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The Large Giza  Pyramid : Islamic Christian Time-Line in Stone

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  1. Ox/Bull/Lion/Eagle/Human Ancient Astronomical signatures. PAGEREF _Toc313458331 \h 1

  2. Symbolism of the triangle PAGEREF _Toc313458332 \h 2

  3. The Next Triangle PAGEREF _Toc313458333 \h 3

  4. Triangle 1998 Edgar Casey PAGEREF _Toc313458334 \h 3

  5. 2012 The Entrance into the Antechamber PAGEREF _Toc313458335 \h 3

  6. Who Did Not Build It? Large Pyramid at Gizāh PAGEREF _Toc313458336 \h 4

  7. Building Medium For Historical Communication: PAGEREF _Toc313458337 \h 4

  8. NOSTRADAMUS 3793 & 1558 TO GIZAH PYRAMID, A>K>A> The Stone PAGEREF _Toc313458338 \h 5

  9. Arch. M. Edgar Casey & 1998: Large Pyramid Gizāh: 1998. PAGEREF _Toc313458339 \h 5

  10. Arc of the Great War, 1,000 Pyramid Inches from Center of Circumference. PAGEREF _Toc313458340 \h 6

  11. Anno King’s Corridor Floor & 1966 & 1967 Israel PAGEREF _Toc313458341 \h 7

  12. 1966 & The Hidden Step. PAGEREF _Toc313458342 \h 7

  13. Pythagorean Formulae of Entrance to Antechamber : Another correlation confirmation of Antechamber & 1966. PAGEREF _Toc313458343 \h 7

  14. Anno Pyramid & 1966. PAGEREF _Toc313458344 \h 8

  15. Arch M: Anno King’s Floor, Granite medium starts at 2027 A.C.E. PAGEREF _Toc313458345 \h 10

  16. Edgar Casey & 1998 Return of Jesus PAGEREF _Toc313458346 \h 10

  17. Egyptian Cubit King Chamber and Nostradamus 3797. PAGEREF _Toc313458347 \h 12

  18. Antechamber Astrological Wheel and the Four Cardinal Points PAGEREF _Toc313458348 \h 12

A school of pyramidology (a belief that the pyramid has some type of meaning rather than some burial tomb) believes the large Gizāh pyramid incorporates a prophetic time specifically to all but an emphasis on Israel and Christianity. The first instance of religious pyramidology were with al Mā’mūm’s men who forced open the large pyramid at Gizāh since the ancient times in the 820s A.C.E. (Abassīd Caliph: Abū Ja’far Abdullāh al Mā’mūm ibn Harūm b. 13 September 786, d. 9 August 833 ( not Gregorian cal.), r. 813-833). These Caliphate workers need to remove red-granite blocks intentionally placed by the builders to keep people out from the ascending passage to the King’s floor. They found no mummy only an open coffin. Turning to esoteric ideas of an empty coffin, it was considered a divine revelation by Allah encoded into the various architecture itself.


The Arabs began to link chronology to inches and speak about Islamic and ancient Persian or Arab timelines. These studies in pyramidology led to advanced mathematics and astronomy, astrology and advanced geometry. After the Abassīd era waned it was not until John Greaves reluctantly accepted Newton’s conversion maths from Egyptian rule to British rule that pyramidology changed to a more Hebrew and Christian reflection of life on Earth.


Pyramidology has many beliefs and adherents. Some see the pyramids as an astronomical clock, others see it as a space-port for extraterrestrials; others see it as a power-plant. A 19th century favorite was an esoteric ‘initiation chamber,’ perhaps begun by an earlier story that Napoleon had a life changing experience inside the large pyramid at Gizāh.


These belief systems were outgrowths of the main concern since the early 18th century that intends that this is an Alter to God, mentioned in The Hebrew Bible; so thusly this building became the most critically surveyed structure on Erath and was the tallest structure until the Eiffel Tower replaced it as the tallest structure on Earth.


Professor Flinders Petrie (c. later 1880s) set out to debunk his pyramidologist father and others before him but wound up confirming Sir. Isaac Newton’s measurement conversions; Most debunking tracts on the Internets cite Petrie finding the pyramid was much higher than previous estimates; so pyramidology works were fictitious. However, persons confuse apex pyramid to apex stone (casting levels) and the fact that the base of the pyramid is uneven, built upon sections that are not level. Petrie was also careful not to give preference to the many astronomical claims because he like I know that precession is still a mystery.


What is the foundation? Sefkhet-Āåbut, the guardian of the chronological repetition of ‘seven,’ according to D.D. & A. H, using Budge, “Gods of the Egyptians, vol. 1, pp. 424-’26,430.) and sculptures and text show the ritual of ‘stretching of the cord,’ and she was linked to the laying of the foundation. “[...T]he Chinese equivalent of Noah, the patriarch Fu-hi, was “born of a rainbow,” [symbol of the Bos, antechamber] and survived at the mountains of Chin, immediately after the great deluge and replenished earth by breading seven different kinds of animals (D.D. & A. H, p. 173). The seven Hathors of the Egyptian Deluge narrative were identified, according to Budge and Brown (‘Primitive Constellations, vol. 1, p. 57) related in D.D. & A.H. with the seven relatively bright stars of the Pleiades’. The Symbol for seven accounts for the Christian Bible, in Revelations the Seventh Angel who announces that time has changed is also referred too as The Rainbow Angel ( ‘a rainbow was upon his head,’ Apokálypsis Ioannis 1st century A.C.E. commonly known as The Book of Revelations.). When John recorded Apokálypsis  there were no access routs into the Grand Gallery or the antechamber to link these hints at the numerical importance of the number ‘seven’ or the rainbow Bos at the top-leaf section in the antechamber on the King’s floor. The star al-Cyone, alpha Pleiades’, is also referred to the foundation star/stone by one of the antediluvian kings.  The Grand Gallery has seven courses spanning parallel to the ascending passage’s astronomical arc and the list goes on-and-on-and-on to get the hint that ‘seven’ of something was a symbol for foundation marks within the large pyramid at Gizāh.


How was this confirmed? Anno Pyramid is a spherical geometrical measurement without using markers in the pyramid and only employees the pyramid’s apex and spherical geometry to provide a chronological time-line and it somehow links to these markers spoken of above, and all the while al-Cyone is present at the scored-line and the Bos being reached chronologically,  real soon!



Ox/Bull/Lion/Eagle/Human Ancient Astronomical signatures.


The Ancient Zodiac ( ± 1500ys of  3,000 B.C.E.) had the first sign commencing with Taurus, where al-Cyone (Zion) resides as well as Hyades, Hell in Greek mythology, and the Persian Royal Star Aldebaran. Also the anti-dark rift extends at the horns of the Ox/Bull. In ancient times there were only 6 constellation of 60° degrees.  This is the ancient symbol for the Ox, and had a Right Ascension of α = 00° 00’ 00” . This meant that Aquarius (Human) was at the south or I.C., al-Cyone was at α = 00° 00’ 00” at 2335 B.C.E[1] or close to the mythical 2300 pyramidic interger. This position is East, in astrology formats. This makes the Lion west, the Eagle north and the Human south. Claudius Ptolemy, reporting the contemporary tradition of domicile management placed Aries as the first sign of the Zodiac. If in keeping with dynamic tradition, the arc of the Grand Gallery Floor intersects the sign of Taurus of the astrological wheel superimposed by the pyramid builders’ geometrical expressions in the architecture of the antechamber.


In 2144 B.C.E. al-Cyone and the Sun and the Vernal Equinox meet at their closest approach, according to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s precessional models DE03/04 (updated 2003).[2]  This placed al-Fard ( alpha Hydræ) at 45° divisions at the Giza meridian for this period and a total of the largest constellation as 70° total degrees. At the same time while al-Cyone culminates, alpha Hydræ rises and the intersecting zodiacal sign is Leo. The Eagle’s claws are the western horizon, and the alpha Aquarius star Ekkyhsis is the anti-midheaven star – all proving that the Cross at Hendaye, The Gothic Cathedral of Nostredame at Paris, and many other places in the world symbolized the four Beasts: Ox/Bull, Lion/Eagle/Human. This inscription can also be found on the Arsacid inscription where the Libra stars alpha and beta are the claws of today’s scorpion.[3] This alignment, then, was used as the scored signature to calculate a datum chronology that represented Hebrews and Christians. This correlated to Anno Pyramid which has its intersections of 2,500 (Exodus) 3,000 ( Jesus’ life) and 6,000 the Antechamber’s central axis projected above the King’s Floor.



Symbolism of the triangle


Symbolism of the triangle implements the period for Jesus’ life caused multiple paths in which one goes upward, toward Gallery and onto the King’s floor and chamber and the others are the Queen’s domain and the descending passage to a dead –end. The next triangle was an inverse triangle and this correlated to periods where Mao Tse-tung the number one mass murderer of the 20 th century and the most adored person by the rich-faculty-elite of all the major institutions and corporations of the world; and  are also followed by Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin,  Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.


The Next Triangle


The Next Triangle, and that is not inverse, begins at 1966 and onward. The raw distance of the pyramid indicates this as linear and spherical geometry, solutions given below.


Triangle 1998 Edgar Casey


The Floor-cord of the ascending Anno Pyramid of 70° 00’00”² + 26° 18’ 9.63” ² = 74.7785446²; so, 2 December 1924, Anno Pyramid (D.D. & H.A.) + 74.778(5) = 1998.778 A.C.E. There was no time-change, only an arc change in direction. Thus the ascending arc of the Anno Pyramid meets the floor line and turns horizontal. Using D.D. & H.A.’s datum commencement of the autumnal equinox this places July 1999 as the modern converted calendar signature.


Edgar Casey on pyramid 1998: all refs. Casey ever gave for the year of 1998:

(see more below on Casey).


2012 The Entrance into the Antechamber


Arch. M: King’s Floor Anno = 0.00 P” edge of riser step surface on King’s floor and represents these 19th and 20th centuries and onward. The distance to the entrance of the Antechamber, meaning before the King’s chamber has a value of pyramid inches of 115.34 and converts to a raw distance of 2015.34 A.C.E. As with the calculation of the Great War ( a.k.a. World War I) an astronomical arc must be derived to align the judicial astrological signatures.


The raw distance of is 115.34 (D.D.& A.H. plate XXXVa) equals the common year of 2015.34 A.C.E. The Milky Way Galactic Center is 2.89° of its projected elliptical position in 2012 due to arrive at the end of the Antechamber floor at 2229.42 A.C.E., where as my current calculations place 2226 A.C.E for the Galactic Center’s closest approach to the Center of Earth at Beijing ( see my writings on this). The end of the antechamber is 229.42 from the edge of the surface of the Riser Step. When we subtract the off-set Projected Elliptical Degree of the true – arc measured close to Earth’s equator for Sgr.A* ( 1.0x1.0 arc seconds) for the massive vortex at the center of the Milky Way we arrive at 112.45 pyramid inches. This converts then to 2012. 45 and May-June, all from our modern New Years’ perspective. This is when Venus makes a loop around the massive Orionic giant Betelgeuse.


Who Did Not Build It? Large Pyramid at Gizāh


Who Built It? Large Pyramid at Gizāh: Herodotus reported oral history that Cheops (Khufu) built the large pyramid at Gizāh, the King’s Pyramid. During the Early Modern Age, one opportunist reliant upon commission to prove a cartouche, claimed Khufu’s symbols were painted in the above chambers of the King’s chamber. However, he was also the only one to blow-up sections inside and out of the pyramid, not caring of any historical pieces were being destroyed. Apparently, after inspection of his claim, Khufu must have been stupid or drunk because his various cartouche(s) were found in corners, upside down, backwards, and incorrect. These two sources provide the only evidences that Khufu had built the pyramid.


Otherwise there are no temples or texts found to explain who had built this pyramid – in all of Egyptian’s history. You would think their great monument would have been a boasting and a mythical & by now a traditional discourse, found in all of the many different capitals of Egypt over its long and varied reign. The only contrary and circumstantial evidence implies the people had wanted this pyramid hidden until its time to become relevant.


Building Medium For Historical Communication:


One of the longest and toughest time-capsules on Earth.

The modern and common academic ascription as Lunatic Fringe,  Sir. Isaac Newton, father of modern physics politely harassed John Greaves who made one of the first survey’s to provide the best conversion methods to the ancient past – arriving as Newton had wanted with whole numbers in harmony with the passages and rooms, which is how pyramidologist thereafter followed as a model.





Arch. M: The King’s floor length and without the riser block included multiplied by the Egyptian cubit equals 9797 ( KF: 475 P” ∙ 20.625 cubits (to British inches)) and subtracting 6,000 = 3797. This is symmetrical to the riser Epoch displacement of the 286.1022 P” prior to the riser’s Epoch will equal the nominal year of 1558 A.C.E. (D.D. & H.A. 5842.33979) or the final installment of Les Propheties. The fraction, .[3]3979, also is seen.


Arch. M. Edgar Casey & 1998: Large Pyramid Gizāh: 1998


Edgar Casey, an American twentieth century prophet, was asked about Jesus of Nazareth’s return; he gave a vague answer as to either ’58 or ’98.’ Most assume this meant the century he was living under, the twentieth century.


Arch. M: Where? Grand Gallery Floor & Inter-Section to King’s Floor – Post Hint/Step. Some 70 Pyramid Inches result and we can confirm the previous hint which includes the 2 times the height of the Riser Step at 35 p” as a whole number. This is a part of some multiple Egyptian geometrical measurements which links all the passages to spiracle geometry giving most sections equal-time measurements after the tri-intersection and projected to its perimeters, known as Anno Pyramid (AP). This distance is 6,000 units which dates then are measured from one-end-point to the other end-point.


The King’s Floor – Post Hint/Step and aligns to the pyramid’s ascending arc at King’s raw level of 70 A.P from the horizontal of the step, has moved past a Judicial Astrological signature. Davidson, D.,  & H. Aldersmith give the arc at the final point at the top of the Grand Gallery to the Riser at 5842.339793 A.K., and the Anno Pyramid datum converted to 25 January 1844. Continuing the AP ‘ascending passage arc’ toward the intersection on the King’s floor, already passed the first lower section. The arc from the end of the Gallery and through the stone(s) and appearing on the floor of the King’s corridor is 80.8510460 pyramid inches. This would rather be a better choice for Britton’s inverted messianic triangle when one links the vertical measurement for the riser without a change in time and continuing toward the intersection and arriving about the mid-point of the twentieth century, where both World Wars had finished.


Davidson, D.,  & H. Aldersmith give the ascending passage intersection with the calendar of Anno Pyramid where it arcs, and thus enters the King’s domain at 5923.190839 = 2 December 1924 – which is about 70 pyramid inches into the corridor. Their confirmation, writing in the 1920s was the end of the 6,000 Anno Pyramid terminates at the year of 2001 and three fourths of a year. They began the year of A.K. at the Autumnal Equinox so this timeline commences at June of 2001 A.C.E.  for our modern Gregorian calendar – whereas commencing to the Vernal where Petrie and his enemies placed the scored signature would imply 11 September 2001 for our modern Gregorian Calendar. However, these measurements are not esoteric or real but rather exist for a mundane application. Once one starts to place the astronomical geometric arcs to the raw data which had been converted by Egyptian measurements ; so does the pyramid reveal its story.


∟ 70° 00’ 00”² + ∟ 26° 18’ 9.63”² = 5591.830712.

So, √5591.830712 = 74.77854446. (method, Pythagorean formula based upon Anno Pyr. arc (Plate LXVa.) , geometrical ∟C = 2 December 1924 + 74.778(5) P” years = 1998.778.

 Pyr or alter to US all. #LORD


Arc of the Great War, 1,000 Pyramid Inches from Center of Circumference.


The first low passage represents a low point of sorts, as Davidson, D.,  & H. Aldersmith define the date of 4-5 August 1914[4], a date produced by the cord of the arc-line of the floor of the Grand Gallery intersecting a 90° angle to the arc continuing natural direction.


The arc of the center of circumference from the riser step to the entrance of the first low passage that has a 90° angle to the Grand Gallery arc which intersects the vertical plane of the entrance of the first low passage on the king’s floor-line; world war I was miscalled the Great War and is commonly known as the First World War ( of modern times).


Anno King’s Corridor Floor & 1966 & 1967 Israel


The hypothetical Scalar Floor Methodology of the King’s Floor has yet to be proposed. So it works as the surface floor begins at the edge of the riser at Datum 0.00” and moves forward using the standard pyramid inch. But the hidden suggestions, such as the secret step and the conversion dates of the 19th - 20th and onward centuries applied give us a corroborating understanding along with Anno Pyramid, and other geometrical expressions that we are using the correct calendar centuries on the king’s floor.


1966 & The Hidden Step


The king’s total length of floor, taken with or without the riser, has divisions, some entrance-geometrical planes and others material intersections such as block-lengths and changes in building material. From the surface face of the Riser Block has a signature of 61.32 pyramid inches to the point of the plane of entrance to the Antechamber, a major pyramid space denoting a significant change in the human plan. Using the hidden step measurement of 5 P” which gives us 1966 as well. Using the fractions gives us the 1967 Israeli War against its enemies. Petrie/Smyth, D.D. & A.H data: 61.32 + 5.813= whole number 1966 and with fractions 1966.45 which is about a half year from the Autumnal Equinox (A.P chronology).


Pythagorean Formulae of Entrance to Antechamber : Another correlation confirmation of Antechamber & 1966


Some few hundred years ago, someone said the Egyptian book of Coming Out By Day ( commonly known as the Book of the Dead ; Lit. Coming Forth By Day , meaning the painful life was over, dying meant rest like the morning sunshine) described the inner workings of the large pyramid at Gizāh. However, when this book was composed happened millennia after its construction where it was sealed  by all historical accounts. I have not read the work so I will not comment and not use it. Rather, let’s introduce astronomy and Euclid and Pythagorean formulas to the consensus points already argued for hundreds and hundreds of years.


Pythagorean Formulae of Entrance to Antechamber and Anno Pyramid Arc from Floor-Line projected into the level of the King’s Floor: (1) Raw measurement Enterance distance from surface of Riser to Plane of Vertical Entrance of the Antechamber using the Bethlehem Arc:  61° 25’ 00”² + 26° 18’ 9.63” ² = 66.8195². This converts to year of 1966, and some months. And (2), 61.32 + 5.813= whole number 1966 and with fractions 1966.45.



√1966 + √ 515.625 = 67.04697621 ( Israeli War), and measurement for Future.



The total raw distance from the surface step to the south wall of king’s chamber is 515.625 P”. So, 1966 + 67 = 2033 A.C.E.



Anno Pyramid & 1966


Anno Pyramid are geometrical expressions devised by integers of 6,000 years, where Anno 2500 ( Exodus) Anno Pyr. 3,000 Jesus, Anno Pyr. 6,000 = 2001 A.C.E. and three fourths of a year.





After the inverse triangle entering the space of the king’s floor points to 1966 A.C.E. by moving the ascending arc to position away from the Gallery’s floor arc to some points of interest in the construction of the King’s corridor; just use the intersections raw data and keep using the arc by placing them over these important sections. The entrance to the King’s period begins it has been suggested at the entrance of the first low section.   So using this point and applying judicial astrology we can arrive at a unique measurement if we all assume the entrance area here applies to the twentieth and twenty first centuries – which rather concern all of us, supposedly.


The King’s Floor measured at the King’s Entrance at the first low level as beyond the upper face of the step has a signature of 61.32. So 61° 25’00”² (sexagesmial system as ancient as the Egyptians) + 26° 18’ 9.63”² = 4,463.837 and converted with the Pythagorean, reknown, theory we have 66.8195y. If adding to Briton’s 1933 position around the riser, this judicial astronomical/astrological formula placed in this stone, The Bible, places all around the world in all times then arrives at 1,999. A.C.E. This, again, is if we assume that this early section of the King’s Floor and the Riser – Step are of the modern age. When applying a static-judicial-fardāyrīya we have 1,966 + 66 = 2,032 A.C.E. End of modern civilization, according to Davidson, D.,  & H. Aldersmith is 2034 A.C.E. according to the A.P. arc timeline.


Hamal, alpha arietis, ( constellation of Aries, the head star) light travels 66 years to arrive on Earth. Alpha Trianguli is 64 light years or the 8² (eight squared). These positions had prominence after the Age of Taurus and after the Pyramid traditional building period but were used, at least Aries, to align our modern clock, calendar, and world-time management systems. This is rather Sidereal or star loving astrology where one can continue to use these systems throughout the Solar System regions and still remain relatively accurate. When applying a static-judicial-fardāyrīya we have Messier 33 (½ of 66) which is between beta (β) Andromeda and (α) Alpha Trianguli. Because of the shifting of the background stars that are not apparent to a generation without modern instruments star and constellations move in different directions, changing over time. So the idea than in judicial formats are when, what centuries?, apply to the pyramid’s geometrical positions. The large pyramid is at 29° north and many minuets and with light correction it is at 30° north. In modern times to which we are living Alpha Trianguli is projected out to 30° north as well. This then indicates its influence for this time in the Earth’s chronology as did Spica which hovered around 0 declination during the period of Jesus of Nazareth – thus the Mother Mary ascription to being born from a virgin and its double meaning of Jesus being born from his mother who was a virgin. Since alpha star of the recently named and not ancient constellation called Triangulum has a signature star for this period over the latitude at Gizāh, we consider the Messianic narrative as a Biblical Omenic Astrological Application.


The King’s Floor measured at the King’s Entrance at the first low level as beyond the upper face of the step has according to Davidson, D.,  & H. Aldersmith are converted measurements to one pyramid inch will apply to some 30 days of a lunar Egyptian calendar. Therefore they changed the time on the floor as many did after these, including Rutherford and Britton. However, the above point was the raw geometrical signatures when we connect the dots, the Hebraic Astrological concept, accredited to Enoch’s esoteric books.


The Pleiadesan star al-Cyone (some pronounce as Zion) is about 153° in longitude from Sagittarius A* otherwise called the Milky Way’s Galactic Center. This numerical signature also applies to 152(3) light-years from Erath for one of the Librae stars which form the foundational astronomical chart of 2144 B.C.E. at the Vernal time of year as al-Cyone is culminating over the pyramid and aligned to the scored line of the pyramid’s descending passage. This represents the Eagle’s claws for confirmation.



Arch M: Anno King’s Floor, Granite medium starts at 2027 A.C.E.


Some 12.88 pyramid inches are the difference between the entrance plane and the starting of the Granite Medium in the Antechamber. Added upon the vertical entry plane of the Antechamber we arrive at 2027 A.C.E. The Antechambers dimensions are 227.190² squared ( D.D. & H.A, plate XXXVb). This importance is compounded by the P.E.D. Galactic Alignment for 2226 A.C.E. This is where another low point, or commonly called the second low section of the King’s floor-passage.


Edgar Casey & 1998 Return of Jesus




Edgar Casey, an American twentieth century prophet, was asked about Jesus of Nazareth’s return; he gave a vague answer as to either ’58 or ’98.’ Most assume this meant the century he was living under, the twentieth century. He also linked these dates to ‘Earth Changes’ to which spear↔headed the modern political movement to Climate Change and unfortunately its avaridic and destructive narrative of Global Warming which will either Freeze the world or burn the world if the poor do not empty out their saving and kill their children (to offer more money too) to fund wealthy tenured researchers and political movements, follow its natural course.  However, the question arises does the pyramid indicate this date? The answer is yeah! Here is the formula and you can read about its historiography below.



Arch. M. 1998: Large Pyramid Gizāh:


70° 00’ 00”² + 26° 18’ 9.63”² = 5591.830712.

So, √5591.830712 = 74.77854446. (method, Pythagorean formula based upon Anno Pyr. arc (Plate LXVa.)[5], geometrical ∟C = 2 December 1924 + 74.778(5) P” years = 1998.778.


Intersected cords of the ascending passage and of the king’s floor projected to entrance of the Antechamber. If Pyramidal ideologies are succinct then Edgar Casey has a hit!


The fractory .778 pushes the Autumnal commencement of Anno Pyr to the year of 1999, Nostradamus’ X. LXXII; as well as Catholic and other religious prophets.  The expression indicates the floor line of the King’s passage, based the commencement of the first lower passage and indicates the raw pyramid inch from the beginning of the step to the position at 70 pyramid inches where the A.P. arc which begins below ground, explained following this, arrives at the corridor’s floor intersection. It is then calculated using the arc of the ascending and Grand Gallery’s cord and converted into pyramidic inches. ∟C, already conditioned by Davidson, D.,  & H. Aldersmith provides 74 ¾ years after the arrival of the arc of the king’s chamber represented in illustration of ∟C Plate LXVa, and elsewhere. The distance is from the inverse to the arc of the A.P. This exercise may be unconventional but this A.P. arc derived by so many architectural points of the pyramid, including its axis positions its cord toward the Granit Leaf at terminal 6,000 A.P., symbolizing the return of Jesus, many see too many coincidences to be ignored.



The block riser at the end of the passage of the Grand Gallery vertically measures 35.76(28) P”. Therefore by doubling the whole number we have the 70 esoteric position applied to the King’s floor where ∟C intersects with the A.P. chronology ( 2 ∙ 35). The angle from the block/floor at the face of the riser minus the floor’s distance measured from the horizontal space of the rise is 7.117., which if we choose can express 7 ∙ 10 which also points to the 70 P” position on the king’s corridor to calculate the Bethlehem Angle. This consideration remains symmetrical.




1993 The European Union Formulated a sever idea of unity


Egyptian Cubit King Chamber and Nostradamus 3797


Arch. M: The King’s floor length and without the riser block included multiplied by the Egyptian cubit equals 9797 ( KF: 475 P” ∙ 20.625 cubits (to British inches)) and subtracting 6,000 = 3797. This is symmetrical to the riser Epoch displacement of the 286.1022 P” prior to the riser’s Epoch will equal the nominal year of 1558 A.C.E. (D.D. & H.A. 5842.33979)[6] or the final installment of Les Propheties. The fraction, .[3]3979, also is seen.


End of modern civilization, according to Davidson, D.,  & H. Aldersmith is 2034 A.C.E. according to the A.P. arc timeline.


Antechamber Astrological Wheel and the Four Cardinal Points


The entrance of the antechamber  and the arc superimpose on the astronomical wheel related to the domicile system of house displacement, beit using equal house or the modern Magini cum Placidus de Titus ( Padua University, early modern age) where the cord of the arc intersects the domicile of Taurus and continues to its opposite sign of Scorpio which then makes right angles to Leo and Aquarius, the esoteric symbol found on many of the world’ historical buildings and coded monuments, such as the famous Gothic Cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris – and found in the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Bible, as the Ox/Bull, Eagle, Human, Lion, the astrological modern cardinal constellations.  Even Petrie confirmed the antechamber was based upon this circumference circuit based upon the antechamber’s geometry. Davidson, D.,  & H. Aldersmith were not trying to embarrass Petrie but confirm that the pyramid held a message to be revealed as in esoteric programs.


In fact, anyone can place their life into the pyramid and measure where they are at and where they will be going too and fro, as the large pyramid at Gizāh is the most surveyed and measured building known to us humans. For example, the axis at the step at the end of the Grand Gallery to the center of the Granite Block of the antechamber in the King’s corridors has a raw distance of 133. 77216 P”. The A.P. arc intersects the floor of the King’s passage (or corridor) at 70 pyramid inches and subtracting the horizontal distance to the center of the Granite Block we will have 63.9721 as the pyramid inch distance and converting into our modern calendar from the Anno Pyr. of 2 December 1924 we arrive at 1987.97 (Arch. M., shift upwards to Vernal to 1987.35y) indicating an important Epoch. This converts to the late winter and early spring of the year of 1987. One then applies this to important events in their life and how will these events affect or not affect the world? 




[1] Swiss Ephemeris, accessed 2011, and in my opinion good but not accurate. data: On the 30th of April – 2335 B.C.E. greg. cal. al-Cyone achieved the zero-point at LONG: 00ARI00’00”. At 3:43 a.m., L.M.T., 21 March -2335 B.C.E. (greg. cal.), U.T. 1:39:08, Sid. Time 15:37:56, Giza, Egypt; the Sun’s longitude is at 00 ARI 00’ 00’.

[2] as coded in to the 3 choice computer selection, of one such is Moshier’s [semi-] analytic revision of the former astrodienst precessional model for long periods.

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