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The Large Pyramid : As  A Prophecy Complex?

 sec. 1-4.

  1. Civilization Cycles Between the Ices  PAGEREF _Toc287969160 \h 1

  2. Dating the Great Pyramid Prophetic Time Signatures  PAGEREF _Toc287969161 \h 3

  3. Jesus Promulgated Season for a birthdates  PAGEREF _Toc287969162 \h 4

  4. Prognosticatory complex at Giza  PAGEREF _Toc287969163 \h 4

  5. Pyramidologist and Key Figure of Christ  PAGEREF _Toc287969164 \h 5

  6. Deciphering a Code of the Great Pyramid at Giza  PAGEREF _Toc287969165 \h 6


Civilization Cycles Between the Ices



Modern Civilization continues to be redefined, mainly climate history and U.C. Berkeley professor Richard A. Mullar intends a cyclical Ice Age roughly 90,00- 65,000 year cycles are interrupted by 10,000 year climate changes, in which we currently are experiencing. During Rome for example, the temperature was about 0.50% of a degree warmer than our current global warming scare – mongering. There has been a persistent question to locate all the skeletal remains of the Homo sapiens pre-10,000 B.C.E., there should be masses of them, but there is none. There are only a few remains here and there and span over 2.5 million years, at least the current estimates by our paleontologists. Muller used Greenland ( and Vostok, a Russian base in the Antarctica, where an ancient underwater lake perhaps in the past a tropical warm-climate lake!)  core-samples to derive his data and assures us that the further we go back in time the less reliable the data. The interglacial periods, when the global temperature rises above the ‘zero’ Celsius of a certain temperature index then inhabitable land for humans exists. Milutin Milankovitch[1] (b. Daljm Austria-Hungary 28 May 1879, d. Belgrade, Yugoslavia 12 December 1958) depicted the global ice ages correlate to the dissemination variants of sun-light as too corresponding to the eccentricity of the earth’s orbit. As other began to investigate this they applied spectral analysis and showed a narrow peak in a cycle of about ~100 krys. Further studies by Muller and other threw-out ‘insolation*’ from orbital inclination and replaced it with orbital periods passing through space-dust and debris which retards the Sun, but never could define a field of extraterrestrial accretion of dust or meteoroids.[2] Although, unable to dismiss Milankovitch claims, because no-one before him has suggested astronomical factors in non-linear time could actually affect the global climate, Muller and MacDonad went to smaller scales and announced that perhaps near periods of 95,125, and 400 k.y. cycles of earths eccentricity have ‘strong inclinations’ of an effect upon the climate.[3] After sampling “[...] foraminifera) shows a structure characteristic of standard Milankovitch theory.” “Oxygen isotope records in sea floor sediment show that the Earth’s glacial cycle for the past million years were dominated by a 100 k.y. period. Although the Milankovitch theory attributes this cycle to changes in the Earth’s orbital eccentricity ( for a detailed review, see Imbrie, et al., 1993), an alternative has been suggested by Muller and MacDonald ( 1995), who attribute the cycle to changes in the inclination of the Earth’s orbit with respect to the plane of the solar system. Although orbital inclination does not affect isolation ( *total sunlight hitting the earth—the linking mechanism of the Milankovitch theory) , it could affect the climate through its effect on extraterrestrial accretion of meteoroids and dust.”[4]  The Great Lakes of the United States are not filled neither by aquifers nor by heavy rainfall, but replenished about every 65,000 years by a cyclical Ice Age. McGill University, W. Montreal, Quebec, Canada, has done considerable studies on glacial land artifacts, but much of these cycles are not readily attributed to science in our news media. Muller was the one who funded and sponsored Shawn Carlson’s erroneous astrological study. Ironically, many years after Carlson’s study became famous to denounce astrology world-wide ( because he lied in his study!), Muller switched his field of focus from ‘elementary particle physics’ to astrophysics by the early 1990s. Muller and MacDonald now have a book out called “Ice Ages and Astronomical Causes” (2000). Well these Ice-Age things are cyclical, and of course, astronomical. Interestingly how astronomy affects our existence and cycles correspond to all sorts of phenomena.


Dating the Great Pyramid Prophetic Time Signatures


On the 30th of April – 2335 B.C.E. greg. cal. Alcyone achieved the zero-point at LONG: 00ARI00’00”. At 3:43 a.m., L.M.T., 21 March -2335 B.C.E. (greg. cal.), U.T. 1:39:08, Sid. Time 15:37:56, Giza, Egypt; the Sun’s longitude is at 00 ARI 00’ 00’. This had been the closest that the Pleiades lined up to the Spring Equinox point as far as contemplating a Great Platonic Year ( or Precessional Age). This date illustrates that alpha Draconis (Thuban) was much closer to the celestial pole than in 2141 B.C.E. when Alcyone’s longitude was progressed to 02ARI40’08 for the Spring Equinox of 22 March -2141 B.C.E. ( greg. cal.). On Sunday 21 March – 2334 B.C.E. ( greg. cal.), the Sun culminated with Alcyone to three minuets of arc, much more precise as both Alcyone is close to the zero point and the Spring Equinox coincided. In 2144 B.C.E., The Sun for example takes a 0° 01’ to 0° 11’  arc minuets on most of the Pleiades stars at lower culmination, thus Thuban and the star Alcyone can share attributed alignment data with the year of 2144 B.C.E. On Saturday, 21 March – 2335 B.C.E. ( greg. cal.) at Giza, Gypt, time 3:43.33 a.m., L.M.T. Universal time for 3:43 of 1:38.08 and Sidereal Time at 15. 36.56. the Spring Equinox occurred and Alcyone and the Sun held a 0° P.E.D. conjunction on the M.C. (upper culmination) over the Great Pyramid. However, this date throws-off all the dates of the Pyramidologists. Pyramidology declined in recent decades due to the failed predictions. Perhaps they need to illustrate some data-streams for others to collaborate instead of using others without understanding what they are doing and calling them ‘nutters’ if they do not accept their ( inaccurate) views?


Jesus Promulgated Season for a birthdates


Historiography of guessing Jesus’ birth date is monumental, not enough band-width for discoursing here.  The Pretrine fathers mainly placed his birth date in the Springtime, to a lesser extent the Summer, then a few only promulgated a fall date and one replacing the celebration of the creation of the Sun Festival, which usually ran after Saturnalia on 25 December for each year. If statistically added up, most Petrine writings have the springtime when Jesus was born, following months March through May. I cover the calendar in another section. The 2141 B.C.E. date places chronographically Jesus birth in the fall- season category which would be in the minority consensus. However, today, because of Pyramidology website fans and the advent of the Internets, this date is widely thought of as true. The 3 April 33 B.C. date for the crucifixion only corresponds if using this fall-season Christ birth date according to Pyramidologist’s timeline that follow the 2141 B.C.E. start-point of the scored line to Alycone. However, secular and religious writings tell of an eclipse during the Crucifixion, so we check the eclipse of history data and come to a consensus on observation, and the year of 33 B.C. has none in the vicinity of Palestine. Apparently, pyramidologist jumped to conclusions without back-checking the data and science behind their claims. Apparently breaking the GP code has more to do with facts and science than taking it out of some regurgitated source book and proclaiming it as true – and at the same time calling other ‘nutters’[5] if they question your data.


Prognosticatory complex at Giza


The Great Pyramid of Giza has a history of being called many things. One such thing is a prognosticatory complex based solely on astronomy (astrology). Each measurement corresponds to various ‘cycles,’ of time; for example, a syndical month, solar-year, sidereal-year, many other cycles and/or a coded processional cycle. A star fixated upon or near the eccentricity cone-path of the precession of the equinox is said to be aligned to the descending passage which is about 344 feet and the opening allows for only 33 minuets of arc to view a celestial phenomena if one is located at the furthest point. Many primatologists prior to 1999 suggested many celestial phenomena as angular time-alerts to deciphering this prognosticatiory complex. The Beyer designation, alpha Draconis  ( Thuban in Arabic, middle ages) is not a bright star, but has a 3.65 apparent magnitude and is 3.7 times fainter than the brightest star in the constellation. The pyramidologist guessed that it lined up to the descending passage on 2141 B.C.E. However, it could have been the pole star from 4,000 B.C.E. to 1,900 B.C.E. In 2787 it neared its closest point to the cone-path of the processional line to about two and a half arc minuets in 2787 B.C.E. In 2100 B.C.E., Thuban was about five arc minuets from the celestial pole position. In 10,000 A.C.E., it will have swung about 47 degrees from the celestial pole and slowly move back to the pole star and once again be a pole star about 20,346 B.C.E. Like the Ice Ages of Muller and MacDonald, this is astrophysical and cyclical, but what is definitive?


All across the Internets are promulgations of two critical measurements in the Great Pyramid to announce when the prognosticatory timeline affects, past, present and future. One is the scored line shows the Pleiades star Alcyone aligning on 2141 B.C.E. at the Spring Equinox, at its lower culmination.  This is a fact, but a misnomer that this is the only date that this could have happened. In fact, Alcyone has past for hundreds of years beyond the longitude of 00 ARI 00’00” – the instance when he Sun crosses the celestial equator from south to north, during the Spring, called the Vernal Equinox. This is an imaginary point, and when tropical astrology became doctrinal during the ancient times, supposedly the constellation of Aries passed in correlation to the Sun’s Vernal Equinox. The Great Pyramid internal angles, although not modern by accuracy do illustrate a knowledge for sidereal and tropical astronomy at least down to the hundredths digit, where a thousandths is much more accurate and used today in atomic clocks.


Pyramidologist and Key Figure of Christ


The Pyramidologists, most from England ironically place a hated Jew as the historical time-keeper and key to unlocking the GP code, by showing the GP marks his birth as well as many Jewish historical events. Why not some homeless dude, or Chinese emperor’s birth date or an Eskimo’s mother’s anniversary? The United Kingdom almost rejected completely Christ and God, while fearfully allowing the rise of Islamic prayer complexes and theocracy-sha’riah law into the local U.K. communities in the name of multiculturalism – which is a farce as it is really I hate Jews and Christians but tolerate God if connected to my enemies, enemy; hopefully they will not hurt me and my family if we allow them to step all over us and do exactly what Christians our enemies do – worship God. David Cameron has criticized “state multiculturalism,” in his first speech as Prime Minister, in 2011.[6] It is bizarre they place the significance time-keeper as the code breaker and at the same time considers this person the enemy.   So what makes Jesus Christ the central figure of the GP when any arbitrary date could suffice? Thus is the mysteries of life.


Deciphering a Code of the Great Pyramid at Giza


Giza, Egypt, 31e13, 30n01 ( Astrodienst Fixed Stars/Placidus) Topic:  Peter Lemesurier’s ability and claim that Alcyone lines up to the descending passage for Spring Equinox 21 March -2141 B.C.E. ( apparently Gregorian without citing the calendar used), and that Thuban aligns to the Descending passage - -which determines a chronograph in which to decipher the past, present and future.


This claim appeared in his book “The Great Pyramid Decoded” (1977).  I never saw scientific data to back up the claim, so I performed the scientific data on the marking-date claim in the book and the data does not line up to what is claimed in the book. Lemesurier spent much of his life writing ten books on Nostradamus trying to convince the public he was a charlatan, according to his favorite author James Randi’s poor research into Nostradamus. For example, in Lemesurier’s 2003 biography on Nostradamus he cites a contemporary astrologer who claims Nostradamus is 52 minutes off for the March 1557 claim for the Spring Equinox.  He then surmises that, again,  Nostradamus was incompetent in regards to a ‘real astrologer’ that he cites as accurate competition.  However he fails to demonstrate that the contemporary accuser had tried to lecture Nostradamus on the correct Spring Equinox in a public forum that provided an embarrassing account because he was in fact 39 minuets (38’54”) off the mark for the Spring Equinox, himself. Lemesurier makes no effort to tell his readers this, so one wonders why?  


Understanding this we can conclude a reason why Lemesurier claimed his The Great Pyramid Decoded that the Spring Equinox occurs on 21 March 2141 B.C.E when in fact the Spring Equinox occurs on 22 March 2141 B.C.E. He may regurgitate other peoples work without doing the correct scientific homework required for scholars. Therefore it is easy to see why he spent his life seeking to claim other regurgitate other works so he will not feel so bad when he finds (found) out his regurgitated sources were incorrect.


This forces me to be skeptical of his claims and demonstrate the obvious. If we are intelligent and use the processional cycle where Alcyone aligns to the Sun at the tropical point of Zero at the Spring Equinox, which will happen only once between a cycle of 25,700- 26,000 years. And that happens on the 30th of  April – 2335 B.C.E. ( greg. cal.).  Alcyone LONG: 00ARI00’00” at  3:18 am, local mean time at Giza, Egypt, and for the Spring Equinox which occurred in March provides us the closest approach to a true-tropical alignment. The Sun’s longitude at 00ARI00’00” and Alcyone’s longitude of 00 ARI 00’ 00” never happens at all for the proposed Egyptian history. Only in the year of 2335 B.C.E. do these two points of reference appear closest to meeting at the tropical zero point. This is called the scientific methodology. At such a distance from 2141 B.C.E the entire decipherment of the code is disrupted. However, utilizing a duel culmination if we choose to apply a 3-to-6 minuets of arc, the Pleiades and the Sun traverse the M.C. ( Midheaven) of the Giza Plateau Sunday, 21 March -2334 B.C.E. between Noon and 12:05 p.m. And at this time, Alcyone is closer than in -2141 B.C.E. to the zero tropical point of the Spring Equinox. Alcyone rises with Venus at 0° 23’,  The Sun sets this day as Regulus culminates at 0° 16’, The mean Moon’s node lower culiminates as Algol rises at 0°03’, Saturn Culminates as Alnilam rises at 0° 04’, and Castor rises as Mars culminates at 0°05’, and the Sun sets with Alcyone on this day at 0°04’. What we were looking for was a tiny off-set of the Sun due south, which this point is conclusive. The Egyptians cannot see the Pleiades as the Sunlight blocks it out during the mid-day, so their calculations, rationally, would have been the previous and following autumn equinox.


It is true that in 2144 B.C.E. that at the lower culmination the stars of the cluster of the Pleiades do indeed make close conjunctions to the Sun. But, again, these measurements point to a less than five-degrees of arc, which is very distant for precise measurements if we understand that the Pleiades its self is under some two-degrees of arc and the central core-cluster could be compartmentalized in a half-a-degree. We need to ask ourselves if this point in the heavens is actually worth looking at because others have suggested a far – reaching date to suggest other great historical stars that could be a part of the ‘pole’ star system.


There is no consensus for conjunction degree-width from the ancients or the moderns. Traditions had eight-degrees for a conjunction for major planets and depending upon the brightness of a star, varying degrees of separation in regards to the Sun. Helical risings used by the very ancient were mainly eight degrees to begin until about 20 degrees separation from the Sun. This is because one needed to see the star, and if too close to the rising –sunlight, one cannot measure its helical time. Other reasons assume such a wide-width is a few stars made up the doctrine for helical rising stars. Only later in history, during c. 150 B.C.E., when Ptolemy used many ancient writings now lost at Alexandria’s library, have we arrive to a modern doctrine of helical suggestions? But this may not be what the builders or architects had in mind for star-passage-point-alignments. If we assume they are spot-on we must devise an understanding of what alignment material they were working with to arrive at a definitive answer.


Modern astrologers like to use less then five-degrees for stars. If this is the case then many centuries the Pleiades can be sighted for a conjunction with the Sun around the Spring Equinox. This leaves a decoder in disarray when determining accuracy for a chronograph. Thuban, the star mentioned as the alignment of the Great Descending Passage could be a pole star, again, for many centuries.


Professor Piazzi Smyth proposed that large Pyramid at Giza’s descending passage might be the plane of the polar star, Thuban ( during a time he believed the building was being constructed) , and that the scored line represents a perpendicular star- observation. Persons before him had suggested the Great Pyramid was a chronograph that could decipher predictions of the human race. The decoding key were star-alignments. David Davidson in his work “The Great Pyramid, its Devine Message (1924) followed Piazzi’s suggestion and claimed Alcyone and the Pleiades align (to an intersection of the scored-line, a part of the Descending passage) to the year of 2144 B.C.[7] It is too long to write an historiography of all the promulgated dates, but a few things must be assumed. First, refraction can cause all sorts of naked eye mistakes, so a telescope would be the preferred method of setting a marker in the Great Pyramid. Another point is why not to align Alcyone with the tropical point of the Zero Point, because the Egyptians understood the true solar year as 365.242? This understanding could only be reached by a true gnomon method, to which I hardly believe is in dispute by anyone. I give the date for that too.


Chris Tedder in a online personal webspace discusses the Khufu shafts, and other extra writings on some historiography of measurements of the pyramid suggests that “Ayclone in the Pleiades star cluster reached its zenith of 63.70 degs[rees] c. 2265 B.C. when its zenith was 64.4 degs and would have been aligned with Alcyone c. 2315 B.C.E.”[8]


[1] M. Milankovitch, Théorie Mathématique des Phénomenes Thermiques Produits par la Radiation Solaire, Guathier-Villars, Paris ( 192)); Canon of Insolation and the Ice Age Problem, Royal Serbian Acad., Sp. Pub. 132 (1941), Israel Program Sci. Trans,, Jeruselem 1969.

[2] Muller, R.A., Origin of the 100 krl Glacial Cycle: eccentricity or orbital inclination, & Gordon J. MacDonald, University of San Diego ( Berkeley: University of California, January 1994, report LBL-35655, accessed 5 February 20100), available from ; Internet.

[3] Mullar, A. R. & Gordon J. MacDonald, Simultaneous presence of orbital Inclination and eccentricity in proxy climate records from Ocean Drilling Program Site 806 (Geology, vol. 25, pp. 3-6 (1997), accessed 5 February 2011, online from Laurence Berkeley Laboratory), available online ; Internet.

[4] Ibid., Mullar & MacDonald, Simultaneous....

[5] modern British colloquialism for ‘clinically insane.’

[6] British Broadcasting Company, “State multiculturalism has failed, says David Cameron (BBC: U.K. Politics online, 5 February 2011,  updated 13:55 ET, accessed 5 February 2011), available from ; Internet.

[7] Tedder, Chris, An Overview of the History on the Purpose of the Shafts in Khufu’s Pyramid, 20.10.2004 (Google, sites,  accessed 1 Feb. 2011), available from ; Internet.

[8] Ibid., Tedder.


sec. 2:


Alcyone Longitude Zero Point – 2335 BC


On the 30th of  April – 2335 B.C.E. greg. Alcyone LONG: 00ARI00’00” LAT 3° 37’57”  3:18 am ~ASC. This intends that for the year of -2335 B.C.E. ( any calendar system for this year, be it the old style Julian, because this is sidereal) The Spring Equinox and Alcyone came as close as could be for a true conjunction with the Sun at the Spring Equinox. This happens once every precessional full-cycle ( c. 25,700-26,000 years)  If the builders of the Great Pyramid had indeed figured out the tropical year they should have understood the longitudes of the stars processional movement. So what is the sky looking like at Giza on this years’ Spring Equinox?


3:43 a.m., L.M.T., 21 March -2335 B.C.E. (greg. cal.), U.T. 1:39:08, Sid. Time 15:37:56, Giza, Egypt;  the Sun’s longitude is at 00 ARI 00’ 00’. The Sun is conjunct the Pleiades under a five-degree arc, and confirmed by its paran to Regulus at a square of 0° 06’ and approaching. The Sun is conjunct at its P.E.D. by 0° 00’. Interestingly the Moon’s true node lower culminates as Alcyone rises ( 0° 14’ a, vaa). Pluto which is near the galactic center during this time is the closest to true east out of all the known modern planets of our solar system. The Sun is eastern as well but also into the degrees of east/north (~ 9° East of north, using polar coordinates!).


Now lets go back to the 2141 B.C.E., 21 [ actually 22 nd]  March chart Lemesurier had borrowed from others to make his point about the bright star of the cluster of the Pleiades aligning to the perpendicular scored line of the Descending passage?  At 5:55 a.m., the ascendant is at 26 PIS 00’ 35” and the Sun is at 00 ARI 06’19” for 22 March of 2141 B.C.E. The Sun culminates with Alcyone at 0° 22’,a, vaa),[1] and lower culminates with the Sun at 0° 22’, a, vaa. So for this date, 22 March -2141 B.C.E., Alcyone’s longitude is at 02ARI40’08”. The only true connection here is that the Moon rises as Alcyone sets, at 0° 09. The closest paran is Alphard rises and the Sun culminates at 0° 01. The 22 nd of March – 2141 B.C.E., the actual Spring Equinox takes place at 3:17.30 a.m., and therefore The Sun and Alcyone are east-north, and only Saturn can be seen at this time in the west with a naked eye.



-2144 B.C.E. Spring Equinox Friday 21 March Culmination


-2144 B.C.E. Spring Equinox Friday 21 March begins around 9:47 a.m., U.T. 7:42.08, Sid. Time 21:40:42, Giza, Egypt, the Sun’s longitude is at 29PIS59’59” and by 9:48 a.m. the Sun’s longitude is at 00 ARI00’02”. Alcyone at 9:48 a.m. has a longitude of 02ARI37’27. Alcyone conjuncts the Sun at 4° 30, and it is approaching the Sun. On the angles of the horizon are Asellus A on the horizon, Uranus at the I.C., Mirach culminating, and Dabith of the constellation of Capricorn on the descendant.


Getting Close Alcyone Mid Heaven Sun SE -2334


When the Sun’s longitude at Noon, Sunday 21 March – 2334 B.C.E. ( greg. cal.), U.T. 9:55:08, Sidereal Time 23:54:20, Giza, Egypt, the Sun’s longitude at 00ARI 06’01”, Alcyone’s longitude at 00ARI00’43” places a Sun conjunct Alcyone 0° 05, 3° 38’ separating as Alcyone culminated ( 0° 03’) over the Giza Plateau, and the Sun’s tropical position at Noon is six minuets and some seconds of arc from the true Spring Equinox. This places the Sun and Alcyone at a Southern Position, and little to the east – as off-set. However, this is much closer to the Sun and the Pleiades having a M.C. occurrence together over the Giza Plateau rather than – 2141 B.C.E. Between 12:04 and 12:05 p.m., The Sun and The Pleiades traverse the M.C. of the Giza Plateau ( Sid. Time 23:59:21, U.T. 10:00:08, Sun, 21 March, -2334 B.C.E., Gregorian Calendar).


[1] At 5:55 a.m, 22 March of 2141 B.C.E.



sec. 3



Pyramid: The origins of this term, it is not a singe conceptual word, but a cognate of two forms of expressions – ‘light’ and ‘measurement.’



John Greaves (1602, near Alresford in Hampshire, England – d. 8 October 1562), eldest son of John Greaves, rector of Colemore, he was educated at Balloil College, Oxford (1617-1621), and in 1630 was chosen as a professor of geometry in Gresham College, London. He visited the east in 1637 where he made a more accurate measurement of the Great Pyramid of Egypt, and published his works in a book called, “ Pyramidograghia ( Description of the Pyramids in Egypt)” (1646), later published under this name anonymously by G. Sawbridge in 1706. Greaves’ work and Napolean who brought scientists on his exposition to conquer north Africa, John Taylor ( b. 1781, near East Retford, Nottinghamshire –d. 1684), a son of a book seller and publisher, he argued to keep the British Inch against the adoption of the metric system which led to his convictions that the Great Pyramid of Gizeh had a ‘sacred- cubic” that was nearly the size of the British Inch. He claimed that the unit of measure was about 1 /1000 greater than the British Inch that was in use at that time. This book appeared first in London in 1859, entitled “The Great Pyramid, Why Was it Built? and Who Built It? Sir Isaac Newton who took interest in Biblical Prophecy and also looked at John Greaves’ measurements had postulated that a ‘sacred inch’ could be a measurement for some type of time-ling. Taylor referring to the postulations of the physics superstar then clamed the “pyramid inch” to be 1 /25 of the sacred-cubit. Newton who was obsessed with numbers and their correlations to time by some form of conceptual measurement in a linear space  -- most likely affirmed by a lesser used method of progression of astrology (xn=yz) put forth that the total length of the perimeter of the Great Pyramid, which was calculated to 36524 ( the almost close accuracy of a sidereal year) 100 times he number of days in a year, which then became on pyramid inch equaled a year of linear time on earth, was proposed.


Taylor and one of his followers was Charles Piazzi Smyth ( 1819-1900), and he also found numerous apparent coincidences between the measurements of the pyramids and geometry of earth and the solar system. This took-off into a novelty fad that saw opponents and proponents of ‘secrets embodied by geometry and math inside the Great Pyramid at Gizeh. By the late nineteenth century when Europe was merging into distinct camps for the beginning of world war I, these ideas faded to the background. However, a lasting legacy is that these measurements which appear sacred to the geometry of the globe played a role in both Britain and the United States of America not adopting the international metric system. The modern metric system was also based upon the geometry of the globe but used Paris, France, as a denominational axis point for the measurement of earth. French after trying to confirm Newton’s ‘egg’ shaped earth ( gravity intends that at the center of a globe, the middle-width expands and bends out of shape a perfect spear), laboriously measured the poles to the equator – confirming Newton’s theory. This allowed them epistemic data to come up with their own version of a decimalized system. Pythagoras in some of his claims concluded that the number ‘10’ is of perfection.  However, the French did not note that Pythagoras traveled to Egypt to which he first received ideas of the ‘music of the spheres,’ something Kepler would later investigate with great curiously – between taking a break in his ‘war- with-Mars!’. Not all the system of the metric system are standard across the globe. So this perhaps was another significant issue in why the Americans and British did not accept the system. Nevertheless, Not all persons who measured the Great Pyramid came to the same distant conclusions.


Egyptologist, Flinders Petrie (1853 -1942) claimed that the pyramid was several feet smaller than the previous measurements concluded.[1]  However, Flinders proposes all the said measurements; usually there are six of them. They are close but all not exactly the same. It is perhaps difficult to measure something on the outside, lets say, when the ‘siding of polished limestone was removed and weathering has occurred. To get measurements down to a thousandths of an inch, Petrie reaffirms’ perhaps the use of logarithms, which were not invented or as standard when the first measurements of the Large pyramid of Gizeh was first attempted.


“The theory of the inside of the Pyramid, which has lately been published with the great emphasis, is that the distances from certain lines drawn in the entrance passage, up to the N.  door of the gallery, reckoned in so-called “Pyramid inches” is equal to the number of years [ this is the astrological xn=yz formula, called the day for a year, also adopted in various systems of ‘Solar arcs,’ but to no consensus]   from the date of the building of the Great Pyramid to the beginning of our present era, which is claimed to be the era of the Nativity [ of Jesus Christ]. Granting, then, two preliminary theories: (1) that the Nativity was at the beginning of our era ( and not four or five years before, as all chronologers are agreed), and (2) that the epoch of the Great Pyramid was when α Draconis was shining down the entrance passage, at its lower culmination [ note Peter’s words are close to exact without accreditation]( which is very doubtful, as we shall see below) – granting these points – the facts agree within a wide margin of uncertainty. The epoch of α Draconis is either 2162 or 2176 B.C., according as we take the angle of the built part of the passage or of the whole of it; and the distance in theoretical Polar-earth inches between the points mentioned is 2173.3. With such a range in the epoch, nothing exact can be clamed for this coincidence; and the other coincidence brought forward to support it – the date of the Exodus, &c. – are of still less exactitudes and value. The 8 th of August , 1882, which was to have been some great day on this theory, has passed quietly away, and we may expect the theory to follow it in like manner.”[2] It is clear that Petrie examines the differing chronological time differences, and notes that a key date he does not elucidate to whom said what and where is dismissed.


Petrie relates the theory’s origins to the time-chronology of the Great Pyramid. He writes, “The Theory of the date of the Great Pyramid --- that is was the epoch when the pole star was in line with the entrance passage – seems likewise untenable in the light of the facts.  [ continue later]


One page 149 Petrie writes that “The 8 th of August , 1882, which was to have been some great day on this theory, has passed quietly away, and we may expect the theory to follow it in like manner.”[3] Nothing happened on the 8 th of August of 1882, However, 30 January of 1882 Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born, a human that significantly had a role in changing the world. Persons cannot convincingly claim something had not happened when they do not know. For example, no one in history claimed during 29 A.D. – 33 A.D., dates ascribed to the Crucifixion of Jesus from Nazareth. It was not until over a hundred years later, and onward in time, that these dates became significant factors for the changing of the world. F.D.R. played a crucial role in changing the demographics of America, the world economic system – he changed the physical applications of the Federal Reserve Note. No longer could people exchange their paper for gold, and the wording on the paper now said “Federal Reserve Note,” not exchangeable for Gold. So the gold-standard in America, following the British example, went off the gold-backing standard and debt- creation and debt-economy became the new financial paradigms for the world. Along with Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin, F.D.R. carved up the world denying China its rightful territory to the north of Peking, and setting up the CIA, NSA, and other secret branches of the U.S.A. government that went out and placed military bases across the world to intimidate and take the natural resources from underdeveloped industrial – lacking nations. Yet, this is still arbitrary because a more significant empirical world-changing paradigm also happened during the 1880s. That was the spreading of Marxism which would overtake one-third of the land – mass of Earth in the twentieth century. Marxism begun to be taught as an empirical and scientific truth, that the age of enlightenment and self discovery were inherently evil at the price of human suffering. To solve this solution, the lower masses of the working populations of the earth should form militias and fight and destroy the merchants and rich people. The age of class-warfare in a social context was not expressed as a solution to modernity’s problems. The word by the early decade of the 20th century, the word, ‘activism,’ came into use and along with the word came social instability and chaos. This evolved to questions of human rights and promulgated laws of society. It ultimately led to the U.S.A. and the Soviet Union, and to a lesser extent China, to carving up the world for their resources to run their own industrial complexes. Still, Petrie is trying to grasp at least six different Pyramidology theories, all having different datum-points. It is understandable that he cannot perceive who is right, wrong or indifferent. The only option he feels he has is to dismiss he whole notion of some group of builders, or a person, having the knowledge of the future in which was left to a stone-castle for future generations to use to guide their future actions. Petrie has  a poor habit in naming his sources for his claims. The Great Pyramid had been measured numerous times by different persons, so when Petrie makes a claim on one bad measurement, for example, when he writes, “Coming next to the passage of the Pyramid, the entrance is said to be 12 cubits of 20.6 east of the middle. This would be 247, where as it is really 287.”[4] On the previous page 148 he writes on the measurements for the floor of the King’s chamber; “Here then are three entirely independent [ measurements by different persons!] quantities, all agreeing within about three inches, or but little more than the range of the probable error of determining them, even omitting the question of errors of workmanship.”[5] While Petrie’s bad habit about naming his sources, does bring up an obvious repeatable observance. In many Pyramidological books the authors fail to question their own measurements. Exact, perhaps, the real main time-frame of the Nativity which is the bench-mark indicator for all other chronological system dating. These problems are plethoric and account for the trouble in accepting any theory based upon exact datum conclusions.


For example, D. Davidson, and H. Aldersmith put forth their own Pyramidological book called “The Great Pyramid, Its Devine Message: An Original Co-Ordination of Historical Documents and Archæological Evidences” ( First published in November of 1924). It posits a time-line based upon AK=0 Year, which is 4,000 B.C. and thus each epoch is 1,000 years, but after A.D. year one, the epochs are year 1, 1001, and 2001. This book was comprehensive, when through nine-editions, and the second impression, the one I’m looking at was published in Great Britain in 1961. One of the main problems is that they cannot figure out Jesus’ birth chart, however it is of little consequence as they use the 4,000 B.C. as a start point. This places at the ascending passage’s theoretical angle to pass directly through the Zenith position of the granite leaf’s center placing the Jewish prophetic tradition as the start of the ‘great configuration’ to the date of 2,001 and three-fourths. Petrie would say it is only a coincidence of the events of 11 September 2001 that has begun the longest period for modern wars on record. The U.S.A. is still battling radicalism in the Middle East and has overthrown a leader of the ancient Mesopotamian land. However, the overall theme is the return of the messiah at the date of 19- or 20th of August of 1953, which nothing happened. This date is the far-side of the King’s Chamber room. This supposedly is measured by a ‘secret’

Pyramid inch. The General Chronology System of the Great Pyramid’s Passages is given to the scale of 1 Pyramid Inch to a solar year. While most of the book creates confusions because of so many speculations to key-date points in history, there is a conclusion supposedly written in 1924 that a second world war would happen between the mid-1930s to the ending date above for the coming messiah. The 2001 date is not the scale system but a theoretical different timing system picked up later by others as placing a different time scale once the passage reaches the floor of the King’s Chamber enterence(s). Thus a pyramid inch can represent 30 years, or one inch represents a month, which is then calculated back to single years and thus the authors can fudge the meaning into their self interests. H. Aldersmith produced much of the Biblical passage correlations to their systems, but D. Davidson brought up a key point in the British moving away from the Gold Standard which would bring economic collapse to the world in some future point in time. In fact the Tribulation scenario, listing its scalar point at  29 May 1928, and later confirmed in later editions in the preface that the British going-off the gold-standard, the French following and then the U.S.A. led to the total value of all global economics to lose two-thirds of its value. So the manipulation of economics was a key theme to Davidson’s ideas of reasons the messiah must return to correct the greedy and manipulative world leaders.


The only other interesting parts of the book is the references to other works listing sources which spoke about the early degrees and constellation formulations supposed by the ancients.


I’ve looked as the astrology chart for the four-main points of the year for the 4,000 BCE astrological chart and there does not seem to be any significant geometry.  


However, following their scheme, on page 377, referring to discussion on the plate LXIV, and terminal circle, based on 1260 (One of Newton’s astrological cyclical occurrences, the arc-line runs as A.K. 6,000 ( which is 2001, 3 /4 A.D.) as the pit of the subterranean passage falls off into the abyss. The authors write “the symbolism of the arresting shock and schism,” of the descending passage dating associated are given on this plate.[6]  The authors link this time with the advanced importance of materialism and the lowering of ‘spiritual potential’ of humanity. The link this date to the Biblical passages ( The Old Testament in Christian vernacular) 2 Thess. ii, 3, “ That time shall not come [ of the return of Jesus] except there come a falling away first.”  They link this time to the beginning of the scattering of the power of the Holy people, a reference to Daniel, xii,7.[7] This is just a few years before the culmination of Algol over the United States of America’s horoscope. After these transits will come for the American horoscope some of the most difficult and changing transits it will face. The continuing expression from the authors of this time, using the New Testament relate Luke xxi, 24. “... and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled .... [ the time that the atheist scientists work their global solution plan, and give up because their rejection of spiritualism has wreaked havoc on the earth due to their hair-brained ideas!] .. and then there will be signs...[ like the stone –pyramid, or the insanity of race-identity politics correlated to population extermination narratives].. upon the earth distress of nations, which perplexity [ no one is in control, the rejection of Christ’s moral goodness rejected by the atheist academic rational scientists who want to kill billions of people to save a cockroach that lives under their bed, so perplexity is ‘what to do?’] ... Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth....”[8] Everyone in the world knows something humungous is to happen soon, because the world is out of control and no-one seems to know what to do about any of this.


So, Petrie denies the importance of a pole star being seen through the ascending passage. I agree with him to some extent. The ascending passage, or called the entrance passage is at roughly 26 degrees, and measuring from the latitude of Giza, which is 30 north that makes roughly the calculation of 26 + 30 = 56; the Pole star always rotates at 90-23 = 67 degrees or 66 degrees. If it is not the Pole star, then it will have upper and lower culminations at wide degree fluctuations. This intends that polar stars can been still used but during culmination times, where the true north of any location should be the immovable center – or the lesser of the movement. Polaris does move, but slightly and would not react in such wide culminations to agree too being prevalently seen at 56 degrees. Petrie understands this and it is the fudging of the angle’s facts to the misunderstanding as latitude of stars’s true positions. Petrie writes, “The epoch of α Draconis is either 2162 or 2176 B.C., according as we take the angle of the built part of the passage or of the whole of it; and the distance in theoretical Polar-earth inches between the points mentioned is 2173.3. With such a range in the epoch, nothing exact can be clamed for this coincidence; and the other coincidence brought forward to support it – the date of the Exodus, &c. – are of still less exactitudes and value.”[9] The astrological chart for the spring equinox for 2162 has not geometrical harmony. However, the chart for 2176 B.C. does have some harmonic symmetry. Petrie is mentioning another system of calculation rather than the Nativity scenario in regards to starting points for chronologies. For example, the 2176 B,C, horoscope for the Spring Equinox on Sunday, Gregorian style,  21st of March -2176, and doing a sun-setting ( 06:06 pm, LMT; Universal Time 16:01:08; Sidereal Time at 06:00:08, Giza, Egypt, at 31e13, 30n01) chart has the ascendant at 00LIB01’42”, and Midheaven at 00CAN01’47” and the Sun is at 00ARI05’37”. There is a kyte-geometrical profile involving the Sun, Uranus, Mercury to trines with Pluto and Neptune, and Mars which is opposed to Neptune is sextile – kyte point. Within twenty-four hours the Moon joins near to aspect of Pluto thus involving a large amount of the known planets to the geometric configuration. The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter form the off-sett but with 30 degrees formations between Mars to Venus and then from Venus to Uranus. Saturn makes four major aspects and two minor aspects, leaving all the planets to have connections to this kyte. As discussed before, the position of the Great Pyramid at 30 degrees of north helps Alcyone make a right angle to Regulus, and Algol at this date just used made a right angle to Alphard. For this chart, Alphard culminates and Algol is on the descendant. Alcyone begins to set about 06:16 pm local mean time, thus about 4 degrees from the sun. This means that from the passage standpoint Alcyone cannot be seen as it is only 34 degrees in the sky, or 4 degrees from the horizon at the sunset. However, at this time Regulus is at the Great Pyramid’s Azimuth. [ check the term Azimuth, if Regulus be culminating it may not be directly overhead.]


Francesca Rochberg speaking about the Venus Tablet discusses the Taurus was the first constellation identified in use. Perhaps this is why the Pleiades were talked about so much. However, this was the constellation that was performing the equinox and calendar confirmation points of the year four our record keepers the Sumerians, Akkadians, Babylonians and later Chaldeans. Múl.Múl (=zappu),[10] a constellation of the second month rises with the Sun for the 15th of the Month; its chief star is Alcyone. According to Grossman on page 279, the Akkadians called the Pleiades. ‘ The Bristle,” and the Summerians just called it “the stars.” However constellations are a guess because we have no idea of the boundaries of the old constellations. However, Alycone’s declination is +8 or +10[11] or a latitude of +3;20°[12] for Alcyone which lies in the path to the Moon, according to Mul.apin, table six. In fact, the constellation of Taurus perhaps was twice as large as it is today. This because the demarcation and expansions of sections of the sky elongated to suffice pre-complexive models, and in the early times,  perhaps there were only six constellations were popularly consensustized. The fish-goat is an amalgam of Capricorn and Aquarius – the traditional ruler(s) of Saturn. Even during the Roman Empire’s early decades this ancient astrological formation appeared on coins – the newspapers of their day. For example, the Venus tablet identifies the stars of Sagittarius and some of the stars of Cephus as one constellation. “Pal.Big.Sag., presumably only a part of the stars of Sagittarius and θ+ Ophiuchi, (Ea.5, Gössman, p. 358 and 87.)[13] or as miših; {d} Pal.Big.Sag.


Aš. Gán  = ikû.  was α, β, and γ Pegasi with α Andromeda.[14]


Declination for 1,000 B.C.E. places alpha cygni at declination +37.5°.[15]



Alpha Draconis is only a 3.7 magnitude star, at least at our current day. That is not a bright star compared to the other bright stars in the sky the people living in this region perhaps may have noted as something for a time – keeper. For example, Alpha Cygni has an apparent magnitude of 1.25. Deneb

s absolute magnitude is -8.75, placing it among the most luminous stars we can see.  This star is my helical rising star, because Ptolemy wrote about the constellation of Cygnus.  Estimates for Deneb’s radius range from 200 to 300 times that of our Sun. This is very large indeed, and this star is bright, but was not the pole star because another star in Cygnus was in the path of the pole – precession latitude between 11,000 B.C. and 10,000 B.C. That star is Gimeh ( which is close to the spelling of Giza). Albeit the Orion Mystery popularity proposes that Egypt’s landscape was mirrored to the constellation of Orion, which there is large evidence to this, the Great Pyramid was perhaps the first stone castle to be built and many archeologist claims that it was not built during the Egyptian dynastic periods. Recent studies show that Cygnus’ stem to wing-stars, which includes Gienah ( Gamma Corvi has an identical traditional name) are the precise distances for the three Giza plateau pyramids. It is claimed that these groups of stars match more accurately than the Orion belt stars. The Orion belt stars are not as famous as the other stars of Orion, and Cygnus is a circumpolar constellation where Orion sets and rises over the periods of year --- which gave rise to Osiris’ legends or mythologies. Epsilon, Cygnus,  Gienah is the star that lines up in the Cygnus formation over the Great Pyramid. Like Thuban, this was a true pole star in the precessional ages. This star is also a giant, it is a orange giant, meaning that it is on its last stages as a star. The larger the star the shorter its life-span as it uses up its material quicker due to large gravitational forces. It is 72 light years away, and still a bright star with an absolute magnitude of 1.08/11.99. It is currently at 20h46m12.7 seconds in right ascension, and having a declination of +33 degrees, 58 minuets and 12.9 seconds. Its apparent magnitude is 2.50. The word Gienah derives from the Arabic word Janāћ. This is a feminine word, which is Hebrew variant Jana, is “God’s grace.” Janus derives from this word, and is linked in Greek and other mythologies as the god that could see both back in time and forward in time, thus a true prophet. The proponents of the Great Pyramid mysteries are a stone-temple that outlines the history of the human race on earth, and in this temple are the inner measurements being there for a future decodification – which of course was all foreseen if we accept the hypothesis.


There has been many attempts to link Alycone to some key points to the Great Pyramid. As I have pointed out Alcyone and Regulus form right-angles to each other regardless of what millennia we are measuring from at any point in time. Regulus is one of the only stars that offers ‘power,’ or ‘great power,’ which does not have to due with the normative academic view that power and wealth are contingents to eachother. Spica, and perhaps after some deed, Betelgeuse offer riches and wealth, but ‘great power’ can come about from poverty. Jesus’ influence on the human existence is such a confirmation. John Hershel in 1836 A.D. “gave the date of α Draconis on the Entrance passage alignment at Autumnal Equinoctial midnight at approximately 2160 B.C.”[16]  The only reason he was able to do so was for the fact that Thuban was not the pole star and had culmination directions. “Professor Piazzi Smyth’s later calculation gave the date as 2170 B.C.”[17] Again the culmination points of which one must have passed through 66.30 degrees of latitude, if indeed it was at the pole position, or as it sunk in low culmination to 56 degrees; if this is the case, Thuban would be circling the celestial pole in a circle of 10 degrees off the motionless center of the celestial pole. Was this what the pyramid builders wanted us to recognize? Smyth also points out that at 2170 B.C., and “at the Autumnal Equinoctial midnight was directed to the star Alcyonê of Pleiades (η  Tauri).”[18] The authors give numerous different opions. For example, “ Dr. Brünnow, Astronomer-Royal for Ireland, by superior methods next calculated the α Draconis alignment as occurring in 2126 B.C.”[19] The authors then cite Richard Proctor’s later determination of Alcyone to be in close agreement with the date of 2140 B.C. These dates differ from 30 years in Smyth’s case and 20 years for Hershel’s dating.[20] For some unknown reason, because the sources of the builders did not leave a historical record for us, attempts to align these stars to the period of the building of the Great Pyramid led to how we see our history. For example, Sir John Herschel concluded that “the Pyramid’s construction as around 2160 B.C.. “His reasons are identical to Sir Norman Lockyer’s reasons for dating the construction of the ancient Temples by their astronomical alignments.”[21] “Alaparps ( the second of the ten antediluvian kings of Euphratean legend is equated with Alcyonê (η  Tauri).. The Euphratean astronomical abbreviation of the Sign of Te or Te-te, the highly abraded from of the Akkadian dimmena (‘foundation-stone’) = Assyria, timmena –timmen-timme-tim-tem-te (‘foundation’). The ‘Foundation’ –star (Temennu) is the Pleiad, or particularly Alcyonê .”[22] These historical investigations, albeit suspect, gave rise to the scored lines in the entrance passage which had no definition until these were assumed as datum marks for astronomical purposes. Therefore, Alcyone should line up with them at some astronomical normative date. Yet, different dates by different pyramidologists make another suspect proposal. These authors identify 2144 B.C. Lemesurier identified 2141 B.C. Both have no line identifications to Alcyone. In fact, anyone can line up Alcyone to theoretical points of geometry to the Great Pyramid each year or in fact any day. However, their twist was to line it up at some equinox date, which makes a more logical sense because these take the randomness out of the possibilities. As I have shown, Alcyone sets 32 minuets after the sun on the Spring Equinox for the year of 2141 B.C. ( greg.). This places the angle at 38 degrees north, or 8 degrees from the horizon as the sun sets, which will not line up with the entrance to the Great Pyramid which is at 26 degrees + 30 degrees which is totaled at 56 degrees north. However, Alcyone will appear at 56 degrees at some point during the date.  In all of this the authors cannot get an agreement, and the same thing persists for the Nativity. Therefore, they just use the arbitrary 4,000 B.C. as the main chronological marker of the mysteries of the Pyramid’s time-line. They do not use Bishop Ussher’s 4004 B.C., which is derived by carful addition of all the birthdates and lifespan dates in the Old Testament.  


We also have a persistent problem with our calendar system. For example, “Writing in the year of 238 A.D., Censorinus[23] gives the year for shifting Day 1 , Month 1 coincident with the heliacal rising of Sirius as 139 A.D. Now the coincidence noted occurred on 20th July ( Julian) in 137 to 139 A.D. inclusive, and on 19 July (Julian) in 140 A.D. The latter is the dating of Palladius (vii,9). An Alexandrian coin, dated in the 6th year of Antonius Pius[24] ascribes the ending of the cycle to the year of the dating, and therefore to 143 A.D.”[25]   


Another key date for Davidson & Aldersmith is 1558 A.D. This date is from the initial to the terminality of the “date at which the “Precessional rate is defined by the sum of the Pyramid’s base diagonals.”[26] The terminal date is 2045 A.D. and the initial date is a month before the beginning of the year of 1558. They link it to the beginning of the reign of Elizabeth in 1558 A.D. They call this interval the “the stone kingdom and its Epoch.” This a subtheme epoch and the prophecies according to them were to be redefined by 1557 or 1558. They do not clarify what reinterpretations as Elizabeth was not a biblical scholar. They do intend that this was the period where the Biblical Gospels were propagated in “foreign lands synchronous with, and dependent upon, the colonizing efforts of the British race.”[27] I have still yet to read a Pyramidological text that does not intend that the Great Pyramid speaks mainly to the British citizens. This does not help the audience they are trying to promote their theories. Even Lemesurier who questions this attitude still concludes that the British are the main players for this mysterious message in the inner portions of the Great Pyramid. Even so, this book is comprehensive because the authors try to link Fu-hi of Chinese mythology, the equivalent of Noah to the Pyramid’s significance.[28] They do use a Precessional date of 4044 B.C. then link it to the king’s list, the Pyramid’s base circuit, and all the ratios and orbital positions to long to repeat here and intend that 1558 A.D. will see the rise of the British dominance on earth. This is there so-called ‘stone-temple’ prophecy. They write, “One striking feature, common to the presentation of the King’s Lists and the Pyramid’s presentation of the astronomical data, concerns a terminal period of 487 years. This is defined by the Pyramid as the period –from 1558 A.D. to 2045 A.D. –to which the Pyramid’s message was designed to apply. The period thus defined is, strangly enough, the period of a new active phase of European civilization [ this mimic Peter Lemesurier’s later conclusions for the Pyramid] , following a long “stationary” period [ next page of 230] of civilization.”[29] It is fun to speculate that Nostradamus published his last installment of Les Propheties in 1558. Michel Nostre Dame who was a Christianized Jew or French nationality is not mentioned in the book.


So what are the possibilities of pole stars throughout the entire precessional movment? As pointed out Gienah, Cygnus is a possibility, which perhaps takes place between 11,000 B.C.E. and 10,000 B.C.E. This would be in tune to Edgar Cayce’s view that around 10,000 B.C.E was the period for the Pyramid builders, including all the pyramids across the earth. At this time, a sever Ice Age was happening. The melting of this ice age perhaps led to the many different civilizations on earth at the time having their own Noah’s and saving what they could as the ice melted and for a short period of time flooded many parts of the previously dry land. Whale bones are often found in North Africa, now a desert.


A star in Hercules, a star in Cephus and perhaps a star a few degrees off in Lyra.   At 30 degrees of north, the alpha star of Bootës makes an appearance for the latitude of the Giza Plateau.


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sec. 4.

Finding the Spring Equinox is more difficult if you go by others’ data and do not check it yourself!

2141 BC; Lemesuier claim is false[web add ] 1 © 07 December 2010

 Michael J. McDonald 


Giza, Egypt, 31e13, 30n01 ( Astrodienst Fixed Stars/Placidus) testing Peter Lemesurier’s ability and claim that Alcyone lines up to the descending passage angle-line for The Spring Equinox -2141 B.C.E.


Topic: “The Great Pyramid Decoded,” by Peter Lemesuier:

why? I never saw scientific data, so I performed the scientific data on the marking date claim in the book and the data does not line up to what is claimed in the book. Therefore it is not scientific. Peter Lemesurier spent his whole like writing books claiming people are stupid who do not stay close to the facts. The fact is that Peter Lemesurier used other people’s facts without checking the reliability himself. This helps explain why very little of his life works is actually by his own invention. He rather uses other’s works and claim that anyone using other’s works is not deemed credible. So his claim was ‘astronomers’ say this and that about the alignments of these two starry bodies.... without fashioning a data which is usually a method of the scientific approach.


Lemesurier has a difficult time dealing in fact, and has gloriously told others they do not adhere to facts. I wanted to know the truth. So here are the facts and the findings, and they surprisingly do not add up to the Book’s claim. Lemesurier has a difficult time accepting criticism, claiming all criticisms toward his work is ad homonym, because he went to Cambridge University. I find this startling ignorant and quite disturbing that anyone with a pathology as this would be accepted with any credibility whatsoever. You are all welcome to do your own data and provide it. This comes from a reliable source ( Swiss Ephemeris P03, Capitaine/Wallace/Chapront 2003).


Peter Lemesurier ( born Peter Ewart Britton) claim: 21 March -2141 BC, Alcyone (one of the stars in the group of stars called Pleiades)  aligns to an angle from a visual pole star visual seen from the descending passage of the Great Pyramid. The claim is that Thuban can be seen as the pole star and Alycone is equivalent to the angle of the scored line only once during this date 2141, March 21, Gregorian Calendar equivalent, B.C. for the Spring Equinox. First things first, the Spring Equinox does not occur at Giza until 22 of March of 2141 BC, so he is off by a day already.  Peter likes to criticize Nostradamus because he was about 53 minuets off one of the claims for a New Moon, while citing that real people do not make mistakes. Tante pis, he is an idiot of a magnitude unforeseen, but normative to the establishment of these elite idiots.  Thuban can be a pole star for hundreds of years, so there is one discrepancy against preciseness. The other is the bright star of the Pleiades, Alcyone, which the Pleiades is a group of stars well under one degree in arc in the sky & only lines up during this Spring Equinox – thereby establishing a decoded message of where to start looking for clues to predicting the future; he intends that the future can never be predicted which is rather an issue of insanity, as this is what Lemesurier's book is trying to establish altogether.  From this date, then,  all other dates of the Great Pyramid Decoded are deduced. That is to say, this is the key date where all other dates derive their circumstances. Without this date being precise all other dates are imprecise.


Fact: He is wrong. It is not 21 March but 22 March for the Spring Equinox; and Alcyone is nowhere near culmination or the Zenith at Giza during this time.


Data set: first find SE ( Spring Equinox) That’s to say the Sun at zero Aries point, 00AIR00’00” at Giza.


[ horo 1 set] Gregorian Calendar: Tuesday 22 March -2141 BCE; 3:16 am; Universal Time 1:11:08; Sidereal Time 15:09:43. Sun at 29PIS59’59”. So close.


[ horo 2 set] Gregorian Calendar: Tuesday 22 March -2141 BCE; 3:17 am; Universal Time 1:11:08; Sidereal Time 15:09:43. Sun at 00ARI00’02”. So close.


[Alcyone  SE] Alcyone is therefore at 53 degrees 15’ min  19” seconds below the horizon at Giza and at the time of the Spring Equinox.


[Descending passage] 26° 19” 9.7”.


[Descending passage right angle] 116 ° 19” 9.7”.

Ascendant at SE: 03 AQU 14’41”; MC at 20SCO13’51”; Sun house 2.41, latitude 0° 0S; Alcyone at two degrees, forty-minuets, and eight seconds longitude and at three degrees, thirty-eight minuets and fifty-eight degrees of latitude at Giza. Alcyone is 4° 31’ and separating form the Sun. Therefore Alycone is at 26PIS29’ minuets for this location at Giza for the Spring Equinox.


Ok the data is set up:  now we will test the data. First, if looking up from the descending passage the elevation in degrees is 26 degrees, eighteen minuets and ten seconds [ exact numerical quote is 26° 19” 9.7”]. From angle ( 90 degree angle) is the scored line used in calculating the meridian position of  Alcyone, which is supposed to align on 21 March 2141 BC  -- which is not even the date of the Spring Equinox to being with!!! At the horizon of Giza is the position for our ascendant at 03 AQU 14’41”. Now we note the difference between Alcyone’s apparent position at Giza for this moment,  and that is the tropical zodiac of 26PIS29’ and so we convert it to astronomical notation, which is later tested to a convert to a local horizon elevation. So first we calculate the difference:  


[ actual data:] 53 degrees 15’ min  19” seconds Alcyone is below the horizon at Giza and at the time of the Spring Equinox, Tuesday 22 March -2141 BCE, 3:16 sec.33 am, L.M.T., Gregorian Calendar.  Now to see the discrepancy we add 26° 18’10” ± 90° to see our true position of Alycone.



53° 15’ 19” + 26° 18” 10” = 79 degrees 33 minuets and 29 seconds. Now ± 90°.


(1)     26° 18” 10” + 90° = 116° 18” 10” – 53° 15’ 19” [ Alcyone’s position at the Spring Equinox exactly] = 63° 03’ 09”≠ 53° 15’ 19” so false. So there is about a ten degree difference here. Even if you adjust two or three degrees as mentioned above, it still does not line up.


Were the builders even curiously conscious of Alcyon’s position. For example, Alcyone is 4° 31’ and separating form the Sun at this date of 2141 BCE ( greg.) Spring Equinox of 22 March 2141 B.C.E.


Was it supposedly to the slope of the Great Pyramid which is roughly 51 degrees?  51° ≠ 53° 15’ 19” so false. So I have no idea what is being said by Peter Lemesurier. Perhaps he first took the promulgated 2 B.C.E. falsely proposed Birth Chart for Jesus Christ and then ‘squeezed’ in according to the pyramid inches to the date of the Spring Equinox 21 March 2141 B.C.E., when in fact the Spring Equinox did not take place in either the Gregorian or Julian Calendars on the day he said is ‘factual’ in his work. Tante Pis.! I’m sure he will find some other angle to make it work.  Does this mean he is a defrauder of the public? You decide. Anyone that disagrees with him is a defrauder of the public so it is of an equal claim.


In fact, Professor Sir Williams Matthew Flinders Petrie ( 3 June 1853-28 July 1942) who surveyed the Great Pyramid recorded in his work that he could never confirm the alignment of Alycone or Thuban and others had attempted with many different dates – so he remained suspect for any such claim as affirmative.


If you want to align Alcyone to the Sun perhaps an earlier date the Sun would be close to an alignment with Alcyone on the Spring Equinox. Alcyone is 4° 31’ and separating form the Sun at this date of 2141 BCE ( greg.) Spring Equinox of 22 March 2141 B.C.E. Roughly every 71/ some percent- years the Stars shift in the background according to our solar system bodies, which include our own Sun.


On a different matter, Alcyone and the Pleiades perhaps the most spoken about constellation in the ancient texts has not been given a good name in modern astronomy/astrology star interpretations. Alcyone brings bad things to those who have it prominent in their horoscopes. Why would the builders of the Great Pyramid, if they used this group of stars to align too as a key point have chosen such a fabled group of stars which are interpreted as causing morning, grief, weeping and sorrow? Perhaps they had a sense of humor because in all of history that we have at our disposal from textual analysis, the rich suppressors always win, and I mean always. It is fabled that God destroyed the world in a great flood because he was upset with how corrupted his creation became, and then relented and allowed one human and his family, perhaps some friends, to survive this global cataclysm. This tells us that indeed for the most part the rich suppressors were winning and God had to wipe-off the earth these corrupted oppressors because they would not change their suppressive ways.


I have been saying for some time, without prophecy, seeing the future, prediction, speculation, religion, science or anything else, the elite who control the world will follow the same path and cause destruction of a great part of the earth; then they will control the texts so future generations can blame the wrong groups – which is always the case.


Spica and Arcturus are written to be the best benefic stars without complications. Mao Tse-tung was born with Saturn conjunct Spica. He was a the only rich and wealthy person of the era of Mao, and he spoke out and killed people he believed were capitalists when in fact he was a capitalist and the rest of his subjects were slaves to his lavish, hedonist, lifestyle. He lived until he died of natural causes, and is identified by many Chinese are the worst criminal against humankind in all of history. Yet, he lived a life that is charmed and in the history books, loved by all academics I have met who ascribe to the modern leftist political parties which control all of western academia. They claim none of this bad things ascribed to him ever happened and he was the man for the people. So he became a deity in their history books, when in fact those who worked in his cabinets claim he murdered 20 - 60 million people. So justice, morality, and ethics appear to be an illusion and deemed for the rich and famous to have their ways constantly.

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