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Astrology "Directions" Sec 3



Topic: fardāyrīya

Cosmic Betelgeuse  to horizon , 2 July 2011.

02 July 2011 (Studio City 5:45 a.m., L.M.T.)

revised: 08/03/11. © Michael Johnathan McDonald 


  1. Part IX fardāyrīya PAGEREF _Toc304804429 \h 2

  2. Michel Nostredame Physical Body fardāyrīya PAGEREF _Toc304804430 \h 2

  3. Nostradamus’ 22,417 Years fardāyrīya calculation PAGEREF _Toc304804431 \h 5

  4. A Trillion Year fardāyrīya PAGEREF _Toc304804432 \h 5

  5. Part I [ sec 5] What is a fardār? PAGEREF _Toc304804433 \h 9

  6. Divination: Dividing up the heavens and assigning characteristics PAGEREF _Toc304804434 \h 11

  7. Part II ( Sec. HERE) Divination Condemned by You For Your own Good but practiced by You and Everyone Else on a Daily Basis PAGEREF _Toc304804435 \h 11

  8. Astrologers Time Bends, Secular Scientists are Einsteinphiles PAGEREF _Toc304804436 \h 13

  9. Astrologers who corrected out time were trying to predict the future. PAGEREF _Toc304804437 \h 14

  10. Part X: Explaining Astrological Directions PAGEREF _Toc304804438 \h 16

  11. Democratizing the tasyīr PAGEREF _Toc304804439 \h 17

  12. Astrology sub-classifications Directions PAGEREF _Toc304804440 \h 18

  13. These long and arduous Directions PAGEREF _Toc304804441 \h 19

  14. Thrasyllus of Medes:  Philosophy of calculating Directions PAGEREF _Toc304804442 \h 21

  15. Part XI: Claudius Ptolemy, Tetrabiblos, Book III, Ch(s) XII-VX: Direction System II. PAGEREF _Toc304804443 \h 22

  16. Hellenistic Directional Concepts PAGEREF _Toc304804444 \h 24

  17. Ptolemy Direction System II, two examples. PAGEREF _Toc304804445 \h 25

  18. Part XII: Socrates, Plato, Forms, Direction of the Rays (DOR), Aristotle PAGEREF _Toc304804446 \h 27

  19. Part I: [ sec. 2] Non institutionalized ideas are historical dangerous. PAGEREF _Toc304804447 \h 28

  20. Part XIII: Adolf Hitler Saturn Right Angles − Thassymachus’ hypothesis. PAGEREF _Toc304804448 \h 29

  21. Direction of the Rays − Sacrates, Plato, Aristotle, Ptolemy PAGEREF _Toc304804449 \h 31

  22. Part XIV: Obama Direction – Ptolemy Direction System II, Venus PAGEREF _Toc304804450 \h 34

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  24. Barack Hussein Obama II’s Saturnine fardāyrīya. PAGEREF _Toc304804452 \h 37

  25. Ptolemy Twelfth House and Diffraction PAGEREF _Toc304804453 \h 41

  26. Claudius Ptolemy, Tetrabiblos, II, 3., first progression method Usāma bin Lādin’ Mars. PAGEREF _Toc304804454 \h 43

  27. Part XV: Usama bin Laden’s haylāğ is the Sun PAGEREF _Toc304804455 \h 44

  28. Conclusion: PAGEREF _Toc304804456 \h 52



Part IX fardāyrīya


What is a fardāyrīya? It is a mathematical – astronomical expression categorized by some periodization and employing a function conditioned upon an interpreter’s subjectivity, all with an end result to understand life’s meaning. This Arabic term, while typified as post B.C.E., these ideas are ancient, found in Hebrew Enochian tomes and Hindi, Maya, Hellenist, Egyptian and other long- astronomical – counts of matrices of life characteristics. The scholastic derogatory term Omen [1] relates to some of the earliest compositions known to us in history.  Professors’ crossing fields find difficulty in understanding complex matrices of the domain language, the multilevel concepts, and pass judgment when only a few of the many ancient cuneiform texts of this genre have been authoritatively interpreted and translated.


Michel Nostredame Physical Body fardāyrīya


Nostradamus’ (née Michel Nostredame, Saint Rémy-de- Provence, estimated TOB, 12:21 p.m., L.M.T., 4e50,46n46, U.T. 12:01:40, S.T., 18:27:54 ( Sidereal, Placidus), greg. cal., 24 December 1503 (Old Style cal. 14 December)) Direction of the Rays with a fardār can help one to understand the processes of esoteria.


data: Life: '62 years, 6 months and 17 days' (tomb), Chavigny "[...]'10'" days.

Brief Discours, Ianus Gallicus (1594): “Michel de Nostredame [...] naquit en la ville de Saint-Remy, en Provence, l'an de grâce 1503, un Jeudi 14 Décembre, environ les douze heures de midi”. Note Julian Calendar system refereed too.

The equivalent Gregorian date is 24 December 1503

The Astronomical  Proof concerns Nostradamus recorded ( Private Correspondence)  his symbols for his signate ring, and the astronomical pattern fits 24 December 1503 A.D. in translation of our modern Gregorian Calendar.

Nostradamus told Chavigny, supposedly, on the night of 1 July 1566 (greg. cal.) that he would not see him alive on the morrow. Scholars had critically suggested Chavigny’s bolstering of the image of a prophet was all too predictable. However, as an astrologer working in mundane applications for most of his life, and not Horoscopes until after he had finished Les Propheties ( two different things), Nostradamus using the Socratic and Plato Astrology systems should have known at least his birth-to-death distance. So let’s confirm this astrological direction, and then after this confirmation, we will tie-it to a conformational fardāyrīya. The old style calendar has Nostradamus equivalent of 1 July of 1566 on the 20th of June of 1566, and he died sometime between the 20th and the 21st of June of 1566. This has a astrological distance in age of 62 and ½ years-old.


Nostradamus’ natal position for his Sun is in the ninth house; therefore this position fulfils the haylāğian requirements. This Persian and Arabic cognate astrologically intends the longevity of life. Nostradamus’ Sun Rises about 7:50 a.m., L.M.T.,[2] the Sun culminates about Solar Noon (tropically)[3] and his Sun sets at 4:10 p.m., L.M.T.[4] Therefore, Nostradamus DOR is 62° 30”. This converts to 62 years-old and a half of a year (19th of June 1566, Old Style cal.). This intends a further day of discrepancy.


Nostradamus’ Sidereal Sun is over Nunki, Sagittarius, thus dignifying Jupiter. Nostradamus’ natal ascendant constellation is Pisces, which prior to the discovery of Neptune had Jupiter co-ruling Pisces. This implies Jupiter as a second signature which may entail hints at the year of death. Jupiter natal position is at 10CAN57’01”r, and the natal position of the Moon is at 15SCO57’43” tropically. The Jupiter ↔ Moon distance is longitudally 125° 57’ 42”.  We then divide this by 2 and this equals 62° 58’51” which coverts to 62 years-old and about the first week in November of 1566, old style calendar. This astrological estimation is therefore beyond his actual death date but within the year of death. Next, the natal ☼↔ natal Jupiter = 189° 19’49” ∕ divide by clime 3 = 63° 06’36.33”. This converts to about January 20th of 1567 or about a month after his 63rd birthday.


Now let’s introduce a DOR fardāyrīya. A DOR 62° 30”∕ 90 = 00° 41’40” ∙ 62.5 = 43° 24’10”. To confirm this measurement, we perform another task of the distance of the haylāğ to the dignity, Jupiter. Tropical ☼↔ Jupiter = 189° 19’49”∕ 2 = fardār 2° 06’13.21” ∙ 62.5y ∕ clime 3 = 43° 49’35.23”. These two wholly different calculations of directions allow us to peer into a window that indeed Jupiter has a secondary qualification as a part of the haylāğian system. A note to the reader that I am working in sidereal astrology because tropically, Nostradamus’ Sun is in Capricorn, and therefore Saturn would be the ruler, not Jupiter. Nostradamus’ tropical ascendant is Aries, but his sidereal ascendant, already noted, is Pisces.


Now using the Renaissance modern progression system, academically called the secondary progression, but commonly accepted as the standard modern progression system, on 2 July 1566 (greg. equivalent of the Old Style cal!) Jupiter’s oblique ascension is tropically at 04CAN53’33”r and the progressed ascendant is at 05CAN31’17”. Therefore, we have a 00° 37’44” longitudal difference. This system has been known to be used by Nostradamus and these sources are found in the French National Archive. This system is perhaps the most simplistic as all one needs is an ephemeris which includes planetary positions during your birth-year. The method’s difficulty for a quick check applies to looking ahead in the ephemeris counting each day’s position for each year of your life. Oddly, the time I estimated 12:21 p.m., L.M.T., provides Mars by this secondary progression to be at 05CAN38’14” and therefore this figure is six minuets and forty-seven seconds past the progressed ascendant (00° 06’47”). In Aristotle’s cosmos system, Mars is the destroyer and it appears to work in our modern progression system. But lets see if we can apply an our ancient system of directions using the Moon and Mars to figure out a proposed death-year?


The natal Moon is at 15SCO57’43” and the natal Mars is at 18CAN38’05”. Therefore The Moon ↔ Mars = 122° 40’22”. Next we divide by two and we arrive at 61° 20’11”. The conversion to an age arrives in the year of 1566, but two months shy of June 19th or 20th Old Style cal (appx. April 16 th 1566).


Now a more complex and beautiful method would be applied to Abassīd Astrological systems. We know in a sidereal analysis that Nostradamus’ ascendant constellation is Pisces, thereby Venus is the co-ruler here. Since the Sun is the haylāğ, and Jupiter is the Secondary signature, and co-rules Pisces with Venus, and the Abassīd Astrologers placed a high value on the eastern horizon the instant one was born to foretell the future, we will see what a direction of these two positions brings results. Venus’ natal positing is 02AQU22’52”.  Therefore, the   ☼↔ Venus distance is 30° 45’02”. And next we multiply it by 2 and this brings us to 61° 30’04”. This converts to an age-year of 15 June 1565.  But reading this work, I explain how Abū  Ma‘šar liked to add one-degree to his fardār’s driving academics and Ibn Ezra insane. If we then apply the Abassīd ‘very advanced’ astrological system we come to 62° 30’04”. This then converts to less than a week prior to Nostradamus’ death.


Nostradamus’ 22,417 Years fardāyrīya calculation


While Ezra is advocating a pure lunar calendar, he believes the Moon has astronomical-astrological value in understanding time and space. So let’s apply this pure lunar calculation to investigate a potential period for Nostradamus’ death-date?

The α Moon = 358° 40’34” which comes to 22,417° 15’ or discussed as twenty-two millennia and four-hundred and seventeen - years. We then, divide by 360 years or 360 degrees and we come to 62.2701 age-years for Nostradamus. This amounts about 62 years-old and 178 days which directs to a four-days prior to Nostradamus’ death-date.


So in conclusion to understanding pseudo-scientists, that is to say the institutionalized materialistic loggerheads who head-up Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, Oxford, Beijing, Cairo, Paris, Cambridge, Stanford, MIT, etc..., they would predict at a baby’s birth this boy has a chance to live from year 1-90 years, they have no idea? Astrologers using either Socrates and Plato, Ibn Ezra or the very gifted Abassīd Astrologers would intend this baby will live until 2 July 1566 (15 June 1566 about five-days prior of greg. cal. equivalent to 21st June 1566, Old Style) or approximate estimates within a week of the actual signature. Does this imply astrologers are superior of intellect to standard academics? Not precisely. Academics survive; pay their bills by constant lies, constant fallacies, and constant chaos management.   


These fardāyrīya certainly never became doctrine because they never managed to be accepted into standard academia. It has been long known in the community of scholars that to be correct would be one’s economic downfall, so being wrong, ‘all the time’ brought job security. This does not apply to modernity; it applies to all of life’s historical periods. Since this truism has no solution, cyclical or linear perpetual prophecies will sustain their grip on the imagination of the curious and play out upon the world scene.


A Trillion Year fardāyrīya


A fardāyrīya can utilize a uniquely constructed calendar, such as the Mayan short and/or long calendar-counts or the Hindu Great Ages calendars. These are then used to organize rituals on key shifts in these calendars, and these shifts are combined with explanations on all of life’s predicaments.


A fardār is an increment of time, within the larger series of some preferred fardāyrīya. For example, a Hindu period called a maha yuga has 4,320,000 years, and its length has a dynamic fardāyrīya in a ratio of 4:3:2:1. This is then a four-part dynamic fardāyrīya: Satya Yuga (a.k.a. Krita Yuga) has the ratio in the first position of 1,728,000 years and contains the ascription to a Golden Age or an age of truth (its compliment is Saturn in Aristotelian cosmology and/or Titans, in Hellenistic mythos). The second position portends the Treta Yuga and this part compiles 1,296,000 years, known as the silver age. The human ascription qualities have three-forth virtue and one forth liberalism. The third position, therefore has 864,000 years, known as the Bronze Age, and is divided in half between virtue and liberalism. Liberalism, a term I use here, will be defined for this Hindi system as without any consciousness or worry of consequence – any action is unrestricted and non conditioned by morality, by ethics, by human rights, or by judgment. The last position has a period of 432,000 years and is called the Kali Yuga, known as the Iron Age, and this has an ascription of one-forth morality and three-fourths liberalism. All ages have End-Times periods but in higher dimensions these periods are known as ‘shifts.’


While the Maha Yugas were particularly puzzling to all who were not privy to the mysticism of Hindu esoteria, the Brhaman twenty-four hour period (Kalpas) were borrowed and classified as a system of millennia in western civilization. One day and the accompanied night in a Brahman period were equal to 1,000 years and called a Kalpas,[5] and this is divided by 2 into 4.32 billion 360-day years (2.16 billion) – which has an approximate date of the creation of the planet Earth (~ 4.57 − 4.78  billion years-old). Likewise the Hebrew Holy Bible cryptically in its opening chapters has five billion years before the first intelligent human; Adam was created in God’s image. Each day of Creation in the opening chapters of Genisis account for a cryptic and static fardāyrīya. To confuse the interlocutors the chronology is non-linear (out of order). Like all cultures and civilization groups, there always were competing systems.


Another fardāyrīya associated to Hindi tradition explains that 100 Brahma years is equivalent to 72,000 Kalpas as well as equivalent to 311.04 trillion 360 –day years. [6] This is derived in that a lifespan of Brahma (The Creator of all things) are determined by 360 day/night years which is equivalent to 720 Kalpas,  as well as equivalent to 8.46 billion 360-day years.[7]  Much of these Sothern Asian continent ideas stem from the same period as Zoroaster’s ( north-eastern ancient Iran) and accounts for international ideas circa 2,100 B.C.E., during the Indus Valley Civilization (Harappan ‘mature’ Civilization, integration era ~ 2,600  − 1,900 B.C.E.) which was earlier than the Vedic Period to which the Krishna writings were ascribed.  


These ideas were inherently linked to reincarnation of the soul, corrupted by the later Brahman Priest for control that intended a novelty concept called karma and dharma – a type of human management system and certainly a construction to explain away the pain and suffering of daily existence. Yet, this begins to explain the fardāyrīya as it blends astronomical and astrological influences upon human affairs.


The Helens and Mayans have a third millennia date as correlated to our Christian calendar of the year of 3114 B.C.E ( 11 Aug. 3114 B.C.E., greg. cal., 3113 astronomical cal.), which is the long-count system as modernly interpreted. One K’atun had an approximate solar-year of 19.7 which intends from my perspective that 19 tropical years or 6939.602 days is close to a 235 day synodic Lunar month or 6939.688 days is the culprit here for determining this  fardāyrīya in the Long-Count calendar, and 1 Tun is equivalent to 0.985 solar years, meaning a 360 day-year. If we determine one year of these nineteen years of 6940 days, this produces a year value of 365, one fourth, and one seventy-sixths, of a day(s). Understandably, the Long Count of the Maya is associated to the Moon, and not to the Galactic Center.  However, like all cultures and historical periods, each civilization had many ideas, and the Venus cycle in Mayan traditions also account for different fardāyrīya.


A separate Lunar calendar systems described a short count which usurped the Long-Count Mayan Calendar and intends a fardāyrīya of 13 katuns, which are divided into 260 tuns which also implies that Maya’s main time-keeper was the Moon and not Venus as most scholars suppose. Venus on the other hand was a supplement, and perhaps an important key feature in their cosmology. Most likely the second brightest nighttime object in the sky, its pentagram revolution was symmetrical and thus beautiful which accompanied the pyramidal monuments architecture.


Yet the Moon dominates, as did so with the civilizations disconnected from the Maya. This is because 20 Tuns is equivalent to 1 K’atun which has a cycle in the mean value of 19.7 solar-years. Each of the 13 katuns applied to a day of the week, like our Enochian system reported by Ezra. And like a fardāyrīya, after the 13 period of the katun, the relative-cycle repeats. In Mesoamerican tradition, according to Ralph L. Roys, in his work The Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayei (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1967, pp. 132, 184-85) these 13 periods corresponded to a division of the lands into 13 kingdoms. In a sense this was a basic astrological/ astronomical concept linked to human affairs which was exactly why Trithemius was attacked by the Holy Roman Emperor’s constituencies.[8]


Finally, but not thoroughly elaborated on the many system,  the Maya 20 b’ak’tuns cover a period of 7,885 solar-years, which is similar to the standard 7,000 year fardāyrīya. And we see that a misinterpretation of the Book of Genisis, Days of Creation – applying one day equals a 1,000 years – derives miraculously form astronomer/astrologers to which in general the Bible bans from social practices.


In the Abassīd period a terminology of Persian Lots, later called Arabic Parts, describes a function which is similar but without periodization.  However these lots were mainly for individuals, whereas these same processes that became fardāyrīya were conceptualized in both horoscopes and mundane astrological charts for periods of observances such as in a case of periodic religious ceremonies. This ‘modern’[9] idea comes from the direction system popularly recorded by Ptolemy in Tetrabiblos but applied by Ma‘šar who introduced this system with new ideas during the Abassīd period. After the Islamic civilizations ebbed the Europeans begin forming their own fardāyrīya. Guido Bonatti, a thirteenth century Ghibelline supporter, dammed to Hell by Danté in his immortal work for using astrology, and certainly not the first in all cultures, but one of the first for medieval Europeans, starts a tradition of using  periodization to attack political ( not religious!) corruption in the Catholic Church but more importantly the Crusading Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick II (b. 26 December 1194, d. 13 Dec. 1250 old style cal.). 



Rejuvenated during the Medieval Age of Europe, by the Italian Renaissance (1350-1500) this topic became a novelty again and it was further practiced at Padua University and published into a modern system of astrological progressions. But what is a fardāyrīya in reality? It was a ‘tricksters’ way for astrologers introducing sidereal applications into an otherwise dominated tropical cosmos system, decried by the standard academics who could not comprehend the changeover to sidereal day calendrics of 366 days per year; although Ptolemy advocates for the absolution of the tropical system he is usually and incorrectly cited as confirming topicality. In this manner astrologers could fit in sidereal divination systems into an otherwise tropical astronomical system. Therefore, since all sidereal applications requite complex calculations -- most including Ezra and Sela’s definition of a fadār comes from Ezra and not Abū  Ma‘šar who is the referred source – when placing them into tropical compositions, they have theoretical applications and are not a part of the heavenly body real-time(s). The best way to demonstrate the many different applications for a fardāyrīya we will discourse on a few examples from the 44 th U.S.A. President’s birth-astrological chart.



Part I [ sec 5] What is a fardār?


The Arabic term fardār is not a corruption of the Greek term for period as most presume; it is rather a root (fard) word for ritual worship based upon calendar dates.  This term carries a connotation to a religious ascription – as everything under Islam is considered religious rather than political. Since everything in astronomical/astrology of this type of method is perceived as some mathematical function where two separate system come together to give a single output ( influence on human affairs or natural occurrences) all classifications of esoteria were mathematically based, which entails a purist definition of a function in mathematics.


Abū  Ma‘šar ( Revolution of the Years of Nativities ) and later Ibn Ezra ( Book of Nativities and Revolutions)  who both explain profectory computations for mundane astrological charts assign periods of time to a classification system with an identifier which is a transitory ruler of the fardāyrīya. In the book Revolution of the Year of Nativities, Ma‘šar explains what would be similar today as constructing a solar-return astrological chart. These ideas are also found in the medieval age transliteration from the fifteenth century of one copy of   Albumasaris de revolutionibus nativitatum.


From the solar –return coordinates, using the contemporary year in question is calculated including all relative angles for that year and then, Ma‘šar explains “[...] After that, write in the planets [,]tail [,] in their own houses and in the signs in which they were in the nativity. After this, write in the location of the ASC of the nativity and the place of the profection of  the year from it, i.e. from that same ASC of the nativity [ this gives a longitudal-distance that is then used to calibrate a fardāyrīya]; then write in the location of the profection of the division and its ruler and its partner in the division, the ruler of the fardār; and the one that divides with it and the ruler of cycle –each of these in the sign and in the terms in which it is . And if in the radix of the nativity there was, in the ASC or in the angle of the MC or with either of the lights or with those of the seven planets which were in the angles, any of the fixed stars, write that one there.”[10]


Trithmvius frames his fardāyrīya based upon the ‘agent’ Mars and his reign ended in 1771 and would not come again until the thirty-fifth century A.C.E. But this mass extinction of humans based upon academic science of a superior race/culture/human physical commenced under the Age of the Moon, according to Tithemvius’ created system. But Tithemvius thesis is that Mars rules when global chaos commences in history. Troy was destroyed under its reign, so was the Jewish race first temple destroyed.   Trithmvius’ argument then cannot be validated in light of recent historical research. But we need to consider that Trithmvius was neither an astronomer nor an astrologer and this probably explains his lackadaisical math. This was because this made-up system was not his thesis; it was the out of control warlords of the Early Modern Age of Europe, the out of control warlords of Asia and the out of control warlords of the Middle East. Rather than make this system applicable to the genre it concerns, all too a confusing mishmash of ideas and subjugated traditions forces us to deconstruct the origins of this said schema of time and to then reexamine if Nostradamus employs it at all!


Divination: Dividing up the heavens and assigning characteristics


What are similar concepts? Enoch, Abraham Ibn Ezra’s confessed expert on cosmoses and astronomical authority.  Adam ordering the heavens in Jewish mysticism, The Doctrine of Shemmitah or “Cosmic Aeons,” eastern mysticism, the age of Mars commencing in the second week of month of November of 1820 or ending in 1771 and eight months according to Roussat’s revision – its near parallel to Nostradamus’ III.LXXVII;  thus the various world ending dates because Mars is a Hellenistic destroyer in Aristotelian cosmic system of secondary intelligences – all were confused with a cycle in a term, sphere or a manifold didactic expression to communicate a method of foretelling a future by divination (or dividing up the heavens and assigning characteristics). Science became a fashion by implementing its first principle of dividing things and categorizing things to apparently organize randomness or chaos. These are evident by our most distant and ancient historical works, academically called MAATs which were then linked to Omen recordings (Cuneiform, c. 2,100 B.C.E. Mesopotamia). 

Part II ( Sec. HERE) Divination Condemned by You For Your own Good but practiced by You and Everyone Else on a Daily Basis


The study of morphology for the term Divination derives a classification of ideas and ties them to an understanding of material things. Divination comes from a concept of dividing of ideas to then make sense out of chaos. All sounds from our vocality come by divination.  The idea of nature and of human constructs which could foretell a future or in a pass tense, explains the past, did not correlate to civil management. Knowing the future could quickly be construed to influencing the future – e.g. magic. The difference intends magicians or soothsayers, tended to produce a product to influence the future, whereas Seers, diviners or Prophets tended to interpret the future with a pure intention. The Holy Bible[11] condemns soothsayers, which could be astrologers of a type but does not imply the practice of astrology as it was tied to astronomy by the experts, and magicians, but it did not condemn the practice of seers, diviners or prophets. Yet the distinction remains a subject of controversy.


How much free speech is communicably tolerable, and how much is communicably dangerous to upsetting the powerful elite human ruling classes? History is still undecided but it is clear that that everyone uses divination. It is a part of our cognitive process and defines us as a product of nature – the first diviner. When you have made a decision, you have divined your own ideas. When you think you are divining. Overtime, morphology of rational science and irrational pseudo-science was a definite magic divination, used to divide humans and promulgate an idea of segregating the privileged classes which tended to rise to power after service in wars, and pacifists, and peacemakers who wanted to be left alone and not follow the heard of warmongerers. A military general or leader could consult an oracle, but this was not the norm and just an exception. Therefore, divining became known as a genre of esoteria or non-physical things that had no military application.


As divination (a modern French word) derives from its roots of dividing, a concept of two individual things  that come out of one thing, this meant that in reality everything was tied together from a singular source. But as classes of humans divided so did their ‘truths,’ a their narratives many, and thus the basic divide between physical science of today and religious spiritual science – both were linked by the great intellects in history. This concept gave rise to what Arabic astrologers during the Abassīd period determined was a fardār. A fardār could be recommended as non-permissible for Free Speech.  It was dangerous, just as dangerous as claiming superiority to the truth about time and space.

Astrologers Time Bends, Secular Scientists are Einsteinphiles


Historical-Astrologers believe in wave-form time. Time bends, it appears linear and then it is not only to appear linear again; this had been known in many millennia ago, apparently since the dawn of history. The second law of thermal dynamics intends that things in a linear fashion tend toward entropy. However, time is a human construct of dividing (divining) our material universe and evident only by a perception observable of some distance in a space of at least two different points. Astrologers were the first to understand this idea and reality.


Newton described time as constant absolute integer commenced by a deity. Those who are Einsteinphiles intend Newtown was wrong because General Relativity intends multiple time(s) all happening at one. However, Newton was not incorrect; he had understood a 20 th century concept to theoretical physics called the singularity – a gravitational constant that runs all things known. This still has not been disproven.  Einstein just suggested that since space bends because of gravitational forces (he derived this General Relativity idea by contemplating an astrologer, J. Kepler’s laws of the motions of the planets and its correlation to time-space!), thus time bends ( as astrologer Kepler proved), and his term coupled the two identities into a single concept of ‘Space-Time.’ It did not matter that Albert Einstein is accredited for General Relativity, he derived all of these ideas from two astrologers, Newton and Kepler.  A fardāyrīya can be viewed as a wave form, in one of its prescriptive uses. This type of fardāyrīya, employed to its logical extension, found the Abassīd Astronomer/Astrologers linking some millennia of time in a ‘wave form fashion.’ They had understood the trend was of an ancient origin, but it was forgotten or banned for a long period of time – they brought it back into fashion – thus the second law of thermal dynamics has an equivalent to the ideas of the flat-earth scientists.


Yes, the earth is flat from one’s vantage point on a high cliff when looking out at one of the world’s oceans for about forty-miles, but beyond forty-miles the flat earth scientists intend that there exists the abyss. Beyond this point is unknown, and because of modern studies from psychologists’ on a topic of the unknown, fear of the unknown tends to created myths, of which one intended that an edge of the world was out there somewhere in that ocean, so it was communicated to all to not to try to wander to far past one’s vision from the shore or their ship and all their crew would fall into the abyss. Flat earth scientists tended never to peer out into the unknown, for it was dangerously intellectual as well as physically harmful, as society was built upon their conservative traditions (no mater if they called themselves progressive or liberal). 



Astrologers who corrected out time were trying to predict the future.


It was most likely that Giovanni Antonio Magini, being a scholar had read one of these ideas copied over and over again from the medieval age because this is exactly what he prescribed for his complex domicile system, by sneaking in sidereal methodologies and for instance longitude which was built into the locality when one calculates the time-of-day from any point of the year. But how does Rhetorius, the Egyptian explain Athenian Antiochus’ climate in parts? The third climate, according to the reporting is 210 degrees, because it follows zero degrees of tropical cancer and finishes at Sagittarius, implementing the date Nostradamus prescribes as perhaps the end of October of 1727. This is because the greatest is 210 at Alexandria and at the Summer Solstice; the Sun stays in the sky approximately 14 hours in the sky. This converts to a sexagesmal system of 210° and often it was written in years.  So when Ezra read that Ma‘šar

 said, according to whatever work Ezra was hinting at,  that 360° is equivalent to 360 years, we have a discussion upon a climate which placed sidereal ideas into the tropical domain. Yet, Ma‘šar fully knew, as did the rest of his Abassīd scholars that the solar year was 365.24 days long for one year. But during what we call climes these are measured in 360°, and Hipparchus and Ptolemy who are reporting one such tradition use simply 1° per year or 360° per 360 years. So 270 degrees of the point you stand to the midheaven has a fardār or 270 years or 18 hours, your choice. The whole point of the  fardāyrīya was to sneak into a otherwise tropical system of time and relate it to a multidimensional time system. 


Yet, we must be careful with this definition as the planet mentioned by Nostradamus is not the Sun mentioned by Rhetorius, the Egyptian explain Athenian Antiochus’ climate in parts. A climate for Mars then would be calculated by eccentricities, not found until astrologer Johannes Kepler later in history.


But Rhetorius reporting describes an earlier way to create a a base fardār, to which over a thousand years later the Abassīd astrologers began to introduce by theoretical conscripts the Platonic rays into the system. However, the climate parts (modern latitude) described the horizon latitude to the latitude of the tropical year position delineated into parts, which became static directions.  In general academic uses,  it also applied for Medical Astrology, as Rhetorius mentions the hour per sign increment of three and a third hours. So the Sun moves during this time of year through each sign which could be read by a medico, physician or Doctor every three and a third hours, the sign the Sun was in when they introduced themselves to their patient. Therefore, fardāyrīya is a genus term and evolved over time to branch out into a wide variety of levels and complexities.


If Ezra provided the lunar fardār that Tristhemvis creates, we could read the Nostradamus poem further and interject some interesting commentary. For example,  a third climate under Mars’ reign could be a double entendre for Mars’ third cycle as it is already the third ‘heaven’ (term/climat[e], e.g. Primum Mobile) in the mentioned cosmoses of varying cultures, and this passage in  the first line of the poem provides a date in line two : L’an mil ſept cens vingt & ſept en Octobre (1727, October). Since years are broken into 354 years per term we have 4 months as the factorial, which March begins the first term ( The World Chart), according to Tristhemvis and later shifting calendar correlations. Therefore March, July, November, all are the monthly options, but Nostradamus provides us with a mention to October (e.g. cal. equivalent to November by the perpetual factorials in the lunar fardār ).  Still more surprisingly, Roussat gives the year of Mars’ terminus –at the year of 1771 (A.C.E.) and eight months. Therefore, Mars is in term by Roussat’s adopted and revised lunar fardār, and Tristhemvis’ entire point of his letter was to complain of a warlike European atmosphere and especially a corrupt Holy Roman Empire administration, as Trithemvis and all other Europeans ( and all humans) lived under a climate of Mars. Before jumping to conclusions, the prime source pertains to Ezra and he provides no fardāyrīya that we are discussing here. Mars is simply at the home as in: sphere (Aristotelian), term (Ptolemaic astrological domain language), heaven (Enoch), abode (some mystical texts), domain (scholarship).


In Roussat, this was the second time Mars had ruled since the Creation, so a third climate of Mars, if considering he uses Trithemvis or Roussat this system has a time-date under the second ‘term.’ So it is safe to say that Nostradamus is referring to the home of Mars, and according to the time signature, it agrees with both Trithemvis or Roussat period when Mars is ruling the world, according to this made up fardāyrīya.

Part X: Explaining Astrological Directions


An Astrology chart in general is a stationary view from our planet Earth to a view of out into the Heavens with a semi-spherical geometrical divisional system. These divisions, as in divining, were classified, were  characterized, were composed, were calculated,  and were critically introducing an otherwise little understood concept of life – such as purpose. The theory portends that all things which make up the totality of life could be viewed prior to the time it happened. Its origins were certainly progressed upon by Hellenistic philosophy of Plato’s Forms which intends unseen forces will have a cause and effect upon a native under an influence of a direction.


A direction is not a viewable point in any space-time. A primary direction is a fluid and a movable view discomposed over space-time. A direction can have characteristics both linear and of ‘relative’ cyclicality.  The stationary astrology chart, therefore, was the canvas that allowed all directions to paint a tableau of totality of one’s life(s).


The eastern horizon from anywhere on Earth took on an importance in Platonic forms, and approximately the first thirty-degrees of elevation projected the rays (e.g. Plato’s rays) of the bad dæmon  and the next thirty degrees above the already thirty degrees of the bad dæmon defined the climate of the good dæmon. The third climate of the elevation from sixty degrees to ninety degrees had no description other than it was in the quadrant of the ‘projection of the rays.’ Most astrology chart ideas divide their circles into four main categories, based upon the local eastern and western horizons, the zenith and anti – zenith of the local. As the Sun moved above the eastern horizon, the air started to warm – up (usually in most climates), and it became much hotter when it culminated. Likewise, when the Sun set the air started to cool-off in warmer climates, and during night-time, the temperatures dropped significantly until the Sun rose again the next day to warm up the air again. We believed that the Sun influences not only the air but our entire lives. It affected the biology of the Earth, human biology, and forced humans to plan according to its ‘direction’ in the sky. For example, in warm climates and when the Sun is high in the sky during the summer months, in ancient times (for lack of interiors for sheltering from the Sun’s rays) workers took a long break from outdoor work.  So the direction of the mid-day Sun’s position influenced human’s lives dramatically. The Sun was much more powerful than the human animals, and thus it achieved deity status.


The morning Sun-Light usually defines our mood(s), our work-life, and our daily planners. This is because we can gauge to how the day will end by the intensity of the rays of the Sun before Noontime. From sunrise to noontime, this was the most important time of the day and this time shaped the lives of all humans immensely. In astrological lore for a common narrative the domains of 12, 11, and 10, are all directions of the rays.

This astrological idea became popular because it was explained by Ptolemy in Tetrabiblos. Therefore, all the other climes or domains of the astrological chart are called horary positions. As explained in my Sothis Cycle Myth paper the terms horoscope (i.e. only a birth chart, never a mundane chart), and horary derive their origins from an Egyptian deity, Horus (identified with the Sun!). All the horary positions are all the domains in single digits, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 while the direction of the rays fulfill the double-digit classification, 10,11,12.


But before one becomes exited about understanding the field-map division, now understood as subdivided into two sections 90:270° this idea was solely a Hellenistic philosophy system of dividing up life based upon the main star that controls all of the human animals. When Directions are explained by any culture or group within a culture, they may not agree at all to these ascriptions.



Democratizing the tasyīr


A direction could by default be any application of an idea rooted in astronomy/astrology and practiced, analyzed, and promoted. The idea was to classify and give a characteristic to a heavenly body and shaping it into a unique domain and called by various names – for organizational purposes.   In Arabic astrological sources from the Abassīd period, a common use of the term tasyīr, and to the Helens had used aphesis (& variants), implied a direction. To qualify this definition, a tasyīr implied a choice to which pathway to follow on the ecliptic. It could be proper motion or improper motion, because time and space in reality are not linear at all. In the directions of the rays quadrant, Ptolemy likes to move the tasyīr toward the ascendant, thus a proper motion. However, in the horary quadrants (climes two and three) the tasyīr follows an improper motion; that is to say, either toward the M.C. if in the third climate, or toward the Descendant if in the second clime. These are general observations and by no-means a rule.


Astrology sub-classifications Directions


Yet in these systems there were genius and sub-classifications.  It was simply known as a direction for cross cultural communication. In the late fifteenth century a widely different system developed by south-eastern Europeans (especially at Padua University) formulated another ‘genus’ direction system. This is commonly known in scholarly work as a ‘secondary progression.’ This term does not imply any second choice or process, but to a historically chronological demarcation of traditional systems. The first academic argument to which derived a division of the heavens was the Primum Mobile. The Padua University system, as I call it, was perhaps already in vogue during its debates. It takes generally real time and moves the planets, the luminaries, and Right Ascension, by proper daily motions.


This solved many problems for Astrologers. First, all one needed was an ephemeris rather than an astrolabe or a table of ascensions. Second, it appeared rational and in relation to the Age of Reason[12] which at this time was in pre-stages in western civilization. Finally, testing the system did seem to apply good results.


Yet, this progression system failed in the sophisticated beauty of the long and arduous processes of geometrical-philosophy and the spiritual influence upon human matters. Kepler had tremendous success calculating progressions in many horoscopes (he was more concerned with horoscopes than mundane astrology charts, like Newton!). Kepler’s critics scoffed at him for presumably having occupied much of the time of his life calculating these long and arduous Directions.


These long and arduous Directions


Directions are suspect to invention. Lets perform some conceptual Directions for Barak Hussein Obama (Sotero, etc..). Obama’s mid-point of the Jupiter and Saturn planets (because they passed a conjunction already) has a RA of 298°08’49.5”. Jupiter and Saturn are in the quadrant of the rays (i.e. directions of the rays). His Saturn is in the domain of the Good Dæmon, and his Jupiter is the domain of the Evil Dæmon (Placidus domicile). So according to the Persians and Hellens, Obama would have great ‘government’ skills, but a poor record on legality or spiritual matters. In a modern parlance, this would be viewed as a person who intends the ends justify the means.  Having Jupiter in the domain of the Evil Dæmon prescribes a person who has a careless attitude about laws, codes, ethics, morals, or the consequences of such legalities in a social domain.  


From the RA of Jupiter’s and Saturn’s mid-point to the M.C. there are 63° 41’ 50.5” longitudal degrees. (i.e. equatorial times, Ptolemy, tetra.). From the RA of Jupiter’s and Saturn’s mid-point to the ASC. there are 25° 29’ 51.5” longitudal degrees.  The RA of the Sun (α ☼) for Obama is 222° 01’45”. This sign J║S will demarcate are relative conjunction ± 10° with its application to a mid-point. Obama’s Saturn tropically is at 25CAP22’05”r; and Jupiter is at 00AQU55’34”r. As a relative conjunction of ± 10° a purist definition of a conjunction is 00° 00’00”...etc. Let this sign, ↔, be termed ‘a tropical arc (i.e. longitudal distance).’ First we will make this a direction, and use this mathematical expression: α ☼ + J║S ↔ M.C ∕ 12 = 20° 37’38.04”. Next we will make it a dynamic fardāyrīya: α ☼ + J║S ↔ M.C ∕ 12 + ∑3 = 61° 52’54.15”. We can subdivide α ☼ + J║S ↔ M.C into four theoretical right-angles by this expression: α ☼ + J║S ↔ M.C ∕ 4 [13]  =  71° 25’53/88”. If we choose to subdivide into six we have 35°42’56.94”. These examples only had shown how to derive a direction, but not necessarily the only method or a correct method. There are perhaps countless systems tried, some with success and some unexplored.


The only angles in astrology which are universally agreed upon are the four quadrant angles. Ptolemy tried to communicate that each quadrant will have its own time value. This is correct, and poorly understood. If we choose to define climes as latitudal increments of 10° the AC ↔ M.C will differ at each increment (or clime) north or south with additional fluctuations of the declination of the ecliptic. Since I use Mombasa, Kenya for Obama’s birth local his AC ↔ M.C has a longitudal distance of 88° 09’ 27”. When we divide this by two we have 44° 04’43.5”. Ptolemy uses 5’ (five minuets or 60 ∕ 12) to demarcate divisions in the yearly months. Therefore, using Ptolemy’s rule of Directional-birth-equivalence Obama’s Direction of his AC ↔ M.C will arrive at 4 September 2005.


Lets demonstrate some thinking on the improvement of the Abassīd Astrologers. If we were taking Obama’s horoscope and hypothesized that it was a mundane astrological chart, and in this case a real conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, we have an expression as such: α ☼ + α J║S − 360° ∕ 90 = 1° 46’ 47.05” or  ~ 1.78°. So this then becomes a direction without an ascription at all – just a direction. Next, we use Ptolemy’s promulgation of a tradition to move this Direction longitudally per-year. 1.78° ∙ 50y = 89°. This then describes 4 August 2011 by conversion from Obama’s birth to Obama’s age-year.  


Obama’s AC ↔ M.C has a longitudal distance of 88° 09’ 27”. To check this, Obama’s J║S ↔ A.C ∙ 2 = 50°59’43”. When we convert the minuets and not using Ptolemy’s 360 day calendar method but a 365.24 day calendar method, this Direction applies to approximately the month of July of the year of 2012. For example, if this Direction intended 50°00’00”, this then would indicate 4 August 2011. Again, Ptolemy claimed to throw-out the minuets and seconds when discussing Directions. Therefore, if we do so, it matches the same time-frame as the Abassīd Astrologers.


The Abassīd Astrologers and the Ptolemy promulgated systems are conceptualized differently but apparently both systems arrive at a similar conclusion (4 August 2011 of Obama’s year-age). This is the beauty of symmetry associated to the semi-spherical geometry involved in astronomy/astrology.


If hypothetically Obama’s astrological birth chart was a mundane chart, and working from an idea that there actually was a purist conjunction, we have a mundane application as: α ☼ + α J║S = 520° 10’34.5”. Therefore near the date of 4 October 2,481 A.C.E. this direction takes place. If we subtract 360° we intend a direction of 160° 10’34.5”.


If we choose to placate a religious theme to this directional expression, this was exactly how this was accomplished. For example, the Religion of the Arabs is constructed for a small-conjunction of the Chronocrator series close to the period of the Prophet’s birth year. This took place in 3° of tropical Scorpio. Its term, as reported by ibn Ezra via Abū  Ma‘šar’s reporting in his work On Religions and Dynasties,  is under Venus;  thus the ascription of Friday as Islam’s holy day of the week.


The Abbasīd Astrologers, therefore, would use this formula α ☼ + α J║S = to derive the direction of the Religion. Of course, as Sela ‘almost’ reports accurately, to Ma‘šar this value would intend a ‘mighty fardār.’[14] The adjective of ‘mighty’ explains some long-period increments of time, such as the 520° 10’34.5” which then is converted to years, and for Ptolemy’s method, 520 years, 2 months, and about a little over two weeks. If we turned this into a static-fardāyrīya its signatures arrive(s) at clime 1 (October 2,481 A.C.E), clime 2 (December 4, 962 A.C.E), and clime 3 (February 7, 444 A.C.E).

Thrasyllus of Medes:  Philosophy of calculating Directions


Porphyry, explaining Thrasyllus of Medes[15]  (1st c. B.C.E. – d. 36 A.C.E.) astrologer to Tiberius Cæsar mentioned in Tacitus, Annals of Rome, and was considered a Egyptian and Greek grammarian and editor of Plato and Aristotle’s works) directional concepts require a much different idea than Ptolemy’s reporting on traditions as he gathered these ideas, as he cites that hard angels such as 90 degrees or 180 degrees are the ‘signatures’ to find for any direction to indicate difficult times for the native. Perhaps, he solved the gravitron debate already!


Therefore staying true to Ptolemy’s suggestion that each of the quadrants have different time signatures (not all universal, Ezra!), we can cut a semi-day arc calculation by 90° degrees as a concept for a direction for a heavenly body or point in outer space. This is the system I currently use and it is quite telling. However, it does not mean difficult things for a native when the direction reaches its terminus, as Ptolemy relates.  For example, I have Obama’s Saturn reaching culmination on 4 November 2008, the day he was elected 44th U.S.A. President (example given below). I used a classic right-angle to calculate this direction, it does not mean death in all circumstances – nor was Obama’s Saturn is hylāğ.  This direction was derived as suggested by 90 degrees after finding the ‘rays’− directions (oriental/north),[16] then introducing a fardār of 1°.


Part XI: Claudius Ptolemy, Tetrabiblos, Book III, Ch(s) XII-VX: Direction System II.


The most difficult direction system Ptolemy explains is classified as his part of a discussion on many forms of a second classified system. His first is the standard and well understood 360 degrees equals 360 years, used as Sela states, a ‘mighty- fardār.’ Ptolemy gives six direction examples in his book, and what it tries to do is rectify real time and its relation to the other time, equatorial time. This is an age old problem. Each system has  a slightly different formula, almost the same, but of one of these functions will look like this:


Direction (ƒ¹) = prorogator  − α/h ∙ ⁿ○sign/ ₪sign + ƒ² + P > ⁿ○sign ≤ ∙ φ.


His system is based upon calculations for only the Summer Solstice at Alexandria, to which “the horary magnitude of the beginning of Gemini will be about seventeen equatorial times [i.e 17 degrees].”[17] The next step is to place zero Aries on the Ascendant and calculate the temporal hours distance and multiply the temporal hours which are six to seventeen.

So let’s construct a chart wheel for -150 B.C.E., old style calendar for the Summer Solstice at Alexandria so we can visually see the system being demonstrated. The Summer Solstice takes place at late 27 July, old style calendar, but some portions for our calculations will use Thursday 28 July -150 B.C.E., Alexandria 29e54, 31n12, and three minuets after solar-noon 12:03 the M.C. and the Sun lines up closely with ☼ 00LEO46’40” (α cor leonis tropically at 00LEO04’55”)[18]  and M.C. 00LEO48’35”. Ptolemy explains to place zero Aries on the ascendant. This takes place at 9:53:40 (I’m using 9:54) p.m. U.T. 19:54:24 , 27 July -150 B.C.E., Sidereal Time 18:00:59 [e.g. Ptolemy’s value for 6 temporal hours], the Sun’s longitude is at 00LEO12’28” and the ASC is at 00ARI22’03”. Ptolemy writes that he wants Capricorn as the M.C. sign, and it has a longitude of 00CAP13’34”. Then Ptolemy states, that “and the first point of Gemini be distant from the said mid-heaven 140 equatorial times [ it is actually 147.25° equatorial times]. Now , since the first point of Aries is distant six temporal hours [ sidereal or real time!] from the mid-heaven above the earth, the times of that distance will be found, by multiplying the said six hours by the seventeen equatorial hours from the horary magnitude of the first point of Gemini, to be 102,” according to Ptolemy.  


The actual figure is for nine hours and forty-nine minuets which is 147.25° and this is because the measurement at 9:53 p.m. L.M.T. Alexandria, Egypt, 27 July – 150 B.C.E. and it ends on 7:43 a.m. (M.C. 00GEM08’). Ptolemy could have used a different year, but in trying to figure out his calculation, I first tried to divide by the two equatorial times given by Ptolemy for this Summer Solstice at Alexandria diurnal and Nocturnal Solar-Arc. 210° + 150° ∕ 2 = 285° 00’00” (i.e. 150/2 + 210), and then divide by two again to arrive at 142° 30’00”. This figure is closer to Ptolemy’s 140 equatorial times (i.e. longitude), but does not correspond to real equatorial time. The logic was to divide the nocturnal solar –arc and add the full diurnal solar arc and then divide by two again.  Rather a more natural system is to divide the astrological equatorial times by each quadrant as each will have different times, and this was exactly what Ptolemy is trying to explain to his audience, a method of incorporating longitude. Temporal hours in Ptolemy corresponds to sidereal time (clock time to the ancients), and then the idea is to convert these figures into tropical-equatorial times, which became difficult – as it is difficult even for modern scientists today.  


In J.M. Ashmand’s translation and notation of Tetrabiblos (1882 A.C.E.) a note about the 140 equatorial times explains that Ptolemy gives a table in Almagest to which the ascensional time is closer to the 147.25° I found but the 100ths position is left out, perhaps a typing mistake ( it is 47°). It is a wonder why Ptolemy makes this crucial mistake as he has it correct in his tables on ascensional time in his astronomical work Almagest.


Hellenistic Directional Concepts


Ptolemy gives three examples with Ascendant, M.C., and Descendant as the dividing points for the Direction. The other three do not use these three angles, and he explains it matters not, but what matters are three points to which describe a calculation of time, adjusted for the latitude. But he is constricted to using the solstice or equinox as aberrations from these positions, the calculations become more precise and profoundly difficult. Even, the reputable astrologer Robert Hand intends Placido’s Directions are difficult for almost all modern astrologers to use in practice. When I do mine from hand, these calculations are rather difficult, and the modern astrological program I use to derive the rise and sets and culmination points becomes invaluable in regards to time management. There are directional software programs, but I do not use them because I want to see each step of the calculation.


The method has three points, the one in the middle is called a prorogator. These are two points which collide to make up a static point in the heavens.  This can be anything, perhaps even a star, but most likely one of the two luminaries or a planet. There are two sectors of the astrological chart wheel by Ptolemy’s mention, the first called ‘projection of rays.’[19] This will be one section, and these places are derived from only calculations from the ascendant to the midheaven. The second, therefore, are all the rest of the places of the astrological wheel that are called “horary proportion.’ These then are all positions found after the M.C. and up to the ascendant. Ptolemy does not clarify his statements and leaves out some data pertinent for clarity. For example, he only writes that Oriental, in this paragraph, are equatorial degrees from R.A. of 270° to 359° 59’ 59...’ Well this confuses the reader because R.A. 0° to 89° 59’ 59’ are ((‘NOT’)) a part of Ptolemy’s second proportion, the horary, and it is also oriental. But to clarify this, Ptolemy perhaps should have stated that only the section regarded the ‘projection of rays’ is northern oriental and the southern oriental is the section regarding the horary proportions.  In the preceding chapters, the Prorogators can only be theoretically in all sectors of the chart but the southern eastern (oriental) place, i.e. R.A. 0° to 89° 59’ 59’.


Ptolemy’s communicating the places of the Prorogator lacks clarity, and on many websites trying to convey what he means, has constant confusions. Ptolemy starts off his dominion of prorogation by placing 25 degrees of some sign (not given!) under the horizon, thus in the southern eastern (oriental) place. Thereby confusing myriad of interpreters ever since. What Ptolemy is trying to say in common astrological language is that the ascendant, the midheaven to the descendant are the only preferred places to use as the middle figure for his directional schemata ( or the one he is communicating by the popularity of it). The anti-midheaven was of little importance for these prediction schemata. He further clarifies after a confusing admittance to degrees below the horizon, intending “No [!] degrees under the earth are, in any manner, eligible to the domain now in question, except such only as entered into the light [e.g., his statement that degrees of a sign can be below the horizon because they are needed for computation in the direction schemata, thus the 25 degrees below the ascendant is permissible (up to 29° 59’ 59”..) actually above the succedent, or, in other words, with the ascendant.”[20]   An easy way to say the same thing is that all prorogators are assessed by diurnal conditions, except for partial signs that fall below the horizon used in the computations for the direction, and the three angles that apply to diurnal positions, the ascendant, M.C. or the descendant will be used to calculate your direction.


Ptolemy Direction System II, two examples.


In chapter XV, Exemplification, Ptolemy gives two examples so lets start with example two. Ptolemy gives 18 Taurus as the midheaven and then says that “the first point of Aries” is “at the distance of three temporal hours past the midheaven.”[21] Three temporal hours are 45° degrees and counting back to the Zero Point of Aries from the given M.C. longitude we have 3° of Aries, which is not the zero point. And also, after the entire example Ptolemy gives, this apparently did not matter anyway. Next we compute the degrees of longitude to zero Gemini from the M.C.’s longitude and we have 13 degrees (tetra. a.k.a. equatorial times). Next we find the difference of the degrees of one sign (i.e. 30°) from our sign preceding our M.C. sign, thus 30°−13°=17°.  From 18 TAU and working backwards three temporal hours (i.e. 3:00h) to zero R.A., this figure is multiplied into the found 17 equatorial times to achieve 51.


If we do not understand the domain language Ptolemy uses we will intend that he is 3° off when assuming it is either at the spring or  at the autumnal equinoxes for three longitudal hours rather than three sidereal hours to 00AIR00’; thus confusing people for centuries, because he fails to supply a given date-correlation) and these are communicated as three hours to our found difference of the preceding sign from the ascendant as exampled above. This comes to 51° (i.e. 3∙17). The function relates that two things were discovered separately and now must be combined to output one value, thus a purist definition of what is a function. Therefore 13 and 51 are combined by addition to arrive at our direction, “being 64”[degrees].[22] This then becomes a ‘direction.’ The difficulty intends with this direction that we divide up the year because before six years are finished this direction has already traversed the astrological wheel.


Ptolemy claims that latitude must be taken into consideration, and some believe because Alexandria, Egypt’s latitude is 31n21, and thus in a third ‘clime’; thereby three hours. But he gives an approximate three hours to the M.C. of 18 TAU, which was off by twelve minuets, so his real time from 18 Taurus to the zero point of Aries in hours is actually three hours and twelve minuets. But this becomes suspicious because in many examples, Ptolemy tells his readers to throw- out minuets and seconds in their computation for directions. However, in chapter XV of Book III, Ptolemy is clear and the multiplication portion of this function happens  by the value of ‘temporal hours,’ from the zero point of R.A. to the prorogator, and the examples all have the mid-heaven as the choices. So when Ptolemy mentions to take into an account of the latitude, he does so without telling his audience why or illustrating by an example.


Part XII: Socrates, Plato, Forms, Direction of the Rays (DOR), Aristotle


Aristotle’s cosmos did not wholly agree to the Platonic ( not Neo-Platonic!) cosmos method of rays, but the student records these ideas out of respect for his teacher. The concept, like Trithemvis’ reversal of the days of the week for his Ezrian fardāyrīya, Right Ascension is followed in reverse. Therefore, the Direction of the Rays is from RA270° to RA359° 59’59” as far as matters of importance. The bad dæmon is theoretically RA330° to RA359° 59’59” or in real visual arena, the eastern low horizon. Over the centuries, these positions have played out in stunning  success. Mao-Tse-tung, who allegedly engineered the most quantitative genocide of innocent humans, had his natal Sun approaching the bad dæmon zone. He, by far was not the only one to have this placement as a prominent historical leader of a group of people. Many of the aggressive Roman Emperors also had their natal Sun in the bad dæmon zone. Most of the competent Roman Empire astrologers were well aware of these placements. In modern times, Adolf Hitler had his natal Sun angled from a stress 150° to the bad dæmon zone. Although arguably, many humans have these natal positions and are not leaders of masses of neither people, nor do they concern themselves to worldly affairs. Yet, the Direction of the Rays had a pliable trade in Directions, as the rest of the astrological wheel remained a second choice.


To determine the arc(s) of the Direction of the Rays, there are multiple methodologies. The standard to which fulfils surprising results are perceived as longitude distance from the horizon to the zenith which differs in time(s) of the year, latitude consideration and subjected to processional ‘slight’ shifts over long periods of time. Most Astrologers in directions concern themselves with Magini’s 3/6 trigonomic division for the arc from AC to M.C., however, in reality these divisions do not report the reality of the heavenly bodies nor any real-time. This is explained, when I illustrated Chavigny’s semi-and-full day arc(s) and its reality of the position of the Sun as in relation to its real position at solar-noon.


Here is an expression: AC↔M.C. Let ↔ symbol represent the longitudal distance between the horizon and the zenith at any specific local. We will then call this longitudal distance the Direction of the Rays (DOR). For example, DOR (AC↔M.C) can be 103° 27’01”. We can divide this by two and arrive at 51° 43’ 30.5”. This then becomes the longitudal mid-point distance of the DOR and a theoretical two right-angled divide. This is because we now assume as astrologers this is another time-space frame altogether and the DOR is actually a circle within the greater astrological wheel – circle. Thus the division by two is at a theoretical mid-point of 360° as 180° (i.e. two right-angles in sexagesimal maths).  


Part I: [ sec. 2] Non institutionalized ideas are historical dangerous.


Non institutionalized ideas are historical dangerous. Here are some relevancies to this subject by examples. In Nostradamus’ early prophetic career he made something a little to clear in a public writing, and later told someone that the king will cut-off-his-head as he was en route to Paris summoned to meet the king and explain his methodology.  And as history had witnessed he never made the mistake again.[23] Adolf Hitler executed or imprisoned astrologers. He apparently did not like their predictions. According to Abraham Ibn Ezra in Sefer ha-te’amin (Provence, France, 11 th c. ) or its Latin version, Liber de rationibus tabularum, the agent of death is Saturn. Hitler’s Saturn by Right Ascension and divided by four right angles amounts to a month before he allegedly commits suicide.


Porphyry, writing upon Hellenistic history intends Thassymachus (c. 459-400 B.C.E.), a central figure in Plato’s Republic, uses mathematics as a universal language applied to Plato’s Forms. Euclid, in Elements, book i, def., 22, defines a square as “Among quadrilateral figures, one that is both equilateral and right-angled is a square.”[24] Thrasymachus of Corinth was master of Stilpo, a pupil of Euclid’s. Much of the Megarian school combined the universal language of maths with logic and tried to link math to ethics and to morality. Porphyry of Tyre[25] (234 A.C.E. – 305 A.C.E.) who mentions his pupil is Iamblichus, to which probably translates to ‘the most influential philosopher to Porphyry’ relates how the right angle (90°) and the opposition 180° are two of the most important prognosticatory angles in astrology. Writing centuries after Ptolemy, his ideas are further expounded upon by the Abassīd Astrologers. In the fashion of the scientific method, lets demonstrate Thassymachus’s hypothesis.


Part XIII: Adolf Hitler Saturn Right Angles − Thassymachus’ hypothesis.


Porphyry in his Platonic work, Prophyrii in Platonis Timaeum commentarium fragmenta and Philosophos historia contain arguments which are philosophic by a didactic method. Although, he was a great admirer of Iamblichus, he refused to see mysteries as fate. Fate had always been a central issue, and Proclus produced Ten Problems concerning Providence , On Evil, and On Fate. During the early twentieth-century the scientific academia determined nothing is real if cannot be measured. Particles move accompanied by wave-forms, but since wave-forms cannot be detected by mechanical instruments, they do not exist, according to a consensus of ( pseudo-) physicists. Scientific consensus has been around for millennia, the flat earth, the Earth as the center of our Solar System, the periodic tables explain all forces in the universe, and whoever does not follow the establishment consensuses are expelled from participating in civil society. The conflict between truth of fate and the lowest common denominator, ‘establishment consensuses,’ defined civil society. The problem remained in the lowest common denominator’s ability to understand information and produce it into knowledge. Since the lowest common denominator’s truth is relative, and there is no God, then ideas resolve to ‘war,’ ‘might is right,’ no civility, the ‘ends justify the means.’ It was, is and will be a pathway to chaos. For most of the twentieth century, seeping into academic social science, such as Foucault’s, energy was classified by Einstein and other academics as ‘all positive.’ In one of his last speeches, Foucault apologized and admitted most of his ideas were wrong – he based much of his conclusions on ‘all energy is positive,’ when in reality everything has its counterpart. Today, all the periodic table elements have their anti-counterparts with equal ‘weight.’ Therefore Einstein’s ‘speed law’ of the universe is a false proposition. In 1955, at the University of California, Berkeley, the first anti-matter particle was produced slamming particles onto a copper plate and today, anti-matter, the anti-counterparts of the periodic table potentially and some suggest are more powerful than our conventional nuclear-energy. These anti-matter particles, if produced in large quantities can open a ‘wormhole’ and deliver a motion vehicle and beings into an alternative universe.  In 1935 A.C.E., Einstein published a paper on ‘wormholes,’ because his theory of relativity was not an absolute equation of the Universe. But wormholes remain only a hypothesis, thus a pseudo-science, according to the scientific global narrative from idiots.  


Since these ideas are inherently linked to ‘all things,’ i.e. esoteria, astrology then is classified as a pseudo-science, along with love, wormholes, anger, all emotions, all to which cannot be psychically measured to which the academic certitude of knowing all breaks down or rather love, anger, compassion and all emotions are contained under the rubric of a pseudo-science. Although black-holes (actually invisible to our naked eyes) had been a hypothesis for over 100 years, it was not until the later 1980s that these important universe players were convincingly found. Since they were not detected by only postulated, such as Einstein’s efforts, should he be classified as a pseudo-scientist, which means an ignorant animal? I guess everyone working at CERN in Europe are all a pseudo-scientists intending by ‘faith’ alone and some speculation, that the Higgs particle will be found and measured.


So we will test this pseudo-science of Thassymachus’s hypothesis with the death date of Hitler corresponding to his astrological birth chart. There are two conclusions, the first we will use Ibn Ezra’s ‘angel of death.’


Hitler’s αS = 223° 27’34”. If we divide this right ascension by four right-angles we have a longitudal value of 55° 51’50.5”. This places his Saturn approximately a month before his 56 th birthday, the year he allegedly commits suicide. This value for prognosticatory purposes then agrees to the DOR ∕ 2 for Hitler’s death year at 56°.  Propheyry explaining Plato’s Doctrine of Virtues provides us with four classifications ( he calls them categories) and diakaisune (justice) which represents the fourth would be later understood as the quadrant of the clime DOR, and assumes a form of a square. Again, Euclid defines a square having four right angles, and we divided Hitler’s Saturnine Right Ascension by four right angles to achieve the year closest to this death which was one month before his 56 birthday. However, in the tradition of Nostradamus he would do long calculations implying a corroborating evidence, and thus we will use the Socratic and Platonic ‘Direction of the Rays’ to confirm this year of Hitler’s life at 56 years-old will be determinative of his death-year.  


Direction of the Rays − Sacrates, Plato, Aristotle, Ptolemy


Hitler, like the numerous modern academics, had contempt for astrology, considering the practice a part of a pseudo-science. Socrates, Plato, Ptolemy, Abassīd Astrologers, Kepler, Newtown, all were influential in the history of ideas, and all not only believed but practiced astrology. Therefore these persons are pseudo-scientists. The division between scientists and pseudo-scientists intends a classification of ideas which apparently regards the difference between higher intelligence of humanoids from plants and most animals. Most words break down to their essence and mean some simple ideas. A fardāyrīya has no difference as its basic etymological origins. It is a dividing of ideas, in which to analyze them and reconstruct the various parts (ideas) back into a grand unified theme – much like the holy grail of theoretical psychics –i.e. a small one-inch equation to explain all things in the universe. 


The astrology Socrates and Plato encountered and practice was nothing like psychological, free-choice, recommendation, feel good or agenda – driven political (soothsaying) astrology which is commonplace in a wide variety of contextual astronomical economy.  Their type of astrology remained solely based in astronomy and mathematics.


Here is how the system works. The institutionalized scientists intend they have no idea when Hitler will die. Socrates or Plato would say, just calculate the haylāğian Sun and this will tell you the year to which this individual will die. The establishment scientist will emote that he or she would be wasting valuable time, to which Socrates would intend this was a lame –excuse for someone who has limited mental capacity for complex matrix-formed cognation. Socrates was voted and condemned to die because he was getting people to think and question ideas; whereas the Athenian politicians who condemned him to trial wanted compliant robots citizens whose sole objective to life remained a conforming attitude to the establishment’s ideas of a  collective economy. Abraham Ibn Ezra who is mirroring Claudius Ptolemy’s understanding of Socrates and Plato’s astrological expertise intends “[...] when a planet [or a luminary!] is in its north [DOR] its rays are stronger and it has great power on Earth.”[26] Since Hitler’s Sun fulfils the haylāğian requirements, Socrates would tell you when he will die.


The Direction Of the Rays (DOR) of the haylāğ comes to 56° 37’30”. Adolf Hitler was born on Saturday, the 20th of April 1889 at Braunau Inn, Austria, to a custom official (Zollamts-Offizialskind). He allegedly committed suicide on the 30th of April 1945. This amounts to 56 years-old, the longitudal distance of the calculated DOR displayed by the fifty-six degrees (56°) of Adolf Hitler’s haylāğian Sun, using Ptolemy’s first directional system found in Tetrabiblos.[27] While the DOR for the Sun was accomplished without Hitler’s birth-time, the promulgated 6:30 p.m. birth-time was used to ascertain Hitler’s moribund-haylāğ. This type of accuracy was what divided the pseudo-scientist from the establishment scientist.


Now in post-modernist though, we turn this around and intend Socrates is the scientist and the establishment scientists, Harvard, Cambridge, Tokyo, Beijing, Moscow, Paris, Padua, Berkeley and other all are professors at prestigious universities of both male and female are of the pseudo-scientists classification. In reality, theoretical physicists are but the same pseudo – scientists, because they contemplate non-measurable circumstances. When Karl Mark defined reality to the establishment scientists, he intended all history was determined by material circumstances – there was no equation of spiritual forces. Anything irrational, such as love, could not be measured by mechanical instruments, therefore love was a part of pseudo-science.  Establishment scientists gave us the Flat-Earth confirmation, the Economy of Salvation, and global warming (a.k.a. climate change), and materialism makes up all the periodic tables of elements to which explain all existence. 


However imbecilic these establishment scientists remain, thoughts cannot be accurately measure, and thus they remain classified as an irrational and pseudo-scientific reality. Ironically, while these establishment scientists engage in endless thoughts on how smart they are they engage the vary enemy they set their thoughts too. In other words, humans are not created equal at all, and the imbecilic rule material things and thus make up the top social strata of importance to the human experience.


During the thirteenth century European middle ages, Parisian University patrons, and budding academics of the Holy Roman Empire determined that the antiChrist would be a person who had the Moon conjunct Jupiter, the general sign of an antiChrist. This was not a  prophetic assumption but an ascription to the tradition of esoteria – long conjecturalized by the Abassīd Astrologers. In the religion of the Arabs, there are no identifiable anti-Christs or in their context an opposite of Muhammad or the Mahdi. There are jin, but these are equivalent to evil spirits in Christianity who make mischief or worse cause irreparable harm to humans and nature. I would be extremely careful not to frame the crescent Moon’s symbolism to a group of anti-Christ(s), as Islam was born in the term of Venus under Scorpio, by its promulgated Chronocrator small-conjunction. Trithemivus had declared Mars the western Europeans times of troubles ( think of Muscovy’s period after Ivan IV) and forgot the great tradition of the Donkey Moon ideas of periods of time. Trithemivus had constructed the correct fardāyrīya he only mis-assigned the incorrect agent. 


they were, assigned the Donkey to the Moon’s creasent 


This view became popular in literal circles at Paris University under the celebrated French theologian, astrologer, and cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church, Pierre d’Ailly (Latin, Petrus Aliacensis, Petrus de Alliaco, b. 1351, d. 8 August 1420). He served as chancellor of the university from 1389 to 1395.  It was Ma‘šar’s On Religions and Dynasties in which d’Ailly carried on his person wherever he went, even late in life retiring at Provence, France at Avignon. Like Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci (15 April 1452, 2 May 1519 old style cal.), who carried the Mona Lisa wherever he roamed until François I bought the painting. Certain items had value, and it was Richard Roussat, and others who had used d’Ailly’s many estimates on  the revolutions of Saturn to combine with a Ma‘šar shift in the Chronocrator series which most estimates came close to the French Revolution or American Revolutionary events in history. Hitler was born with the Moon parallel to Jupiter (Moon 06CAP37’43” 00LAT45’N; Jupiter 08CAP14’41” 00LAT17’N.).


However, Mao Tse-tung (Tu. 26 December 1893, Shaoshanzhan (Hunan), China, 112e31,27n55, 6:41 a.m., U.T. 23:10:56 dec.25, Sidereal Time 12:59:44) does not have Jupiter parallel to the Moon, it forms a wide square (Moon 13LEO38’47”; Jupiter 22TAU08’53”, ±10°). However, sidereal positions of both Tse-tung and Hitler are symmetrical. Kaus Bore, Facies, Spiculum & Polis play an important role for the eastern horizon in Tse-tung’s astrological birth chart, whereas Hitler has the Moon and Jupiter in proximity to Kaus Bore, Facies, Spiculum & Polis for his astrological birth chart.


For Mao Tse-tung, his M.C.’s intersection of virginis is a little under the half-distance of the constellation, and Saturn is just beyond Spica, where as Hitler’s ascendant constellation, virginis, has passed the half-distance and as an offset Uranus is prior to Spica. This will form a relative-relationship as a mid-point to describe an axis.


Tse-tung’s Moon’s natal position is 13LEO38’47” and this is  swapped for Hitler’s Saturn as its natal position is 13LEO27’34”. This then bears no intentions of having right angled mean-nodes (Hitler 16CAN03’23”; Tse-tung 15ARI29’49”). Pluto and Neptune in Hitler’s chart makes a mid-point to Hyades when applying Tse-tung’s mid-point of Pluto and Neptune. Hyades, a place where Tartarus, the lowest of the Hells in Hellenistic mythology, describes the 20 th century modernity to an ancient Omenic assumption. Tartarus was a place of extreme torment of souls after they die and viewed as the lowest point of anything in existence. Most often deep caves or lava pits were viewed as doorways to these realms to hell. This is but a reminder how esoteria plays important roles in things scientists cannot measure or explain. While Hitler has Praesepe in relation to his Zenith within a ± 10°, so will Tse-tung have it angular on the eight house cusp, ascertained by Magini, and later Placidus’ domicile system of 5/6 ths of the day-arc.


Part XIV: Obama Direction – Ptolemy Direction System II, Venus


Lets do an example of our own. Obama’s Venus is close to the M.C. at 9:43 a.m., Friday 4 August 1961, Mombasa, Kenya, 39e40,4s03 (U.T. 6:34; S.T. 6:03:01). Venus is at 00CAN42’42” and the M.C. at this time is 00CAN41’34” (cannot get it exact with this software). Our first step is to find the distance of R.A. to the M.C., by temporal hours ( clock time) so we can plug this figure into our function as a multiple. So our distance is 90° 41’34” (note! Ptolemy does not use minuets or seconds, but here we will) to which throwing out the minuets and seconds we have 6 temporal hours. Our next function is to find our value conditioned upon the sign of the M.C. which is Caner, to the following sign, Leo, so we will use Leo. This value is 00° 18’ 26” Leo which is therefore our difference of 30 degrees calculated as the following sign from the position of the prorogrator angle which here we used the M.C. We next multiple our R.A. to M.C. by the numerical hours converted originally from R.A. to M.C. This is about six hours or exact, and using the M.C. it is 6h41m34s. Therefore, we multiple 00° 18’ 26” to 6h41m34s.


If we multiply by our found R.A. this comes to 27.86283673 or 27° 51’ 43” 12’’’. However, using Ptolemy’s method of hours and no minuets nor seconds, this value is much difference, it is: 6 ∙ 0 = 0. Since Venus was before its first degree of Cancer, tropically, this step will usually generate a zero value sum. But we are not finished. Our final part of this function is to combine our found values, the first is 00° 18’ 26 and the second is 0°. Now we are finished, and our Obama Venus Ptolemy method II system (one of the promulgated second systems) describes a direction for Venus of 00° 18’ 26 per year. If we view from the Primum Mobile, we move the entire astrological wheel around like the rotation of the year and we are in the sphere of Venus. So when the Venus makes aspects to the other heavenly bodies from Obama’s astrological chart, they are conditioned upon the rotation of earth’s axis, based upon this fardāyrīya of Obama’s Venus.


Next we will do Obama’s Moon or his Algolian Monster


Obama’s natal Moon has a conjunction aspect to the Gorgonæs, and bete, Persi, Algol. So when we place his Moon at the M.C., for our selected prorogator, we assume these stars and the Moon here both have the same directional fardār. Obama’s Moon culminates at Mombasa Hospital at 6:40 a.m., Fri 4 Aug. 1961 (U.T. 3:40; S.T. 3:08:33). Tropically it is at R.A. 19TAU34’58”. and the M.C. is a 19TAU35’10”. So our first step is to find the distance from M.C. to R.A. 0° ARI. This distance in longitude equals 49° 35’10” [9.96’]. Therefore in hours this converts to 3h15m57s + 8.75’ 2.5”[28] = three hours, twenty-two minuets, and fifty-nine seconds (3h22m59s).


So we do our function for our promoter to our next sign value, which is Gemini, and find the distance to zero Gemini. So from 19TAU35’10” to zero Gemini is 10° 24’ 50”.[29] Now we find the difference as if this value was based on 30 degrees, as we have 19° 35’10”. We multiply this by three and we arrive at 58° 45’ 30”. This is because of the lack of clarity in Tetrabiblos, section on directions, the second system methods. three hours if 45 degrees to which just adding 45 to 19 we have 64;  but 3 multiplied into 19° 35’10”, and we arrive at 58° 45’ 30”. These are common misunderstandings in Tetrabiblos, and it make this system intolerable due to poor modern explanations of ancient terms. For example, in the Ptolemy example in chapter xv, he gives 18 Taurus as the position of the M.C., and asks for the difference to zero point Gemini to which he then follows this formula,  30 − 13 =17.  However 30 – 18 = 12, not 13, so this version of Ouadripartite translated by J.M. Ashmand, Proclus (1882, Davis and Dickson, in Harvard University book collections)[30] is either corrupted or Ptolemy was lose with his mathematical figures, in regards to astrology. One reason is that some books give the figure 75 years as the limit, and in this version by Ashmand the limit is “70.”[31]  We also may lose our perspective on directions as Abū  Ma‘šar and other Abassīd Astrologers used 60° or 90° degrees as limits. For example, the last step is to add our distance of 10° 24’ 50” to 58° 45’ 30” to arrive at the Direction of the Obama Moon at 69° 10’20”. So for one of the second systems of directions explained by Ptolemy, Obama’s Moon has a fardār or 69° 10’20”. If using one of the Abassīd Astrologers’ suggestions of a limit of 60° then Obama’s Moon has a fardār or 34° 35’10”.


In the six examples Ptolemy provides for Directions, he is trying to relate a concept that each of the four quadrants implement different time signatures when assessing into the equation one’s local latitude. This concept is based upon a Theory that Einstein elaborated but the ancient understood all too well – time is different all over the planet. Again, time is a human construct and times are different because gravity applies motion into the universe and based upon calculations motion is not universal  -- therefore time is not universal. In concept, one should arrive at four different time-signatures for one direction computation, creating a processs so arduous that almost all astrologers ignore, and modern computer programs cannot be created to apply them because astrologers have a difficult time in understanding the archaic terminology of Ptolemy and Alexandrians of circa -150 B.C.E., let alone computer programmers’ are not astrologer/ astronomers in the first place. This is why the modern progression system does not use these archaic systems at all.


If we choose to multiply R.A. by the diurnal motion of the Moon at Mombasa on the 4 August of 1961 we arrive at[32]  46° 31’ 55” + 10° 24’ 50” and we have 56°56’45”. Next we add this to our value of 56°56’45”. + 19° 35’10” which will equal 66° 07’ 05”. Then we add this to 10° 24’ 50” to arrive at 76° 31’ 55’. So just be adding into this procedure the minuets and seconds, our findings are very different and over Ptolemy’s limit in one translated copied version of Tetrabiblos. Let’s make a proof.[33] First we figure out that three hours is equal to 45 degrees and add this to our found figure of 19° 35’10” and this comes to 64° 35’10” If we apply our minuets and seconds this value increases as 66° 07’ 05”. But next we add our 10° 24’ 50” to arrive at 76° 31’ 55’.


Barack Hussein Obama II’s Saturnine fardāyrīya.


Lets do a primary direction calculation for Obama’s Saturn based upon Socratic, Plato’s DOR, Magini’s devisio and Titus de Placidus’ domicile system. Ptolemy states, “[...] the place of the mid-heaven is adapted to questions comprised under the head of employment or profession [...]”.[34]  Saturn rises at 5:12:30 p.m. 4 Aug.[35] Saturn culminates at 11:18 p.m. 4 Aug.[36]  As time, 6:05:30 converted to longitude is 90° 01’ 15”. Yet,  this is not the correct procedure; it is rise to set, no? Using the Mangini cups devisio we have 1° 0 minuets, zero seconds, zero thirds, zero quarters, and one fifths, etc. Obama’s Saturn sets 5 August 1961 at 5:23:30 am, U.T. 2:33:30, S.T. 1:55:47 and therefore the Saturn day arc resolve to 12:11:00 hours. Converted to sexagesmal system we have 180° 02’45”. Using Magini’s trigonomic function for the Saturn-M.C. of a semi-day arc we have 90° 01’22”. The computer software gives Obama’s Saturn  Semi Day Arc at 91.5578°.[37] Yet this was calculated from the time it takes Saturn to rise to culminate, where as we took the rise to set and then divided it by 3/6 of the day arc and then further divided it theoretically by 90 degrees to arrive at our Saturnine Fadār.  Yet, if we divide this by 90 degrees as suggested by Ma‘šar we arrive at 1° 01’07”. [38]


Obama’s primary diurnal fardār – arc for Saturn is however, 1° 00’01” by my own hand and not using anything from the computer software because it was found online and I cannot see the data nor does the website explain the criteria used. This finding then comes to be a suggested fardār method already described by Ma‘šar. This means moving Saturn on the astrological wheel by this increment per year. This discrepancy intends I do not use Magini’s trigonomic function for the M.C. After finding the qisma, I divide 90° 01’ 15” by 90 degrees to arrive at my base- fardār, 1° 00’01”.  This is a more advanced system by Abū  Ma‘šar. For Magini, the 91.55/90 =1.017222... converted by website computer  is 1° 01’07”. The reason for the six minuet difference is that in Magini’s system one uses the division of rise to set to find the qisma to the M.C. which has already been calculated as 3/6 of the day arc, taking into account the local latitude. This is evidence by visualizing the semi-day arc, 90° 01’ 15”. and dividing in one’s head by two but making sure to compute this in the sexagesmal system. Therefore a half of 15 seconds is about 7 seconds, as the computer software rounded off to the lower number, but more importantly the computer software program did the show its calculations. Seven seconds does not really matter for life-span computations, unless one is desperate to determine days instead of years; Also, this may matter for astrologers if they are in lower or higher latitudes as this system is sidereally based and the horizon to the Midheaven changes dramatically at various climes (latitudes).


As Mombasa, Kenya is closer than North America, Europe or the Far East to the terrestrial equator so our semi-day arcs should be closer to 90° from the horizon.  My data is more accurate to the system of prognostication because I do not use Magini’s idea of cutting the day arc into half by a trigonomic 3/6 division. Instead I do not use the zenith but a theoretical 90° angle computed from the horizon to the sector from which the planet or luminary resides, then use Ma‘šar plus one degree. Yet both systems have almost identical integers. Thus not using computers that have hidden programs to derive one’s data could be valuable to understanding if one does it by hand and therefore one can recheck one’s computations.


Obama was elected to as the 44 th U.S. President at the age of 47 years-old. Saturn represents government, so personally it would apply to a judicial precept for Obama.  If we apply to an age of forty-seven years-old we have 47.047 or  converted as 47° 02’02”. Saturn’s natal longitude: 25CAP22’ 05’r and the natal M.C. is at 00SAG48’25”. First we will not introduce the plus one degree. Saturn’s natal position to the chart’s midheaven is at 54° 52’. Therefore this qisma describes a tasyīr to contend to an intihā’ for the year of 2015 + 11 months ~ July 1016! This comes at the closing months of his second term in office as the 44th U.S.A. President.


Now lets introduce the one degree.  Therefore, under one of  Abū  Ma‘šar’s  fardāyrīya , computations provide Obama with a Saturnine Fardār of 1° 09’ 54” ( a computer with magini’s diviso and with the ancient 90 degrees division at 1° 06’ 00”). Lets demonstrate its prognosticatory applications and link it to the general election of Obama. Yet is there a system to check prognosticatory accuracy? Yes, lets shift this one degree, a Abū  Ma‘šar suggestion,  as part of a checks and balance system. What we are going to do is place another time-event in our stringy universe here. This will give us a new semi-arc fardār and another imposturous event.


This fardār[39]  has a continuum of 1° 09’ 54”. Obama’s natal Saturn is at 25CAP22’ 05’r + 54° 52’ (i.e. qisma to the fardāyrīya) will have an equal longitudinal movement ( a static direction!) to a tropical zodiac position of 00SAG08’. Obama’s natal M.C. is at 00SAG48’25”. Converting from the day of birth in 2008 until 4 November  2008,  by the left –over fraction, therefore our signature arrives at an intihā’ of  00SAG 48’40”. In Ma‘šar’s language intihā’ (a terminal point) represents only conditional point to be interpreted, not implying death as Ezra would link Saturn to an angle by any such fardāyrīya he preferred – he had no favorite because it was either attributed to Persians, Helens or Arabs, but is solely for his understanding a very ancient system!.


But lets add into this equation the days of the year. Obama was elected, however, on 4 November 2008; the days are progressed further than 00SAG08’ which was calculated for the 4th of August. We need to revert back to the Saturnine fardār of 1° 9.6. So we start off with the fraction of 9.6 times 360 equals 3,456; and then we divide by 60 which gives us 57.6. We add this to 360 degrees to arrive at 418(°). Now we assume the year is equally divided into twelve segments but we use our new value of this ‘different’ fardār for a year which divided by into segments of twelfths we have 34.83; now converting to a sexagesmal system we arrive at 20’02” per month of 30 days each (remember we are working with the ancient 360 day solar-day calendar!). Now we calculate the calendar days from his birth day of this same year to the U.S. General Election for 2008 which was for this year on the 4 th of November and we have 61 days. Lets count 27 days of Aug + 30 days for September +4 days until 4 November, which amounts to a figure of 61 days; Since 61 days is approximately our equal-month-system of two 30 day-months each we add  20’02” times two for 40’04”; then we combine this with our found value for birth to birthdate of age 47 years-old and we arrive at a signature of 00SAG08’ + 40’04” will equal 00SAG 48’04. So Obama’s Saturn fardār and the tasyīr we chose to move toward the M.C., arrives with the 1 degree addition to the directional calculation we proposed and it arrives at the M.C. about the day of 4 November 2008. But Obama’s  natal M.C. is at 00SAG48’25”. But remember we left out a whole day. This is about 36 seconds; I did the calculations for you. That places his promoter over the signature at age 47 and calculated for his election to the U.S. Presidency, perhaps one of the most memorable times of a human’s life, with a signature of 00SAG 48’40”.So by moving a single degree and changing our Saturnine fardāyrīya there was another monumental event in Obama’s life on 4 November 2008. This was the first dark skinned President to be elected to the office of the U.S. Presidency. However, this was derived from his chart, and we could propose that Saturn, as representative of careers, mattered for him for a prognosticatory application for his birth astrological chart.  Yes, I used Mombasa Hospital, Kenya to derive this data as I do not believe he was born on any Hawaiian Island.


Ptolemy Twelfth House and Diffraction


Because out Earth’s atmosphere are full of water particles, these act as a magnifying glass when looking out over the horizon. We see different sizes, lets say, of the Moon as its reaches its zenith at our location, it appears much smaller that it looks toward the horizon to which it appears extremely large. It was not until the Early Modern Age that Francesco Maria Grimaldi, in his work Physico mathesis de lumine, coloribus, et iride, aliisque annexis libri duo (Bolonga (‘Bonomia’) Italy: Vittorio Bonati, 1665), in Latin, that Diffraction as word was coined. When you attend a college, the professor probably will explain this idea was ‘not’ known to the ancients, but discovered by the early modern age ‘rationalist scientists.’ However, over two thousand years ago, Ptolemy explains this was a real visual phenomenon.


Ptolemy describes the effects of modern diffraction and links it to the twelfth house (Evil Dæmon), and part of the complex traits of the signs and angles this placement is “incompetent’. light travels in a vacuum, and it is conditioned upon its medium. Here let me explain. It is perhaps the very reason that diffraction is explained by Ptolemy to warn his audience that measuring with accuracy cannot be done on the horizons. . The twelfth house is a cardine house and it is the first north-eastern sector of the astrological wheel which is the closest to the eastern horizon. Because light travels in waves (similar to the concept of a fardār) they must pass tiny physical objects to which if they encounter many obstacles in their pathway, they take longer to arrive at their destination (i.e. your eyes); therefore, these photons close to the horizon, appear in the  red spectrum waves, which affects the refractive index to which is conditioned upon the speed of the photon and the substance-mass that it encounters. Because our atmosphere is a medium of physical properties, compared to the vacuum of space, the shortest distance to measure an accuracy of a heavenly body is directly up from where one stands on earth – i.e. the zenith. This is the least resistance that photons will encounter before they reach your eyes. Ptolemy correctly links it to the earth’s vapors. He says, “and because of the beams cast by the stars posited therein [ close to the horizon], toward the earth, are impaired by the thick and dark exhalations arising from the earth’s vapours, which produce an unnatural colour and magnitude in the appearance of stars so posited, confusing, and in some measures annihilating, their beams.”[40]  For example, when we use our modern progression system which is equivalent to taking the real positions of the heavenly bodies from each day’s time from our local ephemeris, Obama’s Moon will traverse his Evil Dæmon (i.e. 12fth house) during part of 2011 and part of 2012, and this implies that in 2009 and 2010 his Moon had traversed his Good Dæmon (i.e. 11th house). Natally Obama’s Saturn resides in his  Good Dæmon but his Jupiter resides in his Evil Dæmon. Obama has been typecast as a Marxist, and most people hate Marxists, because they typically ignore laws to which Jupiter is the overlord. So by having natally Jupiter reside in Obama’s Evil Dæmon not all Americans agree with Obama’s decisions, especially providing trillions of dollars to friends of his in other countries of the U.S. Tax base and destroying jobs in the U.S.A. and demanding that Americans learn to live poor. Yet, this division is tropical, and according to Magini’s domicile system, which means in the older Equal Houses system this definition does not apply. Does this mean astrology is arbitrary and based upon perspective? Yes! Nostradamus’ astrological chart found in the French National Archives,  n °8529,[41] provides proof that Nostradamus just took a rational guess at sidereal domicile systems where each angle does not equal any other angle, as each is divided upon the relationship of the sidereal coordinates of the zodiacal constellation. How Nostradamus had accessed to an astrolabe for Beaune, France is beyond me but the sidereal divisions are very close to accurate. Pierre Brind'Amour, a late professor at Ottowa University, in his work ‘Nostradamus Astrophile,’ on Nostradamus’ astrological work intends that this chart by Nostradamus “is by far the most spectacularly inaccurate of the whole 28-strong private collection.” Yet, Brind'Amour makes no mention of the domicile system being performed entirely by sidereal locations at the latitude of Beaune, France by Nostradamus. It is understandable that Brind'Amour had no idea that Nostradamus is working in sidereal coordinates while he is calculating in topicality and performing his arguments based upon incorrect data analysis. The J. Stoeffler's figures from his 'Ephemeridum opus’ have shown to be placed in direction of the modern method, meaning Nostradamus was pioneering the modern method or it was already widely in use. We know this because he places the solar-system body on different dates but according to their positions in the ephemerid. Therefore, we know Nostradamus is working in directions and this astrological chart was a personal thing for Chavigny and perhaps was just format for investigation and not a publishable chart by any means.  the Moon’s position, which apparently is at a – 90 angle form its position for the natal degree, intends that Nostradamus is using Ptolemy’s pre-natal haylāğian system. Brind'Amour was a professional linguist and he admits to having help in the astronomical/astrological sections for his work, and there is ample evidence he had not understood anything of Ptolemy’s ideas, which is understandable, because it was not his field of expertise.


Claudius Ptolemy, Tetrabiblos, II, 3., first progression method Usāma bin Lādin’ Mars.


יִUsāma bin Muhammad bin ،Awad bin Lādin’s Martian fardāyrīya calculated for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 10 March 1957, 10:36 a.m. L.M.T. 46e43,24n38; U.T. 7:36; Sidereal Time 21:53:44. Claudius Ptolemy (c. 150 B.C.E.), Tetrabiblos, II, 3., first progression method, and we will apply this method to Usama’s Mars. This direction system portends a prognostication that something of a career highlight will take place around 22 August 2001 A.C.E. Below is the formula from Ptolemy:


יִUsāma bin Lādin’s M.C. Natal position is at 26 AQU 11’32”.

Since Usama’s Mars is northern & oriental, Ptolemy would give a tasyīr toward the M.C. Usama’s natal Mars is tropically at 23TAU14’32”. So the distance is 30+30+27 = 87° 57’00”. First let’s move Ptolemy’s first direction system to which we found to be greater than 75 so we divide this value by 2. This comes to 43.5 (30’ + 57’ = 87’ − 60’ = [+1°] 27’, and we arrive at 44° 27’00”. This is converted to an age for our native (Usama bin Laden) at the year of 2,001 A.C.E., and 164.7 days. So from 10 March to (+164.7 days) will equal 21 days (March) + 30 days of April, + 31 days of May, + 30 days of June + 31 days of July, + 31(~143) + 21 days of August, and fourteen hours; from 10:36 a.m., which would be then about the commencement of the 22 nd day of August of 2,001 when his intihā’ (i.e. terminus, Ptolemy) has been reached by his directional Mars. When we speak about careers as they are linked to Mars or by the Aristotelian theme of destruction, we can see from a baby’s birth astrological chart for the year of 1957 that around late August  of the year of 2,001 A.C.E.,  a high-light of one’s life will happen; perhaps to what will be remembered as a culmination of a long career.


Part XV: Usama bin Laden’s haylāğ is the Sun


Claudius Ptolemy also gave another progression system to which five tiered choice first must be analyzed and chosen. Usama’s haylāğ is the Sun. because it fulfils Ptolemy’s system of choice number one. It is diurnal and in the tenth house, fulfilling its haylāğian requirements. Now what to do?  Usama’s natal Sun is at 19PIS28’36” and the natal ascendant is at 10GEM43’51”. The Sun is also like Mars northern and oriental, so lets move it to the M.C. Lādin’s M.C. Natal position is at 26 AQU 11’32”.  Therefore the longitude distance for this tasyīr is 23° 17’ 04”.[42] Therefore in the summertime of his twenty-third year his Sun reaches the intihā’ (i.e. terminus, Ptolemy). However, what if we use a tasyīr toward the ascendant?  The ascendant natally is at 10GEM43’51”. So the longitudal distance from the Sun to the Ascendant  is  81° 15’ 15”. Since this value is larger than 75 we divide this found value by two. So we arrive after our division at 40.5 = 40° 45’. This would be to his  year of forty years old and three fourths of a year counting from his birth date of 10 March 1957 which is almost the year of 1998 (1997 +8 months, as exactly from 10 March).


We will now use a directional system produced over 1,000 years later by the Abassīd Astrologers. this formula follows as: 81.25 ∕ 90 = 0.902777 and plus one degree according to Abū  Ma‘šar and other Arabian astrologers. This comes to a longitudal fardār of 1° 54’ 09” 43’’’12’’’’. Therefore the natives’ age is 42.705103227 years old when the Sun reaches its intihā’. Thereby the birth year added to this fardār contains the correlated year of 1,999 and A.C.E..  the value to convert into months follows this example: 0.705103227 years converted to sexagesmial system to arrive at 42.3 rd of a single year or 153 days and .72 of a day. So counting from 10 March of 1,999 A.C.E. and adding 153 days we arrive at 10 August of 1999. If we add into our calculation the fraction of the day and take it from the birth time of Usama bin Laden the date resolves to 11 August 1,999 A.C.E. This was the date of the 1,999 summer eclipse across parts of Europe and astrologers were contemplating a massive grand trine that accompanied this eclipse.

Yet, the Arabian astrologers of the Abassīd era would also like Ptolemy have used the tasyīr toward the M.C. Again, this tasyīr is 23° 17’ 04”. This formula is similar we just divide this by a right-angle and we arrive at a fardār of 15’ 28” 48’’’ longitudal motion of our Sun for one year’s age.  to convert we have 4 times 23° = 92 years of age? Then we add one more year (i.e. haylāğian 15’ fardāyrīya ) to become 93 years of age, and some months.  We then divide by two because this value is more that 75 and we arrive at 46.5 years of age, to which converts to the winter of 2,003 A.C.E. If we multiply Claudius Ptolemy’s haylāğ for Ladīn’s Sun by two we also arrive at the year 2,003 A.C.E.



Primary Direction and Practice

Giovanni Antonio Magini (Latin, Maginus) (b. Padua,  13 June 1555 (jul. cal.), d. 11 February 1617 greg. cal.), a department chair of Mathematics at Padua (elected 1588), an expert Cartographer, and contributor to a precise trigonomic table system for his day, also enjoyed astrology and two of his works, De astrologica ratione ( Venice, 1607), and Magini collaborated with Velentine Naibod to publish De annui temporis mensura in Directionbus and De Directionibus, from Naibod’s unfinished manuscript Claudii Ptolemaei Quadripartitae Constructionis Apostelesmata novus et Eiusdem Conversio nova. He also corresponded with Brahe, and Kepler. In 1588 he was chosen over Galileo to occupy the chair of mathematics at the University of Bologna after the death of Egnatio Danti; perhaps Magini never adopted Copernicus’ heliocentric universe like Galileo, and thus was considered an institutional academic. His solar system described eleven circles and most likely still used epicycles, as Kelper still had not discovered the eccentricities yet. Placidus’ house cusp system was a long calculation process whereas Regiomontanus’ cups system could be done in a much shorter time. But Magini used the Pole height which then simplified the Placidus cusp system of long hours of computation. However, Magini’s own house system is unrecognizable; there is no consensus on a correct application. Placidus’ advocated to use the Magini 3/6 system for day-arc conversions to semi-day arcs.


Māshā’allāh ibn Athari, Kankah al-Hindī , Abū  Ma‘šar and others had known of the primary direction, as defined as a future for an individual could be analyzed by the first nine months of one’s life. For a World Chart a ‘thing’ could be analyzed ad infinitum. This is because direction used the daily rotation of the Earth’s axis to move the astrological wheel in a theoretical concept of space-time,   to then be able to read the celestial sphere in a fluid movement. Then Platonic ‘rays’ are calculated and turned into an analytic tool, provided various names for classification purposes, to which one method provided a fardāyrīya.


Practicing directions in general astrological communities has its ebb and flows, and by the late fifteenth century in Europe progressions were re introduced since the Roman Empire period. This did not intend they were forgotten or practiced by other cultures, but the advent of the European printing press provided the public vehicle for such mass reintroduction.  For those reading this paper because of an interest in Nostradamus, this ebb and flow means that it had reached its Early Modern Age novelty about one-hundred years before Nostradamus was born. In fact, in the French national Archives, one astrological chart I analyzed ascribed to Nostradamus indicates he is using a modern progression system.


In cultural relevance, very few understood the Indian and more importantly these Arabic introductions into these varied and advanced systems than of the Hellenistic Age. Directions became democratized in the sixteenth century and many variations intended equal distant integers such as a foundation of the term fadār, modernly called static where as Kepler who later used some dynamic applications where a mapping was based upon astronomical preferences and non-uniform integers were proposed.  However the debate over moving the wheel contingent upon your method to the Earth’s axial rotation is similar to moving just your prorogator which could be a single planet or angle of the astrological wheel. Yet, there is no difference because your ‘system’ defines the motion of the heavens by sidereal application regardless if you move a planet or the wheel keeping the planet stationary. This intends a definition that one point moves and the other point is always stationary in all systems. If one creates varying multi-integers then this definition breaks down, but it is also very difficult to work in one integer, and most in the European Early Modern Age could not do the varied trigonomic functions. It is highly doubtful that Nostradamus could perform such a feat but then again anything is possible.


However, one could cheat if they owned an astrolabe. Still this restricted freedom to which an astrolabe in most cases in history was constructed for a certain latitude. Yet, what defined sidereal from tropical for the ancients remained in constructing the cosmos from the celestial ecliptic for topicality or any varying latitude to which longitude could be introduced to construct a semi-spherical geometric astrological wheel – to which the astrolabe solved this idea and became the fame instrument perfected first by the Arab astrologers.  Still with some keen imagination one could still work out theoretically the latitudes of the heavenly bodies rising and setting for each day of the year conditioned upon the accuracy of the constructed astrolabe for addition locations to where the astrolabe had not been constructed – or find a friend who had one constructed for varying latitudes. Therefore one could take the local ephemerides and plug in the right ascension coordinates to the local astrolabe and calculate a rise and set time for the planets or luminaries (including stars!). In other words, Nostradamus would have had this ability for at least his constructed latitude astrolabe to cheat from these long and laborious calculations.


The Persians are the sources for advanced primary directions in the Abassīd astrologer texts, but from recent archeology the Mesopotamians used a system at least attempted by oblique ascension perspective. There are no reliable sources to claim these origins of this idea but historically they are argued in Platonic fashion (never Neo-Platonic, nor Aristotle who bases his cosmos explicably upon material forces) and the ‘rays’ were carried to a great effect into centuries of esoteric discourse. One should never claim the Abassīd astrologer worked solely in topicality; all the mentioned Persian sources and its correlative Hellenistic lots are all calculated in sidereal procedures and described by western scholars as Arabic Parts. Lots are originally all Mesopotamian in origin as their Omen books were composed entirely by sidereal methodologies. Lots in this sense are all connotative of a cognate of ‘fate.’ Therefore all fates are under the judicial astrological domain, no free will as a doctrine of absolute!


A standard formula for sidereal introduction into tropical astrological wheels is calculating the longitude from a rise to set or a set to rise of a heavenly body. After this purpose a direction is an open to any heuristic application. For a rise to set application this is commonly called a day arc, and the reverse for the night arc. The Paduan University chair of Mathematics Magini introduced spherical trigonomic functions into calculating the M.C. to which he is accredited as the first in the Early Modern Age, yet the method is of an ancient system. Magini divides the day arc by 3/6 ( of 12) so that only the rise to set times become the mapping field for the astrological wheel. After this is found in Right Ascension, this now sidereal position of the midheaven is ready for a theoretical application tied to esoteria – or for academics explanation some non-material things that cannot at this time be measured.


To derive an integer before deciding it will become static or dynamic this becomes your choice, not an astrological book. However, the Arabic astrologers had come up with unique idea ( accredited to Persian talisman)  to which almost all readers of their Early Modern Age texts could never comprehend. One of those methods was to cut the found (RAMC) sidereal position for the zenith of one’s locality and divide this by a standard right angle of 90 degrees, and then add one theoretical degree. This then becomes a default fardār dependant upon the calculated integer.


We are going to do some of the steps by hand but derive our rise and set time by an astronomical computer software.

President Barak Hussein Obama has is natal Saturn about 25° 22’ 05’r (Mombasa Hospital)[43] of tropical Capricorn (the actual arc is over the constellation of Sagittarius!); and his M.C. is 00° 48’35” of tropical Sagittarius. Since both match elements, terms, and sign ruler ships based upon cosmic identity, the signature is the midheaven.  So approximately 54.43 years-old Obama will have something of a difficulty. That’s to say if we choose to interpret Saturn in a wholly negative light. Ezra, in the cabalist fashion repeatedly defines Saturn in prognosticatory applications as the ‘angel of death.’ Yet, in ancient Golden Age themes of Saturn, deriving from Aristotelian astrology, Saturn is a beginner of some form of civilization.  During the different European Renaissance periods the phrase the Golden Age was thrown around a lot at celebrations and festivities. Rabelais the complainer would see Europe at the Renaissance as not a Golden Age, but something to detest.  So obviously, everyone had a different viewpoint, including Trithemvis who would intend it was in fact the Age of Mars, the warmonger mentality of the various cultures and ethnicities.


We will begin by a choice of Saturn as the promoter (i.e. prorogator,  in ‘tetra.’, Ptolemy)  and the signature is a classic midheaven, with added emphasis on sidereal locations of Saturn and the tropical M.C. of Obama’s birth chart has Sagittarius as its sign. However, in day-arc methods the M.C. is usually chosen if a heavenly body has a north-eastern tasyīr, reported by Ptolemy and agreed upon by the Arab Astrologers.  Ptolemy gives Oriental and Occidental suggestions that apply to direction, but many others after trying their own systems, chose for themselves, thus the variations are many. This does not follow Ptolemy’s promulgation of a known system, most likely Persian of a haylāğ. Yet, this system, despite Ptolemy’s claim that a horoscope’s haylāğian system can be used in mundane charts (World Charts), Abū  Ma‘šar does not use a system like Ptolemy’s but all agree about the direction. Still further, Ma‘šar provides some solutions for complexities that are found which are to lengthy to explain in this paper. 


A computer which I have no accessed to see its computation gives Obama’s Saturn-Semi Day Arc: 91.5578°. However, this appears as a Magini’s devisio. Abū  Ma‘šar, rather the more traditional way was to cut the day arc by 90 degrees, which would not be the midheaven in most locations, to which Magini, Titis Placidus and others around Padua University had contemplated when revising the trigonomic tables and modern astronomical domicile systems, if not reading the ancient Greek discourses on climates. They surmised that 3/6 the correct semi-day arc division can be then translated into a primary direction rather than using the earlier ideas of dividing the semi-day-arc or the semi-night-arc by 90 degrees.


But there was a purpose to why Ptolemy, Ma‘šar, not Ezra, but many other astrologers who could understand difficult concepts by dividing the sidereal rise and set data to a geometrical square. An aspect of 90 degrees, commonly called a square, has a negative connotation in astrology ( to most, not all!) but a spiritual event complex, such as symbolically represents change, a construction or a building of something of a positive expression coming out of conflict. If you want to cut a 120°, represented as a trine with traditionally beneficial complex-traits then this would be another advanced system.


Thus a discrepancy of 91.5578° (91° 33’ 00”) from a computer to which one cannot see the calculations or even be told how it is done, which appears to be a Magini system. Yet, we have our Ma‘šar system which gives us a different value of 90.6° (90° 01’ 15”). 1.017308...


If we cut the day-arc of Saturn by the computer’s figures but with Ptolemy or Ma‘šar system, we arrive at our Saturnine fardāyrīya 1° 06’ 00”. However, using only the data from rise to culminate and ignoring the divisio of Magini and doing it by hand we have our Saturnine fardāyrīya 90° 01’ 15”. Besides the minuets discrepancy we have a full degree of disparity. This intends both systems do not agree and one of them logically must be incorrect? The Magini system  (most commonly ascribed to Placidus, as Regiomontanus system was considered arduously long and time consuming, thus the simplification) will convert to a fadār which places Obama’s Saturn almost exactly upon his mid-heaven for the date of 4 November  2008. Perhaps Magini to whom Placidus adopted this trigonomic function is more advanced, but by adding one degree. However, some how, the Arabic astrologers first figured it out! A 360° will equal, as Sela intends of Ma‘šar’s, 360 years. But a direction for an individual is not even (the solar movement in nine months is appx. 270° | 360°/1°/per year) 1° in a tropical solar year equivalent. It is calculated no more than 45’ of approximate solar-movement in minuets of arc after one is born. This unit is described for a mapping field of one’s life until they die, which they never believed would be beyond some 270 degrees/ three-fourths of years-of-age in a theoretical concept.  Therefore a squaring of a  figure or increasing it by any dynamic fardāyrīya or just adding a degree or again if multiplied by two gives us a figure of 1° 30’ of direction per year. At extreme latitudes it was important to have 270 years/per nine month conversion to any fardāyrīya. A fardār with 3° or 4° always needed to be solved before reaching a qisma of 270° on the astrological wheel –which, in which in almost all cases it would have terminated on an angle, no matter to which tasyīr was chosen.


This appears then superior to Ptolemy or Ma‘šar directional system. But the reason it seems superior was that modern academics, and ancient academics such as Ezra could not understand most of the writings of Ptolemy or Ma‘šar. As Sela states in her work on Ezra, Ma‘šar describes a fadār as 360 years but misinterpreted this equals 360°. In tropical language it takes the Sun to move 360° in about 365.24 days, not 360 years! Ma‘šar does his mundane long calculations in two entirely different methodologies. This, apparently, is a misreading and perhaps providing Ezra with too much astrological authority when Ezra was not as competent an astrologer as Ma‘šar.


Plutonic Revolutions.



Pluto, a part of the New Astrology system, traversed the ‘dark rift’ during Obama’s election from a perspective of the ecliptic. Since Pluto moves slowly in its orbit around the Sun, it still is currently as of august 2011[44] traversing this location which in the late 1990s became known through Mayan civilization artifacts. Most New Astrologers are still tropicalists, and Pluto seen from 34n11, 118w18 has a tropical position of 05CAP16;16”r ( noon time).   


In the history of ideas, to the New Astrologers, Pluto’s position in tropical Capricorn concerned great paradigm shifts, political, economic and social. The sixteenth century in European history changed the face of the Earth in so many ways. For instance, Copernicus replaced the Sun with the Earth in the Ptolemaic cosmos system revolutionizing science. Portugal and later other linked Asia to Europe, transferring fire-arms to the proto Tokugawans, Spain, France, and others were exploring south and north Americas, and the world became interlinked (again!). By the 1770s, Pluto was well into the same tropical location and world revolutions resulted in new social contractual ideas, new government systems, and the rise of the common advent arouse to reintroduce a progressed system of Athenianic democratic ideas and communal social participation in ideas. Therefore, empirically, both the French and earlier American revolutions redefined human representative government and the modern state, as well as the influencing and witnessing the progression of ideas in the east which had no difference in modernity to the west. The New Astrologers see something similar coming out of this current tropical Capricorn transit in the first decade and continuing into the second decade of the twenty-first century. Something will happen, they suppose. However, no one realized that Pluto in a sidereal perspective had traversed this Mayan legendary ‘dark rift.’




This Trithemvis fardāyrīya adopted by Ezra’s Book of Reasons novelty during the advent of the printing press remained a made up thing, and no astrological text treated this idea of a fardāyrīya with any mention at all. Since one of the Book of Enoch describes a lunar-solar calendar, Ezra was incorrect, and the Hebrews were not restricted solely to a lunar calendar system. When Trithemvis, Agrippa, Ezra, Ptolemy or Ma‘šar or all the rest speak on ‘cycles’ it does not imply history repeats exactly but only in similar fashion. As we have found Trithemvis composed this made up fardāyrīya  to complain about the corrupt things in his opinion of the current warlike times of Europe and pointing out the powerful family of Maximilian,  he and others lived in but there were no real confirmed dates for the Flood, Creation, Moses, King David or even for the Christians a birthdates of Christ. Roussat moved Mars forward in time, as 1525 the Martian wars and social revolution had not subsided, he gives its third terminus in 1771 and 8 months.  We found out that Nostradamus used one such phrase directly from Ezra’s Book of Reason but found no correlation to the chronology by Trithemvis nor Roussat. What was demonstrated in Obama’s Saturn fardār was a static direction. Hitler’s death date was easily achievable and explains why he executed astrologers, and others he imprisoned. We found out that Usama bin Laden had an achievement astrological signature close to the events of 11 September 2001. Evidence now suggest, especially in light of a dynamic fardāyrīya elaborated by Ma‘šar in his popular work On Religion and Dynasties ( to which westerners accredit to Kepler because most cannot understand it and even modern astrologers are perplexed!) that Nostradamus created his own dynamic fardāyrīya systems,  one elucidated in X. LXXII (c. 1558). This is a subject for a different paper.



Fin M J M.


2 July 2011, Los Angeles












[1] Mesopotamian fardāyrīya did not classify the varying levels of knowledge relating to Omens, this word had never been used.

[2] Nostradamus’ Sun rises about 7:50 am, 1CAP26’19”, ASC at 1CAP22’06”, U.T. 7:30:40, S.T., 13:56:09.

[3] Nostradamus’ Sun culminates at Solar Noon ( hint, Winter Solstice), at 1CAP36’56” , M.C. 1CAP34’04”

[4] Nostradamus’ Sun sets about 4:10 p.m., Sun 1CAP47’34”, DEC 1 CAP 45’37”, U.T. 15:50:40; S.T. 22:17:31.

[5] Morales F., Joseph, The Hindu Theory of World Cycles, In light of Modern Science (personal writings 1996,  accessed 30 July 2011), available from ; Internet.

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[8] It matters not that the Maya are using base-20 and Mesopotamians are using base-60 or our modern system of base-100 because all of these systems described are accounting for the revolutions of the solar-system bodies and even the black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

[9] I mention later the Mesopotamians created this system, to which no reliable source can identify any culture or ethnicity.

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[11] Also:  Qu’ran, China’s authorities, Hindu Brahmin authorities, and most other civilization legal ideas...

[12] For communication purposes, this is an academic classification of polemics, intended to frame all non-material forces as absent from reality. I do not intend we have gone through an age of reason at all.

[13] (i.e. 90°(4x)).

[14] Sela read in some text, unknown to me, that Ma‘šar’s ‘mighty fardār’ is 360 years.

[15] née Tiberius Claudius Thrasyllus.

[16] rise to culminate quadrant of the astrological wheel, converted into both time and longitude, and then applied to any chosen directional application. Often, but not actually defined, a semi-day arc. However, as Ptolemy explains correctly, a semi- means to the M.C.  but the times are different from rise to culminate and from culminate to set, which intends there are two ( or even more) semi-diurnal-arcs or above the horizon arcs of heavenly bodies.

[17] Ibid., Ptolemy, Tetrabiblos, III, Ch. xv, ‘Exemplification,’  trans., J.M. Ashmand.

[18] Sun had a near conjunction to Regulus with 0° 47’, and separating of arc. Regulus heliacal period, cosmic on 28 July -150 but heliacally visible on 17 August.

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[23] although even late into his life he took risks that would appeared to be fatal for most other persons by being too clear in his writings.

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[25] a Phoenician, born Malchus at Tyre, was schooled at Athens.

[26] Ibid., Sela, p. 83., c.f. The Book of Reason.

[27] Born Sat. 20 April 1889, Braunau, Austria, 13e04, 48n15. 6:30 p.m., UT 17:37:44, S.T. 8:25:58.; Sun rises at 5:06 a.m., U.T. 18:49:46, S.T. 4:13:44, Sun culminates at 11:59 a.m., U.T. 11:06:44, S.T. 1:53:54. DOR = 6h:53m; DOR sexagesimal  = 113° 15’.; DOR ∕ 2 = 56°37’30”; Age 1889 – 1945 = 56y.

[28] I combined the values form 49 leftover fractions to the actual remainders. 35’10” [9.96’].

[29] If we add into this value another 30 degrees and we have 40°24’ 50”.

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[32] ?3 x 15=45; 4x22=88/60= 28 [+1 deg] 46° 31’ 55”.

[33] 49° 35’ = 2964 minuets.

[34] Ibid., Ptolemy, tetra., Ch. IV., Distribution of the Doctrine of Nativities, p. 76, in Sacred Texts.

[35] Saturn rises at (ASC 25CAP25’00” Saturn at 25CAP22’28”r. 5:13 p.m.);5:12 = asc 25CAP10’56”

[36] Saturn Culminates at 11:18 p.m. 4 Aug. (=M.C. 25CAP21’27” and Saturn is at 25CAP21’25”r.

[37] Grigoryev, Anton, Hour Distance Calculator, the Calculator of Hour Distance From the Meridian (11 December 2009, personal blog,  accessed June 15, 2011), available from ;Internet.

[38] 91.55/90 =1.017222.. converted by webiste computer  is 1° 01’07”.

[39] Therefore 7:05:30.

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[41] horoscope of Jean de Chavigny’s!

[42] If we multiply by 2, then this comes to the year 2003.

[43] B.H.O., II, Friday 4 August 1961, Mombasa Hospital, Kenya, 39e40,4s03, 7:24 p.m. L.M.T., U.T. 16:24, Sidereal Time 15:54:38 ( Placidus House system).

[44] close to M 17 Omega Nebula, Sagittarius, apparent mag. 7.5 ( invisible to the naked eye) RA 18h20m48.00s, declination -16° 10’60.0”, assessed 7 August 2011.

[45] Walter Gorn Old, Primary Directions in Astrology Made Easy (London: Foulsham & Co., 1917, accessed 3 July 2011), available from Directions Made Easy. pdf. ; Internet. 




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