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16th Century France People and Times

File 1


 A Young Henri II by Clouet

 Young Madeleine

Young Madeleine daughter of Calude and François I by Clouet



Blois ( spelt with the customary 'y' back then)

During the 16th Century culinary and cuisine were at its finest, at least amongst the court and prosperous. Still, this did not stop dignitaries such as Charles (1) V of Spain from attaining gout late in his life, a mineral deficiency from eating too much kidney and inner meat. A look at Bloys, one sees an ample agricultural sector, indicating raw vegetables and fresh fruits were a part of the dietary food- regime. Of course, the sixteenth century saw the introduction to new foods and spices, one such commodity was ‘sugar,’ a sweet substance that replaced the traditional honey, so spoken of in ancient books and mythos as the ‘sweetness’ of the gods.

François I

Pierre Bourdeïlle (Abbé de Brantôme, originally titled “Vie des Dames Illustres”, but privately he called it “the book of the ladies,” These were essays afterwards published in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.), in his work on “Illustrious Dames of the Court of The Valois Kings,” relates that François I, when speaking of sentiments of Marguerite de Valois, Queen of Navarre, burned heretics ( today perhaps we could call them extremists?) as suggested by Sulieman’s declarations to European leaders that he does the same and they should too, “[N]everless, he favoured the Protestant princes of Germany against the Emperor [ Carlos I]. That is how these great king govern as they please.” (p. 236, Pierre Bourdeïlle, trans., Katharine Prescott Wormeley, New York, 1912).







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