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The white skinned people evolved from about 1,500 B.C.E. in the area of Greece.

After most of the white skinned people were kicked out of Greece by the brown skinned Macedonians ( beginning racial struggles 450s B.C.E. – 200 B.C.E), many moved to Italy. They brought their culture and especially their art. They built up a thriving republican government and fought three Punic wars. Then the republican era collapse well before Julius Caesar. Rome turned to imperialism and for the first 150 years it become the most wealthy civilization of the western hemisphere. During its rise to Imperialism ( The Roman Empire) it turned toward suppressing white tribes in the east while conquering other white tribes to the west of Rome and north west , England.

From 200 B.C.E. to Emperor Trajan, the first of two Spanish Roman Emperors (c. 100 A.C.E.) Rome conquered Celtics of France and white tribes of England. Spain was not conquered by migrated into Roman cultural and eventually becoming the dominant economical-political pressure. It was similar to how Macedonians did all the jobs white Helens ( this was a lie) claimed they would not due, thus they needed them. After 100 A.C.E. in Rome from 200-350s A.C.E. Rome suppressed many white eastern tribes, while expanding into the middle east, and becoming more disunities by racism. Like Greece and their relationship with Macedonians, eventually most whites formed their own government and reformed tribes and the center of Rome progressively became fragmented until the city of Rome itself was sacked, resacked and assaulted repeatedly. Many whites went to the middle near east while others went further north west.

Finally the death knell of Rome was many white tribes re conquering sections of the lands of Rome. Then the Vikings came down and finished Rome-off completely destroying many civil organization structures. petty warlords in the east hooked up with Viking traders to begin an eastern civilization Kieven Rus’ ( later to become Russia), while other white tribes occupied the northern and northwest European lands, Spain which had most of its people in Italy did not have the military to halt the Moors ( later the Umayyad) who were Islamic who invaded Spain and Portugal around 800 A.C.E.



The Franks descended from northeast and took France, and they held the advancing Moors and Umayyad sects into southern mainland France. Spanish either stayed in Rome or moved up to two major Spanish provinces during most of the Muslim occupations of Iberia. As France grew in the middle ages, they kept Spain in the north in check and would not allow them to immigrate, understanding what happened in Rome. So the only thing they could do was to make war against Islam and throw-out the Moors. They started this around eleventh century. However, by 800 A.C.E. France had already achieved the concept and papal title of New Holy Roman Emperor. This title lasted well into the early modern era.


By the 1450s, in Iberia, Portugal and Spain had recovered most of their land and civilization and set their sights upon the world. They were the first to get access by shipping lanes to the eastern hemisphere, however France landed in Hudson Bay ( modern day New York, U.S.A.) on the northern continent of the Americas first before any Spanish presence. Portugal and Spain took middle to South America and England and northern Europe took North America.


Today, Spanish mainly from Mexican elite families have decided that all of the Americas are rightfully theirs. They want all the blacks, Asians, whites, and Native Americans to leave or die, and so history appears to be repeating itself once again.


So when we read the bible and its prophecies speak about a New Babylon and Rome is involved. It is quite possibly that whites will –yet again – be kicked out of the home they built and migrate back to Europe.



As a historian, I’m finding more and more evidence that the ‘celebration of multiculturalism’ or otherwise called ‘politically correct’ is as ancient as civilization and has nothing to do with integrating different ethnicities of cultures at all – but a political strategy played by the ruling class trying to hold on to power by appeasing the enemy and forming a temporary alliance. Today these groups and people are called ‘tools.’





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