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Apokálypsis; "lifting of the veil" or "revelation"

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Archangel Michael

Memories of X.LXXIII

Matt Pottinger ( Reuters) Monday May 31 , 1999, 7:41 AM ET " China Says U.S. Nuclear 'Secrets' Are On Internet"




Yes, Chinese leaders speak the truth. Indeed, I attended U.C. Berkeley, and all the nuclear-weapons designs are on their servers internet. The only classified information remained the implosion calculations for detonation – but otherwise all things were there for the bomb making maniacs of all countries. U.C. Berkeley is Anti-American and they believe proliferation of nuclear weapons can help other countries get the bomb and destroy the lands of the United States of America.  From what I have seen on campus, everyone, including staff and professors are drunkards. Drunkards have a difficult time experiencing reality or experiencing love of their fellow humans.


BEIJING (Reuters) - China sneered Monday at allegations it stole U.S. nuclear weapons secrets, saying warhead technology is readily available in libraries and on the Internet. ``Performance data on the seven types of nuclear warheads ... have long been openly published in the United States,'' cabinet spokesman Zhao Qizheng told reporters. ``They are no longer secrets, so there is nothing to steal,'' Zhao said in a statement he read to reporters before logging on to the Internet to demonstrate the availability of nuclear technology. [...]``This is a great slander against the Chinese nation and is typical racial prejudice,'' he [Zhao] said.

( Reuters)- May 31 , 1999.




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