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During Certain Periods of Rome, masses of people watched other humans being sacrificed, torn apart by wild animals, and ritually slaughtered for their entertainment. So what types of reincarnated people were these? Are these people barbarians? What does this say about humans as a species of  animals? Do groups reincarnate into the same spaces over centuries or do they move geolocals and others invade those spaces? Were the Republican Roman periods consisting of the same reincarnated individuals that organized and took pleasure in the human games of slaughter?

The new smash hit and money maker movies Jackass, a take on the Democratic theme of people cannot take care of themselves, illustrates the return of live violence as comedy. Real people get really hurt and that is the concept and lure of this return entertainment genre. The first movie, Jackass took in 16 times its cost for creating the film. The second installment did much better and took in 20 times its cost for creating the film. Many people are saying this is entrepreneurship and champion the group that makes these films. It has commodity, something that has lacked in the past American decades. The rising American power, Mexico and generally Latin America illustrate the tightest family and core groups among all American people. 40% who were born outside of America form tight relationships to the others already here that have formed large community groups. The way that modern scientists divide the social ethnic classes into categories actually causes social division. This is because there is constant warring over truth and statistics. This causes social divisions that create large divides in common causes.





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