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Peter Ewart Brit[t]on, Brighton, Eng. 8 th Dec. 1936 A.D.

Alt. Prophecies. Nostradamus ( deja.com, acquired by Google, out of service for 1 year, re appears with Groups.google.com).

Career Accomplishments:

The Pen name in french demonstrates a connotative to Gentleman Messiah ( as in God himself), The school Lemesurier came out of created a vapid Anglophile.

Background Employment History.

Cambridge Linguist inferior to a undergraduate U.C. Berkeley Education in History ( MA only and Professional Translator for modern languages ONLY. Not schooled in any middle ages in any languages.). His interpretations rely on Tier One Universities around the world's translations into Modern English, Modern French or Modern German. He struggles with languages of the Early Modern Age.

Disinformation campaign  on Mystics at public Newsgroup (1998 – 2003), deja.com, purchased later by Google., before becoming Google.groups.com.

Disinformation on Mystics at public dictionary website, wikipedia, Nostradamus –only allows Ph. D views, although Peter Lemesurier does not have a Ph.D. It appears he tries to kiss/smootch their asses as Jean Geurnon most correctly pointed out. ( 2005 – present).

Currently promoting new work on Bible: all the people in it are imbeciles, and just confused morons.

To many this remained a decades or more of a mystery until I was on alt.politics.democrats in late 2013 A.D., and someone who followed  trolls had a huge list of emails and names,  and posted them often; and so many of these A.P.N. names were on them that had appeared as names of regular posters over the years. This then confirmed suspicions, & things finally fell into place. There were multiple histories and multiple characters but a select Troll, using them, and connected to a friendship or acknowledgement by Peter Lemesurier in one of his Nostradamus books. Because Lemesurier has acumen capricornus as a prominent star, people flock to people like this believing in some type of authority.

When I first arrived at A.P.N.,, in the spring time of 1,999 A.D. I believed Peter Lemesurier was a real committed troll. He had befriended many real trolls of the most vial nature,  and attacked many honest inquisitors on Nostradmaus' works and life. It created an unhappy environment, but then again, that was the plan.

In a way people were scared of him because he had an Army of trolls attacking everyone and anything not of an anti Jewish or Anti Poor political stance.  It even affected Lemesurier's writing. He promoted that Notsradamus was privileged brat, stole loads of Filthy Jewish cash like a  public enemy number one robber,  and wandered his whole life, and when his inheritance ran out, he then married a rich widow defrauded her,  and defrauded the world by drawing money from the publishing industry on a book entitled These Prophecies by Michel Nostradamus. This forms a narrative that Nostradamus came from a large wealthy family, then after the local floods, he left school to go rob people until he meets a rich widow and then robs her, then publishes fraudulent books to defraud the public and make that filthy Jew Cash. Luckily, I'm not the only one that saw this and many have abandoned him, and treat him as a real troll living in a cave is south western Britain.

Nostradamus was often attacked by anti Semites and/or the  rich privileged, and accompanied by open book publishings on death threats. Philip II wanted Nostradamus dead or at least silenced, but these remained private royal communiqué. Laurent Videl, a part of an almanache competing publisher community, viscously and vitrolically attacked Nostradamus and even threatened, subtly, Nostradamus life. Videl wrote to Nostradamus that he was God and  he as god had come to punish the Devil ( i.e. Nostradamus), and according to Videl, Nostradmaus was not one man, but many, going all around the French lands and acting like a contemporary Rich Derringer ( absent of a firearm), with many different bodies. Lemesurier has consistently implied Videl is the most authoritative tract on the real Nostradamus.

Charges: Nostradamus  sold drugs harmful drugs,  defrauded everyone he knew, and of course, tried to pass on Visual astrology ( The Neo-Babylonian recording of older Akkadian, Sumerian, Chaldean science) complaining astrology  was not scientific ( which Nostradamus remains correct, even until today) . According to  Laurent Videl, Nostradamus was just a filthy low-life Jew that needed to die. This was, is and will be Lemesurier's hero. Both have temporal fame. No one has Laurent Videl's works on display to day because his system was bunk, incorrect, totally a lie. However, Nostradamus is just the opposite, his works survives and keeps upon adding to, year-by-year. This made Lemesurier very unhappy, so his campaign was to continue the temporal lies of Videl, to see if he could finally end the Nostradamus global fixation.

Lemesurier was winning the propaganda war, especially during the change-over of the Millennium,  and winning big. No one at A.P.N., while he was there linked 9/11 to X.LXXII, until another academic did in 2003 A.D., much later on after he had left. So everyone turned to other things to test data.

Using a Nostradamus astreological system, I correctly published and predicted the Iraq War under Bush 43, nine months before the invasion and over 6 months before the U.S. Congressional Vote to OK it and fund it ( 18 th April 2002 A.D). So I was out on a limb., not really this stuff is way too easy! So on April 18, 2002 I published my "Stars of 9/11" and a real astrological website picked up my paper ( webpage) and emailed for permission to host it on their site where it resides today. So I waited and in early 2003, I was sure the U.S.A. was going into war, despite all the false flags Bush 43 was throwing up as a diversion to the real instances of invasion for profit, as the MEAMIC models show.

To understand the mindset of Lemesurier, he had changes his mind on everything Nostradamus, like the wind, and attacks anyone that does not believe in his current whim -- a total nut case, and very unprofessional. At this time in a.p.n., he was promoting 'Nostradamus plagiarized everyone." When Mario Gregorio promoted that Nostradamus lifted Bible quotes from Girolamo Savonarola, who was an Italian Dominican friar and preacher active in Renaissance Florence, the idea was promoted everything Nostradamus had written was plagiarized. However, these were prose 'passages' explanatory on Christian quotes and nothing to do with prediction. A form of immitation is a way to say, I agree with this person's motives. Girolamo Savonarola wanted to turn the corruption around of the elite in Italy, but at that time, the Spanish were taking controls of the local power structures and all was lost, and Savonarola got burned and replaced by Spaniard-Italio MEAMIC at that time.

This led to the charge in a Lemesurier's posting that Nostradamus plagiarized everything, and he makes these claims without proving proof.

Mario Gregorio is hoping to host all of Lemesurier's work on Nostradamus because he believes it is top-notch, and Nostradamus must be some sort of fraud or a charlatan, as they say often. It has been 10 years and this 'link' to his work to others has gone to naught, and Lemesurier's final 'interpretative book' on Nostradamus proclaims Nostradamus did not plagiarize, he just opened a book at random, recorded it, sold it for cash, and called himself a Seer and never wrong. It was a theme of the filthy Jew robbing the French banking system.

At some point it appears Lemesurier is grasping at straws! This is why he is now focusing on Leroy's contribution, a psychiatrist that recovered some local archival information on Nostradamus that the English speaking world did not know of and of course; but the credit does go directly to Lemesurier for bringing this to the English Audience. However, you can real Leroy's work in its original French and by him at U.C.L.A. along with Caesar and other accompanied literary stuff.

This has nothing to do with Nostradamus publish works but a funding for bringing an aqueduct into the lower Southern France region. In this manner, Lemesurier and anti Spiritualists can claim 'well Nostradamus did do some positive things such as bring fresh water to the South of France!   So perhaps, Jews are needed in life?

At this time Lemesurier was publishing his own 'cute' web almanaches, not seriously done, to laugh and say look how easy it is to be just like Nostradamus and tried the gullible people. In late December or I believe in early January, he came out with his prediction for War ( so this is about two months before we go into Iraq, and the troops and equipment have already in the late winter have been amassing for the invasion. So he did post his webalmanache and gloated about being correct about predicting the Iraq war II ( five months after the U.S. Congress pass funding and permission) where I predicted it 6 months before the Congress considered the War, and I was given no credit, but shunned and attacked by his trolls. A.P.N. was not a investigative Nostradamus community, it was the Peter Lemesueier show and his army of trolls. Since I was battling his trolls, I would not give up on his blatant disrespect, and lies. In effect, Lemesueier was playing 'I'm better than the stupid Jew Nostradamus,' and this made many people very angry and felt he was disconnected from reality. The key to understanding his psychological makeup lay in his books, two and three. In these books, he makes it appear he cracks the Armageddon Code, and of course, there is that sought after role of the Savior returning to Earth to set things strait. He, in my opinion, laid these books up for a potential usurpation of that position. His birth date is near an intersection in the large ā pyramid, so he believes, and all he has to do is wait. However, by the mid 1990s., things he believes he should have accomplished came to naught. This spooked him and he, as so many have observed, became less and less relevant, often wandering into the unknown dark repressions of total lunacy. The fact remains, this is not a play game and powers will come at one at all angles, and one in order to fulfill, must have courage and insurmountable strength both mental and physical.  Most everyone fantasies about something they deem important, such as being an important persons that changes things, but in reality things are much more complex and difficult. Daydreaming is fine but the day-to-day walk the walk and talk the talk can be testing, and the chaff will be separated from the wheat. So being educated when Britian was an Empire ( taught to children they are always correct, and smarter than the people they suppress or govern), becoming a New Ager ( believe they have all the ansers) led to him beliving being Jesus and returning was all too simple. So his lesson is to be honest, first with himself, he is not all that he claims, his science is lacking and very under par. Nostradamus was about 50% in troplical astrology ( 10,000 separate interps, some charts will have many), because as He noted Tropical Astrology is not scientific, it is based upon a numbers system, a type of betting system of 'possibilities.' Nostradamus works from physics, or quantum physics because his system does not use nouns, verbs, nor objects or anything other than a preposition. Quantum physics is all about particle 'direction'! So is the Astronomy Nostradamus explains was his method in Les Propheties, as I illustrate here. Nostradamus claims this many times in his prose sections in Les Propheties. Since Nostradamus openly and so many times claims he does not work in tropical astrology, then one wonders why Lemesurier published a work on his astrology, all in tropical and a note to his audience if Peter Lemesuerier is incorrect, it must be Nostradamus' fault because this is his system. This evidence begs to differed that Peter Lemesurier lacks proficient skills to work in Nostradamus' domain language. By late 2002, A.D. real academics began to call out Lemesurier' inaccurate language skills. This is why Wilson took only a little over a year to fetter out all the relevant info on Nostradamus while not using Lemesurier's work and even attacking his poor scholarship. Why would Wilson spend less than two years to have a better informed book than 30+ years and dozens of Nostradmaus books, where each book changes the Lemesurier narrative on everything Nostradamus. So Lemesuier was crying he was better than anyone, he had predicted ( two months before invasion) the Iraq II war, and ingnored my correct perdiction over 9 months earlier, which made me angry. Lemesuier  then for reasons of a false excuse decided to leave. At that time he was advocating Nostradmaus was a career plagiarist, when in fact I had predicted the Iraq War II in April of 2002 A.D. and he in late December of 2002 A.D. and we both were on the same web News Group and to me he plagiarized me -- the often quoted, 'if you smelt it you dealt it.' Then I would claim, well fine, where are these sources. He sent one Miraculous  Book, in Latin, and these were old Church fathers lay predictions. So if 5,000 words have one matching word, like 'Church,' then obviously the filthy Jew must have plagiarize these. So he sent a copy of secret files of 'plagiarism' to my email as a show of his authority, and it make no sense to me, there was no plagiarizing. He  had promised to make a book showing all of this and that was well over ten years ago, and he changed pathos to attack God personally by attacking the Holy Bible in a very unflattering sarcastic manner, such as these people were total imbeciles. These are acts of a bully and imbecile itself and surely shows on his natal birth astronomy chart. Antares is so bright and large ( huge gamma ray signature, almost to the level of a mini-quasar) that it clouds its accompanied bodies and this is where Peter Ewart Briton's natal Sun lay in the rays of Antares, thus clouding his mind, with the added fuzziness of M6 and M7 to his destiny node.

An event early in my alt.prophecies.nostradamus period when an anonymous individuals sent an email complaint to Geocities ( the original Internet Community, aquired by Yahoo.com) , then just acquired by the start-up Yahoo.com, now a global Serch Engine, to which I had nothing on this elemental website but his Gale Group biography, & this says absolutely nothing negative about him, it praises and quotes him, and only a few news clips ( not copyrighted) about Clinton's involvement in campaign finance law irregularities. Therefore, my suspicious were he had sent this illegal request. Under U.S. copyright laws, you can publish information such as this as long as it is sourced, which it was there was no hiding of this. I took it down, out of naïveté. On this piece was his guarded horoscope ( he incorrectly call these things, those horoscopes) and this appeared to be very guarded information and perhaps the reason he does ( did not) not want this information up because it shows-us by the ancient art that he is dishonest and he is a bully, which are two traits that must be eradicated from Earth if it is to survive.

Since  alpha Antares has a Projection to the ecliptic, it lay in the solar 12 th house, which then I read as simple tropical explanatory: Secret Bully. Or Bully People secretly.

Natal Sidereal Method Nostradamus Les Propheties methodology, not his private tropical practice, he admits tropical astrology is crapola, not scientific at all.

A Sun to imad ( 4°48',a) ophiuchii, 13 th Constellation of Serpent and Bearer.

α Antares ( the semi illiterate bully star), alpha scorpius, heliachal or Morning first star to rise with Sun, of ancient big star list =  7 Dec. 1936 (-1). The star is generally early and middle success but an eventual fall. I found this star most associated to bullied(ness) ( if a major aspect by birth, using lat and date, not astrology!, then the native usually bullies others). If in synastry or Robert Hand's methodology on mid-points of synastry, Composites, then often a Antares signature between a bullied and bullier are found prominent in the chart. 

Jupiter Rise Parans

Arcturus (Rise-Cul, 0°14's,vaa),
Capulus (Rise-LCul, 0°15'a,pa)

Lemesurier (Capulus w/ , religon, law, higher knowledge, neg. corruption of it ) has the capacity to kill most of his prey ( Jupiter:  ascendant paran), in which he duly does because the world is full of many ideas. I do tropical but not really that good at it. If I read the tropical Mars, he has it in Libra which expresses an air quality, thus is occupation fits perfectly; but that is so general, as  it could be said of both Gemini or Aquarius. Yet, sidereally, that is to say in reference to a star, Mars posits itself under the Virgin, and practicality ( again using an ancient visual interpretation, adopted by Tropicalists or plagiarized) marks the entire literary direction Lemesurier has followed. Earth signs seeks simple logical ( non spiritual) explanations for things. One of them is financial, as motives are often called into questions on social stigmatic or social restricted themes by MEAMIC.

His books promote and use practical and simple ideas, such as this Earthy sign represents and so many professors have Earthy sidereal 'motivation signatures-charts, thus the deplorable generalized educational systems. From an astrology general standpoint, the Mercury in a relative conjunction to Jupiter is the most outstanding ‘precise’ qualities when referred to literary output or clear communication. Do not get this confused by honesty and or accuracy, a much more solid Mercury conjunct Saturn details these systems of knowledge. For example, Hillary Clinton has Jupiter conjunct wide to Mercury. She speaks and writes clear but she is not honest or trustworthy, so these things have no bearing on abject concepts of ' right vs. wrong.' Then during the progressed chart of Lemesurier, a g g g appears for over 200 years, therefore his work of lies will last for this time. This is a very earthy and low intelligence trine. One has all the three major malfects in a G-trine, and since these are of the slower moving solar system bodies, by progression this last for a long time.

Heliachial Rising Star : The Bully Star. This star has the largest gamma detection and changing size signature out of all of the zodiac stars. It was extremely bright in the night sky during 1998-2003 A.D period., and in 1998-2000 A.D., Pluto was aspecting in an alignment to alpha scorpius, and was very elevated above the ecliptic and into the boarders of the stars of the 13 th constellation.

alpha scorpius (α ) Antares is the Heliachial Rising Star ( ancient formula) for Peter Ewart Britton. This points to material success and/or lack thereof,  and shows an absence of logical or practical science behaviors. Antares or the ancients called it the 'other' Mars ( conflict, war, aggression, bullying!) is the theme star for Britton ( a.k.a. Lemesurier) This intends, that alpha scorpius, a lower frequency , and Earth element, absent of spiritual science or logic helps explain the shenanigans and deliberate ossification on the truth behind Nostradamus.

  =  M.C. Vindemiatrix ( 1°03',s), to cut off.

Axis: Sun to Marfak (Rise-LCul, 0°13'a,pa).

alpha scorpius (α ) Antares trop.  8°52'50" 12h, speed 0" lat. 4°33'41" S 26°17'35" S, in reality is has a near true arc from the ASC ( eastern horizon) to true arc to DOR,  alpha scorpius.

hypothetical Pria'pus is set toward al ghoul, tropically at 25 Tau 28' 11", lat 2d 33'12"n, dec 21d26m50"n and this hypo describes male obsession.

anti Scientist: Moon|Mars these two science stars   Linteum (Opp 3°01',s), Kaht (Opp 4°27',s), by true arc. The only thing about Lemesurier is the only science with Nostradamus he has engaged in was a 1,999 Book, using tropical locations and projecting them out into the future, telling his audience if these predictions are incorrect, it is Nostradamus' fault. However, Nostradamus makes it very clear, in many instances, he does not use tropical astrology, for Les Propheties.

Porrima (Con 4°52',s) a prophecy star, thus the career indicator is spot on , yet again and not in tropical ideas, but by Visual Astrology, the exact phrase Nostradamus told us was his methodology.

Axis: Sun to Marfak (Rise-LCul, 0°13'a,pa).



end astreo [ end editing]


Using his pen name, Peter Le Mesurier ( as Lemesurier) a idiomatic expression for Gentleman Messiah ( as in God himself) put out published books number 2, and 3, The Armageddon Scrip and the Great Pyramid Decoded, and these were well written, publically accepted and very poorly sourced, according to academic standards. In deed these were popular books using the Bible and Pyramidologists and various mystics. He used an erroneous Rutherford Ephemeris calculation and totally messed up the markings inside of the large pyramid at Gizāh. In fact, since he was a key factor in decoding, he could have aligned the Rutherford ephemeride entries to his paran charts, indicating he has a Solar elliptical sextile to hydor aquarii, a foundational scored pyramid star. However, not a tight conjunction by true arc but a very convincing one to alpha scorpius, making him more of a secretive and scheming Earth element to his Sun, rather than believing of his Solar tropical Fire Sign of Sagittarius. Most persons who read his works will understand he lacks ‘spiritualness,’ and according to his birth chart, he does not have a good ‘spiritual’ component.

He promotes Ph.D.s (except for two, one of them his friends) for Nostradamus, while he himself holds only a Masters’ Degree – a glorified BA, usually a 30 page paper on some topic of interest. His language studies are modern, not ancient, and he had to rely on French and German humanists to publish their findings on Nostradamus and then he related or tried to interpret these and only revealed what he found to be more advantageous to his purpose in life. He could not do the work by himself.

School of Thought: Lemesurier grew up in Britain when it was a superpower, a global superpower, and these schools taught their young that the British were smarter in biological generalness than foreigners, including Americans. This created an imperfect reaction to knowledge and ideas not found in these Islands or their sphere of influence. They react quite disorderly and dysfunctional. Call it a product of a declining Empire syndrome, and as The British Empire set for the last time when Winston Churchill defacto ran the war effort of WWII (in which Lemesurier’s bio is he was a part of the air force, in what capacity I am not sure) began a vicious Propaganda campaign to which psychological warfare remained England’s only hope for survival. Churchill’s bad influence on F.D.R. helped Launch the Secret U.S. government, now well out in the open called the Military Industrial Complex where Operation 40 ( Room 40) China operation 40 were secret code-words for propaganda administrations – both British and American systems based on Gobbles’ ideas. As these ideas become commonplace, that is to say all these government lies in America are generally well known, then the same reaction that the British are going through will start for the American founding black families and generally the Europeans ( absent Italians and the Spanish). The school Lemesurier came out of created a vapid Anglophile, but this should be tempered by interpretation to his soul as an individual and not as a wider social construction of his British citizenship. His changing his name to act as if he is French is another psychological profile on Imadic Opiuchi structures.

The system [ on the internets its Troll] is simplistic and first U.S. Counter-counter-Intel Chief, James “Jesus” Angelton (something like a triple-agent?, got so spooked he committed suicide), CIA wrote his senior U.C. thesis on ‘ambiguity,’ ‘plausible denial,’ a denial and campaign of false-flags and false humans to cause chaos in any investigation. So flood the system with data and false data to overflow and to create so much chaos no one can do their jobs. That is what happened and was planned at A.P.N. It just turned out after over a decade of many people searching, that some of the friends of Lemesurier turned out to be some of these trolls that destroyed the continuity of the website. But evidence remains he was in on this due to the congenial attitude to many of these trolls, and the fact that egregious lies, ones he could not even write in his books in total fear of ostracization but skimmed the boarders, near to insanity, and got caught.

They were caught because they attacked so many people some made it there goal to watch for years to find out whom was behind these numerous names. The unique sign-offs, who said what to whom and for me, whom did not speak to me, ever, yet have come out of the closet, so-to-speak, after the 350+ email exposure -- the exact phrases used, some not appearing for years, but when they did, they were under different IDs, even of people we thought were real people with real histories. But that is how the game is played. These trolls even dupe the U.S. White House sometimes believing in crazy happenings, which are then hushed because no one can find the truth and of course, the history that A.P.N. garnered in the wake of 1,999 A.D. and then in the fall of 2,001 A.D. can be revised to a few posters and a plethora of names with made up identities,  from a troll.

Disinformation campaign  on Mystics at public Newsgroup:

complaint: asked if Nostradamus knew of the New World on multiple occasions, the answer was always, and sometimes aggressive, NO! Told Newsgroup that Nostradamus was stupid, he did not know about the New World, so obviously, according to the Demon, none of his prophecies are about the New World or in fact could they be -- and with a plethora of cheering troll responses.

Facts: Lemesurier had been bragging he had consumed the academic arguments of an Ottawa Professor named Brind’Amour, Pierre. I was novice, was just beginning community college and low level English classes, at my late age, so I could know no better, then actual trust. So all these trolls attacked all of us for questioning him on this, and not accepting that all Europeans knew of the New World by the 1520s. Thomas' Utopia was a major newsworthy hit at the social scenes, the talk was all about the New World, the book's island that it bases its Utopia is actually a tie-in reference to a New World, where the terms coincide to these various north, middle and south American rediscoveries by Europeans. So he was questioned and his response and congratulations to his trolls, who lay on his every word, began to attack all non supporters of this liar in chief, trying to take over the NewsGroup as his own truth narrative on Nostradamus.

Brind’Amour, Pierre. writes in Modern French (late career as the head of the Ottawa French dept.) and he wrote a few works, in academic style ( thus not Lemesurian non academic style) to which one, Les Premières Centuries [...] Edition et commentaire [...], based upon Albi's Chomorat Edition, he discusses in general topics of the New World and how Nostradamus talks openly about the New World. At the times of these refutations that Nostradamus ever spoke or even knew of the New World, Lemesurier was spamming A.P.N. and in cohorts with his army of trolls these filthy lies. I attended almost all my classes to graduate at Cal, so I was able to read Brind’Amour in his French. Lemesurier has made a career out of targeting the English Language Nostradamians. When you go to Lemesuier's level, you then have just been unveiled to his scheme. These Americans are surely not reading these studies in foriegn languages, and the English Nostradamians are not providing commentary and translations, so this left a niche for Lemesurier's scheme. He could then promote lies because no one could call him on it. It was not until, Wilson, Ian, Nostradamus: The Evidence (London: Orion House, 2002), 304 pp. that caught Lemesurier off-guard, The A.P.N. troll was working on his opus biograghy on Nostradamus, myird in secrecy, that we began to see Lemesurier's method of transfering what foreigners were writing and what Lemesurier was reporting in his books and communiqué.

Wilson pointed out Lemesurier was hiding an irreconcilable fact from his readers by his hero James Randy that Randy could not read the Latin he reported  to have been able to read in his Book on Nostradamus, indicating the real fraud mask was  on James Randy, which then irreconcilably led to people who knew Lemesuirer was covering up Randy's blatant lies and un academic practices. I think that shocked Lemesurier, forcing him to accept this unveiling of his lack of academic qualities -- which then would dismiss him as a lead contributor to the WikiNostradamus page, that he believes is his baby.

Not only that  but Jean-Aime de Chavigny reproduces the 1559 almanache (Published by June of 1999 A.D. by Bernard Chevignard, so he had to have known Nostradamus addressing the New World ), as well as various private and public editions attest too, even a few basterdized English editions as well, all high) lighted Nostradamus' opening poem to which sends a salvo to the New World. I'm reading this at U.C.L.A. and remembering back to posing this question nine years earlier at apn, to which Lemesurier, who claimed a thirty- year expert on Nostradamus, and had evaluated already all of these sources CONTINUED TO PROPAGANDIZE THAT NOSTRADAMUS HAD N O ! NO! IDEA OF THE NEW WORLD. And why would he be, he is just a stupid low life that is to say a Jew.

Then I get to Berkeley, where the Ph.D. professors actually teach, at least in my department, the undergraduate ( they do this in many, not all). Everyone in Europe knew about the New World by the 1520s, including the Northern East Coast of the United States of America, and particularly Nouvelle Angoulesme, a name given to what we know today as New York, in the late winter of 1523 [ Gregorian 1524 A.D., Giovanni da Verrassano (his brother and shipmates), commissioned by François I of Francek financed by Lionese bankers, Columbia University, New York Archives, original copies from the French translation during the original ship logs and diaries from Italian ] during the Great Alignment and the rampant, almost apocalyptic fear of a Noah type Flood ( should have been in Afghanistan/Pakistan where they got flooded totally in the year of 1523 ) and the alignment of many of the solar system planets. In fact, the funding came from the historical, once dominated de' Medici banking city, Lyon, where Nostradamus sojourned to place manuscripts into the hands of print-dealers. These bankers were legends for financing Francois I's exploration to the New World, so France could claim a chunk of the world, being its first re- Early Modern Age discoverer --- and yes, France owns the north-Eastern seaboard of North America, got there before any one else since the Viking period. Angoulesme was François' fathers adopted Dukedom region of France, and a changing named district being legalized during Napoleon's period of redistricting France. Thus the Verrassano brothers honoring their patron! This name appears early on, the name comes from our Church, of the Early Roman period outpost Bishopric, called Engolismum  in 406 A.D.

Then Carlos I ( known in the northern EU as Charles V) captures François I  and cannot put him to death, because they both are like rock stars, they are the great Early Modern Age American explorers, and because Spain had taken middle and south Americas, already, and François I was desperately trying to fund arts and exploration and pay off huge ransoms for war games, they only path left was to the north Atlantic rout and claim to land, and that is why these Italian brothers suggest to go in an opposite direction from Carlos' path, to which Henri II, one of François ' son and now King goes to South America and starts a French Colony to which Nostradamus ogles in his first poem of his 1559 almanache. It is Lemesurier has no idea of any history at all. Everyone was on board to the New World, the people in Europe are calling this a golden age.

Thomas Moore's Utopia was a European blockbuster and used the New World as its model, and everyone knew it. So we had at apn a legion of troll(s) that day after day, year after year hounded anyone citing Lemesuriean authority that Nostradamus was so stupid, he had no idea the New World existed, so that is a large part of how to destroy any real community, and it mirrors many government 'ambiguity' cover-ups of the truth.

complaint findings: Peter Ewart Briton was outright Lying, allowing a plethora of trolls to destroy anything resembling a newsgroup or a discussion group ( Deja.com that became Google.groups was set up always as an open discussion group, with no moderators, at first.). A,P.N. remains open, and for a good reason, Lemesurier has built a reputation of locking and securing other 'bullies' allowing no source opinion on Nostradamus except a select few Ph.D scholars. The largest contribution ( most believe it is all him) is a non academic Ph.D., that is this bully Lemesurier, who has been engaged in mass disinformation campaigns, because he believes in his black heart that Nostradamus' poems possess the greatest threat to the human race.

The Stars that Blind and Act Like

True Node: Aculeus (LCul-LCul, 0°13's,alh) and then compile Moon - Acumen (Set-Cul, 0°01's,alh), and and interpretation of ancient Devil positions perhaps are well kept by Lemesurier, as these are painful stars causing pain to others as well as to the dealer. M6 Scorpius is an open cluster of stars above the stinger of the Scorpion. A companion cluster to M7, Acumen. Lemesurier has this connected by true arc to his 'DESTINY' his node.

This star along with Acumen has a notorious reputation in astrology as 'blind stars' or stars associated with eyesight problems. These stars shows up a negative Mars-Moon quality in people who have them poorly aspected, with a tendency towards a morbid outlook, seeing the worst rather than the best in everything. If their religious views are affected, as so often with anything in Sagittarius, there is a tendency to be either the 'hellfire and damnation brigade' or to take up a fierce anti-religious and even anti-God stance. But at their best, well aspected, they can have very sharp minds and a perception well above average as though, perhaps 'blind' to what we see and take for granted, they see what we do not, at levels where eyesight does not reach. Not for nothing has the word Acumen come down to us as a term for a sharp mind. [The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, p.86-87., c.f. Anne Wright 2008, accessed 6 March 2014, available from, ConstellationofWords.com ]. The added compound of a natal Mars conjunct Moon and the Node with its destiny of Mars conjunct Moon ( Ptolemy conjunct Mercury) gives weight to the interpretation. Along with malefic, such as alpha scorpius, in regards to spiritualness, i.e. the mind, these things manifest more openly.


Sun Acubens (Set-LCul, 0°10's,er)  = positions of people in power that use lies and deliberate obfuscation in order to enact witchcraft ( influence by ways of physical stuff, such as writing propaganda to make changes, the European Midlevel explanation of Witchcraft) – to influence and change something to their whims.  The Spanish Inquisition persecuted witches that were in reality political activists, angry at the central power authority, in this case, the Spanish King). Some of the monographs performed by students at Stanford and Berkeley 2,000s A.D. on the realities of the Spanish Inquisition will come to realize that the Crown used inappropriately the Inquisition for political purposes, and rarely for what was stated to rid the godless from the Spanish Controlled Lands. Most persons with Acubens, a star that clouds the intellect, will intend that Spanish Inquisitions only purpose was to persecute  non-welcomed religious persons or families in their lands; but this remains neither the facts nor the truth. Positions of power use any institution to control more or to solidify more power to their control, and this was the Spanish Monarch’s reason for implementing the Inquisition in the first place, & not over religious conflicts. 

In Spain, These Jews looked too much like the Arabs the Spanish had spent 200+ years kicking out of Spain proper. So when Nostradamus fills us in on these details, like this reality about the real reason for the Spanish Inquisition,  it confuses the low level Nostradamus such as Lemonhead, who will like the rest of academic blame religious intolerance as the reason for the creation of the Spanish Inquisition. Therefore, Lemonhead can tell his audience that Nostradamus was, again, wrong. As the Roman archives show on the record books of the trial of various unfortunate activists persecuted by the Spanish Inquisition, one will find Philip II's hand in politics and these trials are usually solely all political motivated, and religion was the last thing on the Inquisitions' minds and agendas. To understand Nostradamus you need to know Reality, not some fantasy control mechanism put forth by MEAMIC (academia). Lemonhead lacks the necessity of proper historical study practices.

Lemesurier's Pet Peeve

Lemesurier loves to cite others that must use his work, in order to argue against him. I do not play that. I translated an original ( unknown to Chomorat) 1605 Nostradamus edution, at the University of California, Los Angels, rare books collections, private, non public access -- perhaps with pleading, and so I do not need to use any of his work. I went to undergrad at Cal, up in the Bay Area and got a decent Historical dept. education. Lemesurier likes to claim that Hollywood born, John Hogue must use some of Lemesurier's work because he could not read the sources in the originals. Lemesurier's mean spirited fun directed at Hogue was not welcomed by me but some things I do agree with, such proper names being spelt correctly. In Hogue's Complete Prophecies on Nostradamus, Peter Lemesurier calls it a decent doorstop ( thus the mean spiritedness), but in Hogue's biograghy on Nostradamus he does incorrectly and over and over again misspell the family name of de' Medici. All languages have their stylized grammarian rules, and the plural form for the family is literally des Medici, where we write it as de' Medici. Therefore the plural component goes in front of the family noun. I believe Hogue wrote the family name over and over as de Medicis! It really breaks the continuity when reading; and as well, so Lemesurier is correct for pointing this out, because Hogue is a grown up and has published numerous works on many topics, and it would be nice to see him spell proper names correctly. Finally,  these are often insignificant and/or deflections from  more pressing issues on the topic of Nostradamus.

It is true I read the translation of the Videl extracts but read the entire piece by someone that was not Lemesurier's translation. Videl  threatens his life, so what else is knew? Nostradamus is not a tropical astrologer, that was not new and Nostradamus says he does not use it; and that is about it. The rest of Videl is a narrative that Nostradamus is Europes Public Enemy #1.  and analyzing Lurent Videl, an insane human screaming in text proclaiming he is God and Nostradamus is the Devil there was nothing of worth in this but more confirmation of anti Semitism and avarice competitors, the cultural vitrol to the privledged elite ( Videl is connected to a rich publishing house and a Nostradamus was an almanache competitor)  who believed they held the arbitration on Truth. Otherwise, I have had absolutly no need for Lemesurier's work at all. This made him angry, as well as others that do what I have done, because he wants to control the information, because it is in some different foreign languages. In almost all cases, he does win, no one can go into Nostradamus and really know what is going on by quick glances.

Since Diadem has a near but not accurate culmination, but is sorely linked to the true paran to the eastern horizon at 50 north, one can say certain people can show an attitude of being a 'crowned' (Diadem) 'bully' (antares), & connected to one's life purpose (the Sun).

Nostradamian as a Researcher

I have not seen or even heard of unique or contributory by Lemesurier on Nostradamus. Every book he has written, even his first three, one a block buster, were researches and studies conducted by others, and not by Lemesurier at all --- but always as a misinformed reporter/ slash opinion giver. His closest attempt was his Nostradamus book on Horoscopy (1999 A.D.), a name mis applied, a modern term of an opaque interpretation. In this book he uses tropical notation for planet positions, and asks the reader to excuse him if he is incorrect and blame it all on Nostradamus, who is again too stupid to know if Asians ever existed or the world was round. While after stopping Les Propheties after Videl's public death threats, Nostradamus then engaged tropical astrology ( the Earth knows this as normative astrology, in all the book stores and in the magazines and news websites.), and had to deal with clients berating him, even when his clients openly admit to giving him the incorrect information, such as time of birth, location of birth, which are needed for Astrology but not 'as above so below' science, Nostradamus wrote in his open letter as Babylonian, Chaldean or Sumerian astronomical systems. These are not based upon tropical astrology, these were written well before the tropics were set.

The 1999 Horoscopy book is not scientific.  Nostradamus claims, at least five times in his Epistle, he uses The visible universe astronomy for his Les Propheties, so there is no argument there but for interpretational certainty. The term celeſtes viſibles, i.e. visible universe, Michel tells us in his Epistle to Henri II of a system on prediction, as it relates to three solar system bodies and their subsequent geometrics and/or conjunctions of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. This is not astrology, and this is what Videl was complaining about, he had complained Nostradamus was making up a new 'unscientific' field on astrology. But here is the twist. At Seville, a rather new town to Spain for its leader Philip II, the lay and political activists all are using Nostradamus' celeſtes viſibles  system, calculating the geometrics of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn together to predict all the events of the Empire. There are two letters in Spanish archives of English officials replying to requests by Philip II in which some parts of these letters have complaints against Nostradamus himself, the king was infuriated at him. And here is the secret never revealed before. Apart from the normative/ Nostradamus was scaring the Spanish Navy by indicating bad sailing days announced in his almanachs, a more correct or an astute involvement in global politics tied to Nostradamus had been uncovered in the early 21 st century. Philip II, angry over a slight by the British in the marry my daughter so we do not go to war ideology of the global ages, the Spanish wanted to conquer the entire world, and were very successful up until the disaster of the Spanish Armada. While the Spanish tried to keep the setting up of the ships a secret, the local peasantry got wind of the plan and consulted Nostradamus astronomique methodology of the geometrics of the three planets already mentioned. While not at the edges of the limits of Empire, the Spanish were slowing down, and Philip II thought a great moral boost to the empire if he sailed his Navy into English ports. The Spanish peasantry that protested outside of the gates of the King's luxurious home, and where he met people for personal complaints had started a discussion on the Nostradamus geometrical aspects and warned Philip II that invading England was not in the stars, and for the protesting part, the people were angry at inflation and hunger and Philip was just concerned with Empire conquests. Philip was more mad at Nostradamus than  the humans he had to torture with the Spanish Inquisition, not for religious purposes but for trying to halt Philip's global empire building projects. Some of the street astrologers, versed in Les Propheties, astronomique methodologies warned the King that this campaign would be a disaster, according to the Nostradamus geometrical solutions. Philip who is in control of the largest land Army and with connections to a huge Navy, dismissed this warning as another prank of low level idiots and their hair brained fantasies. Philip puts those warners into prison, temporary, launches the campaign, a tempus destroys it, and a devastating pride-blow to the Spanish ensue. The astrologers ( like the partha, Greece, anceint) told Philip that the issue was not the SPanish Navy would be destroyed by the English Navy, it was told to him it was not a good omen to launch, it would be a disaster. The northern Europeans use to lie about this and claim the English fleet soundly beat up the Spanish Navy, when one contingency of Ships did not leave port to connect with the Armada, the real reason came centuries later after careful analysis: the Spanish navy was 'hit' hard by what Nostradamus had warned about the sea, a tempus ( even a name for a Shakespeare play) sank most of the Armada, and not the English Navy, they said, Oh the seas are too rough for  a Navel fight, we will wait this out. Why is it that low peasantry street astrologers know what Nostradmaus was saying but these 20 th - 21 st century loud self-adorned academics claim Nostradamus said this or that when he never said any such thing? The 1999 Horoscopy  will have a limited success because it is based not on science. Nostradamus was a scientist.

anecdotes: on Spanish Street astrologers in the wider story of  Lucrecia de Leon and the Philip order for an Inquisition,  circa 1580s Seville Spain ( see notes below, Kagan).



DOR Solar Paran

  Peter Ewart Britton
born on Tu., 8 December 1936
in Brighton, ENG (UK), 0w08, 50n50
Type: Solar Paran Asc Chart Time 7:56:12 a.m.
Univ.Time 7:56:12
Sid. Time 13:03:15
Planet positions Jul.Day 2428510.830971 TDT, ΔT 23.9 sec

ref. Brind’Amour, Pierre, Nostradamus, Les Premières Centuries ou Prophecies (edition
Macé Bonhomme de 1555), Edition et commentaire de l’Epître à César et des 353
premiers quatrains (Genève: Librairie Droz S.A., 1996), 595 pp.

New World spoken ENGLISH:

Nostradamus, M., “An almanacke for the yeare of oure Lorde God, 1559. Composed by

            Mayster Mychael Nostradamus, Doctour of Physike” (Poules church-yarde:

            Henry Sutton, for Lucas Haryson, 1559, accessed 21 February 2009 from The

 University of California, Berkeley), in Early English Books Online, “ProQuest

LLC,”  available from http://gateway.proquest.com/openurl?ctx_ver=Z39.88

            2003&res_id=xri:eebo&rft_id=xri:eebo:image:4611; Internet.


Book - '2012: It's Not the End of the World', pub. October 4, 2011 [ only the media proclaimed it was, but Lemonhead blames the esoteria community, because it is a part of Satan's Army.].

October 4, 2011; when almost everyone else had this information out for at least a decade. I was the one to help start the facts that there was no alignment at all, no where near this century, it was all made up, and published this in early 2010, and University of California, Santa Barbara's astronomy department picked it up and made it media worthy by questioning the science. If you do not  believe in astronomy or my claims then these signatures are laid out in the Large Gizāh pyramid and align sidereally to the astronomical bodies in our Universe.


Lemon head's Facebook page if he could not spam any more than he already has, with multiple twitter and facebook accounts.

On the facebook page: Peter Lemesurier, a former Cambridge ( BA only) linguist and professional translator ( has a difficult time with 16 th century or ancient terminology idiomatic expressions or cultural lexicography), and widely regarded as the world’s leading English-language Nostradamus expert, is the author of numerous works dedicated to solving the world’s great mysteries. He has written nine published books on Nostradamus and three on the Great Pyramid and its alleged prophecies, one of them a world bestseller.


anecdots: street astrologers, and Nostradamus method, not mentioned by name, but his system was too unique to be copied prior.