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Astrology "Directions" Sec 4



Topic: fardāyrīya

Cosmic Betelgeuse  to horizon , 2 July 2011.

02 July 2011 (Studio City 5:45 a.m., L.M.T.)

revised: 09/11/11. © Michael Johnathan McDonald 


  1. Saudi Arabian Dynastic First Recognized or bought-off Western Ruler of the Arabian Desert PAGEREF _Toc303984402 \h 1

  2. England Barbarian Period, Edward I. PAGEREF _Toc303984403 \h 2

  3. Edward VII King of England. PAGEREF _Toc303984404 \h 3

  4. Contributions to Sidereal Astrology, Ebertin Reinhold. PAGEREF _Toc303984405 \h 3

  5. Martian fardāyrīya USA. PAGEREF _Toc303984406 \h 4

  6. 11 September 2001 and the U.S.A. Birth Chart PAGEREF _Toc303984407 \h 6

  7. USA Sun-set equatorial-time fardāyrīya. PAGEREF _Toc303984408 \h 10

  8. U.S.A. Horoscope & the Gorgones PAGEREF _Toc303984409 \h 11

  9. Thomas Jefferson Sun Rise Life-Distance PAGEREF _Toc303984410 \h 15

  10. Karl Marx Direction of Rays and Life-to-Death distance PAGEREF _Toc303984411 \h 16

  11. Friedrich Nietzsche Using Climata Squared. PAGEREF _Toc303984412 \h 16


Saudi Arabian Dynastic First Recognized or bought-off Western Ruler of the Arabian Desert


Ahmad Faud (I), born Cairo, Egypt, on 26 March 1868, d. 28 April 1936 ( 86 years-old), has a death calculation  with ☼ DOR/4 (right – angles) ∙ clime 3. I believe his hylāğ is the Moon, yet his Sun’s Direction of the Rays (DOR) provides 68° 26’15” or death at the signature 68 years-old. His Sun rises at 6:00:23 a.m., and the Sun culminates at 12:05:48 p.m.,[1] L.M.T. This time converts to 91° 15’. We then divide by four right angles and then multiply by three ( clime) and we have a result of ° 26’15” or death a 68 years-old. Again, gravitons agree to be about integers of right angles and their sub-divisions.


Look at it this way. The mass of a body, such as a planet warps space and time, the Astrologer Kepler approved but others elaborated and were given the credit. As ‘space-time’ bent by gravitational forces of the mass of the body, the right angles were the displacement to the angle of equanimity of the plane of space-time. Since photos have zero weight ( supposedly) they are charged in positive direction or one direction consisting of electromagnetic forces as a particle career. Gravitons act in the opposite manner. In Astrology, 90, 180, 270 and 360 are all considered negative ( while a conjunction can be seen as positive of good comparing notes on which planet or luminaries are preferred as characteristics.). Gravitons therefore move energy backwards, as an illusion, or pull inward dependant upon mass of an object. Since we discuss gravitons as negative as opposed to positive energy, these ideas correlate to the negative connotations of astrological right-angles.  Since negative aspects in astrology signify changes that often are not pleasant, this describes the issues of negativity of all aspects of life as well – such as the case in death. In death, the soul or some amount of particles leaves the body, which were once operating our live-minds. We know that energy cannot be created or destroyed but it must be transformed in the case of the electromagnetic forces of our brains and body’s operating system shuts down upon the stoppage of our ‘hearts.’ This helps explain why so many cases of human life-to-death distances are calculated upon right-angles in astrology – the first science of everything, operating as its base on mathematics.


For mundane astrologers peering into Faud’s birth chart, he has Acubens (cancri) approaching culmination as his Moon sets. It is telling that the term ‘Allah’ derives from ancient Babylonian Star catalogues as the identifier of the zodiacal constellation of cancri. This is elaborated in historiography in other parts of my work.


England Barbarian Period, Edward I.


Edward I (Longshanks, a.k.a., Hammer of the Scotts) born 24 June 1239 (greg. cal.), 0w10,51n30 (estimated time 11;30 p.m., most likely around this time), d. from disease and stress 7 July 1307 ( therefore life-span 68y +1m). Edward was born close to the Summer Solstice so we suspect the daylight time will be one of the longest times during the year. His Sun rises at 3:47:45 a.m., L.M.T., and the Sun culminates at 12:03 p.m. appx, providing a DOR time of 8:44. This converts to 131° and 15’. Therefore, the DOR/4 ∙ 2 = 65° 37’30” (death date as 68y). Without the minuets calculated into the equation, the same formula provides a conversion year of 66 years of age (DOR 131/4 ∙ 2.). 131° /90 will equal 1° 27’ 20” and then applying this to the actual death year we have 98° 58’ 40”. Since we are at 51 north latitude we can divide by 90 and multiply the death approximation with an integer of five. This comes to 66 years old but we left out one-tenth of a degree, if we apply 50n + 01n. This then converts to approximately his year of death. We must remember that Edward I’s hylāg is not even the Sun but we still used the Sun, never-the-less to provide an approximation conversion to his life-span, all based on sidereal recognition of ideas.


Edward VII King of England


Edward VII King of England (b. 9 November 1841, at 10:48 a.m., London, has his Sun rising at 7:13:45 a.m., L.M.T. The star Shir cor leonis had a near culmination as his Sun rises; and his Sun culminates at 11:44 a.m., L.M.T.[2] His death date is 6 May 1910 (68y). His natal Saturn is close to his AC, indicating a possibility to leadership, as Mars indicated the angle in the descendant’s approximate location for Edward I’s. Obama’s Mars in also on the angle of the house of the descendant, so it works all around – the Roman Empire astrologers first elaborated upon this and the Roman Aristocrat employed astrologers to predict baby’s potential ruler ships and so they could start training them militarily and academically for the future roles as Emperors of the Empire of Rome. Edward VII’s DOR is 67° 33’45”. Apparently, as with Nostradamus’ DOR, one does not need to calculate anything further as the DOR directs to the approximate life-span, and in Edward’s case of almost 68 years-old. For those studying stars, Edward had his natal Venus close to parallel to Spica, Virginis, and Rigel on the DC, I believe, when his Sun rises provides an emphasis of royalty or at least privilege.


Contributions to Sidereal Astrology, Ebertin Reinhold


Ebertin Reinhold, a famous astrologer from a family of astrologers, helped set-up a publishing house and is one of the few in history that actually studied sidereal – star astrology. He  was born on 16 February 1901 at Gorlitz Germany, 14e59, 51n09, 4:45 a.m., and had his Sun rise at 7:18:34  a.m.[3]; Regulus is on the descendant as the Sun rises for astrologers to note Regulus’ astrological importance in history—and his Sun culminates at 12:14:28 p.m.,[4] and his death date was 14 March 1988 (appx. 87y). His appx. DOR has 74 degrees (~73° 45’). DOR/5 ∙ 6 = 88.8°. Let us use the clime again, at 5.10 (51n), and complete the procedure again. DOR/5.10 ∙ 6 ( i.e. 2 ∙  clime 3) = 87.0588... ° or the approximate life-span of Ebertin. The Sidereal Time of his Sun rise is 17:00:38 and this comes to 85° 09’ 30” which also provides a close approximation is considering the variables of Sidereal Time. For tropical U.T. time for his Sun-rise, his Sun has a value of 110° 00’04” and following this calculation of 110° 00’04”/clime 5 ∙ four right angles, this value arrives at 88 years as a span for a life.



For tropical astrologers, Ebertin’s progressed (Padua system, called a secondary system as opposed to our ancient system called the first primary directional progression system) has his AC progressed over his natal mars position.[5]


Martian fardāyrīya USA


The foundation chart for the United States of America is consensually agreed upon on the 4th of July 1776 with the finalizing of the written document by Jefferson and company and first signature by John Hancock’s cursive style, illuminating the document sometime between 5:00 p.m. and 5:10 p.m., L.M.T. at Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A. We already that Betelgeuse ( Orion) is cosmic over Philadelphia on this day making it an opportunity for immortality or very-very-long remembrances, but a Socratic/Platonic system and combined with gravitons, and the classical Primum Mobile of Mars –to color the characteristic of the interpretation we have three monumental shift-events in U.S.A. history to which prognostication is quite telling.


We will use a sidereal fardāyrīya where we can predict time-signatures to Mars without using the promulgated creation times between 5:00 p.m. – 5:10 p.m. This was a system Nostradamus had used as a means of a progression/direction system – where he could due to lack of ephemerides for every European city. The Sun rises at Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A. the 4th of July 1776 at 4:40:55 a.m., the Sun culminates at 12:04:03 p.m., and the Sun sets at 7:23:35 p.m. To calculate the Direction of the Rays (DOR), a Socratic method, we determine the time – distance and we convert it to longitudal distance first:  114° 13’. Next we divide theoretically by four right angles using the whole number 4 = 28° 33’15”.  Next, Mars resides in the third clime in most of the Primum Mobile models, therefore we multiply our already divided four-right angles of our DOR and we arrive at 85° 39’45”. This then becomes a ‘static’ U.S.A. Martian fardāyrīya. We then can apply it: 1776 + 85.65° = 1861.65y  (clime sub1,  Martian fardāyrīya.), = 1947.3y (clime sub2, Martian fardāyrīya.), = 2032.95y (clime sub3,  Martian fardāyrīya.). The first clime sub1 involves an antebellum time-signature, about April of the year of 1861 of the first of a series of U.S.A. Civil Wars which empirically consumed more human deaths than both U.S.A. involvements in World War I & II. The civil war sought to halt the breaking up of the United States of America between the north and the south, the main issue was economic and a part of that economic engine was some forced human labor. The Civil War won by the north had settled a century of debates over the idea of the morality and ethics of human bondage and forced human labor,  and the winning idea that everyone was, is and shall be, born as free from human bondage and with invaluable [ Constitutional term, infallible, inalienable ] rights offered by an almighty God – there was no scientific atheist rationality, so God was chosen instead as the arbiter of truth.


The U.S.A. forced the south to rejoin the Union (i.e. all states) and America moved on to its great city-industrial periods. The clime sub2, Martian fardāyrīya provides a signature for the year of 1947 A.C.E. Perhaps the most significant year in all of American history that affected the entire human race! This was the period where the F.B.I. was reorganized or downgraded to domestic surveillance and operations, and the N.S.A., C.I.A., and other military alphabet agencies were created as a secret government to influence foreign affairs and dictate to the world how the ‘now’ number – one superpower will govern and operate their lives – the Cold War was just a side-show. The National Security Agency N.S.A. was not admitted publically to exist until the year of 2007. This was a result of an argument over who are our secret government organizations, do we need another that will be called The Department of Homeland Security?


Two years after World War II, the U.S.A. proceeded to construct the richest nation in the history of the (modern) human race – or according to the known history till this point. Prior to the private industry building ships, planes, tanks, military vehicle and advancing in technology during World War II ( It was not F.D.R. and the U.S.A. government at all –most countries anticipated WW II but not F.D.R!), the U.S.A. military was ranked 16th in the world or not very capable of defending other nations – and suspect to defending itself as in the case of Pearl Harbor. After WW II, it succeeded to the number –one ranking and proceeded to begin building the largest stock-pile of Weapons of Mass Destruction (ICBM nuclear missiles) and advancing space and high-technology which shaped the world as we know it today. The clime sub3,  Martian fardāyrīya arrives at the year of 2032.95. Both subclimes 1 & 2 have the ideas of Mars, the warring planet calculated by gravitons and advanced by astrological primum mobile classical systems for prognosticatory purposes. In my Nostradamus fardāyrīya section this same mathematical calculation sometimes applies to human’s life-to-death distances.


One will also confirm or note that the U.S.A. secondary progression Galactic Center aligns to the clime sub1, Martian fardāyrīya which synchronizes as in Super-Sting Theory – or the way it is supposed to work – tying in the basic prognosticatory signatures attuned to the Biblical Astrological Method.


11 September 2001 and the U.S.A. Birth Chart


11 September 2001 consisted of a massive geometrical formation to which I released one part of the story of Nostradamus’ X.LXXII on the fifth of September (called Beasts). The 18 th of April.  in the year of 2002 I wrote my first analysis of Nostradamus’ method leaving out very important information that I remained concerned about releasing to the world. Part of this study details exponential variables, where the planets are not the characteristics but the geometrical angles both quantitative and qualitative lead to similar timing of wars in our modern times. With certainly, I was able to predict the Iraq War II nine months before the invasion and six month prior to the U.S.A. Congress approving of a war act and its funding to then President G. W. Bush, Jr. Yet, I did not elaborate as these systems can be projected into the future for predicting the next global conflicts with relative accuracy.


We discussed the Padua Secondary System of progression, just an elaboration on the basic directional system where we move the planets and positions of the chart-wheel by their natural motion using a day for a year method. Using the same U.S.A. creation chart for 4 July 1776, Philadelphia, PA, 5:00 p.m., progressing the chart wheel to its date equivalent for 14 February 1777, 21:55:06 U.T., equivalent in the secondary progression system for 4 July 2001 the culmination stars are the Gorgons (S) which are approaching culmination for late Summer.  The Pisceans (S) star, Formalhaut is close to the descendant indication a long and lasting remembrance. And of course, as with my signatures for mass-casualty Earthquakes the stars of Libra are on the angles – as Zubenelge is close to the I.C. The progressed Moon’s P.E.D. is close to the alpha star of the Pleiades, Alcyone and in the tenth house and approaching a progressed conjunction to Uranus both are squared to the progressed Sun and progressed Mercury. The Moon’s node is opposed to Pluto and formed by a T-Square to Mars – indicators of potential disasters.


Algol, the head Gorgonic star of Persi played a strong role in the mundane chart over New York on 11 September 2001 --- as I had written in Astreology ( 18 April 2002). The mythologies of Medusa ( Arabic, Algol) are legendary but also diverse in their contending narratives. The most apt of them detains a foreign king hiring Hercules to assassinate Medusa, a female rule in competition to this leader. The Helical star was Denabola, which has one characteristic of ‘death by suicide.’


Pollux is a "yellowish" or a "reddish," star positioned on the head of the Southern Twin, "the immortal Twin" in the constellation of Gemini. Pollux and Castor culminated over Manhattan as the two planes struck The World Trade Towers. All I witnesses accounts of the dust storm that accompanied both collapsing building had discussed seeing in a yellow haze a part of the diffraction of Sun-light do to its position in the morning sky and the  fine dust particles which the force of the collapses pulverized the various building materials and housing materials ( what was brought into the building, such as furniture, supplies, etc...). The eerie astrological relevance did not stop there, and the Betelgeuse axis with the Super-Grand Trine and its stars and planetary geometrical positions gave a very powerful interpretation of uniqueness to this day.


New York, New York is at 74w00, 40n43, the sidereal time is 07:12:25 and the universal time is 12:46. The North Tower was hit first at 8:46 local time. The ascendant was at 14LIB17’17” and the grand trine with Mercury as the pivot is also at 14LIB17’17”. However, as with the case in Octavian’s Chart and traditional Roman astrology, borrowing their concepts from the ancients of Sumer, Syria and Babylon using the sidereal position instead of the tropical position, for instance Saturn is at 20TAU which is two degrees off of the co-culmination point of Algol which at Boston’s Logan Airport at 7:45 a.m. when Atta and the other radical jihadists boarded flight A.A. 11 the constellation of Taurus with Saturn had culminated. The hijackers of flight 175 boarded the American Airlines at 7:30 and they were the first to take off from the runway at 8:14 a.m., and Jupiter culminated as Facies traversed the I.C. Traditionally, Facies is one of the most violent stars (nebula positoins) in the heavens.  Ironically Althena culminated as the plane lifted off into the air. However, at 7:30 when the other hijackers’ boarded the plane the star Betelgeuse culminated at New York. Betelgeuse being the red giant which over the last few decades as I write this has lost some of its brightness – which I can attest too first looking at it in the later winter skies over Woodland Hills, California which it was nearly as bright at Sirius, when I was 18 years-old. This star has the potential to indicate immortal fame, or from our standpoint long lasting memory as with Fomalhaut which was a signature in the Padua system secondary progression already explained.


In 1927 when Betelgeuse was connected somehow to the Moon’s node Ebertin had noted that this star caused a thunderous destruction and masses of bodies were instantly killed. Surley this was too simplistic even for a Nostradamus analysis, there had to be accompanied ‘signatures,’ the case in point of the nodal-Betelgeuse axis and the Algolian. Betelgeuse co-setting (sidereal astrology) had accompanied the super-sky-chart that appeared as a Geometrical world –influencing astrological chart in late Summer of 2001.


So the Mid-point of Saturn and Jupiter and corresponding to the midpoint between the node, Pluto and Mars as well as the natal tropical Moon at 28GEM04’40” is close enough to the PED of 2000 A.C.E. of Betelgeuse, as well as the void-of-course as with the Gulf War(s) and Pearl Harbor attack ( and so many other world changing events, even in ancient times), we have foreboding indication which needs to be backed up by basic tell-tale signs. The tell tales sign some looked at was Pluto over Anteres ( a part of the U.S.A. natal chart’s prime angle), as I had pointed out, but the Saturn opposition to Pluto in the tropical construction helps combined the mainly sidereal analysis. Anteres gets its nick-name, ‘little mars’ from the ancient Sumerian astronomical/astrology texts.


There had been, as with most monumental events in history a conspiracy group intending that the U.S.A. government intentionally detonated bombs ( Demolition)  in the buildings to bring them down. They claim World Trade Center building number seven collapsed upon its own and thus a proof that demolition was a trick to get America to invade Iraq and Afghanistan and the Middle East. However, as I witnesses recorded that day of the attack in Manhattan claimed the second tower did not fall down like the first it fells toward Hudson River and massive forces of pressure and material devastated building around these towers. In fact on of the off things about the Hotel where one side remained standing as if it was not affected at all was in fact reinforced after the first World Trade bombing attempt in 1993. This was the position of the bomb material which was placed under the garage in the Hotel and not in the two Towers of the first 1993 Trade Tower bombing attempt. This reinforcement steel and construction intended that the building constructed long ago were not as sturdy as some of the conspiracist claim they were fortified. None of the close and clear videos of the Towers coming down had any signs of demolition explosive- signatures as seen in myriad of videos of demolition of building around the world do have in all their videos.


The President was in Miami on tour giving speeches and awards and that day arrived late to an elementary school, where just prior to entering the classroom he was advised of a plane ( without details of what type) had accidently crashed into a World Trade Center tower. He proceeded to continue his days programs and was reading to a class room of forth grades when faculty of the school in an adjacent room was watching live on television as a second plane hit the other World Trade Center. The teachers and faculty members who were watching the live telecast of the burning building(s) did not get up and did not speak, as if they were turned to stone. They did not rush in to interrupt the U.S.A. president. Then the chief of staff of the White House had crossed the classroom and whispered into the ear of G. W. Bush, a second plane has hit the World Trade Center, we are under attack. Bush too remained for seven minuets in the chair, his eyes wondering, and he too as with the faculty in the other room became like a stone, unable to move or speak. These are the powers of these planets. The President contrary to being type casted by secret capitalist-masking as socialist and communists, such as Fraudamentory film exploiter, Michael More, could not interpret the situation correctly. The seven minuets the President was continuing to look around in a haze, he was contemplating how to quickly address the American people that America was under a terrorist attack. His announcement was given from the school before he took-off on Air Force One as protocol for the presidents. There was nothing the President could have done, as the infrastructure had already scrambled jets, and the U.S.A. was already under lock-down by the time he had advised the nation.


One thing to consider is that a massive terrorist attack had been warned ad nausea in the U.S.A. media during the late spring and summer of 2001. Clinton had the academic report given to him on 11 September 1999 and he dismissed the warning of using planes with full-tanks of gas as missiles – in fact everyone knew something was going to happen but not where or when exactly.


Now some intend Nostradamus’ X. LXXII indicates the Terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001. The date on line one of the poem is 1999 and Sept. month. So 9 – 11 – ‘[0]1 becomes an anagramic numerical value. The entomological origins of the month of Seven is of course September and months in Neo-Babylonian lunar-solar calendar were apprised numerically without ascriptions to persons of mythological entities. Angolmois, not an actual word, was first described by English resident Theophilvs de Garencieres in 1685 as the place of Angoulesme (old long-form spelling), France. The Leonese bankers funding two Italian brothers and supported by François I are the first Early Modern Europeans to discover New York harbor and subsequently name it New Angoulesme – records and prime sources remain at Columbia University in New York, U.S.A ( late winter, early spring 1524). Then every edition but one edition of Les Propheties has line two claiming a king of terror will come from the sky. Line four has Mars which can be interpreted as war and all it says is that it will reign.


USA Sun-set equatorial-time fardāyrīya


Now let us analyze the Hellenistic equatorial-time conversion for the foundation astrological chart of the U.S.A. The U.S.A. natal Sun sets at 7:27:35 p.m. at Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A. on 4 July 1776. This astrological system takes in account the Sun’s declination, the latitude of the local, the longitude, the time of day and the calendar date to form ‘signature’ time. First we convert this to a longitude value and this comes to 111° 49’. This becomes a static Sun-set equatorial-time fardāyrīya. So clime one is on 4 July 1776 and clime two is at 1887.89 and clime three is at 1999.78 A.C.E. So clime three has a signature for about September 1999 A.C.E. This then agrees to Nostradamus’ date in a literal sense to X. LXXII.


So let us confirm this for our founding of New York in the late winter and early spring of 1524 A.C.E. The regressed U.S.A. secondary progression chart has Castor on the I.C., Uranus is still in aspect to Haydes, and Mars, Moon and Mercury are at the head stars of the constellation of Scorpio. The U.S.A. natal chart, again, has Antares ( i.e. little Mars), Scorpio as its ascendant star, and Castor and Pollux culminated as the two planes hit the World Trade Towers.  The 2001 progressed Sun during the summer equals the natal position of the U.S.A. Moon’s position. Algol is the natal Descendant star for the U.S.A. and the culmination stars are the Gorgons for 2001. So we are already seeing key positions and angles in alignment by these founding astrological charts for New York and the U.S.A. Saturn’s progressed position for 2001 has a 120° aspect to the natal Venus position for the foundation chart of the U.S.A. Chiron is progressed to Saturn’s natal position, as Chiron means fundamental change where as Uranus means a disruptive change. The 2001 progressed U.S.A. Mars has a 150° (one of  Johannes Kepler’s aspect!) to Algol’s co-culmination point of 18 Taurus ( tropical P.E.D.). A tropical and global recognition signature is the progressed Moon has strong hard aspects to Neptune, Uranus and Pluto with the relative conjunction of the Moon to Uranus is a Grand-Trine to Neptune and Pluto. This intends a ‘current-event’ and personal to globally recognized potential event.


U.S.A. Horoscope & the Gorgones


Nostradamus astrology: The U.S.A. Horoscope has the Gorgones on the descendant horizon by paran. The U.S.A. Horoscope progressed by the Padua System (circa. 15-16 cc.) has the Gorgones ( Persi) culminating during the Summer to Fall of 2001( e.g. the period of the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks) A.C.E. Barak Hussein Obama has the Gorgones conjunct by paran to his natal (birth) Moon. You make the Connection!


The Descendant is symbolic ever since the Egyptian astrological systems of death and the crossing over to the west – there regional direction for the afterworld’s geolocal. However, in practicality, the Sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and this was and is how the astrological wheel and earlier scribal models were constructed by a rational logic empirical senses. The west is symbolic of death because this was where the stars left the visual sight sometimes until the following year and the Sunlight set into the darkness, which was associated to the underworld. In practicality, it is a general time where most people are preparing and then will go to sleep. This then represents a time in American astrological chronology via the secondary progression system of Padua for the period when America crosses over from one existence to the next. 


The Gorgones are of the sect where Medusa’s body comes from the dark regions of Hell to represent a blood feud and in other mythos of a rival female leader ( or a feminine or non-traditional leader) in a patriarchal system of rulership in the middle east and eastern Europe;  and Hercules ( the head worship deity of Sparta) cuts off the Medusa’s head and uses it as a weapon to turn enemies into stone.). Since the Constellations are named by the Greeks the stars are named by the Arabic language, and Algol, beta persi, represents the Medusa’s cut-offed head looking at the human people from the heavens the ancient Omen text would claim what is this symbolism? How does it affect reality? So the astrological question is how to find its agents? Whom are the ones that create this symbolic connections? Here is a way for Judicial Astrological applications.


Obama’s Moon is the reflection of his being’s actions. It is conjoined to Algol, and involved in a time-frame of one of the small-conjunction(s) (Jupiter-Saturn) and is formed by a grand trine to Mars – where Anteres is the eastern horizon natal star for the U.S.A. The  13th century western European ascription of the anti-Christ are persons who have the Moon and Jupiter in a hard and/or strong aspect. This was a borrowing form the Abasssīd Astrological contributions.  Obama has his Moon trined to Jupiter, as does Nostradamus – both candidates by some Nostradamians for the role of MABUS. Hitler, had his Moon conjunct to Jupiter and he fulfilled the ancient nine-tenth century Arabic and pan-Middle eastern astrological geometrician for a candidate of an anti-Christ. Christ does not hate the Jews, so being anti-Jewish in theory marks one as an anti-Christ. When America exhibited its tough economic times after 1929, and more importantly around the mid-1930s, the stock market lost since the crash of 1929 about 90% of its currency worth, F.D.R. inherited a Jewish cabinet. However, after he took office he kicked them out and when Hitler, an admirer of F.D.R. chastised him in speeches that he refused Europe’s Jews to immigrate to the U.S.A., a history of anti-Semitism is ripe as any other culture or state in history – meaning the U.S.A. ‘at times’ and certain persons see Israel as the World’s problems. Obama has made it clear he does not support Israel except for some actions that appear politically expedient. Some astrologers that desire tropical astrology as a truth intend the Pluto and Uranus square – both present during U.S.A. economic struggling periods is the culprit. Contrary to this appraisal of worth of an analysis, the person and not the community of planets are the culprits. F.D.R. never solved the U.S.A. economic crisis, and he also apposed as General to be Macarthur marched on Washington pleading in protest to give veterans and the military some dignity instead of making them die of starvations and death by elements, human dignity. In World War I, soldiers came home lame, diseased, and dying and F.D.R. denied them for years any help at all, just laughing at their plight – because he was a Democrat and anti-military. He was no also economically illiterate and never created jobs or wealth while he was alive. Only in World War II, after Pearl Harbor, F.D.R. made a name for himself as a cheerleader ‘except for the eastern theater) of the private Republican  Businesses that hired Rosie the Riveter and women and anyone to build machines to battle the Axis forces. The left wing academia lies so much in their texts they make the children believe that public government created and managed the war effort and the subsequent prosperity thereof. The reason there are no solutions for our world are the text books by and large are ideologically a fallacy and full of  false-historical records promoted as fact and as truth. Perhaps the Pluto and Uranus squared in both cases of F.D.R. and Obama’s regimes exhibit this symbolic western creation of blaming all of the Jews when in fact only a sub-section of the elite of Jews and the Romans crucified Christ. The Medusa here may represent a turning to stone of the intelligence that we humans believe we have attained over other natural things? But that is for you to guess, where judicial astrology concerns us with fate.  


The ancients (c. 2,100 B.C.E.,  -- Neo Babylonia ) called Anteres ‘the little mars.’ So the connections are relevant in this Biblical based astrological method. Some call it connecting the dots as everything is intertwined. If the symbolism of the Medusa’s head turns whatever it peers at to stone, then symbolically when Obama peered into the U.S.A. economic situation his gaze turned the U.S.A. economy to stone. F.D.R. and Obama both have western weighted horoscopes. Both are ruling under a Uranus and Pluto square and its progression out of this geometrical formation, and both were adherents of central economic and non-demos-participational control. All megalomaniacs want to control the human sweat and its value as Marx defined economics. The central government wants to control all if it leans left which is the west or in Egyptian terms in astrology, death. Since the Sun means the end of something and the west does too by our terms we forged millennia ago, then certainly the U.S.A. signature is Algol in the west, its culmination was approximate during 11 September 2011, its logical conclusion was the triumph of equality of all to which led to the U.S.A. down-fall as humans are not equal as they develop after birth –although born equal by empirical observations. Most website and archives that discourse on celebrity and others’ horoscopes and Algol never use sidereal astrology and in most cases these people do not have Algol associated to their charts in reality. Still P.E.D.s in tropical astrology do carry some convictions amongst their adherents.


Note to the reader, the data was comprised of the astronomical calendar, and sidereal positions and the domicile system of Placidus – although no cusps were used to interpret the angles as they are 3/6 and 6/6 and sidereally placed by paran to Obama’s Moon!


Obama and Mao Tse-tung both had Algol by their P.E.D. positions but Tse-tung is opposed to his Mars. However, the U.S.A. horoscope and its subsequent progressions I used are sidereal and Obama’s Sun is paraned to Algol –‘Obama's Sun culminates as Algol sets.’ This prima Gorgon culminated during 11 September 2001 in the U.S.A. progressed horoscope used in mundane purposes, and is present as the U.S.A. descendant star and therefore the connection intends as Obama Sun culminates, an African Muslim son who hates the west producing two books accredited to his intellectual skills at European defamation which has its connection to the middle eastern sentiment where his father came from, so both the matches become what Algol is to the descendant and in both cases as a key-signature of the change from what U.S.A. once was to what a different U.S.A. this will be and by no means did Obama make it all this way; and still further yet, this is by no means a creation of my own of interpretations like this,  as the most celebrated real astrologers produced connections like this in history and therefore have demonstrated forces unknown to physics because of modern scientific fear of human behavior particles. This is called connecting the dots. In popular music culture, one music band emoted ‘One thing, one thing, leads to another,’ and just repeat in harmony. We saw the U.S.A. have its Gorgones on its descendant in the west.  The Gorgones culminated during the summer and fall of 2001, a global game-changer – and then we were all memorized by the Gorgonic Personal President, promising to change everything about the U.S.A. because all conservative things of the U.S.A. were evil and inspired terrorism – all founding fathers are terrorists, the lead Democrats claim at Union Halls for at least a half-of-a-century. These generalizations are what make the world a terrible place to many while others shout in power and control and no solutions can be realized or placed into implementation for the baneful masses. Algol may mean bad things but Obama is living in luxury of the pharos of Egypt. In America during the 1920s, the idea was everyone was equal, there are no kings and no peasants and just us,  a group of humans, together and to whom suffer and to whom celebrate together by life’s varied experiences. Today celebrities and politicians are described in print as ‘they’; they wear this, the eat there, they do that, not us. It is acceptable to say bad is good, there is no such thing as a model of a structure for ethics or morality as it has been rejected for personal aggrandizement. But this pertains to the Chronocrator Series a more elaborate Nostradamus’ system then a few individuals of history.  


Thomas Jefferson Sun Rise Life-Distance


As often is the case, reincarnating souls must take different routs in ‘ports’ are blocked or full. Therefore DOR(s) calculations often are full, and therefore conversions such as equatorial time or time-of-birth and converted by the equatorial time relates an accurate birth-to-death distance. For example, Thomas Jefferson a founding figure in U.S.A. history, the third president of the U.S.A., editor of the Declaration of Independence, and spiritual founder of the Democratic Party was born at Shadwell, Albermarle County, Virginia, 38n01,78w24, his birth-time is under dispute but not his day of birth. He was born 13 April 1743.  His Sun rises at 5:32:17 a.m., his Mercury is close to the I.C., and in Gemini, perhaps this relates to a lasting memory of his various ideas he had voiced and written down. His Sun culminates at 12:00:26, and Praesepe (Asellus A) is the ascendant signature, Giedi Secundus in on the descendant, Torculari is the M.C. star. His DOR time is 6:28:25, and the longitude is 97° 07’. He died apparently on 4 July 1826. By converting his Sun-rise equatorial time to longitude time and then converting it to a life-to-death distance gives us 83 years (i.e. 5:32:17 converted into longitude).


Karl Marx Direction of Rays and Life-to-Death distance


Karl Marx, a trained philosopher turned economist, mostly known for editing (not writing it all) the Communist Manifesto (1848) with his friend, Frederick Engels, was born at Trier (Rheinland Pfaiz, Germany, 6e38,49n45) on 5 May 1818.[6]  His Sun rises at 4:37:10 a.m., and his Sun culminates at 11:56:20 a.m. His Sun is with Subra, and Zubenelgenue and other Libra stars are close to the I.C. As his Moon culminates Regulus rises, but Sham from this latitude and date is on the descendant. His M.C. constellation is Cetus. Mars’ natal position has a P.E.D. to Pullux. He died in March of 1883, after confessing to himself that his ideas were founded by ‘faith,’ and his propositions must be taken as a religious precept in order to carry them out – although he remained an atheists, a former child Satanist, till the end.  Marx’s DOR time is 7:19:10, so his longitude is 109° 47’30”.  We assume that his clime of birth is close to 5 as it is 49north, but we know that souls come through different ports, so-to-speak. He life-to-death distance, as confirmed by other individuals has an equation of DOR/5 ∙ 3 (clime 3) = 65° 52’36”. His life-to-death distance is 64y 11m. So these calculations are off by about a year, but still close and evidence of a better method than randomness. Marx’s natal Venus has a P.E.D. position over Alcyone, Pleiades. Alcyone brings a great disturbance and Venus has dominion upon economics, and Marx’s work on economic issues influenced academia and governments for most of the twentieth-century and continues till today.


Friedrich Nietzsche Using Climata Squared



Friedrich Nietzsche another Germanic philosopher was born at Rocken, Germany, 51n15, 12e08 on 15 October 1844 and died 25 August of the year of 1900 A.C.E. (age 55). His Sun rose at 6:29:10 a.m., and the Sun culminates at 11:45:41 a.m.. As his Sun rises cancri graces the descendant, the I.C. star is Giedi Secundi, and Spica is close to the AC. Saturn is about 2 – 3 degrees from the I.C. His DOR time is 5:16:31. The DOR longitude is 79° 42’30”. Nietzsche dies about 55 years-old, and his Sun-rise equatorial time does not covert like Thomas Jefferson’s to his life-span, nor does the equation DOR/4 ∙ 3.  So in this case we will still use his DOR and divide it by the latitude of his birth, 51 north and multiply this finding by five: DOR/√51∙5 = 55° 48’37.24”. Note that Jefferson’s DOR at 97 and Nietzsche’s at 79 – to similar numerical symbols but in reverse did not compute to the normative life-to-death distances, and in both case some more rare forms of calculations were used. When individuals are born on the same day and in the same local, they often do not die on the same day – although there have been many occasions that conflicted to this normative observation. However, like computers, there are many ‘ports’ and some become jammed and other entrances are used to push packets of data through them – and in like-manner, these human’s souls come into this world through something of a ‘port’, amazing as that may seem to be, the conflicting ideas are related to how your mind was constructed by normative historical agencies.


Napoleon Bonapart DOR


Napoleon Bonapart born at Ajaccio , Corsica, 41n46, 08E48, b. Tuesday. 15 August  1769 (d. 5 May 1821, appx. 5:00 p.m.) has a promulgated time of birth 11:30 am. Napoleon’s Sun rises at 5:12:38 a.m., L.M.T., and the Gorgons nearly culminate as his Sun rises, and therefore the Libra stars are at the I.C. from his latitude of birth, these are violent potential stars found in my earthquake studies. Napoleon’s Sun culminates at 12: 03 p.m., L.M.T. (U.T. 11:27:48, S.T., 9:39:32), therefore, the DOR time is 6:50:22 and the DOR longitude is at 102° 35’30”. Napoleon lived for 51 years, and therefore DOR/2= 51° 17’45”. The DOR divided here by two theoretical 90 degree angles converts to about the end of January of 1821 which has a three month discrepancy, but the correct year nevertheless.


[1] Ahmad Faud (I) Sun Cul., U.T. 10:00:50, S.T., 00:27:20; Sun Rise 6:00:23, U.T., 3:55:20, S.T. 18:15:50. data for calculating the DOR.

[2] Sun cul. U.T. 11:44:40, S.T., 14:57:54.

[3] Reinhold, Sun rise, U.T. 6:18:30, S.T. 17:00:38.

[4] Sun cul. U.T. 11:14:30, S.T. 21:57:26.

[5] Prog. AC 5TAU24, natal Mars 5TAU14. as well Moon appx 150° to Mars, sextile Sun, MC and Venus.

[6] time of birth said to be 2:00 a.m.





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