon, eventually Indexed (which was a joke itself as Indexed books could be read regardless of someone crossing out the sections with a pen but still legible to read in whole!), every European leader had a copy by their bedside, so-to-speak.


Even when Nostradamus was alive people could probably understand that d’Angolmois could be Angouleſme, and therefore since the qualifier is a great king, a French king was mentioned by Nostradamus. Yet, this was to take the notion that history repeats, ‘exactly.’ Nostradamus never claimed history repeats exactly, but that it does in similar fashion. There is quite a difference. Take for example the often disputed expression, the ‘field was against Hister.’ Popular Nostradamus has a tradition to link this to the name of Adolph Hitler, who was born close to the river Danube ( Ister or Hister in Roman Times, spelt as Hilter (1557) in one edition during Nostradamus day). Or that many World War II battles were fought with someone’s field as ‘their troops or military were against the river boundaries’,’ fulfilling the prophecy. In reality, there have been many historical periods to which saw some of the greatest battles of history to where the battlefield was against The Hister. Roman historians account a great battle where the field was against the Hister. We have the thirteenth century where the Mongols met their end at the river Hister (Danube) battling the forces of Europe for control of the world. For Historian buffs, although the Mongols retreated to Mongolia to elect their new leader, there military were predisposed to warfare only out on the planes of the steppe, and it was the boundaries of the Danube where the dividing line to success and or too failure minded their leaders to halt advances at that time and take accounting to all that they had already conquered. Thus, they went south to get Baghdad, as a confirmation of inhospitable terrain, after their initial retreat to elect a new leader. At least three major instances of major battle periods in history have the concept of taking place where the greater battlefield was against the river Hister. Taking this concept to the extreme defines the Mongolian dominance of all the steppe area stretching back to their homelands and arguably, intermixed with some hilly and desert areas to the Pacific Ocean – as the greater part of the battlefield ending at Hister. Because Adolf Hitler was born by the river locality and many World War II battles took place next to this river, it became significant to link poems relating to this time period. However, anti-Semitic Nostradamus will proclaim Nostradamus does not mention Hitler because Hister is the name for the Danube, a river and a river is not a human being. However, Nostradamus does not say a river is a human being at all. They have some racial hatred issues to deal with or they are quite stupid animals.


History repeats itself, Nostradamus argued, but not exactly. The term ‘perpetual prophecies’ is wholly a different subject altogether and does not apply to specific slices of millennia time – it is a much broader concept of reality and goes past billions of years. The concept of repeatable battles and locals is evident in history, and you do not need to have that pointed out, but apparently Nostradamus is the only one doing so, we cannot conclude some rare physics and predestination concepts working on different levels of being. By 1605, Angolmois became Angoulmois,[4] a totally different ending of the word, which Garencières took as a French king, and others followed.



So the understanding of Angoulmois would therefore intend some sort of king of France in the year of 1999 being resurrected. Yet we do not speak about a resuscitation to a leader or ruler ship. We speak of a restoration of the kingship – government in a historical context; we do not speak of a resuscitation of a person. When Nostradamians spoke about resuscitating Genghis Khan it was implied and read that way as a concept-speak of a whole group of a civilization processes that would be resuscitated to its former glory. Genghis Khan and the Mongolian clans were but a small band of warriors and to rise in power they incorporated everyone and anyone who would join in their vision of Pax Mongolia.


Modernizing Late 20 th – Early 21 st Century King


Most, if not all, Nostradamians, allow the conversion of Roi ( king) to becomes today’s modern understanding of a leader of a state – be it a premier, a president or a dictator. Therefore, a French leader fits the understanding. Lemesurier framed the German, Italian and even the British leaders as correlations to the past and to the poem. This was auspicious, as Nostradamian Jean Geurnon even relied only on the French leader as evident of staying close to the historical comparison. It is rather strange that Lemesurier deflected to these other European ‘leaders’ and replaced them instead of using the Spanish and the French leader as a comparable match. Nevertheless, either Nostradamus was wrong or that European politics did fulfill a semblance of the poem.

Back to the American Self-Importance.


Sticking to my two leaders, nothing happened on July 1st of 1999.  There were talks with the Chinese Communist Officials, a remnant of Xiaoping’s request to restore the various Asian dynastic historical figures, of which Genghis Khan Complex was being planned. This became official, as the Chinese Communist Party leaders legalized it in 1999.


As I watched the wire ( news-wires), Newsmax, an early U.S. focused news webpage displayed an article by a prominent U.K. Newspaper online. It claimed a Chinese military figure proclaimed for the first time in modern history that China had achieved the ‘rare’ status of the modern age of a world ‘superpower.’ Chinese officials silenced this military figure, and till this day play-down that they are in a competition with the United States of America as the world’s foremost ‘super-power.’ The term superpower is a modern compacted word which has many levels of validity, and takes time to argue its merits. But its normative conclusion was something spectacular. It successfully fired-off an intercontinental ballistic missile form a jin-class submarine, capable of carrying multiple nuclear-weapon warheads, which makes it difficult to monitor and gives any country an arms-up, so to speak at the bargaining table. At this time, Jiang was parading all around the world buying influence for votes to be included into rare club called the World Trade Organization (W.T.O.). The W.T.O. is not just a global trading status with privileges for exchange bargaining and open access to new markets, but it restricts its members from legally dissenting of military secrecy. Unlike Iran, Iraq ( at that time) or North Korea, any member in the W.T.O. cannot have another member place it on an embargo-trade list or sanctions list. It cannot police another W.T.O. member from doing any type of commerce, including selling military equipment, technology, parts, or actually finished products to another country. In theory as well as practice the members are of equal status and global respect. Jiang was touring European and eventually the United States of America to win each leader’s vote to become a member in this exclusive club. The key to firing-off this high-technological missile sent a message as ‘you better let us in or there will be recriminations in the future.’


When I read this on the news-wires, and confirmed it, it did not fulfill the two king’s intimately as I had desired. I already knew Clinton was the grand defrayer by the ongoing three, mostly secret, Federal Investigations – which were the underlying cause of the impeachment trials of Bill Clinton, regardless of what the media promulgated. However, this date of 1st July 1999 did not add up to me. I had already concluded 1st July 1999 was not the same date as 1st July during Nostradamus’ day. Nor did I see the summer’s eclipse many believed to be the cross of animal symbols in the Book of Revelations by John of Patmos. So I waited for September of 1999, the viable liturgical and contemporary French system of calendrics during the time their leaders reported civil matters. After all, France was still very much a Catholic Country, the Council of Trent mainly dealt with the Netherlands and ( German Princes) in the holy Roman Empire, thus Carlos’ headaches from being the head of the effort. Before the eye damage, and seeking the sources in French at the California System Library, I had noticed that French leaders reported births prior to Easter as a year before and subsequently reported dates for birth as the following year after Easter. This led me to believe that Nostradamus may have did something unique and as being a part of the Renaissance began the conversion to 1st of January, a Roman Republic calendar standard which was not always preferred, in his dating of his almanchs. This meant that September 11th was close to the first month of the ‘sept mois’ or seventh month(s).


On that day two miraculous things happened. A report commissioned by Clinton at the end days of June was laid on his White House desk. This report was outlining all the world’s known terrorists and their various uncovered plots which included a picture of the World Trade Center and redacted passages about unique plans to use airplanes as bombs or missiles (we later became aware of this during the 9/11 Commission). Bill Clinton, after 11 September 2001, even commented upon seeing the report, and told the press, no-one would ever think they could pull off something like that.’ His comments were to excuse his nonchalant attitude to threats determined that airport security should have been increased dramatically, with all the terrorist-chatter during the summer of 2001.


The other more important incident that happened was that Jiang Zemin and Bill Clinton had a face-to-face, private and committee based meeting from 10 – 13 September 1999. In this sense the two leaders, corresponding to both date and rank had indeed fulfilled a time-stamp. The rest was easy. The three reports did prove that defrayment happened between Bill Clinton and Jiang Zemin ( including various Pentagon insiders such as Bill Gertz, who published a book in early 1999 explaining the very term of ‘defrayment’ of these two world leaders), and Clinton was a happy go-lucky guy who was long-ago named Teflon Don, because no criminal investigation ever stuck to him, and he reigned happily, prosperity, lucky and reign prior to that as the same – according to the last line of the poem. But there was no sixteenth-century word for Mongol, Lemesurier concludes, demanding a total debunking that Nostradamus even knew that Chinese had ever existed, which I think he later recanted because Nostradamus even writes a poem about them in another subject.


The work, Descripciones terrarum made its way to the south of France during by the fifteenth century; in this Latin script, Mongal, appears as written here.


The more famous Hystoria Tartarorum has the term Mongalis, spelt here as it appears in this Latin text. From Hystoria Tartarorum: “posita est terra Tartarorum ubi oriens iungitur aquiloni, habens contiguum mare oceanum aquilonis, et appellatur Moal quod de viris Mongalis.”[5] Mongalois = a near perfect anagram for Angolmois. Spelling used at this time can be found in historiographies such as  Ystoria Mongalorum, in “Intinera et relationes Fratrum Minorum saeculi XIII et XIV”, ed. A. van den Wyngaert, in: Sinica Franciscana, vol. 1. Romae 1929, Freibergs, Gunar, The Descripciones Terrarum: Its Date, Sources, Author and Purpose, unpublished material, 1999. Freibergs holds a Ph. D from Stanford University in Medieval Studies, and is fluent in Medieval Latin and German, and some dialects of Chinese. He taught at Valley College, Los Angeles, and I attended some of his classes. He lectures sometimes in China, and does investigative work outside the leftist promulgated doctrines, which allows him considerable freedom.


These varied Latin words on the identity of the regions of the Asian invaders from Mongolia were European investigations into the origins of who these invaders form the east were and what did they want – and there were known to many of the prophetic sources, allegedly Lemesurier claims Nostradamus ‘plundered.’ It is not until François I’s period that France began to promote French as the first-language, and for everyone to learn other languages besides Latin, such as Greek, Hebrew and Chaldean.  Pierre d’Alley, a confirmed Nostradamus source, speaks of these Mongalis as a part of Isaiah’s warning to Christians of the gog and of the magog forces warned from a few Biblical references. Lemesueier has long claimed that Nostradamus plundered many ‘Latin’ sources, meaning books that were published only in the Latin language. Perhaps others had commented on this observation and he took it to heart without verification. Nostradamus’ Latin correspondence appears not to be in his hand, possibly recopied from papers that were about to fall apart due to deterioration. This would imply he may not have known Latin, at least fluently. This still does not mean that French people were ignorant of the world around them which so many scholastic books prior to the 1990s had inferred. Many scholars when absences of evidence proclaim in the affirmative something they cannot prove as impossible. It is a frequent problem in today’s scholarship, which seemed to peer its ugly head from the decade onward form the 1960s.


If this is the case, than Mongalis as an anagram comes to be Angolm[o]is and changes the poem to reflect a modern significance. In fact, the First Council of Lyon 1245  (anyone who knows Nostradamus, knows of the importance of the city of Lyon in Nostradamus’ life) was mainly based upon the Mongolian threat.  It was attended by figures all over Europe, it was a pressing issue, and some corresponding texts to the issue of the Mongols have leaders of this movement advocating for the French king to ally with Mongolian armies to overrun and defeat the Islamic forces, as a second-wave of Crusades. In fact, the Latin word Mongalis was known in Paris, Prague, Italy, England and Netherlands and possibly brought to Ireland by the 13th century.


It was highly doubtful in this pedigree of European Christian importance that Nostradamus would be ignorant of the world. Some anti-Semitic Nostradamus intends Nostradamus was in fact stupid. However, this view reflects more of their intolerance of other types of persons rather than fact.  France had already discovered New York when Nostradamus was in his teen-years, and Henri II was colonizing modern Rio de Janeiro.  I remember Lemesurier telling a group that Nostradamus even did not know of the New World. However, that is another issue and deals with some scary propaganda, because everyone at that time in Europe were all aware of the New World. Carlos I created the best military that terrorized Europe by plundering South and Middle American gold and silver. The Lyonese merchants had pride in funding the two Italian brothers who discovered the coast of Newfoundland and New York harbor for François I. This is a part of the historical record, many prime – sources kept by Columbia University in New York today, as a part of French pride. A movement in the 1990s saw Henry Hudson name be erased from coffee table books about the history of New York and replace it with the Roi d’ Angouleſme, as was the dedication by these two explorers who were funded and given permission by François I. Today, the historical record reads, France founded New York, they were the first.


Many want to believe that because Nosrtadamus dated this quatrain he had meant it to mean something more important that contemporary politics of Europe – something that happens day-after-day. Placing the rise in China into the historical context for me is qualified, Even when Mao Tse-tung died in the 1970s, China was still mostly operating in the medieval age genre of civilization. Clinton during his Summit with the Pacific Asian Leaders 10- 13th September 1999 gave his reassurance that the U.S. Legislative body would vote to have China going the exclusive company of the W.T.O. members, and this proved true by legislative passage by the U.S. in November 1999, the coincident was not without precedence.


The concept of what Lemesurier calls ‘horoscopy,’ this page does not go into any detail of an astronomical/tropical astrological match for the events of 1525 and 1999, and these claims are not in dispute. What is in dispute is that Nostradamus was not an astrologer, per say, as his arch enemy Laurent Videl proved by chastising his clumsy methods, and for the mere fact that Nostradamus attempted to learn astrology only after he had finished publication of Les Propheties. These proofs come by a way of the rediscovery of his correspondence and scholastic enquiry. Finally, Nostradamus claimed to use astrology but denied being an astrologer, simply calling himself a simple ‘star-lover.’


The facts point mainly to the French King scenario, as this was the first and most promulgated interpretation, as Garencières claims it is François I, the rest is easy. Yet the coincidence of the rise of China to become perhaps the 21st century leader of the world is empirically obvious. They have 95% of the rare mineral deposits to which all the world’s high-tech gadgets are made, they have already passed technological developments by 2009 – 2010 as the news tech-people continuously report, and they have massive nuclear weapons fields, one is 175 miles long – ready to contend any threat to their world dominance.


When I speak about these three U.S. Federal investigations, they all investigated the surrounding evidence that Bill Clinton and U.S.A. high-tech companies defrayed nuclear-weapon technology to China for campaign contributions to Clinton’s two elections, mainly his reelection. The first opening up of state trade business with China was Tyson Foods, which was based in Arkansas, when Bill Clinton was a minor political figure but a successful governor of that state. The complexities of the term defray demonstrates that we gave China what they wanted in return for a sell-out ‘of money.' As I stated before, Bacon used to the term for Church officials selling out the spiritual integrity of the office of the Church by selling out to lay businesses that hurt the integrity of office of the Church. Many pro-Americans saw this secret policy of Bill Clinton a potential world threat, thus they used the term ‘defray.’ Clinton defrayed weapons of mass destruction to China for money. It is a text book definition of defray, and was communicated in contemporary history during Nostradamus’ time. If people ask why Clinton was not jailed for treason, and yes the legislative body knew, placed the evidence in the correct chamber for all officials to look at during the impeachment trial, but did not act upon it. After John F. Kenney was assassinated, the U.S.A. no-longer was directly controlled by the office of the presidency. The military complex is much more powerful than anyone wants to admit. Obama, the Washington Post recently reported, gave away $3.3 trillion U.S. tax dollars to international banks without Congressional or the American Public’s approval – or knowledge. This is high-crimes and treason, but the U.S.A. is so far gone – no one will prosecute criminals any longer.


When you still have the Chinese government honoring and teaching Mao Tse-tung was one of the greatest and most benevolent leaders of all the Chinese dynasties and millennia of historical figures, you know there is something drastically wrong with the world. In American institutions, including the media, it is taught to little kids that all persons with a skin color that is defined as white are inherently evil and must be taught a lesson. This is juxtaposed to people of color that are all innocent persons and misunderstood peaceniks. Of course, this is dismissed as political by the wealthy; the long-term affects will force the world to come to seeking of truth. In order for that confrontation between reality and political posturing, many of these wealthy see it best for their interests in wiping out 90% of the world’s population. That way, they do not have to face the truth. If that is the case, there is not much contemplation of self fulfilling prophecies of a global calamity. It will be induced to avoid facing reality and responsibility.


For me, the 1999 poem explains the reason behind the eventual letting of global death-blood, the behind the scenes scenarios what await the collective terror form the skies, so-to-speak. For others, it is a failed prophecy, Nostradamus was a poor filthy Jew and they are the enemies of the ‘natural rulers,’ whoever they are. Regardless of what is said, Roberts was correct in his side-note in the 1950s, Asia was resurrected. It was a desolate wasteland then, but not now.  For Geurnon, Zemin met in the summer of 1999 the French president to win his vote for accession to the elusive club (W.T.O.). I credit Jean Geurnon with the most near accurate analysis of anyone else. John Hogue has mentioned the Asian resurrection of their civilization in his 1997, Nostradamus, The Complete Prophecies, but he changed his view to  a global weather forecast, changing his views by the year of 1999.


This was the most vital step in state autonomy and agency, which helps explains the horde of money that flew into the Democratic National Committee under Bill Clinton’s reign, mainly form the Chinese military. For those who do not understand Chinese politics, like America, their military complex is a separate arm of their government, and not regulated by the civil side of politics. Periods of history also show that the military complex does not agree with the administration. Many military veterans in the U.S. military did not want to invade Iraq, but the civil-side of US government forced the issue under G.W. Bush.  The CCP had a dastardly time managing their warlords who are already advocating, first happened in 1998, to nuking the west to kingdom come out of bravado and pride. The only things’ saving the west is the level heads on the civil-side of Chinese governance. The word MA in Chinese if for the term of a horse: My astrological Chinese sign is a Fire Horse. There is a hint for you out there. We already know what the symbols US stands for. B may stand for Britain.


Did Nostradamus know about Asians? Certainly, François I opened up trade with them. Nostradamus mentions them, many times. But about seeing the Secret History of the Mongols, or any substantive history of them, certainly Nostradamus had no access to these sources. So a conclusion that he did see the future through visions and not ‘horoscopy’ is rather the only conclusion for the repeatable events we see today.


However, many saw the Asian connection not just Americans.
One such revelation is that of Rene Noorbergen in a book published about Nostradamus quatrains in the early 1980s:  Nostradamus speaks about China and other powers in a space race to militarize the upper atmosphere around our planet.
[6] Apparently this interpretation was also linked to the concept of ‘terror form the skies.’ However, today most countries with money and ideologies of hatred to other developed countries are trying to acquire their own nuclear weapon arsenal. They call it nuclear deterrent, a cold-war expression of ‘don’t tread on me or I will kill millions of your people.’  So when everyone gets armed-up then the fulfillment of this ‘underlying prophecy,’ that is to say the cause behind a future action, will demonstrate in history to where to look for the cause behind the actions.


Are Nostradamus’ prophecies useful? That is a packed question. Most want to use his prophecies for planning the future or changing it. Perhaps even betting and making money from them, but if Nostradamus just published his writings to feed his family, then he most likely cared little for truth and prediction. It still doesn’t explain some remarkable coincidences in what he says, the corresponding dates and the outcomes which correlate to what he had written. It is too tough to understand the complex reality of non-free-will and its illusions in time-and-space and our ability to ‘perceive’ our own choices affecting the outcome of our actions. One thing skeptics claim of Nostradamus pertains to free-will. Everyone controls their own future by the choices they make, they claim. After going to U.C. Berkeley, it is quite evidence that most people do not control anything about their lives, they are controlled by others’ decisions. That being the case, they have no free-will. Most persons in history suffer their whole lives and die. Since I know of Reincarnation, this creates a dilemma to the question of what is the meaning of life? There does not seem to be a consensus or for that matter any meaning to life. There is certainly pain and suffering as people keep having babies and bringing souls back into incarnation to suffer more lives full of pain and suffering. The soul does not have control, and cannot escape. Therefore, there is absolutely no meaning to life, which is a shame. In fact the human beings compete like the animals, reproduce and continue to compete like animals. Religion tried to stop this with ethics and morals but the atheist leftist always seem to win and create more suffering. The New Left (Atheists for the most part) intends life is evil and therefore no morals or ethics are possible. Just kill, suppress, get yours and screw the others – is their only truth to existence. With such a bleak (negative) outlook, there seems to be no sense or meaning to our lives. Even if we colonize space, this same war and continuing of pain and suffering seem to appear to continue. So what is the point of life, then to change the reality into a fantasy? That fantasy is the New Left: to block-out reality and trick yourself into believing there is some hope or change. If life just happens and cannot be halted that eternity of pain and suffering is your forecast. Nostradamus writes about the general suffering circumstances, that people peg as ‘Doom and Gloom’ predictions. However, in mirroring life there seems not to be good things, only from a person’s perspective do we find the claim.


So when Nostradamus speaks of perpetual prophecies, one such observation is a continual trade-mark of doom-and-gloom, a result of some biological organism controlling the majority of other biological organisms, over and over and over again throughout all of history. Is there any history where humans have not suppressed other humans? It appears dome and glome is subjected to human involvement, let alone an added feature of natural calamity – which often brings us together for short periods of time –then the natural process of Doom and Gloom continue.  Now replacing the key-reality of reincarnation (because energy does not die, it only transforms, and scientist have no idea of consciousness or the electromagnetic energy of our brains), we are forced into rebirth over and over again to experience pain and suffering and no recourse or resolve. The idea that doing good one can escape reincarnation appears to be a human reaction to a truth of seeing oneself born over and over again and the same pain-and-suffering for eternity is the only reality. Therefore, the persons chose to trick themselves into an illusion of claiming there is an end or an escape. There is none according to the laws of physics, which were as biological entities are a mere part of the totality of particles. You may ask yourself there is no use or point to Nostradamus, but ask yourself what is the point of life? Now for the few that have a lot of money the meaning of life is possibly a simple observation – have a party, every day! Certainly parts of the Bible claim this is the only way to happiness. There are sections of the Bible that are solely secular in reasoning and argument.


Ian Wilson wrote in his biography that 11 September 2001 will be viewed as the successful interpretation for X. LXXII. When NASA authorities told the world that the millennia actually ends on December 31, 2000 and not on December 31, 1999, this places the vague terminology of the date of the poem to possible imply 11 September 2001 as the year of 1999 ( end of the millennium) and seven months (liturgical calendar, which Nostradamus apparently did use!).


Certainly then the last line, where it intends another vague interpretation such as a leader will reign luckily, fortunate, prosperously can change to war will reign prosperously of course to which the War on Terror certainly fits that narrative. At this time the United States of America has been engaged in its longest war to date and Obama is continuing this war – but now it is against defenseless peasants. It does not make much sense, but neither does the new world cultural era where religious figures are being replaced with Atheistic human & idolatrous figures in our world culture. Was there preknowledge? Mario Gregario, one of the archivist of the writings of Nostradamus and other ancient texts and writings on February 2nd[7] of the year of 1999 and posted to an Alt Usenet group dedicated to discussions of the sixteenth century Seer, proposed the obvious. New York was the dedicated place for the poem of X. LXXII. Gregario post remains, even until today as I write this piece a testimony possibly to a confluence of preinterpretation. While no specifics were involved, the identification that something big would happen at New York, United States of America was absolutely clear. Gregario wrote, “So if the "Nouvelle Angouleme" is "New York", symbol of USA, who will be the king?” Gregario identifies then U.S.A. President Gorge W. Bush. The “Log of the 1524 Passage of Giovanni da Verrazzano,”[8] Peter Lemesurier claimed over and over that Nostradamus did not know about America. Apparently then all of Europe knew but not Nostradamus. Giovanni da Verrazzano voyages were famous and prosperous for the image of the French King, to which his son Henri II tried to out due him with colonization of the place we say is modern Brazil today, South America. In addition, it was Lyonese bankers and rich families that funded the expedition of the two Italian brothers. Lyon is a famous southern French city; the location placed Nostradamus in a proximity to it as well it was a part of his life.

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Warning about Lemesurier

Century 6, Quatrain 100

100 INCANTATION OF THE LAW AGAINST INEPT CRITICS Let those who read this verse consider it profoundly, Let the profane and the ignorant herd keep away: And far away all Astrologers, Idiots and Barbarians, May he who does otherwise be subject to the sacred rite. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 10:12, 8 December 2014 (UTC)



AM: As I have claimed all along while receiving brunts of verbal/written assaults for such a truthful claim.

It appears indeed with all the world banks voting this last week to devalue the U.S. Economy to #2 in our world, ever since Ulysses S. Grant was U.S. President, a long period, China has indeed been resurrected because we buy their products and all we have sent is a few IPhones, K.F.C. Chicken and not much else. We import from them, they do not get imports from us, and that is why the U.S.A. is financially stagnant. The Chinese are building humungous metropolises only imagined in movies, where streets are 250 feet wide as a common measure, anticipating an explosion in the world’s population and doing it on high- ground.  They too have claimed the Moon and its minerals are theirs and not the United States of  America’s!



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120 nautical miles; 15 days layover in Narragansett Bay (“Refugio”); explore bay and its islands (April 20 – May 6), Columbia University; For understanding sea faring, climate conditions for maritime expedition, see Fernand Braudel, in his work, “The Mediterranean and the Mediterranean World in the Age of Philip II,” 2 vols., (California, 1995 [1949]).


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