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Jesus Christ being Born from a man's Behind is one of Charlie Hebdo's classical masterpieces — the message unknown but to these Agnostics.

Some 51 out of 149 Gitmo Detainees as when I wrote this. of those very core and dangerous Obama seeks to let them lose as 30% over the decades after being released have re entered the Jihad battle field and killed again. U.S. laws claim if you bring them to the U.S.A. in super max prisons ( costs fractions to the multi billion dollar costs of Guantanamo Bay Prison Detention Center) because when inside the U.S. boarders these captured individuals have the same rights to due process as any American citizen, so they keep them off shore, like Clintons, Kerrys, Bushes, OBamas, Romnys all have off shore Cayman bank accounts so they do not need to report their earnings, thus pay a very reduced tax rate. Why they have not be killed for treason is beyond me, the U.S.A. is full of non speaking English persons who hate European western culture in the first place so they do not care, as long as the government checks and job preferences over Americans keeps them in the rich. The U.S. soldier moral after dying and their friends dying with other losing limbs to arrest these terrorist all over the earth, they hate Washington D.C. and are turning on Obama and even the U.S. Military that treats them as dead meat.

Here Charlie Hebdo links Right Wing to Conservatives, Who are branded Racists and Thugs of western civilization. 'a table' At The Table is a Jewish Hebrew code word to hint of ideologies planned, and rituals carried out in the name of Religion. in a nationalistic type of symbolism and realization. Christians did not revolt so Charlies Hebdo employees decided to pick a fight with the Moslems who then claimed to have enough and called out the targets before killing.

Here God f*&ks himself and the holy ghost a 3- way anal sex act. It is a slur on the Trinity.

France has arrested over 89 people accusing them of hate speech. All the did was voice their opinion of support for these murders on line or in their communities --- indicating France has lied about its tolerance and permissibleness of Free Speech. Therefore anti Christs are liars and French people in this period are liars and a part of the Anti Christ movement.

Roman Polanski was a Child sex offender who fled to France who gave him asylum for 25 years. Here, Charlie Hebdo makes Pope. Joseph Cliffoisius Ratzenberge <Pope Benedict XVI > tell a Bishop that he would like to have Movie party night with Roman Polanski films because of the Church's problem with controlling and even covering up ( at least in LA, the Latino rapers of the Church covered it up for decades, it was rather a racial thing, not even the Vatican knew) What the Charlie Hebdo team is not telling anyone on this Front page cartoon is that France refused to hand over an alleged ( with many witnesses) Roman Polanski, even though the decision was by State officials that were atheists — as Charlies Hebdo is trying to point out that Atheists are caring and loving and would never hurt a fly. In other words these are liars and demons, alive at Charlies Hebdo.

2011 bombed no one injured or killed. The U.S.A. State Department begged Charlie Hebdo not to publish disrespectful Muhammad images as it made our Allied forces in the middle east susceptible to murder at their homes all over the Earth. In like manner, the French leaders also begged Charlie Hebdo to stop these insensitive and tasteless cartoons, and they refused.

Then on January 7 th 2015 two members, one who met with Anwar al-Awlaki the real co- inspiration of al queada.   before being droned in Yemen carried out assassination along with his brother, an Africa Muslim and a women who fled to Syria. They were calm, indicating this was a very serious action, and then fled into hiding north of Paris before their ending conformation. On 01 14 2015, A Yemenites video of some goatbeared al queada chief proclaimed al quaeda was responsible.  What almost everyone does not know is that these 9/11 terrorists were Shi’I — to why KSM did not get along with Sunni  Osama! – all their families were pushed out of Iran during the U.S.A. meddling in Iran’s oil revolutions. So they passed through Pakistan and ended up their migrations in Yemin in the 1950s. By the 1980s they had sent their children, like KSM to American universities and they did 9/11. Osama bin Laden was broke, so some of the officials of the House of Saud paid for the 20 terrorists.

Yeohoshua & Muhammad Offer their Opinions!

Message: If Jesus was Gay and hated man and women relationships he would not be a terrorist.

"Of Father, /Bless this Huge Penis that I may Eat it" -- in French.