Words in the Press that include appeasement refering to Clinton and U.S.  and Topic of Nostradamus' X. LXXII X-72 files

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Appeasing X-72

Also reffer to Deffraieur page for more related press and documented refferences to the word defrraieur aimed at President Clinton and his policies.

The term appeasement is commonly used in politics, but prior to Clinton’s administration, it was used sparsely in the U.S.A.   For more, see translation page of Nostradamus’ X.LXXII.

September in the Old Style Calendar Nostradamus lived under would be the seventh month, the date referred to in his 1999 Prophecy.  



In 1999, then Republican C. Cox, ( California; now a Democrat ) published a 850+ page report on the Chinese stealing U.S. nuclear weapons from the U.S. A. Ignored by the Leftist mainstreamed press   the word Appeasement came to the forefront of U.S.A. politics because Bill Clinton had many luncheon meetings with the  Chinese Military and proxies that were kept secret but photographed from the public. These were assumed as appeasement deals for high-U.S. Dual-Use technologies to be defrayed to the Chinese military. Appeasement to China by the U.S.A. White House Administration became the catch-word for the Chinese acquiring decades of advance technologies in nuclear weapons within years and not decades that it took the U.S.A.

The Chinese leader and the U.S.A. Leader met during an Asian Pacific ‘Summit’ (ciel) during the time-frame of the Nostradamus’ prophecy X. LXXII as used in the Old Style Calendar System, which was still in use during Nostradamus’ lifetime. Nostradamus’ prophecy X. LXXII mentions two leaders, and the first line mentions the date – both correlated, it was obvious to anyone with a brain-cell. Terror from the sky are nuclear and advance technologies, what else is there for the tools of Armageddon?



Forbes, Bauer Take Aim at Clinton

Friday, September 10, 1999; 4:08 p.m. EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Republican presidential hopefuls Gary Bauer and Steve Forbes accused President Clinton on Friday of following a policy of appeasement toward China.

Forbes said Clinton's China policy indicates the administration wants a new Cold War or appeasement.

``I think that's a false choice,'' he said on a Concord, N.H., radio show, ``TheExchange.'' ``If China wishes to transfer or sell dangerous technology to rogue states, ... they should know sanctions will be applied against specific Chinese companies that do business in the United States.''

As Forbes spoke, Clinton was flying to New Zealand for a summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum. Outside the meeting, Clinton is meeting Saturday with Chinese President Jiang Zemin about his country's desire to join the World Trade Organization.

Also on Friday, Bauer released a statement that said China's move to hold military exercises near Taiwan prior to the Clinton-Jiang meeting showed ``the bankruptcy of the Clinton policy of appeasement toward Communist China.''

``We offer unilateral concessions to Beijing, and Beijing demonstrates in the most insulting manner that we will gain nothing in return,'' Bauer said.

A pro-Beijing Hong Kong newspaper reported last week that China was planning exercises on the mainland's east coast to press home its anger over an assertion by Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui that relations between Taiwan and China should be on a state-to-state basis. China considers Taiwan a rebellious province.

In addition to imposing sanctions against Chinese companies, Forbes suggested sanctions targeting companies in Russia, where he said the administration has ignored theft and oppression.

``We've known for years that tens of billions of dollars were being siphoned off by a corrupt elite in the Kremlin, who were no more democratic than their Communist predecessors,'' Forbes said.

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