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Astrology "Directions" Sec 2



Topic: fardāyrīya

Cosmic Betelgeuse  to horizon , 2 July 2011.

02 July 2011 (Studio City 5:45 a.m., L.M.T.)

revised: 08/03/11. © Michael Johnathan McDonald 


  1. Part 2 Trithemvis: Introduction to a so-called Nostradamus Source PAGEREF _Toc301612829 \h 1

  2. Astrological Non-Cycles on Economics PAGEREF _Toc301612830 \h 3

  3. Gangs, Albert Einstein’s Plagiarism from Astrologers who Academics keep calling ‘insane,’ & Solving Mysteries PAGEREF _Toc301612831 \h 7

  4. Gravity, Gangs, Astrological quantum mechanics, and Academic Thievery PAGEREF _Toc301612832 \h 9

  5. Carl Sagan Pre-Locutionary Utterance on Dismissal of Astrology PAGEREF _Toc301612833 \h 10

  6. Age of Rationalism and an Increase in Mass Human and Environment Death  -- an establishment scientific achievement. PAGEREF _Toc301612834 \h 12

  7. Taking a Stand: Trithemvis, Roussat, Fighting the Establishment PAGEREF _Toc301612835 \h 14

  8. Part I [ sec. 2]:  Validating Trithmvius : Lunar Horror, Peaceful Mars PAGEREF _Toc301612836 \h 15

  9. Whose Idea Was This? PAGEREF _Toc301612837 \h 16

  10. Part II (sec. 1): Modern Scholarship could and has been classified under a fardāyrīya. PAGEREF _Toc301612838 \h 17

  11. Part II (sec. 2 ): A fardāyrīya with a mundane application can confuse an academic that the universe has been around for trillions of years. PAGEREF _Toc301612839 \h 19

  12. Part III (sec. 1 ) Trigonomic Originals and fardāric Originals PAGEREF _Toc301612840 \h 20

  13. Part III (sec. 2 ): Richard Roussat  -- Primum Mobile + Sphere + fardār implemented trigonomic functions PAGEREF _Toc301612841 \h 21

  14. Part VI: Trithemvis’ Influenced Lilly who does not investigate, but only adopts. PAGEREF _Toc301612842 \h 24

  15. World Creation Estimations From First Man PAGEREF _Toc301612843 \h 29

  16. Part VII: Richard Roussat mentions Liber Rationum. PAGEREF _Toc301612844 \h 30

  17. Roussat’s Time-Line : Mars Third Period Ends 1771 A.C.E. and 8 months. PAGEREF _Toc301612845 \h 31

  18. Roussat’s Age of the Moon PAGEREF _Toc301612846 \h 32

  19. Prediction correct:  Trithemvis timeline to persecute and slaughter Christians on target PAGEREF _Toc301612847 \h 34

  20. Part VIII: Describing Steganograghia. PAGEREF _Toc301612848 \h 35

  21. Cultural Astrology Abraham Ibn Ezra PAGEREF _Toc301612849 \h 37

  22. Book of Enoch Solar Lunar Calendar PAGEREF _Toc301612850 \h 39

  23. Rhetorius Ideas with Example from Jean A. Chavigny’s Astronomical Coordinates. PAGEREF _Toc301612851 \h 45


Part 2 Trithemvis: Introduction to a so-called Nostradamus Source

Johannes Trithemvis[1] (née Johann Heidenberg, at Mosel in modern day Germany, b. 1 Feb. 1462 at Grenoble, reported by his student Johann Weyer [2] ) in the first published work using Abraham ibn Ezra’s recommendations for a periodization are found in a short open-letter to the Holy Roman Emperor of this time, called, Deseptem secundeis id est intelligentis sive spiritibus orbes post deum moventibus, circa. 1508.[3]  This work was apparently popular and a polemic toward the Holy Roman Empire. It links by chronology and planetary intelligence, a synodic-lunar calendar-fardāyrīya with some religious Angels to frame a historical context to which human identities can be judged based upon varying forms of esoteric traditions. This work, while popular, two years later Trithemvis warns Henry Agrippa from publishing such a controversial system of interpreting the present based upon events of the past and identifying the past to human cause and in particular to some living relatives with authority to legally kill humans.

Agrippa apparently followed Trithemvis’ advice and about twenty-years later he publishes the second mention of this brand-new system without linking it to any human condition. Frenchman Richard Roussat in mid-sixteenth century, continued this idea, and had changed Trithemvis’ system to prolong Mars’ reign to the year 1771 & 8 months, as economic, social, religious, political, and imperialism, continued to reign long after the 1525 Martian terminus date of Trithemvis’ multi-varying creation start-dates (due to lackadaisical math!). This suggests that the Aristotle’s cosmos system was still en vogue but the European times evidently were changing.  It was not a first time in history that astrologers trended close to political intrigue but it remains one condition to which astrology had been unfavorable in the social sphere. It also explains why a better method for esoteric subjectivity, a cryptic veiled-like writing style is preferred, to which Nostradamus created a fool-proof method. This allows the esoteric material to become public and at the same time it allows the controlled-academics to attack it. The reason for this is that in most periods of existence, the establishment will never validate the field of astrology. Astrology is an empirical science. Today, in my view, most scientists are political. Obama correctly claimed that all politicians are liars. Most academic institutions, which turn out our modern scientists, are controlled by politicians who are influenced and controlled by monetary means of mass production corporations who rely upon scientific breakthroughs to create more economic patents of mass – economic subjectivity. Most of these ideas are promulgated for your own health and well-being, these liar-politicians claim.

Astrological Non-Cycles on Economics

For those who do not wish to read this long diatribe on Economic Cycles in astrology, to which many soothsayers astrologers intend there are patterns, there are none—absolutely zero. These patterns they refer too are local specific, and like modern academic atheist scientists, they generalize all things into a neat category intending they are the center of the world, and universe – which they are not!

The pharmaceutical companies rely upon academic scientists to invent knew chemicals, the politicians take lobbyist money from the pharmaceutical companies to shore-up patents and market space, and the government keep the academic institution in a seat of power and money. So the economic system works like this: In a time span, the pharmaceutical companies put out 100 different health management pills and plans. They make $250 Billion from profits and set aside $75 billion for lawsuits against them, providing they already understand they are marketing potential poisons (which is why they are suited constantly), which provides the pharma-industry to profit ( avarice) these scientists and politicians ( lobbying kick-backs) a whopping $175 billion dollars in profits to which they pay the government in taxes and individual corporations contribute to the Democratic and Republican Parties to remain in access to these wealthy-economic-imperialist markets. These companies are then promoted by the politicians to the mainstream media as important economic and health engines of American capitalism – thus all are comfortably posited as the modern aristocracy.

Astrologers need to understand reality because they can assess a future prediction. So what is the hidden history? This is feudalism, where some gangs align together to dominate the economic climate and thus corner the material wealth.

Since academicians who are employed by their institutions must promulgate the lies of the politicians, this explains why nothing has been solved, and pain and suffering continue today for the world’s people. For example, politicians lie. Right? Obama claimed the U.S. economy is improving the same day that the U.S. currency was down graded from a triple A rating to a double A rating (first week of August 2011), the first time this has happened since the U.S. won this coveted title in 1917. Politicians lie; they come from the establishment academia and later control academia to continue the lies to protect their lies. The term ‘life’ even has the hidden code for ‘lie’ embedded into its construction: li[f]e. All of life is constructed for liars, gangs, and pain and suffering. This is nothing new; it was an age old problem, so astrologers tried to figure this out. They assumed that nature which brings sometimes pain and suffering are alike when observing the human conditions. Some groups or persons treat you well while others do not. They then started to believe that all of everything were interconnected and could be measured. They agent for this process was time and space, the study thereof denoted the idea of astrology.

Astrology works like classical physics combined with quantum physics as a unified theory. For example, like electrons, neutrons, protons, all circling an atom’s nucleus, or the Sun as the nucleus and the planets all revolving around the Sun – there is no difference. However, any suggestion of this idea to the establishment one is categorized as insane. These modern scientists work mainly from the induction method, while astrologers grapple with deducted methods. This allows specialization; but like Hollywood actors/actresses who grew up in Hollywood and remained famous, then offer their philosophies on the world to the media to influence human behavior, this is akin to the parable of the ‘blind leading the blind and all fall into the ditch.’

Politicians are just like this, and historically this has been evident. Obama was schooled as a lower-level social community lawyer. After his election to the supreme office of the land for the State of America, he instantly took the mantle of the economic guru and his gang type casted him as having an IQ close or equivalent to Einstein. He was the savior of the economic world, praised by the world academics to the solutions of the world economy. His predecessor, G.W. Bush, Jr. ( 43 rd U.S. President), to which Obama gives constant blame for all problems associated to difficulties of life ( a pathology shared by many)  completed his graduate work at the same University that Obama took classes, Harvard. However, Bush’s field of concentration was economics. In contrast, Obama taught a graduate class at Chicago University as a temporary student teacher on the permissibleness of homosexual marriage. Despite Bush being implemented in establishing the first quarter of the economic stimulus, he will be remembered as having achieved a 4.7% (8-year-span; Clinton’s 4.6%) national unemployment. President Jimmy Carter had a 7 % national unemployment, but Obama’s continues to champion his 9.1% (or 9.2%) national unemployment as a record of success, as he is smarter than all presidents combined in history. Obama’s messianic followers intend – the institutional academics claim, even the world’s best at my school The University of California, Berkeley, this is a world savior and actual president of the world, not just the U.S.A. 

Like Roosevelt, Tse-tung, and other mediocre intelligent(s), Obama had no idea on economic ideas and the result he steered the U.S.A. and the world into some economic disasters. The height of his economic intelligence is that everyone is to blame, all businesses are the problem and government is not, and to stop businesses is too solve the world’s economic decline. Obama’s economic expertise intends the government gives out a dollar and taxes that dollar some 10%, it stimulates the economy and the government makes 10 cents upon every dollar it gives out. However, in reality, the government spent 90 cents, and in the next pay-out cycle it again gives one dollar and receives 10 cents back, thus it spent 90 cents again. This economic system will collapse under its own ideology.  Yet, the American people voted in Obama, and this helps explain that the majority of people are not more intelligent than the self-admitted liar Obama. The Secretary of Agriculture, dependant upon Obama’s approval promulgated in Congress a laughable scenario, intending that every dollar in foodstamps the government gives out (currently 1 - 7 people of America are receiving food stamps), the economy will be stimulated $1.83. This utterance of junk economics correlates to Nancy Pelosi (D), San Francisco, CA, that having no job and receiving foodstamps a worker gets more bang for their buck. This type of idiosyncratic nonsense has no historical precedence. Chinese Communist leader Mao Tse-tung forced his farmer population to melt all their plowshares and agricultural equipment in furnace-drums and then claimed that the peasants can produce agriculture at a more productive rate by using only their hands. This led to a massive famine and irresponsible death to innocent Chinese that died of starvation in the multi-millions. At U.C. Berkeley, all the professors I had known intend that Mao Tse-tung was the smartest Chinese person to ever lead the Chinese people, and intend that Obama is the American counterpart – he is the smartest person to ever occupy the White House. Mao Tse-tung’s self manufactured economic disaster (3% or less G.N.P.) and Obama’s economic disaster happened at different times of history, and therefore there are no such things as planetary geometric forms to indicate when self-absorbed leaders reign and destroy civilization by their idiosyncratic whims of lunacy.

For example, after 1929 and the Wall Street crash, there were geometrical forms of Uranus, Pluto, Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter which formed right – angles for a short period of time and corresponded to the Great Depression and a similarly geometric form came in 2010- 2011 and America is currently in a recession, despite the White House claiming this is one of the greatest economies in American history because Obama, a community organizer ( the same self-title Mao Tse-tung gave himself) is running the economic decisions. F. D. Roosevelt who lead America during this Great Depression/Recession never created jobs with his socialist programs of stimulus. Jobs only came to be realized after the events of Pearl Harbor which forced America to declare war on Japan, and immediately Hitler’s Germany took advantage and declared war on the U.S.A. Immediately, F.D.R. proclaimed everyone in the U.S.A. get up off the sofa and start working, volunteering, doing something and this resulted in the U.S.A. economic boom which lasted through the 1950s. However, China and many Asian states during the 1950s had experienced an economic decline, and often severe circumstances based on the same leftist ideological leader created a China unable to raise its economic G.N.P above 3% for over three decades after 1949. So there were no global economic astrological patterns, they appeared local specific. The confirmation comes from an historical perspective. Chinese historian-astrologers ( one-in-the-same in ancient times) viewed alpha virginis (Spica) as a bad omen star, whereas in western tradition, Spica remains one of the two good-to-best omen stars. In fact, there are many evidences to which can be referred to Spica being prominent in Chinese leaders’ charts that held their civilization back into dark-age mentality. While these proofs come from ancient sources, that westerners do not read, a modern example was the prominent Saturn conjunct Spica in mass murderer Mao Tse-tung’s horoscope (a.k.a. astrological birth chart). On the other hand, in ancient Egyptian histories, the alpha virginis (Spica) point in the sky determined ‘plentiful harvests,’ and good-living, abundance and prosperous. For the ignorant atheist academic, this does not mean Astrology is bunk, it means there are in fact multiple times all working at once!

So the astrological question was what are, if any, some cycles or similarities? Both Obama and F.D.R., both extreme communist minded persons have many geometrical planetary positions to which both share.  During their reigns, both had these mundane planetary alignments in similar fashion. While the global economy was affected in both cases, in reality China and some European countries are not affected at all.  So the planetary positions in a similar form do not intend a global economic crises for all countries, but they do point the signs that two similar-ideologues for at least one country ( U.S.A.) are economic ignorant and self-absorbed, self- aggrandizementists. Mao Tse-tung, who ruled off-and-on Chinese supreme dictator position from 1940 -1972, was also a economic ignorant and self-absorbed, self- aggrandizementists. This tells astrologers that geometric formations of planets are not a unified linear –time but each country is independent and have varied geometrical frameworks into which interpreters of Astrology need to contend.  

This does not mean Obama is a loser, by-no-means, he is a successful thug, because destroying human lives and crippling the world’s economy by attacking American business portends he can laugh at night and call all of us suckers at his gang’s parties. He wrote two books to which his wishes were the destruction of the European peoples. Apparently no-one read them or understood what his ghost writer had helped him to communicate. There is absolutely no evidence that Obama is religious and he adorns his White House tree with ornaments with pictures of mass murderer Mao Tse-tung, as a role model.

Why is this a matter? It is because he is a part of a gang which sees the majority of the populations of the world as some human undesirable persons. The prison or mental institutions are institutions to lock up the human undesirable persons, to which the academics want all the insanoids to be housed. The only way this can be accomplished is by a gang. But who are the gangs?

Gangs, Albert Einstein’s Plagiarism from Astrologers who Academics keep calling ‘insane,’ & Solving Mysteries

Mysteries of life are not difficult to determine. Under England’s Elizabeth the court spoke about different nations as ruled by ‘gangs.’ Things have not changes. The leaders and groups that control our world are gangs; they just have the law on their side – the difference between the wantobees and the actual gang members. American Blacks after the 1960s, and the Civil Rights legislation began an economic agency through the music industry, a genre called gansta rap. They were not trying to communicate they were a different species of humans, the revese was true, they were trying to fit in to the historical type-casted gangs of Europeans. Nostradamus used the ascription in the sense that Europeans used it during the sixteenth century. Henry VIII called the French Court and also the Roman Church a gang, as this became a tradition into the Elizabethan Age. This meant not the undesirables of today’s petty street gangs, but the state leaderships of each institution that vied for economic, social and political control of all spaces on Earth. Gangs defined modernity of the sixteenth century because it explains something that later astrologer Sir. Isaac Newton explained as a physical property evident in our entire Universe. In the early twentieth century, scientist pronounced spiritualism dead, as Trithemvis, Roussat, and Nostradamus predicted, and all things could be explained by the periodical elements which had been found. Prussian Philosopher, Karl Marx and his collaborator, Engels, pronounced that all history can be explained solely by material forces on human conditions. Since spiritualism cannot be measured, scientists proclaimed they finally understood all of life, there were no longer any mysteries to the Universe and there was no longer a need for compassion, love, understanding, joy, happiness or any other emotion because they cannot be measured at all.  Astrologers tended to look upon these institutionalized academics as mediocre intellects and emotional loggerheads. They could explain somethings but could not explain other things. Therefore they tended to become prolific liars. Since these academic institutionalized mediocre scientist were lying constantly, this created an economic market for esoteric works and too some extent were permissible to an extent because event he confused academic institutionalized mediocre scientist needed to be schooled about their shortcomings. You see, if time and if spaces are all physical, a question remains to why this academic institutionalized mediocre scientist cannot tell you what these things are all about but intend they know everything?  This proves that all humans are not born alike with the same intelligence. When the Elizabethan period discoursed upon a gang, its connotation implied ‘aggressive, imbecilic, grunt-leadership,’ all established academia produced, bent upon causing discord to the communities they imperialized.  In other words, gangs did not show any concerns for overall humanity or its conditions, they were bent upon intending they knew all but were just liars. Astrologers had realized this mystery early on and therefore tried to categorize its ebb and flows by chronological time associations to which the physical and spiritual properties of their limited but increasing advanced knowledge of the Universe provided.

Gravity, Gangs, Astrological quantum mechanics, and Academic Thievery

When quantum mechanic scientists intend they can never determine the weight or direction at the same time of a particle because the laws of quantum physics do not conform to classical physics -- this intends the non-understanding of the weak gravitational force and in the domain langue of quantum mechanics to which these wave-forms direct the particles.

Scientist has failed to accurately measure these waves – and therefore they do not exist. This is nothing new. Various persons of all cultures from historical texts tell us that 500 B.C.E. to 1700 A.C.E. establishment scientists called all persons suggesting the Earth was a sphere an equivalent to a pseudo-scientist. This is an academic code-term for a mentally insane person who should be incarcerated. Since forces in nature do not exist, because they are immeasurable by modern machines, they ignore common sense. Until machines can placate the controlled-consensus academics, we will have to live a dual universe of non-unity. Since controlled-consensus academics cannot explain anything to do with a time or a space, astrologers have taken up the voidable slack of their mediocre-intellect brothers. All understanding of time and space in history are reputably and arguably the domain of astrologers, not scientists. 

Since ‘space-time’ is a wave-form reality, in classical physics, to which Einstein plagiarized astrologer  J. Kepler to tell the world he figured out space-bends in his theory of General Relativity, first declared by astrologer Kepler two centuries before Einstein, standard academics have been plagiarizing astrologers since history began and to cover up their ‘ideas’ theft they call astrologers ‘crazies!’ Time as you understand it, organize your daily routine, plan for the future and conduct your lives comes from a single source of ideas – astrologers. While academics used, blatantly plagiarizing astrologer’s historical work and calling them crazy, all calendars, clocks, time-keeping machines, are set to efforts derived from astrologers.  Einstein had to deny astrology as a source of a science because he plagiarized astrologers to found his ideas of the laws of time and space, first discovered in the Three Area Laws by Astrologer J. Kepler, who Newton used, and we know by the multitude of biographies that Einstein used religiously the astrological understanding of the weak force of Astrologer Newton on a daily bases when he was young and formulating his theory on General Relativity. Newton describes the gravitational weak force as a small corkscrew, as a wave-form in one direction, and by a singularity force, call God’s prime mover. This system did not change under Einstein; it was just a miniscule version of the Astrologer Kepler’s Three Area Laws. Einstein claimed that many times exist, the claim Kepler purposed and practiced in a form of astrological directions with great success in telling the future.  Astrologers have known this for millennia, but have been called ‘insane’ by standard academia throughout history. For 2,500 years or more astrologers have been moving time(s), up, down, backwards, forwards, and with inverse relationships. Establishment academics are still stuck on time (energy) moving in one direction – always positive. So there is a vast disconnect between non-establishment astrologers who organized our universe and then these ideas were stolen by the establishment scientists and used by the world for their convenience. So history is all too easy to understand. We wait for gifted astrologers to reincarnate, and then we have to wait for establishment scientists to ‘steal’ their ideas and make it into our daily lives.

Carl Sagan Pre-Locutionary Utterance on Dismissal of Astrology

The respected Carl Sagan once said about astrology that Jupiter’s gravitational force was equivalent to a mid-wife, meaning the mass of the body of the mid-wife had similar gravitational effects upon the Mother’s body as Jupiter’s distant gravitational forces had upon the same body. This is the standard academic dismissal on astrology. Yet I have never met one astrologer that claims any gravitational forces of the planets are what define astrology. Does this make Carl Sagan a stupid person or a liar? No! But it does intend that Carl Sagan had no idea of the complex qualities of gravity in the first place. When you diagram the Newtonian gravitational fields, you realize you are peering into complex times that Astrologers are working by the angles. The weak-force of Gravity remains the least understood of the four main forces of the universe. This is because it cannot be accurately measured (at this time) at a quantum level. Using reverse psychology, since gravity cannot be measured at the quantum level, it does not exist and anyone who believes that gravity works at the quantum level are therefore type-casted as pseudo-scientists. Therefore, Albert Einstein, who plagiarized the astrologers to found his theories, was of course a pseudo-scientist. Another reverse psychological application intends Jesus believed in Love; and since controlled academics - scientists cannot measure love Jesus is a pseudo-scientist (i.e. crazy). Therefore, anyone who believes in Love or has emotions are all mentally challenge (insane) determined as a ‘truth’ by the consensus academic establishment. Gravity is still not fully understood or able to be measured – therefore it is still under the auspices of a pseudo-scientist approach.

These three other main forces of the Universe are all stronger than the weak force of gravity, but gravity is the only one of the four main forces of Our Universe to allow computations to derive alternative universes. Since gravity has properties of a linear-wave-form-cycle(s) this is a concept to which closely resembles the mid-sixteenth century term Nostradamus called ‘perpetual.’ Perpetual, never or will be understood as ‘cyclical.’ Perpetual, used by Nostradamus, implies a ‘never ending’ situation in a linear fashion. Gravity has the same concept applicable to its corkscrew signature. It acts like a cycle, but it is not. It is linear, it does form these wave-cycles, but it never repeats. It is also not a paradox, to which is a cyclical ‘purist’ definition.’ There are no paradoxes in astrology, as there are no paradoxes in science. humans have not gained the machines ( establishment academics) to measure everything in the Universe, and astrologers have been insane. So we will have to wait another trillions-and-trillions of years for these scientists to reincarnate so to give them enough time to figure out what astrologers figured out before one life-time was up – and how is this explained. In astrology, most establishment academics have few intellectual positions in their birth astrological charts, but show money, control, manipulation, memorization traits and aggressive attitudes to which applies them to social and economic positions of control, wealth, and power. In other words, idiots always take control of the earth, construct ‘truisms’ and then inadvertently start global wars to which often mass extinctions are preferred rather than giving up control. This was not a long digression, but an important discourse to set up this paper’s discussion. During the Pre-Reformation, astrology gained an importance of a social –critical tool, to which lasted well until the end of the sixteenth century for the main continent of Europe, and passed to the Americas and England before being banned in the nineteenth century during the Age of Rationalism ( i.e. the age of insanity).

Age of Rationalism and an Increase in Mass Human and Environment Death  -- an establishment scientific achievement.

Spiritualism implies everything we cannot psychically measure but that we emotionally experience. Therefore if you are an Islamic, a Christen, a Buddhist, an Ancestral, a lover and a peacenik person, these establishment academics scientist classify you as insane (pseudo-scientist). During the Age of Reason, spiritualism waned as predicted by some astrologers of the fifteenth and the sixteenth centuries. The New Astrologers ( e.g., investigating Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, etc.. new bodies discovered in the solar system) claimed the Reformation or the religious wars took place with Pluto in the tropical location of Capricorn. In repeatable fashion, this same alignment of Pluto in Capricorn happened during the America and French Revolution(s) (the social – contract!), and is currently as I write this again in the same signature. These then are termed as paradigm shifts, although this term was created specifically for a new form of revolutionary science, such as Copernicus changing the Ptolemy solar system, replacing the Sun as the center rather than the Earth. Yes, he was religious (a pseudo - person) and a practicing astrologer (a pseudo – scientist). So according to the New Astrologers, we should be approaching another revolutionary age and a paradigmatic shift. At the same time, astrologers’ had noted the planetary angles of the Economic Depression and the subsequent wars which followed. Today, in the last few years, these same planetary angles showed themselves to astrologers to which they connect the dots. A surprisingly audacious leader who claims they are smarter than anyone else -- to which they create the economic climate and then solve it by entry into a World War. F. D. Roosevelt was the U.S.A. leader under these planetary angles, resulting in World War II, and now B. H. Obama is living and ruling America under the same planetary assessments. So astrologers understand that World War III in on the horizon. This is because both Obama and Roosevelt was mediocre intellects, touted as the smartest individuals alive, and created such a catastrophe that infect the world in desperation that mass murderer was the only solution to the misery they created (WW III).

These types of ideas are historically traditional to mundane astrological connect-the-dots, so-to-speak methodology; and not often but sometimes surprising accurate astrologers can foretell the future in general terms. These ideas were certainly ancient and are laughed at by the establishment academics. As a reaction, different levels of astrologers started to predict the future the best way they could.

Under this understanding attacking leaderships using esoteric astrology described a progression happening in the sixteenth century to understand the world of crazies, the leaders who control laws, lands, ideas, and regulate all of life – which included the establishment academics. Because of our collective technological advancement, we are no better or to solving life’s predicaments.  Life forms all over the Universes and humans cannot stop it; and, also, life competes and destroys its competition. Only the Astrologer Newton solved the extinction mystery in that particles of like – attract like – and this theory has never been disproven. Think of it as humans that look all alike will form larger groups of a similar type, which is historically evident. Symbiosis, promulgated by the establishment mediocre scientist is incorrect, as always. They called Symbiosis the norm, when it was, is and never will be the norm. In the Early fifteenth century, Europeans formed these larger groups of like-manners, calling them gangs and went around invading and carving up new lands for their babies of their gangs to own, manage, dominate, rule and take-over. Still using the Aristotelian cosmos system, derived in part by Socrates and Plato, Mars was the agent of mass misfortune. Therefore, we understand why Trithemvis provides a time-line of Mars to the period he believed was the worst of all aggressive ‘larger groups of like-manners’ invading and making war whenever they went. Richard Roussat, living later than  Trithemvis, in classic scientific fashion, adjusts the time-line to have Mars operating in his life-time as the religious wars now combined with the imperialism wars, of such the complaint which had taken place under Trithemvis’ life-span. But as history has shown, when one attacks the establishment one can lose their life and even endanger their families. However, it did not stop some people from trying to end the horror of the grunt-academics.

Taking a Stand: Trithemvis, Roussat, Fighting the Establishment

Trithemvis was a semi-historian, wrote on many different subjects to which he became famous, but this one esoteric work nearly cut-his life short. His targets threatened him against promulgating such ideas.  Trithemvis never wrote again on this subject. We would think that this system would have disappeared but it did not and others continued to employ its political savvy well into the mid-sixteenth century.   Trithemvis tended toward trouble because he mentions targets by name, such as Maximilian I and his extended family. In some sense, Trithemvis created a system to identify a target that he detested, as well as voicing opinions of fellow religious compatriots. It matters not that Trithemvis praises Maximilian, one did it for safety. When one read the context to his themes one will find that he disfavors Maximilian’s Holy Roman Empire policies. Praising one’s enemies may have been a part of sophistication but most people were intelligent enough to read between the lines, so-to-speak. Thus, a short open letter appeared by Trithemvis, and this prolific writer never again brought up the esoteric subject which appeared dear to his heart.

Hienrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim mentions the Enochian period schemata in Book III, chapter and accredits Trithemvis in his De occulta philosophia libri tres (On Occult Philosophy in Three books, Book i, 1531 Paris; complete work published at Colongne 1533). This was the work in production by Agrippa to which decades earlier about 1510 A.C.E. Trithmvius warns Agrippa to be careful of publishing such Angel- Planet connections and assigning them historical periods to leaders who are corrupt under its Martian influences. Trithmvius, not an astrologer but a semi-historian and social commentator, had linked the warlike atmosphere of the last two-hundred plus years in Europe to the ravaged Angel Samuel who represented the planet Mars and its historical ascriptive characteristics as the deity of war, discord, political corruption and human death.

It was enough to dismiss Trithmvius and all other persons who had employed such a schemata of some esoteric formulations; we are then led to believe by some authors on Michel Nostredame (later known as Nostradamus) that he used this system to map-out the periods of time. I found no work which reported Richard Roussat’s facts correctly, and like Roussat’s source, Trithmvius, these chronologies are contradictory. In addition, in these many works on Nostradamus none had known of its pedigree and to a lesser extent of its historiography. Still further, none can elucidate the concepts or origins of this idea with any academic certitude.  In a matter of more importance the initiator of this idea had no knowledge of his own cultural history and mis-reports the vary ideas linked to his own modernity.

Part 2 [ sec. 2]:  Validating Trithmvius : Lunar Horror, Peaceful Mars

Technology and War go hand in hand, and during Trithmvius’ time, fire-arms were developed more rapidly which changed modern warfare. During Trithmvius’ life, The Holy Roman Empire lands ( mainly Germans) were producing the state-of-art cannons and military weapons. This helps explain why Michelangelo and da Vinci and others were commissioned to engineer fortifications for towns and fortresses, as weapons now invented could breach, easily, the older war-barriers.

Death was more easily achieved. With ‘division’ by science of whom is preferred culturally and in connection to technological warfare  gangs formed in Europe, divided upon religious lines for protection and economy, and divided upon cultural and ethnic lines which allowed easy categorization of who shall be exterminated.  Trithmvius views these advances in technology and an increase in casualties of war as signs of the ancient past of great periods of destruction. This Martian period ends according to one of his many different chronologies in 1525.

Did Mars reign terror during the late Renaissance and Early Modern Periods, according to Trithmvius chronology? When education returned to pre-Early-Modern Europe, people started the long road to enlightenment and this brought upon them the social movement that would question authority and then break up the monotheistic church, monotheistic statist authority, and over the centuries as the population increased  (like mitosis) large groups fragmented into many sects rationalized that many humans that did not look or act like their kind,  all based in secular scientific ideology, commenced into a new warlike models;  the twentieth century had witnessed secular scientific euthanasia projects, such as the Holocaust for racists reasons, mass genocide in the 1949-1975 Communist China, for classism (rich against poor) based upon English and German mediocre philosophers,  and then there were countries that used both of these models to horrifying statistics,  and suddenly casualties of humans resulted in historical numerical values – no longer 100s of casualties of war, no longer 1,000s of casualties of war, no longer 10,000s of casualties of war, no longer 100,000s casualties of war, no longer 1,000,000 casualties of war, no longer 10,000,000s casualties of war, but now 100,000,000+ casualties of war broke all historical records -- hundreds of millions of people were put to death by secular scientists who had argued in the manner of rationalistic triumphalism. Therefore, how do we asses Trithmvius’ claims as the agent of death, Mars?

Whose Idea Was This?

Trithmvius’ tells us in his opening of this letter,  he got this idea from a high-level Doctor. Doctors in those days could be medical experts as well as humanists, linguists or philosophers, but there is no name attacked to this source. Some insist that this unnamed person is of course the celebrated Abraham Ibn Ezra, and certainly he is the best candidate. Ezra’s synodic-lunar calendar suggestion for a fardāyrīya first became an elaborated model under Trithmvius’ open letter to Maximilian I. There are many levels to a definition of a fardāyrīya --  an Arabic term, found in the Abassīd Astrologers who transferred astronomy, historical,  and astrological knowledge to the Europeans by translating out of Greek and Sanskrit old traditions and into ‘then’ their modern languages – the term could be of a number of ideas.

A fardāyrīya at its element is a division of (a) time. It is used for classification purposes in its historical past methodology but used for predictive purposes for its historical future methodology. In this paper one will read many levels to a definition of a fardāyrīya. Even top-level academics still have a difficult time understanding how the authors constructed and used them, and to a lesser extent its purpose. Perhaps, this explains why astrologers have very superior cognitive abilities.

Part II (sec. 1): Modern Scholarship could and has been classified under a fardāyrīya.

Shalomo Sela ( Bar- Ilan University, Biblical studies and Hebrew Philosophy) is an expert at high scholarship on Abraham Ibn Ezra. Sela investigated Ezra’s prime source works but has not fully comprehended Ma‘šar’s. However, Sela according to some web posts is partaking in a discourse on the so-many different attempts at reproducing Ma‘šar’s Great Introduction. I suspect Ma‘šar will illuminate Sela’s mind and Sela will finally understand the distinct differences between Ezra and the Arab and Hellenistic Astrologer- scholars. Although Sela had noted some differences in the low scholarship between Ma‘šar  and Ezra.  Sels writes, “[a] dwar or mighty fardār is a cycle of 360 years ruled by a planet and a sign.”[4] This distance of time is akin to Ptolemy’s promulgation of his first directional system and so we cannot claim it comes solely from Persian sources as Abū  Ma‘šar claims and had a different idea of what is a fardār  , as everyone else did, including Abraham Ibn Ezra. These differences certainly influenced Trithmius who first put these differing ideas into practice and continued a tradition of creating a unique system. By the time of the fifteenth century, there was an already long tradition to create long-count calendars and assign them to meaning based upon the qualities of the esoteric solar-system bodies.

A small dynamic fardār, according to Robert Zollar is to be found not in Ma‘šar’s work but in Bonatti’s Liber Astronomiæ [5]and other Medieval Latin works.[6] This system employs some irregular integers of solar-system bodies that are accompanied by different years: Sun (10y), Venus (8y), Mercury (13y), Moon (9), Saturn (11), Jupiter (12), Mars (7), north node (3y), south node (2),[7] and then repeat the series (75 years is a full series). The origin then is the system of solar-system assignment to periods of an individual’s life, being this number for the length of a human. Others had intentions to place their  own system into the historiographical context of astrological prediction.

A big fardār associates zodiacal signs to a reverse category of domicile placements: Aries (12), Taurus (11), Gemini (10), Cancer (9), Leo (8), Virgo (7), Libra (6), Scorpio (5), Sagittarius (4), Capricorn (3), Aquarius (2), Pisces (1).[8] of which amounts to 78. A middle fardār has 75 years, with the order of the ascriptions as: Sun, Moon, N. Node, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, S. Node, Mars, Venus.

To Abū  Ma‘šar, his system for a fardār is an increment (integer) in a mathematical expression to which there were many forms. One form intends, there are no cycles as a fardār is a linear expression based simply upon nine months after one’s birth time for an astrological birth chart. Thereby divining (dividing) a single human astrological chart could be used to decide the future – such as the divide between life and death, the divide between prosperity or a the divide between poverty, and even more important, the divide between love or lust!  One such popular Abassīd astrological tradition therefore intends a fardāyrīya could be divided up seventy-five times with an equivalence to a sexagesmial system of 270 degrees. Ptolemy in Tetrabiblos provides six examples of directions, each having a different quadrant signature based upon dual times in each quadrant meaned-out but correlated to latitude to which the system becomes almost too difficult for almost all astrologers to practice.

For a historical relevancy this was the average lifespan of a common Islamic civilization lifetime (which was basically the same for all other civilizations!). While people did last beyond the age of seventy-five years old, most investigations proved that a ‘terminus’ of a fardāyrīya happened prior to the age of seventy-five years-old. This meant something drastic, and unique. This meant that only three-fourths of an astrological wheel foretold one’s entire life-time of experiences.

Part II (sec. 2 ): A fardāyrīya with a mundane application can confuse an academic that the universe has been around for trillions of years.

A fardāyrīya with a mundane application could amount to calculations of incredible proportions, such as one of the Hindi long-periods of ages, calculated by the trillions. But the reborn flat-earth scientists intend that these calculations of Hindi ages that amount to trillions of years since the creation of our Universe is just a crazy human pathology. Well, perhaps the reborn flat-earth scientists had never encountered a real fardāyrīya. Today, tropical equivalent ideas are like the flat-earth because complex computations flow in and out of real – time and use zodiacal sign divisions which do not really correspond to ascension, descension, horary or direction of rays divisions in the astrological wheel. It is understandable that Ezra rejects these mean-ideas and just tells his audience to return to sidereal measurements.

A universe or a long-period civilization fardāyrīya pertain to some crazy and far-out calculations that resolve to small increments of time to which progressing in a direction of choice can devine things well into future millennia. The great Arabic contributions to astrology will confirm great delineations of a qisma’, a fardār, and some other systems of time. Māshā’allāh ibn Athari or Abū  Ma‘šar will tell you about periods of 360,008 years and 318 days, and then convince you that this is equivalent to two minuets of arc of Saturn’s proper motion for a World Chart! In like manner very distant times promoted by ancient Hindi ideas will give values of trillions of years that the universe has been in existence. These were most likely misreported fardāyrīya.  

To achieve a fardāyrīya for a world chart (e.g. a mundane application) sometimes extremely long numerical values are desired for space-time accuracy. For example, in one century there are this many seconds: [ put data here]. When computing from Solar-Year time to a sexagesmial real space-bending-time, these extremities of values are needed for calculation purposes. The scholars who translated out of the earliest Arabic copies of Abū Ma‘šar On Religion and Dynasties intend his calculations, which were either in millions of years or to the sixteenth of a second are absolutely accurate. We also know that Abū Ma‘šar On Religion and Dynasties started to become corrupted as copies and semi-sectional copies commenced even while he was alive. We also know that in theory, every edition of Les Propheties of Nostradamus are not identical. We also know pirated English versions which were corrupted were produced even while Nostradamus was still alive in that body. Most often the case, things of historical value such as these ancient text which describe long-time-distance universe values were copied over and over and we must be skeptical about what was their true values?

Part III (sec. 1 ) Trigonomic Originals and fardāric Originals

As far as we know, Trigonometry and Philosophy of the Primum Mobile are from the same period of history – the first millennia B.C.E. We have discussed the original idea of divining, and that was to divide two points and have a measure of it.  Here we are triangulating as a base idea and even later we will implement multi-angularity. While triangulating we introduce a vertex or a third point to which two other points are relevant to the vertex. The vertex is the place where the other two points resolve. However, there is a perspective problem in a triangulation. For social scientists one can use post-modernism, where there is discoursed more than one truth for a single categorized idea, such as the origins of humans.  What do we focus upon? Take for instance, angles ABC. Was is the focus, angle A or C? It is neither, in academic divination,  it is angle point B. The vertex is communicated for written diction purposes as the middle term, so all to whom view the written expression will instantly make the connection without looking at any diagram. We know that from  Abū Ma‘šar’s that his sources from Persia were implementing trigonomic functions well prior to the first millennia B.C.E. This is because the use of the long debated term, ‘lots.’  Lots combine Trigonometry and Philosophy as its ultimate goal, and use triangulation with mathematical propositions to derive the initial results.

Lots use three distinct angles to construct its vertex for astronomical and astrological productions [ or propositions]. Lots were attributed in Ma‘šar’s writings to Persian talisman, which were probably equivalent to shamans or wise men of a tribe or clan. Lots were usually calculated by sidereal methods; although, very simplistic for soothsayers once the tropical astrology chart had been fully constructed.   For example, the lot of fortune is [  angle of the Moon to the angle of the Sun to the angle of the Ascendant | Moon + Sun – Asc]. In other words, Angle Moon to Angle Sun to angle Ascendant would then describe a vertex and two separate angles in an astrological chart. Lots, of course, were divinatory, and almost everything one could think of could be triangulated to predict the future. However, this was stifling, and fardāyrīya needed to be much more complex to stave-off the soothsayers.

Part III (sec. 2 ): Richard Roussat  -- Primum Mobile + Sphere + fardār implemented trigonomic functions

In 1508 Johannas Trithmius , not an astrologer, but a prolific semi-historian, wrote an open letter to then Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I to which he defines a classification based upon a misunderstanding of Arabic judicial astrologers, and more importantly Abū Ma‘šar’s, fardāyrīya. We are not exactly sure but Trithmius produces the first suggestion by Ezra of using the Enochian cosmos adopted by the later Helens ( Greeks), most likely formed by earlier Helens ( onward back in time, including Persians, etc),  becoming a part of the Aristotelian cosmos, making this a Judeao- Hellenistic cosmos, with bits of far eastern, middle east and northern African influences – long before Danté revised this into a solely unique Judeao-Christian cosmos; of course all following the astrologers who actually tested the system in a scientific means.   

Iohn Tritemvis (Latinized name) wrote De Septem Secundeis id est, intelligentiis, sive Spiritibus Orbes post Deum moventibus (Abbot of Spanheim, written 1508, pub. 1515), and his figures do not match the decades later work by Richard Roussat in his book, Le Livre de l’Estat et mutation des temps prouuant par authoritez de l’Escripture saincte et par raisons astrologales, la fin du monde ester prochaine [9]  of 1549 (pub. 1550)[10]. For some millennia each day of the week all had Planet ascriptions, and this tradition continues until our present. What is fascinating is that Tritemvis reverses the system so the week is backwards. Therefore, Saturday, the end/start of the Hebrew week is the beginning of the angle-planet age chronology. Then Friday is next, so Venus is the second termed ruler in chronological order, and then Jupiter, Mercury, Mars , the Moon and finally the day of Sunday, which is of course ruled by the Sun! Each planet is assigned an Enochian Angel and provided a fardār of 354 years and 4 months, a mis understanding of the 360 degree that would apparently equal 360 years ( already mentioned the dispute between the western calendars and the misunderstood history by Ezra who says that Hebrew culture was solely reliant upon a lunar calendar, which was absolutely incorrect) mentioned by the Abassīd Astrologers and importantly by Ma‘šar in his best known work On Religions and Dynasties. Ezra does not mention how to construct this new system. In fact, in the Book of Enoch, to which Ezra contemplates the dual traditions ascribed to Angel Gabriel, both the Moon or Mercury, and also Archangel Michael is either the Sun or Mercury in Enoch! However, Tritemvis follows the Christian theme of Archangel Michael found in relation to the 27 th book of the Christian Bible as the top authority of the Angelic hierarchy and attributes to him the position of the central Star, the Sun. Tritemvis uses planetary periods to delineate the history of the World from its beginning which he sets at March 15, 5205 B.C.”[11] However, quickly he loses tract of the fractory months, thus by the third  period his calculations are off already by more than one year.

St. Vincent Ferrer (1350-1419) is accredited to assigning An Angel of the Apocalypse, according to Levi in Transendental Majic. The Angel, Orfiel, intends a Christian audience. While Enoch, a non-canon book for most of the rabbinic traditions, does not value the twenty-seventh book of the Christian Bible to any angel, nor consider it of any value. In the book “The Magus: A Complete System of Occult Philosopy, Book One of Two, by Barret, Francis, p. 58 the Source for the planetary to Angel combination “So we received from many of the ancient fathers of the Hebrews the names of angels set over the planets and signs; over the Saturn, Zaphiel; Over Jupiter, Zadkiel; over Mars, Camael; Over the Sun Rapheal; over Venus Haniel; over Mercury, Michael; over the Moon Gabriel. These are those seven spirits which always stand before the face of God [ Revelation, 27 book of NT], to whom is entrusted the disposing the whole celestial and terrene kingdoms which are under the moon: for theses ( as the more curious theologians say) govern all things by a certain vicissitude of hours, days, and years; as the astrologers teach concerning the planets which they are set over, which Mercurius Trismegistus calls the seven governors of the world, who, by the heavens as by instruments, distribute the influences of all the stars and signs upon their inferiors.”[12]

Agrippa attributes the system of the lunar calendar to Trithemvis but the concept of applying heavenly intelligence to the planets as a secondary influence upon natural and human affairs are claimed from a source by Mercurius Trismegistus. These are known as Hermetic texts derived by a various cultural and cosmological philosophies,  works composed from much earlier Hellenistic times but copied in their current forms between these centuries from 1-3 A.C.E. They are not Neo-Platonic but the comparison to spirits of the Enochian mysticism is infused with Platonic forms and ray-systems ( e.g. ideas of Plato, some attributed to Socrates in Plato’s plays!). Understandably all these different millennial works derive their origins from the MAATs, or the very ancient Mesopotamian to Neo Mesopotamian star-catalogues and companion Omen texts circa 2,100 B.C.E. and onward.  The planets have themes and as they move in the heavens passed the fixt-stars and formulated constellations they are observed for terrestrial events which then are thematized and periodized, finally recorded for future astronomer-astrologers scientists, in the tradition of the Mesopotamian Star Catalogues and companion Omen books. The order of time is backwards, which was a twist of the long aged tradition of us the ancients of ordering our week-days. Our week days, from wherever you start follow this schemata: Sunday is the day of the Sun, Monday is the day of the Moon, Tuesday is the day of Mars, Wednesday is the day of  Mercury, Thursday is the day of Jupiter, Friday is the day of Venus and Saturday is the day of Saturn. So in linear direction, this fardāyrīya intends a future linear direction. Trithmvis rather turned this system 180 degrees which confused many Nostradamian researchers to ask why? To conform to a gnostic approach for a hermetical idea, a pagan and established religion thematics had to be combined. The Aristotelian cosmos system based upon Hellenistic mythology intends the Titans are the first rulers of humans, later overthrown by the Olympians. Therefore Saturn needed to precede Jupiter and have it be close enough to make the ideal connection. Thereby starting on Saturday and working backwards, thus Venus and then Jupiter (Thursday) was the logical connection.

“There are some who ascribe them to the stars by names somewhat differing, saying, that over Saturn is set an intelligence called Oriphael, over Jupiter Zachariel, over Mars Zamael, over the Sun Michael, over Venus Anael, over Mercury Raphael, over the Moon Gabriel. And every one of these governs the world [ chart] 354 years and four months; and the government begins form the intelligence of Saturn [ still Aristotelian]; afterwards, in order, the intelligences of Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, the Moon, and the Sun reign [ reverse days of the week!], and the government returns to the spirit [ Plato form?] of Saturn.”[13]

Trithemvis begins his creation of the world and then by the third period, the period of Jupiter (Thursday, counting backwards from Saturday, the beginning in Aristotelian cosmology, with Saturn) computations break-down and discrepancies’ arise not by months but by years. This is probably why Agrippa and next Roussat do not follow Trithemvis’ chronology, because once you do the calculations oneself, they do not follow a mathematical precision and drift the more Trithemvis’ progresses toward the Early Modern Age.

He ‘tried’ to use each term (period) in a chronological sense, thus the third-cycle has a term of beginning with Saturn called a term fifteen. Many terms have Christian date correlations which becomes the vary reason one can observe Trithemvis’ computational errors. For most of the mistakes, Trithemvis’ only forgets to keep track of the fractional integers of months.

Part VI: Trithemvis’ Influenced Lilly who does not investigate, but only adopts.

Lilly’s translation reproduced as plane text on Christopher Warnock, Esq website provides period dates so we can confirm the creation date and changes of these periods but according to the addendum which is solely Lily’s summery of which period we are in to which I intend he misunderstood Trithemius’ work. Lily intends, “For if Gabriel, whom then call the Angel of Mercury [e.g. the Book of Enoch, to which Ezra contemplates the dual traditions ascribed to Angel Gabriel, both the Moon or Mercury, and also Archangel Michael is either the Sun or Mercury in Enoch!] , not the Moon, began the 11. of July 1466, then we are in 1647 in the 181st year of Gabriel’s Government, perhaps a sign we are afflicted with so many Novell opinions, & c. [ i.e. etc....].”[14]  This means the next period, to which the planet Mars begins in 1880 in the end of the first week of November. Unfortunately, Lily so misunderstood Trithemius that in the opening lines of Trithemius’ open-curt letter to Emperor Maximilian I (22 March 1459-, d. 12 January 1519), son of Frederick III, he does not provide the creation year and only the month of March and the day of the 15th.

The contradictory assertions are in the text itself to which Lily is translating for publishing. Trithemius’ writes according to Lily’s translation “The fifth Gubernator [ governor] of the World was Samuel the Angell of Mars, who began the 26 day of the month of June in the year of the World 1417. and swayed the rule of this World 354 years and 4 months, untill the year of the World 1771. and eight months.”[15] Joseph H. Peterson reproduction of the same apparent text does not have this insertion of a 268 year and nine month order of succession.[16]

Richard Roussat claims that the Moon begins in 1771 and Trithemivs claims different periods, one repeated period is the Moon begins a reign in the year of 1525 A.C.E.  Trithemius’ says “The twentieth time in order, Gabriel Angell of the Moon received the moderation of the World, in the year of the World 7632, the fourth moneth, and fourty day of Iune: in the year of Christ 1525, and shall regulate the world 354 years, and four moneths, until the year of the world 7086. eight months, but of our Lord Christ 1879. and 11 moneth.”[17]

How do we know this was a construction? First, Trithemius, according to Lily’s translation, intends the Great Biblical Flood occurred under the Samael-Mars government. Trithemius tells the Holy Roman Emperor the reason was Mars creates chaos, natural disasters and war, a beginning of a new religion ( a type of post-Plato Hellenistic cosmology system, called Aristotelian cosmos) to which he goes on to explain the war ravaged period of European territorial wars under Mars’ reigns. But Trithemius clarifies earlier in the text, “A strong sect of Religion shall arise, and be the overthrow of the Ancient Regime,”[18]  to which was apparently true for the French Revolution and the rise of Protestant communality, simplistic and unruly sect of Christianity. Trithemius goes on to cite as the reason for the second return of Mars, the destruction of the city of Troy, and in the third return, he intends, “[...]in the thrid toward the end thereof will be found great want of Vnity [unity]: from matters preceding may be judged what will out to succeed. This third Revolution of Mars shall not be consummated without Prophecie [a misnomer as each century has seen prophecies, no matter what Angelic –Planet government is ruling!], an institution of some new Religion [ e.g. the rise of Protestantism which had taken place with the pre-Reformation at least 350 years earlier, placing its origins long before the period of Mars’ third cycle.], from this year of our lord 1508. here yet remains untill the end of the Government of Samael 17. years wherein signs and figures shall be given, foreshweing the beginnings of evill.”[19]

Apparently Trithemius confuses his audience calculation both forward in chronological-linear time and backwards as apparent in this section of Samael-Mars: “Samael the Angel of Mars in order, the nineteenth time came to accept the Gubernation of the universall world, it being now his third returne, and this he did the third day of March, Anno Mundi, 6378 [1117 A.C.E.] and he regulated mundane affaires 354. years four moneths, untill the years of the World 6732. four moneth; and of our Lord God 1525. under whose predominancy many wars were all over the world, by which means infinite thousands of men perished, and sundry Kingdoms lost their former bounds: betwixt Frederick the first Emperor and the Romane Nobility, many controversiies arose, sundry great battles were fought, and many thousands of Romans perished.”[20]  The integer 6732 minus 1525 equals 5207 [-1][21] B.C.E. or 5206 B. C. E. or the Creation of the World. By adding in the divisory of the months, this comes to the actual creation time of 15 March 5206[5] B.C.E. Another correlation amounts to “When the Anael the Angell of Venus had finished his Regiment, then Zachariel the spirit of Jupiter did reassume [resume] the Universal Government of this World the seaventh time, the first day of June, in the year of the World 5669, the fourth month, but in the year of the Lord and Savior Iesus Christ 463. four moneths; and governed in his turne years and four moneths until the year of the World 6023. and eight moneth; but of our Lord God 817.”[22] So 6023 minus 817 will equal 5206 [-1] or 5205 B.C.E.. So we already have a year discrepancy in this reproduced translation by Lily because the months are not calculated into the periods. The months are calculated in the preceding sentence to 5669 and the fourth month, to which is “the first day of June.”[23] June in our modern calendar is the sixth month and this confession agrees with my calendar discourse on all the European nations ascribed to the Annunciation date of March as the first month of the civil and official year. So 5668 (4 th month which is June, finalizing of Anael-Venus, the sixth time) equates a day of Creation from the “seaventh time” to Jupiter. So 5668 – 463 (both + 4 months, June as the fourth month) equals 5205 [-1] B.C.E. or 5204 and 4 months. So Creation date here is 5204 B.C.E. in the month of June, not March!

One needs to consider Trithemius as a recorder of other people’s ideas, he was not or ever a real astrologer or astronomer type as evidence in his wide variety of discourse interest.  He does however mention in the opening sentences that 15 March Orifiel, the spirit of Saturn begins the government of Creation as “in the first year of the World.”[24]  What year is exactly the year? He has different creation data figures in his entire work, meaning he was loose with his computations. Lets confirm this. The “second Governor of the World is Anael the Spirit of Venus, who after Orifiel began to rule according to the influence of this Planet, in the year of the world 354, the fourth moneth, that is, the 24 day of the moneth of June, and he ruled the world 354 years, and 4 moneths, untill the year from the Creation of the world 708. as appears to any that shall Calculate the Age thereof.”[25] So we can convert by 354.4/12 to arrive at 24 June as the fourth month as Trithemius claims and then minus 354 years and four months to arrive at 24 March which means that the calendar does not align to the statement by Trithemius of 15 March. Trithemius then follows the time-line from Anael to say “Zachariel the Angell of Jupiter, began to govern the world in the year of Creation of Heaven and Earth 708. the eight moneth, that is, the 25 day of the moneth of October, and he did regulate the World 354 years, 4 moneths, untill the year of the worlds Creation 1063 inclusively.”[26]  So we have another computation to deal with here and this comes to 25 March 1063, and not as Trithemius claims as ‘1063 inclusivly.’ Why is this? You need to add into the computation the fractions of months: 4 months plus 4 months plus 4 months equals 12 months or one year. 354 multiplied by 3 equals 1063. Then one adds one more year from the fraction derived by the remaining computational months to get to the year of Creation as 1064, inclusively. Since this is early on in the open letter to the Holy Roman Emperor the chronology is already inaccurate in a calendric system. This proves, at least if we believe Lily’s translation and reproduction into English, the Abbot of Spanheim was not an astronomer or astrologer, and the mathematical figures are mistakenly off and early on in this work.

World Creation Estimations From First Man

Creation dates were Biblical chronological life-estimates and perceived as not commencing at the creation of the Earth but the creation of the first man of knowledge, Adam. As we move toward the later medieval age and into the Early Modern Age the Creation date becomes much less further in time. For example: Clement of Alexandria (5592) BC; Julius Africanus (5501) B.C.; Hyppolytus of Rome believed it was at 5,500 B.C;  Eusebius 5228 BC and St. Jerome at 5199 B.C. The Byzantine Calendar uses a creation date starting in September (Fall Equinox) of the year of 5509 B.C.E., providing the furthest non-sourced creation date in existence in regards to Christian Theology and human time management. By the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries one can see the morphing of the distance of time to be much closer to the Early Modern Age.  Even Julius Justus Scaliger had 3949 B.C., a date taken and revised from Archbishop Ussher’s 4004 B.C.E. date. Kepler used 27 April 3977 B.C., this date is found in his work published at Tübingen for first edition in 1596.

With creations there are endings, logically. Roussat uses two Abū  Ma‘šar systems which of course are others because he is reading Ma‘šar who barrows from Ptolemy and Māshā’allāh ibn Athari,  and the Saturn revolution(s) to which he perhaps took from d’Ailly who estimated  many different 30 Saturnine revolution-systems, and the Chronocrater system;  the Ezra constructed lunar calendar which is why he has so many different end-dates.

Nostradamus 3797 then falls to its creation time of 25 April 4174 which is further backwards in time to Ussher’s ( 4,004) and not as far as St. Jerome (5199 B.C). St. Jerome is called Eusebius Sophronius Hieronymus (b. 347?, son of Eusebius of Stridon ( by the borders of Damatiana and Pannonia, mentioned a few places by Nostradamus), d. 30 September 420 A.C.E., Old Style cal., and this is often confused to Eusebius of Cæsarea (b. circa 263  -339 A.C.E), bishop of Caesarea in Palistine (c. 314)), who gave 17,680 BC as the Egyptian year of Creation, perhaps tradition from the Book of Sothis or if starting with Menes 3050 BC[27] placed the creation date at an even millennia of 28,000 B.C.[28]  Dates could be sumerized at Abydos, Egypt.

Part VII: Richard Roussat mentions Liber Rationum


Richard Roussat mentions Liber Rationum[29], to what version as a copy of Ezra’s Book of Reason we do not know. But it makes sense that this is the work Roussat had viewed  it because Ezra’s was wandering Europe and at the time his work started to mature of his astrological-biblical exegesis writings he composed at least one of the four versions at Provence, France, before heading north and eventually to England. Therefore the Book of Reason can be said to be a southern French local book where the manuscripts became archived until the printing press age. In the twentieth century a Hebrew version was found and now has been translated out of Hebrew into English.  It was important to note the source in Roussat because chose Jerome’s World Chart (i.e.  creation date to the Birth of the Savior) for 5199 BC, to which Ezra already had adopted and Roussat agrees, which was not the varying dates by Trithemvis of 5205, 5206, 5204 (as B.C.E).


Finally the sixth angel is Gabriel and the President of the Moon and his reign begins in the year of 1771 and upon the eighth month and his reign ends in the year of 2126. Nostradamus claims in his poem of I. XLVIII those twenty years after the Moon’s reign, someone is crowned. This year then would be 1791 A.C.E, for Trithemius’s chronology. However, this murkey poem has unique qualities, because it mentions the Sun’s retirement as exstringuished of energy, another seven thousand years a new leader as Michel apperently retires and then Nostradamus speaks in the first perosn claiming his prophecies and threats will be finished. This goes against the datum claim of terminus of 3797 in his prose section. The repeatedly qoated year of creation by Trithemius is 4,960 and eight months generated from the medium start date of his second cycle of 15 March 1 A.D. (A.C.E.). This year does not add into our current astronomical calendar and would be converted to the year of 4,959 B.C.E. So according to the terminus of Gabriel’s’ four ages and twenty years of the Moon’s reign passed, 4606, 4m + 20 years would be 4606 A.C.E. and four months that Michael the Angel of the Sun finally retires, and someone else takes up his/her position. I. XLVIII: Vingt ans du regne de la lune paſſez, Sept mille ans autre [§] tiendra ſa monarchie: quand le ſoleil prendra ſes iours laſſez [§], lors accomplir & mine ma prophetie.[30] This does not appear to be a plagiarism of Roussat nor a part of Roussat’s chronology. Therefore it is understandable that no one of the many attackers of Nostradamus in his day ever accused him of plagiarizing Roussat.

Roussat’s Time-Line : Mars Third Period Ends 1771 A.C.E. and 8 months.

If too determining that Roussat is working from Trithemius’ time-line we take some of his ascriptions from his work published in 1550, as he states that the commencement of the Angel – Planet Venus, and Annael begins at  the year of 354 A.D. [A.C.E.]  and four  months:“[...] Annael (c’eſt à dire Peuple de Dieu) meine le Monde à ſon tour , comme les aultres, par troys cens cinquante & quartre ans, & quartre moys.”[31] The Angel Annael finishes the third cycle according to Roussat: “[...] Vemius iuſques à l’an de ſept cens huict ans, & moys moys.” This is to say the completion of Venus/Annael’s third cycle intends the year of 708 [A.D.] and 8 months.[32]  Sammuel who is ascribed the planet Mars finishes his third cycle according to Roussat’s agreements with others for “Mars à mil ſept cens ſeptãte & vn an huict moys.”[33] This year is the closest to the American and French Revolutions and says the year of 1771 and 8 months. So Trithemivs and Roussat are not reporting the same chronology, but are similar and dependant upon Trithemivus’ lackadaisical computations.

Roussat’s Age of the Moon

For the Moon there was a the chronological sequence to the next Angel – celestial body for Gabriel is: “la Lune à deux mil cent vignt & six ans ſeulement. Le Souleil à deux mil quatre cens octante ans & quartre mous.”[34]  So the Age of the Moon has its third cycle completion in the year of 2126 A.D. (A.C.E.).  So if Nostradamus is referencing to this third cycle and not a fourth cycle, to which is introspective to the year date for I.XLVIII, then Roussat intends the year of 2146 A.C.E., and not in the year of 1555!

The third cycle of the Sun and the co-efficient of Archangel Michael then following the Moon will end in the year of 2480 A.C.E. and four months. Then Saturn takes up its reign again, and this chronology only entails four-cycles which will finally end in the year of 4960 A.C.E. and 8 months: Le Souleil iuſques à l’an compté quarte mil neuf cens ſoixante, auec huict moys.”[35]  Both Trithemivs and Roussat extend the 7,000 year-Biblical theme to a whopping 9,919 years (mean-years). By no means were these intellects the first. Some of the Early Church Fathers were already admitting the Egyptian civilization was 25,000 years-old, a nice estimate and this explanation helps us understand why Adam the first intelligent Man was the time-key-frame to beginning the planet-chronology idea.


Roussat shows the conversions to which are in real-time here, but a reader perhaps could be confused when the chronology is discussed by the creation of the world which is determined as year 1, and the conversion to the real date of 1 A.D. when Jesus Christ was assumed born, and this year is actually 5,199 A.D. and discoursed in sections of this work by these years since the World’s creation. If a reader does not pay attention they will become confused and begin assigning the linear chronology to the conversion chronology that Roussat explains to his audience.


What is interesting is that in following the conversion chronology, Roussat links various French geography to some potential and futuristic catastrophes all highlighted by an ironic misnomer of history of the religion of the Arabs; he is relying on the past, and speaks too much about the horrible degrees within the sign of Scorpio. Some of this comes from ancient astronomy/astrology, as the MAATs do inform us one of the prime topics of us, the ancients, focused considerably upon the stars in the constellation later to be known as Scorpio. Yet, Roussat sheds light into a murky historicy. 


Of course, the Religion of the Arab’s consisted of a small-conjunction of the greater Chronocrator series linked the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Scorpio with a socio-religious framing of the contemporary Islamic ideologies of social supremacy. In addition, as cited above, he calls the people of Venus (Islam without knowing it!) the people of God, in a parenthetical insertion. Yet, this is because he uses Ezra’s religio-planetary ascriptions and ignores Abū  Ma‘šar.   Again, Venus, rules Islam, the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction as recorded by the Abassīd Astrologers, confirmed by ibn Ezra, had taken place in the term of Venus. Islam’s holy day is therefore observed on the day of the week ascribed to Venus, Friday. Ezra confirms this but not necessarily agreeing to this ascription, as proof in his wholly revision of the world in an astronomical and astrological viewpoints. He just had to report what Abū  Ma‘šar and the other Abassīd Astrologers reported because, concernedly, and unknown to the flat-earth academics, astrological-astronomical portents played a large role in framing the space in The Week for ownership of religious ritual. Islam celebrates Friday, Hebrews, Saturday, and Christians on Sunday. However, since this was already a tradition in the Abassīd context, ibn Ezra refutes this almost automatically out of social construction.


There had been in standard astrology a long time belief that certain sections of the tropical sign of Scorpio are anything but good. After thinking this over, and finally understanding that the treatment of Jupiter in the actual constellation of Scorpio in the Mesopotamian star catalogues no one figured out the paranic consequences. On the opposite side of the zodiacal framework are the tropical zodiac constellation of Taurus and a non-zodiacal constellation of Perseus – for most mid-northern climes (latitudes). Yet, further investigation of real-time, to which is appreciated by Ezra’s ideas to adopt sidereal ‘space-time’ constructions, degrees of negative world impacts, associated to a swath of degrees in Scorpio, drifted into the Milky Way’s path, particularly, the Galactic Center’s zone. That is to say, the Galactic Center is not known to the ancients, but they are recording mundane events of interest and dire importance. Apparently, this tradition lasts until today for most mainstream astrologers who rely mainly on Early Modern to contemporary astrological texts.


Prediction correct:  Trithemvis timeline to persecute and slaughter Christians on target


It is well known that Trithemvis, then Roussat, and finally Nostradamus, these persons all have a theme of the rise of the persecution of Christians. Did Nostradamus copy these two person’s ideas, perhaps; but they were correct nevertheless. The origins are Biblical, so it was not a far reach for either of these gentlemen to guess. For those who like to be polemic and claim Nostradamus plagiarized, he does not use either Trithemvis nor Roussat’s times, nor D’Ailly’s, nor Paris’, nor a myriad of others who understood before a great undoing of humans, the Christians will be persecuted all over the earth – as the Biblical prophetic sections explain. All three of these individuals understood they were living in a period that was changing rapidity toward secular society, and that logically over a few centuries, as history explains things move quite slow ( thus Nostradamus’ idea of ‘centuries!’) a massive secularization would happen long after these embodiments.


In dealing with some experimentation of treating the pervious cycles with propositions of the future, Trithemius claims from the year of 1880 and eight months and onwards, the world leaders will start to persecute and slaughter Christians, and at the same time an increase in numbers of Christians world-wide. Nostradamus gives a same theme but a different timeline. Trithemius gives the standard Platonic-adopted Aristotelian astrological rational that ‘celestial things are mixed with the earthly [things!]. It is not far fetched from relying on a Biblical expression of ‘as above so below,’ as a standard cyriptic Biblical realism. Yet, still further back into history, because we were there, these ideas are proliferated in the ancient astronomical star catalogues and judicial astrology cuneiform texts which claim over and over this is a reality.


It is rather tempting to ‘construct’ this period to Marxism (not Marx!) and more toward the last decade of the nineteenth century were Marxism – Atheism takes a critical detour into academic ‘reason,’ as the model of the future solution of human management based upon the science of non-morals, non- ethics, and constant class-warfare – an empiricism to the horrifically one-third of the planets’ states turning to Marxism/Communism and implementing genocides to correct the evils of a non-understood economic policy of Capitalism.

Part VIII: Describing Steganograghia


Johannes Tritemvis produced Steganograghia (written c. 1499, pub. Frankfurt 1606 and placed upon the Index Librorum Prohibitorum in 1609. This work explains an elaboration of Deseptem secundeis id est intelligentis sive spiritibus orbes post deum moventibus, circa. 1508.[36]  Since this was an explanation, Agrippa was falsely accused too which he denied multiple times of performing or agreeing with such a type of magic. Magic was a byword to implicate anti-authority aggressive behavior, not tolerated until after Marsilio Ficino’s  almost transcription and translation of Corpus Platonicus revealed to the world the Hellenistic cosmos, a  belief in astrology that opposed Aristotelian ideas on fate and time. Pythagoras, Hipparchus, Ptolemy, and now Plato and Socrates were revealed true believers and this became slowly accepted. In Chapter XXII, Book III, of Ficino’s astrological-medical-philosophy work De vita, later called “Three Books on Life,”[37] in a discussion on seven ways in which we can accommodate ourselves to celestial things, he goes as far as infusing the Judea Christian cosmology with humanism, and this surprised the city and religious authorities and nearly ended his prestigious life. Still, as Trithemvis demonstrated, this idea was to fuse secular traditions into religious traditions, something that was not solely tolerated by the social, economic and political rulers of each century during the medieval ages of Europe. As Ficino demonstrated you express fealty in your work to the local authorities as Roussat, Nostradamus, Trithmivus, and everyone one else who issued complaints toward standard academia or their local courts – and then one writes in these esoteric codifications.


Like Abraham Ibn Ezra, Trithemvis, Agrippa and many following afterward the spirits are Angels, they have ‘intelligence,’ they were ordered to be named by Adam, had a rich Enochian tradition to which Ezra surmounted as the Enochian authority in the medieval age,  and could reveal complex historical narratives – and revealed new ideas on how to structure time and space. It was based upon a universal language of math, to which the religious authorities took issue as a secular social entity of danger.


Agrippa explains the Trithemvius system because both had intimate knowledge of this idea as a polemical religious tool to complain about the current economic-social-religious and political circumstances of their modernity:


“Tritemius writ to Maximilian Caesar a special treaties concerning these, which he that will thoroughly examine may from thence draw great knowledge of the future times. *Over the twelve signs are set these, viz, over Aries, Malahidael; over Taurus, Asniodel; over Gemini, Ambriel; over Cancer, Muriel; over Leo, Vercheil; over Virgo, Hamaliel [ star Hamel in trop pisces, sid Aqu]; over Libra, Zuriel [ star names]; over Scorpio, Barcheil; over Sagittarius, Advachiel; over Capriconrn, Hanael; over Aquariouus, Cambie; over Pisces, Barcheil. Of these spirits set over the planets and signs, John [ of Patmos] made mention of in the Revelation, speaking of the former in the beginning; and the seven spirits which are in the presence of the throne of God, which I dind are set over the seven planets, in the end of the book, where he describes the platform of the heavenly city, saying, that on the twelve gates thereof are twelve angels. There are again, twenty-eight angels, who rule in the twenty-eight mansions of the moon, whose names are these: Geniel, Enediel, Anixiel, Aεariel, Gabriel, Diracheil, Scheliel, Amnediel, Barbeil, Ardefel, Neciel, Abdizuel, Fazeriel, Ergediel, Atliel, Azeruel, Adriel, Egibiel, Amuteil, Kyreil, Bethnael, Geliel, Requiel, Requiel, Abrinael, Azeil, Tagriel, Atheniel, Amnixiel. There are also four princes [ Four stars of Persian royalty] of the angels, which are set over the four winds [ ideas to the world], and over the four parts of the world [ geolocation of influence]. Michael is placed over the east-wind, Raphael over the west, Gabreil over the north, Nariel, who by some is called Ariel, is over the south. There are also assigned to the elements these, viz. to the air Cherub, to the water Tharsis, to the earth Ariel, to the fire Seraph[38].



“The eighth fardār in this sequence, covering the years of 860-500 B.C. , [sic] is referred to as the period in which Moses appeared, and is described as being ruled by the sign Aquarius and the planet Saturn.”[39]  Ezra does not even use a term fardār for these ideas of long-period counts, nor is Sela referring to a lunar synodic calendar but Ma‘šar’s solar year of 360 degrees[40] to which Ezra dismisses as anti-Jewish.  Kitāb al-qiranat ( De magnis conjunctionibus), a book well known Ezra, makes it well known that Ezra does not use the same formula as Ma‘šar’s section I, a part of the Great Introduction. But Ezra agrees with Ma‘šar’s  and the Abassīd astrologers for the astrological signs of the founding principles of the religion of the Arabs based upon the Chronocrator conjunctions. In general, according to what ethnicity or culture Ezra was addressing, the Chronocrator Series was not his favorite astrological measurement for prognosticatory purposes.  


According to Sela “The conjunction related to the Jews occurred before the departure of the Israelites from Egypt [ which gives us a precise date, then], and took place in the sign of Aquarius [ presumably tropical], whereas the conjunction related to the Christians occurred before the birth of Jesus Christ and took place in the sign of Leo [ presumably tropical].”[41] Ma‘šar’s On Religion and Dynasties gives a different system, so there are many contending ideas.


Cultural Astrology Abraham Ibn Ezra


Abraham Ibn Ezra demands his audience throw out the solar-year system of Ptolemy or Ma‘šar ( all dependant to which edition of the same work, Ezra’s employment demanded he write either to a Jewish Audience, thus condemn Abū  Ma‘šar or to a Christian audience, such in the same work but written in Latin for a Christian audience, thus condemn Ptolemy’s ideas) and switch calculations of periods into a lunar calendar. Ezra goes to a great length in his corpus of work to not- identify a mysterious high-ranking rabbi who intended that the Hebrews had used a solar year as well as a lunar year. Ezra rebukes this claim and an only permissible system becomes then adopted by some in the European Renaissance, like Trithmius’s adaption of a lunar synodic –twelve month calendar of 354 days and 4 months, and turns this into 354 years and four months ‘integer,’ based solely upon the ‘authority of Ezra’s Hebrew lineage or popular fame.


But Ezra was incorrect; the Hebrews adopted their first civil calendar after they left Neo-Babylon after their captivity. This is well documented by the Rabbis’. This was a lunar-solar calendar which is nothing like a lunar calendar – today Moslems observe a lunar-calendar system. The difference derives in intercalary months or days to be adjusted for the topicality of the equinoxes. The Lunar – Calendar does not adjust its revolutions to the equinoxes. Therefore, Ezra was incorrect but never saw his ‘authority’ correct discourse on a Hebrew Solar-lunar calendar, according to Hebrew civil tradition, but this started a trend to use a pure lunar calendar and try to understand Abū Ma‘šar’s fardāyrīya according to Ezra’s Se’fer Ta’amei  ( The Book of Reason, in two Latin eds., two Hebrew eds, all different!, first Hebrew edition 1056,[42] one or perhaps two different editions during Ezra’s stay in Provence!) to which Ezra tells his audience in one edition to disregard everything about astrology from Abū Ma‘šar and the Arab astrologers, mainly during the Abassīd period.


In one reason, Ezra cites Ma‘šar mean-astronomical revolutions. In one of the four different versions of The Book of Reason, the of one Hebrew edition [1-4] “If you have come across the book by Abu Ma’shar on the conjunctions of the planets, do not accept it, and do not listen to him, because he relies on the conjunction of the planets by mean motion, and no scholar agrees with him [ more likely, understands what he is saying!], because the truth is that the conjunctions are relative to the wheel of stars ( the zodiac).”[43] Ironically Se’fer Ta’amei  is full of Ezra’s astrologically revised ideas – discontinuing tradition --  and all are by mean astronomical revolutions when he deals with different fardārs. Much of this evidence comes from the promulgations of many different fardāyrīya found in all versions of Se’fer Ta’amei.


Book of Enoch Solar Lunar Calendar


Ezra’s full authoritative ideas are held by tradition to non rabbinic canon, called the Book of Enoch. Sela reports that Ezra claims ‘Judah ha-Parsy’ intended that Hebrews governed their civil life under a solar-lunar calendar system. Ezra dismisses ha Parsy, claiming the Jews had only used the lunar calendar, a process of modernity as his Tudela, Navarre (modern northern Spain) had been solely converted to the Islamic Lunar Calendar (still in use today).  Ezra grew up under the lunar calendar system before he fled from racist elements in Spain persecuting Jews in 1140 – a program which would last and see Nostradamus’s great-grandparents forced to adopt Christian identities and flee to the safe-zone of Provence, France, where the Church still held Hebrew sanctuary for European emigrants from racist nation states. When Ezra fled Spain he then began to learn the Hebrew Language, and then was able to read various authoritative books, accredited to Enoch, of the Bible. However, Judah ha-Parsy had been correct, and Ezra remained his whole life incorrect.

Enoch is mentioned as a grandson of Noah in the Bible, and some of his philosophies are also paralleled into the Bible. Perhaps, Enoch is a revision of already inscriptive long-lost source books. In the twentieth century an independent book on astrology astronomy which included a discourse on solar-year calendar construction was found, and placed into Corpus Enochus. Certainly, Ezra would change his mind once his ‘authority’ illustrated days of the weeks, divisions of months, solar-year intercalary day adjustments, all to the benefits of the Hebrews to correct their lunar months. It is important to understand the ideas behind Ezra because his influence was great being a different ethnicity than the Muslim experts because of the Ottoman Empire’s sourer resolve based upon a threat of continual expansion of its Empire over the last three centuries to contemporary Europeans.  Ezra provides an option. 


The Book of Enoch (composition of certain parts, circa 4-3 rd cc B.C.E. as independent works (assembled circa 1-3 cc. A.C.E., most likely lost during the medieval age,  a section called “Astronomical Secrets reorganized into the Book of Parables XLI. 3-9, in section XXXVIII-XLIV, the First Parable. This book appeared lost during the Medieval age, and this work contains calendars of the Hebrews in Solar Years, each month 30 days, and intercalary day added and a measurement of 354 days per year.  ( The book is also called  Book of Heavenly Luminaries or Book of Luminaries, an independent work, later placed behind the Book of Parables of Enoch 1 ( sec 37-71, Luminaries as 72-82.).


If you have not read and fully understand the systems of the Arab astronomer-astrologers of the Abassīd period, one cannot appreciate the many differences in Ezra’s ideas. Heavenly bodies are assigned to different religions. The precessional age is precessed a further half of a degree from the revision of the Ptolemy and Hipparchus equal one degree in one-hundred years claim (Ezra claims one and half degrees in one hundred years.[44]). It remains at odds that Ezra disregards others’ findings, citing al-Battānī who provided a figure of 66 years to equals one degree[45]. al-Battānī  works were published before Ibn Kibriyā’, an-Nawbahtī, as-Siğzī, Ibn Magur, Ibn Abi r-Rigal, and Muhyī d-Dīn al Maġribī.[46] Abū  Ma‘šar. And al- Briuni also gives 66 years per one degree for precession. In one of the Latin versions of the Book of Reason, Ezra accredits a sufi with a figure for precession at 70 years for one degree[47]. This then was the closest to our actual figure that can change at anytime because it is constrained by various forces from other bodies influencing its rotation. It is most likely that Ezra, more of a Biblical exegesist by training, improves on al-Battānī’s figures. Ezra provides the sidereal coordinates for Hipparchus’ via Ptolemy’s recording of it in his astrological treaties and provides the contemporary data; but apparently, Ezra,  could not correlate it to a mathematical expression or he would not have intended one-hundred years precession moves backwards one and a half degrees. Therefore after a calculation to a modern astronomical equivalent Ezra’s tropical precessional rate for one hundred and fifty years equals 2° 9’ 54” .[48]  A modern equivalent would be 142.4242 years of which would equal 2°. 25’ 27”.  which already increases the minuets and is seven years and about ten months earlier in standard time. However, Ezra liked to discuss sidereal positions or rather real time. This modern sidereal-year figure comes to 1.4071777° degrees per century and Ezra intends 1.5°. Sidereal Precession in modern times per century correlated to the tropical year our calendar intends 1° 24’ 25” 50’’’ 09’’’’36’’’’’.[49]  Another way to explain it is Ezra gives 1° 30’ per century for a precessional rate which would drift by an addition fifty  years with is a forty-four minuet precessoin (30’ + 12’ = 42’), so a sidereal year has one and a half centuries of motion 1° 42’ and Ezra’s fifty-year extension in equivalence is 2°.  This was indeed a better estimate than Battānī’s figures but the unidentified sufi source Ezra provides in one of the versions of Se’fer Ta’amei trumps even the late fourteenth European century estimates.


But Roussat was not the only one who read one of the Latin version, most likely copied over and over of The Book of Reason to which a translation could have been managed out of Hebrew into Latin –no one can be certain year until future investigation. Nostradamus had also used a reference, the third climate (“Le tiers climat ſous Aries comprins,”[50]) III.LXXVII, which confirms an Judeo-Pagan (Aristotelian cosmos) -Christian-Muslim cosmos, as each planet are assigned a climate ( demarcated as “term” in Ezra, and other astrological writings, often blending with climate and recalled a term which intends one of the fardār applications). But interests us about this the Book of Reason quote of Mars’s reigns in the third- climate cannot be found to be linked to a fardār as Ezra does not provide any such system to a lunar calendar – he just demands this system be incorporated and throw out the solar-year calendric computations. But it does confirm that Nostradamus is using both Enochian heaven divisions or Aristotelian sphere divisions as both are similar in concept and most likely hybrids of eachother – as both systems were composed in different cultures during similar centuries.


Rhetorius, the Egyptian had copied Antiochus of Athens description of a third clime to which he reported has its greatest times from Cancer to Sagittarius. This suggests a different interpretation as well. From Aries to Cancer is the first clime, then Cancer to Libra the second clime and finally the northwestern quadrant, being Libra to Sagittarius is the third clime.  Yet, astrologers write in a domain language of 210 years, which means 210 degrees. It is possible that Ezra who perhaps never read On Religions and Dynasties, but only read one of the editions of the Great Introduction to derive his statement on Ma‘šar


Anton Grigoryev, a traditional astrologer online, wrote three papers on Primary Directions as a part of the story of calculations, provided a short transcription of James H. Holden’s English translation from Greek astrologer Rhetorius, The Egyptians’ reporting of Antiochus of Athens calculations of the increments of the Signs.[51] However, the opposition of the Vernal Equinox (khima) described a shorter solar day until the next conjunction to the Vernal Equinox. Thereby dividing the day hours from the opposition required an algorithm.


From Holden’s translation Rhetorius intends, “[T]he greatest day of 14 equinoctial hours [ the summer solstice at Alexandria, Egypt, N. Africa†], the least day of 10 equinoctial hours [ winter solstice, †]  we shall take then the sixth p[ar]t each of the greatest and least times: they become then of the greatest time [of visibility from above the horizon to the setting at the horizon], of the 210 [degrees]. the sixth is 35; of the least, [winter solstice, † which 10 hours 150 degrees] , 25. The difference of the time is 10; of this, the third is 3 1 /3, which is the increment of each sign [ a type of a direction]. By the same method you will know in the other climes. [52] The algorithm is quite incorrect, but it started trend. Every longitude for the Sun after opposition to the Summer Solstice was calculated under a different latitude estimation which logical converted to time, to which Rhetorius reports to his audience; and this explanation can be found in Ptolemy’s second type of progression system (the first was 360 degrees Equals 360 years). The reason this would be incorrect was the mapping field is an entire year and commutated for a mean value of this equation. Ezra would complain because it uses a mean value for the Meridian – because the Meridian is traversed to a ‘near’-constant equivalent of fifteen degrees per hour. However, astrologers were figuring out clock time for us while busy trying to predict a local king’s economy or marriage for his heir.[53]


The system was communicated as Oblique Ascension or Oblique Descension under the local poles (for planets?, given an astronomical book with tables of declensions was necessary). therefore the Antiochiam algorithm would be to add both ‘arcs’ together and divide them by two. Those arcs do not have to be 210 and 150. They can be 200 (13 and one –third hours for oblique ascension time) and 160 (ten and two-thirds hours for right ascension, in terms of astrological direction calculation of Ptolemy’s). But these definitions were not clear so it was communicated as long ascension for the Sun if it was in the northern hemisphere from Cancer through Sagittarius and opposite for those living below the terrestrial equator. The short ascension takes place from the winter solstice or zero Capricorn and following the signs until the end of Gemini. This idea was astronomically empirical but miscommunicated by mixing up an entire year for what is observed in a single day.


The Sun’s daylight changes constantly each day and therefore this was an early system to calculate this change, and apparently the addition of both hours divided by two became base direction. Sometimes the Sun rises and its time until culmination at a local will differ from the time the Sun culminates to the time its sets.   It was an early system of modern mid-points. The next step was to divide the converted hours to longitude and divide each by the six tropical zodiac signs they represent. So the equation was divide the original found (date) longitude by six. Then divide this value by three and place this derived value on each middle sign from each of the bi-sector year quadrant (a tropical – astrological illustration would be all the cardinal signs, i.e. The next step is to distribute the value of a  trisect for each quadrant relevant to short and long ascension. The short section are your first theoretical 30 degrees on opposite sides of your bi-section of the year point;  equating that each short section will minus your trisect value, the middle section is just your trisect value and the long section follows a  patter to an addition of your trisect value.


Therefore as an example, first we combine our two findings of 200 and 160 and from our derived hourly findings of 13.33 hours and we add this value to 10.666 hours and arrive at 23.996; and then divide by two to arrive at 11.998 which is our mean for the entire year. Next we trisect this found mean-value by three and we arrive at a value of 3.9993... Now the short sector is added to the original bi-section- year-points. Therefore 3.9993 added to 13.333 arrive at 17.33. The short ascension has 3.9993 added to 10.666 to arrive at 14.66. So the sub-short ascension for the long ascension is 17.33 or 17° 19’ 48” and the sub-long ascension for the long ascension comes to  13.333 minus 3.9993 which arrives at 9.334 or 9° 20’ 24”. Each of the four quadrants derived by the bi-section ascensions are followed in like manner and all the middle sub-sections of each of the four quadrants just takes the mean-value. This idea was completely wrong, and Rhetorius who wrote four centuries after Ptolemy perhaps did not read or comprehend his astronomical work.


Ptolemy, Hipparchus, and others did not make these mistakes, because the Sun’s declination was only equal to the local city’

s latitude twice a year, and this system reported by Rhetorius combines two different and separate ideas of time(s). If you throw-out the concept of Oblique ascension and Oblique decension one would stay true for the true meridian constant of approximately 15 degrees per hour, no matter if it was daylight or nighttime.  One can divide 200 by six (signs) but this had no bearing on real-time or what we call standard time. Basically one segments the day arc of the Sun and segmenting the night arc of the Sun on any given date of the year; In reality, the Sun’s latitude starts to ascend after the Vernal Equinox for the northern latitudes until the fall Equinox where the Sun again is equal to a city’s latitude and then the Sun’s moves lower in the sky until the winter solstice and then it begins to rise higher in the sky. To a table of ascensions, to which Ptolemy published some tables he used uses trigonomic functions because three things are calculated: The Sun’s tropical declination, the four quadrants of the year describing the light of the Sun, and correlated to the date of the year. The Sun’s declination limits as viewed from the celestial equator is thus δ☼= ± 23.44°. Therefore if the latitude of the city is 30 degrees north at the summer solstice the declination of the Sun is 53.44°. If one city is located at 20 degrees north for the winter solstice the Sun has a declination for that city of 3.44° as it passes solar noon or the local meridian on a specific date of the year.


The hour angle (HA) of an object is equal to the difference between the current local sidereal time (LST) and the right ascension (α) of that object. Since Rhetorius is linking sidereal data to the Sun the problem in his system was to confuse the mean of the day and night parts of a single day to that of the year instead.  But remember, most cannot understand Ptolemy, Ma‘šar or the best and they calculated their hour angles correctly telling their readers that one year is equivalent to one day – so the hint was to use a day for calculation accuracy for reading either a horoscope or a mundane chart.


Understanding solar noon gives an hour angle at 0.000° and therefore this system uses a single day in the year and not the year in general. For example, time is measured as an (equivalent to short-period) expression of negative degrees before solar-noon and positive degrees after solar noon to where the native is contemplating an hour angle conditioned upon angular displacement to the rotation of the Earth as time – not the signs of Cancer to Sagittarius and Capricorn to Gemini.


Rhetorius Ideas with Example from Jean A. Chavigny’s Astronomical Coordinates.


Jean A. Chavigny’s Sun rises at Beaune, France on 23 January of 1533 ( greg. cal., 2 February 1533)  at 7:31:05 a.m. (δ☼ 16° 55’28”); The Sun sets about 5:00:00 p.m.[54] Before we criticize Rhetorius, take a look at solar noon time: the Sun at 00:00:00 (Solar) Noon is not even close to the meridian.[55] But lets move the Sun ahead (14 minuets of arc to be exact) and the Sun has a ‘near’ zenith at 13AQU18’03” and the M.C. is at 13AQU07’36” [ correct this please now I know to fractorial seconds!] , the time is 12:14 p.m., L.M.T. Therefore, this was the idea Rhetorius was trying to convey; and we find 314 minuets from true zenith to true setting which has a different integer to 257 minuets from the true Sun’s rise to it true culmination. In this manner two-half(s) of the astrology chart, which represented a solar-year, had two different base times associated to it, as Rhetorius was trying to understand. Therefore the axial point is a human perspective and not means divisions of the year.  Before applying axial positions, Rhetorius should have communicated that an M.C. to an I.C. are the different sections of the northern hemisphere astrology chart to which two separate direction applications then apply. This was already solved by Ptolemy and elaborated upon and Ma‘šar who just cuts Sun’s mid-point arc of its day arc or its semi-day arc with 90° to derive a base direction expressed by Right Ascension. When Ma‘šar decides to introduce a multi-static-fardār he adds one degree. The difference between Rhetorius promulgated system which apparently was widely used and Ma‘šar or Ptolemy was the use of the mean values derived from the entire chart. Ma‘šar or Ptolemy systems use one-fourth of an astrological chart or sometimes on half of an astrological chart, and never more than half.


The Sun’s declination changes between twenty and forty minuets per day, based upon one’s location. During the medieval ages the declinations were usually produced in manuscripts which were then circulated or placed at a towns’ local for enquiry – as they had civil applications such as medical purposes (1204 A.C.E., Paris,  onward to various times for each state which banned astrology as a rational science, mainly most by the seventeenth century).


δ☼= −23.44° (23° 26’ 24” S) multiplied by cosine [360°/366 multiplied by (winter solstice + n as civil ordinal date)]. The δ☼ is a modern mean value. Thereby in the year of 1532 for 11 December (Old Style cal.) at 10:54 p.m. at Beuane, France, 2e50,47n02, U.T. 22:34:40, Sidereal Time 4:54:38 the winter solstice takes place with the Sun’s Right Ascension at 270° (18h00m00s) degrees (δ☼= −23° 29’51”) and the Sun’s latitude is at 0° south. To find the Sun’s declination for Chavigny’s birth day for 23 January 1533 old Style calendar we first divide using a sidereal year against our chart circle 360°/366 =0.9836.. then we add our days from the 11 of December of 1532 to 23 January 1533 which is 43 days and add this to our 0.983606557 + 43 = 43.983606557. Next we use cosine =0.71953852. Then we multiply this found figure to our declination of the Sun for our winter solstice figure of −23° 29’51 (23.4988°) = 16.90829192. Therefore, Chavigny’s δ☼= 16° 54’ 32” 24’’’S. One of the modern computer software programs provides a δ☼= 16° 55’ 29” S. Therefore we have 57 seconds of difference. If we increase this value by one day, that is to say instead of 43 days we plug-in the N-day value of 42, we arrive at δ☼= 17.19051905 or 17° 11’24” S.


Computations are difficult in history for exact unity between the ephemerides because each state used its own calendars. Such problems existed usually in a five, minuet, arc minuet of a change happened during a leap year. This was the least of one’s troubles in that over the centuries declination varies due to small time aberrations. For example, using Chavigny’s local and coordinates and converting to the Gregorian calendar equivalent for his birthday as 2 February 1533, in the year of 1900 the δ☼= 16° 51’ 29” S, and ☼α = 21° 02’48” [56]  In 1600 A.C.E. we have δ☼= 16° 56’ 30”S and ☼α = 21° 02’04”. We already see a 44 second right accessional shift in three centuries. Now lets compare two astrological programs that apparently use the same Jet Propulsion Laboratory world standard ephemerides, the ones NASA uses to direct rocket ships to planets. Our date will be 1633 with all the same local and coordinate data. The first astrological software programs gives us δ☼= 16° 42’ 42” S.[57] The next astrological software program using the same data provides us with δ☼= 16° 39’ 14” S.[58] We see that the same date and location provides us with a two minuet and a half discrepancy. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory produced a modern ephemeris based upon the best accuracy to the ‘true equinox.’  Still one software program which uses this NASA ephemerides has conditions of less than one minuet of arc aberrations for the Moon and twenty-five minuets of aberration for the planets covering 10,800 of time. So one ephemeris provides us with a 1532 winter solstice of δ☼= 23° 29’ 49” S. 




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