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Astrology "Directions" Sec 1



Topic: fardāyrīya

Cosmic Betelgeuse  to horizon , 2 July 2011.

02 July 2011 (Studio City 5:45 a.m., L.M.T.)

revised: 08/03/11. © Michael Johnathan McDonald 



Introduction to Astrology


Astrology pertains to a study on everything using the universal language of mathematics. It is a hypothetical theory of everything and postulates an intelligent design to the concept of ‘all.’ Under these auspices of intelligent design, these will offer a definition of fate to which had been understood for 7,000 years or more as recorded by us ancients. Because contemplating ‘fate’ disturbs the biological-psyche, astrology remains an unfavorable career from a social construct standpoint. Cognitive dissonance is a direct consequence of dealing in the ancient art of Biblical Astrology. The hard sciences, maths, chemistry, metallurgy, atomics, construction, biology, are all simplistic and basically fatalistic conclusions to what can be done and what cannot. However, Social Science ( promulgated as a novel disciplinary field, but are in fact ancient) is the most difficult of sciences in all of human existence – The Holy Bible, so popular in our history,  is concerned about Social Science. What is human behavior and how can it be predicted? However, it is a fact that at a quantum level, many things still cannot be predicted, but hard sciences remain more consistently measured and categorized than human behavior. The reason for this is because they have a historical precedence of intuitional learning, whereas seers, prophets, shamans, gnostics, esoterics, all have worked on the margins of society – and some have became more well known in history as figures who are game-changers than all the institutional professors of history –combined! The proverbial glue of The Holy Bible are the prophecies which tie-in disjoined histories and time-frames. While most academics dismiss the Bible as written by men (and women!) some still are transfixed by its relevancy on the human experience and these prophecies still set into the future and current events unfolding in our modern age.


The scariest of all historical ideas


Yet, prophecy means ‘fate’ the scariest of all historical ideas.  Telling a person that they have no free-will drives one to dementia. Since mathematics is a constant theory of ‘fate’, all computations are predestined, so it is the universal language which astrologers adopted as their domain-field and specified language. This should end the Augustinian argument once and for all, astrology and maths are tied together to explain our universe. Astrology is the superstructure that explains the base-system of maths, and encompasses all particles known and unknown at this time. If math is but free-will and choice, there is not such thing as science, no such thing as human, no such thing as fate!


Fate is the most complex mathematical formula of all.


What is the idea of identical? What is an identical astrological signature? Using ten points in fluid space-time ( Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) and calculating by a mean-value for their recurrent ‘exact’ repeated and geometrical formation all to the minuet of arc as from a single vantage point from Earth, this will  intend a huge number of 1.620 (∙10 49 power)[1]. This is to say that these planets, a moon and a luminary ( are local star) will have a ‘single cycle in 4.5 ∙10 45  tropical-solar –years,  and each minuet will have an unique interpretation which intends some 1.620,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 of ideas to learn to interpret and to read an astrological chart.[2]  Of course to be competent one’s cognitive capabilities will intend a recall expertise to all these ideas at any single moment in time when consulting a single astrological chart. Unfortunately the rational mind cannot accept this many ideas per-second, but the more irrational part of our minds fare much better and can accept more bits of information per-second. Still, this number therefore only applies to tropical astrology.


When contemplating sidereal astrology and using perhaps 88 known important stars all used by the ancients and in modern times, the figure increase immensely to some 1.620 (∙10 49 power) ∙ 1.00 (∙10 88 power) or 1.620 ∙10 137 power: this is a number that most palm calculators cannot compute. In one single astrological chart there are multiple combinations of ideas, and this calculation of 1.620 ∙10 137 powers only intends a single idea. For example, in sidereal astrology a geometrical combination of Mars to Saturn will have two ideas combined and by plugging in the variables one must have 1.620 ∙10 274 powers of ideas at their exposal for one interpretative outcome. Understanding the overwhelming complexity and gift of cognition it takes for an interpretation for a competent astrologer, astrology branched-off into multi-level fields of discourse and competence dependant upon the biological organisms’ cognitive abilities.


Scientists have a nasty habit that intends one ‘novel’ idea can explain everything in some field of study. Evolution explains humans came from the same source, while horses have no connection to humans and yet horses came from the same source -- all in the evolutionary biological process – thus scientist are incorrect or can live within their paradoxes. When Socrates was accredited with either expounding upon Pythagoras or some-one else or conferring the shadow of the Earth upon the Moon during an eclipse, that he claimed indeed the Earth was a curved body and not a flat-space as the scientists claim – it took 1,400 years until scientists began to believe Astrologer Copernicus and prophecy adherer Christopher Columbus, and explorer Magellan and others during the dawn of the early modern age – with conformational proof the earth was a sphere and not a flat-space. In other words, science and in academia have fear of being ridiculed so they opt out for the cognitive dissonance and a few, not the majority, promulgate a ‘institutional’ truth which has disciplinary consequences if one opposes the faux-consensus. By no means is this restricted to astronomers or biologists. In fact, astrologers are also a many –level group of practitioners and as humans are born appearing equal, for the most part, they do not develop equally – and neither do astrologers. Therefore, when institutional academics claim astrology is bunk, they never claim which division of astrology is bunk, but clump all astrology into a single ‘generalized’ compartment so they do not have to face ‘fear!’


A low-level astrologer called a soothsayer will need to memorize for career-expertise about 4,320 ideas.[3]  About 99.9% of all astrologers in history will fall into this branch of astrology. There are psychology astrology, empirical sports astrology, gambling astrology, analytic and career choice astrology, love astrology, Sun sign characteristic astrology, Lunar astrology, human relationship astrology ( modern mid-point method, combining two horoscopes by Robert Hand is a nice and advanced modern system), synastry or another older form of relationship astrology, melothesia or medical astrology, asteroid astrology, mythological astrology, pre-natal astrology, reincarnation astrology, electional astrology, hororary or crime solving astrology, physical-body astrology, entertainment astrology, music astrology, meditational astrology, and ritual astrology. These astrologies pertain to free-will.


There is only one other type of astrology in history. The terms varies but a consistent term used in western civilization in classical Roman times and adopted by the later Abassīd and Umayyad, and onto the Renaissance, largely replaced after Ficino’s revolutionary Sun-Sign Astrology toward the end of the Italian Renaissance, is called Judicial Astrology. The reason this astrology is categorized as a genus system apart form all other forms is that it is based solely upon maths and/or fate. Judicial Astrology derives its name from the concept of ‘judgment.’  In the end of all ends, God judges the souls of humans, meaning fate is the final frontier. Any decision is a judgment and all judgments are fatalistic. Einstein through out time and determined it as space-time, therefore time actually does not exist. So the time it takes a court-case, lets say of six weeks to pass a verdict ( e.g. a judgment), the actual six weeks time has not elapsed so there is no such thing as free will and choice to make these decisions, because there is actually no such thing as time-itself. Time is a human construct, and as with Newton’s quizzical-enquiry of the daisy petal motions of the orbit of Mercury, time on Mercury is much different than time on Earth.  One of the proofs of Einstein concept of general relativity (a poor phrase) is that time is conditioned upon gravitational forces. This was proven later with an experiment using atomic precision clocks on the earth and a clock orbiting the Earth is a high-flying airplane and then comparing their time-signatures after the tests – and time moved a different times, thus proving in this case that time is influenced by gravity’s forces – although these forces are yet unknown – as Einstein postulated that at a quantum level ( wave-particle-frames) there could exist what has become known as gravitons ( opposite or like-wise, a no weighted photon). another way to look at it is one may wake-up in the morning and sit in bed for a few minuets to decide if you want to go to work or to the beach, and after a few minuets you have made a choice to go to the beach. You believe you have free will, but still you have made a judgment. You have contemplated how your boss and superiors will react if you take the day – off and enquired to yourself the consequences, and measured that choice against the pleasure of going to the beach --- what you have still done is made a judgment – and all judgment was fate. So the two classifications as genus for astrology are free-will choice and no free will choice astrology – but the institutional scientists that holler that all astrology is under a classification of the field of pseudo-science are in fact pseudo-intellects passing a judgment upon on two distinct fields of astronomical discipline.  All the world famous hard scientists claim Copernicus, claim Galileo, claim Brahé, claim Kepler, claim Newton , and others like-minded super-astrologer - intellects were outstanding contributors to the advancement of the hard scientists they were in fact wrong about astrology. I have not met one of these world-superstar hard scientists who have any idea of what is astrology. They make claims that they have no authority to speak upon in the subject, meaning they are in fact frauds and liars and the world would be a better place without them -- they just waste valuable time and contribute to our world’s problems by starting trouble and blaming others for their selfish causes.


This little exercise illustrates that compartmentalizing and generalizing all astrologers into a single category of difficulty remains a fallacy. Sidereal astrology solves a complication. It can be used on the Moon, Jupiter, Titan, or even a roaming asteroid – not to mention an extra-solar planetary system many light-years away. The ideas are that bodies are governed by multiple motions of space-time and have a semblance of uniformity under fluid - geometrical motions.


Almost all fields on astrology use all academic fields of discourse. Thereby there are almost infinite fields in astrology to which have never been categorized, but for simple ascriptions. There are soothsayers, astrologers mainly engaged in tropical astrology who offer a clientele good-news-forecasts based on a reading for their client’s horoscope often making it all up to please their clientele who came to the astrologer in the first place to find ‘riches,’ ‘love,’ or ‘a cure’ for an aliment or as a friend, mainly a therapist – due to being lonely! 


This specified field uses 4,320 ideas and standard academics easily debunk astrology based upon such a narrow and a limited domain field. Does Mars in a tropical fire sign, or specifically the tropical sign of Aries, provide a clue to an individual exhibiting ‘red colored’ hair or receding hair-lines? Often there is a propensity toward this follicle characteristic and this certainly is a tradition; but it has never shown to be a fate – i.e. constant scientific measurement. Usually this is explained by precessional dislocation of reality such as mid-twentieth century,  1° -  15° tropical Pisces is actually located in the northern hemisphere under  our sidereal constellation of Aquarius – thus tropical astrology in most cases work in a sub-standard scientific-method.  Skeptical and unbelieving academics have no difficulty in debunking tropical soothsaying astrology. Because mundane astrology implements a possibility of 1.620 ∙10 137 powers of ideas and this creates fear in the skeptical and unbelieving academia. Fear is a powerful instrument of death, of destruction and/or suppression. When debunking academics have a wake-up call, meaning they are out of their league intellectually to a select few astrologers in history, out of fear they react by implementing instruments of death, of destruction and or suppression. History books are replete with tales of executions, torture, exile, imprisonment, flogging, chases across contestants with contracts to kill, and libel, slander and all means of false accusation – fill our history books in all cultures and all times in history.


In various different terms, soothsayers have been around since ancient times and the majority use non-fate types of discourse in their trade or career. The branch of mundane astrology reflected a wider field of enquiry, breaking-off into two unique fields: cause-and-effect astrology on all things in the universe and astronomy – first the formulation of civil and royal calendars for human management – remain the genus of an even more disciplined approach some have determined as Biblical Astrology. This is the type of astrology which had been banned in every society and culture and in multiple times in every century since history began – it considers maths its base and universal language and fate as the only determining effect which can be empirically observed. Its proposition details one can figure out the future, and change the future, but the astrological chart will inform one of the change in the first place, thus fate never fails to be the end product.


The branch of mundane astrology concerned itself strictly to a correlation to mathematics and how to improve mathematics as it accompanied the field for mapping the heavenly bodies. Mundane Astrology is strictly under the idea of all is fate. While this was going on in ancient times, others working along side the astronomers asked pertinent questions which could not be physically measured, like why we are here and why mathematics linked to relative intervals repeat human situations reflected by the heavenly bodies? Eventfully this began the field of philosophy, a field of enquiry to non-measurable things, thus everything under the pseudo-scientific generalization. The field of philosophy came out of pseudo-scientists as ethics, morality, love, hate, and all social constructs which cannot be directly measured or predicted with any scientific method standards of certainty. Therefore all departments in academia under the auspices of social science departments employ pure pseudo-scientific methodologies. This includes Harvard College all the way to elementary school in all countries of Earth.  Every constitution of every major state in history all applied the pseudo-scientific methodologies to organize large groups of people. Human Rights, Civil Rights, and all Social Causes are therefore under the ideas called pseudo (or crazy people’s ideas) and are called false ideas by the majority of people whom call themselves scientists today.


Astrologers took a different view from the standard academics. Astrologers dissolved the differences and tried to formulate a universal field of ideas to combine all physical forces known and the hypothetical forces still yet not-measured to understand our universe.  Since standard academics like Steven Hawking and even Albert Einstein all use hypothetical(s), astrologers can at anytime switch this hate-speech and call Hawking and Einstein correctly pseudo-scientists. If you cannot measure the graviton or the dark-matter but intend it exists then you are doing exactly what you accuse astrologers of doing – you look the more stupid then you actually are! Approximately 2,500 years ago, the Greeks proposed ad-tome (Greek) which is an indivisible elementary particle where are term Atom has derived its syntax. This was a pseudo-scientific guess as it was not seen or measured for approximately 2,500 years. The reason that Plato and Aristotle started their own universities ( both were astrologers) remained not because there were no universities prior in our communal civilizations at the fourth century B.C.E., but because they wanted to get away from the idiotic standard academic which placed restrictions on investigating ideas and passed judgment reliant upon communal consensus of demonstrative-physical measurements. Anything physically measured was termed sane and everything not measurable was termed insane, thus the ascription-prefix pseudo. Therefore spirit and matter divided the employment and the communal acceptance of Earth’s human-race. Religion developed under spiritual ideas not directly measureable. Therefore a standard academic remained predisposed to a less willingness to believe in hypothetical(s) or matters which have not been measured. Astrologers of the ancient times contemplated they cannot wait for these naysayers to invent technology to measure love, hate, gravitons, etc... so they went about forming the theory of everything.  It was equivalent to thumbing one’s nose at the establishment of the lowest-common denominator – the educational system. 


The ancient astrological star-catalogues then were linked to earthly events and drew up scientific data-fields for future consultations by the next generation of astrologers. While this was ensuing the pinnacle of paradoxes then disturbed the relationship between astrologer and astronomer – the base concept that math is predictable, and therefore life can be predicted. Astronomers shied away from engaging in the paradox and pondered how can we explain to the masses of people they have absolutely no-free-will? The paradox of this question severed astrology and astronomy forever and academics took this event to then define as a narrative that anyone who believed in astrology was a pseudo-scientist. A pseudo-science is an academic term to identify to other scientists that a person is ignorant and must be suppressed from entering the exclusive group of global desirables – e.g. the only people deemed worthy of enjoying life.

The Elusive Gravitons


Astrologers engaged in worldly affairs (hence, Mundane, from middle aged Latin!) study time and study space and study how humans fit these ideas into the cosmos system and their lives. They, the ancients, that is to say us, found out that time is a human construct; but space was a mystery to which gravity (first attempts at an explanation by Astrologer Sir. Isaac Newton (working in secret because of leftist academic threats against real science!) remains the most mysterious of all properties of life. Both Newton and Einstein gave up on pin-pointing its force, although popular media proclaimed after the Australian Solar Eclipse proved the Sun’s gravity bent star-light that Einstein overturned the Newtonian Universe, it remains untested. In fact, Einstein had to use Newton’s precessional displacement of Mercury’s orbit to explain the Sun’s mass affecting the curvature of space-time which affected this Daisy Petal geometrical formation of the closest planet to the Sun.


Astrologer Newton, using Astrologer Kepler’s laws of motion, predicted that Mercury’s elliptical path will shift slightly forward at each perihelion. Although Einstein correct Newtown’s Mercury calculation, Einstein as with Newton could not tell the world what is the driving force of Gravity. In fact, we know today all planets have perihelion shifts, all slightly forward – and Mercury having approximately four revolutions of the Sun per-year made it much easier to comprehend this slight-gravitational force where as Jupiter or Saturn and even the Earth take much longer to show points in the precession to calculate into a working model of time. 1/360 is a second of arc of a degree of change, and Mercury’s precessional shift is about 570 seconds of arc per-century, with 40 seconds in errors in one century.


Astrological Gravity Value = Sidereal Coordinates in Astrology


Einstein’s field equation for gravity cannot be practically used and still today, the Astrologer Newton’s calculations are used by all sciences and space-agencies. This is because at close distances, such as the distances in our own solar system from the Sun to the kupiter-belt ( or the orca cloud), Newton’s equations are sufficient and equal Einstein’s. Newton’s gravity (G) has an approximate value of 6.67 ∙ 10‾¹¹). Astrologically this value has a longitude and power of 36° 40’ 12” ∙ 10‾¹¹. This value explains carbon’s transformation into energy, via E = MC². It is basically a sidereal year because we are not using tropical observations from intersections of light of our Sun but we are using stars millions of light-years away which provide us with a more accurate interconnection to our Universe for a ‘real year!’ This value longitudally arrives at 366° 42’ 00’ and converted to a year from the perspective of stars in our Milky Way and not our Sun. Our tropical year has a day value of 365.2424. days; but our sidereal year has a value of approximately 366 days.


Newton meters squared per kilogram squared N ∙ m2 ∙ kg ‾². Newtown explained gravitational forces as: gravitational forces vary directly with the mass of each object, and inversely as the square of the distance between the centers of mass. The force (F) is proportional to 1/ r² and this is called the ‘inverse square law.’ This allows us to understand gravity as an anti-proportional force-field and equivalent to squares and oppositions in Astrology.


Sir Isaac Newton believed because he was an astrologer and believed in God that ‘ In principle, the Earth experiences a gravitational force from every object in the Universe.’ Out of the four main forces of the Universe, the strong nuclear force, electromagnetic force, the weak nuclear force and gravity, the latter has the most negative values of all. Gravity is the weakest of all the forces, but it permeates everything in our universe.  For example, only close objects such as the Moon and Sun have direct consequences to our geodices ( Einstein’s) and this means when the Moon and Sun are directly above us, such as noon-local-time, our bodies are about one once lighter in weight. Jupiter, on the other hand has the equivalent of a gravitational pull as a human standing beside another human – very weak. Yet, Gravity works in mysterious ways. For example the same Moon and Sun can have devastating effects upon a human body such as ripping them apart by a gravitational pull if a human could travel to the center of the Earth.


 The elusive graviton is a hypothetical (e.g. meaning a pseudo-scientific guess postulated by pseudo scientists who claim Astrologers are pseudo scientists)[4]  elementary particle and our missing in the geometric-locations of the periodic elements, at the right-angles.


Gravity remains the key-major universal force to which particles pass from one dimension into another dimension. Geometrical forces were tied to Plato’s forms, as maths intended a universal symmetry between what is seen and what remained unseen. Astrologer Sir. Isaac Newton then purposed that a single unifying force, called God, governed all things in the universe. Einstein, being his usual boastful self, proclaimed there is no unifying force, space-time exists as multiple forces and therefore there is no God. However, Astrologer Sir. Isaac Newton explained gravity as a multiple space-time event, and we know that Einstein plagiarized two of the most important astrologers in history, Johannes Kepler (who proved multiple time exists centuries before Einstein was born, but no one read his works, apparently), and Sir. Isaac Newton whose linear corkscrew- illustration in geometrical and trigonimic functions on gravity pinned the motion of gravity as multiple time-wave functions.  Since mass bends time and space, this affects the cyclical rotation of other bodies in the proximity of a massive object in space – and defines our planets circulating by eccentric motions (again first discovered by an astrologer, Kepler, not an atheist academic!) indicating that gravity was a multiple phenomena and therefore space-time had no singularity. The Sun pulls in kupiter belt objects as well as our planets and their Moons are governed by the planets and not the Sun, and our solar system revolves around a massive invisible-hole at the center of the Galactic Milky Way – and other forces counteract the kupiter –belt objects determining multiple forces interacting with an individual object –much like the social construct arguments that society has a conditioning upon the individual which may or may not be a choice of anyone individual’s circumstance.


In addition, the Earth has various wobbles to which provides seasons on Earth and force us humans to rectify time and space according to all of these motions – implying multiple times in space. Astrologers had to work this out first because they were asking the pertinent questions of purpose of life. They happened to figure out something that created our first calendric understanding of our Universe.


The double-cross of the intersection of the ecliptic and the intersection of the Galactic Center form an eight-point division, as Vincent Bridges explains it curtly in various archeoastronomy investigations on artifacts and as human constructed buildings to organize time for human management, we find the following.


This all represents an eight-pointed wheel as depicted in many cultural artifacts[5], thereby explaining time to the future humans which again were us − and  that we constructed a theory to account for approximately some 25,790 − 26,000 years as Plato calls ‘The Great Year.’ But how does this relate to the graviton? As mentioned, the elusive graviton appears to be placed at the right-angles and the subsequent bi-sections thereof perform the function of wormholes in some sense of the idea. 


This forms the divisional expression of 45° 00’00” etc... or a half of a right-angle. The rate of precession keeps being adjusted, although by the seconds of arc and this does matter over vast periods of time. Therefore a debate upon the precessional rate in the academic community remains contentious. But this was not a modern phenomenon. Ancient Astrologers came up with a system to unify time for human management purposes. This became the zodiac and the intersection of the ecliptic and its longer companion the center of the Milky Way.


Albert Einstein & Gravitons


Albert Einstein was no believer in Astrology. But geometry certainly entailed much of his field of expertise. The longitudal distance from his natal Sun to his Pars Fortune ( a sub- Hylāgian Hellenistic system to determine birth-to-death-distance into human years) is 101° 45’32”, and by dividing 4 right angles this will equal a static fardāyrīya of 25° 26’33” to which the third clime arrives at 76° 19’39” to which converted to an age year of Einstein resolved to the year of 1955 and some months, the year that he died! These elusive gravity particles that intend moving from one dimension to another certainly appear at right-angles, and this did not exclude Einstein either. Perhaps Newton was not wrong as Einstein intended, a universal force in mathematical terms was indeed a domain of God. Apparently, Einstein did not know God, and therefore could not figure out the theory of everything.


However, the Pars Fortune is always dependant upon a time-of-birth.  Without a time-of-birth, Einstein’s Mars is the only angular planet, and therefore we derive its day-arc which comes to 8h36m55s, convert this to the sexagesimal system and divide by 5 (a pentagon) to arrive to our close static fardāyrīya of the distance from the Sun to Pars Fortune, 25° 50’45”.  and under clime three will achieve a longitudal value of 77° 32’15” (e.g. Sept. 1956). Perhaps, astrology was to mathematically complex for Einstein.


Sometimes Claudius Ptolemy and others during the Hellenistic age mentions using the equatorial hours, converting them into Right Ascension (RA), to read an interpretation at a hint to what period of one’s life something would be expected as important.  Einstein’s Moon culminates at 5h11m19.4s at Ulm, the 14th of March 1879. Under one adopted Ptolemy conversion, this then applies to the age of 75 years-old and two months and less than a week. Under the other system used in Hellenistic times this comes to 77 years and 9 months or converted to our static fardāyrīya a value of 25° 55’00”. Einstein, however, passed-away at 76 years-old and a little over one month. Still, Einstein’s horoscope (i.e. a personal astrology chart!) pointed to many mathematical estimations of the year he would die and he never communicated this as a part of the universal language’s mysteries?  


Therefore, if we use the Ptolemy prenatal Moon on the 13 th of March 1879 and calculate its distance to the culmination on his birth day of 14 March 1879 we arrive at 180° 05’23”.[6] Then in the theme of Einstein’s failed investigation for the elusive graviton, we divide this pre-natal Moon to a culmination distance by four-right angles and then arrive at 45° 01’20.75” which arrives at our intersection of the eight pointed circular depiction of our cosmos connecting the tropical intersection and the galactic intersection and understanding that we have divided into parts of eights – or the bi-sections of four-right angles – in other words the placement of the elusive gravitons. As Einstein’s Soul (electromagnetic energy now departed from his voltage brain disperses into another form (dimension)), we understand that right-angles are operators in the equation of everything but a dimension we have not yet discovered. The chemical and electromagnetic pulses of his alive –brain needed to pass into another dimension as no energy dissolves into nothing, he proposed, but is transformed into some other form – therefore we know that Einstein’s personal Gravitons as somewhere in our multiverse. By no means had Albert Einstein lived one life, he had been reincarnating in female and male for a long time. He will be back.

Ronald Reagan & Gravitons


Ronald Reagan[7] the 40th U.S.A. President’s birth-to-death distance are calculated by right angles of the Socratic and Platonic “Direction of the Rays:” DOR/4 = n; therefore ( n + 1 right angle) = birth-to-death-distance. This was calculated without knowing of his time of birth but only the location of the birth-day and the calendar day. DORs are not reliable signatures; they appear to work for some souls while others they do not. For example, the French composer Georges Bizet’s DOR/2 = birth-to-death-distance[8] intends 37 years old and some months. Again, this was achieved without knowing of the birth-time of the Carmen composer and dividing the distance by two right-angles. Likewise famous persons in history, even Nostradamus’ birth-to-death-distance are calculated by the DORs without knowing a time-of-birth and applying some right-angles as a doorway to another dimension. 


Ancient astrologers began to see The Universe as purely a mathematical formulations where all things in the Universe were governed by a universal system of ‘divination’ (i.e. science, divide ideas) and ascribed some ‘symbols’ (our visual–to-vocal tools for communicating). To crack the code, mathematical formulas were geometrically assumed and applied to multiple times express by the orbits of the movable bodies.  Barak Hussein Obama, II, the 44 th U.S.A. President provides the Saturn’s natal position to the chart’s midheaven at a longitudal distance of 54° 52’. This converts to approximately 2016 in the month of July. This intends to life, career, and time. This then agrees to the Jupiteran DOR divided by a right –angle of 46.725 (July 2016!). Both calculations are independent from one-another. The Jupiterean DOR was calculated from the time Jupiter rises to the time it culminates and converted into the sexagesimal system and converted to years-of-age; whereas the Saturnine natal positional distance to the Zenith of his birthplace described a corroborated calculation. One calculation relies upon a birth-time. But historically birth times were mainly unavailable to all persons. On the other hand, place of birth and calendar day for famous persons were widely known. Astrologers needed to derive a system which would work without a time of birth.


On the other hand applying only place of birth and calendar day and no time of birth we derive the following similar prognostications to Obama’s life.  The Moon’s nocturnal motion has an approximate longitudal value of 183° 52’ 12”. We then divide this by four-right angles and therefore, this found value converts to the years of life at 45 years-old plus 11 months and some days of a year (July 2007 A.C.E.). This then agrees to a time in life of importance for Obama as his Sun’s DOR[9] which has a value of 88° 45’∕ = 44.375° or 44° 22’ 30” intends a year of life conversion to January of the year of 2006. Furthermore, a Saturn day arc resolve to 12:11:00 hours (divided by four right angles = 45.6875y (~2007 A.C.E.). In addition, using Abū  Ma‘šar’s  fardāyrīya system for Obamas’ Saturn this converts to 4 November  2008, the night of his election to the office of the U.S.A. presidency ( calculated below as an example!). All these calculations do not use any time of birth and seem to resolve toward a period of importance in Obama’s life. All these systems used the geometrical math which proposed in complex circler models of the theory of everything, where even the elusive Gravitons have a place-hold on the right-angles.


Yet, I personally do not believe we know exactly where he was born or even the year. However, there are ideological similarities that apply to rectification. For example, and again without knowing the time of birth, Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s (F.D.R.) DOR − 180°/ 5 ∙ 3.5 = year of death[10] entirely under geometrical terms and employing the graviton will illustrate that he has Acubens (cancri) in lower-culmination as his Sun culminates at Hyde Park, along with his north node close to his descendant horizon as the Sun culminates.


As a rectification we know that F.D.R.’s ideology was skewed toward socialism as well as our current leader Barak Hussein Obama II’s. Both occupied the office of the U.S. Presidency during times of extreme socialistic efforts and both steered the U.S. economy into stagnation by criticizing and halting American ingenuity. Obama’s Sun, if born at Kenya (my choice), is in a relative conjunction to the cancri Star of Acubens. This star shows up in many socialistic minded individuals, mainly academics and one such example as American historian David Hollinger.[11] Both F.D.R. and Obama reign under difficult economic times, mainly conditioned upon their ideologies. Currently the housing market and the youth employment are worse then the Great Depression Era and F.D.R.’s New Deal ideology failed to create jobs and only the Japanese had saved America (not F.D.R!) by bombing Pearl Harbor, in the Hawaiian Islands. But how does Pearl Harbor, F.D.R. & Obama’s ideology of socialism and their connection to cancri have in communality to time? That answer is also in cancri, and its agent is Praesepe and its proximity to Acubens are historical to lest we say geometrically connected in space-time.


Pearl Harbor and Praesepe on 8 th cusp with Pluto


Despite the Galactic Center on the ascendant at the commencement of the Japanese warplanes attack on Pearl Harbor, Naval Base, 157w56, 21n21, 7:48 a.m. L.M.T., U.T. 18:18, S.T. 12:50:46, 7 December 1941 ( greg. cal.), Praesepe with Pluto in conjunction is on the 7/8 th house cusp.[12] Pluto lower culminates at Pearl Harbor on this day as Praesepe lower culminates with 0° 01’, and separating (the same for culmination too! 


Time in astrology meant that F.D.R.’s life – changed from anti-progressive socialist programs which ended on 8 December at Japan[13] ( Dec. 7th in America) of the year of 1941 as Praesepe (cancri) triggered his Acubenic demise – and volunteerism replaced victim – entitlements as the New American ideology of material progress. Therefore, Personal charts ( a.k.a. Horoscopes) are combined by geometrical forces of the Universe to Mundane Horoscopes (e.g. either groups of people or natural phenomena).  Since already explained all social sciences are under the category of pseudo-domain as the leaders of Harvard to Cambridge to Beijing to every colleges ideologies confess, socialism is a pseudo-science in-and-of-itself. The question remains why run a state ideology based upon a pseudo-science idea?



Astrologers first constructed time to the movable bodies in the sky, tracking them by the immovable bodies (stars) and eventually their tropical intersections. Time to the ancient astrologer/astronomer was never uniform, there were many times, and these varying and numerous times had signatures in relative cycles, including what became known as the primum mobile (the constellation, galaxies, stars, and distant objects) that remained relatively stationary night-after-night. These too did move at a slower pace and described another time. 


This never had a cultural specific perspective; all cultures developed time-theories on their own or considered cross-cultural contributions. Eventually there were so many times going on at any single moment, the measurement of the Sun-light and its absent determined the annual calendar dates to which astrologers calculated and formed and the establishment scientific community adopted for its reliable measurements.  Yes, many purist lunar calendars were practiced in most cultures, but quickly the most used calendar in a historical since before our classical ages from 1,000 B.C.E. determined a Solar-Lunar calendar system. The reliable historical sources are plethoric. In addition, the synodic-lunar cycle closely resembles a solar-year at an intersection of time to which small adjustments corrected fractional inadequacies of the calculated Sun-light.


Over time, that is to say progressing from the classical periods to our modern periods, time became unified as a single concept. Time expressed in the form of a linear trajectory lasted until Einstein plagiarized astrologers who never disregarded the multiple time theories. These were so empirical to the most ancient of sources, Mesopotamian Star Catalogues and their companion Omen books – copiously recorded for importance down through the historical periods. Einstein adopted astrologer Kepler’s ‘space-bends’ theory and astrologer Newton’s corkscrew space-time gravitational field theory, and the stage was set for the establishment academia to finally admit that time is not uniform. Kepler’s theory was time was conditioned by space! This was the exact reason that later Astrologer Sir. Isaac Newton used Kepler’s Laws of Motions on a daily based when he was formulating the forces of gravity – no it was not the apple falling on Newton’s head – atheist scientists created this myth to keep the public away from the fact that two astrologers were dominating at all levels the atheist academics in the field of science. They could not handle being soundly beaten, it was a cultural taboo and their atheist peers would beat them silly if they were exposed to the community of atheists.


During the early twentieth century, many scientists conducted a committee to synchronize opinions on space and time and the majority opted for all things are linear in time and all things are governed by the periodic table of elements (particles) – there does not exist anything spiritual (meaning unknown), only material that can be measured could explain the totality of all of life’s existence. This committee and later consensus of scientists deemed astrology as pseudo-science, because it fails to produce studies based upon physical material and its subsequent particles. However, this was a bully move by the scientists because today they still cannot explain or prove what time or space are nor are they cooperating in a social media to allow speculation from non-community members –they are in fact a classic example of a gang!


Yet, they have speculated their way to oblivion intending they know ‘invisible dark matter exists, ‘ but cannot directly detect it – the best they can do is base their findings on speculations of the gravitational pulls on the Universe to which they cannot see – thus they are demonstrating the same and exact processes of the ancient and modern astrologers – speculation.  Under this construction, hard-scientists are 100% religious by empirical fact of believing something that they cannot measure.


Ironically, scientist daily must organize their lives around astrologer’s construction of time and space. To cover their tracts they invented a cute revision of history intending that astronomers of the ancient times were also astrologers – yet the terms did not exist nor did this explain reality. The records of astronomical observations of the ancients were linked to Omen companion books, which explains why astronomical records were kept for centuries after centuries buried in shelter-libraries for safe-keeping – to which discoveries in the late nineteenth and continuing into the twentieth centuries confirmed by our modern archaeologists who discovered numerous texts and buried libraries in the Middle East. The other cute revision was to cover up the fact that Newton, Copernicus, Galileo, Brahé and other revolutionary game-changers in science were practicing astrologers. If the subject comes up to a modern scientist, the reaction is to proclaim them ‘wrong.’


Brahé reconstructed an astronomical observatory, called Uraniborg at Hven, an island in the Øresund between Zealand and Scania, at that time belonging to Denmark. It was here that his naked-eye observations become the most accurate in European history; but there was something the scientist will keep secret from his biography. Brahé who later gave an astrological appointment and his paper-work to Kepler had studied the positions of the planets and stars for one purpose only – astrology. Previously, when Kepler had his seven-year-war with Mars’ orbit, he was not trying to satisfy the academic community, but to observe the real pathway of Mars around the Sun (Brahé remained Ptolemaic and refused Copernicus; model) so he could calculate astrological directions more accurately. Brahé created the most accurate star-map at Europe of this time, Kepler publishing some of his findings later but one thing remained constant. Brahé wanted the correct position of the heavenly body not for science but for astrological predictions. 


When Kepler after a diversion into music theory finally defeated Mars, most likely pondering a Roman copy of a Hellenistic conic treatise, he formulated three Area laws which appear to explain the bending of space-time, to which Newton used these laws on a daily basis to construct his theory of gravity, to which Einstein plagiarized both these astrologer’s ideas to form the theory of relativity (multiple times exist, and time and space are really connected into a fabric of space-time). While Einstein read medieval alchemical treaties, books on his night stand, these were for curiously, and there was never a proof that he believed in astrology. However as a young man, the period he formulated his greatest theory, among his most used sources for space-time were Newton and then Kepler, to practicing astrologers. Ironic yes and Einstein confirmed what the ancient astrologers in the Middle East many millennia ago had tried to communicate: times are constructs and there are multiple times happening at any one moment and time defines these living biological organisms, including humans.


Yet, both scientists and astrologers were, are and will be driven to the phenomena of control and prediction. Yet, there still are some subtle differences. The astrologers did not formulate the theory for weapons of mass destruction to potentially escalate the chances of world-self-extinction – scientists take that prize. You can revise your revision and include astrologers and therefore explain they have ancillary contributions to the theory of relativity, which became the foundation of splitting the atom, and testing it on Japanese to moribund conclusions. But since scientists intend astrologers are pseudo-scientist, then Albert Einstein, a non-believer, contributed in the name of academic scientists to the development of world-ending weapons of mass destruction – not any astrologer.


Scientists’ may take pride in this reality and conclude they are the geek-to-real-bad-boys of the universe, because they create the killing machines which position them in great power and control over the destiny of humankind. Under this prospect astrologers appear defeated. There is no greater thrill than killing humans, which in a Foucultian theme intends these scientists achieve great sexual excitement of controlling human life or death. Still, astrologers have a trump-card. The best of them can predict the future with relative accuracy to which provides them with a semblance of control over human existence. There is no greater power than someone explaining what will happen to you and you cannot stop it. This is the very reason astrologers were thrown off cliffs, executed, imprisoned, banned, legally censured, excommunicated, and socially belittled. The materialistic society cannot be embarrassed as they perform their mediocre ideas to great distraction. Their purpose, by consensus, is to understand nature in order to change it, but astrologers claim the future can be changed, but this has been already demonstrated in the astrological field. It is just another aspect of our universes. In the early twentieth century, it was supposed that Nostradamus had mentioned two constellations in his prose sections of Les Propheties, to which some interpreted this to mean that humans would be building space-vehicles to search and eventually inhabit other worlds in outer space. These interpretations in the last quarter of the twentieth century were dismissed by academic scientists are fantasy. Yet, today, more and more each year, groups around the world are starting to organize plans, as well as hopes and dreams by public avocation, of getting off this planet before the academic scientist, with their hair-brained and Foucultian sex-drives, destroy planet Earth. It is easy to dismiss Nostradamus’ vague diction but these interpretations existed prior to the Soviet and American space programs or any worries that humans are populating the earth and resources would eventually become scarce – in other words there was no motive for this interpretation. Despite some academics, the French are correct, Nostradamus was an astrologer.


It is true he achieved mediocre results at horoscopic interpretation, a career he took up after completing Les Propheties (post 1558), but he was not interested in what period of life a human would support a full beard, or what period of a human life the hair would recede or fall-out ( questions asked of him by his clients!). The books we know that he read or those were on his bookshelf did not concern horoscopic astrology at all. They are of a different genre altogether and have different mathematical system employed to which this paper begins to elucidate. It’s perfectly fine to continue to consider astrology a pseudo-science, because there is no proof that humans are born equally intelligent. Time and space are the prime subjects of astrology – there is no greater curiosity than to discover its secrets.


Astrology may be too perfect a science. It intends that money domains (houses) provide material wealth and most scientists I have peered into their horoscopes have the majority of ‘signatures’ in their money domains. On the other hand, the intelligent sectors of the horoscope intend a lack of material wealth, and this provides a simple truth. Most scientists make a considerable amount of worldly money and possessions, which can be viewed statistically as the top 1% of all wage earners in the world. There have been billions of scientists in history and yet we have very few works that have lasted the test of time. usually there works are thrown to the way-side, deemed important to their contemporaries but littered with fallacies and thus dammed as not important for the search of truth. This confirms that ideas of merit and lasting measure that come from the poor and economic struggling scientist remain under the auspices of pseudo domain, and therefore any idea is subjected to ridicule by academia. Therefore any academic who offers an idea immediately identifies and immediately implicates himself or herself as a pseudo-scientist. Mundane Astrology is a hard-science and it does not allow for liars, frauds, or idea-change shifters – once these creep into the field, it therefore ceases to exist as a mundane field of astrology and compartmentalizes itself alongside the body of work which is discarded to the wayside – which has the full company of billions of pseudo-scientists across historical academia. The point is that the highest paid-academics who inform thought-opinion to our world do not have the ‘signatures’ in intelligent domains of the astrological field. This is not a paradox, it remains a fact. It is unsolvable, and therefore there is no solution for the world’s problems – because materialist matters win and therefore wars, terror, mass murder and subjugation are all materialistic conditions of life. The academics are flanked by their state’s militaries and therefore all the intellects that do not have a flanking are exposed to extinction and/or at least suppressed from implementing their ideas for peace. Life apparently is all too predictable, and astrologers continue to try to predict the obvious. Nostradamus was very different; he had a different approach to astrology. He did not learn math or how to calculate an astrological chart first; he took the long-road of learning history first. What are the concepts of the wars between material and between spiritual things meted out upon the canvas of history? The level of expertise then applies to mundane astrologers on how well they have access to information to the past and how they use it – all prior to investigating astrology. If astrology is everything, you better know everything!




[1] (4.500 (times 10 to the 46 power) times 360 = 1.620 ( Times 10 to the 49 th power).

[2] mean solar-years.

[3] 12 (domains) ∙ 360 degrees.

[4] According to the purist definitional domain of a pseudo-scientist, nothing exists or is ‘true’ unless it can be measured, weighted, observed – period.

[5] Circular Dendera Zodiac, at the temple of Hathor at Dendera, Egypt. Also many Mesopotamian artifacts depict this eight-pointed reference to these two important time signatures for the Earth.

[6] Albert Einstein, Moon rises at 12:47:39.5 a.m. on 14 March 1879; Sun at I.C., pre-natal on 13 March 1879 at 4:42:16.20 p.m. , Moon culminates at 5:11:19.4 a.m. 14 March 1879.

[7] R. Reagan, 89w47,41n38, Tampico, Il (U.S.A), 5 February 1911 (time of birth unknown), Sun rises at 7:12:58 (59) a.m., L.M.T., Sun culminates at 12:13:15 p.m. (± 30”) L.M.T., estimated 75° + n [ 18.75] = 93y (old as suggested birth-to-death-distance).

[8] G. Bizet, Paris, 25 October 1838 – 3 June 1875, Sun rises at 6:40:39 a.m., L.M.T., and the Sun culminates at 11:44:14 a.m., L.M.T ~ 37° 30” and converted to May 1875, a few weeks prior to the actual death-date.

[9] B.H. Obama, II, Mombasa Hospital, Kenya, Sun rises at 6:32:26 a.m., Sun culminates at 12:27:22 p.m.

[10] Sun rise appx. at 7:19:30; Sun cul. 12:13:30 p.m., L.M.T., DOR= 73° 30’.

[11] Professor at the U.C. Berkeley, Department of History.

[12] Placidus system, not universally accepted, but most people use it.

[13] time zone!






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