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800 Independence Ave., S.W.
Washington, D.C.  20591

SEP 14 1999

Mr. Charles R. Smith
7707 Whirlaway Dr.
Midlothian, VA 23112

Dear Mr. Smith

Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA)# 99-7733

This is in response to your July 4, 1999 Freedom of Information
Act request regarding Air Traffic Control Systems in reference
to the Chinese Armed Forces from 1993 to present.

Please note we have no information in our filesabout the
February 15, 1995 meeting held at the Deptartment of Commerce
which you cited as "Example 2."  Although Beth Keck is listed as
attending this meeting for FAA, she departed the Office of
International Aviation (AIA) in 1996 and left no files about
this meeting.  The document you cited as "Example 1" was not
generated by the FAA.  You will find some of the individuals
listed in your "Example 1" mentioned in various of the documents
were are providing you now.

The enclosures, totaling 577 pages, are copies of the documents
the AIA possesses in its files which are responsive to your
request.  Included are meeting schedules, records of
discussions, cables, memoranda, briefing materials and
miscellaneous documents relating to FAA's activities concerning
ATC systems and the Chinese military.

Included in our files is a copy of a document originating from
the General Accounting Office (GAO).  We have forwarded this
document to the GAO's Office of Policy for review and possible
release.  The Policy Office will respond to you directly.
Should you need to contact the GAO regarding this request, you
may write to:

         General Accounting Office
         Office of Policy
         441 G Street N.W.
         Washington, D.C. 20548

The cost for processing this request is $47.70 (577 copies at
$.10 per page, first 100 pages free).  Since you are classified
as media, you are only being charged for the duplication of the
dcuments.  Please submit a check or money order made payable to
"DOT/FAA" to:

         Office of International Aviation
         Attention:   Ms. Pam McCree
         Federal Aviation Administration (AIA-2)
         800 Independence Ave., S.W.
         Washington, D.C.  20591


John W. Bauerlein
Director of International Aviation




COUNTRY:  CHINA                     DATE OF VISIT:  MAY 9-20, 1999

Mr. Zhang Yaokuan, Deputy Head of Bureau, State Air Traffic
Control Commission (SATCC)

Mr. Mao Shunping, Deputy Director General Air Traffic Management
Bureau (ATMB), General Administration of Civil Aviation of China

Sr. Col. Li Zhongli, Deputy Director, Aeronautical Control
Department, People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) Command

Sr. Col. Wang Changzheng, Director of Navigation Division, PLA
Naval Air Force

Mr. Xu Chaoqian, Deputy Director, Air Traffic Control (ATC)
Division, ATMB, CAAC

Ms. Zhong Yahui, Senior Engineer, Department of Information
Product Management, Ministry of Information Industry

*Mr. Xu Jianhua, Assistant Consultant, SATCC

Maj. Wang Shouxing, Official, Aeronautical Control Department,
PLAAF Command

*Ms. Wang Rui, Interpreter, ATMB, CAAC

* Members of delegation known to speak English

Accompanying Delegation on Travel Outside Washington, DC:

Mr. John Hancock, Deputy Director, Office of International
Aviation, AIA-2, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Mr. Tim Halpin, Manager, Air Traffic Services International
Staff, AAT-30, FAA

Lt. Col. Jim Robilotta, Director, Intemational Civil Aviation
Policy, Department of Defense (DoD) Policy Board on Federal

Ms. Jean Herz, China Desk Officer, Asia-Pacific Division,
AIA-400, FAA

Mr. Francis C.G. Chao, Interpreter, FAA

SUNDAY, MAY 9, 1999

Transportation provided by MITRE

Ms. Mary Page Thompson
Phone: (703) 883-6799

Accommodations provided by Raytheon
Ms. Blanche Necessary (assistance with registration at hotel)
Home Phone: (202) 546-3265; Beeper: (800) 908-5744

Mr. Rocky Gmeiner
Home Phone: (301) 855-2702; Office Phone: (703) 284-4308
Mr. Krister Fast; Ms. Joanna Li


Arrive in Washington, DC at Dulles (NW 1404) via Detroit
C.C. Hsin, MITRE, meets delegation, transfers group to its HQ
for briefing and dinner

TUESDAY, MAY 18, 1999

Transportation and accommodations provided by Lockheed Martin

8:00 a.m.-
11:00 a.m.

Visit Edwards Air Force Base (AFB), Lancaster, CA

Lt. Col. Jim Robilotta
Director, International Civil Aviation Policy
Department of Defense Policy Board on Federal Aviation
Phone: (703) 614-8047

Welcoming remarks
Official TBD

Briefing on FAA High Desert Terminal Radar Approach Control
(TRACON) and Edwards AFB daily planning, integration and
control of civilian and military operations
Mr. Bill Shelton
Deputy Director, 412 Operational Support Squadron (OSS),
Edwards AFB
Phone: (661) 277-9831

Tour of High Desert TRACON

Mr. Brent Shively
Air Traffic Manager, High Desert TRACON
Phone: (661 ) 265-8345

Mr. Phillip Stang
Manager, Edwards Systems Support Center
Phone: (661) 258-4436

Accompanying Delegation on Tour of High Desert TRACON:
       Lockheed Martin: Christopher Francis
       Raytheon: Terry Wamer

Accompanying Delegation on Visit to Edwards AFB:     
       Lt. Col. Bill Frank
       Air Force Representative to FAA Western-Pacific Regional Office
       Phone: (310) 725-3902

11:00 p.m.-
12:30 p.m.

Fast food lunch hosted by Lockheed Martin 

(Depart Edwards AFB via South Gate)





March 10, 1995

Dear Symposium Participants:

On behalf of the U.S. Department of Commerce, it is an honor to
welcome aviation representatives from many Asian nations to the
"1995 Asia-Pacific Aviation Symposium", March 20-23, 1995.  As
Co-Chair of the Aviation and Airport Infrastructure Subgroup of
the U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade, I am
pleased to extend a special welcome to the Chinese delgation.  I
look forward to having an opportunity for further discussion on
aviation issues of mutual interest with all of the delegates.

As the future of global air transportation infrastructure
evolves and ever-increasing demands are placed on current
transportation infrastructure, the U.S. aerospace community
continues to be interested in exploring new opportunities and
developing new partnerships with Asian business and government
entities.  The "1995 Asia-Pacific Aviation Symposium" presents
an excellent occasion for the exchange of ideas and further
business discussions.

Best wishes for a productive and successful conference.


Ellis R. Mottur
Deputy Assistant Secretary
for Technology and Aerospace Industries


CAAC = General Administration of Civil Aviation
COSTIND = State Commission for Science, Technology & Industry
for National Defense
PLAAF = People's Liberation Army Air Force

1.   Mr. Bao Peide                  Vice Minister, CAAC

2.   Lt. Gen. Huai Guomo            Vice Minister, COSTIND**
     (WHY Gu-o-mo)

3.   Maj. Gen. Deng Yousheng        Director of Foreign Affairs Division, 
     (Dung Yo Shung)                COSTIND**

4.   Maj. Gen. Wang Shouyun         Deputy Secretary General, COSTIND**
     (Wong Show-yun)

5.   Mr. Qu Yongxiu                 Deputy Director, National Air Traffic
     (Chu Yong She-you)             Control Committee**

6.   Mr. Cheng Dedi                 State Planning Commission
     (chung Duh-dee)

7.   Mr. Wang Encheng               Depty Director, ATC Department, CAAC**

8.   Li Zhenchauan                  Deputy Director General, ATC Department, 
     (lee Zhun Chu-on)              National Air Traffic Control Committee

9.   Liu Minghai                    Deputy Director, National Air Traffic 
     (Leo Ming-high)                Control Committee

10.  Col. Li Zhongli                Deputy Director, ATC Department, PLAAF**

11.  Mr. Xu Cunxin                  Director General, Department of Capital
                                    Construction and Airport Management, CAAC

12.  Mr. Xu Rixiao                  Deputy Director General, Northwest 
                                    Regional Administration, CAAC

13.  Mr. Luo Chongyuo               Deputy Director General, Northwest 
                                    Regional Administration, CAAC

14.  Mr. Wang Yixuan                Deputy Director General, Northwest 
                                    Regional Administration, CAAC

15.  Mr. Hou Yimming                Director, Department of Special Technology,
     (Ho Yeen-ming)                 Ministry of Electronics Industry (MEI)**

16.  Mr. Liu Xianlin                Director Airborne Equipment Bureau,
     (Lee-o She-on Leen)            Aviation Industries of China (AVIC)**

17.  Mr. Fang Youxin                General Manger, Beijing Capitol Airport

18.  Mr. Xhang Chunlin              General Manager, Guanzhou Baiyun Airport

19.  Mr. Kong Dong                  General Manager, Shenzen Airport

20.  Lt. Col. Wang Feng             Central Office, Special Assistant to 
                                    Lt. Gen. Huai, COSTIND

21.  Mr. Xie Xin                    Deputy Director, Department of 
                                    International Affairs, CAAC (english)

22.  Mr. Wang Zhiqing               Official, Planning Department, CAAC

23.  Mr. Zhou Yong                  Mr. Bao Peide's Secretary, CAAC

24.  Major Su Dejing                Staff Officer, ATC Department, PLAAF**
     (Shoe Duh-jean)

25.  Major Feng Hui                 Staff Officer, Foreign Affairs Bureau,
     (Fung Lohay)                   COSTIND**

26.  Mr. Liu Luhong                 Planning Commsion, COSTIND

27.  Ms. Liang Nan                  Official, Department of International 
                                    Affairs, CAAC (english)

28.  Lt. Col. Han Guo Qing          Representative for Military Technology 
                                    Cooperation, Chinese Embassy, 
                                    Washington DC