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So Nostradamus tells us he uses stars. Tropical Catalogues were aplenty:

1) We only find this out when a discovery is made;  Michel mentions he uses stars in his private correspondence, only published 1983 [d] A.D. after discovery, in MD Latin,  curt French extracts.

In his epistle to the king, Henri II, he forces the reader to admit Nostradamus says he does not use at all tropical astrology. Instead he uses astronomy and then applies it to that science of the ancients. However, 99% of the researchers still use Nostradamus’ works in relations to low level intellect science on tropical astrology. Tropical astrology uses the ecliptic, as did the ancients, but refuse to use science, they use a witchy numbers system or something, and it is often corrupted and embarrassingly wrong.

2) 1605 A.D., & 1611 A.D. posthumous Les Propheties editions have an extra century 6.100 which warns the reader in Latin that These writings do not use tropical astrology.

3) In the third installment of Les Propheties, 1558 A.D. Nostradamus openly mentions in a public address he uses Visual Astrology (e.g. Sidereal as in reference to sumer, chaldean-akkadian, neo Babylonian), and focuses upon trigons ( geometrical formations in space-time of |). and the applications of Mars , Jupiter , and  Saturn .

 4) There is no evidence Nostradamus understood tropical astrology on a professional level. After Laurent Videl publically issued a death threat to Nostradamus, he then turned toward tropical astrology and it sucked, only about 50% accuracy he recorded, which is crapola. Videl, among other mentally insane issue he had to pathologically deal with, he complained Nostradamus did not use proper, professional astrology, and that was why Nostradamus must be killed. Apparently, Videl’s complaint informed us that Nostradamus told someone he does not play tropical astrology, those who do have no idea of what they are saying. For proof, Videl’s astrology work was thrown into the garbage pit, because his tropical system was an absolute failure.

Johannes Stöffler
Title Elucidatio fabricæ ususq[ue] astrolabii
Designation of the Author A Ioanne Stoflerino Iustingensi viro Germano

Place of Publication Oppenheim
Publisher Jakob Köbel
Language Latin
Physical Description Folio (30x21cm) - [12] leaves, 78 pages
Biblio. Ref. Adams, Nr. S1886
Kinner, Renaissance, Nr. 991
Lalande, S. 36
Shelf Mark Hw 41

classic Sidereal Astrology matrix coding.
click for enlargement 1208 x 1570 pix

Above is a published list of Stars' tropical positions for Vienna 1,500 A.D. It does not matter what anyone would say, Nostradamus would have owned this book, if possible, or at least searched it out and memorized the stars lists while browsing it from someone that owned it or allowed them to borrow it; often book barrowers came through major towns, like a mobile library, and of course there were public libraries too in major metropolitan European cities. While we do not have archival prime source evidence ( plenty of forgeries out there) Michel Nostredame did not leave physical evidence he had knowledge of professional tropical astrology. He mentions in the Public he is not an astrologer, just a 'lover of stars,' but the noun he uses 'astrophile' implies obsession. We know this by using the true definition of Sidereal. Today, N.A.S.A. blurred the definition and MEAMIC put it into the children's texts. They do not have a point of light to reference their sidereal points, they are fixed into outer space, thus they are literally not sidereal at all. This comes into question why so many communitarians on Nostradamus' writings on astronomy believe he uses standard tropical astrology.

Nostradamus divided up large tribal or civilization groups and plotted them against the stars, using quasi-tropics and traditional astrology with mythos to construct the hidden narratives. In this manner, nothing was cyclical and he could predict general outcomes well into the future. While this uses Sumerian, Chaldean, Neo Babylonian astrology , to which he mentions to his audience, this clues us that he had nothing to do with the astrological crowd, but for security measures feigned he was a part of that community.

Michel Nostradamus 



Calendar Corrections for Sourcing.


Saint Remey, Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur, France

Sunday, December 24, 1503 (extrapolated Gregorian calendar)

Julian calendar | Thursday, December 14, 1503

Julian day number | 2270386

Jewish calendar| 6 Tevet, 5264 (until sunset)

Islamic calendar | 5 Rajab, 909 (until sunset)

Time in 1503: Non Liturgical

358th day

51st week

sunrise | 7:24 am LMT

sunset | 4:20 pm LMT

duration of daylight | 8 hours 55 minutes

Phase of the Moon:

waning crescent moon


Below is a conceptual view of historicy. Under the auspices of the astrological/astronomical methodologies Nostradamus applied.

Astreology Sidereal civil rise matrix Nostradamus -- Not astrology at all, more advanced, more easy, more perfect

For one seven vector relationship to physical time-space, Nostradamus used real science to catalogue large shifts in space-time.  This has nothing to do with astrology to which it appears he did not know to operate. His system, however, is more scientific than astrology because it uses real stable controls. Then, tropical astrology was almost aligned to its origins, but today, it is so far out of whack that it remains difficult to take any astrologer or institutions arguing for or against its merits to care about at all. Nostradamus took the planets and luminaries and placed them in front of constellations and then formed a control for science testing, and that is why he is not understood in astrology, at all, because it is based upon muddled thinking.  How do we know this? You can back engineer his work. Here I did the war codex just for you, all.

N.A.S.A. nor any other Space Program have Ephems pre-1850 A.D., these classes of ephems are all analytical ( guesswork). They may link to some past studies or catalogues already developed, but no one knows for certain, gravity and its relationship to our local and wider universe are still uncertain.


Alleged Nostradamus Original Horoscope with no historiography.

MEAMIC View:  Ottawa U., CAN, French Dept., Professor Brind'Amour, Pierre: The chart below demonstrated the most inaccurate of the collection of 28 charts that he had examined. However, new reserch shows Brind'Amour could not figure out what year a jupiter/saturn conjunction would take place, indicating he may not have the qualifications of addressing astronomical views. ( for more on his mistakes see below).

The Insert in the square says, Jean of Chevigny, 1536, 7:30 a.m. Apparently Jean wrote a letter to Nostradamus telling him he was born at Beuane, France. For example, accuracy: y' Hoshua was born in Bethlehem, but raised in Nazareth, and we call him y'Hoshua of Nazareth. Jean called himself from Beaune, but that did not mean he was born there. Otherwise, there is not local or suggestion on the chart alone. The chart below does not look like a finished professional model, one can be seen below this one to compare. This could have been some scratch paper chart, and later filled in, because this is not Nostradamus' hand writing, this is someone elses?

Johannes Stöffler EPHEMERIS 1533 ( Jan 23), in Veterum Ephemeridum opus ab anno 1499-1544 Jean A. Chevigny, Bibliothèque Paris Horo nº 8592
Sun 13 07' {{ modern 13 3 ′54″ }} ( not copied) Sun 13 05' 52″ [closer to modern!]
Moon 22° 45′  [16th 21°17'] Moon 22° 45'  [ 90°]
Saturn 07° 32′ (same ↔ ) Saturn 07° 32
Jupiter 20° 17′ (→ ) Jupiter 20° 07
Mars   06° 33′  ( not copied) Mars   29° 50′  [2nd 05° 48′]
Venus   29°   02′ (← not copied ± 48′ ) Venus   29°   33′
Mercury 28° 41′  (2nd, 24th entry 0° 16'   same ↔) Mercury 28° 41′ [ 00° 16′]
mean node 05° 36′ (same ↔ ) mean node 05° 36



Jean Aymes (Aimé) de Chavigny

Veterum Ephemeridum opus ab anno 1499-1544

Horoscope of Jean de Chevigny

Sun's Tropical Position ( Eastern Horizon NASA*/NOSTR ADAMUS comparison):± 01′ 58 ″

A modern analytical Ephemeris: 13 3 ′54″

Bibliothèque Paris Horo nº 8592: 13 5′52″

Ascendant ( Eastern Horizon NASA*/NOSTRADAMUS comparison): ± 05″.

A modern analytical Ephemeris: AC 28° 48  ( east horizon 7:30, regio)

Bibliothèque Paris Horo nº 8592: AC 28° 53  ( east horizon, 7:30, regio, 1533)

16 th Century Regiomontanus domicile  axial system, first derive M.C./I.C.  and then overlaid to equal houses system.


The note is addressed September 1560, long after Nostradamus completed his Les Propheties by 1558. Perhaps this is proof that Nostradamus did not use tropical astrology in his prior works.



4e50, 47n02 ( of one of the Beaune, France) I.C. 28° 53

M.C.  28° 53

AC 28° 53  ( east horizon)

DC 28°53  ( western horizon)


h11: 11 .25 | h5: 11 .25

if convert to Placidus


5º  13 45 r (6:29 am lmt)

nº 8592

07º  33 


07° 32



21º 16′ 13″ (± 1º 09″)


nº 8592

20º 07′ (6:29 am lmt)


Note (d1) is for the 24th jul. not 23rd.





Horo nº 8592: more accurate to modern standards than Johannes Stöffler's.

NASA PE404, Mosh'ir analytic( this is the 2003 updated version) : 13 3 ′54″

Local Mean Time, L.M.T.: 6:30 a.m. our time = 7:30 16th cent. time, Southern France or a forgery). perhaps a navel time from Marseille


The   true arc at the ascendant for people born around this time, at Beaune, France. This suggests why Chevigny's person remains in fame today. This is a very powerful position,  a sort of destiny of such.


Mars is an anomaly here, it is way out of place but close to the real position, better than the Stöffler  ephemerid.



4e50, 47n02 ( of one of the Beaune, France) U.T. 06:36:40 | catlog sid time 15:43:33, 1533, jul. cal.

00° 53 34″ ( Regiomontanus ┼ equal house) 4e50, 47n02 Ascendant 1533 LMT 6:56 a.m.
28° 09 03″ ( Regiomontanus ┼ equal house) 4e50, 47n02 upper culmination 1553 LMT 6:56 a.m.
nº 8592:  00º 16' position "                "
27º 40  27 position "                "


Pierre Brind'Amour,  in his work Nostradamus Astrophile, examined astrology charts by Nostradamus and other astrologers, including contemporary professional astrologers. His findings concluded Nostradamus' charts prefigured as inferior to the professionals of his day, in claculations of cusps and in luninary positions.  his findings reveal Nostradamus possibly, or more likely, could not interpolate, and as is in this chart, used the either 12:00 pm midnight ephemeris or the mourning ephemeris, as Videl believed.



10. Chevignλei Belnensis ( requested from Aix, 1st September 1560).

Nostradamus Chart ‘cast’ in 1560. for his friend Jean A. Chevigny.


10. Chevignλei Belnensis (Chevignaeus), (c’est-à-dire) Jean de Chevigny Beaunois.

Chevigny enters Nostradamus’ life on 1 September 1560 (p. 21, Jean  Dupèbe, “Nostradamus Lettres Inédites," Dros: 1983 ), "Inscribe me on your list of those dear to you. Aix, 1st September 1560.," trans., P. Lemesurier [?], Letter 15. "[...]et me in tuorum, quod facis, albo facis, albo adscribe. Aquis Sextiis cal. Septembris M.D.L.X.," J.A. Chevigny, in Letter 15, p. 57, ed., Dupèbe.


Chevigny does not physcially meet Nostradamus until at least 1561, as he states in his letter that he is planning on visiting some Universities in Germany.


  C.1 Q.51 ( this took place in the spring of 2,000 A.D. and yes 'what changes' occurred.).


Line 1: Chef d'Aries, Jupiter et Saturne  
Line 2: Dieu eternel quelles mutations?

Brind'Amour writes that in this quatrain, there is a reference to a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in 1703 AD. However, these were no conjunctions in this year tropically or sidereally. T.W.M. van Berkel writes, He also writes that there is a reference to Roussat's Livre de l'estat et mutation des temps.[1] According to software data, this conjunction did not occur in 1703, but on May 21, 1702, on 7 Aries. ( Nostradamus Reaserch Group, Astrology sec.).

Well we know that 1702 A.D. was a change period, the sidereal coordinates lay in the spring of 2,000 A.D. with constel. = marked in the large Gizāh pyramid, admitted too in an open letter by Nostradamus to which he was attacked by thuggy Laurent Videl, working for a competing almanache dealer, who believed he was god and Nostradamus was Satan, a totally deranged individual. Videl openly threatened Nostradamus life in public & published print. This is because Nostradamus threw-out tropical astrology, it is not scientific by any means -- no matter what one does it is not a scientific discipline. However, Visual Universe, the type of astronomy/astrology Nostradamus had admitted and practiced belongs to C. 1 Q. 51 in its visual forms, at least in the northern climes.



Chéf d’Ariés, Jupiter, et Saturne

Dieu éternel quelles mutations ?

Puis par lõg ∫iècle ∫on maling temps tetourne,

Gaule et Italie, quelles e∫motions ?

 - Michel Nostradamvs

[ Jean Vallier, Pierre Rigaud edition, 1610-11[?] a Lyon.


Salon des Mineurs

Convent of St. Francios.


antedated, 1566 edition, most possibly attributed to  Pierre Rigaud's original printing cycle.

for 1605 edition, real book, uncat. by Nostradamus community but at U.C.L.A., C. Q 51.



"The Astronomic calculations are given to the best of my knowledge because the space of times of our first ones, those who came before us,  are handed to me needing the correction of my own healthier judgement."  Nostradamus' Epistle  to Henry 1558.

above we see already by the early modern age the tropical alignment to sidereal is already at the 48th parallel or clime or latitude and we see already some absent unions and often as with Gemini, here, there are some 29 degrees in separation. logically, Nostradamus chose the Chaldean, Sumerian and neo Babylonian system, which consists of matching constellation stars to the solar system bodies. Low level ancient academics, the left likes to call them priests because they do not want to associate their brain power to the common modern illiterate academics working at Harvard, Yale, and other so-called learning institutions. Tropical takes an even slice of the night sky, in twelve parts, and then assigns them  symbols and characteristics. Cancer was a long time, very ancient constellation, albeit today the faintest, when low level establishment ancient academics placed a sign in one of the 12 departments or signs of the zodiac ( the stars near the Sun’s ecliptic, either intersecting or close by in relative terms to the rest of the other constellations. This meant that Cancer had to be widened by at least 10 degrees. Nostradamus said, hommie don’t play that! He just used the earliest thinking of ‘as above, so below.’ Tropical astrology, like the ancient establishment of the flat earth societies and even today’s Global warming ( really a word for whom will commit genocide or national wide suicide first, because the issue is overpopulation or fabulous rich people living by the coast that are scared the oceans will rise and force them upland?).


1533 A.D. as seen above, at 48° north, ( Libra) = s ( Virgo stars).

Another way to express this observation is Tropical ≠ Sidereal .

Another way to argue this was in the middle of tropical Scorpio lay the constellation of Libra .

Today in 2014 A.D., alpha leonis α tropically lay in .


Tropical astrology was once set near to the constellations main stars


Tropical astrology was once set near to the constellations main stars. Many tropicalists do not intend this to be true and tropical number games loosely based on magical geometrical formations can reveal life itself.  Their predictive and consultation rate remains unimpressive and non scientific. The closest science came from scientists trying to destroy astrology altogether.  When you read things like Nostradamus was sitting by the wayside, when two young gentlemen enquired he construct one of their birth horoscopes, then they became angry and did not pay Michel,  when the young adult had just opened up any page at random of his carrying 50 year-ephemeris ( heavy books, because how do you know what age a person you will bump into on the side of the road in the early modern age and be asked to construct a horoscope, so this indeed sparks of a legend),  and began to interpret the young man’s chart. This is because tropical means nothing, even in the 16 th century. So why bother? The story is more of a fable to tell a tale of the fight, started by Ezra centuries earlier that troplical astrology, the mainstream in use brand and actual eye-sight astrology, one today would call astronomy, but with an added of expanding the mind into multidisciplinary functions, often we call these knostical practices – but I’m speaking on those things unrelated to biassical spiritual life practices, and focusing soley on the mental computer like aspect of knosticalism.


Vettius Valens, Anthologies was a very popular antiquities astrological and applicationable book, which made printings during the sixteenth century. Here is an excerpt of Valens book I, translated and presented by Mark Riley, California State University of Sacramento, In "A Survey of Vettius Valens."



Mark Riley Cal State U Sacramento translation p 12 of book i excerpt to show chron methodology

Two Mercuries, two Marses (one Gregorian and one Julian calendar calculated) and two nodes make this chart unique. The Moon is in the wrong sign, and in the wrong house and is almost a perfect square.  Most of the Chart is calculated for the Julian Calendar system to the date of January 23 rd, 1533, but the inscription claims 1536 ( center of chart). 7 pm., and 30 minuets. ( Lemesurier’s comments on ‘correspondence, letter 15’ , intends the actual birthdate is not for 1536, which appears in the letter as Chevigny’s claimed birth date, but for an actual date of  Thursday, January 23, 7 hours 30 minutes after midday [p.m.] ) .  “[T]he former birthchart is by far the most spectacularly inaccurate of the whole 28-strong private collection,” Chevigny also evidently altered the birthdate from 1533 to 1536 after copying it up, by manually changing 'M.D.XXXIII' into 'M.D.XXXVI' [notice at the center of the Chart, it reads as 'M.D.XXXVI' (1536)]. (Mars is shown as for 15th January, *as well as* for 23rd January: Mercury for 24th as well as 23rd: moon in Libra instead of Capricorn)! Peter Lemesurier, 2000.  Original source of analysis, Pierre Brind'Amour, a late professor at Ottowa University. Yet the data that most likely matches the planet configurations, the cusps do not line up under the computer system used, is 6:00 a.m., and not 7 hours 30 minutes after midday -- if we take midday to mean 12:00 a.m. noon.  Also, I'm note confident that this is Nostradamus' handwriting.

When the then place two s, Astrologers of the Middle Ages, Kitāb al-milal wa-l-duwal  ("Book on religions and dynasties"), probably his most important work, commented on in the major works of Roger Bacon, Pierre d'Ailly, and Pico della Mirandola.[1] . has some form of using two Mercuries. However, Capricorn has no notation here and where one of the Mercury belongs.

into the chart. Judicial Astrology 11 th century Abbasīd Empire contributions to visible Astrology, from the most popular author of the western Middle Ages, Abū Ma'shar, Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Balkhī. Many of the theologians, even church fathers, and most lay, read Abū Ma'shar. Peter Lemesurier using Brind'Amour, Pierre points this chart out to all to claim Nostradamus used two Mercuries he must be a moron. This type of double s can be found in the second most popular work by Astrologers of the Middle Ages, Kitāb al-milal wa-l-duwal  ("Book on religions and dynasties"), probably his most important work, commented on in the major works of Roger Bacon, Pierre d'Ailly, and Pico della Mirandola.[1] .

The most popular, also by  Abū Ma'shar was the excerpt to his Great Introduction ( he did not name it that). This was because he dumbed it down for the academics. Brind'Amour, Pierre  and Peter Lemesurier that promotes the French Professor's claims ( he never understood astrology in the first place) that this is the most inaccurate and demonstrates Nostradamus was not an astrologer. So let us do this chart's houses.

First hint in Astrology to a serious problem intends that a culmination point and an anti culmination point must be in axial alignment at 180°, according to tropical astrology. So here, yes, Nostradamus fails if viewed from a persepective of non science.  Brind'Amour, Pierre  and Peter Lemesurier are advocating a non science and promoting it as science or as some standard practices said to be scientific.

In Nostradamus day, Mercury and Venus and perhaps the Moon were the most out of sync with modern day estimates of precession. It is normal for these planets to be relative to about 1 degree, whereas Saturn and Jupiter, being more slower and tractable had better historical ephemerid accuracy, thus why Nostradamus claims he uses the slower bodies the most.  Still, if Nostradamus copied for Noon right out of

Albert Einstein, Steven Hawking, Kepler, Copernicus, Galileo nor Newton claimed to have known precession, so accuracy against other astrologers in history because a mute point.  What has been agreed upon by the International Astronomic Union,  a multicounty based consortium that meets periodically to hash-out new terms and theories on the cosmos, only with relatively confidence is certain of any main ephemeris to date as far back as 150 years from the citing event.  So if a catalogue is built upon the vernal of 2000 A.D. or a certain year, then only 150 years forward and backward can be taken with confidence. Brind'Amour, Pierre  and Peter Lemesurier  claim they know more about the cosmos and maths than Albert Einstein, Steven Hawking, Kepler, Copernicus, Galileo nor Newton? In my opinion these are frauds and dangerous people who are corrupting the minds of the youth. 



Mars ( position in chart are well within the toleration of precession and modern assessments).


The Roman Notation used for the Chart Reads as follows:

Sagittarius: House (11th House)


Nostradamus chart: January 23 rd, 1533,

5 degrees, and forty-eight minuets of Capricorn, in the house of 12th. (Stoeffler's figures from his 'Ephemeridum opus'), 12th House.


Julian calendar calculation: January 23rd, 1533, (6:00 a.m.).

5 degrees and fifty-seven minuets of Capricorn (U.S.A., NASA ephemeride, PE 404, updated 2003, Mosh'ir analytic, used in the Swiss Ephemeris. ).    


Nostradamus chart: January 23 rd, 1533,

29 degrees, and fifty minuets of Sagittarius, in the house of 11th. (Stoeffler's figures from his 'Ephemeridum opus'), 11th House.


Gregorian calendar calculation: January 23 rd, 1533,

28 degrees and thirty-four minuets of Sagittarius (U.S.A., NASA ephemeride, PE 404, updated 2003, Mosh'ir analytic, used in the Swiss Ephemeris. ).    




Nostradamus chart: January 23 rd, 1533,

twenty-nine degrees, and two minuets [ or 51 minuets, blurry] of Sagittarius, in the house of 11th. (Stoeffler's figures from his 'Ephemeridum opus')


Julian calendar calculation: January 23 rd, 1533,

twenty-eight  degrees, and fifty-two minuets of Sagittarius (U.S.A., NASA ephemeride).


Moon = 90° ( called a pre natal, a specialized astrological function).

Nostradamus chart:

Julian calendar calculation: January 23 rd, 1533,

Moon: twenty-two degrees and forty-five minuets of Libra (Stoeffler's figures from his 'Ephemeridum opus') [ mistake]


Julian calendar calculation: January 23 rd, 1533,

Moon: twenty-three degrees and two minuets of Capricorn (U.S.A., NASA ephemeride). [ square] .



Nostradamus chart: January 23 rd, 1533,

Jupiter: twenty  degrees and eight Minuets of Sagittarius. (11 th house).


Julian calendar calculation: January 23 rd, 1533.

Jupiter: twenty-one  degrees and eight minuets of Sagittarius. (U.S.A., NASA ephemeride).


Nostradamus chart: January 23 rd, 1533,

Saturn: seven degrees and thirty-two minuets of Cancer (sixth house)(Stoeffler's figures from his 'Ephemeridum opus')


Julian calendar calculation: January 23 rd, 1533.

Saturn: five  degrees and sixteen minuets of Cancer (U.S.A., NASA ephemeride.).


February 7th 1554 ( Julian calendar system) Johannes Stöffler EPHEMERIS 1554 AD TVBINGAE [ Tübingen, GER.]  SITVN ANNO CRISTI. ; available for free viewing by Play.google. Planatary cat. in zodiac, ModusSolis & Luna: 00:00:00 L.m.t. U.T. 23:23:52, Jan. 31st. sid time 09 : 21 :  29.

Johannes Stöffler EPHEMERIS 1554  Modern Ephemeris based on NASA PE404, Mosh'ir analytics
Sun 22 07' Sun 21 46' 05
Moon 28° 48 Moon 01° 41' 26
Saturn 01° 13′ (← before) Saturn 15° 33′ 51″
Jupiter 17° 48′ (→ after) Jupiter 04° 03′ 50″ r
Mars   00° 16′ (→ after) Mars   24° 21′ 15″
Venus   10°   52′ (← before) Venus   25°   02′ 13″
Mercury 12° 38′ (→ after) Mercury 10° 45′ 59″
mean node 02° 25′ (↔ nevermind) mean node 19° 00′ 03″


What is Astrology in academics terms?

James Tester’s work, “A History of Western Astrology” (1978, p. 215. n. 14 [p. 295], Woodbridge, Boydell Press) because as this book put it:

 “It may be worth a note, since some readers may look for his name in a book such as this, to say that Nostradamus (1503-1566) is irrelevant to any history of astrology. He did practice astrology, it is true, but only as a quack and among other forms of occultism.” (quoted at p. 287, Wilson).

Well the War Codex is Nostradamus astreology, so why are you complaining. Don't you like to know when war was and is and will be?


Nostradamus’s judicial astrology he openly mentions in public ( then was attacked) is not his private post-Propheties career as a private tropical astrologer (1558 A.D. - onward). Here he was viewed with mix success, some people said he got their interpretation wrong, and then on a follow up letter to Nostradamus, they said, WHoooops! I gave you the wrong birth data. Others it took many letters before a client was pleased with an interpretation. Nostradamus haters like James Randy (never read what he reportedly claimed he read) claimed Nostradamus patrons all complained he got all their interpretations incorrect. This was then followed up née Peter Ewart Britton, known for his insidious distinction as French, gentlemen Messiah (the connotation to Le Mesurier) a play on his career name so that people believe he has French authority to interpret French.  He too believes Nostradamus was not an Astrologer and the French People must be stupid liars and they lied because they intend he was an astrologer.  Tropical astrology is not scientifically sound as astronomy, the Judicial Astrology applications in Les Propheties. The private correspondence makes this clear, and also no one reads them, because they are not really widely available in Latin from original French which was then translated into Latin for long-period-archival purposes. The whole point is Nostradamus sais to his audience, here is what is my main thing, it is astrology based upon the visible universe. This is also called visual astrology. This has nothing to do with creating astrology charts, casting ascendants and houses ( no one can agree upon them , even today, so no science is going because of this) – nor is Tropical astrology scientifically based on sound logic as visible universe astrology has shown over and over throughout the ages. Tropical astrology was codified by Fincino about 100 + years before Nostradamus, and so this was a novel astrology, not the real scientific one Nostradamus uses and is found by our modern archeologists digging in the near east and finding astrological catalogues from 600 B.C. recording data from 1,200 B.C. and further back in history. This is the origin of Astrology and it was never tropical it was only visible universe, the term Nostradamus uses, so these haters of Nostradamus will go to their death bed citing Nostradamus was a lousy astrologer, there is ample evidence (no there is not!) so there is no need to investigated just agree with their hatred confessions. Some of these so-called experts tell their audience who cannot get access or education to investigate a bunch of subjugated knowleges based on erroneous modernism on astrology. The only example, because it is plethoric is that Nostradamus cut his angles using visual astrology and then the investigation by these so-called experts could not figure it out so they decried Nostradamus was functionally illiterate. Since they cried they have gone to a university, they have authority for truth.


Climata: Sixteenth Century ( pre-modern latitudes)

French: Oronce Finé (b. 20 December 1494, Briançon, d. 8 August 1555, Paris), Latin: Orontius Finnaeus (or Finaeus), Italian:  Oronzio Fineo, a French Mathematician and cartographer. Education: Paris, College of Navarre.


Orance Finé,  Science et estrologie au XVI siecle, et son horloge planetarie 2v. :ill; 23 cm. (Paris: bibliothèque de Sainte-Geneviève, 1544 (?)), reprinted ( in full?) in 1971 by Denise Hillard and Emmanuel Poulle, [copy, Doe, Lib.]



Orance Finé provides a list of pre modern latitudes for major cities.



( ~  nearest to degree)

Orance Finé (mid- sixteenth century) Climata

Modern Longitude

Sicily 37 degrees



Rome       42 degrees  Italy

Rome 41 N 54 (~ 42 degrees)  / 12 E 29

London    54 degrees

London 51 N 30 / 0 W 10

Berlin       54 degrees

Berlin 52 N 29-32 / 13 E 21-25

Venice     45 degrees

Venice 45 N 27 / 12 E 21

Bologna   45 degrees

Bologna  44 N 29 / 11 E 20

Paris        48 degrees

Paris 48N 52 (~ 49 degrees) 2 E 20








St. Remy de Provence ( France 1-3)

43 N 47 / 4 E 05


Paris (?) (V. XCVIII)


( ~  approximate to degree)

Projected Elliptical Degrees PED of Some Ptolemy Stars: early sixteenth century.

(PED) Aldebaran 3 Genimi

(PED) Algol 19 Taurus

(PED) Regulus 23 Leo (close to ecliptic)

(PED) Sirius: 7 Cancer

(PED) Spica: 17 Libra



Markab, approx., 1-2 degrees as non association, Aries at St. Remy., paran. (?)


“Ptolemy says this star has the nature of Mars and Mercury. Robson talks of it giving honors, but also danger from cuts, blows, fevers, stabs, and violent death. Ebertin links this star to intellectual alertness, mental powers, and a good head for figures; Rigor to good fortune that is subjected to disgrace.”[1]


Bellatrix: St. Remy., 6-8 degrees of Cancer, look at stellium of Nostradamus’ chart, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn(?).


Ptolemy states that the stars of the shoulders are like Mars and Mercury. Robson stalks of “Quickly Coming and Quickly Destroying” ( his capitals). Ebertin list qualities such as fighting spirit, courage, ability to organize, but often recklessly. Rigor, however, emphasizes great civil honors for men but, for women, loquaciousness and forcefulness.”[2]

Nostradamus mentions Fixt Stars in his letters and works.

How much do we know of his use of them in application, is still little known. David Ovason, has to my knowledge, done the most work on this area of Nostradamus’ life and methodologies.  You can find his work on Nostradamus in my Bibliography section.


Fixt,  the word adopted and still used today, implied the lexicography of Aristotelian cosmology, (i.e. the immovable bodies of the outer sphere, beyond the planets), where everything was ‘immovable.’ That is to say, the planets moved across the sky and the stars remained in an apparent immovable space. The stars, or “lights” in this case, appeared ‘fixed’ as other light bodies moved at varying rates across the sky. A star approximately moves from its apparent position in the sky of ‘one degree’ every seventy-two years. To a human, as scientist on the ground, the star does not appear to move from its nightly position in relations to its neighbor stars.

Ptolemy’s astrological book, Tetrabiblos (Here he gives the planarity attributes to stars, usually in the form of two planet attributes to a single star).

Bernadette Brady on Two Histories of Fixt Star Applications.

Without any textual source for this speculation, humans must have viewed the planets and stars from when they stood. This was the local universe to these humans, and casting any type of astrological chart had its locality emphasized. Therefore, stars must have been calculated to their ‘ true’ positions as humans could only stand outside at night and record them. In Egyptian and Sumerian astrology, this was the only way to understand what we call today astrology – a predictive concept, never spoken of in academia as a science. When the Egyptians and Sumerians began to record positions of stars and planets as methodological, this became a pre-science. One of the critical criteria to any scientific methodology is to collect reliable or somewhat reliable data. Of course, as the data was collected, disseminated and intellectually digested, it was linked to personal tragedies or personal joyousness and/or collective tragedies or collective joyousness. As phenomena appeared in the sky and at the same time something relevant to physical or emotional change occurred from the terra, humans invented communication  the discourse of concepts we know today as omens, symbols, signs and a collection of empirical data was thickly and/or thinly connected to patterns and symbols in the sky. It was humans linking the microcosm with the macrocosm – the first pretheoretical physic attempt. It was mankind’s attempt to control, or at least know for comfort reasons, what was ahead in the near to distant future that caused anxiety or consternation.

In Claudius Ptolemy’s astronomical work, later renamed by some Arab scientists during the Abbasid dynasty, during the first wave of Islam, renamed the Almagest (loose trans., Greatest Book), in which the name as description comes down to us today, he listed 1022 stars.  By use of an instrument that was developed to measure the poles of the ecliptic and the point of  the projected star that cut the ecliptic, he devised a system that would be the apparent position (not the local actual position) of these stars.  Every star had its own “ecliptic via the lines of longitude from these poles.”[3] “However, within several hundred years, astrologers had taken Ptolemy’s convenient list of stars with their elliptical degrees and were applying it to their trade, forsaking the more tedious, older methodologies. [L]ater astrologers, however, swayed by the eminence of his name, chose to use Ptolemy’s star list of elliptical projected degrees as the preferred methodology for working with fixed stars astrologically.”[4]

The importance of Brady’s point is there are two ways, an old way, and Ptolemy’s way for working with fix stars. She goes on, “[T]his was a slow transition, for in 379 C. E., “The Treaty on Bright Fixt Stars,” written by an unknown author,[5] talks of using stars which are close to the ecliptic [such as Regulus] to work with the “pivot points”[6] of the chart. This is known today as working with parans.”[7]

The original way of linking the future from viewing the sky and observing empirical data on terra was watching a local horizon star and linking it to a birth chart or a date of a chart’s birth for a interpreted reading. Constellation today remain in the Greek nomenclature and stars were renamed and remain in Arabic nomenclature.


Ptolemy: The Phases of Fixed Stars, p. 9


1st Magnitude

2nd Magnitude

Capella  (Auriga)

Algol[8] (Perseus)

Wega (Lyra)

Menkalinan[9] (Auriga)

Arcturus (Bootes)

Deneb (Cygnus)

Regulus (Leo)

Alphecca (Corona Borealis)

Denebola (Leo)

Caster (Gemini) [9/11]

Aldebaran ( Taurus)

Polux (Gemini) [9/11]

Procyon (Canis Minor)

Alpheratz (Andromeda)

Beletguese [sic] (Orion)

Altair (Aquila)

Spice (Virgo)

Bellatrix (Orion)

Rigel (Orion)

Alphard (Hydra)

Sirius (Canis Major)

Zuben eschamali (Libra)

Formalhaut (Piscis Australis)

Zuben elgenubi (Libra)

Archernar[10] (Eridanus)

Alnilam (Orion)

Canopus (Carina)

Antares (Scorpius)

Rigel Kentaurus (Centaurus)[11]

Rukbat (Sagittarius)








Selected Ptolemy’s Fixt Star Positions

Ptolemy’s Position 150 C.E.

Ptolemy’s Position 2000 C.E.

Caster (Gemini) 23° Gem. 00’

Caster (Gemini) 19° Can. 10’

Betelgeuse (Orion) 2° Gem. 00’

Betelgeuse (Orion) 27° Gem. 50’ [9/11]

Regulus (Leo) 2° Leo. 30’

Regulus (Leo) 26° Leo. 30’

Hamel (Aries) [Nost] 10° Ari. 40’ [WWII]

Hamel (Aries) 6° Tau. 30’

Formalhaut (Piscis Australis) 7° Aqu. 00’

Formalhaut (Piscis Australis) 2° Pis. 50’



Pollux (Genini) 26° Gem. 40’

Pollux (Genini) 22° Can. 30’





Using Poles of The Equator (PED) 2000


Regulus (Leo) 29° Leo. 42’


Pollux (Genini) 23° Can. 13’


Hamel (Aries)  7° Tau. 39’


Formalhaut (Piscis Australis) 6° Pis. 02’








table note ([12])


Caster & Pollux (Gemini) were the most important sea-navigational stars, because they are roughly 4.5 degrees apart – thus easy measuring applications.

Formalhaut sometimes is spelt without the ‘r’., and it is one of the four royal stars, according to the Arab scientists.

Ptolemy and the ancients were more into “phases” of stars. As example, Egyptian Cosmic star association was when a star rose exactly ( ~ degree, in paran (Heliacal rising)) with one of the planets, or more practiced the luminaries in their days). Apparent, was associations without exactitude degrees, and systems differed, but were important to astrology at that time. An example, was the first bright star to rise “before” the sun on one’s birthday was ‘apparent’ and had special meaning to one’s life. This was linked to a constellation of calculated phenomena of “passages.” These stars, Spica ( linked to the Harvest), and Sirius ( linked to the Nile and calendar Egyptian dating system(s)),  were very important passage stars to the Egyptians. Their ‘cosmic risings’ and ‘apparent risings’ in passages were important information to the Egyptians. Ptolemy points out the only Heliacal rising stars should be used with the list of Magnitude one or two stars.[13]

Each star according to Ptolemy’s knowledge gained and reinterpreted for his own versions, had planetary traits. usually this took the form in two planet’s combined attributes. Brady frames it as “ [H]e published the work in the Tetrabiblos, chapter 9 [ reinterpreting planetary traits to each star, Nostradamus most likely had owned this work, at least a summary or section from this work] where he makes such statements as: “The stars in the head of Aries posses an influence similar in its effect to that of Mars and Saturn.”[14] Ovasan linked one of Nostradamus’ poems to World War II planetary aspects, where Nostradamus says the something about the head of Aries and war, which then was in Taurus, see chart above, that is Hamel. Nostradamus’ contemporaries had also used the terminology of this work, and Mars with Saturn, indeed, was connected with sometimes an aggression from states. Bernadette goes deep with what she perceives Ptolemy meant by the linkages between “the energy of each fixed star to a combination of planetary energies.”[15] “In the Timaeus, Plato talks of the creator, the Demiurge, making the human soul in the same manner as the Soul of the Universe, and that the number of these souls is the number of the fixed stars. Based on this, the “wandering stars,” or planets, were singled out as the time keepers [ Nostradamus links this concept, not that he had Plato’s works in front of him, to cyclical reincarnation], and it was thought that souls moved from fixed stars to the wanderers, their power thereby translated into the souls of men.”[16]

Luca Gauriens (1533), a published work on tables and houses of astrology.

Astrologer to some Medici. 

As teacher of his own school, he had taught Julius C. Scaliger.

Probably Nostradamus was grateful for Scaliger for teaching him some astronomy/astrology tricks.

Gauriens was probably, besides Dee, one of the top most famous European astrologer of the early to mid-sixteenth century.

Nostradamus’ fame as an astrologer, at least in perception and contemporary European discourse, came late in his life. It was connected to prose Almanacs, and later Almanacs that contained monthly astronomical phenomena, related to agriculture, health and social prognoses and prognostications, that were in all senses of the word, soothsaying applications. His later and main work, These Prophecies (1555, 1557, 1558), were based upon different empirical phenomena, and helps to explain his Latin poem that is sometimes associated with ‘Centvrie VI.C,’ or the extra Centvrie VI.C, he relates to his readership for soothsayers ( that is horoscopes chart predictions for forecasts for the immediate future) to not try to interpret these types of normative astrological methods to his poems. Gauriens was a soothsayer, but a successful one at that. He predicted marriages and births of some of the European high-class, but is famous for warning King Henry II of France not to Duel in an enclosed tournament field, apparently from an astrology chart he had interpreted. His fame is due to Nostradamus historiography. That is to say, that books relating about I.XXXV, usually brings up his name in countless books, which means his name is repeated more often than normal western astrology books. Yet, unfortunately, we do not have his writings for his interpretations, and this explains a little why Nostradamus remains more famous. Why Nostradamus had a dismal record, Nostradamus’ works survive – which helps the scientific method. We academics read in an ancient text that this person or that person was a prophet or a celebrity astrologer, this information is useless unless it had been preserved for study, and archrival purposes for scientific application. Late in Nostradamus’ life, he had written interpretations of Charts for clients that were a size of a small book (as I’m writing this, not all of his known works have been translated out of the original manuscripts and translated into English or modern French today.). It is unfortunate, that Gauriens had great mentions by contemporaries of his astrological prowess, but his work remains unknown to us today.

Peter Lemesurier  ( née Peter Ewart Britton) published a book in 1999 A.D. using what he intends was Nostradamus astrological system. He put planets intro tropical matches ( no science at all there!) and pushed them into the future. He then tells his audience that if he fails, do not blame him, this was Nostradamus methodology -- which is 100% incorrect.

Ebglish extracts: Epistle to Henri II ( circa 1558 - onward). ( in original script 1605, pages include 1568 full version.).

1) "[...] so far as my profound astronomical calculations [...]" : note, nothing is said about tropical or astrology!

2) "[...]  whilst consulting the astronomical calculations to the best of my ability [...]" : note, nothing is said about tropical  or astrology!

3) "[...] but simply by the Holy Scriptures, as best my weak understanding and astronomical calculations can interpret them.[...]" : note, nothing is said about tropical or astrology!

4) "[...] Yet it was determined by astronomy and other sources, including Holy Scriptures [...]" : note, nothing is said about tropical or astrology!

5) "[...]  all by astronomical doctrine modified by my natural instinct.  [...]" : note, nothing is said about tropical or astrology! { #1 st rule of astronomical doctrine says, stay away Astrologers, far away! this is because tropical is not scientific and I mean by no means, and Nostradamus is a scientist. }

6) "[...] Most of them have been integrated with astronomical calculations corresponding to the years, months and weeks of the regions, countries and most of the towns and cities of all Europe, including Africa and part of Asia, where most of all these coming events are to transpire. [...]" : note, nothing is said about tropical or astrology!

Ioanne Stoflerino Iustingensi viro Germano - 1521 & 1522 A.D.

Place of Publication Oppenheim
Publisher Jakob Köbel
Language Latin
Physical Description Folio (30x21cm) - [12] leaves, 78 pages
Biblio. Ref. Adams, Nr. S1886
Kinner, Renaissance, Nr. 991
Lalande, S. 36
Shelf Mark Hw 41

{p.d.f. p 184 of 194} classic square charts

Johannes Stöffler
Title Elucidatio fabricæ ususq[ue] astrolabii


abbreviation:  jul = non uniform Julian Calendar. This calendar often interlaced to the Catholic Liturgical Calendar adopted in Catholic countries to have the year count begin on the Vernal Equinox, because this date was much closer to the real birth date of Christ, although they supported the near winter solstice one, on 25 th of December to appease the majority of faux Christians -- better to have some then have none --so we see royals, their girlfriends and extended families use this vernal year count up until the last quarter of the 16 th century. The Gregorian Calendar Reforms took affect gradually and not automatically as most MEAMIC books report.  The point is that nothing is uniform and ephemerides were still outcrops of the12 th century, although updates to the alphonzo tables were being better advanced in the East, under Mughāl and Mongālis princes, these ephemerides record positions in the 12 th century and then are analyzed, as with the NASA, tweaked Swiss Ephemeris, I use becaiuse it is free and I cannot afford any astrology program and my poverty provides me with a Pentium 3 and over 10 year-old outdated computer. But all of these ephemerides are not perfect or even correct.


[note Chevigny ] Jean de Chevigny sent a letter from Aix, he was already on vacation or in those times, a travelling journey like thingy, and sent a request without proper information. The chart is then constructed upon incorrect information, as one of Nostradamus’ astrological clients, Sigismund Woyssell of Bratislava wrote a letter dated 19 May 1559 complaining Nostradamus was inaccurate in his reading of his chart, widely propagandized by James Randy ( Mask of Nostradamus) who misread or did not read the prime sources, ends up telling Nostradamus, well I gave you the wrong time, an hour off was the discrepancy. Then Woyssell goes on after admitting his dereliction of duty, he still complains that Nostradamus should have figured this out on his own and corrected the mistake before he sent him his chart. Then Woyssell goes on to finish his reply with thanking him for his help.


Axial houses built upon 6:56 a.m. 16 th Century Regiomontanus domicile  axial system, and then overlaid to equal houses system.

Ioanne Stoflerino Iustingensi viro Germano ( prof.

Ephemeridum opus : J. Stöeffler (considered inaccurate ). You can download his work at univie.ac.at ( Vienna University Observatory), in p.d.f. fashion.



go strait there:


Johannes Stöffler
Title Elucidatio fabricæ ususq[ue] astrolabii
Designation of the Author A Ioanne Stoflerino Iustingensi viro Germano

Place of Publication Oppenheim
Publisher Jakob Köbel
Language Latin
Physical Description Folio (30x21cm) - [12] leaves, 78 pages
Biblio. Ref. Adams, Nr. S1886
Kinner, Renaissance, Nr. 991
Lalande, S. 36
Shelf Mark Hw 41

Johannes Stöffler (also Stöfler, Stoffler, Stoeffler) (10 December 1452 – 16 February 1531) was a German mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, priest, maker of astronomical instruments and professor at the University of Tübingen.

Other options GEO COORDINATES:

Beaune la Rolande, France 2e26, 48n04, Julian Cal. 

on Astrology:

The field of Nostradamus is full of racists, white supremacists, haters and progogandists, perhaps on pro and on con sides. When I started out to research Nostradamus astrology, I had to find persons who had knowledge of the archives and people’s research. The only person I could contact, via a Usenet forum, was Peter Lemesurier ( née Peter Ewart Britton, Gale Group Author’s biography intends he was born 8 Dec. 1936 A.D., Brighton, son of William Ewart (a police officer) and Evelyn Agnes (Baldock) Britton. Education: St. John's College, Cambridge, B.A., 1961, M.A., 1965. Military/Wartime Service: Royal Air Force, pilot, 1956-58; became flying officer. Memberships: Society of Authors, Translators Association. Addresses: Home: Pembroke, Wales. Office: c/o Element Books, Longmead, Shaftesbury, Dorset SP7 8PL, England, by Contemporary Authors Online. The Gale Group, 1999.); he has alpha Scorpios running through his Sun, node to star by true arc at the ascendant, a very evilly powerful position.). After asking the newsgroup for charts, this was the only one sent to me by e-mail by Lemesurier with a note that this was the only one he had, and I took it to mean the only physical evidence of a chart. The rest, I guess I found out were just data in historiography books, without any proof of charts. For example, we have J. Kepler’s charts, about 60 of them, that have survived. This meant I could only look at one, and it has so many problems, no historiography of its origins, addressed to the proper people associated to Nostradamus to fein importance, and an incorrect and some misleading information;  as well as anomalies not found in astrology charts like a Mercury position for two consecutive days. Lemesurier  had told the newsgroup that Brind'Amour, Pierre  ( professor and head of the Ottawa University French Dept) made a study into Nostradamus astrology and found out of 28 charts that survive ( yet Lemesurier claimed this was the only one) were demonstrative of Nostradamus inability to understand the mechanics of chart erection. So, the professor surmised Nostradamus was only an interpreter of the stars and that France was a liar. The country of France has plaques in proclamation Nostradamus was an astrologer.  So, there it is, a Canadian and Englishman telling France they are stupid idiots for promoting something Nostradamus was not, an Astrologer.

Why would stars be published alongside a tutorial and medium to advanced book on contemporary astrology? Here is the reason, many astrologers, perhaps like Nostradamus did not have a homelife or normal life to study like any other rich person who then could become a professor or mathematics and teach for thirty years before they write a book on astrology, having mastered the conceptual and calculational computation. There is no history of NOstradamus proficinet as a professional astrologer, a person such as possessing skills of chart rectification and plotting solar system bodies with any accuracy. However, with stars, you could get better results and have little to no work. Everyone seems to like the easy lifestyle and no work method, but to Nostradamus who fought for his life to survive ( those missing years, why bring up something painful?) could not have a steady lifestyle to achive constant atmosphere of hanging around hungry students that ask the highest geometrical math questions, and be inside that environment constantly compared to someone living in the bushes, and foraging for food and selling drugs ( pharmacopeia) , which was like day labor in our day, cash in hand the same day for a product, like a farmer) so Nostradamus is not unique in this perspective, coming form an unwanted home, and struggling not only with his orphanite lifestyle but to almost any unwanted person in all of history. So Nostradamus just plotted the precessional flux behind plotted stars and then replaced them as if they were bodies of planets and then just put the planets into a sidereal perspective.

In case of Nostradamus success with this, you can organize history to an advanced mathematical un linear wave function using seven vectors, just how Nostradamus plotted past, present and future wars on the ROCK.  

To understand the discrepancy, I was given one chart with no leads to others. Only in some webpages, people say, here is a Nostradamus chart, with data but no physical evidence or a photo of that physical evidence. When we understand the French Revolutionaries, American revolutionaries, World War II crowd, Hitler and F.D.R. all used Nostradamus as public propaganda tools, Hitler murdered astrologers, even his personal one, just like those Roman Empire astrologer horror stories ( which are true), you know of only some of their leaders getting mad at their own astrologers and killing them, throwing them off cliffs or the ones that were caught after fleeing were strangled to death?  


Michael you need to adopt the year change! No modern ephem is doing this.

Understanding this, a purposeful ossification, I paid attention to what was said in that usenet form. When the general population of regulars had asked Lemesurier if he had knowledge of any of the New World, he posted over and over that Nostradamus did not know of any New World. Peter Lemesurier was attacked, once by my ( a flame post) for being a liar. What I did not know until reading those archives later was that Brind'Amour, Pierre had also written a study on Nostradamus’ almanaches and the first edition of Les Propheties. I had been at U.C.L.A. on break from U.C. Berkeley when I noticed in the pirated ( later confirmed by Chevigny ’s writings) 1559 ( London) almanache Nostradamus speaks about the New World in the front pages. Then after reading Brind'Amour, Pierre book, it is in French, I noticed he also knew of this, writes about Nostradamus was in full knowledge of the New World, as it was rather common as the King Henri sent out applications for migrants to the new lands accross the grand seal  and so like everyone else in Europe ( U.C. Berkeley history Ph.D. Professors teach the undergrad, and they say everyone knew by 1530s) France was colonizing Rio dejanero; François I had discovered what would become New York ( 1524, later winter) and the New World was common knowledge. The key here was Lemesurier was spamming Brind'Amour and had admitted to reading all of it. So why did Lemesurier lie? This was a big deal in Alt.prophecies.nostradamus, because those that are honest were being subfuscated by something truly evil.

The reason this becomes important is that people like Lemesurier see Nostradamus as the most dangerous human to have lived and lying ( to justify one’s means) is permissible.

There were many people that lashed out by flaming, calling names, and challenging Lemesurier. He did come out as a liar and a fraud and by claiming education (Cambridge Masters and modern languages like German and French) and 30+ years researching Nostradamus, with bragging bravado on Usenet, he became known as a fraud by all, but some insane trolls that one will see in agreement upon his threads.


Alleged Michael Nostradamus Horoscope of his buddy, and of some copy and reduplication, just archived as a horoscope of Jean de Chevigny. . Eraser marks and corrections seen inside the square chart. This writing does not fit what we know of Nostradamus penmanship. Nostradamus was not terribly fluent in Latin, and wrote his correspondence in French, and the style of writing in medieval Latin here was not what Nostadamus would have written, he usually chose his nationality of France, unless the customer complained – this complaint and discussion can be found in Nostradamus said correspondence. So, only a story behind the chart is the authentic, the chart is not signed by Nostradams, thus a key it may be a slander forgery.


Why do I believe this chart is a forgery or a hit-peice?

1) Year on Chart in Roman Numerals is 1536 A.D., the planets show a relative to position to Jan 23-24, etc.., 1533 A.D.

2) The 2nd, in the chart, first house, is actually the notation of the ascendant, with a hint to its ruler.

3) Jean de Chevigny sent a letter from Aix, he was vacationing, travelling, and sent a request without proper information. This happened a lot to Nostradamus clients [ see footnote Chevigny ] . 

4) Axial houses built upon 6:56 a.m. 16 th Century Regiomontanus domicile system, and then overlaid to equal houses system.

[d] Jean  Dupèbe, “Nostradamus Lettres Inédites (Genève: Librarie Droz S.A., 1983), 188 pp. {YRL, UCLA BF 1815 N8A4 1983} Nostradamus collection of letters


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