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Pope to Congress: Stop selling weapons to both sides of every conflict.
Pope to USA elite: start ‘sharing’ = anti-Capitalist message and not communist or socialistic either.
Pope to USA laws: stop forcing individualist civil rights that break or damage the family unit ( in Philadelphia, 26 Sept 2015 A.D).

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Christians : The World

By Michael Johnathan McDonald

Atlas Du Monde Chretien



Mongal Missions

Mongal Missions 13 th Century


Invasions 687

European Invasions 687 (in note (1)).



1097  Christians (in note (1)).


1st century

1st Century Christians (in note (1)).



The Voyages of St. Francis Xavier    (1506- 1552)



1. Sacra Congregatio De Propaganda Fide, Roma, April 25, 1963 [first English Edition], first printed in 1959, editions Meddens, Paris And Brussels. Catalogue 5/5172, printed in Belgium, 1 st ed.  Mechliniae, die 13a Junii 1963, P. Theews & Vic Gen. Litho of signature of Pope Gregory O. Card. Agagianian [ Peter XV] , based upon a missiological work of high standards by Father Anton Freitag's Atlas Du Monde Chretien. He was taught with Stalin at Tiflis, Soviet Georgia by the Jesuits.



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