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White Genocide « Democrats and Republicans in DNA Sequencing § Anthropology and § Sociology


University of California, Berkeley

Michael Professors

99: 1 ratio of Democrats to Republicans

Nucleotides ∑ 3 billion genes ¹ one cell usually makes only 5,000-20,000 proteins from certain genes

conservative are white mixed arab ( 1840s - 1930s) white nordic , scando, white asian and African Americans, Native Mixed Arab Indo

Races: Nordic, Mediumic, Sothic. Þ WhiteBrownBlack

American Revolution

Mediumic Arabs, Hebrews⁄Jews Africans and Arab Latins founded America! Many German and Arab groups passed through the British Isles, changing to White names, then ongoing to the New World, to seek their adventures. Spain, France fight over land, Δ England a late commer evolves to a Nordic ÷ Mediumic American Revolution ∇fought the white people of the English speaking northern Europeans. My people do not show up until the first battle of the Civil War. We arriaved because of a deadly famine ⟨c. 1820s ⟩.

Nordic US 03% of total Population.

Mediumic, Sothic criminals blame Nordic for slavery and all wars. This is called Identity Politics ( based on capitalistic lies) and is opposed to Equality, justice, and civil rights.

White Race called noords? Irish-Scot, Scandinavian and Russians 1930s: Ends white European Migrati ons, they go home to fight or die in the two World Wars.
Political Correctness Ξ anti noordic leagal policiesAffirmative Action ;
one generation Affirmative Action applies to all world citizens but the noords ( 1965 Ted Kennedy Amnesty Legislation , Ronald Reagan's massive amnesty, Geroge Bush' 41‚ 43 increase of Middle Easterners, Bill Clinton's two amnesties and these wars, from Middle America to Iraq brings in generations of foreigners fleeing the governments collapse by mainly †Satan Nation, America in pre mayan script ( A Me Rica columbus addressed in letters to clergy 1510s A.D., Spain archives) a Winged Dragon, or Serpent † Modern Nicaragua ∩ ancient Guatemalan empire ∂affix Costa Rica

Brown Race: 81% of total Population currently as citizens

Arabs = Latin, Jews, Middle Easterners of light to dark skin tones. About 81% ( 2013 A.D.) of the total U.S.A. population. U.S. Federal Government classifies Latin, Jews and Arabs into the white Irish scot, or scandinavian white class – These ideas are lies and used as tools to end the 3% White people in America, today.

Italians White≅darktones Arab, two levels: (1) 50‰ noordic;25‰ Black African & ;25‰ ArabLatin ⟨D.N.A. ⟩ ; (2) ;50‰ Black African & ;25‰ ArabLatin ; 25‰ nordic ⟨D.N.A. ⟩ . 1914 – ’18 ; 1920s & 1950s.

Demographics 1950s:

Shift comes in these 1960s. The United States of America policy prior to 1947 A.D. was not to tether 'energy' technology and science to funds by elected officials and non-elected officials, chosen by a secret few that controlled the 'ideas' henceforth by leverage of the purse string.

An unnoticed affect occurred over generations. As energy and as global policy were financially tethered to the Federal Government by 1947 A.D. this Fascism ( tether) was not made public until the late 1990s. These are these secrets of why liberals rule our public and our top institutions today. The U.S.A. government is seen by the world as a single identity. This is how the educational people look up to daddy government to solve all the issues.  When daddy is angry, he threatens to shut off the waste and robber funds, creating a docile and newly compliant and reborn, robot of yes men and yes women. Group think then emerged as a standard formula, connected only to globalism and opposing only nationalism. This made it easier to push the minority as the victim and lay ghost›lies guilt at the host ethno dominant class. Enforce it by violent and microviolent social pressure.

Nationalism follows host ideologies; Globalism follows foreign ideologies. The U.S. Democratic Party, commenced under beta persei, follows foreign ideologies and inflict foreign mental and physical abuse on their home nation.

a muilhost of limited variety ideologies – thus a parasitic –





Democrats and Republicans in Anthropology and Sociology: Lotta Stern, 10 October 2004. (P.D.F)

Santa Clara College: This study is pedagogical and as a former student at U.C. Berkeley, I attest that the ration of 99:1 is rather a liberal ratio – I would suggest 999:1 as Democrats are the three digit numerical winners. Although, I intend, in my own opinion, at last 30% of the Democrats at Berkeley are indeed extreme radicals.

One study circling the internet, appears to communicate an authoritative study and presentation in power-point is actually propaganda. It intends that nearly 40% of the student body at Cal is a registered republican.  This is the same study that Salon.com and other left-wing propaganda sites issue statements such as liberals are more smarter because they get into higher education, as the republicans are the rubes who work on the farm or at 7-11.

One thing that is for sure in life is that one will always find a lefty ( Such as a faculty member) who will lie and state they are not extreme left and that the study that shows a 99:1 ratio in favor of faculty who are registered as Democrats is somehow false and that they know of more republicans on campus or that their University is somehow more balanced. It is not! I went there, the students I encountered at the main Republican Club on campus were mostly RINOs, and favored extreme libertarianism.  

The pressure to be open about being a republican on campus is too much to handle so most convert to ward-off the pressure – thus later finding themselves lost and losing self-esteem. The one way I found that these lost-esteem students and faculty cope with living on a political side they probably never intended to adopt is they drown themselves in drink and substance. Medicating themselves relieves the pressures of the mind on the nervous system that is unbalanced due to emotional non-equilibrium due to living in a world of delusion.  

The easiest way to communicate it , it is that if Cal is a community of like minded individuals – disciplined by that community to act in a certain way-and-manner and not too upset the apple-cart so-to-speak – or pay the ultimate price of being ostracized.  


White Genocide and the Propagation of Mixed white and brown Arab DNA Across all of earth. This is a major problem as they contribute to most of the global warming, as they call it‚ pollution and robbery of all the resources. The Global Textbooks are full of white history as rapits‚ as murders and as criminals, and as comparison the Brown and Semitic text books are revised and cleaned to erase their rapers, their murders and their criminal ways. This way Political Correctness or that is to say the belief ‚ as a faith ‚ that whites need reformed behaviors because in history they are the only rapists‚ they are the only murders and they are the only criminals and thus no need to place this behavior modification upon the global Semitic populations.

Saudi Arabia has over $159 Billion dollars of assets and  investments to American banks and holds pedagogical prescripts for U.C. Berkeley's social sciences. Saudi Arabia as well as Israel and 50% of Iranians and most of the global latin arabs run global white genocide.

White Genocide

Bear no false witness ≡ Arabs JewArabs Middle East Arabs Moslem Arabs Latino Arabs Asian arabs and Indus Arabs lie and White Arab Mixers German Angelo Saxon and Baltic and French ⇒control earth breaking God’s law.

2016 — 2060 A.D. God therefore has a rite to wipe this evil generation off of Earth. It has no purpose but to hurt others which is a failed human trait.

Arab Global Population at 89% contribute the most to global warming or climate change, therefore the solution to save earth is rather simple. Eliminate the contributors.

My father’s father came from Chicago; and like most Scottish they played no role in legal or non legal African American slavery but paid the price by Blacks and Arab white Mixers lies over the centuries.

Since I was 10 years old and more I have been the target of physical violence linked to lies and the breaking by these paganites of “Bear No False witness” against your neighbor. I found the only group with all color or race lines to treat me with respect are Christians and some Moslems and while to a much lesser extent, Asian reincarnation religions.  

“∩S∪ome free black people in this country bought and sold other black people‚ and did so at least since 1654‚ continuing to do so right through the Civil War.” The Root.

My first year‚ because i was returning and older I housed in a grad dorm apt. and one roommate was a southern black who said to me because I have white skin‚ I had to own nigger slaves and thus responsible. He tried to financially destroy me and tattle with lies to get me in trouble. I later found out he is from a black family that owned black slaves. So his hatred was based on lies and I because of my white - white skin was the target of these niggers lies. He got $80‚000 grants with no pay back because he claimed he was black and repressed; he was a very rich lying avaritic nigger. He was pagan and a drunk.

Liberals and Black Lives Matter activists took to social media to call the shooting of the gorilla an act of racism —killing a gorilla to save a white kid. The fact is that the parents are all black and their child is black‚ and was unharmed. Liberals are Arab white mixers, like Jews or Germans or French or baltics, and they have very damaged DNA because they worship paganistic black gods and hate Allah or God‚ the creator.





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