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Apokálypsis; "lifting of the veil" or "revelation"




29 December 2010 ©

Newman, Sharan, The Real History of The End of The World: Apocalyptic Predictions from Revelation, Nostradamus to Y2K and 2012 (New York: Berkeley Publishing Group, Published by Penguin Group Inc, 2010) , 313 pp.


Claim: Nostradamus predicts the end of the world for 1999.
Fact: False. No-Where in Any of His Writings Does he Claim the End of the World. He simply says after the end to his prophecies of the year of 3797 A.C.E., time continues to move onward.

Sharan Newman surveys typical end-of-the-world writings beginning with the Myth of Atrahasis and does add some eastern traditions, yet mainly focusing on the west, making a bit witty fun at the gullible non-scientists which is the majority of the human struggle. The final prediction, after accepting the ridiculous 3 trillion years of the ancient Indian traditions, concludes the end days according to modern scientists will be around 5,000,000,000 from now, when the Sun will have used up all of its energy and have turned into a red giant and engulfed our world. Her point as well as many other academic mediocre-leftists believe by pointing out by their surried investigation of these plethoric histories of inaccurate end-times predictions; therefore she can advance her elite class of academic scientists who today claim they hold the key to morality, ethics, economics, social-class struggles, and politics and of course world solutions. They are the modern form of these mythic gods – they are there to point out to the common peon, us,  their stupidity communicated as superior intelligence. They appease their advisors so they can get work and lifetime wealth from a permanent job & financial security and to brain-wash the incommoding charges to keep the money flowing into their bank accounts. The elite atheist academic doomsayers want to keep the focus on crazy religious figures while they plot to kill-off billions of humans for their entertainment. There is no effort at solving them or communicating the truth of modern day government scare mongering to suppress people. American filthy rich corporations and even Filthy Rich Obama champion slave Chinese labor providing then cheat amenities at the cost of human lives in pain, suffering, and indignity. To feel better themselves, they point the figure at the Crazies, religious, and anyone not affiliated to feel-good politics of leftist sloganry. Hope and Change, Hope and Change – Yeah, right, more of the same and even worse – the rich got richer under Obama and the poor got poorer. The elite atheist academic doomsayers conclude once the polarization reaches the extreme, the few filthy rich controllers and the masses of poor slaves for their enjoyment, they will need to kill them off and keep a few slaves for their enjoyment. In other words, nothing is new or modern or progressive. The Religious crazies according to them were just complaining that they did not like living as slaves, oppressed, in pain and to die for the enjoyment of them. In this way, you must keep writing books against the crazies to keep the power structures in power – which is exactly the tradition her book comes to read.

She starts off her book concluding she had no idea too the many cyclical views of belief systems among various folk-myths and cultures are actually more the norm. She apparently had no idea about Nostradamus' views or even figured it out that Nostadamus was not a linear time proponent of sorts. He believed in cyclical historicy, never unique but certainly not random and experts understand this because they read the sources.  The one thing I do like about Sharan Newman compared to some actual near-experts on Nostradamus is that she advocates footnoting and tells her reader to excuse this practice as it looks intimidating. Many popular writers such as John Hogue or Peter Lemesurier, certainly in their earlier works, use little to no footnotes. References are never enough, especially when texts are varied and contentious, and there are problems in misrepresenting what others have stated.

She claims by using a later than 1611 edition, perhaps from Fontburne’s book, X. LXXII and concludes Nostradamus claimed the end of the world. This was after her admittance that experts agree Nostradamus writings go until at least 3797 – to which she agrees “That’s a relief.”[1] On page 294 in her chronological table of end time date of predictions, date of the end of the world Predicted, type and predictor, she claims on 14 March 1557, Nostradamus in one of his few clear prophecies predicts the end of the world in 1999. What evidence she gives is unclear, even to the greatest exegesis of whom ever graced terra firma. She does provide a French version of X. LXXII, which appears to be 1611 Sève edition or a later version, and translates the poem’s third line and controversial term as “King of the Angols” ( she intends it as the Angolan Africans), because they were “known through trade.”[2] Yet in a final decision of providing an critical-historical method, she admits, “I have no idea what Nostradamus had in mind[...].”[3] She then uses this quatrain to claim Nostradamus intends this poem to be the end of the world. She surmises that March 14, 1557 is what Nostradamus defined as the start of the seventh millennia, but she probably has no idea he mentions an eight millennia, therefore this one is arbitrary to the world’s chronology. Is she actually ignorant or does she see her pretentiousness? The title of her work, “The Real History of the End of the World,” should begin with an indefinite article (A History.....), because this book is only a survey and obviously as far as knowledge on Nostradamus, she has almost no-understanding. Wilson’s book is decent, but he only spent one year on Nostradamus while others have spent decades, at least in some capacity or another.

She translates VIII. LXXVII but provides no source or edition.[4] This is an indication she has no idea what she is looking at and plays it rather safe. One thing that strikes of a failing educational system is in her chapter 21 conclusion on Nostradamus, referencing her translation of X. LXXII, she intends, “ So, according to Nostradamus, we either have over a thousand years to the end or it already happened and no-one noticed.”[5] Of course this is contradicted in another chapter. The failure of academia lay in the predominance of the left’s ultra conviction they know what they are studying, and can have an affirmative statement that sums up the world’s narrative on mysteries – all at the same time as contradicting their claims – as if no-one will notice.

Nostradamus is not easy to read and she just uses the views from her source-list while pretentiously translating a few quatrains and then proclaiming expertise on Nostradamus. So the discrepancy here for readers is that she claims she knows, and does not know, all at the same time – but in two separate portions of the book. She can point a finger that Nostradamus’ writings too surly have doublespeak, but to her and academia this is not permissible? Then why does she do the same thing? It is the preverbal, I’m better so I do not have to follow what I say or do, but you do you peon scumbag. Again, Myth of Atrahasis speaks of a group who believe they are biological superior to other groups, thus they do not have to perform to the same laws or guild lines as they force on others.

The evidence pretends she is in the affirmative for claiming Nostradamus predicts the end of the world in 1999, in the chronological table- reference; but in the main chapter 21 on Nostradamus’ predictions she contradicts this claim and says she has no idea of what he is saying. Maybe U.C. Santa-Barbara can force candidates to take writing-class on the topic of fluid- consistency; that’s to say, if you claim something as affirmative and conclusive, make sure you do not contradict your claim in the other main portion of your book. If your point is to confuse the reader or have the reader think you are ignorant or worse, an idiot, then proceed as normal. Of course, if your audience is to idiots you want to speak idiotically to them so idiots can commiserate within the group of idiots – a happy symbiotic marriage of convenience. The point is she claimed expertise in ‘French Mysteries,’ wins financial awards, gets promotion to a doctor level, but Nostradamus was very much a part of the French Mystery Tradition in which she literally knows nothing about him and too when there are plenty of books to choose; and her footnotes tell us she took a little advantage of these opportunities. She admits that she cannot find Edgar Leroy’s book, and had to use others ( I believe it was Ian Wilson’s use  of Edgar’s work and some spurious stuff comes from Ward’s) to construct a curt bio-narrative. The sad  thing is that  the University of California, the system she is in has copies of Edgar Leroy’s book and this work is not hard to find. It takes about two minuets on the University of California, inline access search engines to access and possibly a week for ordering to complete the process to get the book to Santa Barbara and into her hands.

If you are reading this Nostradamus analysis of this work, no –where, ever, mentions the end of the world; some speculate he cryptically speaks about colonizing the stars – but again, that is a cyclical understanding as some believe  this to be the case from interpretative attempts of ancient Mesopotamian texts, where we could have been seeded on Earth from another planet and this is just another of many planet systems we inhabit on our way to trudging through illusionary linear – time to a destination of ‘the same old thing,’ to another star-system – thus the cyclical understanding of end-days, or end-times.  I’m sure if these atheist scientists, if they do not go totally insane and shoot-off nuclear missiles at everyone convinced their are some religious nutter, we can progress as a society. However, the totally insane by framing and by demonizing the common people by these intolerant and cunning scientists re create the same end-time scenario that they are trying to denounce to their audience. Yes, far leftist, multi-billionaire Bill Gates advocates killing off a few billion people. The scary thing is he has the funds to get those plans into actions. He does not care about prophecies or end-times scenarios – he only cares about people seeing him as a power master of the human race – now bow down to his feet.

Ironic, yet. Self-fulfilling, maybe; cyclical yes, tragic yes, normative yes; special persons able to see this into the future, yes; when the human condition is so predictable, one can model large pieces of time  and come up with relevant accuracy.

Nostradamus in his private correspondence mentions ‘reincarnation.’ His consistent ‘bring back’ scenarios of people (or events) from his poems seem to enforce this idea.  One cannot use ‘eschatology’ when studying Nostradamus, because that is a leftist construction from their confusion over the concepts of linear components -- to myth, lore, and groups trying to wish upon the world an end to their suffering – which is the closest reason these things come about in our ages, periods, and history -- and cyclical time of eternity is a more 'real' scholastic view. The big bang is only a novelty, so that start-to-end universe is being revised now as a possible incorrect assessment of our now multiverse and cyclical multi-big-bangs - theories.  

Since the elites reincarnate over and over they keep suppressing the poor that keep reincarnating over and over. So many people are suppressed by the elite (which includes academics throughout history) that the poor or sometimes a person who represents the group of the poor devise ways to make themselves believe in an end-times to stop their own suffering at the hands of others. but since the academics are the suppressors (Yes, Erasmus said this over and over as well as  other) these academics must keep writing books criticizing these groups, and all the while getting loads of money for being a good leftist – academic soldier against the crazies.

No-one does not need to believe or disbelieve in these crazy groups’ claims or individuals such as Nostradamus, but do not misrepresent and lie about what they did not say at all – and claim to be the ‘expert’ and show a public façade of superiority.  When Atheist Al Gore claimed in his Nobel Prize winning film An Inconvenient  Truth ( scientific community) that the world would end in 2010 unless everyone of the common peons of the world empty out their bank accounts and children’s college fund and give it to his many corporations that will solve this end-time scenario, we understand how the academics are full of garbage. The movie’s message was to scare the world to allowing Al Gore to rule over it, take all your money and decide who lives and who dies. It is typical cyclical Myth of Atrahasis construction: the filthy rich elite ( he and his wife are filthy rich) will enslave the poor for their entertainment and monitory needs, while not caring if they suffer, live and die. Every day in the media, if you do not take this pill or get on this health plan, or do this or that you will die, your family will die because atheist scientist have proclaimed this so. These realities have not made it into the work by Sharan Newman, neither did Al Gore’s prediction of the end of the world in 2010. If you are writing “The Real History of the End of The World,” and you want to be taken seriously, then you write about it in the definite article with a definite comprehension to truth. Currently, not religious, but the atheist left are spewing End-Times garbage out of their medium from a minuet – by – minuet pogrom,  to control you, make you die, and make you a slave for their entertainment. This explains a recent poll where only 9% identify in academia to being registered as a Republican. All the crack-pots that are leftist leave out their own proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, their fear mongering to enslave the poor in tax system of bondage all for their laughs and entertainment. It is so predictable one can take today’s circumstances and Myth of Atrahasis and make a viable comparison by replacing the higher gods as academic idiots and lesser gods as the common peons that the higher idiots must suppress. When the building blocks of life are everywhere in the universe, evolution surely exists, and reincarnation is the key yet for these idiots to uncover than there is no end-time ever, just periodic stops in a linear progression to nowhere. It is a circular argument but it is a fact in my opinion. Try not to read the new physic books on topics of the N-Dimensions, your brain may explode and collapse everything you think is a linear-time frame.

[1] Newman, Sharan, The Real History of The End of The World: Apocalyptic Predictions from Revelation, Nostradamus to Y2K and 2012 (New York: Berkeley Publishing Group, Published by Penguin Group Inc, 2010), p. 147.

[2] Ibid.,  Newman, The Real History of The End of The World, p. 147. She has a chapter on Nostradamus (Ch. 21), however uses Jean-Charles de Fontburne, ( Nostradamus ( Paris, Rocher, 1980), Charles A. Ward, “The Oracles of Nostradamus ( London: Leadenhall Press, 1981), and the 2002 book by Ian Wilson, “Nostradamus: The Man Behind the Prophecies (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2002).

[3] Ibid.,  Newman, The Real History of The End of The World, pp. 147- 148. She has a chapter on Nostradamus (Ch. 21), however uses Jean-Charles de Fontburne, ( Nostradamus ( Paris, Rocher, 1980), Charles A. Ward, “The Oracles of Nostradamus ( London: Leadenhall Press, 1981), and the 2002 book by Ian Wilson, “Nostradamus: The Man Behind the Prophecies (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2002).

[4] Ibid.,  Newman, see n. 1, p. 148.

[5] Ibid.,  Newman, The Real History of The End of The World, p. 148. “Sharan Newman is a longtime member of the Medieval Academy, has served on the advisory board of The Medieval Association of the Pacific, and is a Ph. D. candidate at the University of California –Santa Barbara. Newman’s medieval French mysteries have garnered a Macavity Award as well as Agatha and Anthony nominations, and she has won the Herodotus Award for Best History Mystery.” She begins her investigation with “The Flood Tablet, Neo Assyrian, 7th B.C.E., from the Library of King Ashurbanipal (r. 669-631 BCE), Nineveh, Northern Iraq. Inv. K.3375. (discovered writings around and at Nineveh in 1986. This curiously invites the elite verses the poor, or elite gods and lesser gods punishing humans because they stopped being good little slaves and their numbers began to threaten the power of the elite. It is as if to claim this is the first understanding of social class struggles.





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